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  • Name: Rain
  • Hangul:
  • Real Name: Jung Ji-Hoon (정지훈)
  • Birthdate: June 25, 1982
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: O


"Rain" (Real name Ji-hyun Jeongn, born on June, 25 1982 in Seoul) is a male Korean R&B and pop singer. He has become well-known throughout East and Southeast Asia — including Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam and Thailand.

In April 2006, he was mentioned in the Time magazine magazine website article that named the "100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World." In 2007, Rain topped Time Magazine's online user poll, although he was not in the magazine's actual list. He also made it into People magazine 2007 list of the "Most Beautiful People" in the world.


  1. As the word for 'rain' is different in many languages, he is known by a variety of names. In the West he is known by the English word Rain. In Korea he is known as (Bi) (pronounced as the letter B in English), Korean for "rain." In Japan, he is known as ピ (シンガー)|ピ, pronounced pi when using Japanese phonology. In some parts in China, he is sometimes referred to as Yu ("雨"), meaning 'rain.'
  2. Rain will serve his 21 month military service starting on October 11, 2011.



Drama Series



Rain's South Korean "Ninja Assassin" Press Conference



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miss indian summer korean drama when will be aired? im waiting for this drama.

DRAMADRAMADRAMA Do a drama with Kim Tae Hee please!

Hanna Stamps Siahaan You are multi-talented artist, cool action, romance cool, cool singing, dancing cool, I fell in love with you...You are macho also....I think you are the best aktor from Korea

Laras Rain Bi, you looks soo handsome,wise and mature after completing the military services. Your acting in my loveable girl drama was sweet. I hope you will release a next increadible drama to show your potential talent.

diena i love you so much rainnnnnn ....

Sarah Lam I love your movie My Lovable Girl it's one of my favorite Korean Drama's!!!

Sarah I love your movie My Lovable Girl it's one of my favorite Korean Drama!!! You did very good!!!

tharidi Hi!!! I'm your biggest fan.you look like kim so hyun.I thought you are a elder brother of him.I like your awesome songs kep it up !

니 니 i just finished watching your movie "My Lovely Girl" You are so good actor..<3 I adore you much. :-) the thing I like on You is the way you Speak English, I love It. I wish I could have a picture with You. Sarangheo Oppa. :-*

hajer Bi Rain he's one of best of the best star I've ever seen I adore you so so so so so so so so soooooooooo much 비 오빠 사랑해 사랑함니다 오빠

                                                                 사랑 Hajer(arab fan)

Andiny Oppa i want to see u so close, im fallin in love since i saw your hairstyle without ponytile in shes so loveable korean drama. so handsome! cool! U looked so different, makes me always dreamed of u. Oh oppaaaa i want to kiss uuuu:* i really crazy in love with uuuu...

lady rain oppa i love you :((((((

Chris I saw him, in Ninja Assassin these days before, and I've started to research about him! He is such a great singer, dancer and actor and so humble guy!He deserves all the best in life! Now I'm watching "My lovely girl", and I've fallen for him! I hope to watch many more about him!

MawAR Anuar I've heard of the name 'RAIN' before sometime in 2007 or was it 2008 when he was visiting Malaysia. We was staying in the same hotel in kl. But i didn't gave him even a glance back then though fans were screaming their lungs out. Boy, then it hit me! This must be the 'rain' I met when i got hooked with the drama 'my lovely girl'. I was lucky back then but i did not know it.

Viktoria The first time I saw him in the drama My lovely girl. I remember my first thought as I saw him, that he has an interesting face. I wouldn't say attractive, but interesting enought to look at him. :-) I could never imagine, that he is so famous in Asia.. That was quite a surprise for me.

cathrina love u sooooooooooooooooo much .even though i'm not korean i'm one of your great fans!!!!!!!

ekhls Rain would be great if he starred in an action/romance. No more blood drenchers and playing second fiddle but star, as a lead in a great action movie that's not playing the token Asian but the leading romantic role.

Genesis I am currently enjoying you in the drama My Lovely Girl. I've been a fan ever since I went to the movies and watched Ninja Assassin (I'm still hoping you'll do a sequel before it's to late). I recently rented via On-Demand "The Prince," I enjoyed the movie, although I felt your part was a bit small...but it was a good project since your release from your military duties. You have a lot of North American fans, and I seriously believe you could pull off being the main attaraction in a Blockbuster American made movie. However, I don't want to see you typecast as the typlcal Asian martial arts guy....so the part has to be right.

I loved to see you do something like an Action Hero...I think you could pull off a Superman/Captain America type character.....I think you could even pull off something creepie scary like an American Psycho (i.e Christian Bale type character). I even think you could pull off a Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt kinda character). Hell, I even think you've got the talent and ability to pull off a Silence of the Lamb (Anthony Hopkins type character) or Primal Fear (Edward Norton type character). You've got the looks, your acting is passionate, and underneath your sexy masculine features I feel a bit of strangness is there. Also your command of the English language is very, very, very good. Sorry if I'm only using American Actors to compare you to...but I'm American.

Anyways, congrats on completing your military duties and returning safely and congrats on your new relationship (I wish you both the upmost happiness and success). I wish you continued success with your music career and hope you continue to grace us your fans with your film/television works.

chen you are the best

love you handsome prince like the world no longer

Kai Lee Rain has made the transition from flower boy kpop star to seasoned sexy masculine actor very nicely. Liked him back then but love him now!!!

Bibi Oppa, i love u!!!!!!!!

morva oppa you are the best... i love rain but i dont know i think you hate rainy days...

Rachel DC Love your new TV Show...She's so lovable. I read your profile also saw a lot of pictures. I was shock when I saw that you film in Speed Racer & Ninja Assassin and of coarse The Prince. And then a new one coming out on Nov. 11, 2014, "Difficult Love". Just by reading the whole you. I think you'll be suitable for a comic movie. Either DC Comics or Marvel's Comics. Well, just to let you know.......keep up the great work.....

lota I like rain he is lovable in fullhouse snd sexy

Mina sorry because I hate you :p

Sinat I like u so much I like listen your song u make me smile n happy. Wish u good all the best....

Touche Sensing So glad to see your new drama. It is delight and warm. Thank you. You have the ability to bring warm and humor to the screen. Love It!

tp Ah... finally RAIN came to California! This is what we desperately need it. Welcome back my dear. So far the first & second episodes were so so good in which you & Krystal looked so cute together. Can't wait for the upcoming episodes. Good luck!

ish congrats on your new drama. i know it will be another hit for you. and i love your new look. :d

Swakins Dorah Your so cute Oppa & i love your music

Swakins Dorah Your so cute & i love your music

Jithin Chandran Hyung... You are the best...........

achini i like you rain brother

dien You so cute rain....wish u all the best...

Alice fighting oppa. I have to do presentation about hollywood stars. i will make about you, oppa. Because you are the best actor for me.

Hashari I love both Bi rain and Song Hye Kyo.. Both are very talented. Song is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.. She is sooooooooooooooo cute.. and Bi Rain( Jung Ji Hoon) is sooooooooooooo handsome. He is the best actor.. please come to Sri lanka. I will come to see you for sure. As I am dying to see you..I love full house.. or can you both come together from a movie or TV series before us..

cathy oooooooooooooh i love u so much rain

Alaska OMG he's just handsome in every way!

alice you are bad guy

alice what is your facebook name. oyata puluwannam lee min ho ta kiyanna lankawata anna kiyala

alice I love lee yon-je.

alice he is a good singer and so handsome boy

anne he so good singer and so handsome!

Rosemarie He's so attractive, like everything i ask for in a guy haha

Elsie My favorite guy! I am a big fun of Full House. Love his songs, love his smile, love his simplicity and humility. More power to you Rain,You are doing an excellent job!!!

lissye chen Rain is my fav korean actor after kim soo hyun

Sonal Rain is Best.... I am looking forward to him headlining sequel to Ninja Assassin... n Waiting for his upcoming Movie 'Hong Yan Lu Shui' ...

nila bene He doesnt attract with big Movements,but he emits a kind of lethal attractions when standing on the stage RAIN BI JOON....and that turn his fans overwhelmd

Genesis Well, it's been several months since Ji-hoon a/k/a Rain Bi has been released from the military, and all of his "die-hards" couldn't be happier....right, right. So, I've been looking forward to what he will release next as a movie, and it looks to be a thriller/action type film with no other than Bruce Willis....I believe he will have some real quality screen time, but whether or not this will be the breakout American movie it's hoped to be for Rain is yet to be seen....I'm waiting along with all of his other fans.

I personally was looking forward to him headlining another movie on his own, like a sequel to Ninja Assassin...that would have been sooooooo freakin' good. Could he get the body back, that's probably another issue....but who couldn't if the money was right (RAIN, AS A FAN...COULD YOU SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT A SEQUEL TO NINJA ASSASSIN...YOU LEFT YOUR FANS WONDERING WHAT BECAME OF RAIZO AND HIS CO-STAR MIKA)

Anyways, Rain I'm looking forward to 2014 and what you give to your "die-hards"!!!!

Your American Fan!!!! Fighting!!!!

JJsen I hope can see rain n song hye kyo at a drama korea again.success BI

Rainlover He just gets hotter and hotter. I loved his performance at the MAMA awards on Friday.

rain vamps OH MY GOD.imme screaming for him on mama 2013.hes so sexy and mischief too.ohhh godd!!damn3!!im insane just by watching him perform hip song.:P

LoisDayle Oh, I wish Song Hye-Kyo and You could have another drama film, because I love the way you(both of you) dramatized the drama film "Full House". :)

LoisDayle Annyeonghasaeyo Jung Ji-Hyun! I'll see you soon! :)

elif i'd like him not to do anything but acting he's not a good singer or dancer. but he wants to be good in anything. that's not realistic.

putri ananda i love u rain.. you are the best... you are my spirit.. :D

perly hey!! I loved this one as much as every other masterpiece of Mr. Jung Ji Hoon. Hope and wish him all the very best to do better in his life and always prosper in his profession. Loads of love......

nieda Hai Rain ! you very section & Handsome.succeed Rain. Miss you ;)

shafinaz arshad Hey I m from Malaysia. I m impatient now for waiting your next album. I still training for Rainism dance routine. I love you so much and I wish all the best for your military training. How could this writer not mention Malaysia country in this ensiclopedia aka wikipedia cuz Rain are very popular here.

Jung Ji Hoon oppa, SARANGHAEYO!!!....

sarah I saw you in Guriella interview. you hug people kindly. You are the best actor. You are very nice & funny. I hadn't ever seen nice actor like you. There are many nice actors but you are the BEST. You are very kind & charming & cute. People must love you so much. How can people don't like STAR like you?

Drey hey , im a fan of you . i really love your acting on Fugitive plan b . anyway , do your best


) cool it's you ...

p I love you. You are the best. I wish you success in Fugitive & your future dramas & movies.

Alex I hate this guy. Like to show off his body too much which his six pack is not even that good. I have better six pack than him and i still don't like to show if off.

It's Rain-bow! He is such a humble person!

Nopi For adding Good Luck

Nopi You are a good man, Charismatic, A principle one, do what you wanna do,.. if in Bahasa BERKARAKTER...

Mitzmin Acts reaaaaaaaally well and is absolutely beautifuuuul. I loved him in " I'm a cyborg but that's ok"

yamapinhie i LOVE Rain... especially in Full House with Song hye kyo.. the best LOVE TEAM EVER.!!

LUCIA Rain is so handsome,hot and nice at the same time!! rain go to Italy. I'll awaint you. Rain vieni presto in Italia ci sono tanti fan qui da noi!! Baci!

Merribeth RAIN!! Woot! You're my favorite actor in like the whole world! XD ^^. So glad you'll be filming Full House 2 with Song! You 2 make a wonderful couple! :D

straubi i'm from germany, too. i like it, to see him act in dramas or movies. so i hope, i can see him more. i have already seen "speed racer" and he was wonderful. i'm looking forward to "ninja assassin" and hope, that someday we can see him in germany for a concert. i really support him. greetings from germany =^.^=

tansche hi from germany, i love him as an actor , model and singer^^ i'm looking forward to his next movie ninja assassin , lets support him together


Emine Hey!!I really wish that this is the most interesting of in the new drama Full House season 2 is very much!They are great in season one!The best Full House Couple!I can it for season 2!I really hope you find ur true love in this season!!!!Good Job

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