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T.O.P (Choi Seung-Hyun) @ 2013 BIFF
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name: T.O.P (탑)
  • Birth Name: Choi Seung-Hyun (최승현)
  • Birth Date: Nov. 4, 1987
  • Height: 181cm
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent Agency: YG Entertainment


  1. Member of K-pop group Big Bang.


Drama Series



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Brooklyn you are so CUTE

rachma ohhhh.. TOP oppa my cool prince,,, fight always for u.. u're my the best oppaaa, saranghae oppa <3...

Iris I can say TOP's the best! He's really really awesome! He's humble and handsome~ He's a little bit weird sometimes but I LIKE HIM. <3 <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPPA! SARANGHAE~

~Love and respect from your FAN here in Philippines. <3

Kim suji You are the best oppa I like you fitghning

Dawn What can I say! I recently purchased "The Commitment" and found it absolutely wonderful, it fulfilled all of my expectations. It was a very touching and hard at the same time...the character went through a lot...it was an ending I did not expect. I imagine for all of the fans who flocked to the theaters and/or bought this film upon it's release to DVD we had the same reaction regarding the ending.

I would really love to see you in a romantic movie or romantic comedy...you've got serious killer type down very well, which makes you a great ACTION MOVIE STAR, but I'd still love, love, love to see you in something lighthearted.

T.O.P, I look forward to your next drama and/or film....I also don't know it's getting close to time for you to do your mandatory military duties...but I hope you do well whichever branch of South Korean service you choose...but until that day, best of luck to you in your music, acting career and in life.

Bonnie Katzell My TOP Man he is the best and looking forward to Tazza2 Phenomenal a must meet guy..

QWERTY TOP oppa,when will you come to Malaysia again?we all are waiting for you here.saranghae oppa <3

Paulene Jamie Hi Topshi, I will anticipate on your new movie... Kudos to all the people working with you. You're such a great artist.! I love you music and i Love BB as well....

Aaliyah I would love to see TOP in a rom-com. I think he would suit it since he is a funny person plus it'll be different from the serious roles that he has acted.

Nishat Hey TOP. Its the last day of spring break so im ending it with IRIS. I love your acting in it <33333. Best way to end it before i go back to school.

Yingz TOP, Can you hear me ? I love you with all my heart <3

Yvette Sol Hi T.O.P.! It is my first time to know you through the movie Commitment and you imprinted a good impression with your self-defense moves ("karate"). Thumbs up! May the force be always with you! AJA! ^_^

Velva Carter Hi Top, congrats on your success. I love your music, shows and movies. Continue to do well and have lots of happiness. Love ya, Velva

Karen Fernz T.O.P you are my most and the best among the rest of all KOREAN celebrities. :D :D You just don't know how many people you inspired because of your willingness to slim down just to achieve your dreams. I AM A GREAT FAN OF YOURS! THUMBS ALL UP! <3

jmTOP hello!!! top hyung i hope someday i will meet you in person ..because of you i am now a big fan of bigbang >>.

you know what oppa my room is full of yours photos i think t got high on you hehe specially when you use your smoked eye's so intense....

take care of your self sunbae!! tnx to you your such a inpiration to me !!!!loveyou

choiseunghyunforever ure the coolest of all korean celebrities <3 <3

minvita i really like u t.o.p. from head to toe...saranghae oppa


JK love, but i love gd morethan you. hehehe but i vote for you too !

sima khiangte so handsome you are the best in korean

Roselyn queen Congratulation on everything you do and keep it up... I love most of your songs sunbae.... Congratulation on your new movie: "commitment"

Roselyn queen Congratulation on everything you do and keep it up... I love most of your songs sunbae

Regine spark You are best actor&singer!! Keep it up!!we like you

Regine spark Wow!keep it up!!!

Genesis After watching the trailers to "Commitment" I am hoping and praying it is released in the United States. The only theaters in my area that release or show at least one (1) foreign film is the AMC theater chain. This being said, I hope the distributors, producers and actors will push for a release in the United States.

I first saw Mr. Seung Choi in IRIS, and I've been hooked ever since. His latest movie looks like it's going to win many and I do mean many awards.

Best of luck to you Mr. Choi and many more career successes for you.

P.S....does anyone besides me think that Mr. Choi (T.O.P) would be fantastic in a romantic-comedy or just a romantic movie period!!!!

pris_fay All the best to T.O.P..i like all your movies,drama and your songs...I will always support you and the rest of Big Bang members forever...miss you guys so much...saranghae...

nana i saw him in "into the fire" and really impressed with his acting :)

zeineb soooooooo cute and hansome TOP oppa 내가 사랑하는

JuHee Park I love him to death ahh~~ 오빠 영원이 사랑해요♥

janit hi choi seung hyun best actor series iris nawal morocco

ncxiang OMG, You're my idol....cuz' of you....i became big fan of BIGBANG....Love you T.O.P and Obviously G.Dragon....forever

maria margarita cruz I love you T.O.P. you're my idol. When I hear you rap i think I'm in heaven. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that you are born to be a rapper. when you act, you are so cool!!! somebody give me a jacket 'coz T.O.P. is really cool.. I LOVE YOU, MAHAL KITA,사랑해요 ......

caramelyogurt T.O.P - only done few movies and drama.. but he still got the best award that any actor or idol cannot get easy.... 2013 has come and bigbang would be doing solos again..especially TOP would need to get to military soon (not sure) but.. surely i will miss BB on stage...

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I have seen everyone of tops movies but Commitment, I haven't been able to find it but I am sure I will.. I liked him from the moment I watched I am Sam. I think he and I would make good friends. I was shocked that he not only is amazing at dancing and singing and I do love his voice but his acting is Phenomenal I never expected to see so much talent come from him... My goal is to get to Korea and meet him and see him perform I would love to do an interview and spend a day with him and his funny antics and his bad boy self...LOL! I say Keep it up and would love to see him in some more action packed and maybe one with romance involved he is perfect for such roles....A real BIG American fan...

young young saranghaeyo oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aeri For those who enjoy his work in Big Bang, kudos. But his acting's fairly mediocre. We seriously need to stop clogging up the acting scene with idols. It's killing me.

Lexi His eyes is his ticket to acting! Very Intense

Zara I LOVE CHOI SEUNG-HYUN he is amazing and i love all his songs and all his tv shows/films. I just recently watched 71: Into The Fire, and I cried a LOT, it was so emotional and i cant believed he got killed in it. I just love T.O.P so much :)

Firdha Amalia N Oppa just one say to you.. FIGHTING !! I will always support you!!

TOP oppa~ hyaaaaa!!!! TOP!!!! <3 can't wait!!!!

Airrr TOP oppaaa your acting is as cool as your rap!!! Okay I'm soooo into you on the movie into the fire. IRIS also one of your big hit!! I can't wait for your upcoming movie and drama. Please be healthy :) :)

VIP MIKAN m(>w T.O.P you're so WICKED in 'Iris'! But '71: Into the Fire' make me fall for you

Hope your character no die again like 'Iris' or '71: Into the Fire'

AL TOP, the movie IRIS really makes me hate you, but i do like you if i remember that movies are really acted. U were so tough in IRIS

pikazhee i love the way you are :) fighting oppa :*

lili ahn charming guy ever i love when u rapping

Dawn 71 Into the Fire is the one of my best film. And even when I look, I said that whatever my size, my level of study or my skills, I can get a change and that even if the first negative result could be tomorrow could be born in a light under the light of the efforts that I shall have consented. Congratulations to you and all the extras. You are a good actor.

DENNY TOP are you my name is DENNY Ramdhani TOP I want to ask whether there are new songs in the big bang came a song please ya big bang last farewell in Indonesia

DENNY TOP TOP YOU GOOD AND FREE GOOD alamat JL inperes nomor hp:08818100903

BigBangTOP How come u say that top is an alien I bet youre just jealous because of his beauty and everyone if you don't like him just don't write any bullshit and don't comment I fuck everyone that speaks rubbish abou him FU!!! LUV TOP FOR EVER!!!


Widichan tabiiii, my man, my everything, my world, my oxygent, my looove!!! you're the best on everything! saranghae♥♥♥♥

kikay A man of charm,talents and good looks, all in one. there's no doubt he'll become of ace actors in korea. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! My respect and admiration to you sir!!! Hope more projects for you!!!!!!!!

fada he is the best both in acting and music.

regi antonette :) ., I hope that T.O.P will have more projects to do ! ,.

regi antonette :) ,. T.O.P number 1 !,. :D I really love the movie 71 into the fire !,. I'd cried when i watched that movie ! ,. ;(

aiicoii saranghae TOP oppa! kyeopta! fighting!

Tima well i used to nit like t.o.p but eventually i did because he is an amazing rapper (the best one after outsider) and his acting ability is just too good for someone in his age :) i cried soooooooo much while watching into the fire TT.TT and yes he didn't appear much in IRIS but he did a hell of a good job doing it specially in ep 19 ^_^ again im a fan of him not because of his dashing looks but for his unique personalty and skills in many many fields including fashion choi seung hyun oppa FIGHTING :> BB FIGHTING

Cindy Love You, TOP <3 Oppa Support TOP, For Life ;)

& for those of you who decides to bash and complain, please stop (: This isnt a fighting arena. -.- And don't bother to comment, if you're just going to complain and insult -.- We don't need to see those opinions of yours, so keep it to yourself.

To me, TOP is just the most talented & handsome man i've ever seen :] He's a talented singer/actor/rapper Support! TOP Fighting <3

Midori i love his cheography always.... fighting bigbang!!!!!!!!!!

dee^,^y0e really luv ur act n fight...

that's really cool bad ass guy...

kimfashu it's just that TOP is talented... and u r blaming him for an alien.. he looks like alien??? what do ya face looks like???? DOG POOP!!! he has the smart looking figure n he's cool.. one more thing .. at least he's a great rapper and actor than u.. chicken poop..

Zenshiro NG singer homolooking Fuc** i bet most of the girls who like this homo are 12years old He should have been mutilated by hyunjun in IRIS for that homolooking face of his and what he's done

Zenshiro Hontoni bakayaro... IRIS de moto taksan koroseba ii HONTONI HOMO MITAI NA OTOKO DA... jigau, aitsu wa onna dayo! otoko mitai na uchuujin homo! onna tachi wa hontoni me ga inai na noka?

kristen leigh Alien??hmm,..if he looks like and alien then he's the most gorgeous alien in our world^^,, i think you're just insecure because you're nothing compared to him!!!!!!!!!!!! Oppa fighting^^

Anjunee Tandukar he got such a dynamic style.i luv it.

sparkyfarky Oh yes!!! he does look alot like an ALIEN!! shouldve cast him as the mother alien with sigourney weaver... LOL No diff... and no make up or props needed

Nopi First i see ur perfom in iris... Directly i like... ganbatte for the next..

Soulmate my lover,,xDDD fighting!!!!

L.O.P WTF. And alien? WOW. Just wow. You're just jealous that you're not as hot as him. Don't be hatin'

ImaniRine Other than looking like an alien at most times, you can get it. Wait.... It's already yours!

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