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  • Name Kim Tae-Hee
  • Hangul: 김태희
  • Birthdate: March 29, 1980
  • Birthplace: Ulsan, South Korea
  • Height: 162cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Family: Lee Wan (younger brother)
  • Talent Agency: Namoo Actors


Kim Tae-Hee was born on March 29, 1980 in Ulsan, South Korea. Her immediate family consists of her parents, one older sister and one younger brother. Kim Tae-Hee's younger brother Lee Wan is also an actor. Kim Tae-Hee, known for her beauty, actually grew up as a tough young girl. In an interview on MBC TV variety program "Yoo Jae-seok & Kim Won-Hee's Come to Play," on September 13, 2010, Kim Tae-Hee stated she wasn't talkative as a young child, but fought physically with her younger brother and other boys in the neighborhood. In another interview on KBS2 TV show "The Park Joong-Hoon Show," Kim Tae-Hee stated she frequently broke glass windows and often beat up her younger brother Lee Wan as a child.[1]

Even though Kim Tae-Hee grew up as a tough child, she received perfect scores in all of her classes throughout middle school and was also very popular with the male students. MBC cable TV program "Star Secret" discovered these facts when they pulled up her school records and also learned male students in one of Kim Tae-Hee's high school gym classes would often stand next to the window to see her and scream out her name.[2]

In high school, Kim Tae-Hee picked up the quirky nickname "Headbanger". This nickname came about because she would often study late into the night and in class would nearly drift off into sleep and then quickly snap out of it, resulting in her head making a headbanger motion - popular with heavy metal music fans.[3]

Kim Tae-Hee then entered Seoul National University, often mentioned as South Korea's most prestigious and most difficult to enter university, to major in fashion design. The reason she chose this major was that she admired other people who did creative work. During her college days, she was first asked to model for an ad designer who spotted her in the subway station. At this time, Kim Tae-Hee wasn't sure what she would do after college so she decided to take up the modeling work as a part-time job.[4]

In 2000, when Kim Tae-Hee was 21, she made her debut as an ad model for the product "White" (a brand of maxi-pads). She quickly turned into a CF blue chip.[5]

Kim Tae-Hee would then make her acting debut in the 2001 film "Last Present". In the movie, Kim Tae-Hee played the middle-school aged version of Lee Young-Ae's main female character Park Jung-Yeon. One year later, she became popular enough to land leading roles in 2003 SBS TV dramas "Screen," "Stairway to Heaven" & "A Problem at My Younger Brother's House."

Kim Tae-Hee became known for her beauty and graduating from Seoul National University. Nevertheless, her acting ability drew frequent criticisms from critics and the public. Some considered her to be the top CF star, but not a serious actress. The criticisms did hurt Kim Tae-Hee personally and made her insecure about her acting abilities. By 2008, Kim Tae-Hee took a one year break from acting. In 2009, Kim Tae-Hee made her return to acting in the KBS2 blockbuster action drama "IRIS." Initial reaction to her acting was muted, but began getting better reviews as the series went on. Ratings for "IRIS" averaged 31.9%, tops in South Korea at the time, and the show would go on to become hit across Asia. In an interview with Kim Tae-Hee, she mentioned "IRIS" director Yang Yun-Ho made a comfortable environment for her to act and, through frequent rehearsal, made her understand her character's emotions. Kim Tae-Hee believes "IRIS" marked a turning point in her acting career.[6]

After the drama "IRIS," director Yang Yun-Ho suggested to her to take the female lead in his next movie "Grand Prix." Kim Tae-Hee would play a female horse jockey and this served to be a problem, because she was afraid of riding horses. As filming went on, she became to enjoy riding horses. But there was also other difficulties in the filming process. Lead actor Lee Jun-Ki dropped out of the film, after one month of filming, due to his required military enlistment. Actor Yang Dong-Kun was then selected as his replacement. Commercially at least, "Grand Prix" turned out to be a disappointment. The movie opened #9 during the busy Chuseok holiday weekend and would go on to sell only 168,576 tickets during its theatrical run.

In the second half of 2010, Kim Tae-Hee chose the part of Lee-Sul in the SBS drama "My Princess". In an interview with 10 Asiae, she mentioned that she likes childish things and likes to imagine about girlish romantic imagery. This is what drew her to the part of Lee-Sul in "My Princess."[7]

On KBS2 TV show "The Park Joong-Hoon Show,", Kim Tae-Hee also mentioned about rumors that she would marry the son of a Chaebol family. At first, Kim Tae-Hee ignored the rumors and believed the public would also. But, the rumors became more insistent and exaggerated and eventually caused Kim Tae-Hee's management company to sue netizens who spread the false rumors.[8]


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liza awessssssssssooooooooooooommmmmeeeeeee movie....loved love u guys

nk Can you please make another drama.. i love your acting. You'll be match as a heaven with Kim Soo-Hyun :)

Larry I just started watching Korean dramas, and after watching Birth of a Beauty, a friend recommended Stairway to Heaven. I'm absolutely fascinated that KTH can show such a wide range of emotions with her eyes, unlike anyone I've ever seen. My only regret is that it took me so long to discover these dramas.

Brad I love all your dramas, KTH. When will you make a new one? I kept on rewatching JOJ and for me, your acting was perfect. So i do believe to what the director of your last Chinese drama said that you are a very good actress and that you don't procrastinate. So don't mind the haters, always be happy, healthy and lead a positive life.

jiyeon i love your acting unnie, she was pretty and funny girl. my princess is best drama of kim tae hee in my opinion. kim tae hee, saranghae!!!

Jam I hope KTH will have her next drama soon. I miss her and I love her acting so much. Who could be the best leading man for her? Let's see... Hyun Bin? or Won Bin? or maybe the sweet and good looking BF, Rain? What do you think guys and gals?

krisnalyn labrague i like kim tae hee, the first time i see her in GMA tv series stairway to heaven as a bad girl role, her acting was so good for the award of best actress, i like also her beauty, for me she's the no.1 beautiful woman in korea.

:D I love Kim Tae Hee's acting! I fell in love (as a female fan) with her breath-taking smiles and attractive personality! I wish I can watch more of KTH's acting in historical K-Dramas. :D

Gab Hello KTH! You were so pretty in your latest pictures taken from your WXZ press con last Oct 5. I miss you so much, already. When are you going to do another Korean drama? But please do it with cable channel so that no pressure from the ratings and the story won't suffer. I wish you do a drama with Hyun Bin, for sure you will look very good together and it would be oozing with chemistry. Just like the awesomeness that you share with YAI. Wishing you only the best. For me, you are a great actress. Very convincing and sincere.

mine Hmm, i miss you alot KTH, it's been a while now and there's no news about you. each day i browse kimbi thread and even yours but news is lacking there aswell, sometimes i do feel for those threading at kimbi, its really slow, what kept the thread going is their fantasies and imaginations, but i don't fail to read cos it kept me going as well. I want to see more of and read news about you, just before school starts next semester, that means more reading to do. Love you dear, hope you re happy and healthy. Happy sunday.

laughter Jealous people like penny lookout for flaws to criticize. kim tae hee was wonderfully and prayerfully made by God, therefore she belongs to Jesus and resembles him. since God made her like the way she is, she's grateful and not complaining. Why don't you try and debut and see if you'll ever get famous even in your own country, miserable jobless idiot.

MICHAEL V. CHUA Ms. Kim Tae Hee,

Hi, Ms. Kim, I watched your movies; IRIS and GRAND PRIX, you were great in IRIS, very professional in handling a weapon and in hand and foot combat. In Grand Prix, you were at ease though a little bit tense but fully in control.

Keep the good work, and God Bless You Abundantly.

Your Fan in the Philippines

Ms.Malay My fav korean actress. I watch many of her dramas and film that involve her : Stairway to Heaven , Love story in Harvard, Iris, My princess, Venus and Mars, Jang Ok Jung and today just finish watching Fox with nine tails. I am always really excited to see her works.She has taken different type of roles . sometime I find funny and annoying but love her eyes bulge out when she get mad and trouble... :P

i am looking forward to see her in another movie and drama. Good Luck Kim tae Hee. pretty and gojes

Fan from Malaysia

love tae hee Unni,i love you and everything about you, your beauty,your figure,smartness,all your dramas e.t.c i really enjoy watching ur drama's,they always keep me busy,i've rewatched each one i have uncountable times,now i've gotten bored watching them. I miss seeing you onscreen, pls do act a new drama that is really cheerfu not quiet, a really happy drama. I'll be waiting here in Nigeria. PROUD TO BE YOUR FAN. Love you for a million years to come.

radny nathan your my one and only princess..your my ultimate dream...^_^ hope to see you in person and have a date with you...^_^ stay happy,healthy and gorgeous as you are right now...your smile has it all...whenever you smile,it seems that im in heaven...godbless you always and take care...

Laughter Nigeria Always be HAPPY,always wear a SMILE,not because life is full of reasons to smile,but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.

Laughter Nigeria The first time i saw you in iris,you looked so beautiful,but then i dont like watching action dramas,but after i watched joj, i became a fan of yours,and i've watched almost all your dramas like joj,mp,iris,fl,sth and i'm watchig lsih on youtube cant find that series yet at the dvd store.i'll remain ur fan FOREVER and i hope i get to meet you in future.i'll pray for you pls stay humble and kind at heart.

mary anne mendoza i love your character ms.lee @ lovestory in harvard. I could feel your emotions. your beautiful, very. you and krw looks great together, but i'd like have him than yours. (lol)

yenyen Dear Ms. Kim Tae Hee You can not marry him . Rain is not suitable for you. Please Please Please do not marry him . This marriage is a big mistake . Chinese zodiac are not matched .

Guy She is beautiful and apparently intelligent. I credit her with choosing a career that is of this world rather than locked up in the ivory tower of academia. She could, nonetheless, pass the mother test. Few women can. I would offer my hand... if I were free.

Olivia Nayiga Kim Tae-Hee... oh my GOD your very very pretty.. i just fell in love with iris after watching season 1 in 2 days... i wish i could meet you in person one day

edz i really like kim tae hee as an actress.looking forward for your new drama

Zarlene Ramos Acosta KTH have that beauty that you just wanna stare at her face everyday! I love the chemistry that they have with Song Seung Heon. Hope that they will make a part two of the drama "My Princess"..

Janelle You're really blesses with such a beautiful face. I really love your character in your drama "My Princess". I'm looking forward for your new drama. Stay pretty and humble always.

Janelle I'm really a fan of yours. You're really beautiful and sexy. I really wish to see you in person someday. God bless and stay pretty and humble always.

Mr. Xozirov Kim Tae Hee is one of my favourite korean actress. You are such an amazing girl. I love all your dramas especially "IRIS". You are really pretty. I hope to see a new dramas of you and wish you the greatest success in your pretty life.

C2 Kim tae hee YOU ARE my favourite korean actress..your such an pretty girl..your really pretty..hope to see you soon again in new drama of you and song seung heon, lee min ho and Kim Soo Hyun then you will become more and more popular..You are really really pretty. Love you

Aaliya I like if Kim Tae-Hee acts eith Yoo Ah In like jang ok jung and some more.

J When will you have your next drama or project? Please come back soon, miss you badly. I hope it would be with Hyun Bin or Won Bin. Pls come back soon my princess., my angel.

bloom Here is a reason why: because korean boys and asian boys are HOT


Sy Kim tae hee is the reason why i <3 korean dramas ^_^

Trish Mai I would love to see Kim Tae Hee with Yoo Ah In more, they're ROCKS! Such a cute couple, lets go :)

Mary Kim tae hee is one of my favourite korean actress..your such an amazing girl..i first fall in love your drama Forbidden love then Love story in harvard, My princess and now Jang ok jung..ohh my gosh! .your really pretty..hope to see a new drama of you and song seung heon..your such an awesome couple..perfect yeah

XOXO Mary..

john KTH is so pretty. I hope she will have a new drama very soon. Miss her badly. She's a very good actress and very convincing. I love her so much since Love story in Harvard. IRIS, MP and JOJ. My fave is LSIH. Pls KTH, start with a new drama already.

aaa kim tae hee very nice actrice.she is very beauitiful. i love her veryy macuh

Emilio I was so much fascinated by Soo In Lee charm. Love Story in Harvard touches my soul. Attorney Kim and Attorney Hong did graet in that series. FYI, it is a very first time in my life, I watched a drama series like this. I was able to watch this more than 10 times gaining different revelations. Many thanks KTH. Very inspiring! :-)

adamcandance Kim Tae Hee you are a great actress ! You are so beautiful and talented ! love u !

daniel you are a great woman and a great actress ;love ur styles in films especially in nine tailed fox.....though am a nigerian but I do realize u work hard to be a celebrity ...I have promise my self hard to be a celebrity also may be then I can meet you...but really wish to meet you ...PROUD TO BE YOUR FAN

rob Hello KTH. How's my lovely lady? You're so pretty in your last stint, starting Nov. 06. From the airport when you left for China, to the Cosmo event, and airport again, when you came back, you were awesome. Your beauty, sexiness, demeanor, smile, and charm exudes the limit of norms. And your being religious, tops it all. True indeed, you are beautiful in and out. I would like to tell you too, that with all of these, plus of couse being smart, good family background and stable values, who could ask for more. Pls take care of yourself. I LOVE YOU!


angel Please I just finish watching this korean drama, and I had watch this in a second time around. I hope you can continue this show, i'm looking forward for MY PRINCESS part 2 ....please.. i just love this show so much................ i hope the cast can visit the philippines also...

Vanessa Lai I love the Kim Tae-Hee's performance in Jang Ok Jung, Living by love. She is so lovely. Many thanks to the director as well for the the well arranged scenes and story.

loyal I've watched JOJ,LIL and you as usual, you were awesome in that drama. You're chemistry with YAI was perfect. You both compliment each other. I also love the bts of this drama. It seems full of laughter and fun. I would also believe what YAI said in his interview that you were so beautiful even if he sees you often(during shooting) still, he finds you beautiful. For me, you are always adorable. Hope to see more CFs from you and of course dramas and movies too. Take care of yourself, Kim Tae Hee.

bagul no doubt she's beautiful and intelligent her acting is good but i dont think a protagist role suit her best...she is a able to express her full acting prowess when she act as a villain and its very effective and makes you mad to the point that you what to curse her...please i want to see her in a protagist-antagonist role just like a mexican drama( ruby )if im not will really exude her beauty and tae hee iloveyou!!looking forward to it...

Bernard I miss you already KTH. When will you have your next drama? Hoping for more CFs from you. Take care of yourself.

Tahi KTH looks like Jiyoung?! now, that's an insult. real actress and kpop star is in diff league.

Tariro i love KTH.She is the best

Jisung-Park Kim tae hee Noona looks like Park JiYoung T-ara .. I hope to see noona in new romantic drama again. (like "My Princess") .. Fighting ^_^

huna bachry kim tae hee the best & the most beautifull korean actrees ! i always admire to your movie & everything about you , i want have face like your , coz u so pretty ,! keep success n lovvv u from : .*-* huna ( indonesia)

YooVaa very like see your acting oenni...

jean she is so beautiful!!!! I can't believe that her age is 30, but she look 18...

cutechu_bbuing Kim Tae Hee is an amazing actress her acting improved a lot since her debuted and i just immediately fell in love with how she portrayed her character "Jang Ok Jung". She displayed very touching and much depth in her acting (the ratings arent as high because the plot was a bit heartbreaking as it progressed but, i still dont know the out come of the drama yet, i hope its a happy ending). And i loved how she portrayed her character in My Princess and she was very cool in Iris. Netizen should realise that Kim Tae Hee's acting is way better than the majority of idols actors and some actors as well. Plus she is very beautiful. Kim Tae Hee Sarangehaeyo <3

SenDo i'm soooo in love with her since that evil Yuri in stairway to heaven then Love story in Harvard. I think she's an amazing actress. Why someone questioning about her ability? No one perfect the character in LSIH and the princess like KTH. About IRIS i did't watch so can't tell but i'll always support her

Davia I absolutely love your heartfelt portrayal of Jank Ok Jung!!! You have done such an incredible job of bringing alive all the emotions of this character and thus bringing the audience with you into her life. Bravo!!! So sorry to hear that JOJ will be killed. Many of us want her to conquer! The way we have been shown how much they loved each other it doesn't make sense that the king would have her killed. So sad!

Zack I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm a fan of Korean Historical Drama or Movie. Jang OK Jung is one of my favourite drama which i never missed. You are a great talented actress and so beautiful. Saranghae....

CICI Kim Tae Hee, I am enjoying your fantastic portrayal of Jang Ok Jung. You and Yoo Ah In just sizzle in this Historical Drama and I look forward to each episode. "Jang Ok Jung Living in Love" is one of my favorites now. I also loved you in IRIS and I think if you would have been in IRIS 2, it would have been a far better drama. Best of luck in all you do.

april bheng Beautiful Kim,w/ tough good luck n keep fighting.

Vea Kim Tae Hee! Oh, you're beautiful as always! All the best for JOJ. Loving those first two episodes already. I'll be looking forward for you and YAI in the same scene. Muahaha <3

robin How's the ever gorgeous lady, Kim Tae Hee? I know that you're a very smart woman, straight forward but honest person, and of course with very good values in life! Please take care of your self! Focus on the positive side of your life.... it'll help you keep going! I will always support you, KTH!

Mia i love you Kim Tae Hee i watch all your kdrama & Kmovie, now im waiting for your new kdrama Jang ok jung. i miss you

icha i very very very like kin tae hee, i like kdrama because of her cast in My Princess... i love u more oenni, <3

Queen Bee love thousand miles kim tae hee oenni, i expected u will cast more kdrama...miss u tons, ^^

poppy Ideal as a model although in some dramas like IRIS, she was amongst the whole cast, her acting skills showed not to be on par to other actors. She is a natural beauty and very much resembles my aunt who looked very much like her in her youth. It's simply a matter of good genes as also uncle is a handsome man. As a matter of fact their son is incredibly handsome, could be a very popular model in Korea for his looks better looking than a lot of Korean actors. So my hope is that KTH does marry somebody equally handsome and untouched by plastic surgery.

cathbogs hi KTH you're my best korean actress.. KTH have an elegant beauty, your also very charming and witty..and most of all you have this brilliant smile that can take my breathe away.. hoping that i could saw you in personal but that is so impossible to make it happen.. so i will support all your movies and drama series... more projects to come...

Munisa I love you Kim Tae Hee You the most beatiful girl

Seriously? What's with the idiots posting that she had plastic surgery? She's looked the same since she was a kid. Since she was 5. Get it in your heads haters. Have you seen her 과거 사진들? What do you know about her? Don't try to defame someone who's probably the closest to a perfect woman. She has everything.

Suzzanne and maki or however you spell your stupid names, try doing some research before you make false claims.

아 ㅅㅂ

Lydda Kim Kim Tae Hee is not only the most beautiful girl but also classic and elegant !!!

yenyen You're very beautiful

No man does not deserve you.

tae_hee_ah she looks too young for 32, I mean she's sooo pretty and cute!! Eoppuda;)

fan of kth so pretty and beautiful...............i like IRIS the most..ur so man in that film.............

misel grace tormis i like u so much your so beautiful.....

cristy i was so much inspired in love story in harvard!

 super like it!!

kim idol,,, Love story in Harvard ... beautiful

rosanna l kim tae hee very much and i miss my princess too god bless you and take care always.......................

dev Kim Tae Hee & Love Story in Harvard are the BEST things I've ever seen. She's the most beautiful & talented Korea's (even in the world) actress, number 1 ever! Thank GOD for her ;).

nicole i love you kim tae such a big fan of yours..................................................................always take care of your self GOD BLESS

non sibi happy 32rd birthday anniversary - live long, live strong and live happy....

Mutan Well, I've read all these comment to Ms. Kim Tea Hee ready. I'm really happy there're many people like and love her as me. I've watched many movies of this one actress also. I love, two of those movies are Love Story in Harward and My Princess. U're a pretty actress I've seen... Love...

janice ,. eyy ,, kim !! iloved you since i watched nine tailed fox in ABS-CBN ., it's yOur best mOvie fOr me !! yOur my best kOrean actress ever !!

sobir you look like my beloved girl.

Knight wow,your so beautiful amazing face and i really love your skin tone,I like ur smile and ur eyes that is bright.

snowwhite Hi! Kim Tae Hee,I really like ur action in Iris,love story in Harvard.I like ur smile and ur eyes that is bright.

Think_er Kim Tae Hee Hwaiting! Saranghae!

suzzane yes i agree that she did many plastic surgery you can see that from her old picture an cf in 2000 and 2001

but i dont hate her all koreans did plastic surgery

Mubaraq I love ur reaction in dat film,u re the best acctress

Gia I know everyone thinks she's a natural beauty and she is quite pretty actually, but she got some work done. Nothing major, but look at her childhood pics with her pics as of now. She got the inner corner of her eyes cut and her nose was done slightly. Of course she was pretty even before the works.

sabir i love those who struggle in their childhood to fulfill their dreams.i too struggle a lot. you inspire me a lot.

sabir first time in my life i forgot to sleep whole night, seeing "love story in harvard" creates love story in my heart, i'm just wandering where to get a beautiful,hardworking,understanding,realistic,smart and innocent girl like u.i see lots of hindi films but this is the best of best. long live soo-in.. love u.

sunny jond U'v gt such a goddess' face .. totally divine!!!!

Rianti Very beautiful.....

uk Hi, Kim, You are my most favorite actress in the world and I like everything you had done from the screen. I like the way you act on the screen. I want to kiss you.ehehehehheh

Merce Kim!!! you're so beautiful and so wonderful!!! we love you !!!

arora pineda estoryaheeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arora pineda she is so pretty gwapa maganda

frita You are Just Beautiful You...I Like It

ivs. Annyeong Haseyo!

     Kim Tae Hee, ur the best Korean Actress. You rock my world.Great job at My Princess. and I hope there's My Princess 2. Kashamnida!. :))

emmageorge So far it looks as if everyone's commenting your looks and I totally agree. I am not from the Asian countries and I am very critical of what I watch. I have not seen any of your work and any of Song Seung Hun's work apart from My Princess. This much I have to say you two are great together, the others probably call it chemistry but as far as I am concern you two are great actors and that is what makes My Princess so entertaining and has a sense of 'realism'. I tumble on Korean series while I am holidaying and I am very impressed with you two's acting and will definitely follow you two's work. Wish you ever success and happiness and keep doing what you do best!!! cheers, emma

jenny My favorite actress ever!!! Every girl in the world would probably envy her. She has the looks, brain, popularity, talent, and not to mention her salary......... awww so perfect!

Yumie 안녕 김태희 noona! QuinnYumie again here, searching and supporting everything involving you! With so many things I've learned about you-whether positive/negative-but of course mostly positive-you really influenced and inspired me a lot!...There's just a lot of luggage carried in me and I can't really put it down-but knowing you, as a star/celebrity, as a person and as a simple College-entering student before, you're helping me to think and get back to the road where I'm supposed to be, inspirations from you helps me to move on, to forget, to accept. Admiring you, idolizing you-no ordinary-a very helpful way for me to live, love & laugh! 사랑해요NOONA!

Mary Ann Valere Nuuna KIM TAE HEE,

  How are you today, So exited to watch your new movie with leading man lee dong wook. it is already done? you told me before that you are busy to your up coming movie. i think this movie will be so great.. good luck! and to your advertising about smart. oh i forgot the title. good luck also.. take care..may god bless you.. saranghe.

gianne How beautiful a person can be??

that question always hunts me..

but then I saw you..

i guess God gave no limit!! YOU ARE DIVINELY PRETTY!!

soooo admirable:-)

gabby you are so pretty. you are an inspiration in the world of fashion.

Lea Rose ur so beautiful.:] i love ur koreandrama MY PRINCESS <3

Darl You are so pretty.. I just found out you're already 31.. I thought ur like 25.. Gorgeous! Stay pretty..;)

leslie:) ----wowow!!! she really a very beatiful girl.. i really like her personality and talent in her acting.. wow.. gorgeos

anna one of the most the beautiful girl in the world

anna woowww.. perfect..^_^

sha kim tae hee never had plastic surgery :)


you are so beautiful.. and your smart too.. you look so young .. i really love you.. you are close to perfection :)

Camille ... WOW! your so beautiful......!!!.... I really like the Korean Drama "My Princess (2011)" it's nice.... I love it.... and Tae hee Kim ,, your so beautiful,,, you're so very pretty,, I can't believe that your a 31 year's old you look young ,, like a teen ager I thought you're only 18.... hahahaha.... lol♥ ... good luck...


] i started to like you when i saw u in a site while i'm searching for the

most gorgeous actress in Korea. I saw u there for the first time and i started to like you so much. you have such an angelic face. ^^ And I started to love you in your series My Princess! your da best! what an angelic face with huge brain! almost perfect :]]

chie Tae-hee Kim your so cute and beautiful..

hsusandylwin She's very beauty.

Cullengabriela How........beautifull u are....<3...! I really love ur talent and charm. ..!;-)saranghageo

alexa i love the way you are :p.....=D

janjan i like the way she is.. she's so beautifull. just one question, did you undergo a surgery? just asking. but i think not i've seen your previous photos when your not in shobiz yet.. your cool.. i love your face really. more blessings to you..


hope i could see you soon.

Yumi I love Kim Tae-Hee Because She's very Beautiful in her Tv drama My Princess Love it so much

livie i love kim tae hee super.. shes so beautiful and talented girl... shes so charming.. hoping a lot of project to her... i love her...muahhh

Carmel wow! your so beautiful amazing face and i really love your skin tone since i am very dark skin. i am certified a fan of your movie my princess even i just saw your trailer i really love it your leading man fits in you and your character is 100% perfect and fits in your physical apperance. i hope you can do your best so that lots of people love it just like Boys over flowers because when i watched their movie you can see

the effort and love of their work. i hope you can grab the opputunity 

so that you can aim you highest goal.

Tony ...Really love u in IRIS movie! M always happy when see ur smile :) Cambodia Guy

syto love u kim tae healty......don't work so hard........Fighting!

Aisha she became my favorite korean actress ever !!! she's funny, cute, sweet, pretty and also smart she's perfect!!!! and shesss more that actress I support her :) ~~god bless her!

  1. Arab fans.

from Dubai.

nadia really like to watch u in my princess..u look really childish n cute!

munoj You are so talented & of course beautiful

mary ann valera wish i can see you in personal........ but its really imposible... how sad.... hope she really fine...always.. more projects to come.

you are really cute..

you and kim rae won? yah im so inlove with you in love story in harvard.

mary ann valera im really admire kim tae hee

pamie you are so beautiful!!! I will always cheer you up!! :)

sar Vote for this her in this page please. He should remain one of TOP 10 actresses.

Teddy Natural beauty.That is why i like her more.I really hope she will not do any kind of plastic surgery,she is way beautiful now.All the best in your carrier unni.:).Fighting!

NA she didn't do any plastic surgery. all she did before was braces.

kanchit l like u very much.

gamza u r so beautiful n i rely like ur smile

cen So pretty....... You are a star......

Meng lee I like this movie. Love story in Harward is the best drama.......!

the dawn break she is emmaculately beautiful. She one the most beautiful girl I ever seen. I can't believe that there is a face like that

oh yeah Kim Tae-Hee is one of the few Korean actresses I adore. =D

Christ yes, I agree Kim Tae Hee beautiful, charming and talent. Love her so much!

pp-pyae tae-hee is beautiful&cute&smart Girl,,really Charming & Talent.My favourite movies IRIS&Love Story in Harvard

phoebe annyeong haseyo , i admire ur acting in IRIS. ur also beautiful . i hope we can be friends..

nica she's incredibly beautiful and I heard that she's smart as well, but I really don't think she's that talented. I mean, she's not bad, but she's not that good as well. more like an 'ok'.

sher hi.. its me "sher" ... i already watched ur Korean drama "IRIS".. it's a beautiful action drama film but sad to say it is quite confusing bcoz the English subtitle is kinda "suck!!!". wrong grammar and funny sorry to say.. hahaha. but still i enjoyed it..

nonsibi kahlelck/prince kahlelck - life is a blessings, isn't it?

prince kahlelck search for the real meaning of life, once you have found it hold onto it.never let go.know what's missing in your heart.inform me when you are aware of that missing part. ill see you if you need it to be interpreted taehee.......

kahlelck funny how life makes people connect.finding happiness is sometimes going beyond your world.December is a month for happiness........take care tae hee.

tania KTH is beautiful, charming and talent.

yeye yah, she's pretty

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