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  • Name: Uee
  • Hangul: 유이
  • Birth Name: Kim Yoo-Jin (김유진)
  • Birthdate: April 9, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 170 cm.
  • Blood Type:


  1. Member of K-pop girl group "After School".

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wtf do you best and prove those haters that they are wrong about you. stay strong and be the best!

Uee Bogoshipta!!! Truly hope u'll accept the role in True Romance ,noona.. I've already imagining u sharing a passionate kiss with Sung Joon.. Please accept it so u'll save all of your fans who are already craving for ur drama comeback!!!

C.A.O. It's been only 2 months after Ho Goo's love ended & Uee has already been cast in a new SBS drama "True Romance"!!! Uee is really daebak!!!

UEE FANGIRL UEE is such a great actress. Love u unnie

vmarlany really excited for hogoo's love drama. daebak drama.

vangie Your acting as Kim Baek-Won in Golden Rainbow is wow ... you are really a best actress... as daughter you are really the best ... your lovely caring with your sister & brother is the best ... also your cherist to your father i like it very much :-) good job .. more power to all of you ....

alex She stares more than acting in all scenes. But somehow i like her role inho goo's love. the male actor acts childish. May be that is the scripted role. Male actor probably need nose surgery as well.

Uee Bogoshipta!!! Uee is such a mindblowing actress... Luv her very much in Golden Rainbow!! Ho Goo's Love is also a great drama and interesting to follow.. I might be sounding weird but i just hope back then that this drama is entitled Dohee's Love so that Dohee's character will be the center of this drama&not Ho Goo!!! Anyway,i'm wishing just the best for her this year and that i also hope she'll be doing another drama beside Ho Goo's Love this year!! Noona Hwaiting!!

alex Uee looking great in hoo go compared to you are beautiful. She looks like natural beauty.

ikram she s the best idol turned actress trully she is so good ;can't wait to see her next drama hogu's love

alli she is an okay actress. clearly needs more hard work if she wants to become a good one. she would fit to be the supporting role, like how she was cast in You are beautiful. it is undeniable that she got most of the roles because of her appearance. but she also does try to be better in acting.

Firdaus I watched Golden Rainbow last year.. That drama is really crazy i'm telling you.. She'll be making her comeback with Hoo Goo's love!!! Can't wait for that..

dwita New dramaaaa fighting uee!!!!!

karmal i love heeeeeeeeer esp : birdie buddy

Mariane She looks like xiumin *o*

sushi12 Love UEE! Especially in Ojakgyo! Recently finished watching Golden Rainbow which has just ended and it was good! But i still like UEE in Ojakgyo more. I feel that she has more chemistry with Joo won than with Il woo. Nevertheless, love her dramas! You're getting better every time i see you. Keep up the good work and hwaiting! :D

Sharmarke Butterfly..., which episode are you on? Once you reach episods 35-39, (best part is episode (38&39) that is where things get way interesting and suspenseful in the drama series "Golden Rainbow".

Sharmarke Butterfly effect, which episode are you on? Once you reach episods 35-39, (best part is episode (38&39) that is where things get way interesting and suspenseful in the drama series "Golden Rainbow".

anieunni I love Uee forever...uee is the best idol actor..

ParkChohwa I still haven't gotten over her role in You're Beautiful. I'm watching Barefoot Friends and I'm getting better feelings about her.

butterfly effect Love ya, UEE, but chose a better drama next time pls You're lighting up the screen every time you appear, just wish you acted in other dramas, more palatable and not so long and boring like your current one. You're too good for gold Rainbow. All the best!

butterfly effect UEE I love you to bits but please chose a better drama to act in next time Golden Rainbow was such a let down, but still you managed to shine through. Wish you all the Success and great dramas with equally great roles! =D

CICI @EVE...you are as enlightening as a "black hole". Falsely accusing me of how you perceive my intentions as well as opinions is just another suppressive tactic. I did nothing regarding a fan/flame war and you need to stop that lie NOW. I agree with Annoyed. UEE is becoming a good actress and should get better with time. Everyone starts out rough and she hasn't been acting very long ..and I also stand by all my comments below. "Everyone" has the right here to comment "without your approval", and all of your nonsense below is not even worth the read. Btw asian wiki does a fine job monitoring their sites. Now you take issue with them too?..lol..Does everyone do things wrong or can't say what they want but you? My opinions are honest and my intentions are just to comment only as well...nothing else. So, now that you've read & given the definition of Troll, look in the mirror and stop harassing me and others. (I've seen you've gone after others too.) It's time for you to move on.

Annoyed Uee is a good actress but I think she will get better with time. Everyone starts out rough at first but after awhile they only get better and better

chacha I dont know about you guys, but she's a great actress for me... i mean her acting in Golden Rainbow is so touching that i also cry every time she cries also in Ojakgyo Brothers she's so awesome there.. And she wouldn't win those ACTRESS awards for nothing ^^,

EVE @CICI, seems like my post wasn't long enough to enlighten you and you seem to confuse the meaning of my words. So just because I asked why did you bring an off-topic subject here means that I don't think you have a right to your opinion? But you have already expressed it –the opinion, I only asked why you thought this was the right place to do it? Specifically, I said fine, ok, it’s your right/opinion to think that KYJ is a better actress than Uee or that Uee was bad in Golden Rainbow; but then when you say that Uee didn’t deserve an award and only KYJ did. Well, with this last sentence or your variation of it I had issues with in expressing it here, on a Uee thread, because it was just controversial enough, not to mention trollishly off-topic, to start a fan war. And it did. You call me an epitome of a troll & a control freak, but still somehow I'm the one who's bashing you. I still haven't you called you any negative names. I spoke generally about the right time and place about expressing opinions, but yeah, I still think this wasn't the appropriate place to say: KYJ was better than Uee so why Uee was the one who got an award? and that's my opinion. Definition of TROLL: person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.(acc to wikipedia) I'm sorry, but again, your behaviour on this thread was trollish, considering that you brought something off-topic here which somehow escalated on a fan/flame war. You seem ignorant of basic Internet behaviour rules, I'm not saying that you deliberately came here to provoke fans into a reaction, but you seem to think it's ok to post whatever, whenever, wherever. But things don't work always that way on the Internet or in real life (it would be chaotic), and people are going to react, especially if it's a bound to subjectivity topic like acting & awards which can't be agreed upon on a common ground ever. If this was moderated forum, the moderators would have already issued you with a warning of off-topic discussion (bringing KYJ on a Uee thread) and a request to discontinue the subject any further because it brought fan/flame wars in the thread. You also indirectly bashed Uee for something that she wasn't responsible for, like daring to win an award for which KYJ wasn't even nominated for. You could have had a reply by now to your enquiry if you had posted your issues on the official site of MBC, and not here.You just chose to express your frustrations against Uee, and not against MBC, who really was the only culprit in this whole hullaballoo. So just because you liked Uee in Ojakgo I don’t have the right to ask why are you bringing the subject of KYJ deserving an award on a Uee thread? Hmm, that makes sense…not. And please, get some real understanding of various Internet etiquette rules before attacking people for simply questioning your purposes.

CICI @EVE..are you sure your post is long enough? You say I have the right to my opinion then rant again why I shouldn't have my opinion, and it's also not in the right time or place according to YOU... LOL ..I left other posts saying I was excited to see UEE & JIW together at the beginning. Then, as the drama went along I became disappointed...get it? (BTW, I'm not the only one). You said my saying I liked UEE in Ojakgyo Family wasn't enough... you are so RIGHT about EVERYTHING, that you basically interrogated me on why I left my opinions & disappointment on this site. I did it just because. OK?! You are the epitome of a TROLL and a control freak. I gave my opinions on the award situation after it happened and now, it's no longer important. However, reminding someone like you of my right to speak MY thoughts is. I replied to someone commenting to me. That's it. If it was repetitive, too bad. Don't read it. Now, instead of wasting your time bloviating & bashing me, when I am not going to do things your way, EVER,...let's move on.

Eve @CICI, I read all your comments on this page, not just your last one where you were replying to haniglory, and I based my own reply to you on all of them. I don't know why you said that I don't respect others' opinions, that I'm an entitled troll or that I'm attacking people when I specifically mentioned in my posts that you guys have a right to your opinions and I neither bashed or called names anyone (which imo would qualify as an attack). Were Uee and KYJ even nominated in the same category? Is the end of the world that KYJ didn't won an award and must you bring it on Uee's page? What has she got to do with it, again I ask you? Is this the place for comparing their acting, why didn't you done that on KYJ's page instead? Bringing another actress's name here and being slightly stubborn about it was a rather trollish behaviour if you ask me. If I ever will be disappointed that Uee lost an award, why would I go to the winner actress's forums and complain about it? ( I would rather discuss it on her page, or on the drama forums. ) And not once, but twice, thrice, like you did. Ok, you think she deserved the award, why didn't you wrote that on KYJ's page or on MBC's site? What was the reason in coming here? You should have stopped after your first post imo. Please, I don't have nothing against of freedom of speech, but there is a time and right place for doing that. Like I said previously, you expressed once that Uee didn't deserve the award, but then came back again and again repeating the same. Honestly, do you think this was the right place for expressing your disappointment that your first favourite didn't win? On a Uee forum? And I registered that you like her in Ojakgyo, rest assured that that didn't pass by me, but that wasn't reason enough to impede me to ask why you brought the award winning subject here. To end it, KYJ has potential and she still is a teenager which means she has many opportunities to win other awards in the future. I'd rather Uee wouldn't have won this laughable award after only 7-8 episodes, the heck was that? I guess for me these Korean awards don't mean a thing and it's ridiculous to see people upset about or taking them at face value.

CICI @EVE..I was replying to what haniglory said to me. I did not bring up the topic of awards again. She brought it up and I responded. If you read any of my previous comments, you'd see that I said I liked her acting in Ojakgyo Family so back off. Everyone has a right to say their opinion and there's nothing wrong in comparing someone's acting with another's especially if they played the same character in the same drama. I don't know why trolls like you think you are above others when you're NOT.. and you go on the attack if they don't agree w/ you or meet your approval. I did not throw a childish tantrum... If anyone is throwing a tantrum, its' you not liking the fact that I am using my right to freedom of speech..

Gabee Choeun I think Uee is a very great actress, I mean Damn when i watch Ojakgyo brothers I was instantly in love with that series, she portrayed her character quite well, i cried, I got angry, she was pretty awesome to me, and I'm not saying that cause I'm a fan, im a fan of Bae Suzy too, but I'm sorry but suzy cannot act, Wanna talk about stiff lol, make a long story short, I like Uee, i think she'll go far in acting, cause she passionate you can tell by when she she's crying in a sad scene or yelling in a mad scene, if she keep this up i think she'll go far. ☺ Uee fighting!

EVE @leian, you should chill dude and stop taking so seriously the awards. IMO Uee is a fine actress, but you have a right to your opinion as well. Hope that you're now ready to focus on your favorites after you expressed your frustration on actors you dislike. Bye bye! :)

EVE @leian, that's cool if you think Uee can't act, but why are you lumping all her fans like you know them all? WTF! And maybe you should respect that some people love Uee as an actress and don't care a flying fig is she wins awards for her acting or not!!! Why are you fixated on awards as some sort of trademark for your talents, especially the ones for Korean dramas, that everyone knows they are for high ratings and popularity, and not merit? ROFLMAO You should chill, dude, and focus on your favorite idols and not on people you dislike so much.


leian ohhhh please!!!! uee cant act at all!!!! stop calling people hater just because they said uee cant act!!!that girl has been destroying many of good dramas with her stiff acting... this so call uee fans are actually admiring her just for her looks!!! ohhh please!!!! please!!! pleaseee!!!! im tired of this people sayin uee deserve that and uee deserve this!!! im still wondering how did she got all that awards while there is so many new actress that was soo good in acting compared to her.true story!!!!

anieunni @EVE, i agree with u...i think CICI antifans Uee...maybe..

EVE @CICI fair enough that you don't think Uee deserved that award, as everybody is entitled to their opinions, but why are you bringing other actresses' names in here? Go to her asianwiki page and complain there, where you should have in the first place, it's not Uee's fault that that actress didn't get an award. Or better, why don't you complain to MBC about it, as they were the ones who gave out the awards? Seriously, you sound like a disgruntled Kim You Jung fan throwing childish tantrums at the wrong people. And I think Uee is a lot more a nuanced and charismatic actress than her, as the child actress kept on crying all the time...my opinion. Anyway Kent awards are most of the time a farce, no use crying over spilt beans.

CICI @haniglory, this is a place that everyone is allowed to express their opinions. I am expressing my right. No matter what you say to me, after watching "Golden Rainbow" for 25 episodes, I still feel UEE has not done the excellent acting that Kim You Jung did in the beginning and I STILL feel that at the time of the awards, it made no sense to award her Excellent Actress for just a few average episodes. It looks like they decided she'd get an award before she even started the drama, which sucks. She STILL seems awkward here. I don't care if she reads my comment. It's how I honestly feel. I have complimented her work on Ojakgyo Family so I'm not against her. I really feel that Kim You Jung was cheated out of an award for this drama and it just seems so unfair. KYJ stood on her own acting ability. UEE has Jung Il Woo to make her look good. I doubt very many would be watching her right now if he wasn't in this.The awards are in the past so enough said, you brought it up..Y'know, Kim You Jung works very hard too and has since she was a little girl proving there are much better actresses in kshowbiz too.......my opinion.

adamcandance Uee so cute.. love your acting.. Uee Fighting! ♥♥♥

annieunni uee..your body getting fat.i hope you can diet..i want to uee formerly...slim and great body

anieunni yes...i agreed with you haniglory...

haniglory lol to the cici comment bellow cuz first this is not the right place for you to complaint cuz nobody cares nor uee will read it, and it's not like she ask for the award either or choose herself to won it . you don't even know how she is actually acknowledged that she don't deserve it cuz she know she got it too early, she is very grateful for the awards she receive and wil continue to work hard for the viewers that watch golden rainbow and show her gratitude. if you want to complaint go to her twitter, she is a really hardworking person i'm sure she will read complaint.

and there are ton of shitty actress in kshowbiz but i'm glad knetizens love her and praise her for her acting

leeuee i ship her with kwang soo oppa...they look cute together in running man...

adamcandance Uee so beautiful!

CICI I agree that UEE can act well because I liked her acting a lot in Ojakgyo Family with Joo Won but she is not acting well in Golden Rainbow and if she has to be the one to get an award here because she's popular, then, just give her a popularity award, not one for Excellent Actress because she's not excellent in Golden Rainbow or even very good. She acts like an amateur. The Excellent Actress in Golden Rainbow is KIM YOO JUNG and she put in more episodes than UEE at the time of the award shows. UEE may be happy she got an award, but when she looks in the mirror, she has to know the truth - that Kim Yoo Jung was 100 times better and acts with more experience and professionalism even though she is younger. I for one will be watching out for Kim Yoo Jung more than UEE. I watch kdramas for quality acting & good stories, not hyped popularity.

cinnamoncoffee People are taking seriously Kdrama awards still? Lol, most of them are for popularity and as thank yous for the actor themselves, not for quality acting! Wake up, people! Uee receiving an award for 6-7 episode was a travesty indeed, couldn't they wait a year more to award her properly? As for Uee's, she is indeed a very good actress considering she's also an idol - heaps better than Suzy or Yoona - and she's charismatic enough to sustain a scene by herself without any huge male costar. At least, that was impression watching her in dramas, and that was also why I slowly became her fan.

As for will saying she's the worst k drama actress he's ever seen, well, he must have a limited k-drama experience, no doubt. There are so many wooden and stiff k actresses and actors in dramas, that is not even funny. Uee has a reputation of a very good actress for an Idol among netizens and in k ent.

CICI I can see UEE receiving a Best New Actress award for Ojakgyo Family but Golden Rainbow? In all honesty, she's not deserving of an award for GR because she's not excellent & hardly even good here at all IMO.What exactly did she do so great in 7 episodes? There are so many other really good actresses who did "complete" flawless performances who should've won an award instead. Maybe it's now about how many 12 yr. olds someone can get to go on the internet and vote these days after acting for 3 years instead of winning for credible acting. I also agree with Will below.

will She's got to be the worst actress I've seen in a k-drama. Always stiff & not believable. She should stick to singing if that's what she's good at & quit taking roles from good actresses & ruining the dramas. Also was horrible in Barefoot Friends...part of the reason that ended early.

anonymous I had my doubts about UEE being an actress but she continues to awe me with her acting and its great, watch Golden Rainbow SUCH A GOOD DRAMA!!!!

Blasgilbert Villaroman Hi! Love your character in Birdie Buddy; Excellent performance. Wishing you the best!

Hanee I already lover her even before.. She

sayumi UEEE!! you need to be more famous!! you definitely have talent! GO GIRL!!

ikram i lovee her she diserve to be more knowen with her group afterschool they really work hard uee & afterschool fighting <3

simo01 Uee I loved your new song (Hero). It reminds me about my father <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :) Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy

nonsibi See her on 'Barefoot Friends' show. Episode 16 she visited her dad while he was coaching his baseball team. Earlier episodes we met with her mother in their Seoul apartment.

lolo2315 any news about a drama?

Royce saranghae!!!!!

Royce Uee when you are going to star in a drama or a movie?

fuente HWAITING Uee-ah!

Oona She had great comedic chops in You're Beautiful and Ojakkyo Brothers. Looking forward to see her in more dramas. Fighting, Uieshii! Fighting, AS!

moloko Uie daebak actress

Emma UEE you're the best idol actress out there

come back to dramas pls

Emma when is her next drama?

qUEEn Absolutely love her and her acting. One of the best new actresses of her generation, without doubt.

gabee Uee <3 She's a great actress, Love her! And she's such a sweet warm hearted person, I just got done watching Barefoot friends, And when she left the house (where they were staying at) she cried! Love her! Uee fighting!!!

xiao huey She caught viewers attention when she acted as young Mi-Shil in Queen Seon Deok TV drama series, then in You're Beautiful as antagonist character. She looks firm & powerful in Birdie Birdy, being spoiled, sweet & fragile young lady in Ojakgyo Brothers. You are so beautiful, Kim Yu-Jin (UEE).

New Asian Chick in Town She's AMAZING in birdy buddy:)

depz She nailed it, because she made me hate her so much in You're Beautiful yet she managed to make me like her sooo much in Ojakgyo Brothers. Not to mention her chemistry with Joo Won. Dang, just makes me want them to date for real. ^^

paulina chung-de souza Congrats, Uee - Great achievement winning 2 prestigious awards in 2011-2012. You worked hard and deserved to win. Hope these would spur your career in film & television to even greater heights...can't wait to see you on screen again!


LoonyLizard Girl, please do something to thin those eyebrows a little. I know I'm probably alone in this, but your face strikes me as a man trying to look like a woman. As a guy, I find this deeply unsettling and tend to avoid any project with your name in the credits. I think thinning the eyebrows by 1mm will help, but right now, I REALLY can't stand to look at you.

ueefan hii,uee!!

I am currently watching the Ojakgyo Family and
i must say your acting is really good.
Love your acting^^
good luck for your future

alyannacv hi Uee! annyeonghaseyo! Saranghae!!! I really like you!

Ma. Rian annyeonghaseyo~ SARANGHAE! ♥♥

sharen hello!!! UEE you are really beautiful like park shin hye you are good in acting and i would love to see your other side!!! saranghe!!!!!!! and keep up the good works

trina dont feel bad or angry with me...... because i really love you.......

your such a good actress and you are really pretty.........

love you!!!!!


sarang he!!!!!!!!!

i will always support you in all you project and im a fan of yours.........

trina hi uee!!!!!!!!! you are really pretty....... so pretty....... i like you as a playing a devil fairy.......

i like all the scene of you.... but i only angry with you because of your kissing scene to jang geun suk

i hate you in that time........

but only i can say you did a good work....... dont feel bad because i told you that i hate you....

because the truth is.........

sarang he uee!!!!!!!!

LA Rock-it Uee Girl:

You can really play the evil vixen I would love to see your other side......Heehee!! Take care...

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