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CNBLUE (씨엔블루) is 4 member Korean pop band. The group consists of Jung Yong-Hwa (lead vocals, guitar), Lee Jong-Hyun (vocal, guitar), Kang Min-Hyuk (drums) and Lee Jung-Shin (bass guitar). CNBLUE stands for 'Code Name Burninig Lovely Untouchable Emotional' with the 4 characterist words representing the 4 band members - "Burning" representing Lee Jong-Hyun, "Lovely" representing Kang Min-Hyuk, "Untouchable" representing Lee Jung-Shin and "Emotional" representing Jung Yong-Hwa. Before the band debuted in South Korea they went to Japan in early 2009. Their first mini-album "Now or Never" and their second mini-album "Voice" were released in Japan during the second half of 2009. In Japan, the band did street performances more than 100 times over a one year period.

In South Korea, the group released their first Korean mini-album "Bluetory" and made their Korean debut on January 14, 2010. Except track "I'm a Loner," all of the other songs were composed and recorded in Japan. The group made their TV debut on KBS' "Music Bank" program on January 15, 2010. On January 29, 2010 the group's song "Alone" ranked first on KBS' "Music Bank" show. The group's song ""Alone" was also brought into a plagiarism scandal. Korean indie band Ynot insisted CNBLUE's "Alone" copied their song "Blue Bird." The groups went to court and the final judgement was delivered a year later on April 13, 2011 by the Seoul Central District Court. The court sided with CNBLUE and that their song "I'm a Loner" did not copy "Blue Bird." CNBLUE released their second Korean mini-album "Bluelove" on May 19, 2010. On June 23, 2010 the group's first single "The Way" was released in Japan and their second single "I Don't Know Why" was released in Japan on September 15, 2010.

On January 9, 2011 CNBLUE released the single "RE-MAINTENANCE" in Japan. On March 21, 2011, CNBLUE released their first album "First Step" and on April 26, 2011 the group released a special repackaged mini-album version titled "First Step +1 Thank You."

Band Members

CNBLUE-Jung Yong-Hwa-p1.jpg CNBLUE-Lee Jong-Hyun-p1.jpg CNBLUE-Kang Min-Hyuk-p1.jpg CNBLUE-Lee Jung-Shin-p1.jpg
Jung Yong-Hwa Lee Jong-Hyun Kang Min-Hyuk Lee Jung-Shin



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Anonymous1996 Hope you all can come in the philippines, especially in Cebu :p

Anonymous1996 Hi everyone from CNBLUE! You'rethe best. I like your music they're enjoyable and inspirable, hehe um.. this kind of my first time commenting.

Loyal Fan Please don't break up.....I am glad that Yongwha oppa are doing great as a solo.... but you guys are the best.... best band ever..... its not because of your look; you all actually have talent

sandra norman Dear members of CNBLUE May God bless you.I learn about you true korean dramas,you have help me true my deppression,it's been 4 years since I listen to music,due to death in the family.Please take care of yourselves.May God be with you and your families.You have a special gift from God,keep up the good work.Your fan always:Sandra.

Irene lu yong hwa is the best singer I've ever seen, I love him so much although I am not a Korean. Jung yong hwa fighting

Renn Gatcha Saranghaeyo Jung Yong-Hwa. CNBLUE i love your music. Blue Sky is a very relaxing song.

ivettemv I love your songs. You are so passionate with your work and songs and I love that. I have seen you guys in some dramas. Specially Yong-Hwa & Min-Hyuk. I hope to see you some day in person. I am from Puerto Rico and you guys have a fan in the Caribbean. Saranagnai. God Bless You All.

ivettemv I love your music. I have seen all the dramas of Yoon-Hwa I love his work. You all guys are so beautiful an passionate with your work and music. I am from Puerto Rico and I love you all. God Bless You All. Saranagnai. I hope to see you some day in person.

mary I like your songs all , every night i fall asleep while listening to them.

najifa CNBLUE is the best korea boy band.... omo <3 jUngyonghwa oPpa <3

Kim Waaah ! You make me fall in love with your voices~ Saranghae Oppas :* .

mari loves oppa Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CN BLUE.You are the best.your songs are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.Saranghae.I cant stop loving you guys.

JASMINE yall are the best...wish yall could come to mississippi one day....yall are the best!!!!FIGHTING

mary kate piado Dear CNBlue,

I love you CNBLUE! You're the best band for all of BOICE!! Do you agree BOICES?? (like me. BOICE,too!!) And I really love YongSeo Couple!! CNBlue is the best best best best best BAND ever! I wish you can read this CNBLUE and more BOICES!! I wish they can perform more albums and be famous all around the WORLD!!


Love, Mary Kate Piado <3 <3 <3


farah hehe , saranghae . . love you all . .

edvseck totally inlove with you all especially Kang Min Hyuk

Jessica fighting cnblue saranghae!!

babibulma The and of my life.. Ever... For ever... Forever!!! Always! S2

sahel CNBLUE is the best korean band! nomo nomo saranghe! ♥

Melisa Zuniga I love them sooo much!!! Cnblue, fighting! Saranghae yo! Yeongwonhi!!! Yonghwa oppa amd jungshin oppa, saranghae!!! May you always be in my dreams!!!

jane i love CNBLUE they are amazing band!! i love KPOP!!!

Maloosjoon I've love K-POP only because of CNBLUE since three years ago. I wish more success for these talented boys. CNBLUE fighting! You have a lot of fans in Iran and we hope to see you here some day <3

Kacie CN BLUE you guy are really amazing!!! keep it up.... love K-POP , cn blue ,

Kacie cn blue, you guys are really amazing!!!!! <3 .. your songs are so heart touching !!!

teocx boice Yonghwa oppa&CNBLUE!you're really genius!I love your music!fighting!

sanaz Hi, I am interested because the hwa Jung had learned to play guitar and I am happy that I reminded him play guitar. Yong hwa Best. I LOVE YOU ^_^

Amy Cnblue Can you Make a Music video With park shin hye Please I love you Guys

Maloos For those who want to watch all of the members sing, please watch the "Blue Sky" song that was held in ARENA TOUR in 2012. you can search it in on google or youtube easily and you will enjoy the music video in which all of the members sang!

noor love CNBLUE very much .. you are genius musicians ....very talented ......and of course handsome .......I love all of your songs ,very catchy ......hope to attend one of your concerts one day ...........I just want all of you to have a song that etch member has apart on it ...Boice for ever

mahtab jung yong hwa..... you are the best

non sibi Please give a chance to CNBlue bass guitarist (JS Lee) to sing a song by himself. I found out that the drummer, MHKang’s voice is super too :) I enjoyed listening to him singing a ballad song while playing a jembe drum :) Keep up the good work and FIGHTING !!

non sibi I think they are genius musicians despite of their young age. I’ve watched some of their 2010 and 2011 concerts on Youtube. I love watching them sing, rock and ballad songs, while playing their music instruments, guitars, drums, or jembe drum. Luckily some of the videos have English subs, so I understand what are they singing :) I am looking forward to their new songs in the near future. Keep up the good work and FIGHTING !!

nisa I Like it leader cn blue JUNG YONG HWA.By the way jung yong hwa u play the movie again

nisa cn blue I love you much much

nisa oppa yong hwa and min hyuk i like it.I wait for a concert in Indonesia

kjriz i really love jung yung hwa. his voice is captivating.

emy so very handsome heheheheheheheheheheh

deecy oppa., jung yong-hwa .. i love the way you sing in heartstrings and also kang min-hyuk you cold voice is good .. your band is better., FIGHTING.. sanrangheyo ..<3

deecy oppa., jung yong-hwa .. i love the way you sing in heartstrings and also kang min-hyuk your cold voice is good .. your band is better., FIGHTING.. sanrangheyo ..<3

charity paler super handsome....... all boys of cnblue love it!!

charity super....... hand some..... love it!!

charity super...... hand some..... love it!!

melis Lee Jong Hyun please make a solo slow album. Listening to you make me feel deezy. A happy unconsciousness. Thank you for singing.

faith I believe you're not just talented and good-looking. You're also such nice guys. I'm from Turkey. İ dont know if there are many fans of you here but I would like to go to a concert of you someday. Take care of yourselves...

faith i've seen sn interciew of Yong Jung Hwa with a stupid lady. she said they had many fans because of their cute looks. i dont think thats fair. they make really good music. thats a fact there are lots of groups in korea that dont have ability and just have good looking dancers. but cnblue is not one of them they are good singers and also brilliant composers. i dont accept that kinda coment about them. ever! by the way CNBLUE sarangheyo keep being successful

missaja cn blue the best!!!! keep up good work. malaysia boleh!!!

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