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  • Name: Jung Yong-Hwa
  • Hangul: 정용화
  • Birthdate: June 22, 1989
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Member (and leader) of K-pop group "CNBLUE".

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sandra im a new yong-shin fan :D i ship them so much!!

FAN LOVE I love Yong Hwa, your music is the best.

love yong hwa jung yong hwa is the best

ksw Yong Hwa Oppa saranghae,,,, hope all the best for you :) <3<3<3

Rechal I wish your future life oppa.good luck and i love you soo much.i am rechal

Resh Jung Yong Hwa I luv U oppa.. When i saw Ur beautiful episode i become ur fan.. Really Im carzy on U.. After that I saw Heartstring really ur smile was attractive sooooo cute.. I love U.. I dono korean languge because im from India but still i like U.. Jung Yong Hwa my ambition is i want to see U face to face only ones in my lyf tym..

leea something on u make me meeeeeeltinggggg... kisskiss yonghwa :-*

palak i love you yong oppa more than anyone.... i fallen in love with you not because you are a star, but you have gentle heart i got to find....only you can be my life partner and i am sure that one day we will meet and will be together....I will do every thing to make this happen....sarangheyo....

Yonghwaforever Oppa why so handsome? Marry to me!!

Swati oppa, i love you more than anything in my life. you are brother-in-law (jiju) of my friends

Roxana Yonghwa oppa! You have an enchanting smile that can melt every girls heart. You're definitely good looking and a good singer too. Love you and the rest of the CNBLUE to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back!

Loyal Fan You are a great actor, singer, and just simply you. Keep fighting..... I pray that you will continue to be successful in achieving your dream. :) God bless you.

ice You're so cool, great actor and also a great singer... Everyday I watching K-dramas because of you... Btw, you're so cute in every dramas you have... Although, this month I'm watching FUTURE'S CHOICE... You're the best actor, ever... Saranghae oppa~ I hope more projects to come and also to your group.... *throwhearts*

Mia Getting hotter with age.

thiwy you are the best

shwetha gowda your performance and acting is awesome ,(superb attitude) i really loved Korean drama first time after watching Heartstrings am became you fan, even i was not understanding korean language bcoz of you expressions only i understand

Wish you good luck for your future Jung Yong Hwa

JYH's Oppa ! Iloveyou. Im a big fan of you. Seriously, addicted to you !!

norielaine You're so handsome and gentleman

welovebubbletea I don't know why, but for every single K-Drama, although he is the main protagonist, I always fall in love with the cool, chill and emo looking guys. Like, the ones that remain collected and mysterious and don't smile often. I fall head over heels for them and omg I'm dying Lee Pil Mo and Jeong Yong Hwa are my baes I love them so much.

kajol rekha sarang-hae sarang hae-yo...... :-)

pushpa Ur simplicity kill everyone's heart !! Wishin u to be the best of all ...♥♥

feven.m hi young hwa oppa, i want to tell that you r so so so cool when u play z guitar

Noris Annasayo Oppa! I really like all drama you're acted! Its so awesome. I hope you'll couple with Park Shin Hye and get married. Because..you guys have an amazing chemistry. If you like her, just confess it! I already watched heartstring for three times and never get bored. Really love YongShin Couple! If I meet you,my first question is. "Why you have a ring,bracelet same with Park Shin Hye?are you couple quietly from all fans?" Because its so weird,but I'm so happy if you couple with her. I hope I can see you again with Park Shin Hye.

Sincerely, Noris (your number one cnblue fans from Malaysia and YongShin fans forever) Keep it up!!.

jean(philippines) happy happy new year yong hwa oppa...

mavis u have really good acting skills....and singing too and keep on getting better ...as your fan i would like to say keep up the woodwork

Cristine Torres I'm looking forward for another good drama from you. I love u :)

Keiko Hey Shin-I mean Yong-Hwa! Your acting got much better compared to before when you couldn't even properly pull of the cold aloof guy in heartstrings. It's lots of fun watching you improve and compare you from before and after! My favorite character from you is still Kang Shin-Woo, but a close second place is Park Dal-Hyang! CN Blue is also doing well I assume? Chill, I'm only stalking your dramas not music! Oh and pull another prank on running man someday like that episode 17 of 1 vs 9! Keep up the awesome work! Hwaiting!!!

vivi you are beautiful #mce, match made in heaven

Jean (Philippines) ,I'd like to meet you face to face so bad. Your an awesome guy that everyone might wish to meet and I'm one of them. You're so talented, I love guitar and organ, but they don't like me :-( hohoho... I just look at on it and feel the Cords, bcoz I don't know how to play. Funny to tell but I'd like to express feeling to be your student in MUSIC if ever, maybe I will be your fast learner student if ever you were the one will teach me OPPA... :-) chuwayoo... sorry if the spelling is wrong I Like You...Byann

dayana love Wow u are really talented I could choose u over lee min ho in a heart beat your smile is breath taking u re awesome I love your act way to go oppa I'm rooting for u.

prisky prisky you so sweet love you

laine(phillipines) hmmmnn..hi yong hwa..the first time i saw you was on Heartstring.."captivating"..you capture my heart by your song even i cant understand..how i wish i could see you even for a minute..how i wish i could go to korea just to find you..

Saleha Jung Yong Hwa Oppa I verry like you, I like your voice, I like your smile, I like your eyes, I like everything what u have. I hope I can met with u, then I can give u a birthday cake and say "Happy Birthday" to you, and I give a gift for you:)

rania i love you jung yong hwa and park shin hye.i hope that i see you someday and you and park shin hye is so cut together

Viktoria His voice is so good.

Rhesa Your so.amazing singer...i really love your songs

vidura Oppa i love your personality ,your talent in music & your acting . Heartstring is the movie i never get tired of watching . . I can watch it over and over again . I wish i could see you once in real life .. I love to see park sin hye eonni & jung oppa together. I hope we get to watch more movies of both of you together. I also wish you both get married , as you look so cute together. Oppa fighting ^^ Saranghe... Yeo dongsaeng / chinguwa khaike .. :)

오빠는 내가 당신의 성격, 음악 및 당신의 행동에 당신의 재능을 사랑 해요. 가 Heartstring 내가보고 피곤 결코 영화입니다. . 나는 계속 다시 볼 수 있습니다. 나는 함께 공원 죄 이완 언니 & 정 오빠보고 싶어 .. 내가 실제 생활에서 한 번 당신을 볼 수 있으면 좋겠다. 나는 우리가 함께 둘의 더 영화를보고 얻을 수 있기를 바랍니다. 나는 또한 당신이 함께 너무 귀엽다 보면 둘 다, 결혼 바랍니다. 오빠 파이팅 ^^ Saranghe ... 여진 dongsaeng / chinguwa khaike .. :)

js light You are awesome.just awesome your personality.just seen you are beautiful

GINA FANG OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOU YONG HWA OPPA <3 i rewatched heart strings in 2 days!! <3 I absolutely love you and ur singing and also ur acting!!! wish to see you more <3

nana To be so young and talented in the music field and breaking into the acting drama soaps Are you in the marrying mood or are you married and if not waiting for my best actress Shin

khady Oppa I hate you but I love your talent keep it on. I pray you have the strength to do more and produce more.

Roona I lovee you so muchh and especially ur drama's.. You're beautiful and heartstrings :')

lovely saranghae oppa you are so cute and handsome

beauty he's soo hansome

Novita SP YongHwa oppa... Saranghae...

This guy is so talented,,, i love jut the way you are oppa.. he can composed song, made song, play guitar, piano, etc i always support you.. hopefully your band, CNBLUE will know not only in Asia but also famous all over the world.. and make everyone who hear can be smile and love it...


Ureshii-Rei-Koneko I'm a huge fan, and loved him in You're Beautiful! The song he sang for the girl with his Acoustic Guitar truly melted my heart! My wish is to someday meet and glomp him! ♥

sudasi dewanga oppa fighting

        oh we love you soooo much.you are very famous among us (in sri lanka) i wish best of luck to you and your band. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deborah oppa fighting!!!

vev'vianna oyen oppa sarangae! <3

My favorite Jung Yong-Hwa ;)

You so hendsome and cute...

I like you so much <3 <3 <3

I'm so happy you birthday date and me so same .<

sarah why oppa is only getting 90% ? oppa i will love u until my dying day <3

Lorie How come Yong Hwa is only getting 90% of user vote? Kinda curious

ji min Oppa,I love you so much I'm so happy because oppa's birthday date is the same with me:-) B-) fighting oppa!!!!!!!!

Yongshin I searched for the ratings of Yong Hwa's new drama The Three Musketeers. It's getting lower. The reason? the channel that this drama is airing has few viewers. If this is a great drama w/ great actors, why can't they air it on a larger viewers?I am still crossing my fingers if this drama will have a good impact on the viewers.

suhaila sarangae oppaa

arianna oppa saranghae..I loved your new drama and of course I loved you too hehe..I like all of yr songs geshh I wish I can meet you directly...loved you can't wait for your new drama series... I wish your carrier will always be success and also your group cnblue saranghae oppa fighting!!!

shaira francisquete you're so handsome oppa! i hope i'll see you soon! i wanna know all the chords of your songs... haha!

Emz Paat I hope that someday you will be paired again with Park Shin Hye in a drama. please! please! please! CNBLUE is the best! love the music always touches my heart, very talented, your smile, your eyes...YOUR EVERYTHING OPPA!!! best band ever! keep it up. and more power to CNBLUE.

Fatima- Arab boice You are the best at everything: act, music, "dance :P".. I have seen each of your drama twice :) . "TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD" yong-yongie . If you just accept to act on the heirs it will be amazing :( I have watching you for 4 years, only you from all Kpop, and CNBLUE members of course. Your music make me high. Saranghae <3

Kyeldee My favorite ever!!!!!!! <3

Haphsarht Oppa you are so amazing,i totally love the way you act and the way you sing.Hope to see you in more series.saranghae!!! Haphsarht from Nigeria.

Yongshin I am excited to see your drama. I hope it will be a good drama. I hope & pray that someday you will be paired with Park Shin Hye in a drama that has a different style and story. I have watched Heartstrings for three times already and I am not tired of watching it. You and PSH has a good chemistry even outside the camera. I have been promoting this drama to all my friends all over the world and to my sister in Dubai. Pls.... make YongShin fans happy always by making another movie or drama with Shin Hye.

thara hi.i'm srilankan.i like u so much(i like ur acting in your beautiful* & heartstring*).ur singing is well(see my eyes* awesome song)

shayuri your songs can touch the hearts of your fans........... wish you all the very best.

Chayan Yong-Young & very talented musician!! Got a lovely smile, need 2 smile more in the series......... Don't turn OFF the reel with beautiful Park Shin Hye........**PEACE**

Chayan Yong-Young & very talented musician! Got a lovely smile, need 2 smile more in ur acting series as well...........Don 't turn OFF the reel best match with Park Shin Hye.......

Tanii You're first period drama! Congrats we know you'll do great! Yong hwa oppa fighting! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

ks Ur, great. ---STAY-the-COURSE!! YOU'RE A WINNER!

lissye chen I like this drama......this drana will playing at global TV (Indonesia)since 4 agust 2014

roxanne arca oppa. your so cute.!!!!

Tome Tao You are very cute, its even better when you laugh n it is cuttest when you try n hide ur cute unproper canine teeth with your hand. Keep it up. Its midning n i along wid my eldr n younger sistr jst finished watching your movie. We all have fallen for you n mostly a fan of your cute teeth. Hoping 4 it 2 b read by real you.

Grecia he is blood type B

F.S.N yong hwa is my love he is very very good..........❤❤

SUSAN Really....cant wait for IT.wish u all the best for your new DARAMA Fighiting

joy hello i admire d way u sing.kip it up fighting

oppaz fan another dramaaa....yipppyyyy i lv u oppah... ur very talented....Oppa fwightng.... Ajaah

jung ji wong i love you yong hwa i wish you all the best, enjoy living .. always be with your self i like you for being very talented and having vey unique attitude .. happy happy birthday ! you're my inspirationj because i want also be a singer someday.. just inform if you want another member of your band i am always waiting. thank you for being very great .. don't rush your lovelife just enjoy.

Han Jhie hi.......HAPPY B-DAY YONG-HWA!!!!!!!!!!...........i like you so much.........i love your voice...........im your no.1 fan here in the Philippines.....keep on composing good music.........hope to see you in person.......love you!!!!!!!!

aliyahnicole li hellloooooo jung hwa ang pogiiiiiiiiiii moh grbe......mahal kita im ur 1fan keep smiling alwys be happyyyyyyyyyyalways.........mwaaaaaaaaaaah...

Jaanvi Yong Hwa Oppa... your voice is sooooooooo cute.... love it more than your smile..... be happy....♥

Maryam saranghea jung young hwa...you beauty full boy ....bye i'm maryam from iran

Dyan Grecia who is Yong hwa's girlfriend?

Roselyne Your my admirable....and I like u mch mch oppa am praying one day to meet u

babie lou wheew!!!your s cute.im your fan...you know what your s s fascinating just like heartstring.you and shin hye look s perfect infairness.hope that i will meet u someday.saranghae idol...

mirou i m crazy about your smile so please keep smiling for me <3

tana oppa sarangae.i really enjoyed heartstrings.my dream is to meet you one day.you are handsome.i will always be your fan

divya hiii. i love your songs. they r just awesome. and also i loved u drama "heartstings" and u are also so handsome.

Lisa Hello oppa I love you soooooooo much and I hope that you will came to Sweden.

Cubano7649 Great acting, and very handsome, can't wait to see your next project. Good Luck oppa!

isabella You re wonderful. I love you. You music is the best

ivettemv I love your songs. You have a great talent. God Bless you for ever. I hope to see you on another drama. Your acting is real good. Sarangnae

감동 You are not an ordinary person for me

althea Oppa please come in philiphines i want to see you in p erson

khine khine kyaw Jung young hwa .....i like you songs and cnblue.so young hwa please come to myanmar .fighting young hwa.I'm always your fan....

Shirley Saranghae jung yong whaä;););)....me luv u loads,esp ur song....OMG drives me crazy,its even my ringtone....fightin oppaaa!!!

sowmiya you're awesome

Love Faizah I don't know what to say, because everything that I want to say is already here..we really admire you.. all I can say is, I hope someday if I'l given a chance, I will ask to meet you personally, because l really in love with your voice especially your eyes, if ever I want to sing a song with you ( duet ) I really hope so, keep it up! God bless you always jung - Love Faizah here from phils ♥

Mart Luther hi there saranghae jung yong hwa

Kwon Min Ji (Tonie) <3 Jung Yong Hwa-oppa! salangha!

ImSimple_One Anneyong Jung Yong Hwa Oppa ! ♥♡♥♡♥ Your so very talented one and some handsome. Your good in all aspects. I hope you will come back here in the Philippines again even together with you and the rest of your bandmates CNBlue. Hope I'll see you soon because I idolizes you in terms of playing guitar and also in singing. I love all your songs specially the OST of your drama "Heartstrings" (Because I Miss You ), (You've Fallen For me). I love your chemistry between you and Park Shin Hye. You did well in your drama "Heartstrings" it felt so inlove when I see you and Park Shin Hye together. I hope you have a drama again together.

Hope I see you Oppa ♥♡♥♡♥ ImSimple_One ♥♡♥♡♥ A Fan From Philippines :)

ma. leonora gurion first time i saw at "he's beautiful", but i really liked you in your recent drama "marry him if you dare". still don't know the ending of it, but whatever it goes, I became YOUR NO.1 FAN. Now, i will be looking forward to see "heartstrings" for sure.

Azhirr Eyy Bee I love You Jung Yong-Hwa! <3 Your the best guitarist and singer I'd ever known! :) Your very handsome! Hope that someday I'll see you in person. Best actor. Multi-talented boy! I Love Your smile especially when your playing guitar! Goodluck and Godbless... Love. Love. Love.

  • RizaBasada

wijdan OMG i just love you and your smile and your very handsome <3 <3<3<3<3i first saw you on you're beautiful, it was love at first sight,watched all your shows i wish you make more,the Best actor and Singer, love you so much. i hope you will read this :) <3

muzi ..i first saw you on heartstrings and i came to like you a lot..^_^ i hope you read this. i keep on watching it and i really like you singing.. i hope you continue your great job and always be humble. Godbless your performances.

hyesin I am not good in Music but you really made me interested to learn & play guitar>> I hope u visit us here in the Philippines! & have a chance to play guitar w/ u.. Heartstring

Nicholas Waiting for our honeymoon night ;)

joy hey . i hope you will read this . Im so Fan of you so much Promse .. I just Hope u can Best actor and Singer also . Hope to see you soon :)

Cing Vung I love u Oppa, I hope u can be in more movies as a main actor...cause I watched all the shows ur in and the best one is Heart Strings bc ur the main actor :) Love u

Abigail My favorite thing about you is your sincere eyes. you are very handsome, of course, you knew that already, but your eyes are very kind, and genuine! When you smile it just warms my heart. I hope you are like that in real life. I watched one of your music videos and was disappointed in the destruction and violence you portrayed with your band members. I really liked the song but was very upset that the MV was so negative! I'm sure it was supposed to be all in fun... I was sad that you seem so nice but did that. I feel like you could be an amazing role model for young men. Please, Please, Please do your best to be a positive role model for the next generation, you are in an amazing position...you can either help or hinder. Please do your best! I really do enjoy your music and dramas, I look forward to seeing them all! God bless! Abigail

Mary trev I love that you guys going to Mexico I'm Mexican ,American but I'm weird about you guy it's really dangerous it's been almost 10 years that we my family and I don't visit Mexico because all the crime in Mexico we use to go every Sumer it was awesome but now we are afraid to go well jest letting you guys know I'm weird about you guys if it was me I would not go but if you guys still going all prey for you and god bless my two daughter s are really big fans and that way I love your music your songs are awesome I think your really nice kids

gold Am one of ur fans in nigeria.just keep it up nd believe in God,seeing u doing dis we love u the more.FIGHTING!!!

yokka_ocha l love you jung young hwa oppa ,, l like your drama heartstring :)

maryam I am away from you but i'm not hopeless Your image is in my eyes in this moment which you are away from me I call your name again and again

나는 당신을 사랑합니다

jennifer ehis Yong hwa oppa is d best I love u

leena i love you yong hwa oppa ..

ng ♡♡♡♡ all the cnc very talented. .@yonghwa hope 1 day can meet u all. luv u voice.. luv u skill..

loveee ugh omg he's so cuuuteee!

Dane watching all his drama's. he is really cute

cassandra hunter He's so cute!! :) he has a really charming sweet face.

maryam yonghwa oppa is best

rosa so cute and like to see them both with park shin hye

love I love him...thank god he didn't take the role in the heirs it doesn't suits him....he is more a role in a boy next door type of drama....i hope he will be pair up again to park shin hye.... they are so cute together....

Sharon Awesome!!! That is one word that describes this young man. Not only can he act, but boy can he sing. I love CNBlue!!! He is talented and gorgeous.

Stay that way and continue to please your fans. You are awesome now, and will continue to become "great" with the help or your fans, friends, and family.

ming ning I love you Jung Yong hwa!! Soo sweet

farah i like the story . . .park shin hye and jung yong hwa . . i love you two . .

chisexy MR handsome...hope to see u someday

@U Pleas a third drama with Park Shin Hye <3 <3

Maybe Dream High 3???

Miss !! I love you Yonghwa! I hope to see you in more dramas

nou He is sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!

qiube i always love all of you, the begining of your voice,act ... the Best for you, Yong Hwa oppa ... Do The Best .. :D

Tani I really love your voice & act.you have a unique voice Yong Hwa.good luck! Be the best...

me :) I really really love Yong Hwa! His voice is amazing!

I don't know why but I think he looks like Namgung Min from "can you hear my heart?"

Keybored Monkey Jung Yong Hwa is a all-rounded entertainer in the media industry. I first knew him in his role in "You're Beautiful". He's not only talented, he is also blessed. Haha, I feel like I'm writing a report card. He has chosen roles that appeal to us overseas audience. And with every character he plays, the more his acting skills are improving. He is most capable of choosing drama that he can portray. Se Joo oppa, I hope the ratings are going to shoot off the charts!

pig-bunny Heyyo~! Lee shin's birthday is cominggg! Well... I love you in every way. I'm one of your fans who fell in love with your majestic voice, great personality, amazing talent, and triumphant beauty. I wish you all the best for your career, Jung Yong-hwa! :*

MD You are so awesome in everyway. You are a god on stage! But please choose a better project in your dramas. Marry me if you dare, sucks big time...Not your fault, your acting is getting better each time. But please..... leave Marry me if you can , if you can. On the second thought, no don't leave it. You are the ONLY and ONLY reason why I am tolerating that drama. Don't get me wrong, most of the actors and actresses are A-OK, but the story line is BORING!!!!! Thank God you are part of it, otherwise it will go down, way, way down below.

sorour sarang he yong hwa oppa...^^

Nyx Fell in love with his sexy voice!

kl I dont like your ating. Go back on stage and sing, that suits you better.

mira hi:) i'm one of your fans.you are really good looking and handsome.your voice is amazing.more power to your career.LOVE U from Iran-Tabriz.OPPA FIGHTING (0 _ ~)

mira hi :) i'm one of your fans.you are really goooooood looking&handsome.your voice is amazing.love you from Iran - Tabriz (0 _ ~)

nena Love to àtch di

Khuncho Very handsome actor. Handsome in his every movement. He has flawless acting skill. I wish he will be a first lead actor in next drama.

sahel you're my man.saranghe!fighting ♥

berine dela cruz oh jung yong hwa you are so handsome i am a huge fan of yours...

nasi park seju oppa.. i really love your new drama!! (marry him if you dare).. this drama remind me to kang shin woo.. hope you'll not be like shin woo.. :'( ... yonghwa hwaiting! XP

YONGSHIN Saranghe Yong Hwa opps.. hope you can film new drama with park shin hye :)) PERFECT COUPLE ><

kilanna worst movie he was on was he's beautiful they could of pick someone else to play that character . in heartstrings he was perfect , so love how he act in it .. sigh .. (♡•♡) .. wish I was that girl kissing you . sexy lips .

ricabhebz anyeong haseyo, oppah...saranghae...unjaena..youngwonhee ...just like minho oppah, love u too...daebak!!!!!! eodiya????bogoshipoyo...♥

Preshy23 Hey yung hwa! Whatsup wit u? Anyway i don't really care... Just wanna comment on your movie "heartstring" mehn! That movie is supercool... Keep it up.. If im to rate the movie over 10% i'lld rate it 100%... And try to chat with your fans once in a while... Thank you for being a star, i can see you even though you can't see me....

                              Precious from

Aja(fighting)...<3.... Come and perform a live concert here in nigeria..

Preshy23 Hey yung hwa! Whatsup wit u? Anyway i don't really care... Just wanna comment on your movie "heartstring" mehn! That movie is supercool... Keep it up.. If im to rate the movie over 10% i'lld rate it 100%... And try to chat with your fans once in a while... Thank you for being a star, i can see you even though you can't see me....

                              Precious from


Genevieve Jung Yong-Hwa is a talented individual. His music (with his band CN Blue) is great to listen to, and his acting makes you fall in love with him more and more. He is good looking and is very popular with the ladies. Also, he seems very hard working and puts great effort into his works.

Like his other fans, I wish to one day meet him. But it's a wish to get to know him for who he is (good and bad), and not the different characters he portrays. Less so about his public appearance but who he is inside...

Alas, this falls on deaf ears...I doubt he will read this (regardless, this will sound like any other fan-mail), and I doubt we'll meet in this lifetime.

ivettemv I love all his work. I hope to meet him some day. I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm addict to Korean Dramas specially. I have seen all he's works and I like he's voice is unique. I wish you luck in all your future works. And God Bless you and your family. Here in Puerto Rico you have a sister.

Lisaa Boice! oppa concert in Jakarta yesterday will always be my dream! please come back in Indonesia! I was Boice! sarangheo yong hwa oppa! I love all your songs!!

Ubed Yooong~ Oppa fighting! Glad to see you in person, you're so handsome and talented. I love you even more. God bless! Saranghaeyo <3 ♥

winda I want to see you with park shin hye again,, i think that the best couple,, how about if you exchange with lee min ho in "the heirs". you in that drama and lee min ho in " future choice". heeee SARANGHAE JUNG YONG HWA OPPA :)

shirley love yong hwa in heartstring....im asian novela fan

DerpyBird wish Yong Hwa was main character of "Marry Him If You Dare"  :'(

Hasna I am not Asian drama fan but I thought to give try to you're beautiful there I saw yung join hua and park shin I liked that couple so left that drama after 4 or 5 episodes n watched heartstring and want to see hua and shin together a.gain


  1. daebak YongHwa oppa, i one of your fans, a boice too :D . Very excited to watched your new TVseries, "love me if u dare" . Hopely i can come to ur concert and meet you personally oppa :) . bogoshipoyo, sarang hae oppa....

Maloosjoon Yonghwa is my ideal man. How can I show him that I can be his ideal woman?

Anne hi oppa yoonghwa ~!!! i really really wanted 2 see u in personal i'm one of your fans in asian !!! i like so much YoongShin couples !! good luck 2 ur next drama "love me if u dare" sarang hae !! <3 <3 <3

vania jung yong hwa and yoon eun hye perfect couple in your new drama marry him if you dare sarang..♥

Emen Chan Only one word for Yong hwa...... # DAEBAK!!#. :)

teocx yonghwa!!saranghae!can't wait to watch your new drama!you're the best in all aspects!fighting!

xxx Yong Hwa <3 and umm fyi his birthplace is in Seoul; South Korea.

iris tan so happy to know that you have an upcoming tv series. good luck. im sure this will be a very successful one again. more power. :)

savannah Yong-Hwa Oppa! Saranghaeyo! Oppa fighting!

jung OMG i love him!!! you're beautiful, heartstring, even gentleman's dignity i watch because i want to see you >_< you don't know how much i like you yong oppa <3 hwaiting for your new drama!!! hwaiting park se joo

Angel Hello Jung Yong Hwa, I came upon your music and movies and loved it. You have such a great voice plus your group is awsome. Keep up the good work and i hope you are well. Take great care Oppa (0_~)v

elena Fighting 4new drama!!!

reah gonna watch your upcoming drama:) i think you're so good about music.. thats why i like you... i'll pray for your success.. stay happy and goodluck YONGHWA:) can i say iloveyou? ;) Godbless!

La However still support GOGUMA couple. Love Yong-Seo forever!!! <3

JC Saranghae oppa!!!! good luck on your new drama series even if ur not the lead actor u will always be the lead actor in my life!!! SARANGHAE!!!! <3 <3 <3

Maloos Please stop fighting about Park Shin Hae. This is JungYong Hwa's page! Lets show our love and support to our dear Yonghwa <3 Yonghwa, I am waiting for your new drama. We have KBS World in our country that shows the dramas with delay compared to KBS2. But I hope that I could watch "Future Choice" online! Yonghwa fighting! Your lover from Iran :*:*:*

angelica mae reyes hi :) just finish watching the full version of he's beautiful :) so nice! i like it..i hope there would be another movie that the four of you still in that movie :)

iris tan you're very very handsome and a very very good singer and guitarist. may i know if you recorded english songs as well? more power to your career :) i super loved heartstrings.

raye37 i loved your all your dramas and songs <3 supporting you all the way from canada!!!^^

dsquid yo dude u rocked ur beautiful.rock on. Will be cheering u on from way over here.

mhel hi ..

mhel here from philippines.I'm one of you fan.. since i watched you in he's beautiful i started to know and search all the information about you .I even finished the entire episodes of heartstring before it was released it here in philppines:) .. i miss you so much !

Aya - You really love your self don't you? Well I am happy for you, but you don't actually care that much. And you might not know me! I am a girl from Norway who loves you for who you are! But then again you are not going to see this coment any way! Hope you will notice me one day, and say that you love me back.

grace anne I can't wait with your new drama, we miss you in a drama. Pls. always take good care of your health. We love You!

mahtab oh my god....you are the best....i love you

Quynh I love you soo much! <3

ayunda good luck with your new drama Future Selection, hope the character and the story gonna be daebak! I will surely watch....

Jessica Love u sooooo much.!!!! me and ma friends waiting for new drama

Marian Happy birthday Yong oppa. Saranghae..Wish you luck.! Godbless.. I love yong oppa. :)

Iren 안영, 용화 오빠!! ^o^ I am a huge fan, and I just want to agree with everyone when they say you shouldn't get plastic surgery...you are so handsome and so sweet, and your smile absolutely melts my heart. Don't even get braces, because your flaws are what makes you you. I supported you as warm and sweet Shin Woo, and my heart cried for you when you didn't get the girl. I supported you as cold and haughty Lee Shin and leapt with joy as you found love. I will keep supporting you even as you grow old. I ♥ You Forever :) And, if you ever get the chance, please visit Houston, Texas... 사랑해요 ~~ God Bless You forever

Maryam 안녕하세요 정용화 씨 I saw you in the drama You're Beautiful You are so good and handsome and I wish you good luck

Sara_Ah OMG! His acting and singing skills are awsome and just wanted to say that there are many girls all around he world, that are falling for him. Wish you luck :D <3

selena Just wanted you to know ...

decelicious10 We've really fallen' for you uri yonghwa~ssi, stay healthy. !!!We will wait for your next "DRAMA". CNBLUE Bluemoon World Tour F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G !!! #foreverBOICE <3 <3 <3

kath Yonghwa, waiting for your new drama this year 2013, whatever your decision we are always support and love you. Pls. always take care of your health!

leaorosco I'm so excited to watch your new drama yong hwa oppa.!... It would be the best for sure... Saranghaeyo and Godbless.!;-)..

gita omg. i love you with park shin hye ....thank you

maya saranghae Yonghwa oppa!!!. All the best for you. Hope can watch your next korean drama soon.

aggie saarangae jung yong hwa.......love u oppa!!... pls. . do act in.. many dramas!... all .the best*..fighttttinnngggggg:));)

KittyKat How Funny I love him seen all of the shows hes in!

Mina 2 of the 3 he plays with park shin hye :) they both are good actor/ actress how funny but i like both the drama's they played

Katie I really loved your part and felt your pain when you didn't get the girl////Merry Christmas

shemin annyonghaseyo oppa!!! saranghae

sam oppa!..saranghae!.. it's my dream to meet you someday...

lynette too young to be so popular!, heismy # 1korean crush!

lynette he is really that handsome, talented one.,i wish i can see him...

allen love the way he act on screen, ,

sara Opaaaaaaa love youuuuuu

sara I love uuuuuuuuuuu Jung Yong-Hwa u the best

Даша I don't understand the fans ... you don't like ... you love only their masks ... all these films are just movies but you fan and you don't know how, then you can write and come up with ...of course it is a pity that you cannot learn in life ... You fan and after a few years you get married ... opposition get married and everything .... fatuous love ... but I know how now oppe and can certainly write you are super, but this score game))) Kak zhal ...

loralie i really love jung yong hwa:::: i cant really move on:::

xeniainez OPPA....SARANHAE...!! luv u sooo mchh....!! i'd luv to see more nd more of your dramas.... oppa...hwiting....!!

<3 <3

Roselle OH YES! Yong Hwa & Shin Hye fighting ="> YongShin / Dooley Couple forever

lee ji kyung annyong hashimnika!!!!! chonun lee ji kyung imnida..... you are so amazing.... i love your drama HEARTSTRINGS and YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL...... but i have one request.... as your fan..... i want you to have another drama.... if that's ok with you.... i will always watch your dramas.... but i'm only saying this because i am your fan ok? i love your band too.... kumasimnida..... annyonghi kasayo....

rayzy .yong hwa really rocks.! im your fan hu dreams to meet you.. i do hope that youll end up with lots of projects for ur career. kip inspiring us.. and also continue writing songs coz i really like those of. me and my sister downloaded ur songs and even concerts.. kipseyf yonghwa.. i <3 cn blue especially you :)

razel ur such an angel oppa..... continue singing oppa u can motivate others...

and ur so handsome

hwa young I love jung yong hwa &I think seohyun is very augly & I hope that she never love yong hwa & she want he just for money.I put jung yong hwa,s picture in my bedroom & I love he for ever,I can do every thing for he,I can die for he.i think that yong hwa need more than seohyun.If somebody have jung yong hwa,s mail,number.... please send it to my imail(carlsona367@gmail.com)(rnegin45@yahoo.com)(n.rahimi131002hotmail.com)

                                                                                         oppa yong hwa love &a big kiss for you

lee shin wife hi my love.. ilove you so much my lee shin.. haist.. please please ilove you so much ;(( i hope i live with you in the next life.. ilove you so much lee shin ko..

GuGuMa GuGuMa Couple FOREVER !!! support YongSeo FOREVER !! YEAHHHHHH

Viel 그는 우리 오빠.. 진짜 정말 좋아.. 용화 오빠 HWAITING!!

ps: whoever will be oppa girlfriend/wife,

    please don't be mad at me because Yong Hwa oppa lives in my heart forever :DDD

Charinna I WANT HEARTSTRING 2! :)) I can't move on I always watch this. For Short! "Hindi nakakasawa"

Bernard watching heartstrings

einjhel shin hye and yong-hwa oppa!!domo4x chua!!

lucy "iLoveYou.JungYongHwa.;)"


langlang you're the cutest! :)

JUNALYN Among all youre idol I'M THE NO 1



Jasmine Morcilla the beginning is beautiful BUT we dont likr the ending. it doesn't fit for a love story.......... :((

hahay nice teeth...hahaha.. ^^ reminds me of my cousin's.. very good actor and singer. : )

Gant Gaw Lwin I like your voice,your charming face,your acting,all I like it.fighting cute yong hwa

johanna jansen - yong hwa oppa )) you inspire me so much.. i hope I could see you soon.. see you performing live on stage.. saranghaeyo oppa !!

johanna jansen oppa!! please don’t have any surgery.. live the way you are.. because you are unique of being you ) saranghae oppa ! <3 hope to see you soon, hope to see you performing live on stage.. and hug you.. and tell you how you inspire me so much I can't get enough of you.. kumsamdida.. sarangahe yong oppa <3

nia hayubie woow your handsome and cool i like it^^

Sahara ANNYEONGHASEYO!!!!!!!! I Love You Jung Yong Hwa I am a huge fan of yours, from your roles as Shin Woo (when i first fell for you) and Lee Sin when my love only grew to your music. I love listening to you sing and love you just the way you are...as I know you from the dramas and the episodes of reality tv you were on, you seem like an amazing guy and I wish I could meet you, well Annyeo, and i'm looking forward to your new songs and any new dramas you might be in,

                                     with all my love<3

lolla My goodness, you are so handsome and hot...

marjorie loreno iiiii love you very much.....

i hope i can see you as my birthday gift

can you be.....

your movie was nice i cant avoid toh fall in love with you oppa....

be my inspiration...

faith Jung Yong Hwa ssi please dont ever have a plastic surgery. You look great. Dont do it with your teeth either. They make you look natural and honest. I hope you'll stay the way you are. God bless you. Sarangheyo...

sofe i loveeeeeeeeeeee u <3<3

missaja u in my head!!!

Aigoo DREAM CAME TRUE! :) shin hye and you had your own drama.. we demand more of the both of you! :) hihi mua!

sithmi I-love-you-soooooo-much-JYH!!!!!! I-like-your-smile-very-much!!!! I-like-your-acting-a-lot!!!! that-mean-I-LIKE-YOU-&-I-LOVE-YOU-Soooooooooooo-much!


MissSixx Jeong Yong Hwa (: Hwa=Hot, Wonderful, & Awesome

JokeR Anneyonghaseyo, YongHwa oppa!!! Saeng-il Chughahabnida!

miss aja yong hwa !!! ur husky voice killing me

rajes can't wait for your new drama with Park Shin Hye.... KEEP ROCKING DUDE!

cheng he"s so handsome

nian youre so handsome i like park shin hye for you

Meimi132 Shinwoo deserved to get the girl!! Taekyung's character was so grumpy/tsundere... Shinwoo was best!! I can't wait for Festival too <3

Sarah He was so kind & nice in He's beautiful.

jazz 당신을 사랑합니다,네 정말 잘 생기고

ndaaa im a loner.. is the best song for me... love u ^,~

aigoo hmm.. here u are shin woo... i have a question? why does it have to be the first one not the second one?? those who sacrifice always ends up giving up for their friend.. just like boys over flowers.. Jan Di and Jun Pyo ended up wd each oder leaving Ji Hoo sad.. why is it like that?? i mean ALWAYS.. we want something new.. btw.. u and Park Shin Hye looks good together.. hmm... ;) hope to see you both in a different drama.. ;)

miaGURL i like you as Shin Woo. i hope to see you in person.

kawaii!_rabbitPig OHAYO..MR.NICE GUY..:)i like you too,,,muaahh..can you be my brother???hehe,,sarange sensei..please take good care always..


rachmanitiya khadiva he is a cute............cool.........& handsome.love you 4ever !

apple ,,ahm,, your so handsome.. <3 many people like you,!!!! we love you shin woo

sharen youre so cute jeong yong hwa and you are also good in acting saranghe!!!! keep up the good works!!!!

eunice i like u so much...ur so cute in he's beautiful...ur like ahhm so kind...hahhaha...goodluck to ur career..godbless

saba my dear... you are so gorgous i'm irainian & i want invite you to traveling to my country i hope seeeeee youuuuuuu sooooooooooooooooooon i love you .... very... :*

mj i do really really want to visit korea..................................

nuPa.aadhar ii can't sleep at night

because i always thinking of you 

jeong yong-hwa. <3

(hahahaha) LOL

selly i love you Jeong Yong-Hwa

trina hi jeong yong hwa!!!!!!!!! i really like you in HES BEAUTIFUL DRAMA...... your character their as shin woo........ your character as a quite person....... you know when i watch the hes beautiful behind the scene....... i was surely know that you are really a quite person......... i really like you......

thats all........

sarang he jeong yong hwa!!!!!!!!

chin hae im so committed with you shin woo!!! love you so much!!! mwuah!


ghail ur so cute ..i reaLLy like u..i hope u can visit phillipines as soon,,

ghail hi so cute so much ,,i really like u.. i hope u can visit phillipines as soon as possible hmmp..

josah hello!!! One of your fans said that you look like ji hoo in Boys over Flowers..yeah i agree..are you related? hope you can visit here in the Philipppines...!!! see yah.....GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER!!!

mj i really admire jeong hyu-hwa!!!!!!!

mj i really admire jeong hyu-hwa!!!!!!!!

ms. nobody:) hi there mr. yong hwa hmm im one of the ah let just say . . . little fans!!! but im just want to say that i really like your performance in t.v screen it was so nice, i think you cant understand me but it was so real something just like you.... and one more thing just like i say before, stay what you are, keep down earth, and always dont forget about him.. our god godbless take care always:) and i hope you have a more and more projects to come....

glaiza hi!!!!! you're so handsome.......how i wish i can go to korea to meet you.....


zojen!!!! :) love na love kitahhhh!!!!

zojen!!!! :) annyong haseyo!!!! stay good looking,,, stay handsome & stay what u are..... i love u...

pauline hi your so very very over over cute...bye!!!


rowena and i want to make friends with you..pls...

rowena i like you... your sweet image.. hope i can see you in person..

shoony I LOVE YOU!!! wew! you are so hot and charming! be my prince please.. :))

anie take care always .. GOD bless. mwauhh

anie hi.. you know you're very gorgeous! take care always.... always be beautiful in an out. mwaaahh.

cyrill llovit so love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

maryl hi? idol i hope you hve plan to met me and vsit in the phils soon . as much possible now na . ill be wating for you  ? and i will prepred dnner ? me and you ? i love yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ? a million?

dimple i really adore you and i really like the way you smile.. i hope someday that we met.. i love you.. and i hope that we will be friends...~_~

Amy i LOVE u 。 u re my sunshine

joy your so hansome and so goooooooooooood looooooooooking

ailene oh your too handsome my gosh!!!!!!!!!!

rizka i adore jeong yong hwa so much!!! shin woo character in you're beautiful is so inspiring, and you played it very well! you look so kind and very warm, and you are cute too! and also your voice is so good! i was really upset when Go Minam end up with Tae Kyeong. come visit indonesia!! i love you!!

IE_CHA- I LuPp UuUuuuuu Jeong-Hwa........ Ur so cute n' handsome!!!!!

nnyjhie18 i LoVe u Jeong Yong-Hwa ..

uR soo cutE .. :) <3 u ..

jEn ft. ehm-jhay <3

nadya You look so kind and handsome in this drama. Its mean your act is very good. When you will come to indonesia an meet your fans??

Sarangeyo young-hwa

With love from indonesia ◦Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡◦

dina anjritttt... ganteng buangat sih lu!

katherine ..OMG..uR so Cute ..\wheeee lAvz yAh

mow ize shin woo... luph u fullll... cup cup muaach..!

wulan I LOVE YOU FULL JEONG-Hwa ( shin woo)

elsa i like your acting :)

rosma you is very handsome , , ,i love you . . .mmmuuuaaaccc

amels jeong yong hwa,, you're very handsome... very kind,, you're really my type i want to meet you !!! I love you... SARANGEYO .

veronica says youre very handsome sarangeo

kariza john i really wanted to meet you. you're my type..

leonie jacqueline waaaaaaa.....Jeong Yong-Hwa.... sarangeyo.......

junita jeong young-hwa i love you ,,, you so handsome n so cute .

i love you i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

sisi Jeong Yong-Hwa i love you...........................

pica soooo sweet... i'm very love you.... you so handsome... and feel comfort...

uwam i love youu .....jeong young-hwa

dawn i heard jeong yong hwa from cnblue likes seohyun in snsd..... anyway he act vry well...

Saranghae_Ediil OMGOSH He's PERFECTION. I Just Adore this Man.... He Can Sing He Can Act He's just plain HOT

With Love from Canada <3

denisse he is good looking

YONG-HWA LOVER (COCO) omo! i love youuuu... he sings and acts soo damn well... <3 <3 <3

with love from INDIA =)

Edith My goodness are you good!!! You look so in love with Go Minam in the show, it makes me belive its like that in real life. You are a great actor as well as the whole cast. I would like to work with all of you in some show in the future. I dont speak Korean but English and Spanish fluently. But I'm willing to learn Korean aswell. LOVE and best wishes from one actor to another. Edith, Hollywood CA.

angel i love him his so cute


meftun... shin woo hyong or uppa :D:D so cute...

a.n.gee shin woo oppa!!!...hehehe!!!

ZEYNEP ahhhh he is sooo handsome i love so much ^.^ oppaaaa saranghamnida ^.^

Stephanie I adore him so much ^^ I love the way he acts.. n sings.. ^^

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