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Park Shin-Hye was born on Feburary 18th, 1990 in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. Her family consists of her parents and one older brother. When Park Shin-Hye was in 6th grade at Hak-Kang Elementary School in Gwangju, she was advised to audition for pop singer Lee Seung-Hwan's music company "Dream Factory" by her English teacher at a private institute. Consequently, Park Shin-Hye went to Seoul and auditioned for Dream Factory. Through her relationship with Dream Factory, Park Shin-Hye began training as an actress, singer, and playing the guitar & keyboard. Her family also relocated to Seoul in 2001.

In 2003 Park Shin-Hye debuted as the main female character in the music video "Ggot" (Flower) by singer Lee Seung-Hwan. In the same year she also successfully auditioned for a role in the SBS drama series "Stairway to Heaven". Park Shin-Hye was picked among 250 contestants. Park Shin-Hye played the role of main character Han Jung-Seo as a child (Choi Ji-Woo played the adult Han Jung-Seo). "Stairway to Heaven" was highly successful and regularly received ratings in excess of 40%. Park Shin-Hye's entrance to the entertainment industry was now opened.

Although "Stairway to Heaven" boosted Park Shin-Hye's profile among the Korean public, the roles she took after "Stairway to Heaven" were initially less successful.

Meanwhile, in her personal life, Park Shin-Hye was pretty much a normal student during this time, frequently text messaging with friends and having picked up the nickname "Park Pig," because of her fondness for food.[1]

It wasn't until 2009, when Park Shin-Hye was cast for the female lead in the hit SBS drama series "He's Beautiful!," that Park Shin-Hye found herself in another hit title. According to Hong Sung-Chang, the director of "He's Beautiful!," Park Shin-Hye and her male counterpart Jang Geun-Suk were cast for the lead roles due to their bright characters and the way they both excelled at dancing & singing. Although TV ratings for "He's Beautiful!" were only in the low teens (as it aired opposite KBS2 mega-hit "IRIS") the show was a hit on the internet and among teens & young adults. The series was the most searched for title from SBS on Korean portals in 2009 and the four main actors were always in the top ten name searches for 2009. Park Shin-Hye has stated in interviews that her character in "He's Beautiful!" reflected her real life personality by about 80%.[2]

In 2010, Park Shin-Hye took on a supporting role in the romantic-comedy "Cyrano Agency". In interviews she did to promote "Cyrano Agency," Park Shin-Hye stated that with her young age and inexperience in feature films, she didn't feel the need to land a starring role.[3] Park Shin-Hye also stated that peers she admires is actor Park Hie-Sun & actress Ko Du-Shim.[4]


  1. Actress Park Shin-Hye will hold a 23rd birthday party & fan meeting on February 18, 2012 at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam, Seoul. At the fan meeting she will meet members of her official fan club "Starlight Angel" (별빛천사). The following day, February 24, 2012, Park Shin-Hye will have a fan meeting at Zepp Tokyo Music Hall in Odaiba, Tokyo. The meeting is titled "City of Angel" and is produce by her Japanese agency IMX.
  2. On May 11th, 2012, Cable TV channel Olive will feature Park Shin-Hye on its program "It City". The program will feature Park Shin-Hye's trip to Hong Kong.
  3. Park Shin-Hye appeared as a morning angel on popular variety show “1 Night 2 Days”. The episode which she appeared in first aired March 2, 2014.


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Renee park shin-hye should act more characters like her role in pinocchio. i love how straightforward choi in-ha was in that drama. and i think she is more suited for romantic comedy drama, or maybe i am just more fond of those kinds. anyways, i started liking her since miracle in cell no. 7 and, of course, pinocchio. i am wating for more dramas in the future!

pat 2000 thai i love you so much. wait for your new drama. i need to look you act in action drama.

Jeanne Over the last few months I have found watching the Asian (Korean)TV series to be such a wonderful breath of fresh air as compared to the terrible movies and TV shows/series produced in the United States. The Asian TV series and movies I have watched, about 50 now, have terrific story lines, great acting and some include music. What I guess I love the most is the true human characters in the stories. Funny, sad, beautiful and tender, I would say describes most of the ones I have watched. Most recent-"You Are Beautiful"- one word Fantastic! Jang Keun Suk, Shin-Hye Park, Hong-Ki Lee and Young-Hwa Jung all did a super job! I guess being a female I really liked the male actor Yong-Hwa Jung the best, and even went to You Tube to listen to more of his songs/alums. He has a stunning voice! Park Shin-Hye in my opinion is a stunning actress-excellent job! Being that I am American and only know a few words of Korean and Japanese I have to watch all of the movies with English Sub-titiles and miss some of the acting. But, I will continue watching all of the future Movies and TV series that I can get ahold of. In my opinion they are far better than what America has been producing for years now. (Way to much violence, terrible language,porn, and terrible stories). Sorry to say this but, once others watch these Asian movies and TV series they will see what I am saying. Other shows I have watched "Roof-Top Prince", "The Good Doctor", "The Great Queen Seondeak", "City Hunter" She is Wow", Easy Fortune Happy Life", Fated to Love You" and " Angel Eyes" are just a few and I have enjoyed each and every one to include Your Are Beautiful of course! Some have 18-30+ episodes and I am so sad when they end! To you all that acted in "Your Are Beautiful" keep up the wonderful work! And for all producers/directors etc: please keep these series coming! A BIG fan! Love hugs and kisses to you all! PS: Park Shin-Hye, I would have chosen Yong-Hwa Jung such a sweetherart! Shin-Hye Park was adorable too, as was Hong-Ki Lee.

LiquorOnline Hi, I am a big fan! so, what's she doing in 2015. Waiting..

Zie New drama please! I love you! <3 Better than her. You see.....I always see Suzy in some articles that she's one of the best actress(in her dreams) like wtf! For me, you're the best! Best for Lee Min Ho, Lee Jung Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Jang Keun Suk!!!!!! Best actress! Best role model! ❤

heart strings park shin i'm really a big big fan of yours . u must act some more. please please come out in another drama with jung yong hwa.and also i hope u will do your best in acting and beat that SUZY crazy person. ohhh! i really hate her. she get on my nerves please this is a request from one of your sincere fans " ACT THE BEST U CAN , BEYOND THE INTENT U CAN ! ! ! !

Gloria Park Shin Hye is the actress that got me interested in K-dramas. I think it isn't fair for people to say that she rides on the popularity of her co-stars! I only got to know the male co-stars after I watched her shows! Her kind & generous spirit is what makes her so special! I really like your acting & will continue to support you all the way! God pour out His abundant blessings upon you! Fighting!

Bill new drama for her please!!!!!!!!!!

nette angle indeed <3

Beverly Park Shin Hye ! She's my best drama actress.

Ashley A great actress and she seems very down to earth. If you see her interviews and bts stuff from the dramas you get a sense of sincerity unlike some other actresses (e.g.Suzy). She is also naturally pretty without needing plastic surgery.

Ardhata Nice actress . The young people who are talented, more power can be developed to be able to explore the acting character played.

But mostly , you have it and cute dear

Ashley A great actress and seems very genuine. I respect and admire the fact that unlike many other Korean actresses she hasn't succumbed to the pressure of receiving plastic surgery and is just naturally very pretty.

Rhema I love your acting and attitude. More grease to your elbows dear

shanieee she always wrenched my heart esp. in the movie, cell no7. she's very frckn lucky bec. she kissed the hottest guys on earth >:( but i still love her tho. whenever she acts cute, she's not over acting it unlike any other female stars. MORE MOVIES AND DRAMAS TO COME! FIGHTING GOD BLESS UNNIE :)

(may this letter be read by her)

MARRY I like your acting, but after seeing you in running man i was really disappointed!! because you were such a girl "oh see how god i am" "oh i'm the best"! kind of arrogant :/ I didn't expect that from you after watching 5 of your dramas!!!

PSH admirer :) I like PSH very much.. She is very gorgeous.. I like her acting.. Her dramas were very interesting.. I glad she didn't make anything to her face..she is natural beauty..wish you all the best, PSH.. And one more thing, I like to see you and Yonghwa together..both of of you are perfect couple.. ~FIGHTING~~^^

precious mountains Unni fighting....saranghaeeeeee

Esther "Take every opportunity that comes your way and most importantly have fun with it." Both Kang Ha Keul and you have remarkable filmographies and are optimists, fun-loving, trustworthy and professional artists. In my view, it will be a fun and successful production. I'm excited to see you in Happy Facebook. Beauty, what're you waiting for??

alivia rachma how to be like you? I want to be like you.

Tanny Read somewhere that you're considering teaming up with Kang Ha Neul in a new movie "Happy Facebook". Since both of you're from the same university and have worked for Yogiyo. Yes! That will be fabulous Park Shin Hye! Thumbs Up!! Go for it baby!

Veasna Through your projects, my impression of you is that you're someone who is very sincere, focus, considerate and helpful sexy pretty star. Park Shin Hye, I really hope that you will meet your other half who truly loves and cares for you by whispering into your heart and kissing your soul. "For it wasn't into my ears you whisper but into my heart; It wasn't my lips you kissed but my soul."

Meili I like your exuberant attitude toward learning. Fighting Park Shin Hye!

Aimee You are really good actress.. I Love all your drama series.. Two thumbs up :) I Love your partnership with Lee Jong Suk in PINOCCHIO.. You look good together.. I wished time will come you'll visit again our country PHILIPPINES :) I LOVE YOU UNNIE ^_^

Tuyen Can't get enough of you after watching your latest drama & film, PInocchio & The Royal Taylor. Looking forward to seeing more of you in your upcoming film Beauty Inside.Fighting Park Shin Hye!

dramakid Shin hye's popularity is insane.girl is freaking popular.she took d top spot from jang geun suk and kim soo hyun for 5 stars who sang ost

yuki I like you Park Shin Hye <3.. I love all your drama that you bring. Your face is adorable and pretty. I hope you do the best for your drama.. And I hope you be always healthy and happy.. I love you and I support you..

Shavon 생일 Park Shin-Hye, wishing you all the best.

Sukhye A picture speaks a thousand words because of the memories captured forever in a tiny photograph. Many times, a picture meaning is in the eye of the beholder. I find those pictures of you and Lee Jong Suk for Millet Spring/Summer 2015 in Fashion Seoul on 16 Feb 2015, are wondrous! To me, they represent friendships, fond memories, trust and comfort. You guys look superb together. Good choice Millet! Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!

Justin Tin You look so stunning with charming smile in Ceci March 2015 magazine. Can't wait to get a copy of it. Park Shin Hye Yeppoyo! Hwaiting!

Bobby Oops! please pardon me for some error in my earlier comments. It should be.... During your Birthday Event and Fan Meeting on 14 Feb 2015, we, your fabulous fans, are keen to go Italy with you. Like your idea of holding a two-day-one-night fan meeting too. Brilliant ideas Park Shin Hye! It gets me so excited... If possible, when will that be sweetheart? Spending more time with you... Guess there'll be many lovable fans who will sign up just to be with you. Joa!

Bobby Brilliant suggestion Park Shin Hye! I like your idea of going on holiday to Italy with us, your fabulous fans, during your Birthday Event & Fan Meeting on 14 Feb 2015. It gets me so excited... If possible, when will that be sweetheart? Wow! Shin nan da! Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!

ES Tan "Don't fall in love with someone you can live with. Fall in love with the one you can't live without." Happy Valentine's Day! Park Shin Hye Saranghaeyo!

Uncle Chuck I know someday you'll hit the higher caliber , and I'll back you up till then! Before that happens , just stay healthy and keep moving forward! Fighting vigorously!

cheyenne She's perfect in everything she does I'm just happy I'll see her again u really miss her on my scree everyday

hana I hope you will keep trying. I will continue to give support.

sid my favourite actress...awqesome in flower boy next from india.....i like you

honey First saw Shinhye in The Heirs opposite my oppa Lee Min Ho... I was really confused at her skills then but her role as Choi In Ha had her standing on solid ground in my opinion... The scene where he confronts her omma with a suitcase lugged was gold. Also, her chemistry with Jongsuk-ah was really something. Looking forward to you, unnie, playing in ha-like roles!!! You act best when you're given the shoes of an opinionated woman!! :) FIghting!

lana ahmed love you so much park shinhye fighting next job drama all the best

Mary First for all those haters that they said she's not a good actress & she's fake .. well hold on she's the most korean actress that have many many awards from her movies & dramas , She's the BEST & she deserve it well I'm a huge fan of her , 'cuz she's the first koren actress that i saw ,after that i became a korean fan of those dramas & K-pop ofc ,, keep going sweet heart you're the BEST Respect from morocco *-*

someone she has a weird thumb

Best Fren For being such a caring friend to colleagues around you, you deserved a forehead kiss (just like how Lee Jong Suk kissed you in Pinocchio) and a big hug from me. Daebak! Park Shin Hye Joa!

Best Fren Quote I read somewhere "It is during the worst times of your life that you get to see the true colors of people who say they care for you." Your courage to show your concern to colleagues, like A-Kor as showed in your instagram, ssinz7 during their difficult times just impressed me. In life, everybody has problems and bad times but knowing there is someone who care certainly brighten one's up. Park Shin Hye, you're just awesome! Saranghae! Hwaiting!

HyunHye Both Kim Soo Hyun and you look so good posing for the most recent 2015 Lotte Duty Free Valentine's Day Gift for Him. I could feel happiness from looking at the poster. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Park Shin Hye Joa!

shwetha gowda Wow your acting is beautiful and cute i loved it , i really loved Korean drama first time after watching Heartstrings am became you fan, even i was not understanding korean language bcoz of you expressions only i understand

Wish you good luck for your future Park Shin Hye

Yong Bok Park Shin Hye, I like your fashionable clothes, splendid jewellery, fabulous shoes and cool lifestyle. Can't resist my desire to own Bruno Magli, Millet Sport, Agatha Paris, Mind Bridge, Viki, Rapido.. With Mamonde makeup, I feel beautiful. And when hunger strike, Yogiyo's the solution to curb my craving.. It's a breeze using Visa cards for all the payments. Cycling and bowling're fun and I enjoy healthy lifestyle just like you. I'm having "Pinocchio" withdrawal syndrome now and hope to see you in your next project soon. Ppalli Park Shin Hye!

Marisa Unnie!!! I love you soo much that one day when I come to Korea that I have to meet you otherwise my life's mission is incomplete!!! OBSESSED with Heirs, Pinocchio and Heartstrings!! My top dramas of Shin Hye, Everytime she cries, I cry!!! My fave movie of here is miracle in cell no. 7!!! Sooo much crying it was too much!! Love you... cant wait for your next drama, please let it be with Kim Woo Bin, chemistry was out of this world!! Love from South Africa UNNIe!!

pj esmani I love you park shin hye i hope that god give me a chance to meet you.... i love all your movie. You are so great even thow i don`t understand... hope to see you in person..

Dreamer I can relate how you feel while listening to your song Dreaming A Dream, Pinocchio OST as the drama's come to an ended. It must be very difficult for you to say good bye when you're having such happy time with your costars in Pinocchio, Can't stop listening to it. Park Shin Hye Fighting!

DalIn Hope to see Lee Jong Suk & you, our Darling Couple, working together on more movies, film or dramas, advertisement, variety shows, documentaries, music videos & more..... We just love both your on and off screen chemistry. It's FANtaStic! Do we get to have our wishes come true, Blue Fairy? Please Please??

leen Grown up girl.. don't be childish anymore, stop jokingly, finish your study in university then you'll gain more pride, go find someone to be your boyfriend so you won't act as everyone in your kdrama costar is your bf.. i'm saying here for your sakeness... and don't ever pick a similiar role for your next project... it's getting boring.. okay..

Pearly White Like that exclusive toothpaste Median toothpaste that you're using in Pinocchio ep 5. May I know where to get it?

mae grace Whoah! u Park Shin Hye :)


Wallace Parc I feel connected by your remarkable transformations into the uniqueness of In Ha after watching Pinocchio repeatedly. Your ability to hiccup so naturally and to imbue the characters with such humanity that got me glued to my television. Well done to your outstanding performance! Park Shin Hye Fighting!

megumi Unni , please show in many new dramas like Pinocchio and heirs . Fighting !!!!!!!!!

jomma a combination of beauty and talent, keep it up!!!

marilou I will miss you parkshinhye.Hope more dramas to come. always did a great job,it may be singing,dancing,acting and even hosting

  1. pinocchiohwaitinglastepisode. all parkshinhye's fans,let's support her dramas till the last.

lana ahmed fighting pinocchio drama ep18,19,20 and happy end

lana ahmed fighting park shinhye in pinocchio drama all time Ilove see her in drama

beyb I admire Park Shin Hye so much. Not just bc she has the natural looks but she has also the talent & bubbly personality. More and more movies/drama this 2015 pls. Unnie :) FIGHTING!

NS She is really talented actor. I really really like and supporting park shin hye. She is amazing. I am from Malaysia, so what can i say is that, Park shin hye is one of the korean actor that really famous and her name is really well known here. And she is gorgeous. Congrats for the awards PSH !!! #YoungshinTeam

Allie She's not that good of an actress, to be honest. Her acting has no diversity and is exactly the same in every movie, just the characters are different.

Actors are supposed to make you believe the role they're playing, but Shin Hye doesn't let you forget that it's her playing that role which is a very bad thing.

Mei Li Daebak! Park Shin Hye, during your Thank You Speech when receiving the 2014 SBS Top Excellence Actress Awards, your sincere look into Lee Jong Suk's eyes while thanking him as well as Pinocchio costars. Oh my, it's so Charming!

grece magot Gee PSH you ma best actress in the world i love you alot and am from Africa a country called Tanzania am happy for u cause you have won those awards the year 2014 congrats my and wishing u happy new year and let it be prosperous one to you love you and for me you and LMH are best couple love you two alot i wish one day you will come to Africa

IMESHA VINOLI Hi shin hye !! You are so beautiful . I am in Sri lanka you know lot of people in our country like you but in my school there lot of children like you so I think you will come to our country to see us I wish you a prosperous new year !!!!!

Caren Tumulac Hi Park Shin Hye. I am one of your loyal fans. i just want to ask if you have an account for instagram. I can't find genuine. The account I am following are created also by my co-fans. If you have please, give me your account so I can follow. You and Lee Min Ho, I love seeing you two. For me, you are the only best couple. I've watched all your movies.

Adli Hakim I am 17 years old. Park Shin Hye good luck in your future and drama. I started to like you since The Heirs and Pinocchio then I started to watch all of your drama. Before I started to like you there had been bad incidence that happened to me. Because of you I have a new dream ( to study in Seoul International University ). Because of you I will not give up. Because of you I started to learn korean language. I've been watching drama since last 4 years and this is first time that I felt like this after watched your drama.

Joe Carter Chukahamida! Congratulations! 恭喜! Mabrouk! Omedeto! Selamat! Park Shin Hye, you did it! We, your FANtaStic fans, are so proud of you for winning 2014 SBS Awards for Top Excellence Actress Award (Mid-Length Series), for Best Couple Award (with Lee Jong Suk) and for Top Stars Award. You look so gorgeous in that elegant white gown and so sexy in that sleeveless blue gown. Being one of the emcees, your magical charisma with added sense of humor (imitating Cheon Song Yi's aegyo hajima hajimaa ) had us glued to the TV. Kekeke... We enjoy watching you in all your projects. Yeah Ppaw Yo Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!

moyin ajayi I like her and I wish to meet her in future but the problem is i Do not know her language. But looking foRward to meet her. I nigerian girl. I love you park shin hye. I am your fan.park shin hye fighting.

maheshi perera park shin hye you are very lucky girl. i love you 4 ever.....

Kichi A glorious coming year that rewards all your endeavours, a heartfelt, prosperous promising and fulfilling future. Wishing you success in 2015 Park Shin Hye!

ES Tan I wish in 2015 God gives you.. 12 Months of Happiness, 52 Weeks of Fun, 365 Days of Success, 8,760 Hours of Good Health, 52,600 Minutes of Good Luck, 3,153,600 Seconds of Joy and many more Fruitful Years to come. Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!!

Megumi good luck for your future unni. I am from Sri lanka . Although i am a 15 years old girl, you are my favourite, best actress i saw. Please show in many new dramas..... . I have only watched hearstrings, heirs , pinochhio,princess hours ,flower boy next door , you are beautiful and my girl friend is anine tale fox. above from these you are beautiful is the hat drama your acting is superb. love you unni....................

Keiko Park Shin-Hye, you are undoubtedly the actress that I met first and liked the most! However, as I watched your characters, I'm starting too see them too similar to each other. I probably just suck at this but I thought In Ha is suppose to be a tsundere sassy mixed cute with a hint of pretty blunt and strong rather then adorable... just a thought though! Your portrayal is just a little too sweet for me!

Syahira Narisha Good luck for your future drama and film . I'll always look forward your acting in future . Live in a good life .Your positive attitude toward acting is admirable and lovable . Park Shin Hye Fighting!

Jin Woon Woah! Our date with you on 31 Dec 2014. Super FANtaStic! Can't wait to see you hosting 2014 SBS Drama Awards soon. Shin nan da! Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!!

Matsumoto Truly enjoy watching your excellent left-hand pitching skills during Kia Tiger's opening with Hanhwa Eagles. Your serious and positive attitude toward learning is admirable. Park Shin Hye Fighting!

Darrah Shin hye!!!!saranghae you're a good actress......I love minshin couple.......saranghae

speedy video Most talented star that i've seen

KENKEN miss park shin hye i wish to see you soon in personal and have a photo with you

  1. SARANGHAE<3<3

alien There are many causes for loving you but most important one is you. Since 'You are Beautiful' I've support you...

inday We MINSHIN fans would love to see them both date together. In their previous modeling stints with Etude House and their recent The Heirs movie, they looked not only good together but they seemed to have a great chemistry. We MINSHIN fans hope it is not just working chemistry but truly interpersonal chemistry as a couple. :) PSH is brilliant in Pinocchio as she was dramatic in Heirs. We hope she and LMH will make another movie SOON!!! Something more memorable for them and for us MINSHIN fans. :)

Dana Hello I am Dana You are my only actress. You are unusual than other actresses I love you . Park Shin-Hye + beatifull talent special If I have seen in my life and wonder what it is you'll be! nice I think you are kind because you do charities Park Shin-Hye - I can never meet with you You don t know about me I have big distance come to you But I don t worry because I comfort myself watching your drama

What do you like drama filming The Heirs or Pinocchio?

Choi Mi Na Aanyeong Unni... I'm great fan of yours. I like your acting & have was most of the drama played by you.I like your voice.Hoping to meet you soon in Soul. God bless you. <3 <3 <3

y Park Shin Hye is the first actress who ever stole my heart in her acting. This is the first time i ever admire an actress so much.. like first love. I'm truly love you...hoping to see more of your acting..Fighting!

meisya hello.. how do you do I am very glad with you.. you are the best actress and you have good talent. You got many awards. keep having work and successfully for you

mark i vote 100% in 16000th votes. :-) you are an amazing actress. with best wishes for u

Elsie In Pinocchio ep 5, the way Park Shin Hye ate those strawberry cake looked so appetizing. Craving for strawberry cake now. Drooling...

Dan Dan Your new song LOVE IS LIKE A SNOW - "You came to me in one breath making my heart flutter. How far have we come? My heart is pounding. I try to pretend nothing's wrong... I try hiding my heart, I try denying it but... I can't help it..." Park Shin Hye Daebak! Guess you melt Lee Jong Suk's heart with this song. Now I can't stop listening to it... Joa!!

ES Tan Park Shin Hye's been selected as MC for prestigious annual event, 2014 SBS Drama Awards. Chuka Hamnida!! Being one of your FANtaStic fans, I look forward to watching it. Park Shin Hye Hwaiting!!

Fu Gui Wow! It's so enjoyable watching bts 141212 Pinocchio Making film of Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye. You guys're so funny! Kekeke... You're so adorable Park Shin Hye. Joa!!

Hang Tuah "It is not courage that makes us speak the truth but it is a hunger for truth that makes us courageous." Agona Apell Like your courage Park Shin Hye in Pinocchio ep 10. Guess you'll do anything for Dal Po. Hwaiting Park Shin Hye!

Jin Woon Park Shin Hye's Love Is Like Snow beautiful song you sang for Dal Po. Daebak! You melt Lee Jong Suk's and all our hearts too. Joa!!

Jin Woon

has happy & beautiful tune! Daebak! Park Shin Hye reveals In Ha's feeling toward Dal Po through this song. Park Shin Hye, you did it! Good job! I can't stop listening to it. Joa!!

beery When I'm seeing you, my sorrows disappear...

Jaira Beatingo Park Shin Hye you are the best.... actually I like to watch all korean movies and i love to dance korean too...... but this page is all about you because I am your fan too, I all watch your movies and I really like it , but i did'nt see you in person....!!! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PHILIPPINES ?... <3 SARANGHAE PARK SHIN HYE

Sophia T You are best!!!

x-file Park Shin Hye is amazing actress and every time she comes through to laugh my face. Nowadays, I'm watching Pinocchio. At this serie you are really good. Keep going to following to you...

Dave Chun Hya I hope make The Heirs season 2 Shin Hye.

gloria theobald wow, i like you... you're amazing.

capaz Nice job cha eun sang huh?

Benson Having seen Park Shin Hye's expressions and projects especially Pinocchio. After watching Pinocchio, my parents suggest I should look for a spouse like her. Gosh! She's so versatile and attractive!

emerald mayo Sure am a fan of hers. She is fantastic. I'm a great fan to Lee Min Ho too. More power to you guys!!!

cyndi Hi Park Shin Hyre, I want to say you are doing an excellent job in Pinocchio. I am very surprised you can act do welll and yet so natural. I want to give you all support. I am so privelidged and proud of being your fan. You matched very very well with Lee Jong Suk. Such adorable couple. Hope you would both be real life coupl Keep up the good work. Saranghae PSH and LJS....

alma hello park shin hye I am a fan of yours... I hope to see you here at the phils. .. keep doing good at your industry... i love you..

angelica lim hi park shin hye you are my favorite in korean actress i luv movie the heirs because i aspire i hope too see u

dennis sitlhou Greatest fan of park shin hye luv u so much

funmilayo irebami Love all ya films,wuld like to b ya fwnd.everydai lovin u......fighting

maroua you are wonderful and genuine as ha love you <3

paul_pupoy♥ .stay healthy shin hye ssi' ,FIGHTING!!!

) ♥♥♥

Happy Park Shin Hye and Top display good chemistry in most recent Millet CFs, They look so cute playing with snow. It makes me want to join them too. Joa!

athena I have seen her in person in Bangkok FM 2014..and even Hi5 with her and taken group pictures with her .She is so beautiful and slim pictures do not do justice to her beauty...she ever smiling and so playful.At SBS LMH calls her a beautiful pure white Goddess and indeed she is a Goddess to me too..Love you Park Shin Hye sshi!!!!

Jin Woon Fate is kind; She brings Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk together; The sweet fulfillment of; Their secret longing; Is success in Pinocchio.

Hwaiting Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk!

ES Tan Park Shin Hye is diligent, versatile, enthusiastic, kind and sexy young girl. Through persistence and hard work, she unlocks the potential of her blessings. If you watch behind the scenes (BTS) in her dramas, you can see she's sensitive and supportive toward co-workers. She also displays enthusiasm in her works. She shows off her captivating sexiness in her recent projects, Bruno Magli, Mamonde, Agatha Paris & etc, And during her World Tour, Story of Angel FM video clip in Bangkok, she's able to transmit her sincere emotion to her fans. She deserves every accolade she gets. Hwaiting Park Shin Hye!

Un7 It'll be great to see Park Shin Hye works with Ha Jung Woo in their future projects.

Un7 Hope to see Park Shin Hye works with Lee Je Hoon in their future projects similar to Third Watch.

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I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

folawewo Rofiat park shin hye,i love you so much,i like your acting,i wish to be your tight friend,don't worry,i will be in korean,one day,to search for you.Have a wonderful day miss park

Elshalom Hello Shin; Am a great fan of your movies and the roles you played. Especially heartstring. It gave me the reason to pursue my dreams devoid of all obstacles and also took up an online Korea language tutorial. Pls I'll like to have a collaboration with you on a Korea music am about to realize. How do I get your approval and other necessary issues. Honestly; I need to build my musical career and your the Korea lead I trust. Kamasahamida Shin. #Nae chingu?#

Michelle Park shin hye is my best korea actress I can never get tired of watching your movies. I love her because she is kind and cares a lot about her fans Saranghe unni

maureen park shin hye<3

emmaccastor i love this girl in her simplicity, humility and kind heart. hope she, lee min ho and jung yong wah will make a movie together depicting values that will inspire kids in their age.

Catherine I really love park shin hye she is my best actress......... Luv u

merycris forrosuelo you know: im so proud of you

Maria Jayrell Park Shin-Hye! Aigooo. Saranghae! <3<3<3

Lilian I like your movies and i think you are working hard. We were born on the same month not day or year .You are eleven years older were born on 18th Feb 1990 but i was born 12th Feb 2001.How can i talk to you?

 Greet other Korea actors & actresses.
           Good job

Lyka Rosales i am inspired how passionate you are doing your work :) god dangsin-eulbogo! :D

Not An Anti-Fan I feel like Park Shin-Hye plays nearly the same character over and over again. I want to see her expand more. I don't think that she's such a great actress and I want her to prove to me that she is. But I support her and wish her the best.

swahiba rajab park shin hye unnie, I love u so much .. yo the best actress, you and lee min ho make a very cute couple. please be good to him

Ali she is so beautiful and i like all of her dramas specially 'he is beautiful" and" the heirs"

Nonna Mohammed Park_Shin_HYe is the best actor ever .. I loves you so much and I wish I can make a connaction with you <3 <3

Chayan Talented & Flawless: She will go directly on the Stairway To Heaven above Tree of Heaven with Mr.Shin by her side singing You are Beautiful but You have Fallen for Me.

Rovelyn You are my favourite PARKSHINHYE I❤ idol...the best...we support u all the way......

David I want you to be my ghost :)

tsuna how beautiful you are.. can i marry you?

Ken You’re so gorgeous and have the charm. I love your natural beauty and your smile. You are really pretty lady and your face is innocent. When I see the "The Heirs" Advertise in the net. I search for it and watch it. I was really very nice Korean drama. In fact I fall in love the movie. And I relate the role of park shin in his role. By the way I am working in abroad. It’s very hard and lonely working her. Specially your are far apart with your family and love ones. I really cry watching the Heirs thank you for the movie. Park shin and lee Minho god bless to your career.

Park Min Ah im a very fan of park shin hye,, because of her natural beauty and a very nice acting as well,, more of it is your dancing and singing career,, i love all your songs because i love you.... Certified YONGSHIN

hanna jane You're such a gorgeous,very beautiful young lady!!! I love the way you are.I've never watched korean dramas before until such time my friend recommend "The Heirs" for me to watch.I really fell in love with it(the heirs) and when boredom and homesickness strikes me(since i am working abroad),i just need to open my laptop or cell phone and keep on replaying your drama.I love you and lee min ho so much.I really hope and pray that MIN-SHIN couple will be real someday.You're such a nice person inside and out.A multi-talented actress indeed!! I love you Ms. Park Shin Hye!!Please always keep on inspiring us.Wishing you good health and the best of luck!!

michelle your so beautiful ang im your number 1 fan and im watching your movie the heirs so beatiful movie ang with your partner lee min hoo oh soo beautiful

Suzy Q. I'm in love!!! ShinHye <3 4-ever !!!

cha lee I love shin hye!!

oladayo lapite forever will u be my role model love you a lot park u ar very cute, responsible nd u ar very cute in acting

eunsang hello youre so beautiful ms. shinhye

amaleena I love park shin hye.she's very talented person.I saw her for the 1st time in tree in heaven drama.she's very young at that time.n I'm start loves her since I'm watch the drama.I will support her 4ever

jemini,manipur ,india hi its Jemini from India I very much thank to writer of hier drama u show ur perfect talent hope in future u can take role with lee min ho OK keep fighting

Dream Catcher ^_^ In here that I learned this thing,. "CATCHING A DREAM has good and bad side, but it's always our choice where lo live our life - whether make the good dreamm come true or stay with the bad one." For me, I will always choose what makes my heart live no matter what it takes.. I will not be afraid to take the risk. I will always let my love's hand hold mine. What for is to live when my heart is dying?... ^_^ JUST WANTING FOR THE BEST ENDING..

Jinitay Park Shin Hye is a great actress. I watched a lot of Korean Movies and Drama and none of which makes me so interested or addicted to Korean Actors and Actresses ONLY WHEN I WATCHED THE HEIRS! She was really a talented actress. I never thought she could sing and dance as well. I WANT TO MET HER! Keep it up Shin Hye! Your inspiring a lot of people. :D

florie may Park shin hye is a very talented person that i know,,,i hope that the MINSHIN couple will make an another inspiring movie or drama,,im your avid fan since when i saw your movies!!!!! I hope that the MINSHIN couple will last and i wish that you will became a real couple in life!!!!!more power to MINSHIN couple!!!!!I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!!

Ren She's one of the few with a natural face & its nice to see that she isn't way too skinny but a little workout to keep her body in shape won't hurt either. & unless she's planning on doing sth about her stiff acting & expressionless face she needs to reconsider her career choice.

dinalyn azares park shin hye she is beautiful and he have a natural face that i like it

Mtin Hi park shin hye i like u so much!keep safe alwys...I hope you and lee min ho become lovely couple someday...

PSHfan I like Park Shin Hye but I only have seen her in dramas and movies where she always play the same role (with a few modifications), always the pitiful protagonist who is being attacked, bullied, hurt and needs a savior. I wish she can play a different protagonist, someone who is strong and people in the story look up to, not someone they look down to. Always the pitiful protagonist, it gets tiring and doesn't show versatility in acting.

Meann Hi! Park shin hye....i'm Meann from Philippines...a super fan of yours...i really "The Heirs" i watched it more than 10 times....huh! I love you both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye...wish to see you and visit again in the philippines:)

ika i really adore you unnie. i love youuu~

Noor love you so much and I'm From Jordan onny saranghae .. i wish f you coming to visiting us onny :* :* Mmmmah :* Love you

Ms.wafA.. iluvu park shin-hye.......... i hOpe we will meet sooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

msPOOH hopefully u'll have a movie w/ jang geun suk soon. i really admire you both :) both cutie

viola lawagan very pretty and such a good actress you can make your character you amazingly.congrats! more projects to come.

Noris [Malaysia] You're so natural beautiful.. I like your in drama "You're Beautiful" and "The Heirs".. I hope you can have a drama with Jang Keun Suk again.. Ohh!you guys are matching!! >~<

prakash shrestha like yours cool acts and yours really cool beauty

ani lian My idol,,, and my favorite actress :-)

sara ariem my favorite actress singer dancer andeverything PARK SHIN HYE the one ...... I LOVE YOU somuch .............. (YONGSHIN COUPLE) simple and terrible

charanbantawa hi beautiful park shin hye you looks really most beautiful , i love you so much and i really watching your all movies really i like and love your all movie and you ...and really i would like to say your stunning park shin hye i m a big fan of yours ..

lj I would like to say "your stunning Park Shin Hye" I'm a big fan of yours.:)

Natsu My Favorite Korean Actress Ever!!!!

charanbantaw really this series very nice for me , i m really proud of actor and actress and really i m became happy and impression . always i m watching this series . i never want to forget .

Catherine Am a fan of this wonderful actress. Park Shin-Hye, keep the flag flying. I love the way you interprete your roles. It's fortunate that we share the same birthday, February 18th. It's a good thing that I celebrate with my favourite Korean actress. I love u dear

menara hi park shin hye . you are sooooooooo cute.

sanaz hi ms park shin-hye .you are very beautiful and h love you

Litzy Delz i'm a big fan of this movie so far........this comment is directly from Fiji......i'm also a big fan of you is u would come to Fiji I would like to be the first one to see you......and Lee Min Ho

miroucha i like so much....<3<3

hola I LOVEEEEEE PARK SHIN HYE! She is so talented :) The first time i saw her act was in tree of heaven and her acting performance was stellar! I really hope she can do a drama with Lee Hong Ki soon. OH and #yongshin xD

poojadipti You are realy beautiful and pretty i am your real fan yourfilms are really nice. I am a Indian

kosoko ganiu I really love ur movies nd I can't compare u with d female Korean actress Kim Tae Hee...u guys Ar d best!!!

Mohammad So proud of her, wanna know why? Internationally, she's the most well-known actress of east asia She's the start for every kinds of real charity acts Her acting is different from not just the actresses but also all of actors all around the world In every project she makes lots of friends that will stay with her for years She's the mood maker for the play grounds that she's in No matter how much critisims are about some of her acting skills, she won't change since she knows the right thing about herself better than others, it doesnf mean she's not flexible or realistic but diverse ,she's completely flexible about her truth Finally she is an artist who has realised the true meaning of art, since art without the true humanity is nothing but a crazy & useless show sth like what Hitler did.

hk i hope you can make a drama with lee hong ki too....:)

jake Park, you are amazing lady! Pls make a drama with Jung yong Hwa again.

wahyu i love u go mi nam :p

Neyma i real like me your best actress in the world...God bless you...

xhavell .i really like you as an actress.especially in The and lee min ho looks perfect together.hope the two of you do a lot of korean dramas.: )

Guy Your recent contribution to a good cause is an inspiration to us all. Your beauty commands my attention, but your kindness warms my heart. That is also beautiful.

Rose park shin hye is the best she the reason I watch Korean drama

Aria Park shin bye is very beautiful She is the best

Aria Park shin bye is very beautiful

Nikkaboo TBH! We have the same birth date! :D OMG! I love you Park Shin Hye! :)) you are such an excellent actress! ♥

joyce hi. im your # 1 fans. i love you tv series youre beautiful and heartstring. take care and god bless.

Vu Yang I love your heirs drama a lot

jhaira mamalangkas Anyong! Park Shin Hye I'm one of your best fans and for me you are one of my inspiration. I LOVE YOU Park Shin Hye♥♥ stay beautiful...

clara i love you soo much Park Shin-Hye so cute faunny amzing beautifull pretty swettyy i love youuuuuuuuuuu

Zsarina J. I really thought that you are Eun Yoon Hye's little sister because you look alike. Really.. Almost the same. Stay humble.. :)

kevin give me a hug..pls..gomabsimeda ...

tipani22 Hi, just an avid fan waiting for you're next movie and drama. Keep up the good work.

paria i love you very much shinhye you are beautiful and a very good actress

Rara Shinhye you're my girl in crush . You re so talented and so brilliant at ur acting! I love all of your drama since stairway to heaven until now! Daebaak

Dang Miaco I'm your avid fan here in the philippines... I'm 40 years of age. My two daugthers love u so much.and I bought some dvd of you we love you park shin hye

uncharted hi shin hye you're unique &amazing,goodluck

Sof Lee wish I could have a friend/sister like her. She's a beautiful and talented person with a genuine heart! the more you get to know her, the more you'll love her. I wish her all the best in life! Shin Hye unnie fighting!

Jay-el-cee Park shin hye you are the best:)

angelynwilsonn i'm waiting for your drama series *0*

herlin agbebi I love you ư ƨŏ much.....ư ɍ rili good in dis nd I wish ư d very best in u

lala ilike park shin hye more than cha eun sang

itaki To Korean cinema industry listen to me or not,it's your own decision : U have a unique and great talent like her, but why exactly should she always be the secret weapon while she's in fact an Unbeatable WAR MACHINE, hey u guys don't waste her talents anymore this way,it will have some bad effects not only on her bright future but also on the whole of this industry's face ,reputation and tomorrow too. I really have high hopes for Korean movies ,U can reach to the peak of the global screen undoubtedly,Only if U open the doors for more writers and new ideas and specially u need more roles so that u can show the POWER of fiery talents like Ms. Park Shin Hye and Also Submit Korea's Deep Culture beautifully. best regards

itaki Korean cinema industry listen to me or not,it's your own decision : U have a unique and great talent like her, but why exactly should she always be the secret weapon while she's in fact an Unbeatable WAR MACHINE, hey u guys don't waste her talents anymore this way,it will have some bad effects not only on her bright future but also on the whole of this industry's face ,reputation and tomorrow too. I really have high hopes for Korean movies ,U can reach to the peak of the global screen undoubtedly,Only if U open the doors for more writers and new ideas and specially u need more roles so that u can show the POWER of fiery talents like Ms. Park Shin Hye and Also Submit Korea's Deep Culture beautifully. best regards

taki2014 Korean cinema industry listen to me or not,it's your own decision : U have a unique and great talent like her, but why exactly should she always be the secret weapon while she's in fact an unbeatable WAR MACHINE, hey u guys don't waste her talents anymore this way,it will have some bad effects not only on her bright future but also on the whole of this industry's face ,reputation and tomorrow too. I really have high hopes for Korean movies ,U can reach to the peak of the global screen undoubtedly,Only if U open the doors for more writers and new ideas and specially u need more roles so that u can show the POWER of fiery talents like Ms. Park Shin Hye and Also Submit Korea's Deep Culture beautifully. best regards

jheyson I like how Park Shin-Hye perform.. :) I hope one of the days of my life I can meet her. :) I'm inspired! :) the best movie for me is The Heirs! :) "Anyone who bear the crown, wear the crown." what kind of crown are you wearing now? Is it wealth, fame, or love? :) Saranghe Park Shin-Hye.. I hope I can see you personally :) GODBLESS YOU! :)

krisha i love you minshin love team you are no. 1 sa korea

kang shin shin I really love Park Shin - Hye !! two thumbs up for you.. ^_^

Hadi Hi you are best! I lovePark Shin-hye(박신혜)

mary monisha Her acting was nice and I'm impressed

Momuro She's a really good actress and i truly support her (: HWAITING ~~

lola lyn "MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7" is amazing, all the characters who played in this movie are great (^_^)

James B love watching her shows she is Hot

vie i like this girl performance.

tsultrim dolma (tibetan) i watched ur drama called stairway to heaven starting from that movie i really like ur all dramas,especial he is beautiful and heir, i like ur acting and ur cuteness .



arthur keep sexy and beautiful ... we always support you ... u are our only angle in this world ... our queen keep healthy .

omotunrayo well composed and organized. eun sang and Kim tan are really perfect. it was a very fantastic write up

Fe Silica After watching "He's Beautiful", I have always been looking forward to the next projects of Ms. Park Shin Hye. Her acting skill is unquestionably convincing and impressive. She is very meticulous even in her choice of clothes to fit the character she plays. And in some of these series, she never fails to showcase her other talents? The tandem with Lee Min Ho in "Heirs" definitely caught the attention of fans worldwide. And i think both stars are on their way to world stardom. I had the rare chance to meet and chat with Ms. Park Shin Hye in her last visit to Manila. She strikes me not only as a simple and smart lady but also as a God-fearing person. I hope her mom likes the gift I gave her. --- As a fan of Ms. Park Shin Hye, I hope and pray that God continues to bless her and her loved ones with good health and good fortune.

princess29 very versatile actress! bravo! i was really impressed of her acting styles.:) shin hye was not only multi talented but a good person.the heirs is the best drama ever! good team up with lee min ho.great casting! i hope i can see you in another korean drama with min ho and woo bin.i like your songs..up untill now i am very convinced that they are good together and i believe that there is another project for them to do together again. go minhye!

Felix I love her...I admire her looks and she awesome........

Grace I like u Park Shin-Hye.. the way you act ♥

vmarlany you are really good actress

lee to be honest, her acting isn't that great. but i really love her looks, she has some really nice natural features, and i love how she's not stick skinny like most korean actresses.

chrisha I really admire shinnie so much!

jennifer ehis Park shin hye is talented by many tins I wish she will continue like dis,I love her

rukky wow..what can i are indeed a great you 10000000times

Sandeep she is awesome

veritaserum Park shin hye is an actress talented. Watching to her is giving hope to me. Wishing to continue your smiles...

Nik Aisyah Alisya Park Shin Hye is my favourite actress/idol! She is so beautiful. I wish i can meet her someday. But i don't know if that is possible cause i live in Malaysia.

Irene Park Shin Hye is really beautiful. fall in love with her and Lee Min Ho! both of them are just so match!

FarhanaM'sia Park Shin Hye natural beauty & talents amazed the audiences. Very good chemistry with Lee Min Ho (The Heir). Love them both.

iheartShinHye ShinHye jjang !! <3 nature beauty//lovely voice//wonderful dancing skills! love her forever <3

yyang0124 park shin hye was amazing in Heir! she played her character so well and I'm so proud of her! she will always be one of my top actress! I love her and lee min ho's chemistry in Heir so much! hope to see them both film together again in the future..

nikki i really love your heirs character cha eun are the best in acting and i love your talents! i hope that you can have another team up with lee min ho (kim tan).both of you did great in that're team up with him is remarkable,full of love and chemistry and i wonder if this can lead to reality>?by the way i'm waiting for you and jang geun suk to do another team up drama.. i wish i can see my 3 fave korean star in one drama!CONGRATULATION for the success of the heirs.. you rock it!

hanna22 cha eun sang.. i really admire your character.. i wish that you can work again with lee min ho.. awesome loveteam! although i am an geunshin fan,i still can't deny that you and kimtan have so much chemistry!! love you shin hye!! hope to see you doing drama with jang geun suk or lee min ho.. you make the heirs one of the best drama ever!

teemafeena love u noona,,,but dont like her together with lee min ho...

Nincy I was born on the same date february 18 1990....hope I can meet you someday in Indonesia...

zoie she is good actress, I LOVE Park shinhye

miss laila I've become your fans since Stairway To Heaven.. It's really open my world about Kdrama.. Then I continued to admire you after Yo're Beautiful.. You made me cry in Miracle in Cell No.7.. But I'm totally fall in love with your acting in The Heirs.. Best drama of 2013.. Loves your collaboration with Lee Min Ho.. Wising you best of luck in your future project.. Love, love from Malaysia..

fery I Love Park shinhye but she's not good in kiss :(

Tatis for me is the best not only as an actress but as a person is always warm has a smile for her fans is friendly and very, very beautiful I am far from it but from another continent pray that God will protect and bless him much success and we follow permitra seeing many many more years with love from ECUADOR...

SabikLucky One of the best actress in sound Korea!!! I really love her and admire as an actress!!! I hope to see her soon in a new drama or movie . I'm from Kazakhstan

lucci I really love your performance as Eun Sang in The Heirs both with Kim Tan (Lee Ming Ho). But I specially love your partnership with Jang Geun suk. I have been watching all your videos with Sukkie. I just hope that Jang Geun suk will truly take interest on you. I have been to Korea last March and plan to go there on October next year. I hope I will be able to see you in person. Keep up your good career. I pray that you will visit Philippines again. Love you shin nye!!!

krystyle honestly i realy admire you so much and i am a fan from africa, zimbabwe . unfortunately i think i wont have the oppotunity to see you in person . i realy do luv you and that character on he's beautiful made me want to watch the rest of your other charactors . your big big fan kryzee

lynda Park shin hye iam your great fan from India

cha I Love you Park shinhye :) <3 - your fan from Phillippines :)

lela6130 A very talented and beautiful actress.. I really love your chemistry with Lee Min Ho. Hope to see another project with Lee Min Ho in the future. I'm really shipping you guys. I'm also dying to see another collaboration between you and Kim Woo Bin.. Go Park Shin Hye!!

Tori Am a big fan...keep up the awesome work and good luck on your future projects:)...FIGHTING xoxo

steven you are cute! great body. always look so innocent.

MJ Saranghae! Shin Hye. Happy 10th year anniversary! Wishing you more success in your career! You're the best always!

mariel I'm your #1 fan PARK SHIN HYE <3 #Lovelyday

alex Only actress i want to touch. Yes i like to pinch that cute button nose. She is probably has cutest face. Bodybuilder body. hahaha.

Strong body , prettyface , Natural honest actress.

Very watchable in all her drama.

Darlish Shin hye is amazing, talented and versatile actress. Wish you all the best and success always! Stay healthy and pretty, aite! Saranghae from Singapore

milen PSH congratulations on his 10 year career, I know you like the last 4, you're the best of the best, I love you grows stronger and fight

aFans Saranghaeee Park Shin Hye !! :D She is so cute and beautiful , ah i wish i can meet you someday and take a picture , and i will boast it to all people in the world :)) You are my Idol Park Shin Hyee ! Hwaiting !!! :)

pink shin hye was so beatiful...saranghe..

Jin i hope one day i have a chance to meet are just amazing!

katy i love you park shin hye

Natara Wilson saranghae!!!!!!!! My favorite Korean actress :3

gemma saranghae shin hye!!!!<3

Tiffany God i love you, just keep up with good work, FIGHTING!!!!!!

morad I LOVE YOU............

Tani I realy love your act at your beautiful & ara amaizin!wish your all the best Park Shin .you are so...cute & pretty

Nara I really love watching ur new K-drama " Heirs"... wish u getting more famous .. Always be ur fan...Nara from Cambodia

Mayflower I really lover you unni. Your so pretty!

rubylin super cute & beautiful shin hye <3

KV Park Shin-Hye is pretty & cute. Lee Min-Ho is good looking and charming. You two are looking great if you're together in reality. Love is in the air... make it comes truth. Love "PSH+LMH"

sarah Shin Hye ~~~ Noona i love u and your drama The heirs you and lee min ho is really so charming and your acting is really so perfect , you two only need eye contact and u can make me feel the sad mood.That is what i think you two are so amazing . This is from Hong Kong ,sarah chan so,support u and the heirs xoxo

geo You're making me crazy about ur new K-drama the "heirs"! Keep it up! XD

Ynier hi there! you are like a cute innocent need to learn how to kiss right..that's your signature...lots of people like you the way you are so stick on the status quo :)

Jane hello! You're so good and you look so fabulous! I like the way you act, the way you dance and I love your voice. I hope to see you personally together with my favorite Korean actor-Lee Min Ho. You're really and best couple ever!!!!

Lipu hi your acting is superb. Cant express my feelings you are too good. I want to know are you really that type of sweet cute girl in the real world!!!!!!!! If some day i earn a lot amount of money i will definitely want to meet you. Khai ke...bye.. :)

Grecel Rebite Yes! I will agree that somebody says park shin doesn't know how to kiss i hope that in this new drama heirs lee min hu show her because lee min is expert in kissing.... lee min teach park shin....hahahaha..

stalo i love park shin hye and she has so much experience in acting and i love her in dramas.the only thing that is annoying is her kissing scenes in dramas.she doesnt no how to kiss.i wait that lee min ho in heis show her..hehehehe

sorour You are the BEST!

catherine annyeonghaseyo Park shin hye.. the first time that i watched you acting is in your mini series title Tree of Heaven, that was way back in 2007, and that time you're so young but a talented one.. in that kdrama i first learn the word OPPA means an older brother.. then i watched also the prince hours.. now i'm too late watching your kdrama heartstring but still i have finished it.. You are so kind, cute and beautiful,, you have a great talent, i love the way you sing and also how you dance, you have a graceful move so even a simple dance you make it in a fabulous moves.. im so happy to see you sang my language the Philippines song title Kailan, im hoping that you come back to visit the Philippines so i can see you personally, cause when y0u visit philippines i here in taiwan for work.. now i watching your new kdrama the heirs i always waiting for wenesday and thursday to come so i can watch it..

from me you're the best shin hye,, i love your cutest smile.. i really hope someday our world will meet.. i even trying so self study the korean language so i can understand what your saying in any events or project you will do,,

haeng-un-eul bil-eoyo jal jinae SALANGHAEYO Park shin hye

eve charish daayata ohhh my gosh ..

i love seeing you dancing park shin hye 

i adore you so much .. you're the best .. im an avid fan of you and jung yung hwa .. SARANGHE !!!!


an addict fan of yours from philippines ..

Clads Foxworth You are may favorite Korean Actress, I love your acting and you look very nice. You also have a cuteness. I would like to say hello to all of your fans as well!

I am currently seeing the Kdrama, "The Heirs" and I love it !.

Keep up your great and excellent work ! By the way, the cast is awesome ! You have no idea how happy I was when I read and saw your acting with Lee Min-Ho.

Find me at Facebook: Clads Foxworth

Amira You are soooooo gooood! You should be a hollywood actress!! Greetings from Indonesia

Alvin Clive i want meet you . If i go to Korea ;3 . so cute

kassadee One thing that makes me love her more was after I watched the video of her singing tagalog song "kailan.." At first, I thought it might be sounds crazy but she surprised me! She is truly talented plus you will see how she loves her job. Inspires me a lot! :-)

eve charish you're the best actress in korea that i ever known .. continue moving the hearts of the people by your songs and actings.. i really love watching heartsrings .. so much :)

i love you ...
you and jung yong hwa are so cute .. LIKE ! :)

Patricia HI!! I love u you're the best!!

Huong Hi, Park Shin Hye. I love you and love your acting. Fighting for The Heirs.

Kesara Hi! Shin Hye greeting from U.S. You're such an awesome actress!!!

Dumbaa Good Luck For Your Future..!!!!!!!! Dream That Never End...!!!!


hana i dont wach tv alot espicialy in out country..but ilove wach to korea tv. kbs world evryday on my break time... ilove park shinehye..and iwach her movie all times.and you are fit with jang geunsuk you look so hot couple....hope see you in next drama with jang geun suk

Xenilla PARK SHIN HYE!! I love yuuu!!! Yur my favorite actress ever since I saw yu in heartstrings and yur rlly pretty and talented!

jasmine she is my favorite korean actress...she is beautiful and her acting is very good...

atikah I freaking love you. Like you're so pretty and your acting is honesly so great. So far I've only watched flower boy next door, heartstrings, and you're beautiful. So pumped for The heirs. You guys should really watch dramas shes in, they're the best! Oh and did I mention her voice is heaven? Shes just so freakin talented what is life?

ara hi park i love u so much u look cute in your beautiful

Camilla I cant wait till her new drama "heirs" comes out. She is one of the best!

RjBlue I'm 2 years late watching "Heartstrings", this being 2013 but I can say with finality and conviction that the cast is oozing with talent and the acting superb and flawless. The plot is not out of the ordinary but well-presented thus giving it a tremendous impact on the audience. Bravo !

Len My super duper favorite Korean Actress. <3

glenn yonathan corneliz annyong haseyo ^^

i like you so much,, i'll support everything you do you're my favourite korean actress!! gomawo for your movies and acting ^^

from Indonesia^^ 'bali'

Serena Shut up lee I don't know What are you talking about so Say A Sentence That. I Understand

lee serena you ill.You What do you do, who writes.You should never use.

zeinab park shin_Hye you are great and pretty

Lee Chae-ryn Gah!! Yeoppuda!!

Chukkahaeyeo!! Shin Hye Unnii!!

septi handayani I'm from bali Can't wait for this drama... hope this drama not boring for wathcing

roger federer Hello lady park shin hye you are very beautiful.hope always in life goodluck.

lizzi you are the most beautiful in the world I love you with love from Colombia

sangita thapa <3 ραгк <3 Sнїи <3 нγе <3

γου ιοοκ γαρυδα ..

sangita thapa <3 ραгк <3 Sнїи <3 нγе <3

KV my favourite korean actress ! love her !

Chou Youre so pretty!!!! :D

Haruko Youre so pretty!!!

mona you are beautiful

Serena I hate this Indian person How did Is this person Say Mean things About park shin hye She is a beautiful girl And I love Her drama She is the best actress In Korea Stop hating Indian Don't ever write anything about park shin hye

im princess oris hello park shin hye i love my idol!!! Goodluck!!!

farshad i very very love park shin hye

amazing Park Shin Hye I love the friends I've met him. He is one of the best actors in Korea, I will always be successful. I've spent the day ....... If I die memory lane.

javan i love you shin hye

Albert Sinajon i love you park shin hye.. your so beautiful and talented.. im very amazed and obsessed with you.. my birthday is February 18 too.. but im born in 1991.. sarangheyo...

mary joyce martinez i love yongshin couple ,.i want u and yong hwa having a new drama together

rica buscano maglalang hey :) i miss youre movie with jang geun suk ..:) i wish u all da best :)

rica buscano maglalang iloveyou park shin hye you look beautiful and awesome :)) goodluck of you .. saranghee :)

hojat Hi Park Shin hye You're so beautiful and lovely I had the most series that I've watched I like a lot of character And one of my favorite people I'm happy every time I see your picture I've always successful

centuri shine hye is an awesome actor:) <3

jara acoon im one of youre fan!!:::))) i wish i could speak korean and i can go to korean to meet you saranghae:)))

lily PARK SHIN HYE. You have inspired me alot . i am a red tag in taekwondo because of you i really think i can get my black belt. I LOVE dancing just like u. you so pretty as a prince☺ :)

snow park shin hye i love you

kimcy park shin hye is great. she did many wonderful dramas. i like her in, "He's Beautiful," park shin hye, ur one of the best actress i have seen. i hope u do ur best in everything!! SARANGHAE, PARK SHIN HYE!!!! <3

DudeFromFinland God sure made her pretty awesome!

mihmih your the best Park Shin Hye....^^

laudyabella i like shin hye with her acting, natural beauty, humble person, good looking,cheers up. she's not Idol she's only actress but She have many International fans. i miss her dance and her angle voice. her movie (Miracle of Cell no 7) and her Drama (Flower Boy Next Door) makes me proud of her :)

JJ Park Shin Hye is getting more and more beautiful day by day. She has a class of her own. During the awards ceremony, she always stand out with her simple classic glamorous dress and she also look very confident. No wonder people always call her the favourite 'daughter of Korea'

demilova No doubt. She's clever actress who have natural beauty and Daebak acting. She's the One and Only Actress i love in Korea.

Tokki~ She is my MOST ADORED actress in kpop industry eversince i watched "he's beautiful". I love actresses that are natural beauty and have this innocent side of em. I also like Kim So Eun, Jin Se Yeon and Han Hyo Joo. ^^ ~

I hope shin hye will have more rom-com dramas and movies this year and the next years to come. ♥ (i would prefer if she's the lead of course) . Kekeke~

blue star PARK SHIN HYE, one of the few natural beauties in Hallyuwood.. <3

angel eunhye park shinhye and yoon eunhye are my favorite actresses love them and hope to see them in a drama !

elaine park shin hye!!! i hope you and jung yong hwa can be together~

LRBA you're so cute and a talented actress

lulu Park Shin Hye is an excellent actress even when she was still starting. I have seen her portrayal in the Tree of Life. Her acting was very convincing. I just wish that she and jang Geunsuk be given a chance to play a heavy drama where they could both show off their acting prowess. It is high time for a reunion project for this couple because surely fans all over Asia are waiting for them.

shiela marie acilo annyong haseyo !!!!!!!!! i love you vry much park shin hye

shin hye fan i love you sooooooooo much shin hye you so beautiful and talented

amy Park Shin Hye, you are so talented! I have watched ''You're Beautiful'' ''Heartstrings'' & ''Don't Worry, I'm A Ghost.'' You are such an amazing actress! You are only 23, but you are great at acting <3 Your voice is really cute! You are an AWESOME dancer! Love you!

sweet Park Shin Hye you are so blessed with talent...I really admired you as an actress, singer and are great and full of talents no want can turn you down you and have a big heart with those unfortunate people around you...stay as sweet as you are and we are just here fun of yours believing in your make us happy always.

Yohanna veshanya Park Shin Hye was so great in he's beautiful. I liked her acting. She looks cute in short hair. I liked that drama too.

Mary Ann Hi!Park Shin Hye.Iam ahuge fun of yours.I want to see you in personal someday.Ireally, really like all the movies you've act and all the songs that you made.Keep it up Shin Hye! I thought that you and Eun Yoon Hye are sisters,I just thought only because you two have almost the same ( physically)not mentally.I hope that you two are both in the same movies. SARANGHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cutie I think that Park Shin Hye is really pretty! She is also such an amazing actress! Seen her in You're Beautiful & Heartstrings! <3 She did a great job! I LOVE Shin Hye and I wish her the best! ;D

Catherine Han Hello Park Shin Hye Unnie !!!! I'm your big fans... I hope,,Unnie will see my posting here From the first time I see Unnie,honestly,really I like your personality and your cute face.... I hope,,once a time,if I visited Seoul,I may met and talk with you Really can't be distinguished,,adult & minor your face When I see your division of the roles of drama Stairway To Heaven 2003,,sense I feel sorry withyour roles,Han Cen Su But,the roles was very steady !!! All the men who get know Unnie wouldn't loss nad extremely fortunate Unnie,I think Park Shin Hye Unnie and Bae Sung Hyun Oppa was very compatible,,,right?? You're so awesome Anyway,,I prayed for Unnie the success,carier and love ...may the Sung Hyun Oppa & Shin Hye Unnie get backk I'm support Unnie... Remember reply my letter,,Well Unnie ??? I'm wait ....

fatima i hope that you and jang keun suk will be couple in the future in real life..........................................................

shin hye saranghae shinhye-ounnie .

lee ji kyung i love your drama HEARTSTRINGS and YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! sarang heo shin hye unni!!! kumao and annyong hashimnika!!!!!

sakshi i am from india. I really love the drama 'you are beautiful'. Hope u and jang geun suk real couple in future loving each other as in the drama

shiva You are awesome and i love you !(you and jang geun suk humnim are cute and great Couple together)

dggjy park shin nye you sooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful i love you so much my beautiful

alyssa chong i love shin hye and yong shin too be together ...........

gabby ruggs hey her birthday is my birthday and in the same time period mine is feb 18 1994 but the 1990's

Miyu She's pretty cute but she can't really act in movies. There are better korean actresses

Abhi My GF is a big fan of Park Shin-hye. She just cant get enough of her. So much that even I get jealous sometimes...haha... Well I'd like to wish all the best to her for the future ahead from me and my GF. Park Shin-Hye Hwaiting!!!

Hanae she looks like a mixature of MissA's Jia,and T-ara's Hwayoung.

Jill Ivy I love you Jung yong hwa and Park shin hye..Perfect combination ..hope there will be a season 2 of Heart String ..I love you Both of you Guys <3

JopheE I prefer that there will be season two for the Heartstrings.. I love the team.. really.. there so great and in fact a perfect chemistry between yong hwa and shin hye.. I look into it.. my goodness.. I am this obsessed. can't wait for it.!!!!!!!!!

JopheE I had watch your two major drama series.. and I love those two.. "Your Beautiful" and "Heartstrings" are the best.. its really great.. shin hye and of course with your two shining armors Jong Hwa and Geun Suk .. hmm.. I love you guyz ..your the best team ever.. I never been this much attracted to a Korean Drama not until I had watch you.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! SHIN HYE,!! and everyone who contributed to shin hye's success.. Bless you Guyz!!! no matter what other would say.. I'll always be solid fan of PArk Shin Hye .. KEEP IT UP!!! wish you all the best.. and I know there's more projects to come.. We'll see you soon..

Gee I think you're a fun great actress you make the showes that u act in exciting are BEAUTIFUL :)

sun i really dont like her face, she isn,t beautiful at all!

Mary Grelen whoever send you in altar is a very lucky man... hoping that he will not hurt you, instead he will love with all his heart...

you're humble, sincere and have good values... people who hate you is just bitter and envy you...

i will watch all your drama/CF/movie, etc, good or bad, popular or not...

so keep fighting SHIN HYE!!!

more I've seen "stairway to heaven", "goongs", "hi's beautiful", "cyrano agency" and also "heartstring". at the firs i did't know your age but today i see here that you are just 2 years older than me and you act so good in stairway to heaven at the age 14. Wow...wonderful you have young face but just as your good acting i was thinking of you at about 27-8 or older but now...hope to see you a lot in the future. (me too, agree with your good acting in hi's beautiful, i've seen it's first episode times and times)

maricar i miss the tv show he's beautiful

maricar i love the tv show he's beautiful and i love the chemistry of both of u lab it much .. hope that it has a part 2

faith i wonder who choses which dramas she gets in. you're beautiful and heartstrings are both interesting dramas that have exinting scripts. honestly i dont think she acts that good but she is so cute that make you smile. i'll be wating for her next drama hoping another interesting one.

racma eonnie your so good in acting..!!! saranghae ^_^ Jung Yong Hwa oppa and you eonnie are really meant for each other ^_^ wish you all the best ^_^ in "YOU'VE FALLEN FOR ME" your character is so nice same for oppa ^_^ good luck to all your activities ^_^ i'm always at your side ^_^

anonymous She sounds not as nice when singing live than on the show He's Beautiful ...

clang2 I love her much in HEARTSTRINGS w/ JUNG YONG HWA! love them both. hope to see them again together :)

rjasmin Hi Shin hye...I really love lee wan and park shin hye team up..I wish they could have another project after stairway to heaven and tree in heaven...

maia PSH appeared ni My GF is a Gumiho in Ep 6-3. it was shoot inside the bus. PSH approached Tae Woong which she had a crush on i guess but Miho immediately lift Tae Woong's hand to show off their engagement ring..that's why PSH left...

meishi when did she appear in my girl friend is a gumiho i dont remember seeing her please tell me what episode ok thanks :D

Scott J. From the U.S.A. A truly great actress with a very understated charm. Terrific in both "You're (He's) So Beautiful" and "Heartstrings." Hope your recent auto accident did no permanent damage and that you have a long successful career. Oh and on a side note: I'm guilty of replaying again and again your wonderful way of saying "thank you" or "thanks" in Korean. I know the word is "de" but you make it sound like "yea" or "yeah" and I just love how you say it. Again, hoping you have a great life and thanks for the memories of the great characters you play in the Kdramas. Looking forward to more.

frances faye zamora low.........i'm faye your are my idol in he's beautiful but i like to yopu s to be a girl and you and shiin woo......=)))))

rajes Lee Hong Ki from He's beautiful is acting in a new drama... japanese drama.

Ajianne ye she's pretty... but she just remind me of yoon eun hye.. (because of her role in minami sineyo and eun hye's role in the 1st shop of cofee prince).

sabrina i really like your drama........ good acting and really funny

m3nam very very very love park shin hye.i want afrind very beatiful

PSH I'm your 1st fan....I like you so much

PSH I like you acting in You're Beautiful and you are pretty girl

PSH I like you acting in You're Beautiful n you are pretty girl......

sarah She is cute & beautiful. She was amazing in He's beautiful. She is very good actress.

kelli I love everything she is in which is a first for me but i seriously have not seen a drama where she isn't an entertaining character and at first i didnt even know who she was i just kept recognizing her. She is my first favorite Korean actress or actress in general.

Kenneth hmmn... i cant sleep without thinking of you after i saw your drama in He's beautiful it only reminds you.

im your 5 thumbs Up fan.. the other thumb is extra because your so great.. b(^_^)d

kamsa hamnida

fata hi,i love your act,i watched He is beautiful a lot of time and i listen your song everyday

sar Vote for this her in this page please. He should remain one of TOP 10 actresses.

han byul soo When did you wanna to come to Malaysia... Malaysian have been waitin' for you :)

jay suerte apay i dont wach tv alot espicialy in out country..but ilove wach to korea tv. kbs world evryday on my break time... ilove park shinehye..and iwach her movie all times.and you are fit with jang geunsuk you look so hot couple....hope see you in next drama with jang geun suk

jay suerte apay hi park shne hye..ilike you somuch ..i never wach tv inour country or making ido in my country couse idont like .. but when saw you iwach hundreds time of dramas..iwant to wach more of you with jang youn suk.. more power..

liza82 hai park shin hye... love your acting.. cute... hope you will succes in this industry... i like your smile... cute... really...

SukkieHye please visit Malaysia!!

bluebox Shin hye=cute.gorgeous.sweet.naturally beautiful I love her. And I hope the rumours between her and Jang Geun Suk is true. Hahaha. SukkieHye forever

eunice I'm one of your biggest fan Ms. Park Shin-Hye . your sa cute!!!

E29SKY Love u is Piggy Bunny Cute ==> Go-mi-num I like your smiling that is make me so happy and my heart is swing beat.

Azizah11 Park Shin Hye, Can I ask to you? are you and Yoon Eun Hye twin? because You and her look like same :) Sorry, about my question :(

joyce you are so.........................................cute take care always and good to your career mmmmmWWWWW@@@@@@@..............i love you

joyce you are so........cute

joyce i want you come here in Phillipines

laurenze shin hye,,,,, your so beautiful!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kawaii!_rabbitPig weeeeEhh!!!!..konichiwa!:).anjell i feel not only joy whenever i watch your show,HES BEAUTIFUL always brings excitement for me to wait for the next day..and ill be watching it as if it was the first time that i've watched it..i think im helplessly falling for it..GODBLESS YOU ANJELL..aishiteruruze ANJELL!!..

kulet I SO LOVE HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! love you AN-JELLS

mi nam go ..hey girl..ur so beautiful and cute..goodluck..take care..

jzrel more blessings to come...

love u so much

ashley parks hin hye im your # 1 fan here in phillipines since stairway to heaven luv you so much hope you will be more successfull in future,.,.,.,.,

jored i love you Park Shin-Hye!!!! your so cute!!! i love he's beautiful!!!!! aheheheheh♥

anybody I dont like this girl. shiro

trina hi park shin hye!!!! i already post here last time.....but i want to post again..... by the way im trina...... of course you know my name because its posting my name ther........ but my real name is sitrina...... but i like people around me calling me trina... because its all my personality......... aside from my name....... lets talk about HES BEAUTIFUL DRAMA...... i really(2x) like you in that drama....... your such a good actress........ and if we talk about your whole career and your life........ you are so great actress like i said at first and you are such a good singer and model........ and about your personality i know your a good person........your a loving person and a great daughter and sister....... i really like you park shin hye......... specially your scene in jang geun suk..... your so funny there...... and i was also sweet of you two in jang geun suk......... you know park shin hye i fell that you and jang geun suk have a special feelings in you two....... i feel that you love each other more than just a friend....... if you ask me according to me......... you are two have a good future someday if you and jang geun suk well be together in life.......... thats all i can say........

only i can say as a korean word i learn.........

sarang he!!!!!!!!!

kamsa hamnida park shin hye!!!!!!!!!!!

chin hae i think you and shin woo are more perfectly couple than tae kyung .. coz ''tae kyung'' must be couple with me!!! hahaha ... juxt kidding..:))

chi hae hi? your so awesome! i love uuuu!


gladz hi..i really like watching you..i hope someday i can visit korea and meet you..

princess she's so bubbly and cute! i love her! :))

trina park shin hye is so pretty if she wearing a girl shot...i really2x love her........ and she is such a good actress and singer......

jeremy park shin hye: you are so beautiful on my eyes. im yur fan

cors Can't sleep without seeing the whole episodes. I cried and laugh too. Twas entertaining. I added this korean drama He's beautiful as my treasures. Take care Shin Hye and more power. You are are always in my heart.

cors She's pretty and has really an amazing talent. More projects to come. I love all the cast of He's beautiful'.

Riisa Shin-Hye was funny in You're Beautiful/Minamyisinyeoyo. I love that drama. I'm hoping she and Jang Geun-suk would collaborate in another drama as a couple again soon!!

jazmine you're beautiful..... :)

ralph saranghae . . . .mi nam . .. ;)

hhhhh i really....really like you much.....your so cute

gamaliel hi,,, Shin Hye, you are very beautiful and I Love your korean drama entitled "He's Beautiful". Yeah..... LOVE IT!!! wish that you can visit here in phlippines...

aiene park shin hye looks like yun eun hye..hehehe

Kawaii you're really cute... you look like Yoon Eun Hye.... ^_^

Rossi I LOVE U n I LIKE You'e style

Whena Hi. .im indonesian, park shin hye u're so beautiful i like you,

loiuse geyrozaga saranghe..... keep-up the good works....

shineshine I think.... it will be great scenes if.... Park Sin Hye with Lee Min Ho and Yoon Eun Hye with Rain they play together in romantic drama series ^_^ can't wait to see them.....

rina sepriani youre very beautiful.. im so fans!!

Choi Han Rul Shin Hye,u are so cuuuuute,miriiip banget ama Yoon Eun Hye,apa jangan jangan kalian bersaudara ya,hehehe...Saranghae Shin Hye($)

wulan raihan shin hye : i loye you i'm indonesian so , i just have the subtitles your handsome ! ! !

felicia i like you so much

lambo i love you Park Shin-Hye! i wish you can be my girlfriend! ^_^

maria geisha vina i'm indonesian..i'm always watch you every afternoon..!!love you..

m_o_N_I_c_a ^^ He's Beautiful Is My Favorite Asian Drama !!!

shdfhsoerjw uaaa~ you looks like shota (cute boys) in He's Beautiful! I like you as a boy =w= *kicked*

fanny ihi...I'm indonesian.... I love u.... I really like u with jang geun soek! That's so awesome... Good luck, I'm always luv u... You rock!!! xoxo-luv park shin hye!

kristen leigh Hello Go mi nam^^..I really like you the first time I saw you on the drama stairway to heaven.But i like you more as Go mi nam:).. You look good togethere with geun suk,,i hope you'll have another TV drama with him.Goodluck..aja!!

AsianLover i dunno if i was just the one but she looks like yun eun hye.

GTG, watching he's beautiful right now...

KUDOS for asian movie/drama industry !

denisse she is very pretty. her acting was great and hope to see her in other movies and soap opreas

stupid hi,i love your dramas like He's beautiful!.in that drama you are so cute and looks like a real boy or cute boy.i like your hair style in that drama.i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

me your awesome park shin hye! <3 from canada :)

Ducky My Girlfriend and I really like your show and she was REALLY excited to see you finally get Kissed!! I personally liked how you reacted when you got your Piggy Bunny! :3 your doing great and hope to see more greatness from you and the rest of the CAST! good job and keep up the good work!

LA Rock-it Shin hye: You are so cute: Really !!! I'm American so I just have the subtitles , wish I could speak Korean Can't wait to see those darling little reactions in your next series Good Luck with your career !! Take care ..... Really

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