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  • Name: Lee Sang-Woo
  • Hangul: February 13, 1980
  • Birthdate: 이상우
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Korea University
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • Blood Type:


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kayb yeahhhh....excellent! i like your acting in glorious day more than in the goddess of marriage. so sweet...how nice it is if you two (with da jung) were a couple. Great...i'm looking forward to watch more of you. sarangae seo jae woo...hahahhahahahahha

Galubi Love this guy he ranks up threre with Min Ho lee

maizamr I love you Oppa!!!! :)

Karyn Can't get enough of Lee Sang Woo. Love his charismatic character. Trying to watch all his shows.

ClaireDy Your smile makes my heart beats fast and it makes me giggle. ^_^ you did really well in portraying your character in Glorious day. It made me want to find a man like your characterr, omeone who's frank but caring and sweet, and has good smile.. Even the small smiles you make is perfect. I'm actually not a super fan and not obsessed with you like other, i'm just giving an honest personal opinion. I Hope this comment will reach you. I wish, someday, i can meet you iand see your smile in person. :)

Freda A He's so cool..muaaaah

min I love his smile, hope he will have more film in the next year

vi I love yours smile

Joe Tan I like watching all Lee Sang Woo's drama. You are sooooo handsome, kind and gentle.

Recently I watch "Glorious Day", love to listen the beautiful, lively and touching songs.

I hope Lee Sang Woo has more chances to act more different roles through his acting career in near future.

Overall all the actors and actresses are perform quite well.

Cheers!!! Cheers!!! Cheers!!!

Joe I like to watch Li Shang Woo's show, hope he has more chances to acts more different roles through his acting career in near future.

Recently I watch the "Glorious Day", worth to watch this show and listen to the beautiful, lively and touching songs in this drama.

In latest few episodes, pity the grandma's sickness, no one awared that except grandfather, but Jeong Da Jeong noticed that but not much attention. I like to watch Li Shang Woo's show, hope he has more chances to acts more different roles

Overall, all the actors perform quite well. Cheers !!!

Rose He is so cute.

son I like his smile.

Lee Sang-Woo Lee Sang-Woo I´ve watched all your dramas .....you always look very kind and sincere in all your roles...like a man of my dreams hahah..your manly presence in the screen is wowwww! debak!

and when you smile, everything seems melt arround .... keep up your handsomness and good acting, best luck in your future roles

WONG LSW, you are the dream man of every woman. Such a caring & understanding character. I love watching you.

Kaseh I watched your drama Goddess Of Marriage which was broadcast in Malaysia by ASTRO this month. I love to watch all your drama. Good acting and you look very kind and sincere. Good luck and take care.

Lyn I've watched already your movies Goddess of Marriage,A Word from Warm Heart and Don't Hesitate. I really like the way you act most especially if you command and get angry with your wife in your movie Don't hesitate. The way you do your role are all perfect and amazing,if I'm looking at your movies it seems you look like a very kind person Hoping and pray that your character in your movies are the same in real life. Wishing you a blessed life and a good health always. Take care and God bless

adinda happy birthday, Oppa... best wishes for you.. from Indonesia

Ann I'm watching a word from a warm heart I really like you and your leading lady so much. I like all your scenes. You appear so sincere and real in your acting. You have a very magnetic charisma! I am loving you already. I will start to watch all your movies and dramas! Love from pampanga, Philippines!!

TM I really liked his character in Horse Doctor and Feast of the Gods, he was so nice and understanding. Even when the girl he had feelings for was connecting with someone else, he was never the obsessive type to purposely try to interfere and cause harm. It really suits the warm vibe he gives in his acting.

diana Sarange opportunity :)

anna .s i like you..he is very handsome and very beautiful...your acting ios very beautiful.HORSE DOCTOR

Lia Hendrik I like your acting ... So cool and awesome ... You are very handsome ... Your smile so cute .. I love it .. You are a great actor .. Wish you all the best .. Fighting .. !! ( hug and kiss for you my idol )

udari I love him. He is very handsome and he have a beautiful smile.your acting is very awsem in horse doctor.i wish you all the best!

M Actually your performance in HORSE DOCTOR is perfect. I wish u all the best 4 your future.

klutz I've watched some of your dramas and I really love you being a cool and warm person. Your smile, your looks are somewhat something that can take away all my stress. I do hope you would consider to visit our country, Philippines one of this days.

You're really a good actor.

Andrew Lau Having watched your performance in Life is Beautiful and really love you as a very warm person and an actor. Wish I could see you someday or at least get an mail from you. I do love your smile. I think you are a very good actor. If you happen to come to Thailand, drop me a line. I will come straight to take you around. Thank you. I do love all Korean films. It always gives us something to think and to learn.

Kim Moon Yn WOow he is a great actor and he is ssuper HandSome!!!

Patrice Reis This guy ... whilst young shows great acting ability and potential to be on the top of the top ... he has a quiet innocence in his roles that makes him quite lovable and magnetic ... I would like to see him in a historical or sci-fi role ... He is very sexy and mysterious and just needs to step outside his comfort zone and enter a role that challenges him ... maybe a role where he needs to snatch the leading lady from someone less than suited to her. But more confident and assertive . Anyway still an incredible sexy guy that has now really began to reap the reward of doing dramas since 2005.

TRT Lee sang woo...very handsome, i hope to see more of you as a lead in other upcoming drama pls...

Victoria I love everything about this actor. His voice is amazing, and he is totally handsome. He also is a great actor. Would love to see him in more dramas and as a lead.


Sereywat I like him so much in "feast of the god"...!!!

Dee Oppa in my hometown means grandma..haha

Trực Acting so dull and boring  !!!

Trực Acting of Lee Sang Woo is boring and the same in Dont Hesitate and Goddess of marriage. Nam Sang Mi is too. Look at the leads of That Winter The Wind Blow and The Good Doctor, they are excellent!!!

N Oppa you have a beautiful smile, and your are soo handsome i love all of your movie your acting is good . the movie feast of the gods you were awesome and cool.your hot. I LOVE YOU <3 take care of your self,wish you the best. CUTIE

Seeds Oppa fighting!!!!!

KSF Thank you for your portrayal of kyunsoo in life is beautiful. It really moved me. Please find a way to update and communicate with your non- Korean fans. Best wishes to your beautiful life.

Richard Lee Sang Woo - There's no words I can express how I admire you so much. Love how cute you are when you smile, your acting ability is superb in Life is Beautiful, Feast of the god and Don't Hesitate. I wish that you have a way to connect with your fans all over the world. I can't wait to see your new drama Goddess of marriage, I'm sure it will be an exciting and amazing show.

chin so handsome, can't forget his smile and very good acting in "the first wife club"

Alex I like him .Lee sang-woo He is so cute and handsome very much. I like him so much this guy is so sexy .....

febrylian I really love your smile, the way you look at her, Go Jun yong, its so sincere.. I think your acting is extraordinary :) Really fall in love when the first time I saw you in Feast of Gods, so sexy, cool and adorable! will see you in another serial movie. Its good if you make fans club in Indonesia!! Keep charming and more success in the future!

san I like your smile

Andrew Lee I don't watch Asian TV Dramas much, but "couple gays" in "Life is beautiful" are really touch my heart. Thank so much Song Chang-eui & Lee Yang-woo! I hope both of you having a beautiful life as much as your smiles. Thanks Kim Soo-hyun, the writer, you bring me closer to the gay people. Love you all!

tp You're such a wonderful person in "don't hesitate" , "feast of the gods". I bet you're definitely such an adorable one in life as well. There's no complaint about the characters you play in all dramas. Nevertheless I wish you have more animated expressions. Other than that you're always marvelous. Good luck to a handsome actor!

kazcheek Kyung Soo of Life is beautiful brought me here. That character is amazingly portrayed. Everything seems came out naturally, juts like as if w/o any pretensions. Very flexible actor i must say and i can sense a witty persona inside of you. Keep it up! Most specially that shyness smile that can magically captivates one's weary heart. Keep up the good work! big hug! Jeongmal gamsahabnida!

baraggan i think his in the drama first wives club

she i am watching feast of God and i really admire you, you're so cool, i love you eyes too, nice physique too.

eddy boer you are really the best actor.........in the world,,,

eddy boer you are really the best actor............goodluck,,,,,,,,,

kim soera lee sang woo was absolutely remarkable in "feast of the gods"! why can't he be given as big roles as the one he had in "fotg"? i hope to see more of him in bigger and better roles. his talent shouldn't go to waste! and he's such a gorgeous man!

ling love youuuuu, lee sang woo. i'm waiting to your new modern drama again that as nice as don't hesitate ^^

htayapril After I watch Feast Of The Gods, I fall in love with him.I try to watch his drama.I like the most is Life is beautiful

Yun I watched so many korean drama but FOTGs is the one that make me amaze with acting that all because of Lee Sang Woo expression. So two tumbs up for him...not only handsome but actor with so many expression and style...hope can see him more..and more in other drama or film but of course he has to become lead actor:).....

Alma I dream of him! Since Feast of the Gods... Love at first sight!

farah Totally love him so much !! Love his smile, acting, voice... Your so amazing !! I love u LEE SANG-WOO...!!

goh kim tjui I like him I very series.I like u in Feast Of The Gods.I like u so much.

zahra He's very distinguished

gek tresna LEE SANG WOO your so cute!!!!!

ladyanne saranghaeyo oppa..he played the best role kim doo yoon/haemil..hope your a real chef..lovable

Helen Lee Sang Woo is a great actor in all the dramas that I watched. Don't hesitate is the first drama I watched I liked what I saw. Thousand day promise, 9 out 2, Feast of Gods is all bonuses. Hope to see him in more dramas.

riyang I see him for the 1st time at Feast of the Gods... n I'm falling in love with him in the 1st sight.... n can't help to searching for his drama/ movie ...heeelp..

iyen Here he is... the person that already made me stayed to the end watching drama with boring story... He's damn smile calm me down...

Huongxu I really love your Kim do yoon. Cold outside but hot inside. Love you caring sight. I am dreaming of you!!!

Ellen hey ,,

Lee Sang Woo u r perfect guy . I like u in A Thousand Days promise dramas. i like u so much

Ellen hey ,,

Lee Sang Woo u r perfect guy . I like u in A Thousand Days promise dramas. i like u so much

Phyu so handsome and attractive

Phyu I like him in every series and movies.

laythapaw i like him in Don't Hesitate! and Life is Beautiful.

ashley hes so handsome and i hope he ends up with hyejin in my love my family. they look so cute together and they have such great chemistry.

Brad Lee Sang Woo is sooooo good looking!! Are there any scenes of him shirtless?

Marulidu I love his smile waw.... he has a beautiful leaps ..... his girl is lucky to have him.

Nanette Chan Umm...he's such a good looking guy!!! I like "My Love My Family" from KBS. And..yes...I like his role although he fell in love with a married woman.

steffani Love u @ don't hesitate!

steffani Lee sang woo very handsome..hen suai!

roselle more movies to come

roselle he's so handsome!i like the way he acts

virgie bagay Lee Sang Woo I want u to know that Virgie Bagay is your number 1 fan here in the Phils.

virgie bagay To Lee Sang Woo i want u to know that virgie bagay is ur number 1 fan, she really loves to see and meet u someday....

astrid i like him so much...this guy is so sexy...

Zachi I like him. He's so cute in First Wives Club and Mother and Daughters (Beyond All Magic). Korean actors/actresses are quite good in acting, too.


  • Don't Hesitate (SBS, 2009)
   * The Road Home (KBS1, 2009)
   * First Wives Club (SBS, 2008)
   * 18 vs. 29 (KBS2, 2005) 

I fell in love with him in 18 vs. 29... SO CUTE!

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