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  • Name: Lee Hong-Ki
  • Hangul: 이홍기
  • Birthdate: March 2, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 176 cm.
  • Blood Type:


  1. Member of K-pop group F.T. Island.


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Renu hiiiiiiii lee i am Renu i am a big fan of you from INDIA your voice is very unique I WISH YOU ALL SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE your smile is very cute soooooooooo keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ria OMG, he just 25 y.o???? younger than me i thought that he is older than me... oh he is so young

bunny Lee hong gi I am your fan. You are amazing. You are so cute in you're beautiful. I love bride of the century so much. It is one of my favorite dramas. I hope you will do a lot of dramas and a lot of new songs. You are an amazing person

Viktoria Talented and good looking young man. Too girly for my taste, but I can't ignore his skills. Very nice voice and remarkable acting skills, he always makes my laugh. Greetings from Germany ;-D

Francis N.M. Timagos Hi hong ki!! i'm francis from the philippines i've watched your movies and i've listen to your songs... hope you'll continue touching other people's lives through your songs.....

joan kris wifan hi! hong ki i am joan from mizoram i watch your film moderm farmer youre so handsome i hope we meet some day bye Oppa

fina beautiful man :)

harysca lee hong ki oppaaaa......i really enjoyed your acting in BOTC,,saranghaeeeeee......you were so amazing.....

Yoon Hee Hi Min Kee,Jeremy ..thats what i just know..well ...i really like your dramas :D .. and also I love your songs <3 .well then thats all what I can say :D

aisha wow Jeremy u have good acting skills and u are fun to watch.well done.

Melepeka HI Lee Hong-Gi My name is melepeka i watch the korean movies that u r in and i hope u can noe me better

Katie I was really taken aback by Lee Hong-Ki's performance as Jeremy in He's Beautiful. Physicality in comedy is the most important and often the hardest part of acting in a character or comic relief role. Lee Hong-Ki understood that comedy wasn't about cheap jokes that play to the immature audience, a mistake often made, especially with actors that are originally in bands. The actors that are primarily singers tend to be newbies in the business, but Lee Hong-Ki didn't seem this way at all. I'm surprised by his filmography in that there is not a whole lot that he's done. I hope to see Lee Hong-Ki do some dramatic work because it is often said that comedic actors make the best dramatic actors. Lee Hong-Ki, fighting!

Kimberlee C. Biado Lee Hong-Ki is good in acting especially in comedy, his voice also is good.

Lee Hong-Ki is aquite cute.....fighting!!    :)

yam I love Lee Hong Ki

Gabriela His voice is pretty awesome, also his band is pretty cool too. His role in Modern Farmer is HILARIOUS I definitely recommend it if you want a great comedy kdrama.

Nana I love your voice ;acting;and everything you do you know? You're the fantastic guy you can do all of your dream, your hopefully and I think that you will become to a big man in this world...fighting

sandalima dewmini I really love his voice

Robina Hongki is really a talented person . he can sing really amazingly <3 <3 and he is good in acting composing and writing songs FTISLAND Deabak .. primadonna for ever

FMHK Still hoping that hong-chan and Mina Noona will end up together.

Daramji couple jjang~

Liln. Such a good actor. I'm so crazy of him!!!!!

Leigh Wow I know his voice is incredible and he still blows me away on the ost of Modern Farmer.Are the songs in the drama by LHK on the ost cd in full?

Mary yay yay I cant believe honggi can really act well, his facial expressions in modern farmer is outstanding.. He seems like a real anime character, he can portray funny not awkward facial expressions, the funny emotions are really natural, he's not just a versatile singer, he can do rock, pop, mellow etc songs... He can do comedy and drama too.. Im your new supporter oppa...

cora Lee Hong Ki is the best !!!!

Maggie E Calderon L He's the best!! Nothing more to say.

philip this guy is really a star. there's nothing he can't do. his powerful voice moves me so much. hope I will be able to go to japan for the FT Island next concert. HONGSTAR is a "modern farmer" now and it makes me really crazy. Long live Rock Prince.

len Lee hong ki sing the ost of the heirs, I really love his voice. I remember he is one of the main lead in You're Beautiful I really like his acting and I was so happy that you have new drama! Fighting!

Tulip Perform well in the latest drama recently, bride of the century. Acting so cool can get the public awareness at once. I am seriously addicted to this drama. Looking forward to the next drama. I really praise for your great job. Good luck!!!

biancz Hong-chan is the best!

Angelica Torres Hi I hope I meet you someday in person

Carola Great job in The Bride of the Century ! Love your voice.

kath cutiiiee. Lee Hong-ki you did well at the Bride of the Century! good job. you're amazing.

yul17a Well... I am a fan of Mr Lee voice of course... But then i saw you in WGM global with Ms Fuji Mina. And really love the reality show... The thing is... At the show you showed us the mischief in your behavior while Mina seems patiently interact with you and people around you. I do not know things behind the scenes but if someday you look someone to be with, the character shown by Ms Fuji Mina in the show can be good references. Oh by the way... I enjoyed your performances in bride of century too. Good luck for your next project!

supp he is adorbs!!!!!!

ft for the current issue, i think that we are not blaming cnblue but as we know that fnc is promoted them more.If you saw cheongdahm 111 ep 2, hong ki said that they get their payment after 5 years debut.how can fnc debuting cnblue within 5 years if they have no money?if fnc got money why they took so long time to pay ft?so that logic if we said that fnc used money from ft island to debuting cnblue and claery we can see favoritism in fnc.

seirin lee hong ki has a great voice. i hope he can have a drama with park shin hye. :) too,

Joy I realized only later that Hong-Ki is the same actor in Brde of... and singer of FT Island. Was I surprised and impressed. He's got a very strong sex appeal and am not surprised why the fans in Turkey went wild cheering for him. Very very talented, with the looks that can catapult him in the entertainment industry. I will follow his career.

Sonya I realized only later that Hong-Ki is the same actor in Brde of... and singer of FT Island. Was I surprised and impressed. He's got a very strong sex appeal and am not surprised why the fans in Turkey went wild cheering for him. Very very talented, with the looks that can catapult him in the entertainment industry. I will follow his career.

Sonya Hong-Ki is a very talented artist both as an actor and singer. Very strong sex appeal. I noticed him in this drama then later as I was watching his performance in Turkey with FT Island group was stunned that he was one and the same person... He STANDS OUT. His presence in the drama salvaged whatever shortcomings it had.

jhgsa hope to see lee hong ki and fujji mina act together can't wait for his new drama hope that he will get more offer as lead and also ft island is well known after this fnc is promoting them as they do for cn blue*sorry my mistake what i want to say is that fnc is NOT PROMOTING them as they do for cn blue*fnc should realise that without ft island they are nothingggg.stop with your bias attitude

jhgsa hope to see lee hong ki and fujji mina act together can't wait for his new drama hope that he will get more offer as lead and also ft island is well known after this fnc is promoting them as they do for cn blue

Vivienne He can act great.. He is awesome here in bride of the century, hope more drama for this young singer-

Sonya He didn't impress at first sight, but wow...as the drama unfolded, it was clear he has the appeal and the talent. He was a perfect fit for the male lead character. Hope he goes far in his acting career! Same goes true for the female lead. Congratulations for a drama well produced, written, and directed.

Amber Lee His acting is simply amazing in Bride of the Century. I wasn't a big fan of his before I saw his acting in Bride of the Century.

Cindy tiglao Hello :) u look awesome and i like youuu so much :) take care

hadoosh I love you oppa and love all drama sangheyoo ♥

Mary Jane Happy birthday Lee Hong Ki!!!!!!! This I promise you from "Your Beautiful" - love it... God bless

AV HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lee Hong Ki!!! I thank you and your parents for being born! Waiting for more episodes of your current drama. FIGHTING! :D. o o o o

jazingsoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lee Hong Ki!!! I thank you and your parents for being born! Waiting for the next episodes of your current drama. FIGHTING :D o o o

sara Your very talented. Love your voice. Doing a great job. Here to support you as a actor as well as a member of ft island.

macy20 oppa wish the best.

sima hong-ki oppa i cant wait to see you in your new drama.i lo0o0o0oo0ve you so much

Inez Lee Hong Ki please get well soon :) I'll be waiting for you recovery, please get well really really soon! :D

herbmom Always adorable! You are also a very good actor. Thanks for all your performances. You were precious with Mina. Look forward to seeing the new movie.

Elizabeth First found out about you when my friend introduced me to Your Beautiful then i found out you could sing your voice is amazing i listen to many though i dont know what your saying youve got great tallent. listening to your songs helps me releave stress whether soothing or exciting it often helps so Thank You :) I just watched your episodes of we got married you and Mina are adorable together but what a sad but beautiful suprise at the end :( your so energetic and cute X3 I cant wait till i can finally watch Rockin' On Heaven's Door Keep up the great work



yourebeautifulfan2 HongKi Oppa please be in another drama soon!!!! <3

D. Celmira I dont understand what he sings but i like it . He is Great

Hong Kim I first noticed Lee Hongki when I saw his name because it is similar to mine. I am asian and very good at english. I hope things go well. I guess you can call me a fan. :)

venusmaetadeja I have started idolizing LEE HONG KI since I've watched his tv series, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL..His unique voice can make anyone's flesh and soul separate while his smiling eyes can make anyone's heart tremble and his wide smile can catch anyone's attention.




Sara Sweet and love, wish you luck in your whole life time, sarangae <3

CookieNinja;P Ya hu hao. :) Lee Hong Ki, you are a very good actor. I love the character you played in "You're Beautiful". Your singing is also amazing, I love your voice!

Maryam 안녕하세요 이홍기씨 You're really cute and energetic I Love you and I hope you always feel energized and good luck

S You're so cute!!!! i want 2 hug you!!

Ase 사랑해 :)

Seri Hongki, you were the first Kpop star I really loved and I'm a committed fan. Watching your videos made magical things happen for me. I hope to see you one day. Although you may not see me, I will see you someday. You're my idol. One day, I'll be standing from afar watching you sing while you're onstage and remember why I fell in love with kpop all over again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with me and the rest of the world. You're great!

leaorosco Your so cute lee hong-ki.!!!.. I Love your voice... Saranghaeyo hong ki oppa!.

Katie Merry Christmas

Katie just finished watching You're Beautiful ////I loved your part you had a good heart your truly blessed///take care

Setare I love you Hongki oppa!!!! You're soooooo cute ^.*

sumnima hong gi oppa<3 sranaghee

oppa i'm not korean but i am biggest fan of u n i'm fan of ftisland i want to be korean singer because of u . i live in london iam far away from u but my heart is always with u. take me to your heart. oppa 명. 고맙습니다 so much for showing my right path for my future.i will never forget u. 나는 여전히 당신을 기다리지 않으면까지 내게 하려고 노력하고 있을 때까지 나는 죽습니다. 나는 당신을 사랑합니다. 격투 당신이 당신의 음악에 성공. 연발 I Love You.

leehongkibabylaila when I see you face i fall in love without you cuteeeee leeee hong kiii

leehongkibabylaila you’re beautiful.. guy i love you so mutch, in the series you’re beautiful you are so cuteeeeeee i´m you best fan love you veryyy veryyy mutch

leehongkibabylaila you're beautiful.. guy i love you so mutch, in the series you're beautiful you are so cuteeeeeee i´m you best fan love you veryyy veryyy mutch

laila I am your best fan i never let you go in my heart why because

I´m you´re  BEST FAN love ya leee hong ki

laila i loveeeeee lee hong ki so mutch his so sweet

laila i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee leeeeee hong ki so mutch his so sweet

Dara @sara do you know him ? No. did he do anything wrong to you ? No. are you a troll ? Yes.

Tahmon I greatly admire Lee Hong-Ki's powerful and unique voice. After I heard Lee Hong-Ki's passionate singing, I had little interest in hearing anyone else's singing. This is strange, since there were plenty of other vocalists whose voice I had previously enjoyed listening to, but now I cannot help but compare their voice to Lee Hong-Ki's. Best of luck with your singing and acting career, Lee Hong-Ki. :-)

Spells This guy's Korean accent on FT Island's English song "Always Be Mine" kept a goofy smile on my face all day ^^ Keep it up man, you're awesome :3 *fangirl over his adorkableness*

asma lee hong ki you're soooooooooooo cool & pretty singer , actor

            i love you
                   sarangeo sarangeo

jaysus he is so very cute......

crisitne rose inot 난 당신을 좋아해요 <3

123 i love lee hong ki! he's a great singer, great dancer...maybe not the best dancer but he's super cute when he's failing at dancing. both his acting and singing have brought a smile on my face as well as tears to my eyes. you really are deserving of your nick name, Hongstar. :)

Maria I really really hoope to see you in another romance/comedy drama soon :D Or a movie, but dramas are longer, so therefore a drama ;D Keep up the good work in the future

shana Iluv you Lee Hng Ki!!! Youre the best ever!!

Jicel 내 생일 소원입니다 저는 개인에서 볼 수

Jicel 나를 위해 당신이 잘생긴 한국 남자이야

cullengabriela He's voice is the best ever......saranghamida hongkishi...!!! You are so inspired me.....gomawo..!!!

luvYa oooh he is like a girl in this pic :DD I love him ♥

kHIM pEcsOn .'I labb U jeremy.'

.'I labb u jolie......!!!!

viktoriq_43 you are so cute .. Lee Hong Ki ..

viktoriq_43 <3<3<3 Lee Hong Ki <3<3<3 .. Saranghayo !!!

rojina hong ki lee have funy face


MadamCruise I agree with everything he's so cute, so nice, and have amazing talent . I hope one day I can meet him and tell him that I really like his charectar (Jeremy) I love it and always make me smile even if i was really sad..

Sarng hiyu Lee Hong-Ki

LilyBoo. Its kinda sad to know that im just one of hundreds of fans of Lee Hong Ki && That he wont ever know who i am in life, but some how when i watch his movies like you're beautiful seeing his cheerful && energetic self is very heart warming && I know he might see this alot but I loveee you

)), You have amazing talent && Keep

working hard <3

rajes he's acting in a new drama... and its japanese drama

mitchikho your so cute jeremy!!!!!!

HERBIE i love lee hong ki... i love his voice.... it captured my heart.... it says lab dub lab dub

Chris Hongki is a great singer!!! He's going to be in a Japanese drama this Spring, I really can't wait to see it :D


) :) :) I think he is very very good actor & also nice person.

sarah CUTE & KIND :x I'm his fan.

sarah nice personality. I love Oh My School. You are very smart, funny, cute, clever, handsome & kind guy. YOU ARE THE BEST. You are amazing.

justnobody Lee Hongki..im a big fan of him..because of him, FT Island just captured my heart <33

adlesirc914 saranghae!!!!hhhmmm hope there will be a next season of the movie titled "he's beautiful" cause i really really like it.... until now i'm not stop watching that movie... i'm still waiting for the next season 2 I MISS JEREMY!!!!

izzahulala He is so very very cute.!!Hong-ki Lee really is a good actor and a good dancer & singer(^^,) Love Your Voices !! Keep It Up Good Work !!! Gambatte !!

meriam pernia JEREMY ! i just love you ! so much . i cant help but thingking of you each day . i just love you .

Cassandra Jade Scarlight I love you Lee Hong Ki and of course the Five Treasure Island . . . . . . The last but not the least JOLIE…….!!!!!!!!!

Cassandra Jade Scarlight I love you Lee Hong Ki and of course the Five Treasure Island . . . . . . The last but not the least JOLIE.......!!!!!!!!!

george Caballes your childish attitude makes you so much cute.....come here my child hahahahahahahahahaha

kawaii!_rabbitPig ohayo..:)jeremy-kun i really like your childish attitude..you're one funny prince..can i be your princess??hmm.just kiding..can i be your adopted sister instead?? it will be fun because our attitude is closely related..sure thing our parents would gone mad,wont they?hehe,sarange sensei..:)

Lhyn hi to all!!!!!!!! i really love HE'S BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!! and all the cast!!!!!!!!!!!!

angel hello u r my idol............ and u r a good singer.........

shristy love u nd wants 2 see again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my idol

shristy Love U lee hong ki ur so funny nd cutelike apple.ha ha ha(^_^)

janine lee hong- ki, i really admire you.... love you....idol.....you're one of it...

janine lee hong-ki, i love you you're my idol..... i gonna post your pics. in my room....

Dawn Hong-ki lee i really love your character in your movie He's Beautiful.. i think i love u already.. heheheheh(smile) im a fan of yours..May you continue making people happy by making more movies.. you made me happy.. thank you and Godbless..

eunice ur so cute lee hong-ki...ur like a child in he's beautiful...cute...goodluck to ur career..tke cre alwys..

Cherry i like you so much

Chelle hi..I really like He's Beautiful.."grabe" it is so nice story just because its all about the girl who become les..because of her brother..rhe 1 thing that i Really like is you..your so Handsome..I feel so kilig..as in..

trina hi lee hong ki!!!!!!!! i really like you in HES BEAUTIFUL DRAMA your so funny in that drama... your such a good singer and actor.......... and not just a good actor........ you also a good comedian........ your such a funny person.........

according in you character in HES BEAUTIFUL DRAMA....... its fine to rolling to be a funny person or as jeremy in that drama........ but i only i can ask........ why you didnt have a loveteam in that drama??????????? its really sad.........you are like kim joon in boys over flowers drama that it didnt have a loveteam......... but its ok..... so, thats all.........

sarang he lee hon ki!!!!!!

ghail u knw what ur so very cute i like ur dimples ..hmmp tnx

mitzi hi!!!!!!!!!! lee hong ki you so cute well i like to meet you in personal if you want im your fan and evryone woul like to be your girlfriend and also like me!

mz. khuletzzz you know your so very,very handsome & of course like me!!!!!^^0

marilyn tolentino hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



pauline hi ur so very very cute!!bye!!!

Enna SUperio why He’s beautifuL is onLy his T.V show?? …………… i want more haha….. he reaLLy G()()d in actinG (^_^) (^_^) ;; <3 <3

dimple hi lee hong ki........... i really like you.. your so cute.. i like the way you smile... god bless and more power!

ligene i love you lee hong ki, i hope you will come back here in the phillipines so that i will see you. i will wait you here. thank you. god bless and more power. love you

joy saranghae!!!!

your so handsome and so attractive

Louiesa ILY<3 HIM SO MUCH!

micah nice lee you're so cute,:)u are a good drumer

misaki minna 참을 수가 없으니까 Falling In Love With 목소리

rendyka haha you so cute

elsa you so sweet and very cute i like you

whewew you so hot baby... so funny too... ,love you :))

nb: anyone who knows he's true sosial network?? like facebook or twitt or something? can you tell me? please send on my email whewew@rocketmail.com iwant to add and follow him:) thanks :))

Dessi Love You.....

Ikari waaah im super late to know that the korean series Your beautiful will be air in ABS-CBN. TwT and Lee Hong Ki will be in that series TwT im ashamed of myself delayed knowing it TwT i just know FT Island lately TwT

but, its good to know that he's there~! i would see him as an actor >_____< I LOVE YOU LEE HONG KI~ <33333333333 SUPER LOOOOVEE!! <333333333

Lisa i absolutley love JEREMY. lee hong ki, youare an amazing actor and have a voice beyond praisable. ur part in the song promise in the beginning was phenomenom. u make me happy.

Stanne72 i really love lee hongki's character in your beautiful [jeremy<3]!!

Jhenzie hi everyone..i really love "you're beautiful' series..it will be air in Phil soon..im excited to watch...esp Lee Hong Ki..i really love him..he's so cute and funny,very talented one..i hope that "a.n jells" will visit phillpines..they have many fans waiting here..:):):)more power to u guys muaah!

eka lee hong ki ssii, met bday ya! although its too late, but at least i still want to tell u that hope u'll be better in act and sing we love ur performance in u're beautiful and ur voice when u sang at the SBS award especially when u said to geun suk ssii that 'geun suk hyung, saranghae' its so cute take a time to visit Indonesia many viewers wait for u and ANJell personel to perform miss u annyeong

denisse hes a very good actor and dancer hope to see season 2

Fyren Otaku Love Your Voices !! Keep It Up Good Work !!! Gambatte !!

wasabi001 I love Lee HongGi !

Wery please - support this petition - http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/ - You're beautiful Season 2 !

HongGi Oppa ~~~~~~ <33333333333

Audre ... and of course a good singer!!!!! :*

Audre He is so cute!! Hong-ki Lee is so good actor and a very good dancer!!!! :*

a.n.gee i am appreciating him more and more because of his role in you're beautiful... really love him there...he's really funny... now he's not just a 'kangin-look-alike' to me anymore... he now holds a special place in my heart... hehehe...

Emelie He is so very very cute.!!Hong-ki Lee really is a good actor and a good dancer & singer(^^,)

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