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  • Name: Bae Soo-Bin
  • Hangul: 배수빈
  • Birthdate: December 9, 1976
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180cm.
  • Blood Type:


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SUZY Bae Soo Bin, you are reallly talented actor!!! i really hate you in Secret Love!! Good job!!!!

Vanessa This dude seriously needs a main role!

sakura I liked your acting in Secret and 49 Days.

sakura I liked your acting in Secret and 49 Days

Rose In dong yi you were a very good fighter and warrior so I wanna be like you

Fae I like his acting and i love him.

tae shi ni annyeyonghaseyo.. oppa... you have acted in dong yi perfectly .. you are very smart & handsome.. i love you very much.... sarangha...

Tralala He deserves to be the main lead. Yes, he is that good!

Ileana HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear actor. I have seen almost all your drama. I loved very much your acting from JUMONG and DONG YI, besides all your dramas. All the best in your future activity and in your marriage.

From Romania with love.


gloria manuel wow! a very good acting, such a handsome face,great as an second lead actor, carry on the good work....

Anonymous Sometimes I hate him, cause his acting is so good! No offense, it's compliment (:


huda i loooooooove u soooo much bae su

kaush In secret,he act a bad charactor. I'm sad about that. Do hoon is so selfish.i hate that charactor.however his acting is great in secret drama. Love him.

Sheri Handsome :) and a great actor...keep up the good work

Apong I wanna be your wife,,hehe...

EYO I'm an female architect in profession from Sri lanka.3 years younger to you. best wishes for happy wedded life...!! I don't want to meet you in person but if possible send me a small unique gift to keep. always like to memorize, as the characters you act. in real life you may not like that. in this short period of life we all suffer from lot of illnesses, getting old and death. its a universal truth. you also no different. so if can try to end this cravings and attain "nibbana" that is the only way to end the suffering and only thing I have to tell you as a real fan. hope you would make the attention even little with your busy life. if your so busy its okay to reply even in your old age................

kaushi Im from sri lanka.i have watched you in dong yi,shining inheritance & temptation of an are so handsome and are my favorite actor.i like ur smile and crazy about u.i love u bae soo bin oppa.have a good future!

sam he is very handsome. i like his acting because he very clever in his acting

Sarah He's so cute in Brilliant Legacy !!!!

jee eduard your so very very very handsome man

sare soobin I love u very much . I love your eyes when u r gazing women. U r the best actor that i love. I'd like to kiss U when I see U

Lawliet you are fantastic!!!

butterfly Very, very handsome man. Lovely eyes and cute smile. He's a fine, versatile actor with passion and charisma. Looking forward to his future works.

Crystal He's one of my favourite korean actors. A natural actor, versatile and passionate in every role, even in the small ones he outshines. Ofc, it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes as well. What a beautiful man!♥ I want to see him more on small and big screens, getting more popular and recognized, he truly deserves it!

Sithu Really talented actor .. Is there a way to find out his personal e-mail address? If any one knows please give it to me.

RICHEL annyonghaseyo oppa ! i really2x like you cause ur so amazing.. evrytime i see u in dramas my heart melted like an ice cream...i hope in the future i see u again acted in small screen!!!!!!!!!!! wish u all the best.....!!

Anne Lindberg It is great to find a gifted actor like you on the screen. The way you express yourself in bodylanguage, mimik and how you speak is flawless. May you shine bright on the starry sky for a long time to come. Best of luck.

tara happy birthday I love you so much

sue keep moving forward.........

Xane(Deniz) Hello Bae soo bin my name is Deniz Drogo but I like been called Xane I'm from romania and I'm 12 years old your the best actor your the best in dong yi the way you fight is just too live I realy like you you are super god in acting your good in all dramas even in sea god and 49 days I admire u more than anyone hope u see my commentXxx I really hope I would meat you one day wish you good luck in everything you do and god bless you :)

prixx Wow! You're really great in temptation of an angel, its the one i like the most. You're really gorgeous there, the perfect man. I've watched it two times. I hope you'll have a drama that you'll end up with the girl you like. I was really sad at the ending of temptation of an angel. Even in dong yi, brilliant legacy, when a man is in love, im so sad for you. I also like your character in Jumong, sayong is so finesse, when i saw you in brilliant legacy and emptor of the sea after jumong, my only reaction was OMG! That's sayong?! Anyway more projects to come and God bless. I'm looking forward in watching more of your dramas and movies.

Edna Signo Ive seen Dong Yi, 49 days nd Temptation of an Angel. He is truly versatile..

Edna Signo Lead or supporting, i think bae soo bin does a great job in choosing roles. He doesnt limit himself in lead roles. I think it opens more gud nd interesting characters for him. Lead characters shine, bcoz of supporting characters. He is one of the most attractive and talented korean actor. Keep it up oppa! Saranghe.. Mwaahh!

huyenbin like you in 49days film ^^...fighting...I always support you...;D

rynn i really love ur smile!.. wish u the best oppa!.. saranghae ;D

Michelle I love you work in 49 days, Brilliant Legacy, and Temptation of angel. You very amazing actor. you are my favorite korean actor.

Pegy Hi dear Bae Soo-Bin. I'm from Iran and I really like your characters in 49 days and temptation of an angel. Your the best actor.I like to see more of your dramas and movies. I hope that you see these comments,so you'll find out that you have many fans. Wish you the best. Love You Soo-Bin Opa!

Lindsay I really love you Bae Soo-Bin. You look very attractive in 49 days.


analyn butt Your so very good Actor, im ur number 1 fan of u, i came from Philipines, more power.

charityparrilla Im very proud to all korean actor and actress... Best talaga lahat ng korean nobela. Kahit bitin ang ibang ending story ay best parin. No changes for being their best story...Walang katulad... for me. Because, i love korean nobela so much even what happen in this world!!!

charity parrilla wow! you are very GREAT action star for me... Hopefully, you can come in phils. and visit us and i can meet you in personal..

Jinhee Oh My God, I have a big crush on you! I always fantasize you coming to my quarters at night and ravishing the beauty out of me. Me gusta!

Dongyiadik I've been so addicted watching Dongyi because of you Cha Chun Soo!! I go crazy everytime you have a fight, you're sooooooo awesome in martial arts I love Ji Jin Hee (King) also, his character is great too I love Han Hyo Joo as Dongyi, I'm a big big fan of her I also love Seo Young Gi I'm just so lonely that you and Dongyi did not make it to more than just friends or more than just sibling-like relationship Anyway, you are my favorite character on than drama maybe because you're soooooo cute! your eyes and your smile tells it soooo.... Hope to watch all your shows :)

marissa valenzuela hi there, i wish you read my message.i really like you as an actor, your really awesome, i can't imagine myself seeing you in real but i do hope for that someday.. i had a dream few days ago and it was a nice dream but weird because i saw you in my dreams, i wish that time not to woke up anymore, i don't know if you will understand my message because it's written on english, forgive me if i take it wrong that you don't understand english as all known your a korean, including Jackie Chan your the second asian actor that i can't forget and praying to see someday even it's just a dream,but i guess there's nothing wrong to dream:) well Mr.Bae Soo Bin.but i'd love to call u chun soo, i hope,i really hope you read this..see you in other show of you:) God Bless you

Zozo Dong Yi is watched even here in Bosnia & Herzegovina! And Inspector Cha is my favourite, of course :)))

sooshin I wish you to be lucky on your life long i've done my best so far to get to you and ... i'll do more and more, Bae soo bin you deserve the best see you soon in Korea sarange

Anna wish i could meet someone like you

Jae Bae Soo Bin is so good looking. He is such a cool actor. He look better every time i see him.

Fla I don't know y do u always being an unlucky man everytime i see drama that u on there... ('-') Like brilian legacy and 49days, and... honestly just both from ur drama i've seen... *plakk* hahaha God bless you oppa:))

roya hi mr bae soo bin i see your films dong yi and tempatation of an angel and shirning very beautifull you are very good actor i love you bae by see you

Mutiat I can replace Your girlfriend....

Bea I like your incredible smile, eyes, and your unic style !!! Fighting and Komapsumnida, Komao For all your work...!!! From Europa- Bea

Kdramalover Congratulations! You do a very good job of an actor. I agree that you should be given leading roles rather than portraying men who could not reach the lead girls like in Shining Inheritance. Frankly speaking, you acted much better than the male lead actor in that film. Or is it your strengths to show repressed feelings of an unrequisited love? I love to see you shine. From Vietnam

simona hi,i'm from Romania,i am your fan!wish you luck!:)

trika dwifayu Bae su bin !! I'm from Indonesia You very handsome in the movie "Dong yi, Jewel in the crown" woo I like it

MissTamTam I'd love to see him in a LEAD once - such a great actor, and so good-looking as well!!

han dong mi oppa, saranghae :))). so swordmanship when you acted in dong yi

Lisa from Indonesia with love...

vinna hy when you will come to Indonesia??

MEK Oppa - you are now my new oppa...but i think, watching you in 49 days...and watching you in Shining bulked up...i dont mean fat, I mean sexy!

Elena Hello, I am so sorry that in this drama series DONG YI, you are not able to marry her. But your acting is wonderful. Also your role in JUMONG is very good. But in the real life what happened with Bae Su Bin, how died both Dong Yi and the King Sukjong ? Is it possible to give me a site where shall I read ? Sincerely greetings

kikay this guy has talent, too bad some producers and directors do not give him a chance to shine or I should say his manager or agent cannot give him a suitable role for him so that his career would advance just like what happened to kim nam gil in queen sendeok, his career skyrocketed.So his manager take good care of bae su-bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!He can ACT FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V Look forward to seeing the new drama....


risa sarangheyo......!!!!! u are so awesome.. perfect boy..^^ i'm a fan of u

Mei Lin You are super cool. I enjoy watching every show. Will you visit Vancouver, Canada soon? Please come.

With Love, Mei Lin

Angie Le Very good actor! keep up your acting!

Shari Chan 陈沙里 배수빈 oh! oh! oh! oh! oppareul saranghe

evan winitta i like ur sytle,. maybe something what they said to u was because ur eyes,. u should control ur eyes.... maybe..

sam sik to su bin bae: i'm so sorry................... mianhamnida........ mian.... mian i regreet do it

sam sik so bad.................... i'm more handsome than su bin bae.............................. you know.............

THE LIFE How much is wonderful I'm from Saudi Arabia and admire you You are beautiful and sophisticated and you have a nice sense of

yumiko Looks a bit like an older Jaegoong of DBSK

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