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  • Drama: Heartstrings (English title) / You've Fallen for Me (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Neon Naege Banhaesseo
  • Hangul: 넌 내게 반했어
  • Director: Pyo Min-Soo, Lee Min-Cheol
  • Writer: Lee Myung-Sook
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 15
  • Release Date: June 29 - August 18, 2011
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set at an art university, the youth romance drama "Festival" depicts the sweat and tears of students who run towards their dreams of love and friendship.

Kyu-Won (Park Shin-Hye) is a bright girl and a highly skilled gayageum player. She is in the Korean traditional music department. Kyu-Won also comes from a family who has one of the three best pansori singers in the world. Shin (Jung Yong-Hwa) is a cold and refined young man, while being a highly skilled guitarist. He is in the applied music department. They come from different family backgrounds and have an argument, but then start to like other.


  1. Early working title was "Festival" (페스티벌).
  2. A contest was held on MBC home page to name the drama series. Out of 4,000 submissions the Korean title "Neon Naege Banhaesseo" (literal translation "You've Fallen for Me") was picked.
  3. Park Shin-Hye was involved in a car accident on July 18 at 11 pm. The car in which Park Shin-Hye was travelling in bumped into a guardrail. After the accident, 5 people - including Park Shin-Hye, her manager and stylist - went to the hospital. She came back to the filming set on July 20, but went back to the hospital on July 21 because of pain in her neck & waist. The hospital advised Park Shin-Hye to rest. Consequently, episode 8 scheduled for July 21 will not air until the following week and in its place a "Heartstrings" special will air invcluding highlight scenes from the first 7 episodes.[1]
  4. "You've Fallen for Me" takes over the MBC Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Greatest Love" and will be followed by "Can't Live With Losing" on August 24.


You've Fallen for Me-Park Shin-Hye 1.jpg You've Fallen for Me-Jung Yong-Hwa 1.jpg You've Fallen for Me-Song Chang-Ui 1.jpg You've Fallen for Me-So E-Hyun 1.jpg
Park Shin-Hye Jung Yong-Hwa Song Chang-Eui So E-Hyun
Lee Kyu-Won Lee Shin Kim Suk-Hyun Jung Yun-Soo
You've Fallen for Me-Woo Ri 1.jpg You've Fallen for Me-Kang Min-Hyuk 1.jpg You've Fallen for Me-Lee Hyeon-Jin (1985).jpg You've Fallen for Me-Im Se-Mi.jpg You've Fallen for Me-Jeong Kyeong-Ho (1972).jpg
Kim Yoon-Hye Kang Min-Hyuk Lee Hyun-Jin Im Se-Mi Jeong Kyeong-Ho
Han Hee-Joo Yeo Joon-Hee Hyun Ki-Young Cha Bo-Woon Koo Jung-Eun
You've Fallen for Me-Shin Goo.jpg You've Fallen for Me-Sun Woo Jae Duk.jpg Heartstrings (Korean Drama)-Lee Il-Hwa.jpg Heartstrings (Korean Drama)-Moon Ga-Young.jpg Heartstrings (Korean Drama)-Lee Jeong-Heon.jpg
Shin Goo Sun Woo Jae Duk Lee Il-Hwa Mun Ka-Young Lee Jeong-Heon
Lee Dong-Jin Lee Sun-Ki Song Ji-Young Lee Jung-Hyun Im Tae-Joon
Heartstrings (Korean Drama)-Jang Seo-Won.jpg
Jang Seo-Won
Lee Soo-Myung

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-06-29 1 NR 8.8 (17th)
2011-06-30 2 NR NR
2011-07-06 3 NR NR
2011-07-07 4 NR NR
2011-07-13 5 NR NR
2011-07-14 6 NR NR
2011-07-20 7 NR 7.9 (18th)
2011-07-27 8 NR NR
2011-07-28 9 NR NR
2011-08-03 10 NR 8.7 (12th)
2011-08-04 11 NR 7.7 (19th)
2011-08-10 12 NR NR
2011-08-11 13 NR 7.9 (18th)
2011-08-17 14 NR NR
2011-08-18 15 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  • Most Popular Actress (Park Shin-Hye) - 2012 (48th) PaekSang Arts Awards - April 26, 2012


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Izza i know it.. what a rating,, dont believe it,. NR? for such a good and great drama? although at first i was hesitate to watch this but after a few episodes i was so hooked specially for Yong-hwa,.now i love CN Blue :) i also download his WGM..

mashuna this such an amazing yet fantastic korean drama..The story was so nice and the characters are well played. Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa did a great job. They have excellent chemistry! I hope to watch more drama from them. God bless! :)

heart strings this is the best drama i have ever watched.I am really angry of this drama not getting any awards. i wonder whether there are only fools in this world.I hope at least,it will get even 1 award . please vote 4 this wonderful drama.and also don't 4get to watch it.

go heaven love the drama ! love the chemistry ! please guys watch this drama. it's so beautiful. all the songs , i luv it. heartstrings is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lively. BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST DRAMA. LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV THAT DRAMA !!!

sen BEST DRAMA EVER !!!!! . I really love this drama . please guys watch it , you really won't regret watching this. i watched this like a month ago, but it won't really go off from my mind. the songs and everything. yong hwa and shin hye please i hope they will soon come in another magnificent drama. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS DRAMA. you guys must watch it

Rouge Honestly when my friend told me to watch this drama I was like w.e it's prob boring, but in the end i gave it a go. AND OH BOY WAS THAT THE BEST decision ever. i Have re-wartched this drama 3 times. Most drama's don't have that re-watch quality even though they are absolutely great and a work of art, in the end it's just a one time watch. This drama on the other hand is a multi time watch. Its hilarious, loveable, sad, relatable to a certain degree. And the sound track is beautiful. I strongly recommend watching it, if you are looking for that rom-com re-watchable quality.

Krishi This was a phenomenal drama show l have ever watched.:)

Minz This series is one of those rare ones that you can rewatch and never get tired of. On initial viewing I liked it but after each rewatch I have come to love it. There may have been filming constraints due to script issues and Shin Hye's accident, however if you love a light hearted show that also tugs at your heartstrings this is it! It's strange how it's sort of sad in the initial epis though there are a lot of fun moments too, then later it really goes into the butterflies in the stomach, big smile on face happy category. The chemistry of Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye is one of the best ever. The music is evergreen and I still listen to it almost everyday even after all these years. Must watch for lovers of light hearted shows, the endearing cast is the cherry on top.

Lily This drama was soo good. If you didn't see it, than your missing out on everything. Go and see it now

prepre The drama is intresting the part I love most is the music(you are my star ) wel I dnt knw d meaning of the song but I like the music I mean d language part but I just enjoy the tone

yongshin lolz i re-watched you're beautiful and it breaks my heart seeing yong hwa not ending up with shin hye so i decided to watch this drama to soothe my heart. and this will probably be one of my faves :D esp this has my two fave actor and actress ;uuu;

naomi This drama may not the best but it's good to watch. I have watched this for more than 4 times and still never get bored.

marecar i like this story and drama and music at ang mga cast in this story ireally,<<<,,,,,realy like this story

Nancy I like this drama very much .. one of the best korean drama ... i like all songs and musics

suru how can it get NR..... it's better den the ones getting 1st.. I Watched it more den 10 times n i think it's fab...especially the leads.... talented ones

VINNI Heart Strings is one of my favorite KDrama.It was amazing.I used to watch this every time.Specially music is awesome.

CnblueKamenashi love YongHwa so much!!

CnblueKamenashi Heartstrings is one of the very best KDrama i've ever watched..watching over and over and over again i can't resist!! i'm so in love of both Park Shin CNBLUE so much and there is MinHyuk too!! thank you!! so daebak!!

raymond I love this drama a lot, keep it up.

Gokul this drama is very good and enjoyful,songs are very good and i.like soo much espcially lee sin,gyo won. i like the character gyo won&sin also....

Sia I love this drama and especially Park shin-hye and Jung yong-hwa!!

DestinyFate It's a cute story i'm excited naa! Hehe. I will watch this! When my tita give back the flash drive. Kawaii!

  1. HeartStrings

nishi It is a mindblowing korean drama which I love tha most.I keep re-watching it again n again.

DR.SARSAM wow!! this is one of the best kdrama. its very very very good. watch this movie

Swaby I can't get enough of watching this drama... I keep re watching it again n again...

deb i love this drama. a completely nice, the storyline, ost, all cast especialy Jung yonghwa & Park shinhye. such a lovely thing!!

dulmini sulochana pathirana I like this story.its vry lovely..:-)

roxanne melgo i always watch this korean movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10 times i watch this?????????????

saranya I really love this series.. We Indians love this drama so much... I like the role of song chang-eui..... Like u guys ...... Fighting..... Fighting....

adar I dont why but I never cry like I cry in that drama, its always exsating me. I'm glad there are people who know exsate me and makes me feel good. Keep at it. I certainly appreciate Korea:)

Ate Arlene Upcoming Min-Hyuk's 23rd birthday (28 June) and Heartstrings 3rd Anniversary (29 June 2014).

Olawale akanbi Woooow!! The movie is so intresting,i couldn't do anything when i started watching it,it captivate my heart i really learn much from it

Ching I love this drama so much <3 When I watch it My heart Warm Anh smile smile smile :)) Sometimes I Also Cry on this drama <3 I hope u can make Heartstring II >> 4ever Love Park shin hye & Jung yong Hwa << very Cute Couple :*** I also Watch this Drama More than 5 , 6 Times :****

Misha I really love to see Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, these cute couple, in more dramas.. I wanna watch this wonderful drama more and more :)

dadz . . . .i love this drama even though the ending is a bit lacking for me . . . . jung yong hwa and park shin hye looks cute together

nelly wow its really a wonderful film and..... i love it

Heartstrings I really love this drama...It is sooo special for me...I cried and laughed with this drama..Jung Yong-Hwa..Park Shin Hye..Fighting :)

kalaiarasi i really really loved this serial................ wt ya serial .........wt a love.......chanceless......i really admired.......i really love lee shin.....such a nice guy......and also lee kyu won......i watched morethan 5 times......

revi Is there have heartstring season 2 ?

Lara Soukarie I really loved this drama and I loved the most Park Shin-Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa.by the way I play guitar also and my brother plays piano

erry lon park shi hye nonna fighting

minnie i loved it and ive already watched it 4 times and would like to watch it as many times as possible <3 the cast , the chemistry and the city where they have filmed it .....muaaahhhhhh <3 u

Vidumini i love it can't you guys make a heartstrings season 2 i'm curious

Steph I really love heartstrings I've rewatched it about 10 times and I cried soo much

ane i really really love this korean drama it makes me feel happy everytime i watch it

mundeep i really, completely and madly and honestly fall in love with this drama...

boysflower i love this drama.i hope it will be show again.

roche I like this korean drama its not boring its good,

Wisegirl13 I for one adore this drama to pieces. It was my first Kdrama and will always be my favorite!

loveth heartstrings is a very nice drama and i will like to know more of park shin hye's movies

"mallows" I really love this drama and i really adore Lee Shin though he is cold hearted at first. I will never find this drama boring even if I'll watch it a million times or more!!!!! <3 <3 I love the story from the start till the end, and so does my friends!!!!!

ilovedramas i think i'm the only one who found this drama boring..how can anyone watch this drama 10x??

Tigerprincess Love watching this all over again. I soo love Heartstrings and Yonghwa.i hope he'll have another drama like this. I want to see him in a drama looking ruggedly handsome bad boy image.kkkk.

Kristine This was a refreshing series. I love how it's so simple and realistic, it's a beautiful story about first loves and reunion of another love. The music was amazing, I loved the singing. They definitely have chemistry.

hima bindu OMG still can't believe that I've watched this series for 7th tym... lovd them.. hope they spark vth new project.. lov u yongshin..... <3.

bindu OMG still can't believe that I've watched this series for 7th tym... lovd them.. hope they spark vth new project.. lov u yongshin... <3

ivettemv This is one of my favorite. I have seen it about 10 times en the few months. I love both Park Shin & Yong-Hwa. They have a good chemistry. They both have to do another drama together soon. It's the perfect K-couple. Where I can see the special episode? Thank you.

Clarkdale44 This drama was nice, simple romance story of two young people.. Nice change of pace for me.

Venise Is there a special episode for heartstrings? Yong hwa and shin hye really work together really well! Please let them act in a new drama again!:)

Swagprince micheal I love you all,it is an interesting and emotional drama,in love you are the best,good actors makes a perfect team,keep it going fighting.

Hanny Tandy Great story and cast especially jong yung hwa

kimbert hi! you know the mivie is so beautiful that's why i like.. :)

bindu lets hope for sequel... want this pair in new series.. such a cupidious couple.. lov u yonshin.. <3

lee shin is there a season two?

bindu i loved this couple too much... initially didnt like jung.. later i felt magical... now they r my no.1 fav couple.... 9 10 11 parts are the best lovd it <3 hope heart strings2 will air soon :)

mia hayate jungshin and Yoonmin is the best love team ahh!!!!!!!!!!<3 love much

Chepay Jung yong hwa vs park shin hye,,is very amazing the best couple,,love you

Jessica What is the piano background in episode 7 after they played the western music with the traditional music? Please let me know and it would be a big help if you could give me the music sheet. Thank you. :D

raisya when heartstrings season 2 coming son ?

Jessica What is the piano background music title?

Halisha Xooxooo swt movie........

jhean I loved this movie .. songs are so nice , the best .

anna park shin-hye n jung yong hwa SWEET COUPLE !!! DAEBAK!!! All song in this drama is the best !!!

Zaihnab I rili dnt knw but av fallan in love with yoo joo hee of heartstring.

KDRAMAS4EVER YOUR BEAUTIFUL BROUGHT ME HERE! cant wait to start watching hope its as good as your beautiful :D xx

iris tan super liked the show. Jung Yong-Hwa is very handsome indeed and is a superb guitarist and singer as well. i'll try my best to look for his other shows. Park Shin-Hye is also a very good actress. i felt very very happy after watching their show. :) more power to your careers..

azi I love Park Shin-Hye

OzFan4KDrama Heartstrings was a surprise for me. In the first few episodes, I have to admit that I was feeling restless especially when Lee Shin was persistently chasing up the professor. Also, in the first few episodes, he was always serious and moping. However, it started to pick up my interest from episode 3 and then Lee Shin started smiling and making jokes. I love all the songs in the drama. I would love to see Jung Yong-Hwa and Park Shin-Hye together again. It's such a pity that Jung Yong-Hwa declined to be in the movie "The heirs" with Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye. All in all, the movie is great and I have added another favourite Korean actor in my list.

Joyce heartsring is super amazing drama. I fell in love on this drama , I always watch it . again and again ..

YongShin couple is the best for me.

LOVE it ....!! always hoping for season 2 or another YongShin Kdrama

Jessica Jung yonghwa & kang minhyuk <3 haters. Get the hell out of here .......luv the drama

Raine Does anyone know the actors name who played Shin's real father?

tutu eye candy, bad acting (CN Blue guy) and dead fish chemistry

mia_hayate who is your girlfried ha........ I hope and wish that it is Park Shin Hye (:

feverforever @Sakura It is not a movie, but a tv show. And there are two reasons why there will never be a second season, that is because it had low ratings and almost all Korean dramas never get another season because they just don't do that in Korea.

Sakura And Pls pls pls pls pls give us a Second Season Of this movie....

Sakura The best movie. Loved it so much.. Made me to feel haapy,cry,smile... The best ever cute love one can experience. Park Shin-Hye & Jung Yong-Hwa are amazing.. All the artists have given their best in this. Hats Off everyone.. Great Job!!!!!!!!

Christina I loved this show. I was hoping there would be a second season. I am glad I got to see the main characters together again. Thank you that he got the girl in this one.

ran i really really like this drama they are really awesome i hope that i can see them in other dramas, too :D

angela i really love it

Tina LOVED the drama!I really really really loved it!Park Shin-Hye & Jung Yong-Hwa are both amazing...<3

loralie suan lee sin is so handsome:>> i love jung yong hwasaranghae

Viny i like Park Shin-Hye & Jung Yong-Hwa since "you're beautiful good idea to get them in this drama. they are sooooooo cute hope that they are real lover.this movie is really really romance like a dream.

NinjaBride I really liked the plot in this drama. I must admit the first 4 episodes were a bore and in episode 5 is where the story starts to pickup. It's very annoying how Shin wastes his time chasing after the professor in the first couple of episodes even though she shows no interest towards him, that was very annoying. I like that Kyu-Won is very passionate about her own genre of music and that she even challenges Shin. I felt hat both of them did a great job and they had very cute moments. Heading towards the ending the plot kind of goes downhill and the ending is nothing to brag about either. Anyways the cast was great and I especially loved the grandpa with his stories lmao.

ahhmm... heart strings is an amazing korean drama. Itz the sweetest and one of my favorite korean drama. I like episode no. 6. Because whle raining in fr0nt of a musical instrument st0re, lee shin puts his hand where the rain dr0pz. And the last episode, oh my its an ad0rable kiss. Actually i watched heart strings so many times. I was being repremanded by my parents. (sarangje) heart strings, esp. Ms. Park shin hye as lee kui yan and mr j0ng y0ng hwa as lee shin

joeremy i love jong and shin they are very sweet.

joeremy i love jong and shin thay are very sweet.

Baby Luv where can I get the soundtrack of all song from this drama??? Please really like to own it..

Baby Luv they are perfect together...love them very much....if only the story can be longer..I have been watching this drama over and over and never get tired of it...really love the drama...

julia perfect movie...(heartstrings)...

julia i love lee shin................<3<3<3......

justine penalosa jung hyung hwa youre so cute and handsome,i love youre movie.

aira mae kang min-yhuk, lee hyeon-jin, jung yhung-hwa all of you is super cute

joan i love heartstrings <3<3<3

Consus It was okay drama too bad it was cut short because of Park Shin Hye's accident. I had a feeling the producers were trying push "He's beautiful" failed love into a kind of what if role for the characters in this one. Both actors are also talented singer and musicians, it would be nice to see them paired up again in something that was not so poorly written.

Yllarie CUTE STORY! :"""""""> Jung Yong Hwa && Park Shin Hye Forever! <3

angelica alegre i love lee sin... he's so sweet. right now... you cannot find a man that cares a lot for his loved... haaaayyyyyyy.... hope that someday i will meet someone like him

Kristine Im gonna Miss HeartString Specially jung yong hwa & park shin hye .

i also miss the Love story of Woo-ri & Kang min Hyuk

stella18 ..i love heartstring... nkakamizzzzzzz..... ending na kc...... .. nice ending... <3 it..!!!!!!!!!!!

einjhel Omo..What a nice drama series...IM going crazy...hoping they were really had a relationship..they really looked awsome and so sweet

wendy ang ganda talaga..........syang mag wa2kas nah ang galing nila park shin hye and jung yong hwa hooohhohohoho

wendy ang ganda talaga hohoohooooooo.................sayang mag ta2pos nah sa friday naka2kilig ang galing ni park shin hye andjung yong hwa naka2kiliggggggggggggggggggg...........................

bahar it's another nice dram of park shin hye and yong hwa. i like them.

jenni i love the story and how the lovers portrays their love to each other..it really shows in a relationship the truth, honesty, faithful and respect...lee shin is very understanding and calm boyfriend and as well of kyu-won..they manage to be together and solve problems easily...they listen to each others side before making any conclusion..their love relationship is very ideal...i hope their will be a second season for this story..i'm looking forward for it..

mary joy i really love it!!!!Jung Yong-Hwa you're so cute

yongseoshipper i only watch this because of JUNG YONGHWA and the hot teacher played by Song Chang-Ui =)

Jessa Fel I love HEARTSTRINGS.....

elenggay no words can express how much i like this koreanovela. it made me laugh, smile and cry at the same time! good artists! :)

elaisa love it vEriiieee muCH... NKAKA-ADIK!... cant w8 2 watch da NXT EPis0de nyahahaha...

kerence that was awsome!!!!!not that boring like other...N.A.T.

haedice18 ilove lee sin!! so cute oppa! and also the drumer!!!!

ariane i really love this korean drama ! :D

wannie i love it. Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa = the best couple..

i love Heartstring ^^

Diana Catubo I LOVE HEARTSTRINGS!!!!!!

Angelracs i love it!! i also wanted to see them in personal,,, (",)

jecel Super Ganda!!Kilig to The MAX!!!Ang Galing talaga!!!

anne ...i really love it......i hope my part 2 ...jung yong hwa ,you're so handsome..saranghae

april jane the story was very amazing, super kilig and fantastic. I really love this series. :)

diona i LOVE it!! i like jeong hyung hwa ... crush na crush ng buong mundo....:D

saskia I love Heartstrings! SUper like Jeong Yong-hwa. he's so cute and sweet! Keep safe always and GOd and Bless.

cutie oh gosh!!!! i watch it,,and it really really nice.. its funny,sweet and musical.. i'm excited to see it in Philippine t.v ....

  • _*

kawaii gosh! i already finished it :)) it makes me cry and laugh .. LOL :* i really ♥ LEE SHIN..

cho kara OMO! yobeo jung yong hwa is so handsome && cute... bgay sila ni Onnipark shin hye. andon dn pla c cute drammer ng CN Blue c min hyuk w/ their vocalist jung yong hwa..iloveit<3

flashly plz. hope theres part 2 :))) saranghae heartstrings :)))

tsirimi hope theres a part 2 for this... love heartstrings sooo much... xoxo

tsirimi sana may part 2.... super kakakilig...

lolligurl i really really love this koreanovela!! i love oppa jung yong hwa!!! the story is soo sweet!! heartsring is my number 1 koreanovela ever!! hehehe <3

lolligurl i really really love this koreanovela!! i love oppa jung yong hwa!!! the story is soo sweet!! heartsrig is my number 1 koreanovela ever!! hehehe <3

mary khent bayaga .....yyyyeeeessss,,,very excited na tlaga me to watch heartstrings,,,,....super kilig tlga ito...so wont never ms eoisode...love ot...yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!

CARLA MONTES ....wooooooo!!!!!!!wat a nice koreanovela....yeeeheyyy,,,mapapanood ko naNAman ang one of my favorite koreanovela...woooooo...tutunghaYAn ko tlaga ito..yeeeaaah,,.... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAriA NIÑA BayAgA ....yeeeeeeeeeeahhhh,,,,,im very excited na to watch heartstrings....wooooooo...this a nice telenovela ive ever known...LOL..

Jean Carin Don't miss this drama.....

and also this how important Music is..=)

Jean Carin YEs!! Heartsrings nah......... Guyz nood kayo ha wag nyo tong palampasin.......

I'm sure you like this Korean drama......
This is so awesome Korean Drama I've ever seen....I LOVE IT!!!


angel lat I LOVE IT!!!!!!!:D

henna Heartstrings that ever known as Festival or You’ve Fallen For Me, is going to airing a few days ago. Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye who played on He’s Beautiful role. They come along together in this drama is something that already missed by people that hope for their togetherness in He’s Beautiful.

henna it so beautiful story it is talk about music Heartstrings that ever known as Festival or You’ve Fallen For Me, is going to airing a few days ago. Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye who played on He’s Beautiful role. They come along together in this drama is something that already missed by people that hope for their togetherness in He’s Beautiful.

Sharon Park MY FAV DRAMA EVER well....... after dream high. But i truly love yonghwa oppa and shinhye unni. I want them to to come out in a Third drama 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

rejj whoa!!i love them...PSH and JYH....hope there will be season 2....

yongshin make a seond season pleaseee!!! they are like my friends. i miss them and wanna see.

fan thanks to everybody who made this amazing drama. Thanks for getting together Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. it was nice to watch a nice guy with Park Shin Hye also. I dont mean just in the drama. After an asshole, Jang Geun Seok (meaning real life) i guess she could be comfortable with a kind guy, Jung Yong Hwa

Princess Ohh ... I love this drama so much ! I've waited for this so much . and now i'm on Episode 11 :) Ohh KILIG MUCH :) I love JUNG YONG HWA and PARK SHIN HYE.. NICE COUPLE >.<

Hnin Zet Phyu I like this series with his songs.If will be lucky, i want to listen this songs again.Because i like korean songs very much.

jhamaiifromPHIL whoah ! this drama is so cool !! i really like it ! nakakakilig siya ! you should see this !!dont miss it !! :DD KANSAHAMNIDA !

clang2 I supah love this drama!!!

meg Such a cute drama! I loved it :)

Sleepy Do you know if there's anywhere we could petition for a season 2? >< Since one episode was cut... The ending's kindda rush. It'll be nice if there's a season 2 ^^

YenNie Nice drama.. Really nice couple.. JYH and PSH.. Hehe.. But.. Anyone know the title of last song that Yong Hwa create at the last epd? Share it please!! ​☂hαñK Ψσù

fatihah_kimbeom yong hwa oppaaaaa......luv u damn muchh...u r very cute 4 me....saranghae-yooooo..... LOL:P

ToMee I Love This Drama, I Love "Heartsrtings".. I hope this drama will be extended to more episode. I hope it will be 20-25 episode. I Love Park Shin Hye, I Love Yonghwa, I Love Minhyuk.. they are so cute. I Love their acting, love their voice... Good storyline.. I Love Kyuwon-Leeshin couple... ^^

anne episode 8 ~ come out alreadyyyy! XD

pa omg noooooo Park Shin-Hye in car accident :(((((( i wanna watch episode 8 :(((

K-lover aaah, finally ♥ I´m gonna watch it on YT today...yay love u Young Hwa and Shin Hye. I hope the rating will get better <3

pigpigpigpig You guys r so cute together :3 this time go for it Yong-Hwa ^^ love u oppa !!!!!!!

rozeitt no!! me too.. huhu..

yoorie Am i the only who just wants to see this drama because of Min Hyuk and not because of Yong Hwa and Shin Hye??? hihihi... (n_n).. just curious... *well, since Min Hyuk is my CNBlue bias*

ftgtjh_officialgirl hmm just waiting for the dvd to come out.. i think it'd be a gr8 gr8 drama!!

Asiandramawatcher OMG!!!!! IT COMES OUT ON THURSDAY!! So excited, I hope it turns out good, cause I'll be very disappointed

MissSixx I think this is going to be a great drama. I can't wait to see it :D

Lee Aw now I think they make a cute couple...I didn't really think they matched in You're beautiful but now they do.

Chrissy I've been waiting forever for this show to come out! Now theres only 8 more days till it releases!!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited :)

Mel lol next there will be a drama with lee hong ki and park shin hye :)

rajes Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa together? MUST WATCH!

Tanea trailer please

cnboice i freakin cant wait!!!!! one of my fav actress and actor!! they re gonna be together not like last time love love love you Yong and Shin Hye!!

snow_flower In You're beautiful they didn't come together but this time :D aigooo

mingail11 ..OMG!! Park ShIN hYE AND Jung Yong Hwa...i can't wait for this new drama.. :)

sarang^^ I can not wait for this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i Am so excited for it I really hope its good!!!


Best wishes to this drama! i Will absolutly love it no matter what!!!

chewgum can wait to sit and watch for hours,like you're beautiful last time.luv the actors very much.this drama will be the top drama.

pearl i just can't wait to watch this drama!!!! :D

razz lol shin woo finally gets go mi nam, except it's kyu won and shin this time. It was a heart breaker seeing him in you're beautiful and his unrequited love.

brielle fhew** i'm super excited for this drama.. Love Yong Hwa so much! FIGHTING!! ^^

Lilly93 LOL!!! This time he actually gets her XD That's kinda funny xD it's like they made this drama just so he would get her once xD

myr_ah I'll be waiting for this! It's time for Yonghwa to take the lead because I so hate it when he didn't get the girl in You're beautiful.

I'm looking forward to Min Hyuk's acting too. CN Blue hwaiting!

lillo I REALLY REALLY can't wait for this drama. Because I love Yonghwa and Minhyuk so much! I also want to know the continuation of Shinwoo and Minam's story. :D Dear PD-nim, can you cast Jonghyun and Jungshin of CNBLUE too, as cameos? LOL CNBLUE FTW. :P

modeofevasion what happens if seohyun is casted in this too? keke.

J4m where is the page for the contest title winner????

abegail happy to hear that paRk shiN-hye is haVing a neW dRama!!! i reaLLy loVe her siNce i watChed he's beauTiful> hope its not a heavy draMa seriES, liKe to sEe shin-Hye in a romaNtic coMedY roLe!!!!

LYY Yay! I totally love them both. I can't wait for this drama for the simple fact that Kang Min Hyuk of CN Blue is one of the drama casts as well!

Yong Yee Yay. Shin Park Hye and Jung Yong Hwa are finally playing a big role in this drama. After watching 'You Are Beautiful' drama, I fall in love with every actor and actress especially those two. I feel Shin Park Hye and Jung Yong Hwa are the best couple. Better if they are together in real life. They are very adorable. Love their characters in 'You Are Beautiful' although it is sad that Jung Yong Hwa cannot have Shin Park Hye. I am sure this new drama will be one of my favorite dramas.

glaiza im so excited..im def goin' to watch this!!! yong hwa!!!! and park shin hye :3 yes!!!!

pm I love u minhyuk ><

tracy Minhyuk is in the cast too? Wow! I'm soo excited for this. I'm sure Seohyun is proud for her husband and of course she'll not be jealous about Yonghwa with Park Shin Hye. kekeke :D

Tracy Minhyuk is in the cast too? Wow! I'm soo excited for this. I'm sure Seohyun will not be jealous about his husband with Park Shin Hye kekeke.

jer can't wait for this! :) I'm just so excited :) and I love the plot and setting...

fighting yong...! I know hyun will be so proud of you :)

youngsee121 i,m glad thats you both will be a couple in new drama..yong hwa dont let sin hye 'gone' again..i hope you 2 be a real couple oneday..fighting....

youngsee121 i,m glad thats you both will br a couple in new drama..yong hwa dont let sin hye 'gone' again..i hope you 2 be a real couple oneday

tiffany saseumi uhhhh........ cant wait,,,,,,, kang min hyuk i love u!

Matsumoto Ran I'm definitely watching this drama because for one, it's a youth romance drama centered on music and two, because I kinda felt sorry for the role Yong-hwa played on in He's Beautiful (it was painful to watch for me) and I'm glad he gets the girl this time.

charmaine im so exited to watch this

msmilky whaa...jinjja!!!!!! you're very very luck yonghwa cause you have given a chance to get your girl....!!!!!! soo excited!!! to this drama :))

marifel all of you are right,so time really comes with jung yong hwa.good luck both of you.

livie im so excited and wow... i love them...

yasmine yes! they are in another drama together! I'm so excited, I hope they finally have returned feelings for each other and hopefully get together :)

kotakputih WEE~PSH n JYH. ThEy LooK SweeT anD CutE.

Riisa awww this is nice. Now Yong-Hwa will get his chance at his unrequited love. ^__^

Evilive Again together in a drama. Yonghwa this time you have to get her :)

gi24na I LOVEEEEEEEE IT...curious abt the second lead also..>__<

Gabriel Heeey! i want *¬*

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