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  • Drama: He's Beautiful! (International English title) / You're Beautiful (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Minamyisinyeoyo
  • Hangul: 미남이시네요
  • Director: Hong Sung-Chang
  • Assistant Director: Park Yong-Soon
  • Writer: Hong Jung-Eun, Hong Mi-Ran
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: October 7 - November 26, 2009
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ko Mi-Nyeo & Ko Mi-Nam (both played by Park Shin-Hye) are twin brother and sisters. They grew up in an orphanage and never knew their parents.

As a young adult, Ko Mi-Nyeo is set to become a nun. On her way to pick up a ticket for Rome a strange man catches up to her. The man's name is Ma Hoon-Lee (Kim In-Kwon) and he explains that he's the manager for popular boy band "A.N.JELL". He also explains that her twin brother Ko Min-Nam, who just joined the band, was seriously injured and sent to America to recover. Ma Hoon-Lee then pleads to Ko Mi-Nyeo to impersonate her brother until he recovers. For her brother's sake, Ko Mi-Nyeo reluctantly agrees to play her brother.

A.N.JELL band member Kang Shin-Woo (Jeong Yong-Hwa) first discovers Ko Mi-Nyeo's secret, but he keeps it to himself. Kang Shin-Woo also tries to help her out without Ko Mi-Nyeo knowing. He also starts to develop feelings for her.

Meanwhile, A.N.JELL's singer/songwriter/vocalist Hwang Tae-Kyeong (Jang Keun-Suk) discovers Ko Mi-Nyeo's secret. Hwang Tae-Kyeong is an extremely gifted musician, but his personality is cold and he is a control freak. At first Hwang Tae-Kyeong tries to kick Ko Mi-Nyeo out of the band, but he becomes sympathetic to her plight when he discovers that she hoped to find her mother by appearing on television with the band.

Ko Mi-Nyeo's secret is then discovered by pop singer Yu Hee-Yi (Uee) by chance. When the media falsely reports that Yu Hee-Yi and A.N.JELL band member Hwang Tae-Kyeong are dating she uses Ko Mi-Nyeo's secret to make Hwang Tae-Kyeong pretend they are dating in front of the press. At the right moment Yu Hee-Yi will announce to the press that they have broken up and that she dumped Hwang Tae-Kyeong. In return Yu Hee-Yi will keep Ko Mi-Nyeo's secret. Hwang Tae-Kyeong agrees to this arrangement to protect Ko Mi-Nyeo. Meanwhile Yu Hee-Yi starts to develops feelings for Hwang Tae-Kyeong ...


  1. On September 20, 2009 members of the fictitious idol group "A.N.JELL" (Park Shin-Hye, Jang Keun-Suk, Lee Hong-Ki, Jeong Yong-Hwa) will perform together as "A.N.JELL" at the Melon Axhall in the Gwangjang neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea.
  2. Japanese broadcasting TBS will air a remake of the drama series "He's Beautiful!" in Japan from July through September, 2011. Japanese drama is titled "Ikemen Desu ne".


HesBeautiful-Shin-hye Park.jpg HesBeautiful-Geun-seok Jang.jpg HesBeautiful-Hong-ki Lee.jpg HesBeautiful-Yong-hwa Jeong.jpg HesBeautiful-Uee.jpg
Park Shin-Hye Jang Keun-Suk Lee Hong-Ki Jeong Yong-Hwa Uee
Ko Mi-Nyeo / Ko Mi-Nam Hwang Tae-Kyeong Jeremy Kang Shin-Woo Yu Hee-Yi
keyboard vocals/guitar drums guitar pop singer
HesBeautiful-In-kwon Kim.jpg HesBeautiful-Geu-rin Bae.jpg HesBeautiful-Jeong Chan.jpg link=[Choi Su-Eun HesBeautiful-Sung-ryeong Kim.jpg HesBeautiful-Choi Ran.jpg
Kim In-Kwon Bae Geu-Rin Jeong Chan Choi Su-Eun Kim Sung-Ryoung Choi Ran
Ma Hoon-Lee Sa Yu-Ri President Ahn Wang Ko-Di Mo Hwa-Ran Choi Mi-Ja
band manager fan club pres. management co. pres. stylist Tae-Kyeong's mom twin's aunt

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Park Jheen i really like this drama! Supeeer! ^_^

hopefully,  there will be part 2 of this. :)

somesome Oh i really hate this drama because of this tae kyun. i really hoped ko min nam and kang shin woo will end up together . it' s really sad . i hope there will be a part 2 of this drama so kang shin ko min nam willgo together.

vieel This drama is soooo.... daebak! I've watched it more than 20++ times since the first time I watched it in 2010, this is my ultra fav drama ever. During 2002-2015, I've watched hundreds kmovies and kdramas, YAB is always on my favorite dramalist..

koryan_ best drama ever :----)))

Shinsuke Sama This is my first Korean Drama. I've only finished it recently. But I really loved it, like it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. It almost brought me to tears in some scenes which is rare for me, because i usually relate with the characters only in Animes.

Also Park Shin-Hye <3. She became my 1st actress after finishing this show .

ALEX YU My heart ached for Shin Woo the whole time I watched the show. It's a great drama. Love , love it! Like and love all 4 of them but Shin Woo and Mi Nam are my favorites. Please have them together again in the same movie or drama.

eyaan uwaaahh..my 1st korean drama ..still my top 10 fav

Aarthy wow it is really beautiful drama i love all characters and i love all songs especially i will promise you i love park shin hye very much...........

justintime asiancinderella not really because the Korean word minam means beautiful man so he's beautiful is correct.

Drama kid "Still as ever " "I will promise you" "Without words" "What do I do" "Like a flower" "Lovely day" "Goodbye"

songning what are the names of all the ost in this show?

asiancinderella The title is You're beautiful, not he's beautiful.

DaMia My first korean drama ever and the best for me!! I still watch it until now!!!

suja i love jang keun suk oppa fighting.......i have to be watched dis drama 10 times wow jks geth sema

SaMi i want the couple to be Ko Mi-Nyeo (park shin hye) and Kang Shin-Woo (yong hwa) if you have the same thought and want them both to be couples watch "Heart Strings"

bobby I love this drama. This is the best drama I have ever watched. Love them all characters and enjoyed the drama. I watched this drama 3 times. Love it

bobby This is really nice drama. I enjoy it. I will never forget this drama and it is the best drama I have ever watched. I love it.

Miss M I love this kdrama as well as My love from the star and monstar <3

hani my second Korean drama after "my love from another star"... i watched it within two days just because i could not wait for the story in next episode,,,, the chemistry among the band members was great.... very cute story... "a Must watch"... it'll drag you into the Korean drama industry... you'll never regret watching this drama ever... ^_^

niji I am an indian girl... i watched all the episodes within last three days after reaching my home frm college. I really became a fan of all leading charectors especially i lov shin woo and go mi nam... it s the first korean drama i watched... i really loved it....

Crisol Matos Hi my name is Crisol. I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York and lived 20 years at Puerto Rico. I am a single mother of 3 kids ages 10, 15 and 18. It's been a while that I have watched a K-Drama but I can honestly say that after watching your drama "You're Beautiful" (We watched all sixteen episodes in two days), it reminds me of what I truly want to do in a not so distant future, which is live, work, and do my graduates study in one of the top three universities in Korean. Right now I'm trying to teach myself Korean and practicing singing your songs. Your drama also reminds me of what is true love and meeting someone truly special. I hope to someday meet a person that handsome, charming, and romantic as the character Shinwoo. I would love to meet in person Jung Yong-Hwa. I think he's dashingly handsome. One day I will sing your song and post it in Korean.

khishge i love jang geun suk the best drama ever

Isata I love this drama..It's is my favorite also my first Korean drama I watched. My mother in law got me watching it so many time she is addict to it. Lol

suk_hyeCristel0o5 ..I love He's beautiful/you're beautiful kdrAma.. xo much!!! .favoritE kdrama Ever!!! I'm a big fan of A.N.Jell..love it.. wish to see A.N.Jell in personal and ol cast of you're beautiful....

  1. A.N.Jell...luv u!!

Hinata For the fans that are sad because Mi-nam didn't end up with Shin-woo, watch Heartstrings. Those 2 act as the mains in another drama (heartstrings).

Blessings I think this drama is the highlight of K-comedy! It cant get any better, its perfect! Its a timeless classic! I love all the cast only hate Shin Woo's face kkkkkkkkk! Wouldn't have minded if they changed him...

ms i love you teakyung

Sharin I live in Canada, have two teens and one tween. I loved this Drama Comedy so much that I am going to make an effort to learn Korean so I don't have to watch it with the English subtitles. North American Teens should do their acting training there. Teens over here can learn a lot about the value given to elders that is laced through every drama I have seen from there. If I were older, I would have broken a hip falling out of my chair laughing. Don't mind my spelling but my new favorite expression is "Taige Tongua Tsunami" (Pig Shit Tsunami) which accurately describes my house at the moment. Saran eh oh Korea!!!! I wish all the cast successful, wonderful, joyful lives!!!

rose you're beautiful is the best drama ever I witch there were more episode I cry so badly when is ending- I hate that everything have to end love you an jell

ran i have ever sean some one beatiful like you jang keun suk you are amazing you are the best of the best

Mimi Best drama ever,this is actually the first drama i became so addicted to JKS. Since then i hv been a follower/ an eel.

Mana it was an absolutely amazing drama, but I really hoped to see more of the real Go-Mi-Nam.

mike really enjoyed this series, good story, great acting however, I think it could have been improved a bit more if the main charector, Go Mi Nam, didn't whine so much. other than that it was great.

mike really enjoyed this series but I think it could have been improved a bit if the main character, Go Mi Nam, didn't whine so much. other than that it was great.

armYn P.S Please send me the name of the main singers and their albums by mail.

ArmYn Hi, I'm Iranian and I'm film making. I'm writing to say that this serial is very nice and it has positive atmosphere. Watching this film, remind love and life to me. Thank you.

eva m You are beautiful is the first Korean Drama that I have watched and I really love it.

Lysa This drama is one of the best I've watched since I have started watching. The I love the character of Go Mi Nam and Jang Keun- Suk and the relationship between them. Manager Ma was funny, his imagination was out of this world. I wanted to see more of the character of the male Go Mi Mam though

Jampa Dhakpa You are beautiful is the first Korean Drama that I have watched and I really love it. It is the best for me and will look forward to watch it again in the future. I just love watching Park Shin Hye's different facial expression and that just makes me so happy. SHE IS SO CUTE. She is one reason that I love You Are Beautiful so much.

You Are Beautiful. Yes, YOU. Ahh, my first Korean comedy/romance addiction.

Sjeline Lukiman Hi I'm a grandmother of 3 grandkids...don't need to work...Park Shin Hye is the only actress I love, I Google her everyday, just love her and curious about all her activities. Anjell You're Beautiful is the only kimchi drama that I watch perhaps more than 100times....watch again since the 4th anniversary. I 'm Dutch national born in Indonesia living in Jakarta, Indonesia. My Dutch, Indonesia, Hakka Chinese, English are okay. I understand French and Spanish but not good enough. I speak a bit mandarin, but not much. I came to be interested in Jang Geun Suk, because I want to know every guys who are associated with her especially JGS. With my limited Spanish I even surf the Latin Fanclubs to get more information about Geunshin relationship. I think all Psh fans are very protective of her. I also help make people aware that it is not right to hate people you don't know without proper online research.- that's all I have to say, Annyeonghaseyo !

moji I love this . I love geun suki very much.good luke geun suki

lalou hi! i really love all the drama series and movies of jang geun suk. he's really a goo actor. i hope he can visit the Philippines :) Saranghe JGS!

shaira i love thisdrama!this is my first time i see jang geun suk and this is my first time i;ve watch korean and i;ve been addict in korean esp. jang geun suk and park shin hye.!!my favorite couple ever..i always watch HE'S BEAUTIFUL because its funny and romantic... jang geun suk 's voice is so amazing..i like jang geun suk singing 'I WILL PROMISE YOU' of course with park shin hye....

OzFan4KDrama I love this KDrama! This is where I started to like Jang Geun Suk. At first I did not want to watch it because after seeing Heartstrings, I wanted another love team between Park Shin Hye and Jeong Yong Hwa. But JGS just rocked! I like his lovely voice and the fact that he can speak and sing in English. He also can dance (see his mini movie "You're My Pet"). I love the antics of Jeremy in the movie, the naiveness of Go Mi Nam and the love of Kang Shin Woo. It was funny and nice allthroughout. I did not want it to end. Some scenes I kept repeating because I can't get enough of them. I have recommended the movie to all my sisters who are also fans of KDrama.

Nandini This was my first drama and so long after that now!! AND I just realized that Yoo Seung Ho was in it!! I didn't know him them, so I guess it's a pardonable offense but still, I cannot believe the fact that he was in it! :O . .

Anyhow, I gotta cheer all the actors in this! It's such a cute drama!! I am glad that all of them grew up from here :) <3

Ronaldo Korean version of 2006 american movie "She's the man". Fun to watch....

Supriya it was awesome... its driving me crazy.. I love all 4 lead characters... eagerly waiing fro season 2nd..

bhuvanapriya It was just awesome, my frnds and I finished Within 2 days... After finishing ourclasseswe watched Continusly, cos even single scene was nt borin Though w r doctors, we have nt studied evenfor University exam like tis....:-) Jeremy I lo've you so much, shin woo was awesome I hate keeping actors photo as wallpaper,bt me Jeremy is my Wallpaper nw...Jeremy u r so sweet...

Ana This is the best romantic comedy drama I have ever seen! And believe me I've seen many. I never get tired of this show. Whenever I feel down I watch this show and every time it brings smile to my face :) The story, the OST, the hot actors and sweet Park shin hye all are amazing. It set the bar so high that it was hard to move on after watching this show. A.N.Jell rocks!!!

lea_orosco Just finish watching You're Beautiful. . .it was a nice drama. . .I like Jung Yong Hwa, he is handsome and I like he's voice. . .And also I like Lee Hong Ki, he's so cute and funny. . . But I think Boys over Flower is better than You're Beautiful. . .

anhy anh anh I love this drama! ^___^ its so awesome! Oh! i wish AN JELL was a real group ( ^ U ^)

D i really love the songs

♥Hongki ♥Geun Suk ♥Yonghwa ♥Shin Hye  !!!!!!!!! A.N.JELL FOREVER!

ELLI it was just ......

........AWESOME !!!:D 

when i bought the drama i couldnt stop watching it!! i had never liked a korean drama like this before!! but i wished there was a second season:>

juliet They are so perfect!

Sarudzai Love it more than lie to me and city hunter.wonder who is more handsome the leader & junpyo

Patience Its in my top 5 list.these Koreans makes me want to speak their language.Gomina she is the best always saying sooory and thank you.the leader of coz he is the best .the way he cares about gomina its unique but romantic.JEREMY i thought he was to eat gomina alive coz he is a girl but he is very funny.

Sung Ha Hoon i like this drama i always watching it again again more 10 times ? XD i really like leehong ki's role here "jeremy" XD espicially when they know that (park shin hye)"go mi nam" is a Girl :D

Pricks The drama is so good that i get to watch it over and over.when are u guys coming to africa?

MG i don't like it at all, i heard good things but it's not that funny and i literally can't stand that girl's character.. it's a shame the only appeal it has is the guys...

rachel ai love it so much ! :))

rachel naks korean drama ! :)

ai love it so much :))

OMG... I'm 30+ and a mother of two, not into idol thing, but after watching this Korean Drama "You're Beautiful", I fell in love with JGS, think my husband is getting jealous LOL "You're Beautiful" has now become my favourite after the Japanese Drama "Long Vacation" years ago... I love all members of A.N.Jell, especially JGS!

jacquilyn i love hes beautiful movie oh my gosh super kilig sa gwapo ng anjell


kath_gozum i heart this drama sooooo much......^_^ i love jong yong hwa and jang geun suk.....!!!!

this is so very beautiful drama than bof,...

i love A.N.JELL:))

mitCh i really love this korean movie, it makes me so.......I LOVE U A.N.JELL...!! MuAHh..

jacqueline i love A.N.JELL i love this show... hes beautiful & heart sting.......

jacqueline grabe kahit uli ulitin ko talaga ang hes beautiful ang ganda parin...... nice show talaga.... park shin hye ang ganda ng show nio ni shin woo..... heart string..... love it....

jhonna jhoy grabe ang gnda ng hes beautiful ndi nkakasawang panoorin sana mkita kho s personal ang a.n.jell llo n c tae kyung

jonalyn cawile idol wish you luck minam and tae kyeong

yesha This drama is definitely my favorite! \m/ The best story ever.

bonifacio wow....oveir... graveh...

wind chill wow 8z a gr8 drama...i still watching it in other channel yet im not bored watching it over and over again...the cast are so talented...dying to see them in person. :D

ma.aelyn hii.its very beautiful show i ever seen in my life!!

aloha wow!fabulous!so amazing!the A.N.Jell band is so cute & mi nam is so beautiful.I love A.N.Jell.

markjosephcastillo i an very happy 2 you a.n.jell

elisa i like the pignose of go mi nam...she;s so cute...when she do that...

elisa i hope 2 see you jang geum suk...

myra i love a.n jell very much .................hwang tae kyung is very handsome...so is shin woo.............go minam is very cute i really love when she s doing the pignose...................hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elaine i love a.n.jell very much...especially geun seok and park shin hye... i love it saranghe

jhovie i love A.N.JELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super i like it 100%!!!!!!!

i always watch it!!!!

i love minam,tae-kyeong, jeremy, and shin-woo!

mikko go go go mi nam

alice LOvE YOuR bEAuTIfUL SOOOOOOOOO mUCh...saranghaeyoo...


Yin Yang Su i love this movie,,,,, when i watch this movie it so exciting and lonely but its so funny,,,,and the handsome at all is jeremy,,,,,,,,i wish more movie to came....

,,,,,a.n.jell,,,,, figthing!!!!!!!

jesha kaye i really really ...!!!!!! LOVE this movie ...... it makes me laugh and also their

     songs specially the "what should i do" hoooooooooh   its really nice 
        all i can say is just if you watch this movie  it'll make you crazy...
           but its makes me dangling........ i hope there will be 
                    PART 2.........  

annie i2 whew...how i love this movie....parang F4.......grabe....

Clarisse I super love this drama.. the only Kdrama that I watch.. Jang Geun Suk is awesome.. great actor.. ^^, hope there's season 2.. I want more Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye... :D

A.N.Gell's lover I couldn't take my eyes from Jang Geun Suk. Liked his style, i.e. his clothes, his hairstyle etc. Love how he says "CHUWAHAE" to Ko minam:)

gabrielle love jeremy hyung tae kyung shin woo and park shin hye

kari THE BEST KDRAMA...Hong sisters are amazing,the story is amazing, the casts are amazing. MISS the ANJELLS badly. SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!

hafezah adlina keep up the good work for all of you..!! hope will more success in the future..

karyn excellent drama JKS i love forever

Karen this drama is just 2 awesome.. i watch it over and over again but didn't get bore (not a lie) A.N.JELL ROCKS!!!

celia I think i am totally crazy over this show. Like you guys, i really love this show so much that i actually wanted to migrate to south

korea.its was so touhing at the ending and funny at the beginning.really enjoy watching this show.

Love jgs,jyh,lhk and psh.hope to have other show by all of them.

monique evrytym i watch he's beautiful in my dvd i olweiz rmmber jang geun suk,lee jun ki,and jeong yong hwa...lol they're soooooooo handsomeeeeeeee....park shin hye is sooooooooo soooooooo pretty....jang geun suk&park shin hye look perfect 4 each other.......lol.....^_^........0.o....=)





rocel you`re all wrong........i`m the #1 fan of A.N.JELL.......SPECIALLY JANG GEUN SUK.......he`s so cool.....i think of him every minute every second of my life....he`s the love of my life......i love all of his songs.....i can say i`m addicted......one of my greatest dream is to see him in person....i also love park shin hye...she`s so lucky...very talented...specially singing and dancing...........and of course having jang geun suk in her life................Every time i`m listening to their song like now...i feel i`m falling in love.........i made my own version of their songs like w/o words,lovely day,goodbye,still as ever,promise,what should i do and even my heart is cursing by kim dong wook......i will make a link later...........and for the one who said that this movie is worst....OMG....you`re maybe crazy or just out of your mind................


mayriz . SARANGHEYO . it was nice than boys over flowers ! :)) love u !!

mayriz . it was a nice movie .. i cry i smile and im inlove !! i llove you !!!!!!!! im your fan .. :))

mayriz . this movie is so beautiful and great ! i buy a tape and i watch it .. its so nice !! im so inlove !! love u very much i heart this !! :))) i love u !!

sabrina As this movie is dat awesome, i am speechless........ya its good dat Hwang-nim didn't act in "Boys Before Flower" coz we got a good chance to watch Lee Min Hoo and i would like to say that u both are very handsome. In one hand JANG-GEUN-SUK kills with his cuteness n in the other hand LEE MIN HOO is enough to make my heart beat stop. A certain smiles comes watching you guys. U are also too much liked by my frns in my college......... THE THREE MAGICAL WORDS FROM MY HEART:- I LOVE YOU Jang-Geun-Suk in your language (sarangheyo)..........................................................

soma i hate uee! what a bitch in this drama! i dont' like her face!!!

sherli this drama is great!!! I love it sooooooooo much!! jeong young hwa!!lee hang ki funny!!^^

             THANK     YOU       VERRY      MUCH
                      GOOD              BYE

kiara It was the worst TV drama that I have ever seen.I think the Korean people are simple-minded.because it was very very clear that she is a girl. and the actress was very bad and the director is worse,because he don't correct her play.which kind of children that being grow up in orphanage is silly. specially,after episode 2 she walks like goose.If a better actress played this role by side the others actors,this drama will be better.

zhai i've watch this drama countless times already... i hope u consider part 2... =)


Minam I love this drama.....I wish You're Beautiful have season 2 and i love A.N.JELL so much.....

aefy i like it, the drama so sweet, funny, cute.......... i love park shin hye, lee hong ki, jang guen suk and jeong hyong hwa so much!!!!!

sarah Best Drama. I love all of them A.N.JELL :p. Ko Mi-Nyeo & Hwang Tae-Kyeong & Jeremy & Kang Shin-Woo. Excellent drama. I love all of them.

jaicah i wish he's beautiful have a part 2............ANJELL rock my world........

camille jang guen suk your so handsome...........................im a big fan of jang guen suk........he's beautiful your # 1....................sarangheyo..........

justnobody really digging this drama..totally the best drama ever! anjell rocks! im a big fan of Hongki..cutie jeremy <33

karlita i watched this drama 1 month ago and can say whitput doubt tha is one of the best dramas, great cast, nice songs, good story, i just want to watch it again.

cahya sarangheyo...

cahya sarangheyo Anjeel

tg77 hi mi nam, jeremy, shii woon and of coz hty, love all of u, plzz continue with park tu and be be togthr both of u psh and jks in real life, may part to more challenge with a jks fall in love with other girl who similar like psh, psh will then back frm africa to meet and continue back relationshp with jks

koukou ààààààààààààààààààààààààààààà3 i <3 Jàng geµUn sUkkk i reaLly adOre Himm

Nd i like all the actors in this dRàMà

i watCHed It 5 TImeS Nd i sTIll wANt wàtCHed It MoRReeeee Nd MoRRRRee

Masio This drama make me crazy 2 Jang Geun Suk oppa... also the other A.N. JELL team in this drama... they all so cute n i being crazy 2 watch this drama again n again... non stop...

hasni you the best.......................................

pigrabbit i really like mother super junior and she should be the one that anjell fells in love with, she should be go mi nam!!!!!!!:( i love you mother super junior fighting! :)

xxjxmxcxx / kookie awww i really miss hana yori dango, you're beautiful and boys over flowers. my fav dramas, i wish they could make one more seasons for all of them :( ahh <3

sarah i'm so damn in love with this drama!! can't wait to watch the new episode <3

Fatin I love it..... I can't leave one of the episode.. I'm crazy about it..... <3 _ <3 :* loveeeeeeeee

Aini i love this drama!!!!! the best!!! love lee hong ki!!! geun suk!!! a little bit like boys over flowers!!!! saranghaeeeee!!!~~

srore i relly like this drama you are verry beautiful,all of you

Louise Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye, they breally look good to each other this is better than BOF . I love the concept and also the story . i hope that the group A.N.Jell in this kdrama will continue not only in this drama but in real life, i wish this band is for real . i love the songs . Jang Geun Suk's and Park Shin Hye's voice is very "soothing".

Tae Kyung - eventhough you're so perfectionist and serious, you're still cool and cute(like Mi Nam said) you're so funny when you make funny things .
Mi Nam, I mean Mi Nyu - you're so pretty, you look like an angel and i'm so shock when i hear your beautiful voice :) you both, really match, i love the chemistry that you have . you so lucky because the three handsome guy fell in love with you, they really care about you .
Jeremy - you're so funny, loving, cute guy . I love you're Treasure Bus . hahaha . . .the Bi Bi Noodles :)
Shin Woo - you're a cute but quiet guy .

oh! i have a favourite songs from your drama : "still / as ever" ," Without Words"

"mahal ko kayo, A.N.Jell" - saranghae A.N.Jell ♥

zuhairah alia i love lee hong ki!!and jeong yong hwa!!

aenn the best drama

anis nabila i love jang geun-suk

rosamiller i love jang geun seok so much

aces06 i wanna see a part two so badly,the ending left me with so many questions @ASAIn Naughty Kiss is not a copy of Hana Yori Dango,boys before flowers is,naughty kiss is based of of the manga “tazura na Kiss”

aces06 i wanna see a part two so badly,the ending left me with so many questions @ASAIn Naughty Kiss is not a copy of Hana Yori Dango,boys before flowers is,naughty kiss is based of of the manga "tazura na Kiss"

nurmita when will we watch he's beautiful part 2

ASAI The only drama that this good is Naughty Kiss. However Naughty Kiss is a copy of Hana Yori Dango = NOT ORIGINAL.

so THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA is You're/He's beautiful

mely tayangin lagie downk film he's beautiful xlo gx film yg laen ygd bntangi ma jang geun suk pliiiiizzzzzzzzzz ywa tayangin lg d tv........... ue tunggu tayangan Y' yuah.............

by;penggemar jang geun suk dr serang

mely tayangin lagie downk film he's beautful

xlo gx film yg laen yg d bntangi jang geun suk 

plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ywa

by;penggemar mu dr srang (indonesia) jang geun suk

george Caballes Though i cannot find Tagalog or English version of this drama. I and my family can comprehend about the flow of the story.... So much nice:)

george Caballes a funny love story...... one of the nice show......

rozeize The drama was excellent. I loved to watch it. Esp A.N.Jell's members are outstanding. Gang Geun Suk is very awesome.........

aiicoii i really love He's Beautiful!

it fits my craving for both k-drama and k-pop!

i really love this show!

FIGHTING! geun-suk oppa, yonghwa oppa, hongki oppa and shin-ye unnie! : )

jasmin Hello to the cast of He's Beautiful.. I love it so much.. I like Jeremy so much he's so cute and hope to text me.. Tae Kyeong your cute too.. Shin Woo your so gentleman to Go Mi Nam hope me too..hehe Go Mi Nam your beautiful and i like the way you are..

vinaa love U fuLL.................

LIA please film nya putar lgi i love a.n jell

ehlgee .. tnxz for making its timeslot back on 5:30 pm

im so thank you in late,more power and GOD bless ((:


A.N.JELL , , , , 


drekk you can watch on high definition, limited commercial interruption and the full 16 episodes at hulu.com and search for "you're beautiful"

rizza i love it... wish to have a season 2...

Azizah11 so cute,...... I hope there is You're Beautiful season 2 :) <3 I <3 A.N.JELL

JPm One of the best..worth watching..great acting by the lead actors..how i wish they are a couple in real life.

mina it's super duper cute love story!!!! ang cute ng mga characters

Rapika he's beautifull i like you all and this drama is wonderfull..... i like it...,,,

..angel29 the best drama I've ever watched....

A.N.JELL rocks!!!!!



Xhairhein I love He's Beautiful

ladyloveskorean i really love this movie!!!! i hope there is part 2..pls... im looking forward to watch it... taekyung and go mi nam is so lovers..

bebay i love this drama... love to watch again and again... almost all the casts do a great job... they suceed deliver the feelings and more alive... the plot more structure... hopefully can have season 2....

I LOVE YOU .......... LEE HONG-KI ............ I LOVE YOU

hara_jho Park Shin-Hye,Jang Geun-Suk, Lee Hong-Ki, Jeong Yong-Hwa,Uee....

 maybe this is my first time to watch a movie that i dont know who are the charaters..
 but i just want to say that i joy your movie, i hope theres a part two...

kawaii!_rabbitPig kawaii kawaii...i love all the casts of the korean drama,hes beautiful,as well as who made possible for it to be introduced to us..Godbless all of you and keep on bringing joy to everyone..and mostly your songs which taught me to fall in love over again..:)i love you all..

angel i love you shin woo we love you your drama is so beatiful we love you so muuuuuuuu..............love you

Apple all i can say is....... love it......, i really really want to watch the next episodes.... especially the finale ( =

stephanie i love this drama somuch ilove A.N.JELL

peich'anj i'm just one of ur fans i love A.N.JELL..,saranghe

Jennie ...jennie's comment:

       .i really really really like it the love story of tae-kyeong ang mi nam..and i hope their will be part two..im exited to watch the part two of He's beautiful.. i Love it...my Idol ..Tae-kyeong..♥♥

nahla hy... I LOV SOOOO MUCCCH....

MAY Hes beautiful has a very beautiful story.. :) especially the love story of Mi Nam and Tae Khyung!!!

MAY I wish that there will be PART2 of He's Beautiful... iloveTAEKHYUNG!!!!!

MAY I wish that there will be PART2 if He's Beautiful.. :) iloveTaekhyung!!!!!

prescil gosh an jell band was so great they're like real band

alyannacv This drama is great! I really like it! I love it!

thrixee ai!! really really like it!!!

the story was awesome and tae-kyong is so cute!!

love it!!

leiyahmei i love also JEREMY,,he's so funny.. i really love all the BIDA'S.... sana may part 2.. wil wait..!!!!

leiyahmei wooHHhh!!! i already seen the episodes of he's beautiful..love it soOoo much. Hwang Tae-Kyeong...SARANGHE..!!! i like the story so much.. LOVE YOU ALL....!!!! especially KANG SHIN-WOO...:D

Meanne this drama is so wonderful.. im totally addicted to it..!! i like all the cast especially the AN. Jell members.. the loveteam between jang geun suk and park shin hye has a great chemistry.. they are so cute! haha.. i really like this drama.. ..hoping for the season 2 of this drama.! :D

vhie_28 i love he's beAutifUl... the story and the cast so perfect,,, i'm really reeally love it


i♥U jeremy........ a.N jelL 4ever


jhosa excuse me????

where can i get the theme song of he's beautiful..

i love you "lee hong ki"....♥♥♥ muuah..

edailyn i love he's beautiful it's so beautiful to watch......sana hindi na matapos un

bhEMZXkIE <3 SAna may part 2..

  aNG cUte ee..
 LovE cO sHin WHOO..

rannie i really like kang shin-oo his character is so cool he is simply hot and seductive

angeley quindao i already seen the episodes of he's beautiful,i was so amazed and it made me fallen in love with all the cast specially the three handsome boys and ms. park. tae kyung.................i love your face expressions,it made me laugh and your so handsome. shin woo.................i idolized you for your kindness and pure love of go mi nan.you made me fallen in love.handsome jeremy...................your the cutest of the three,specially when you cried,you seem like a baby. go mi nan,your so pretty and nice hey guys,im one of your fans,wishing to see you all.i love you

nao hitsugaya-chan jeremy you is so cute boys of all people.......... I love u and I miss u jeremy............

efan the movie is excellent, good, all cool

cute gosh!!!!!!!! no words can describe how beautiful this drama is!!!!!!! i am so speechless!!! kea lng bt napalitan ang time slot?????

cute gosh!!!! no words can describe how beautiful this drama is!!!!!! I am so speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frances OMG!!!! im addicted to HE"S BEAUTIFUL SO MUCH!!! i love you tae kyeong!!!

Dawn my heart broke when i saw jeremy cried at the majic bus. i really did cry wen he cried..i hate that part.. sarang he jeremy..

ms.waichiru grabe sobrang ganda tlaga ng he's beautiful !! sana my part two pa !! hehe ang cute tlaga ni tae-kyong !!!!! ^_^

inzki mae I LOVE THE MOVIE VERY MUCH::::)))))))))))) the members of the A.N. JELL are so cute......

altheah i love u jang guen suk-taekyeong i one of ur adicted fan lee hong ki-jeremi aand of coures jeong yong and park shin hye hehehehehehehe

yzzelah this korean drama is super super great i will never ever forget this korean drama series..........i will mesmerise it until i die..............i love u all A.N.jell............saranghae.......mwah.....

beuty iris jang geun suk,lee hng ki,jeong yong hwa , all of you are so handsome and park shin hye is so beautiful i love this drama it's #1 for me

waLTer GOSH ! .

JEREMY really deserves Love ! .

gO jeremy .

i cried because Of .


watch . the scene that made me cry .

jayah I want to know about more Go Mi Nam(boy) about his love life. its so short. I want more! I'm so in love with jeremy :-* :]]]]

Ivy I love he's beautiful so much. that's why im so dissapointed when kapamilya changed it's timeslot.. well anyway, it's always been one of my favorite drama and i'm hoping that i could be able to watch it again and again.. (super busy!!!)

Ivy I love he's beautiful so much. that's why im so dissapointed when kapamilya change it's timeslot..





"han jae wan" yeheeeeeeee!!!!!!! tae kyung!!!!!!!!!!!! i love episode 7. sarangheyo A.N.JELL!!!!!

lheslie i love it.................

tae kyung >< shin hwa  jeremy">


zekiel15 ..he's beautiful is so great.. ..i love the way they act and whatsoever.. ..i also love the love triangle of tae kyeong , go minam and shin woo..

diana i love he's beautiful.. it is the best!EVER!!! hoping that there will be more projects that geun suk and shin hye will do!! hope there is a second season of it!!

jane llarina .,wow this drama was so great!!!!!! .,i love it so much!!! .,i hope ur visit in phlippines!!! ilove you

angel chu tae-Kyung...........was very serious... but i like him...hahaha

angel chu wheee..... i love this korean show ever it so very nice. i hope there's a part 2... plsssssssssss....:(

fe Super duper love this drama!!! i watched it for 10X already! Gosh! i`m falling in love with the whole story! i even watched on YouTube on how they made it. To bad there`s no english sub  :( . Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk are lovely couple. Wish to see more from them.. Hoping there`s Part 2 on this awesome and great drama :)

marian i love hes beautiful,, i like them all wonderful movie iiiiiii llllllllllooooooooovveeeeee them

Nicolette This korean drama is really, really awesome (two thumbs up to the people behind this korean drama!!) I do really LOVE the whole cast; they are well-fitted to their respective roles and, oh my, the story is really great!! :)

I LOVE A.N.JELLS so much!!! <3 MI NAM is extremely beautiful and lovable. I love her innocent yet charismatic attitude. I truly envy her because she has able to capture the hearts of her three bandmates (take note: they are not just an ordinary band members but they are ALL super handsome and hot. At the same time, very, very talented and oh my gosh, they could all sings so angelically). TAE-KYUNG is handsome and the perfectionist among the three. He sings so well that makes my heart melts, and makes my day light and perfect!! JEREMY is extremely cute, adorable and funny. I love his funny and childlike antics. He may tagged as the life of the show because of his fresh and vibrant perspective in life; he balances the whole band members whenever they are in commotion. I think without him, it could make the drama dull and boring. And, oh my gosh, how could I forget my dearest, SHIN WOO. He is the reason why I am so addicted with this korean drama!! He is extremely handsome, hot and very romantic!!! I love the way he smiles -- it makes my heart melts!! *deep breath* I love his angelic and soothing voice. I love the way he protects Mi Nam. I really, really love him!!

I wish A.N.JELLS were a true band!!! *finger-crossed*

I really, really LOVE this korean drama!! Hope there will be Season 2 and it is rest assured that this will be another major hit and many girls would fall in love with!! A.N.JELLS ROCKS!! CHEERS!!

joice lee hong-ki<3 loovee youu :))

loreza i love it especiallly the loveteam of huang taek yum and mi nam go....

loreza anyeo haseyo!!!! first i saw the trailler, i was so interested to watch it... co'z i think the story was so cool and also the character...

iyonakoh love it! I'm on episode 10 or 11 pa lng.. heheh.. bad trip kasi.. wlang channel 2 s bhay mlabo.. hahah.. buti na lng my sister bought a DVD so i was able to watch it.. =)

DRAMA Really hope there will be Season 2 in the thought process right now.

However, I just can't think of what the heck it will be about if there is going to be a Season 2?

MAYBE "Mary Skipped the Curfew aka Mary Stayed Out All Night" IS the sequel to You're/He's Beautiful....you guys think so even though it's based on a book but closely related to this drama?

Just think about it. xP

DRAMA This is the 1st Korean drama I have ever finished. Why? It has NO LAG NO CANCER NO PIGGY-BACK-RIDE NO-STARING OFF INTO SPACE W/O INNER-MONOLOGUE!!!

jennefer an nyeong ha se yo

first of all i want korean drama so many korean drama when i watching 

like endless love,boys over flower and full house i like the character,story and the moral lesson and one of my favorite the new korean drama he,s beautiful very very i like this story i like tae kyong, minam go ,shin wu and jeremy the band of a.n jell and the songs

raze urgh...laaaaaavvvv it!!! jo neun dang si neul sa rang hab ni dah!!!!!....

...hyung nim...hyung tae kyung shi...jeremy....shin woo hyung...g ma wo...

..kam sa hab ni dah....^_^..na do sa ran he...

pierre oh my.. i really like the tandem of tae-kyeong and mi-nyeo..! super kilig..!! =3 <3<3<3

hayyzz... sana may kasing gwapo c tae-kyung sa lasalle..

para naman magkaroon ako ng inspiration.. :))

kimberly as babydoll ayyyyyyyyy........... kakilig tlga 2 asawa ko clng lhat hahaha........ more powers take care love yahh.......

jinky this drama is great!!! i love it so much!!!! and very wonderful!!!

jinky This drama is so great :0 i LOVE iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every EpISODE IS so good

ymarie i miss you hwang tae kyung

ymarie i love kwang tae kyung i really love ur show

anet it's amazing!..

chen really lovely show...... I cant get enough of it

Dana Jane Gelilang this is the best shw in world

Dana Jane Gelilang hi this is dana this is the best shw of korean drama this is more better than boy's over flowers and you have the cutest actor singer in the show. i wish that the of ftisland can go here in the phil. And i wish that i can see all of you in personal . i wish that there are beautiful music of ftisland. you did the best A.N.Jell.

i love all f you A.NJELL

by:DANA JANE P. GELILANG Djgelilang@yahoo.com

april i love eeeeeet!!so cute

wolffia lei it's a wonderful drama LOVE IT

arnhy we're LUvh yOU...!!!


dO yOU have crUnchyrOLL...???

lisa chan SARANGHE!!!!a.n.jell band i hope you can read this message this is for you.Your so cute in your pictures in photo bucket and in other websites.I believe you have the killer smiles,i really like your smile lee hong ki oppa.You are all my crush.Your are all so beautiful and handsome of your clothes,make-ups and what you do of yourself and what you are wearing.even if i didn't know you in personal i want you to know that I LOVE YOU ALL<3 <3 <3 <3.My heart is beating so fast when i saw you all.:p :0

hernan they are so cute..i can really relate to them..i really like pig-rabbit!=)


RONALY GraVeeE!!! .. AheM!!!! supa sweet naman ni MI-NANG .. sya pa talaga ang nag hanap kay TAE-KYONG.. wahahaha :)

pauline i love A.N.JELL...

ana may i really really love this show......i already watched before it was shown in the philippine television

khuLtz' ..i really really like ur show..

jhen im so adicted...to you..A.N Jell..

jhen A.N JELL...i love you so much..i really like it..korean drama...specially..shin woo...love you much..more..im the no1 fan of A.N JELL...its really nice....love it so much..huh!!!!!!!!! it more than the past BOF...huh..nice..go!go!..want to watch more..i never stop watching..it...huh...crazy..here..

angel A.N. jellllllllllllllll

jang .....He's Beautiful is one of my Addiction..!!! i love it...

Shieanne Jang Geun-Suk your s0 cute!.... He's beautiful ROCK!!!!

pauline hi jang geun suk your so very very cute i love U so muchhhhhhhh i watched the 4th episodes Ur are really sweet voice......bye!!!!

zarah joy they are so damn cute..i love he's beautiful..especially Jang Geun-Suk ..

tanya Jeong Yong-Hwa i love you i'm going crazy i can tell that i'm a solid fan of A.N.jell and he's beautiful i hope that there will be a new movie that ruled by park shin-hye and Jeong Yong-Hwa it's better than boys over flower i really really really really really really really really really really really love it if that happens

Princes I really enjoyed this so much, made me seek for innocent love... since this is liek for teenagers as my sister says but I really loved it. The characters did very good. The viewer feels the characters feeling at every episode. In fact Im watching it over and over again.

demmie rose i really love shin woo.. woooohh.. i love them all..

arne I really love to watch this show and i really enjoy it.

krizy bitin ang ending.....pero ang ganda ng laman. bumili nga ako nang tape para una kong makita ang estorya....ang ganda talaga.....I'M A "HE'S BEAUTIFUL" ADDICT.

carlan love ya saranghae!!!!gamsahamnida!

romela I very fascinated of the role portrayed by each characters in this funny-romantic-comedy drama He's Beautiful. Jang Geun Suk "Tae Kyung" is very gorgeous especially those expressive eyes of his. He's also unpredictable & funny =). I love the song he sang in the last episode and I can't wait to get the lyrics and download the MP3. Park Shin-Hye "Mi-Nam" is very pretty and charming. I get excited when she & Tae Kyung quarrel coz they're so cute hehehe and I always look forward of when he will embrace & kiss her. I like Jeong Yong-Hwa "Shin Woo" coz he's cool, calm and gentleman. He's actually my 1st choice for Mi-Nam but later I like Tae Kyung more for Mi-Nam. Tae Kyung loves her but can't show and express well, so he just like to annoy Mi-Nam to get her attention hehehe... Lee Hong-Ki "Jeremy" is really cute & funny! I like the way he makes Mi-Nam smile & laugh.

cyrill llovit i really love dis drama...hope there's a season 2 in dis great drama...

hannah super Like!! Jang Geun Suk is really handsome.. although they are all handsome.. hehe but Jang geun suk is the best..

he has an awesome voice,, park shin is so pretty.. PSH and JGS is the best koreAN couple..

i want season 2.. i love the story..

season 2! season 2!

kayla loberiza i really really love you jang guen suk over

jihuan they're very hot!!!!!

jihuan I love it specially Jang Geun-Suk!!!! love you soo much!!!!

Gidoggyo lei 당신은 HES에 큰 역할을 아름다운 연주. 난 당신이 행동하는 방식을 좋아하지. 희망이 텔레비전 당신이 더 잘 어울릴 수 있습니다. 근에 - 석 장 이동합니다.!

Xtian 당신의 최고 팬이 필리핀에서

dangsin-eun HESe keun yeoghal-eul aleumdaun yeonju. nan dangsin-i haengdonghaneun bangsig-eul joh-ahaji. huimang-i tellebijeon dangsin-i deo jal eoullil su issseubnida. geun-e - seog jang idonghabnida.!

Xtian dangsin-ui choego paen-i pillipin-ese

AILYN I really love it...

LOve Love Love..........♥♥♥

A.N.JELL God Bless

jai I LOVE A.N. JELL!!!!


Ruby i love Lee honh ki !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg !!

i really love him !

regine love yah!!! mwuahhhhh!!

rocha I LOVE U FULL A'N'JELL................... puter agy dunk film;y.................

ailene palermo i love korean shows.,!!sna nga ireplay xa tuwing sat. kc tatlong beses q lng xa nppanod in 5days kc me paxok aq eh.,!!pati rn ung BOYS OVER FLOWER.,!!

eiryne oppaaa jang geun suk....

SARANGEEEE............ ^^

marilou i love it.... saranghae lee hong-ki saranghae korea..!!

honey grace OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Ko Mi-nyeo!!!!!!! i want 2 be like u!!!!!!!!! ur so cute!!!!!

franco my god.. im so addicted to this movie.. actually im insane olready everytime i watch this movie.. they look good.. and i want their voice.. their sweet voice.. i love them so much!!

franco i watch this movie everyday. ilove this movie. the best.. nakakainlove.. the voice of the lider is so sweet..

julie i love he's beautiful its really makes me fall in love in every cast of it and make me giddy hi hi hi


hyum nim i love you ..jang geun suk.!! i wish that we will meet.!!!!!

and for park hye shin .. i watch all of your commercial ..! you're so beautiful in your commercial ETUDE HOUSE with lee min hoooooooo......... XD

Janine What is the title of it's theme song?

leona santiago Gosh!!!! I really really love He's Beautiful to the

highest level

My friend jonabell and I always watching this....

leona santiago gosh!!!!I really Really love He's Beautiful to the highest level.... My friend Jonabell and I are always watching this....

enelia your show is so nice!!hopefully you can visit your filipino fans!!!

mirfat AN.JELL i love you vorever

angie i so love this korean movie/show..i love the casts..an cute nla lahat...

Jei~ luv itt~!

season 2..?!

hope there's season 2 of it..:D

jen i love the story talaga

jen kilig to d max ako sa love team nina mi nam go at hwang taekyung sobra d best talaga!!!!

trisha bagay sila Tae-Kyeong at Mi-Nam

forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr please repeat in chanel 2 sana kapalit na lang ng noahhh kasi hindi ko naaabangan ehhhh......pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................................''[''''''^6^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

hoyi andaresa ako suka bnget he is beautifull... ako pngend bnget puna couo kaia mreka bertiga so sweet..... i like its

rhiza latonio im fan of your show

jem LOVE IT!!!!  :) .. . . . . .

Michelle ♥♥♥oh i love it!!!! I really like them..... A. N. JELL is the most cutest group male in drama.....♥♥♥

dhan arghhhhhhhhh.its realty cute!!

eunike i like it......

he is beautiful is the best.....

GANIBY this koreanovela is really great...kilig to the max...i'll bear with this tilll the end...i think this will level with bof...

bella tollong dung tayang'in lagy drama asiia he is beautiful . soall'a filem nna so sweet banget .

zhy this is so good!!! i love it so much!

Roshianaa puter ulaNg dong film'a seru dan menghibur kangen nie sama flim'a....... pliss puter ulang ya.........

Maria Josefina what a beautiful comedy/drama/love story. The one who played Jeremy Lee Hong-Ki His so Funny" I love you"you always make me SMILE, ......Kang Shin-Woo Played by Jeong Yong-Hwa" he really play his part very well thumbs up "the love of my LIFE",Forget "Ko Mi-Nyeo / Ko Mi-Nam"who ever it is "I'm Available and I will LOVE you Forever" Hwang Tae-Kyeong OR Geun-Suk- Jang his Cute,his Hot,his Yummy, good actor ....But JEONG YONG-HWA still the best

Ko Mi-Nam-- your Beautiful

kim .` A.N.JeLL ..i love them ! :) ..

- walking accident zone ?!

krystell villanueva ..Aparently there are many korean novela..that are beutiful like the "Personal Taste" try to watch it you'l love it to... lee min ho and song hye jin is the main character so nice.. but i love hes beutyful to its just that i saw Perfect taste first thats why i appriate it a lot better than this..


-) an-young'... jang geun-suk is really cute!!!!! he has really a fantastic voice!!!!!!!

Sa-rang-hea-yo jang geun-suk....!!!!! .....

"...:*** A.N.JELL***>>>>"

HAHA Crazy funny fans here! This is a nice idol drama. Better than Korean Boys Before Flowers (even though I've never seen it).

Dana Jane Gelilang This is the greatest show in the world . i wish that thier are more beautiful show of He's Beautiful . i wish that thier is more show of korean drama . Geun-soek Jang is so very cute and you have a sweetest voice in show . I wish that they can have concert here in the Phil. in metro manila .


By:Dana Jane P. Gelilang @ djgelilang@yahoo.com

Dewi Ratnasari meNarik bNgt ih dRama kOrEa cEriTa'y ... I Lake all ..


sasame hes beautiful will be aired @10am in abs-cbn love it!!!..youll gonna miss every episodes if youll not watch..hehehe love jang-geun-seok..

marimar ramirez i love u lee hong ki

liezel sanchez i want some clarification! why did you say that it is a movie? in fact, it has many episodes! well well well...... just watch it because promise it is so romantic, funny and above all musical.... how i wish it will be a popular and addictive one just like BOYS OVER FLOWERS... yeah ho!

Dana Jane Gelilang It is the greatest show of korean drama . Iwish that the A.N.JELL can come here in the phil. , and iwish that i can see them in personal , and they can go here in Taguig city,Metro Manila , Phil. Ilove your show and i love Shin Woo (Jeong Yong-Hwa) and Jeremy (Lee Hong-Ki) , because they are amazing ilove there sweet vioce's in the show. iwish that this korean drama is can be more beautiful in the next eps.


By: Dana Jane Gelilang @ djgelilang@yahoo.com

Caca ahhhh,,, da abiz film na!!

v2 ada yang tahu judul lagu dari film ini ga?

yang dinyanyiin sama 'MI-NAM'


anybody, know ..what is title of song that singing with 'MI-NAM'?

putri chiput puterin lg dounk film'a... aku beud al'a.....

Mary Karen Ilano i love it................... I'll watch it

Gladyz ....love it!!!very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,like BOF of abs cbn!!!,,wuuuuhhhuuuu!!!!,i will watch it!!!

karen i want to look you everybody

karen i love this forever and ever

kayla vieloniasyah Lee hong ki your so cute. I love u A.N JELL

iamsanrio Whoooooaaahhh.. really love this drama!.. Go ANJELLS!... Fighting!...

nadya Jeong yong-hwa love you..your act in this drama is so great.and you look so handsome!

ria aduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gu3 sk bgt dgn pe

main nya..............

ayu gila......?! crita he is beautiful tuh bagus bnget.......!!!!!!!! top dech pkoxnya,,,.....,.,.,.,.,.,

good luck yaw buat filmnya......

dhieyan I Love u pull AN.JELL

michelle jung yong hwa is the best lee hong ki is cute

yoli devita mmmm...i'am very love this drama.... huan tai kiung......i loove you so much....

Sonia Eh...sumpah y...gw suka bgt sma drama series ini.... Cba ada season 2 ny.... Tae_kyeong ny qreen abeeh...



marvin... I love this film so much...

lia ayshiteru.................. lee kong hi.... A.N.JELL THANK YOU SOMUCH.... I LVE YU FOREVER........ ^_^

mimi I Love this drama... Romantic, funny and wonderful.. I LOVE IT SO MUCH..


noime ..... wow. korean fever n tlgh toh... i really love the story itself.. grabeh kakulig cgurado toh.. cam't wait to watch it... and hoping n may season 2......ang cute nilang lhatt... ///_^..

gabriel stevent damanik i love you... A.N. jell....

cicili A.N.JELL........... I love u so much..... Jeong Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki, Park Shin Hye..... I love you......

Krash I think the "Adam or Eve" drama on past GMA 7's Daisy siete was based on these drama,He's Beautiful, but I really prefer the korean version....

Gillian i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!


Park Shin-Hye you're my idol! :DDDDDD

can't wait to see it!!

jinalin i love you both..!!

cant sleep at the same tym!!!..

<3 oppa!!

yasha Hikari I Love You So....Much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Like It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

vtree i........... like it he is beautiful so very very goog and fun..........

friskha yuky saranghae jeremy sarnghae A.N.JELL

yuuki aishiteru minan and A.N jell~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

saiia vhiva go min nang & hwang tae kyeong I likes you... you are is the best

hyuri oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,, jeremy,,jeremy... joulieeee..... joulie... i like you because you're so cute..fun.. hwang tae kyoung,,you're mouth cute.. shin woo such jihu in bbf i like you best film..after bbf

kazama female main character is very sweet

yunii cii ptrii sulungg mizz u mi-nam love u A.N.JELL

nurul asrina I LOVE YOU 4 ALL ACTRIST AND ACTOR IN HE'S BEAUTIFUL i love u 4 3v3r keren bgt gw suka smw nya dan gw gak prnah lewatin stiap episode nya ok bgt dan tolong donk episode nya di perpanjang jadiin film tetap aja pazti 100% smw nya nonton dan rating bwt film ini bakal naik soalnya banyak yang suka,,,, !!!!! sucseess yach good luck,,,,,, :) :P

ari I LOVe u FUULLLLL ko minammm..........

Ade Harmitha Annyong haseyo,,,, ^^

selamat ya,,, filmnya bagus banget,,,,


kuan I really liked ANJELL beatiful he's really cool.

Ko Mi-Nyeo you're so beautiful

ucie Waaaaah bgs lucu drama he is beautiul.... I love you... Muuuuch....


                                            I LOVE YOU

Rhie You I LOVE YOU Park Shin-Hye..!

Ni My "I LOVE this drama......

Jang Geun Seok,, Jeong Yong Hwa,, Lee Hong Ki,, yuo are verry handsome....

Park Shin Hye,, you are so beautiful.....

Love U all....."

poppy lestary bay I do not want to talk much,,,, just want to say,,,, among all the Asian drama that only HE'S beautifull I admire ...... I really like the role of Shin-Hye Park (GO MINAM) and LEE HONG KI (Jeremy )............

neny lee-hoOng kie kreeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!!!

the story always make me happy . . . .

Risma Wowwww.................................... A N JEll keren banget................................ I love shinwoo and tae kyeong.................

kuri a like it drama korea a love

Dwy hye sun i love this new korean drama.........

i LoVe U kOo mi naM ........ you look so beautifuL and very handsome ......... ^_^

Susy Sepatu keds Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!

Love youuuuu Ko mi nam!!!!


Helena Miranda i love shin woo and jeremi... i like your smile,

vebry i like this drama... ko mi nam...

Th!s Dr4m4 v3ry !nt3r3st!n9 V3ry..v3ry !nt3r3st!n9 bo00y

tycha seruuu bGtZzzz . . . . . . 0_0

dewi love you forever jeong yong hwa

saryy keren bangeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

jeong yong-hwa , i love you ..

fitry filmnya keren buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangetzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE IT for JEONG YONG HWA I LOVE YOU 4EVER

Ira De Prada So,.............This Film is good and hmmmh romantic

junita joeng young-hwa i love yao ,, km cakep bagettttttttttttttttttttttt . jgn ganti model rambutnya ia

debbie rahayu bagusssssss banget drama nya..................... aku minta supaya jam main nya di tambah jadi setiap hari............................................. please...........................

defvi i love jeong hwa a.n jel

septi i love you jeong yong-hwa

sari this a good drama film,, so funny,, i am very interested to wacth the next episodes....

kim ameL aishuteru... lee hong ki.. your number one..!!!!!!!

mega c a very exciting film I liked this movie

Summergal FT ISLAND (hongki's band) was in Philippines last march as guest performer in "showtime" (abs-cbn channel2). unfortunately, i wasnt around to watch the show. it would be awesome that several, if not all, the main cast of YAB will visit for fan meeting... hopefully this year. :)

Lio_Girl i love romantic-comedy stories... and definitely this is a good drama in category. the story's phasing is fast and there's always something to look forward on the next episode. each character is uniquely different from each other: go mi nam -- kind-hearted 'damsel in distress' but with so much determination and strong will; hwang tae kyung -- freaking mean egotist in an attractive kinda way; kang shin woo -- a 'friend' and a 'knight to a damsel in distress' with calm personality, keeping low profile; jeremy (the one i like among the 3 guys...) -- an 'ice-breaker' and bubbly childlike guy... plenty of laughs and no boring moments.

i do have several negative comments about the drama. im sad that the airing time for each character is not properly divided... 'cause ive noticed jeremy's camera exposure was lesser than the 3 main actors. he's just like an "extra" or one of the extended cast, despite his significant contribution. shin woo became the supporting actor for mi nam and tae kyung but his role was so battered... made him 'a fool'-- as one of the song of the OST... i really felt sorry for him. :(

nonetheless, this drama is very entertaining. hong sisters (writers of 'my girl') have again created a hit and considerably one of the best korean dramas.

for those who havent seen this drama... be curious and enjoy watching... :)

ryn This my first time watch Korean drama and I'm hooked. love the song and each and every character... Jang Geun Suk is certainly outstanding in his portrayal of Tae-Kyung. Park Shin Hye, as go mi nam/go mi nyu, so adorable and cute. Jeong Yong Hwa as Shin Shin-Woo, I like his sweet nature but sensitive guy, hong-ki, as Jeremi, he is soooo funny.... Great Job!! I love u all.

hanh i love you're beautiful!!!!!! i want season 2 for you're beautiful !!!!! :] i love everyone in you're beautiful!!!! you guy are so awesome!!!

Yellow Kitty Saranghe Hwang Tae Kyung!!! Im looking forward to meet you in person... I like your serenuty and the quite snobbish attitude...muaHHH!

sHeRrY no comment^^, sequel!!! puh leasshhhh:]

begimai I love them so mush...everything...and everyone even President Ahn!!!I from little country I'm sure most of people even don't know where it is but in spite of that we know where jeremy..hwang tae kyung..hwang shin woo and go mi nam are!!!!!!!

I love so much Jeremy and Jolie!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love love love love .......................them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rovirlyn i love this koreanovela..this is the best than bof This drama is great.. jeremy..hwang tae kyung..hwang shin woo and go mi nam/go mi nyu love you so much!!!! I watch the episodes over and over just to listen to their voices..the story is really awesome love u all!!♥♥♥

mazlin One of the best drama I've watched ......

Great songs, great plot, great casts ..... THE BEST COMBINATION EVER !!! Jang Geun Seok; Jeong Yong Hwa; Lee Hong Ki; Park Shin Hye Unni ... u guys were the BEST !!

Been watching all over for 3X & it still make me cry ...

Sarangheyo guys ......... :)

yanzee gang geun suek UR acting was very cccccccuttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee in 'U R BEAUTIFUL' i think i have watch it more than 4 times ammm...... waitin 4 another drama

megu this is cool i cant wait to see it, im looking for ward to it cant wait to see you.. JANG GEUN-SEOK...luv yah!!!

karyl_YEO 많은이 시리즈를 사랑하고 ... 너무 귀엽고 멋진 .... 만세!saranghae Kang Shin Wu...

rani this is the best drama ever!!!! a really really great story so funny and sad with amazing actors each of them did an excellent job... the only problem is that YAB is very addicting...you have to be careful while watching it ;-) there is still not one single day where i don´t watch at least one episode its so refreshing and makes you sooooo happy you forget all your worries but of course my favourite one is my beloved sukkie.......................

i hope that there will be a second season because 16 episodes were not enough!!!! our sukkie said this recently in an interview "Within one hour of watching this drama, the dreams and romantic fantasies during a girl’s teenage times will resurface after being forgotten in the bustling and stressful daily life. From this point of view, its like a lemon which is full of vitamins, it is a drama that can beautify one’s heart." he is so right!!!

siewwen what is the cell phone they are using in the drama?

blackrose i love jang geun seok!!!! i was starstruck when i saw him!! i've watched the series for straight sixteen hours!!!! weeeeh, saranghaeyo jang geun seok!

donna hi..A.N.JELL.. i love all of them but i think im inlove with jang geun suk..i love the way he smile..hai it makes me melt..i hope they will be real couple with park shin hye..they really match..i loovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhh!!!!!!

Isabella I am Vietnamese and we watch this movie "He's Beautiful" in Vietnamese. This is the first time I saw Jang Geun-Seok movie. I love this movie very much that I stayed up till 6 in the morning to finish the movie. I didn't like him very much at the beginning because of all that eyeliners on him but then I get to like him more because he shows his softer side when he finally reveals his love for Park Shin-Hye. He is so adorable and is a really good actor and singer. I like most is when he moves his lips around. Does anyone knows if he really sings in that movie? If so, does he has a CD for this movie. Please email me back. Thank you.

AIKIM OMG! I♥U VERY MUCH! A.NJELL. i hope i could see you in person. i'm looking forward to it

victoria Jang Geun Suk!!!!!!!!!! I'm so obsessed with him. just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him so much. Tae Kyung oppa!~~! saranghae <3 당신을 사랑합니다 love his voice too. Deep and strong!! oh! like everything with him, his face, his voice, his fingers, his acting and even his knot LOLz!

Thet Su Yi You're Beautiful drama is one of the very funny and fantastic. I already watch that for 3 times.... Jang Geun Suk Oppppaaaa I like u so much and i will be ur fan forever ever... I wish that the A.N JELL band have outside ...... I ♥ Jang Geun Suk...... alottttttttt  :D

khin july HI, Lee hong Ki Oppa u r so cute and I ♥ U.I am always ur audiance.

                                           from ur audiance khin july

Thet Su Yi i like this drama so much!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Thet Su Yi Hi, I m Thet Su Yi and I like to watch Korean Drama very much. I m also crazy about You're Beautiful. In that I like Bro Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki and Sis. Park Shin Hye alot. bro. Lee Hong Ki is so cute. bro Jang Geun Suk has very nice voice and also handsome. sis Shin hye is also beauty........... I love Jang Geun Suk OPPPPPPPPPPaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ arsueko@gmail.com facebook: Nora Alba


FG I love this drama and didnot sleep at all to finish it...hope they will have the sequel... Jang Geun Seok jinja kiyop da...love him and will start to watch his other dramas.... If they ever held another ANJELL concert,then it is time to visit Korea again....

wasabi001 I love this drama !!! And I love Lee HongGi ! oh... I want season 2 ! ! ! ! HongGi oppa ~~~~~~ <33333333333

Wery please - support this petition - http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

sha I LOVE this drama so much

elisa I love this show i can't stop watching it I am addicted to it, wish it would come out from Monday thru Friday, but guess I can handle Wednesday and Thursday. Love Geun-seok jang.


Amy I LOVE this drama!!!

Cassie I just saw ONE EPISODE and now I really want to see more! I had no idea wat it was about at first,but I loved it! I wonder when it's on....

Lizz I agreee with the rest of the peeps, this drama is great! It is very funny and the guys are hot! Ever since I saw the episode with the Piggy Bunny, it made me want to have one but where would I get one like that one! :(

amy i discovered this show today seems good ^^ . i havent been excited about a drama since boys before flowers :D.!

Cix Aha.. I'm agree With A.N.JELL says.. This drama is very great. I love this drama

Jang Geun Seok Oppa Jeong Yong Hwa Oppa Lee Hong Ki Oppa Park Shin Hye Unni Great Job!! I love u all. Can't wait to see u all again. I hope, to watch You're beautiful season 2 ^_^

Alex what's the name of the theme song?

AngloGirl I love the way everyone eats so healthy (limes anyone?) and drinks so much water!

yapi_19 super nice drama!!! All the cast are very great and super funny... :) hope to see season 2!!! if there is any? keep up the goodwork!!! Love you all guys... :)

Kat Totally Great Series. I think Jeremy is freakin hilarious when he gets pissed. I love the fan-fiction boy love scene too. I just wish I could find the manhuaw this is based on.

AngloGirl I discovered this show last night too - It's fantastic! Loved watching Tae-kyeong morph from tough guy to melty-cutie pie with that smile.

Thank heaven for subtitles!!!!!!!!

manami I just discovered this show, no joke like yesterday and I totally LOVE IT!! Tae-kyeong Hwang is a cutie/hottie :3...I like his tuff exterior, but what he hides inside more. Eun-yu Kang is goofy which makes him very likable :) Shin-woo Kangan is also a cutie....I like his sweet nature but im not to into the emu sensitive guys :)

From what I see they did a great job matching TV personalities with the actors...Great job IM HOOKED!!! lol.

Thanks J. Annie i will check out mysoju.com to catch up with the episodes :)

ayne i love this drama... love to watch again and again... almost all the casts do a great job... they suceed deliver the feelings and more alive... the plot more structure... hopefully can have season 2.... saranghae.....

J. Annie You could watch this on mysoju.com even though it's under the title You're Beautiful

ellen where can i watch it?

xam whoa... i cant help but to watch it every night.. its addicting.. i cant wait for the next episode.. ^^ skipping meals is worth it.. haha

Lily I totally agree that YAB is far way better that BOF. BOF is really trite plus actors' lacking in acting skills. But YAB is way colorful, enjoying and addicting.

Shoag Geon Suek is sooooooooooooo sexy. I looooooooooove his voice. I watch the episodes over and over just to listen to him talking. so addicted to him hehehe. the drama is a success.

hello wowwww!!!!! this drama is so wonderful jang geun suk opppa is so cute and handsome I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          00       00
        00000 00000

himitsu it is really great!every time i can't wait for the next episode.i'm really interested in how it's going to end.

Anneliese WOOT! WOOT! I heart this drama so much! Love it ! Lee Hong Ki is the most adorable puppy! LOL! Park Shin Hye has the cutest voice, sometimes its almost weird that the rest of the people don't know her gender.

I love A.N.JELL! One of my current two favourite dramas! Smile, You and He's Beautiful!

Stephanie I love this dramaaa so much.. ^^ I love it more than IRIS.. don't know why... ^^ Yong Hwaaaa. Hong Ki.. Gen Seok.. ^^ I love the ost..

missemilielapsy My god, this drama is so wonderful I'm already addicted to it ^^ It's hard to wait the whole week to see them but it worth it ^^ In fact I really love the drama and the actors and the story : LUUUUUUVVVVVVV IT ^^

a.n.gee this drama looks very promising...i have only watched 4 episodes but i'm really loving each and every character... as always jang geun suk is certainly outstanding in his portrayal of tae-kyung and park shin hye, although there maybe times when she acts too feminine, is also doing a great job... i also love yonghwa and most especially hong-ki, he is soooo funny....

kisha I watched the 1st 2 episodes yesterday and they were awesome! I'm starting my winter off right!

Love kdrama & jdrama.

Stephanie This drama is great!!! ^^ I love it soooo muccch!! lee Hong ki!!! Yong hwaaaa ^^

Emelie Can't wait to see it..Ur are really sweet voice...Geun-seok Jang is very cute in new drama A.N.JELL =)

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hope there wil be a next season.....part 2!!!!

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