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  • Name: Gang Dong-Won
  • Hangul: 강동원
  • Birthdate: January 18th, 1981
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • University: Hanyang University (Ansan Campus)
  • Height: 186cm
  • Blood Type: B


  1. Gang Dong-Won enlisted in the Korean military on November 18, 2010. After a four week training period he served his mandatory 2 year military requirement in a public office. He was then discharged November 12, 2012.


Short Flms

  • The X | Deo Ekseu (2013) - X

Drama Series




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rein He's so good in kundo. He is the atagosnist and he really did a goooood job:) no wonder he won best actor in that film:)

Gee i'm sooooo obssessed with this guy! i hope he'll change his mind and decides to make a drama so that i can see more of him, please oppa!lols...

Lee i must say that kang dong won is one of best korean action actor. in the Duelist movie and in the Kundo movie. He should play more movie /drama like the Duelist.

Kang Ne Zha i hope to see him on action romance drama as main prota ^_^

ris23 handsome and a great actor!

CoolBeans There should be a lot more awards given to him. He is a great actor. I wold love to see him in a 16 episode romantic comedy Kdrama. He has not done one in 10 years! He is very funny in the movie My Brilliant Life.

lee kang to no one compare his looks with joo won plleeeaaasseee.

shoaib kang won is much more handsome than joo won... kang won is also more multitalanted actoe

Vhudhuchile To me he is like a mix between joo won and chansung from 2pm

kgh I don't blame him for not wanting to do any kdramas anymore. The quality of kdramas have gone downhill so sticking to movies is the right choice.

Ochi This guys reminds me of Joo Won, especially when he smiles...

rskdrama ju ji hoon profile and this guy look similar...

Jen2014 I have said this a million times in comment boxes in various sites. Kang dong won-ssi's face looks like a mix of Joo won-oppa and Yoo chun-oppa :D anyone with me here? Kand Dong Won oppa! Fighting ! we'll keep on supporting your big-screen series !!!! we love you oppa !

maria You are not only handsome and attractive but you are also talented and smart.Continue your skill in acting that's make you more great.More challenging role...Kang Dong Won..Looking forward to see more your movies and series...FIGHTING !!!

saeunhan he keep make me fall in love with him, I can't sleep well for days after watch his movie and it's getting me crazy.... love you, and please make many movie this year..

HaneeIsMyName Kang oppa... I wish I could see you in Drama Soon not only in Movies... Please Fighting Oppa.. :D

jill's left ear @Alin:

Um, it should be the other way around. Joo Won looks like Kang Dong Won.

Both amazing actors btw.

alin is he the one who looks like Joo Won ?

Mimi hi oppa~ I love you do you have Facebook or twitter or instagram account ?

Capricorn0Angel aah, his acting in temptation of wolves has made me cry my eyes off :" He has that x factor to let you all feel the emotion he's trying to deliver. Great job, Kang Dong Won!

Capricorn0Angel I'm here to send my compliments to Kang Dong Won. He's that one actor that will not make you fall for him at the first time, but you have to just watch him and slowly but sure, you'll fall in love! I myself even realized how sexy his voice is after some movies I've watched >.< I enjoyed watching him so much. He has that skill to act, I think he should be filming a hollywood one soon. Have done watching Jeon Woochi and going to watch some more of him <3 KANG DONG WON, JJANG! AZA AZA FIGHTING!

Vivi I;m a fan of Joowon. When i'm i hear that joowon looks like kang dong won, i have searched in internet who kang dong won was so i decided to watch his movie. and i actually falling in love with kang dong won. he's so good looking and his act is very awesome. i love him after Joowon <3

Taelene I enjoy your acting, although Jun WooChi is the only movie I've seem of you, your acting are entertaining, it makes me smile, happy at time. Looking forward to see you in others.

serena Kang Dong Won, you look very attractive in the pic for your latest movie The X . You are not only handsome and attractive but you are also talented and smart. I really love you oppa. I enjoyed most of your dramas and movies especially Secret Union, Temptation of Wolves. I look forward to your latest movie The X. Saranghae oppa...

meta i love kang dong won

vivi I love Kang Dong Won so much. He is the one and the only my favorite korean actor. I agree that he is not a flower boy from sweet dramas but that's why i love him. His pure talent and personality have impressed me. Kang Dong Won, keep up the amazing work. Will always look forward to it. Love you.

jules Dong Won and Joo Won? Well, I think Doppelganger Roles will be a good idea for movie. One killer and one cop. Yay... I choose for Kang Dong Won (he's more charming) :D

serena Kang Dong Won, I love you so so so much when I watched you in 1% OF SOMETHING. You had that charisma which made you so so so attractive. I lke your acting it is so natural and you are so so so cute. Saranghae Kang Don Won oppa.....

iamrejiahstar miss you already please come back to us soon!!!!!!!!

shakespeare Saranghe Kang Dong Won I love all your movies, you're the best. mwah!

shakespeare Saranghe Kang Dong Won. I love all your movies. You're the best;)....mwah!

Yukibo Only one word - amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I've watched every single of his works. Words fail to describe all the emotions that I felt while watching his films. He left me breathless. He really is such an unique actor. Not a flower boy from sweet dramas, but a serious decent man from the big screen. Without a doubt, he is a pure talent.

Hanee Oppa... your are not only good looking your also smart... I love you since "Temptation of Wolves"... Your so cool :D More Drama and stay Humble Oppa... Fighting :D (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

denise Kang Dong Won, I like you so much when I watched you act in Temptation of Wolves, Secret Reunion and 1% of something. You are a good and natural actor. Your cute and boyish look and of course very handsome. Oppa, you are one of my favourite korean actors. I look forward to your latest movie.

ran the list of people so far i thought they look like gang dong won.. 1. moon joo won 2. TOP big bang (the voice more similar) 3. TAO EXO-M 4. Joon JunHyung Superstar K4...

MEA other says that "He looks like Moon Joowon!" but as for me, it's Moon Joowon that looks like him!!! Gang Dong Won is a well respected and famous actor. He didn't need to be compared to others because where he is now is the result of his own effort, talents and style.

MEA I began to love Kang Dong Won together with Kim Jung Hwa in 1% of anything. They are both good, talented and versatile actor/actress.

I hope to see them both acting together in a drama or movie again.

Runningman He looks like Moon Joowon in haunters! haha like it

fitri love gang dong won gang dong won i like your acting...

CICI Gong Dong-Won, You gave an awesome performance in "Secret Reunion". Wow!! You have a huge talent for letting the viewer want to know exactly what is going on with you. I was glued to my TV screen just watching you. I'm sure you will continue to become more and more successful & I'm looking forward to it.

MistyEyes Happy birthday, Kang dong won-ssi...

paras2 ♥♥♥Happy birth day to you♥♥♥ you are very handsome and good actor. I LOVE you so much *o^ Oppaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Nomu Nomu saraghae! ★★★ gooooooooood luck ★★★

Luv_Ayun i really love Kang Dong Won and Kim Jung Hwa after watching 1% of anything.. Both of you really cute.. Wish both of you could acts in drama together once again. :)

Luv_Ayun i really love Kang Dong Won and Kim Jung Hwa after watching 1% of anything.. Both of you really cute.. Wish both of you could acts in drama together . :)

luckychi888 When will you come back??? I miss you a lot!!!!

venusseo He's so gorgeous and very cute! Be safe to ur military service, I love you kang dong won

@cynthia_lova my fav actor ^^ i love his movies... awesome!!!!

NM17177 one of my favorite actor besides Won Bin and Jo Jung Suk....

yeyy he looks similar to joowon and T.O.P. hope he can play a movie or drama with them

Nhung Hi Gang Dong Won! I saw all your movie! And I love them! Youre so excellent! Can't wait your next movie!

tama i love him so much , I 've known him since the drama MBC 2003 1% of anything , he 's so cute and i became a real fan of him with the movie Secret Reunion , he is a great actor , I like his eyes ,it seem sad and too attract me . Now i'm waiting for him return in drama fater he finish military Octorber is comning....

ancientwanderer Just watched Woochi, hadn't heard of Kang Dong-Won before that but I was really impressed by his acting as Jeon Woochi! Really talented guy, going to have to take a peak at some of his other stuff. Just loved the depth of his acting as well as his style!

patoche1212 Kang Dong Won est un super,magnifique acteur que ce soit dans Woochi ou Secret Réunion et il a une voix!!!!!!….(WAOW….Sa me laisse rêveuse..) Le doublage français de son personnage dans Woochi est vraiment décevant(sa n’a rien à voir),je préfére regarder ce film en vost,fermer les yeux et écouter Kang Dong Won parler tout simplement…..

nie_jell Just watched his movie SECRET REUNION. The movie was super great! And he was really cool (and uber-cute & hot)! One of the best Korean movies we've watched! :D

camellia I've watched your movies,dramas and advertisements two or three times and I like more each time. you are my favourite korean actor. because of you,I really want to visit korea and pusan:) It doesn't need to talk about your acting.It is already perfect. and one question: why don't you have english website? kang dong won do your best and play more dramas and movies.watching you is really good:D

saranuud Me too. I wish to meet him...

mean I wish to meet him...and i hope one day!

heartKDW I absolutely adore Kang Dong Won. He's very adorable and admirable. I adore shyness and consideration. All in all, he is truly amazing. <3 :)

lisa tee i think he’s a cool kid. i watched secret reunion on a flight from asia and i was like woe! he’s attractive but i think he looks better with the hair-do in the secret reunion movie.

lisa tee i think he's a cool kid. i watched secret reunion on a flight from asia and i was like woe! he's attractive but i think he looks better with the hair-do in the secret reunion movie.

madzgo One of my favorite Korean actors who love to challenge himself with every role he takes and does not want to rely on his looks alone. I wish him more success because he already made a name for himself as a box-office drawer with Jeon Woochi and The Secret Reunion.

srijana he is soooooo cute...... i love him. i wish i could be in korea and can watch all his movies without missin one of them. love him and he so cool n goodlookin

kizzy Kang Dong Won is tremendously hot !!! He's soooo cute :) his character in Something about 1% was so adorable. I wish I could live in Korean so I would be able to watch all of his movies ! Fighting Dong Won ^^

Emine Happy 29Th Birthday To Dong-Won Kang!!Hoping to see more dramas with Dong-Won Kang…Keep up the great work!! =)

evilive LOVE YOUUU. he is sooo freeking cute to me. his movies 'temptation of wolves and beautiful to lie. i fail for him

sky well i love his performance on the 'Duelist'.that was the first movie that make my heart keep thinkin' of the the way,i just wanna say that "kang dong won,GO~GO, CHAYOK!~"Ur the best!^_^

tomo The performance of the kang dong won is very good! I feel that I grow up steadily whenever Dong won repeats a performance very much! The figure that perception Dong won makes an effort is felt. I support kang dong won from now on!

Emine Kang Dong Won is so sweet hot..His songs are good great,Kang Dong Won is so cute.. He has a really nice voice! =)

leemariz yeah his not that cute but he has that appeal!!!!i like him 2

miel he's not that handsome but he's really attractive and charming in his own way

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