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Kang Ha-Neul @ 2014 PiFan
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  • Name: Kang Ha-Neul
  • Hangul: 강하늘
  • Born: February 21, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 182cm
  • Blood Type:


Drama Series

  • Missing Noir M | Teuksoosiljongjundamban M (OCN / 2015) - Lee Jung-Soo (ep.1-2)
  • Punch | Punchi (SBS / 2014-2015) - prosecutor (cameo)
  • Misaeng (tvN / 2014) - Jang Baek-Ki
  • Angel Eyes | Enjelaizeu (SBS / 2014) - Park Dong-Joo (young)
  • The Heirs | Sangsokjadeul (SBS / 2013) - Lee Hyo-Shin
  • Two Weeks | Toowickseu (MBC / 2013) - Kim Sung-Joon (cameo)
  • Monstar | Monseuta (Mnet-tvN / 2013) - Jung Sun-Woo
  • To The Beautiful You | Areumdawoon Geodaeege (SBS / 2012) - Min Hyun-Jae
  • My Mom! Super Mom! | Choikang! Wooleomma (2007) - Choi Hoon

TV Movies



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KM Oppa, fighting! <3 Saranghae!

zalfa_lusih Yours voice and acting very good,,,, Yours face cute and handsome,,, Always fighting oppa,,

Love u oppa Zalfa

momo He cast 4 movie this year.. daebak.. fighting!

ss Man I love him even more in Missing Noir M! even though he is only in two episodes. Can't get enough of him. Be a lead soon omg! With Much Love!

your fans I'm always support you, fighting...

  1. ttby

love love you sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh in Running Man. Please appear more often!! In dramas too!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

lavieenrose I'm so glad to see you in Missing Noir M. You're such a rising star these days for you're the BEST. FIGHTING!

Justina I hate you are not the best lol OOOPS

Sisilia Vina Oh my God oppa.. You're so handsome and so cute. You're the best actor i've ever seen. You're so talented

Esther "Take every opportunity that comes your way and most importantly have fun with it." Both Park Shin Hye and you have remarkable filmographies and are optimists, fun-loving, trustworthy and professional artists. In my view, it will be a fun and successful production. I'm excited to see you in Happy Facebook. Handsome, what're you waiting for??

Tiffany He really caught my attention in "Angel Eyes". He has the quality of being a huge star in the near future. Will be paying attention to his future work and oh, he is cute and handsome all together.....:))

Nadia casey Kang Ha Neul is the best actor of his generation , he 's beautiful and nice man ; i hope to see him in more main role in drama or movies , because he had a very strong and personality . keep working

Chaewon Wish you get lead soon oppa,,,,❤️❤️

sandalima & raini ( SL ) Happy Birthday !!!! Best of luck .

Jess Your really adorable oppa!!! I just wish that you also have your leading role :) I'm really looking forward to it.. FIGHTING!!!

inna hohoho.. I just love his act

Diana In every your drama acting your seem very cool but actually you have a warm heart. I like your acting....Good luck...

Sara fighting, oppa! i love your role in kdrama angel eyes, have good year.. :)

secretadmirerxd Your so cute....so smart......so handsome....so kind....everything is in you can you be mine???haha..joking,,but can you love kim-na na for me..it hurts me a lot when you snab her congratulations may this movie come in Philippines!!

X2 He's toooooo cute!

Trixia You so good to your acting in monstar :) <3

aigoo He is gorgeous and hooot love him

naomi He always play the same role. The heirs, monstar, to the beautiful you... etc. that's enough. In misaeng his role is not far from that and the difference is the work-life only. i never say he's bad at acting but his same-role makes me feeling bored.

Ericka My only question is why doesn't he have a leading role yet!!!!

Jihye I was a kpopper just 3 years ago but Ive loved kdramas for 5years now... And Oppa just caught my eyes... He is a great actor and he is hot...Saranghae Oppa

Yenyen I noticed him in the heirs he's so handsome but in angel's eyes? Omo!!!! He did very welll!!!(daebak) Im excited for his movies in 2015, i hope by that time he'll be the lead actor. Fighting oppa!!!

shecky may i like him so much and everything he does to the point that im posting this message in a public site... Ha-nuel oppa, i wish you more blessings and projects for the coming years! i so like ur eyes :)

Kat He honestly is one of the best actors I've ever seen. I've watched The Heirs korean drama at least 3 times now and out of all the actresses and actors there, I think he's the best. Everything in his acting skills just really captures the moment very nicely. I could almost feel his pain or happiness whenever he does something or even just a change of expression. Nicely done Kang Ha-Neul!

Darrah Oppa... Saranghae,you're a good actor and good singer........I love to watch monstar.........

Jasmine I adore him so much ! Specially because of his major charisma and cool acting skills. And also his masculin face :)

elizabeth onkundi i like watching the beautiful you

Jenny I dunno since when I like him but I only see him these days then others.. I use to like other actor more but now he's only one m thinking about... Ahhhhhh I think I got crush on him..... M going crazy

rich Ha neul is a good actor especially in heir and angel eyes, also he has a good voice and so handsome, hope the management give you a lead role from start to end he he ajaja

purple He's so cute in my mom,super mom!!! In angel eyes,he's handsome!!! However,love him!!!<3

Shakira I've seen all but one drama he's been in. I like him. Watching Misaeng now and so glad he's not playing a high schooler for a change. Glad he's got a new hairstyle too! I almost didn't recognize him!!!

sia Omg!!! If not for his nose,he would look exactly. Like Song Joong ki same eyes and same sexy smile:-D:-)

Chloie i love him! idk why but he's cute HAHAHAHA. i hope he'll be successful! heart heart ❤️ watch angel eyes! you'll love his character so much ☺️❤️

Via Ha Neul is one of my favorite guy! I love him. ❤️❤️❤

Te Sam Hee best acting. like it...

iriyani I'm from Indonesia. Ha Neul I liked u so much. I'm very exited of your smile is so wonderful haa. Best caracter @monstar K-dramas. N I hope will be MonStar Season 2.

nisa i think i saw him in fated to love you but just his picture as the model lol XD

jenica I like the chemistry you brought with your co-actor in Angel eyes.. exceptional... you stirs the mind of everyone through your acting. I'm a fan.. clap clap best actor!

Marlyn lee I really like you the way you act. Best actor...

Park Soo Nice! You know what? I really really like your latest show which is the Angel Eyes I'm always watching it! saranghae!

zil i love the way you act! specially on angel eyes

narmin b your acting was fabulous in an angle's eye.

ShinYoung Hello. I'm a fan of yours. You are one of my favorite korean actor next to Lee Min Ho. Hope to see you in more kdrama;)

Reem I am a big fan of your ^^ I've watched all your dramas is always beautiful and waiting for you ^^ I love you so much , oppa fighting ..

song hygun Am a big fan of ha-neul & i really admire him.i started watching he‘s dramas after i saw my mom super mom,wow what a cool acting on that drama.i believe he‘ll do more than present in the future.& be a global star.i wanna support him to. I love you kang ha neul.keep it up.do well;-)

saineko Seen him from TTBY and monstar. But became interested in him after angel eyes. His acting is awesome that I wished he had more episodes, and I really did prefer the young park dong joo. His acting in AE is just so good that i really cried for his scenes. He interpreted the character interestingly. It prooves how good his acting to be able to touch peoples heart. But the feel kinda vanished when seeing the grown up version, not as good as the young version actor of the character. Yeah, miss him. I even became interested to watch AE cause I coincidentally watched its episode 2 and I just cried for his acting, but now that I really watched it, the grown up version, well kinda dissappointed, cause I just cant seem to feel his character like from the young(kang ha neul) one anymore.

saineko Seen him from to the beautiful you and monstar. But became interested in him after angel eyes. His acting is awesome that I wished he had more episodes, and I really did prefer the young version of park dong joo. His acting in angel eyes is just so good that I cried soo many times for his scenes. He interpreted the character interestingly. It prooves how good his acting to be able to touch peoples heart. But the feel kinda vanished when seeing the grown up version, not as good as the young version actor of the character. Yeah, miss him. I even became interested to watch angel eyes cause I coincidentally watched its episode 2 and I just cried for his acting, but now that I really watched it, the grown up version, well kinda dissappointed, cause I just cant seem to feel his character like from the young(kang ha neul) one anymore.

BlueL I really like his acting, hope to see him as a lead actor. Fighting oppa! :)

Jessy Kang Ha-Nuel i really like him.

Jishin I like him when he act with kim jiwon on the drama the heirs......

hinata sarane kang ha neul is the best actor i've ever watched i mean he's sooooooooooooo cute and lovvvvellllllllllly i love so and i wish all the best to you by the way i am from algeria

Elle I love Kang Ha-Neul! He's musical("Monstar"), athletic ("To the Beautiful You"), and his expressions are right on! I really do hope he lands a leading role in a drama. I will definitely watch anything that contains Kang Ha-Neul!!! PLEASE!

Ele OMG, I absolutely loooovvvve Kang Ha-Neul. My favorite actor and he's very handsome ;) I just wish he can get a leading roll! I would watch anything that contains Kang Ha-Neul. You can tell he's an awesome actor! Athletic ("To the Beautiful You"), musical ("Monstar"), and expressions are right on! PLEASE GIVE HIM MORE ROLLS!!!

motoko09 lol we are born on the same day, within the same year!! wow xD

khele08 He's totally versatile and good actor, hope that next drama he will be the lead. Love his powerful voice as well, I like his own rendition of Angel Eyes OST "Only Three Things Left For Me" Haixt! Fighting!!! BIG HUG from Philippines!!!

Mimi He is an amazing actor, his acting skills is just superb. He did a great job on "Angel Eyes". Honestly, I wish he stayed longer. It's about time for Kang Ha Neul to be the lead actor. Hope he gets a big break. Good luck, Oppa!

Jessica Aideen Fannew Kang Haneul-ssi, I'm from oklahoma and I really love Drama korea and all about korea! I've wathced your acting in Angel Eyes as young Park Dong Joo, that was so amazing! But I just can see you in episode 1 to 2 :( I always waiting you for a new drama! Love you oppa!

Kpopasaurus I am in love with your character in To the Beautiful You, even though you envy Tae Joon (Minho) even though you try to do bad things to Tae Joon your character has a story. I love the way you act and your face. c; You are so handsome... Everytime I see your side profile boy you is looking fine with your sharp jawline! Hope to see you in upcoming dramas! 사랑해요

Analay im from New Zealand and I love watching Kdramas !!! I first saw your acting in The Heirs!!! I absolutely LOVE the heirs!!! you are amazing, keep up the good work :)

Rejer I adore him so much!!!! :-) <3<3<3

Samantha Kang Ha Neul, I love your acting. I feel like you should take on a bigger role in future dramas. Your acting is amazing, your looks are impeccable. Keep going for the best. You deserve the fame and your place is on TV. Oppa, 사랑해요. I'm your biggest fan!!!!

dylene estremos sana ang the heirs meron pang maraming episode nakakakilig lahat ng episode

Julia He is so cute an a good artist i see him first in the move "the heirs" and he is totally amazing in acting, he's expression in acting is very good.and he's my crush XD your the best of all the best in my opinion. LoL

tp The first time I saw you in Angel's Eyes and I fell in love with your superb acting. Will watch the rest of dramas that you're in. You are so so cute in AE and you look quite handsome. You look like Park Hae-Jin in this pic! I think you look much more handsome than this one though. Good luck with your career! Can you guys replace this pic of KHN by another one that depicts himself more? He looks much younger than this one.

persian great acting in Angel eyes u nailed it..

Lauren! Omigosh! So my first drama I ever watched was To the Beautiful You and he was one of my favorite characters (besides for Lee hyun Woo) and now it's a year later and I'm watching Monstar and I was thinking "that guy looks familiar!" Small world! :D

zyra He's even sing in Angel eyes OST ^^

Isabel Cruz Kang Ha-Neul you are such a versatile actor! Each character you have enacted in the past you have delivered it with vividness.... Good luck and more power to you.

zaius terrific acting in angel eyes

jeje when i watched angel eyes i really liked his acting so i had to look him up and hes soo cute! i wish he was the main actor not the other guy even tho im ok with the other guy too lol

France Kang Ha Neul oppa! Your acting in Angel Eyes is deabak! You made me cry. Hope to see you in another drama or movie. Fighting! Truly your new fan. Keke ^_^

intan azura Kang ha-nuel you have have really improve your acting skill. You touch my heart with your role as park dong joo. I really cried. Dialect that you spoke it sound cute.. fighting! Best of luck for your future in acting..love u!

hana you re awesome , love u love your acting and your feeling in every drama you re the best

adlina you're superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!handsome!cute and cool too!

Andrea You've been amazing in all of the drama's I've watched. You're extremely beautiful and talented. Can't wait to see more of you soon. 사랑해요 옵바!

Fika Hassan CUTEE. # Melting.

Rina Your acting in Angel Eyes is great!!! You very well with Nam Ji Hyun .. I hope you get awards for your acting is very good..

rainamega Love you Oppa....!!! :D

exo156 I love you so much

Aisha You are well fitted in the role . I think you are more ready now to be the lead main actor in your kdrama.. for sure, it will hit high ratings. can't wait to see you soon in your next project...

wolverine You were amazing in the first two episodes of Angel Eyes. You made me cry soo much. Hope to see you in a bigger role drama or movie. Good Luck to you!

Sw I've just watched "Angel eyes" You make me cry T__T Good job oppa!!! i will support you forever❤️

misch Very promising and talented actor! Hope you will become the lead character in a full length drama very soon! Fighting, Kang Ha Neul!

Brunella yes this young actor is exquisite in his interpretation. wish him the best luck

Rose Oppa...I love your acting, it is the first tie i see you in The Heirs and I love you for what your doing. Your a good looking man hope it is the same in reality.I will be watching ore of you in upcoming films.

Dom was watching battlefeild heroes, and (really embaresed to say this but) i thought he was a (cute) girl until i watched the rest of the movie. dammn

april hi.... i watched monstar drama n i reaal want to know.. when kang oppa sing that's real kang oppa voice or just lipsing???? love u..:)

sky he is not only good looking but also his voice is so adorable... his upcoming drama angel eyes seems to be good drama.. I hope oppa will be a lead role in tv drama.. good luck haneul oppa  :)

Nikky Good looking and nice,oppa I love ur role in the heirs and u really acted like a hyung. Wishing best of luck Oppa

mega oppa i love u

144 oppa <3 your the best in the hiers, Saranghaeyo, your such a good actor, and i like your9 voice in monnstar :) oppa your the best!!!!

Du7a Oppa <3 love you so much i hope we will watch you as a lead acter soon .... After watshing the heirs he became my favorite actor opPA <3 =)

Cyp so happy to see his name these days on some coming movies.. looking forward for those projects!! hwaiting1!! <3

Thiri After watching MONSTAR, Kang Ha Neul became my favorite actor. Hope to see him as a lead actor in many more dramas.

christyj Just watched drama Monstars -- he was great in it -- he has a great singing voice --- would like to see more singing. He needs to be in another drama, I would watch

Wei Wie He needs to be cast as a lead! He can be bad boy/good boy. He is just so charming and I would love to see more of his drama/movies!!!!

Elizabeth He is so suave and handsome, brilliant actor. He brings his characters to life. Absolutely one of the best young actors in Korea. My husband and I really, really love his acting and what a musician and singer, just beautiful.

Drin I wish someone would cast him on a lead role!

Rafikaachan Saranghaeyo <3 <3 <3

Rafikaachan Suaranya sangat bagus, apalagi saat membawakan Lagu Person Love ft. Dahee (GLAM), I Will Love You, sama After Love Gone :* :D :* <3

Nana He kept acting as a high school student o.O

Coral It would be so awesome if he would star in a drama as the lead role, I would really look forward to that!!!

vidoublexx loved his character in TTBY and Monstar!

Monkhi Eye am looking forward to seeing u as the main character! Keep up the good work! U are awesome! N beautiful

Rodas Oppa am really really your fan I just fell in love with you the moment I saw heirs❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

sisiliya Oppa , you are so beautiful. l hope you will be a great actor .Oppa ,Fighting!!!!!

Yuyul I adore him so much. He and Lee Min Ho can be such a good friend. I mean, bestfriend :) Both of them are adorable :*

hadoosh I love you oppa you are very beautiful ♡♥♡♡♥

Taa Hottie babe

Rara I saw him first on TTBU, i prefer him than minho. And i like him more more more on monstar. Did he really sing the song by his voice? And did he play the instrument?

kate I just dont know why i like him... in the heirs and to the beautiful you. His also a good actor... hope he will had a major character .

mia sexy boyyy,

steven i hope u'll be cast in the movie Gangnam Blues with Lee Min Ho as a friend of his character .. u have awesome "buddy chemistry" with him in the heirs drama.

msmajam wish you will have a drama with Rachel Yoo you can be a good couple ;)

msmajam wish they will have a drama with Rachel Yoo.

Fhe Hot and sexy

Iren I like him a lot :)

asma i just like him ^^

Najma omg, this dude is hot nd sexy on Heirs!!!!!

Jang nae Wow!!!! Ha Neul is amazing,, needs a lead role in a drama jebaal, his acting is DAEBUK!!!!

khaye2089 omo! he really kissed Yoo Ra he (kim Ji won) in the drama the heirs!.. I wished it was me kekeke.. saranghaeyo oppa! hwaiting :D

KangHaNeulLOVE Oppa! I really love you! From Super mom to The heirs you were all the best! Sarangheyo!!!

wisa I would really like to see him in lead role. Fell in love with him on monstar. Great actor. kang ha neul fighting!!

YouDon'tneedtoKnow He acts in all the good shows my god <3 _ <3

fufieska7368 seeing this guy once,he totally seems like choi jong hoon the leader of ft island to me :)

Lauren He's acting is simple but it give us fans something to remember, also he is so HOT

vixx leo The Inheritors????

trongtran oppa, i will go to Korea to meet you.............i love you............you are verry handsome

Ainaa Oppa, you're really handsome! I wish you could come to Malaysia~ I hope to see your acting more! Sarannghaeyo~ :3

Amara He is such a handsome guy I have ever seen in Korean dramas. No doubt he justifies his character so well while acting. Love watching him!

shinperbignite he's so cool and handsome in Monstar that i even dont mind if SeYi chose him.. LOL!

erica corine vergara marigmen He looks so cute monstar and to the beautiful you :) monstar music good haneul :) ..... oppa.. hi hello :) kang ha-neul <3

Nurul Aulia he is so handsome

seungyoon good acting watched all ur drama but my mom! super hero i didn't

lee Jinyoon wow i love him i watched all his drama but my mom!super hero i didn't watched it !!

annica OMG.. he'so lucky.. has many drama that have a good rating.. fighting oppa.. i always waiting your next next next drama & film.. good job.. and more learn to act with your sunbaenim ^^

Diana Haneul oppa is sooooooo adorable exactly when he smile >< and i like the way he staring at somebody in his acting. good eyes,angel smile. Love love love <3<3<3

mushymashie I wish there will be part 2 of Monstar and you and Kim Na Na wil be the lead characters! :))

dioraddict he looks like the older version of Yeo Jin Goo, and the younger version of Hyun Bin. Boy has a big potential in acting. i wish him all the best in his career.

helen Was he off of mr mr mv it sure does look alot like him its called highway

tiffany Opppppaa. Loved you since "To The Beautiful You." You are tooooo handsome. Play the lead role for a cute drama one day! I'll be waiting! Fighting! I love you so much. xox

Bahar I am watching the drama "to the beautiful you" and I think he is very very handsome and has a very good body and figure. I love the manner he looks and stares on somebody. He is very cute. I'd like to watch more dramas in which he acted. Fighting Kang Ha Neul!

  • Your new lover from Iran*

Sky Blue He was so handsome! Saranghaeyo Oppa! You're awesome, I like the way you act in monstar... Keep going in you career. I will be your no.1 Fan :)

Destiny Omgash!!!! Watching Monstar and you caught my eye!!! I love your part in Monstar and the personality in it!!!!! I'll keep watch of other dramas of you in it!!!! ^.^

Min se yi Oh my god, i'm fallin in love with him........when he is on 'Monstar'..........so cool and charismatic:'). I love you oppa!!!!!!!!!!<3

joseline just started watching monstar cause of junhyung and omg i didn't know he was also in it , i fell for him in to the beautiful you :D

Sarang_Haneul Seriously I fell in love with him even more when he act as cool guy in Monstar ! Haha !! He's also awesome plus daebak in TTBY !! Sarangahae !!! Please come to Msia !

Resa He looks like a young Kim Hyun Joong =^._.^=

Tia It'd be awesome for him to be the main male role in a drama, because I want him to get the girl ^-^ Awesome actor though

emily love him so much^^ He's so cool when he plays instrument or singing. I hope he can play as the lead role in a drama:D

Ma Ri Yu You're absolutely amazing! You make me ears go crazy whenever I hear you singing / playing an instrument. Talented for sure. Fighting oppa!

Dylan Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Ha-Neul Same date and month of birth but different year..

phoebe i want haneul and nana end up together. :))

Denise Omg !!!!! I love him so much in monstar he look so cool !!! I hope he can be the main character in a drama!!!

MinMin I love him so much. He is so handsome and talented. I hope Seyi will fall in love with him

Hai Anh I love everything of him <3 <3 <3 he's got rabbit teeth so cute

AznJen He is so cute and hot and he is an amazing actor!! I wonder what happened to him from 2008-2010...school or army service maybe? Anyways he is great, and i hope he keeps doing more dramas!!! I feel in love with him in TTBY and now in Monstar! <3

Nj OMG he is too cute... i fall for him when i saw him for the first time in Monstar...He look so cool there.. i wish Min Se-Yei character was played by me so that he would hold my hand instead of her... ;) ...

SARANGHAE... wish you were mine ^_^

noe He is so cute... I love his acting but love him more ;)



kenneth OMG he is so hondsome and hot .... :0 more movies to come ♥

kittykhatz wow... a step up from his To the Beautiful you role... now he's a second lead.... he's really getting better as an actor

tiffany tuyet-mai Oppa ♡ I love you in To The Beautiful You. You're so cute and sweet in it. Please do more dramas I can't wait to see you in Monstar!

jaynemontero He is so handsome.....I don't know why I find him so CUTE!!~ from my eyesight even he is so manly. his acting were so good .....IDOL!!!

Jongdae He looks like Eli of U-Kiss and also Jongup of B.A.P xD

Chloe I love this guy! Ms. janabeb, you're so right!

janabeb i fell in love with him where he acted on to the beautiful you.. when he and his little sister talked. Though, its an act but i feel the sincerity when he's talking to his sister there... as if he is fond of talking and playing with kids.... :))) More drama for him please!

Tae Seriously can't help but love this guy. xD Can't wait for Monstar!

verodeih hey! i wish i had a boyfriend like you.

gabe oppa!your cute!

tiara haha he looks like Eli

xyrex'jhane you look like Eli of U-KISS,, More power!! :)

me He looks like Eli. Seriously :D

Dee shawol I like his acting in TTBY,even his character is so terrible,annoying,and jealousy.but i know that he's so hurt with the reality that there's no way for him to defeat Taejoon..aaaah,i love his smile **

lillylaili hwaiting oppa !!!

lillylaili Haneul oppa..i like you so much...hehehe u face look like Eli ukiss...REALLY!!! keep it up oppa!!!

Naing I love you haneul you should be sano

Hana I really love haneul. He's cute! I like his cheek bones. Cool... Love ya!!!

Haneul_^^ Haneul oppa, I love you more than Minho oppa!!!

shinhwafan kang haneul so cute >_<

Lee Ta He's handsome and manly, looks like Jerry Yan, Taiwan actor. I like him so much :)

Qiing He looks so cute and man!Especially in TTBY!!

yayayaya Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Eli from ukiss??? So cute! (:

lana I agree with all of you...he is so dreamy..wish have a boyfriend like him..it will make my day...

janitea I know he's hot in My Mom Super Mom but here he's even hotter..hope to see him acts in more korean drama in the future

Kimmy I like the scene at the beach (To The Beautiful You) where Kang Ha-Neul show his body :-)

Jojo I don't even know him before but now I'm his fan in the drama To The Beautiful You!! ^_^

animeghibli I love him more than I can say !!! ^^ he is so handsome.

sethraphael from what I know.. KIM haneul is an actress. this guy's name is KANG hanuel.. am i right? hehehe. please correct me if i'm mistaken :))

Thura Hein what is his upcoming movie? I will never miss it.

Thura Hein I really love him! He is cute. I hope I can have his fan website. Pls tell me what his website is?

rozana love kim haneul so much..getting addicted to my mom super mom because of him..


Se-ra Annyong! I love ur acting in 'my mom! Super mom!' drama, and keep it up. :-)!

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Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
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Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
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Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama
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Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
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Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
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Planck Constant
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Hwajung *teaser3
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The Chronicles of Evil
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Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
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The Treacherous *teaser
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Love Clinic
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Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1