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  • Movie: IRIS: The Movie / IRIS - The Last (Japanese English title)
  • Revised romanization: Ahiriseu
  • Hangul: 아이리스 : 더 무비 / 아이리스 - 극장판
  • Director: Yang Yun-Ho, Kim Kyu-Tae
  • Writer:
  • Producer: Jung Tae-Won
  • Cinematographer:
  • World Premiere: March 21, 2010 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
  • Release Date: November 22, 2010 (South Korea) / Janaury 8, 2011 (Japan)
  • Runtime:
  • Studio: Taewon Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Korea, the last divided nation on earth, is constantly under political and military tension with the surrounding countries especially with the North Korean nuclear issue. To avoid the second Korean War, the secret service agency NSS exists for the national security on the Korean peninsula.

NSS special agents are trained specialists who would use any means to fulfill their mission. They officially do not exist and are not acknowledged or protected by the government. Although they are trained to be cold-blooded killers, there is one taboo they cannot avoid; that is love.

Hyeon-jun (Lee Byung-Hun) and Sa-woo (Jeong Jun-Ho) are close friends and rivals in the 707 special forces. They are both recruited into NSS and quickly become the best of the best. Each with different secret assignments, they soon have to take on different paths of life, and even against each other. In a world of conspiracy and betrayal, they both fall for Seung-hee (Kim Tae-Hee), the beautiful but lethal profiling specialist at NSS. They are forced to make their final decision when they are faced against each other in a nuclear terrorist attack, and Seunghee’s formidable secret is revealed.


  1. "Iris: The Movie" is the first Korean production that will film a television drama and feature length film in parallel. The movie version will be a feature length edit of the twenty episode "IRIS" drama series with additional scenes shot specifically for the theatrical version.
  2. On November 20th, distributor Finecut announced sales of "Iris: The Movie" to Mega Film in mainland China and MFA+ to German speaking Europe.
  3. "IRIS: The Movie" was released in Korea on November 22, 2010 through IPTV, Cable TV, Satellite PPV, and online portals powered by Cine21. It was not released in movie theatres.
  4. "IRIS: The Movie" will be released theatrically in Japan on January 8, 2011 through distributor Kadokawa Pictures and titled as "IRIS - The Last".
  5. Related titles:
    1. IRIS (KBS2 / 2009)
    2. IRIS: The Movie (2010)
    3. Athena: Goddess of War (SBS / 2010)
    4. IRIS 2 (KBS2 / 2013)


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Lee Byung-Hun Kim Tae-Hee Jeong Jun-Ho Kim Seung-Woo Kim So-Yeon T.O.P
Kim Hyun-Joon Choi Seung-Hee Jin Sa-Woo Park Cheol-Yeong Kim Sun-Hwa Vick

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amos Seung-hee,where did she end? i liked her and Hyeon-jun,bring them back

amos i like the movie,its one of the most action packed movie that i have watched several times. Hyeon-jun.was my favourite however after every season u change actors and i would like to see them . like Hyeon-jun,hyun joon together in NSS and i see action. i like the scriptits muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

destiny i love this movie please let us know if the season 5 is out

Sitora I love Kim Hyun joon! He very handsome and courage. But when Hyun joon died I didn't to see the IRIS 2 season.

Didi Kirilova Congratulation for the nice movie, for the best actors playing! Best wishes for health&prosperity to all the TEAM: , to the Producer, to the actors - all of them and specially to Lee Byung- Hun. I do love this film! Virtually yours fan from Sofia, Bulgaria, Didi Kirilova

Stino black The movie Iris is a nice film,i enjoyed evry mins of iris,bt all i want to knw is what happend after the death of hyun joon.

Ojo adebanjo I love this film but 1 thing i dont understand is dat is it true dat hyun joon die in that movie and what happen to sun hwa

lorden kim joon didnot die because he had list if iris members and it was his mission so there must be iris season 3 en we are waiting en until when?

Mr samuel I lost interest in the series since the death of hyun joon.Hw did seon hwa(my favourite) feel after the death of hyun joon?

Mr Ozah Solomon I lost interest in the series since the death of hyun joon.Hw did seon hwa feel after the death of hyun joon?

Mr Ozah Solomon What happened to kim sun hwa and seung hee after the death of hyun joon

Chiedu Melvin This is really a nice movie........ What I do not understand is the ending of the season 2...... Did kim hyun-joon really die...... I really need to watch the season 3...... Kudos to kim sun-hwa

Jorenie I love this kind of movie,, Je remarque de suite quee vous maîtrisez bien ce sujet

film superbement revivifiant avec de la gorge profonde hard Je n'ai pas terminé de lire toutefois je passe après

baiseuse fontaine Une fiis dee plus un article follement attrayant

Www.Tubesodomie.Eu Je peux vous dire que c'est sans mentir un plaisir de visiter ce site Est-il possible de emprunter 2-3 lignes pour un site internet ?

Alaga There should be a third season. When wil it be coming out? There are lots of questions to be answered. Who is Mr. Black? Who killed Hyun Jun? What happened to IRIS?

dynapec please we're waiting for tha 5th season.... ain't it coming..?

Tmy Pls wen ll season 3 be out.complete one,cant take it dat kim is dead,den d movie isnt complete,who s black,pls d complete season 3 is needed.... Kudos to d good least beta than.........others

Ronda Il me tarde de lire un autre article

sadik Yoo ds movies is best i liked

Gee Baba From my own understanding,this movies should not tell us about what end the headquater,Mr Black,Baek san and other top members of the organization because I beleive is a real story.But who kill Hyeon-jun?is it what Baek san said to him that he cannot understand the organization untill the last moment that finally happen if I am right but who shot him,becos I am suspecting shun-Hee(his girl friend)now,she was laughing when dis happen.pls I wnt to know.

saheed oluwadhamelare Y did yoo gun die just lyk dat or The season stil cuming

Jeremiah samuel I was about callin it my best movie then something tragic haappened..i,m confused pls tel me he's not dead!! And quite wierd but my best xter is kim seon hwa.

Toluwalope lawal First of all,korea's film industry has really impressed me and africa at my comment goes thus. Did NSS not get 2 know about death of kim young,what state is d the team leader and where has she been in season 3 because she didn't die in prev season(2).am so sad about. Season3 is now getting confusing bekos most of d character has been changed is just as if they are stating new episode which is contradicting 2 d prev episodes.

labs i was sooooooooo....:((((( disappointed on the ending of IRIS.... LEE BYUNG HUN should not be died...

hope that there will be part 3 having a twist that LEE BYUNG HUN wasn't died... that he recovered on just one shot....

awwwww.... apology for my grammar..

kgirl This movie only showed`how hyun joon died in the series, the series did not reveal who killed him in the end, however they showed it in this movie plus the scene where sun hwa killed his comrade and team leader cheol yeong, this movie is most likely the sum up of the drama (which is under the same title) They already have the second series that will reveal everything about hyun joon's death but they won't be the same character of course.. For Kpop lovers the 2nd series include Doo Jun from beast and Lee Jun of MBLAQ.. better watch it! :)))

>IRIS >IRIS: The Movie >IRIS 2

Anas adknas kurfi Is unbelievable how cud you let us b annoyed, we're really sad about kim youn Joon's death and we hope there must b another way 4 his survival as it happened to him in airport when his plane was shots by Sa Woo.

Daniel One of my best movie is Iris, but how could Kim Hyun-Joon die just like that with Choi Seung-Hee waiting for him at lighthouse, Beak was in custody and Mr. Black has not been known... what happen to Choi Seung-Hee with the offer giving her by Mr Black.... that season 3 is not okay. what happen during 3 years.

JYC i have some unaswered questions which may never be answered at all:

1)as to the mystery of Mr.Black, maybe he will be revealed during IRIS 2, i have a hunch that he is someone from the first season of IRIS 1.

2)what happened to Choi Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee) after Hyun Jun was killed while waiting at the lighthouse.

3) and how was Hyun Jun found at jeju island with Seung Hee? based from the first episode of IRIS 2 as i mentioned in my previous comment, Ray sniped him from a boat at sea, how did he know.. gosh... IRIS is such a deep organization

JYC ladies and gentlemen.. Hyun Jun was sniped by Ray(IRIS) whom i thought was KIA-ed during the press conference in the last episode of IRIS 1, T.O.P was killed by Hyun Jun in episode 17,18 or 19 cant remember which one but one of it. IRIS 2 is basically a continuation for the hunt of what IRIS is all about.

and what some of the comments said, the movie is basically a summary of all 20 episodes of the first season with additional endings. but im really curious based on IRIS 2 how did Ray even survive in the clash..

ivan Africa is jst waiting 4 irish season 3 bcoz its more than amovie

Lark I'm shocked at many of the comments on this post. Some of the language is offensive, and the grammar is appalling, and I won't even mention the spelling - oops, I just did. I'm embarrassed. Obviously everyone liked it enough to get through the show, find this article, and comment.

I want to say thanks to the producers, directors, actors, idols, and all who worked on this series to make it an enjoyable success. I need to defend T.O.P - I thought T.O.P was brilliant as a quiet killer. I loved all the actors, brilliant writing, so many twists and turns. I prefer Korean dramas over American because I truly never know what will happen next. I expect someone will get carried on someone's back, someone will be in a hospital, and someone is not who you think they are. Those are standard ingredients, but the surprises are always enjoyable.

I found the ending to be incredibly sad, and a little bit confusing but I look forward to watching the movie, Athena, and Iris 2.

감사합니다 Lark

Grace john It's not fair, how can u guys play with my imagination. IRIS 2? Wat happened 2 d whole crew of Iris? Heroes don't die Hin_juseun can't jst fade away nd mr black is still at large. Pls don't spoil wat u have started. IRIS 2 sounds very odd to me.

Olalekan Kim hyun joon can not die like dat.there must definately be season3 anyway kudos to u guys

ice Am really dissapointed at the ending of the movie, Baek San did not die and who is Mr black.

maryam I hate the way the series ended and i was hoping it will be different in the movie but its the same sad ending

JUSTSAYING Why are people asking for a season 3 when there's no season 2? Athena Goddess of war wasn't any part of being Iris 2...... or season 2..

GOOD NEWS, if you haven't heard, IRIS 2 will be airing next month! New cast and some old characters as well. I hope Jang Hyuk, the main guy, doesn't die or I will shoot the writer. LOL

kim the mission of kim hyun-joon was not complete becouse the leader of iris is name black he not dead I`am waiting of season 3 of iris

kabir wonderful settings, perfect charactera and pretty cool suspense. I love this movie.

Jessica I try liking korean movies,,but i end up hating it,because they dont no how to end a movie,,they are always ending almost all korean movies tragicly,,how can people be enjoying this,,awwwww!!

cindy TOP is so gorgeous, too beautiful to be true. I think he did play his role well

OGUNYEMI OLALEKAN the film was interesting, but i don't like d way the film ended coz the actor can not die when the iris has not been destroy it doesn't make any sense. pls let us know if there is still more season, coz i can wait to watch the movie.

a It's awesome in favor of me to have a site, which is useful in favor of my know-how. thanks admin

CODED BOY Does the actor really die? It cant be, just a bullet, i cant wait for season 3

Ahmad musa kano The movie lets me understand so many things and its realy entertaining. I hope the season 3 will soon be released.

WTF There are over 100 bullets in this series that missed still target. But in the end Hyun Joon died by 1 bullet that shooting to moving object from far distance. Wow, not making any sense. If it is like this he should died in Japan in the middle of series.

Maybe writer watch Code geass anime, I mean main protagonist have to die in the end to make series epic.

Alechenu My wife and I just finished watching this movie. We cried at the end, hope the Protagonist (Kim Hyun-Joon) is not dead? It's the best movie I have watched this year. CONGRATULATIONS to all the CREWS and CASTS. All of you did wonderfully well. I think TOP (Vick) was great in his character as a coldblooded killer. Lee Byung-Hun (Kim Hyun-Joon) deserved an award for his fantastic performance. Can you guys explain to me how those terrorists escaped from the shopping mall, and appearing at the summit venue? I hope there is sequel (Season 2) of this film?

Israel Actually,i love korean movies of today. Its more better than that of the Americans with no doubt. And their participants are hell beautiful.... Av already fall for team leader..lolz. U guys are amazing.

Vaine The movie realy make sense but sawoo is nt supose to die,he is supose to realize his mistake and apologise.also the gal at the nss wit a black spot on her chik is not supose to die..all hail to korean movie.

Steven Godwin I love the movie so much but hyun jun ought not to die...i love the actors especiall the girl that works @ nss office,she has a dark sport on her face/cheek

neyo90 I avnt finish watchin d movie but accordin 2 ma view u guyz really tried in this movie. @ u all participant I SALUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

kim i love that korean drama............ hope you finish the pre production of iris part 2

rofiat bolaji lawal I really in love whit Korean movies these days. Honestly, you guys are doing a very good job. Before I used to think only the Americans can do good movies but lately when I started watching Korean movies, I'm very much convinced that other countries can do better movies. What I love most are technologies you guys always make us of.

ADEOLA TAEWON CHUNG you have done a great job, to me it's more than a movie, it's a revelation. God bless u and more grease to your elbow .

Olayode Yusuf I just finished watching both season 1&2, and yung has been shot by an anonymous, we didnt even knw maybe he was dead,we all knw 1 bullet cnt kill But the film can never ends there, because IRIS isn't yet discovered, and my hero can not die like that, when he is abt to make proposal and live a normal life.after all he has loose...anyway what a nice film and qudos to d asians,they really tried, and spend alot with big cars and building and high quality machines..but not to spoil all the great works, am very sure it'll remain season 3, and i hope it come out in time..

SetsuTsubaki I'm watching the Iris drama version. Cos I have no idea if I should watch the drama first or the movie first. I dont get the comments about TOP looking like a homo.. HUH??!!(no understand!!) Think you should get your eyes checked or maybe your brain checked. Are you like going to go around saying beautiful looking guys are homo for the rest of your life? Even if that beautiful looking guy turns out to be your sister's boyfriend/friends/someone related closely to you? Anyway the story gets interesting as you move along. It's worth the watch even if you started watching this all cos of TOP.

Legend There are so many untied ends in this drama series. Who shot & presumably killed Lee Byung-Hun (Kim Hyun Jun), and is he really dead? IRIS wasn't fully eliminated, so is that the last message of the drama? To tell us IRIS can't be eliminated and that it is bigger than nations?

The drama producers should come out to clear all these ambiguities. Or is there going to be IRIS 3?

Apollo fasmsen Truly i liked this serie, but unfortunately had my brain raped a little due to the manner in which this thing ends....leaving me in suspense of whether our main actor really died or had a bullet proof. Can the managers promise us a continuation and this time in the worldly spoken language not having to lose all the action reading subtitles to understand???? Apollo from Uganda

Hightone Just finished tenth episode,its amazing movie,i'm in love with this TK1's lady,so sweet

Olowookere Qozeem With all sincierity,i've never watch a series movie like IRIS.Its just too much to be qualified.pls when is the Season III going to be realesed

RUTH hey the most person i liked in this movie is VICK though he killed that lady i liked his character i didnt know his name until now i called him ''AM ON MY WAY''

Yetty I relly lik d movie i cant wait 4 d seris

Juma J Said there we need lots of action there is too much of guns but the move is great and lovely

ahnah when will iris2 be aired??? are they really shooting the sequel/series??? please don’t let my KIM HYUNJUN die in part 2… i don’t want him dead in here…

ahnah when will iris2 be aired??? are they really shooting the sequel/series??? please don't let my KIM HYUNJUN die in part 2... i don't want him dead in the here...


Mama I think Lee is not dead, we shall see in part II

Mama I did enjoy the movie but didnt like the ending

Mama who killed Lee Byung

Mama who killed lee byung?

LAWRENCE OGWAL i just like the movie i mean the technology in is just off tha hook and in ug we havent yet seen IRIS 2 i dont even kno its comming out just cant wait............................

machenry hyun jun died .there is no need for the continuation cos my hero is gone.bad ending to a sweet movie.

machenry hyun jun died in the first series and it made me furuios on hearing about the continuation.its not gonna make sense since my hero hyun jun and t.o.p are gone.but can any one tell me he is not really dead cos i watched him being shot dead in de car.

yun NO matter wat u all say^^this movie alway the best^^and all the actor and adtress are so cool^^.

OBOBO Some parts of it was scary./ but overall its nice

cillah wooohooo t.o.p loves cillah...........Nicksonic all da waeee.

TOPis cillahs they met ub yesterdae... goo cillah

IrisNg Hi guys, I've just finished watching Iris' and don't quite understand whats happening next to Iris and Mr Black (who the hell is he anyway?). Because 'Iris' hasn't been eliminated totally, has it? And obviously Kim huyn joon got killed by someone from 'Iris' too rite. But y he has to die anyway??? And what about 'Iris the movie'? Well I watched the movie without subs so I don't understand the conversations but everything was like a summary from the drama except for the end isn't it. In the end of the movie, Sun hwa killed Chul young and she was also the one killed Huyn joon, why though? and the guy she talked on the phone after that, didn't he die under Vick's hand already? Also, the drama didn't explain what Choi seung hae did in the last episode too. So I get confused now... Can anyone explain??? Well I heard about 'Iris 2' is coming, or would I be answered by then :p ???

hyun jun why with the ending? how story the accident?

shaz how is the guy who ordered the woman(seom hwa) to kill Hyun Jun still alive,he was shot and established to be dead by the Government, and both north and south knows he is part of Iris,but in the movie it is shown that he is wearing a North Korean army,HOW THE HELL IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?? he beg for his position back after the gov found out that he is innocent?

julia is it just me? or is the movie the exact same thing as the tv show series? anyways.....the series is really good and for those who don't know, you can watch it on

piajesa i really like the movie very exciting..especially the characters Kim Tae-Hee and Lee Byung-Hun.

piajessa i really kim tae hee..

jinx can anyone tell me where can i watch the movie on line?? pls... i really wanted to watch it.. tnx...

Andy Guess I'm dumb, I only looked at the 3 most recent comments since the comments weren't very active the past few months I didn't think the info was avail before then.

Andy OK, since no one has made this comment....FYI, this is essentially a summary of the TV show. However, the last 5 minutes are an extension of what happens...not much to see here if you've seen the drama.

LOL Even if T.O.P was homo, i'd totally get in bed with him

yami because of this drama IRIS T.O.P opened his career in acting having a movie and winning awards.. on IRIS for sure he will show but as a cameo because his dead already.. shot in heart people.. watch the drama!!

whoora So I have a question. Iris: the movie It says that it was premiered in the HongKong thing but I can't find anywhere to buy or to view it. Is it even released to the public yet? if so where can i get it?? I would like to know the alternate or extended or w/e ending.

IRISFIGHTING As for the people putting comments like "TOP is a fag" and "looks like a homo", What is wrong with that? what is wrong with being/acting/dressing/looking like a homosexual? I see no harm in that. I also don't see how someone could "look" like a homosexual, It's not really a fashion is it?

     I just really wish you guys would realize that those aren't really 'disses', yes they could be taken in offense but they are just words that people who dislike the thought of homosexuals or just don't want to except homosexuals in there life or even people who can't think of anything else but to call someone 'gay, fag, homo, etc'(I'm sure there is more reasons but these are ones that I have noticed) but why should these be taken in offense? I'm straight but if someone called me homosexual I would be happy and be like "yeah? And if I am?", I mean come on guys! We can do better then this!
     I'm not saying it's okay to call people names and such, I'm also not saying Choi Seung Hyun(TOP) is gay, which he is not. so please just chill with these comments? There is nothing wrong with people being homosexual. It's like... Calling someone straight, I know you are probably thinking 'Why would I do that?' and that's the point, why would you call someone homosexual? It's the same thing. So what if someone likes the same sex? I'm not saying this is all guys but I personally know several guys that think its hot if two girls make-out, so what's wrong with it being two men? Because they both have penises? Big deal, right?
     It's just part of the human anatomy, it's not there fault. Sorry for this rant guys. I just needed to get that off my chest.


IRISFIGHTING Hey, so just wanted to let you guys know that there is a second series and there is a movie. The movie is 'IRIS: The movie' and it's the first series just crammed into two hours(give or take), it also has a couple extra scenes and a extended ending. So yes, TOP(Vick) will be in the movie. As for the second series, 'IRIS 2', I'm not sure about TOP's(Vicks) appearance, as what I know is that TOP(Vick) was shot in either the shoulder or heart. There for it is quiet possible for him to make an appearance in the second series.

        I just wanted to clear that up for anyone who didn't understand, I'm sure a lot of you already figured this out but I just wanted to make it a bit more clear. Plus reading these comments even confused me a bit because there was indeed mixed answers about the movie and TOP's appearance. From what I read out of these comments that is the only big confusion so I hope I helped and I hope I don't sound repetitive.
       Ah, and one more thing, 'Athena: Goddess of war' is the spin off of IRIS there for it is a completely different plot. Just has some of the same cast. So there is IRIS, IRIS: The movie and IRIS 2. I think that is the order it goes in. Once again I hope I helped and sorry for posting this now and not like a year ago. But I just recently got into Kpop, Kdrama, etc. I believe I finished IRIS in 5 days or so, I personally loved the plot and cast. I hope you guys don't stop watching just because of Choi seung hyun(TOP), that is honestly the reason why I started watching but then I realized I really liked Lee Byung Hun. His roll in IRIS was amazing and made a big impression on me. But even if he wasn't in it I would still like it because it does not really matter on the cast, more of the plot.
       So yeah, thanks for reading.


kangy Firstly, TOP is a rapper, not a singer ... He won multiple competition before he is recruited to join Big Bang. This made him a talent. For the guys who said he look like a homo, you really think so ??? or are you just freaking jealous that his face is better than yours a million times ???? Trust me, you are dying to have his face than your own ... For his acting, since he was a new actor, i think he acted out the VICK character pretty well .. Those charismatic cold blooded killer .. Don't you guys think so ??

heena gosh guys........

don't fight here!

and please stop bashing TOP. he is one hell great actor. and he may not good as you want its because his a newbie in drama world. OKAY...

let's just support IRIS and TOP!

sorry if i'm disrespectful but that true ok!

Lavino How can they still have a story to continue when almost everyone is dead? I know they can but wouldn't it be pushing the plot line a bit?

yum top rides the big meaty intruder

natalie Gosh no offence but talking bout how this film sucks because of some guy who YOU THINK is looking like homo makes you look really narrow minded. if somethings wrong for ya don;t watch this film and there ll be no problem. everyone has their own taste, for someone like me T.O.P is hot but for you he can look like homo. but thats not the case here. an actor is a person who can play roles but its not nessesary for him to be beautiful. is it so difficult to understand? if some actor or actress isnt so pretty you automatically don;t watch the film ?

chihuahua_doggy @Zenshiro @Katsuki how old you are you? some one looking 'homo' isnt even an argument why the movie sucks(which it does not but thats my opinion) and btw your Japanese sucks, not even is this grammatical wrong, you could've at least wrote in Kanji if you're a 'native' speaker. If not you're not 'cool' when you speak Japanese thinking no one will understand..... you think you can offend us people in Japanese...tzz but you don't think that maybe some people here are Japanese too?? あほ、あなたはばかたれです。だまれこのやろう!ご引数を学びって下さい。呪ってやる!

@Jamocana you're right!! I don't think you're comment was that bad. I too started watching because of TOP and because I'm such a big BIG BANG fangirl, but the series really got me into and then I didnt care about the thing that TOP was acting in there, I just wanted to watch it on and on and get to know what will happen next!

Until now I only saw the english trailer(with subs and I dont know if its the official one) but no German one! I heard they will bring it to the German theatres in October, but has it even released in Korea? I think it will at least need 6 month for releasing it here, when its not even released in Korea!!

ELLE hey you!!! JAMOCANA!!!

try to watch the whole series and movie first before making such bad comments.

do you think you can do what T.O.P. or Vic can do?!

the story sucked you but you like the plot, HUH!!!

you said his role was just 'shoot, crack, and go,' which is a perfect recipe for killing ladies. well, i guess you are one of those ladies being killed coz' you talk like one...

jamocana oh for you guys thinking that this actor of vick is an NG singer and looks like a gay, now YOU guys are the one without eyes. but i really do think that vick's role is kinda stupid here. he shoots perfectly and can't get what he's ordered to --" just like other fangirls, i did start watching because of him. but it was disappointing to see that his role was just 'shoot, crack, and go,' which is a perfect recipe for killing ladies. i wanted to see more of top acting, not just THAT. but the story itself sucked me in though.

the guys roling hyunjung, sawoo, sunhwa and sunhee are great imho, even though i like hyunjung and sunhwa the most personally. the plot's cool i like it.

Katsuki Zenshiro-san, kimi wa kangai na koto wa honto da Gono comento de onna tachi wa junisai mitainda, hontoni me ga inai, bakayaro tachi...

Zenshiro WTF? 1 thing i don't understand is why put a Fuc**** N.G. singer and homo looking guy in the Drama...? I mean, there are a lot of other guys who would look really awesome if they took the role of badguy assasin... --' well i cant criticize the guy for being a newbie in acting. gotta give him the chance... even if he is a homolooking guy...

Aitsu wa hontoni homo mitain dayo!!! ore wa homo mitai na otoko ga KIRAI! mite yo, aitsu wa keisho wo takusan shiyo! Lee byung hun na hito wa otoko mitaishi, gakoi de, tsuyoi na otoko mitai. Gono commento de onna tachi wa zenbu baka da! --' gono onna tachi wa, me ga inai... kimi wa so omoterundayo ne?

Tenshi0307 OMG! Can't wait to watch it!!!!! Top!!!!!

Liberty For those people who are not happy because TOP will be in this movie.. I have a suggestion to make.. DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE YOU STUPID MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or maybe you should direct your own movie so could choose your the actors you want. FSOAB!!!!!!!!

anna wtt?? isn;t top's character dead?? thought the main dude shot him in top's place?! hmm...

chihuahua_doggy D'OH, guys, the movie will be a remake of the series, just with a new extended ending. So everything except the ending will be the same. Hopefully that means TOP is in there too!! I'm from Germany too and I really hope it will be in the theaters, but I can't image them with German voices. So I hope they will do subs xDD

---- Dude TOP didnt die -.- where did you see that he died, and movie is made of the series not compleatly new movie, and top will be in iris 2 so yeah..

summer How can TOP be on the movie if he died in the series? That would be weird! BUT I WANT TOP TO BE IN THIS MOVIE! He's really bad ass!

kylie omg top is in it thats awesome :D

Loraine wahh...i'm really anticipating the release of the movie!!


jjj is this really a movie. because the plot is describing the show, not the movie.

and if there is a movie, where can i watch it.

*tiky* EoE !! i was noticed that hyun joon is really dead

omg!!! how it can be posible in IRIS 2 says that cuz it gonna take place 3 years after

the hyun joon's dead T_T


  • tiky*

--> im vote +10 for u about the 2nd line..

"cuz.. i can't wait and hyun joon died or not i hope not "

im also dont want hyun jun died...!!

suzy i just cant wait!!!!

tk3 Omg! Iris Movie!!!!! I can't believe it! Finally! Sweet! :) I was just checking on the second season of Iris Anthena: goddess of war! When will it be release this year??? I cant wait! This will probably be the last IRIS that will Lee Byung Hun! Lets support it guys! IRIS <3

*tiky* can somebody tell me if that's true????????

cuz.. i can't wait and hyun joon died or not i hope not

cuz without him there's no movie!!!!!!!!

Byeong-hoon Does anyone know when this movie will be released?



Kiwi Nate T.O.P. is the man & Tae-hee Kim is beautiful and very talented i reckon

izzie can't wait for the movie! since the second season LBH isn't going to be in...*sobs...sobs*

rake i love the drama. when's the movie gonna be out?

ad9230 whether TOP is in or not, im still gonna watch the movie. ----iris rocks!----

Song Sarang man! hmm...the movie?! can't wait but i'm worry for our T.O.P. hope he hv good rest n sleep...

fyue3 im scared its way too much work i mean he already worked on the drama,now a movie too much work(hes in the poster),im worried when his hair is long like that b/c, hes been harassed by guys when its like that TOP ie way too beautiful,EVEN GUYS ARE TURNED ON 0.0 tae too.

heres him in ep 3;

fgh im scared its way too much work i mean he already worked on the drama,now a movie too much work(hes in the poster),im worried when his hair is long like that b/c, hes been harassed by guys when its like that TOP ie way too beautiful,EVEN GUYS ARE TURNED ON 0.0 tae too.

heres him in ep 3;

sarah omg :) exciting. and anyways. if this is like the official thing for the movie, why would he be on it if he dies? i mean.. they cant kill him off so quickly, can they?!

lolol well.... yea I guess TOP isn't in it... :PP someone told me he's going to die in the sdrama anyway... someone told me he's gonna die on the 4th episode,, I was like no way O.o but I am gonna watch it's just sooo cool :D the first drama/action/thriller I'm watching in my life XDD

haha my bad

i thought this comment was on the iris tv eps

haha TOP is in it

but he made his debut on the 2nd ep

Ana-ly PufsS! Seung-hyeon Choi - Assistant Vick = T.O.P!

you dont know what he real name is?


well you know now!

chacha what?! TOP isn't in it?! I WON'T WATCH IT THEN! :/

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