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  • Drama: Brilliant Legacy (English title) / Shining Inheritance (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Chanranhan Yusan
  • Hangul: 찬란한 유산
  • Director: Jin Hyeok
  • Writer: So Hyeon-Kyeong
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 28
  • Release Date: April 25, 2009 - July 26, 2009
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Eun-seong Ko (Han Hyo-Joo) lost her mother at the age of 11. Her father remarried when she was 16 to Seong-hee Baek (Kim Mi-Sook), whom Eun-seong felt did not love her. She quickly grew disillusioned with her new family. Tragedy strikes Eun-seong again when her father suddenly dies. Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong's doorsteps when she inherits a vast fortune, but not from her father.

Woo-han Seon (Lee Seung-Ki) is an arrogant young man, but handsome. He has no idea about the value of money as he was raised by his wealthy grandmother and mother. One day, Woo-han's grandmother drops a bomb .... she will give all of her fortune to Eun-seong Ko ....


Brilliant Legacy-Hyo-ju Han-t1.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Seung-ki Lee-01.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Su-bin Bae-01.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Chae-won Mun-01.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Mi-suk Kim.jpg
Han Hyo-Joo Lee Seung-Ki Bae Soo-Bin Moon Chae-Won Kim Mi-Sook
Ko Eun-Seong Seon Woo-Hwan Park Jun-Se Yu Seung-Mi Paek Seong-Hee
Brilliant Legacy-Hyo-jeong Ban.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Jeong-woo Choi.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Ji-in Yu.jpg Brilliant Legacy-In-taek Jeon.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Jun-seok Yeon.jpg
Ban Hyo-Jung Choi Jung-Woo Yu Ji-In Jeon In-Taek Yeon Jun-Suk
Jang Suk-Ja Park Tae-Su Oh Yeong-Ran Ko Pyeong-Joong Ko Eun-Woo
Brilliant Legacy-Seung-hyeong Lee.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Ye-won Han.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Seok-won Jeong.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Jae-seung Kim.jpg Brilliant Legacy-Yeo-eun Son.jpg
Lee Seung-Hyeong Han Ye-Won Jung Suk-Won Kim Jae-Seung Son Yeo-Eun
Pyo Seong-Cheol Seon Woo-Jeong Jin Yeong-Seok Lee Hyeong-Jin Jeong In-Yeong
Brilliant Legacy-Min Yeong-Won.jpg
Min Yeong-Won
Lee Hye-Ri

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Maple This is so good! I love this drama very much! Love han hyo joo^^

Shomon As always Lee Seung Gi is the Best.. :D

nentelly Thank you for this drama. lee seunggi and han hyo joo chemistry is the best

kitalqy really am in love with lee seung ki

dadz . . this is my 25th best drama Ive seen so far. .out of 175

HopesDD An amazing classic, totally love it no matter how much I watch it. A story that looks boring but attract you and warm your heart with its smart script. Seriously, it's GOLD.

love I'm watching Brilliant Legacy Right now and I fall in love with Hwan again and again ... SEUNG GI OPPA I LOVE YOU cute baby Hope your eye recovers soon and I see you smiling and healthy again my love ...

Thilini v. Does anybody noticed that in Brilliant Legacy,from the begining on, both Hwan-Sung wore same colour and same type clothes like a true couple,I think Go Eung Sung even wore Sun Woo Hwangs own clothes few times, how romantic :-D

Thilini v I lost count of how many times I've watched BL,great plot, brilliant acting,my all time fav.num.1 K drama,Seung-Joo (Hwan-Sung) is most probably the reason of my BL addiction,Seung-Joo forever!please do another project together,I'll never get tired of watching you both together!

Ozmo @elis - Getting drama confused with real life??? Yoona isn't in this drama. She and Seung-Gi love each other in the real world, so whether you like her is irrelevant.

elis does sueng gi likes hhj or the other way around?if they do,why arent they together..i dont like yoona

Clarkdale44 Well a nice change of pace... I liked the story and it was entertaining. Casting was superb, both Han Hyo-Joo and Lee Seung-Ki performed their best. But i feel as chemistry between two leads was somewhat weak, don't know if its only me who felt that way. Although the story sequence was alright i felt as it was being dragged unnecessarily. Anyway in the end all worked out good. I enjoyed it.

WARNING:- Don't read further if you have yet to watch this drama:- Although the story is entertaining, you will feel frustrated and angry because of such mother, yeah i am quite familiar with stepmothers in dramas who throws out the children from first marriage in such situations but what she did was beyond explanation. Throughout the entire drama i felt so annoyed by the character of Paek Seong-Hee and even her daughter Yu Seung-Mi that was i about to go crazy. I felt as she was crazy and had some sort of mental problem. I don't think she plans give up in the end if it wasn't for Eun-Seong's father, who threatened her that he will turn himself in. If i talk about supporting cast, i feel sorry for Park Jun-Se, he helped Eun-Seong throughout the series since the beginning and yet his heart was crushed in the end. I still don't understand this feeling called love. He helped her so many times and even helped her father, its hard to believe that she didn't felt anything for him. Also Eun-Seong didn't had the slightest idea that her father was alive and looking for her, she wouldn't even have been able to meet her father if it wasn't for Jun-Se. Well he knew the meaning of loving someone, he must have thought her happiness lies with Hwan, so he gave up. On the other hand i don't feel any bad for Yu Seung-Mi, she got what she deserved. I liked the happy ending. But Eun-Seong could have been announced as future heir of the company. Anyway i liked the character of Grandmother, she saw in Eun-Seong's kindness and pure heart, it was a right decision to make her future successor of the company, although she declined it in the end. 28 episodes was bit too much depending on the story progress, story was being dragged for no reason in the middle of the series. Anyway i enjoyed this drama very much and i will recommend it to all.

I will give it 9.5/10(For great casting, great story, great cinematography)

T My most favourite Korean drama so far,love everything about this drama,specally the chemistry between Seung Gi-Hyo Joo,Hwan-Sung forever! <3

Tum Im gonna watch this film coz there is yeon jun sul oppa♥

micha love it! exciting!

micha Love can really change anything, i mean for the better..i love the story..i love the cast esp LSG!

hot-summer I really love BL plot and I addicted to GO EUN SUNG and HWAN love story so much!

JayKemz I have a bone to pick with the directors of this k-drama: Why did they have to force the main actress to fall in love with a spoilt brat over a perfectly nice guy??? AFTER i BECAME AWARE OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS I just stopped watching it...SO ANNOYED!!!!!

AP 09 Brilliant Legacy, Amazing Drama.... Like it so much

Sameh I have seen dramas from many different places and in many different languages. Without a doubt this one is the best I have ever seen! Every moment of this drama was filled with so much passion and emotion. The music only added to the experience. Every aspect of it was simply brilliant! A fitting name for such a drama.

Gasenadi I was grateful for the later story of worker/shareholders organizing to save their company; a small, business run by a single mom (Grandma, wonderful actress Ban Hyo Jeong) who never forgot that the company was not hers, but the workers', and preferred small success to corporate greed. I haven't gotten to the resolution of that conflict with the Board and Lawyer Park. But just that inclusion of workers giving what little they had to maintain their company's identity was surprising enough. Kim Mi Suk as Evil Stepmom portrays an intriguing and "cool" villain. She's no irrational, screeching banchee, but an elegant, detached lady convinced she's just acting with common sense to insure her daughter's future (Moon Chae Won never disappoints me!) Predictable, INFURIATING romance just proves love is deaf, dumb, blind, insane and sick.

Rushell Lewis I just love this movie.... All my years on earth this is the best written movie ever. The writer is brilliant, and not to mention the brilliant actors.... Hwan I love you so much babes..... <3 you and Ensung belong together

shy_hyo Extremely love this drama, it's awesome!!!! LSG-HHJ couple is a BRILLIANT couple, hope they are meant to be^^

fiona they are meant to be the producer should put them acting together more often=)

fiona other than this did they act together on other dramas?

eni i like2....

Miracle I wonder is this drama better than You're Beautiful? Is it worthy if i buy DVD of Brilliant Legacy? Cuz i've watched You're Beautiful in DVD recently & was considering it as the best drama of 2009.


HwanSungLovers What an amazing drama !! Totally love every minute of the drama although i was rewatch it for the 10 times (or 11?) .LOL. It is the 1st drama which make me so crazy like this . . Love every HwanSung moment, from being an enemy until they are become a couple. .also, Hwan's transformation make me so proud w/ him. .how adorable and funny he is. . . And Eun Sung, she make me sooo envy. . Hehew. . So proud with this drama (and the casts and crews of course) bcz although 2 year passed by, it still get some awards from overseas. . (applause)

  • sorry for the bad english :)

momo Great Family Drama! Best drama of 2010! but why the ratings aren't shown here. this one got rated 1st in almost every episodes. Even though most of the dramas from the mid 90s has many higher ratings but I think, this drama comes in Top 10 in All-time Korean drama history.

ratri I love full this movie... love it ...

ratri I LOVE full for this movie..........LOVE IT,love...........

Cullengabriela Have already screaned in indonecia in 2010....i've watched every single episode monday-friday......n always can't wait to see everyday.....but i didn't feel sastified n buy the dvd.......

N i sweard this is the best k drama in year 2009 with the higst rating....!!!

Lee sung gi play his roled so good.....n sinced that i realy love him.....han hyo joo always look fantastic i can't doubt about it....bae su bin look so cool......n i loved all of u....saranhageyo;-)

nafisa its a wonderful drama. its my favorite korean series ever. Eun-seong is really an artress

abdul kudus to you guys

Wpnslyr It's one of the most emotionally involving dramas I have watched so far. :') The cast was brilliant. They sure know how to cry :)

sar Vote for this drama in this page in order to remain as Top 10

chaca putry indosiar,,, tolonglah d tayangin lagi brilliant legacy’y,,, aku mohon,,,, karena ini merupakan drama yang sangat luar biasa……. favorit aku…

meskipun waktu itu tayang’y pada tanggal 15 januari 2010…..

tapi tolonglah tayangin lagi pada tahun 2011. Please…….

vicky this is a good drama korea ever !! i loveeed so muchh

hana love so much this drama...they both so match.....

Angel hope u will sell some copies of it with tagalog :)

Angel i love watching it again...:)


tahereh it is been 2 years i watch k dramas it is the best

Seung Won The story is really beautiful. I even cried at the end, and some parts before that xD. Hyo Joo and Seung Gi make a great couple! Eun Sung and Jun Se too. tsk. poor Jun Se, Eun Sung picked Hwan over him. Seung Mi is really beautiful also Min Young Won, Lee Hye Ri. Tsk. Jae sung is so cute. But he was just after Eun Sung's inheritance. eh... the story is just so touching > 3 <. 내가 사랑하는 찬란한 유산. Lee Seung Gi fighting! Bae Su Bin fighting!

Drama addict Best drama ever.......seriously

Sofia I like this movie ^^ I like spririt's Ko Eun-seong. I love Lee Seung-Ki smile without open mouth. just keep quite , he is look like very innocent ^^ . I love this style.

fari-mar the story is so best and the actor&actress are so amazing ..... we really love you ...


nana I like this drama

malih_banget Han Hyo-Joo is the next Eun-Hye... great acting, and i love her expression

nija i very 222222222222 love lee seung gi in all drama & album.

evon what can i say??its just so brilliant!!!!Ko Eun-seong and Seon Woo-hwan make the cutest couple ever!!

dono97 all the coment's that u guys write are so true... Lee seung ki 'n' han hyo-joo are the sweet,best couple ever.....if lee seung ki 'n' han hyo-joo did not acted together again i swear i'll kill the director!!!!!!!

Aulia i love oppa seung gi....

ana I like very film briliant legacy...........

lee han joo Totally Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!..i like the story n the settin

Cutie_Pie OMG!!!! this kdrama is just so fantastic!!!i want to wacth it over and over!!i want Briliant Legacy season 2!!

yoyo I hate it...

yessi I really like this movie .. soap opera but not boring ..

Andryy Hipiya i like this drama.don't forget come to blitar city in indonesia.i love u full...//.//

andry hipiya i love this drama.its sweet

Rizka W0w. . . . . I really like this drama. . . Please welc0me t0 ind0nesia... And d0n't f0rget t0 n0rth sumatera.. 0k... I am waiting. . . .

weissman So far I watched about three epsodes and han hyo joo is a fantastic actress. I plan to watch the entire series.


n'Dah i love u full brilliant legacy,,,,,

Izzy I absolutely adore Lee Seung Gi. He is so talented. <3<3<3

chacha said: I really like the movie brilliant legacy,,, the characters are very good and interesting ... story is also very good,, I just love ...

Dee love this story from the begining till the end..!!

nieda yuhuuuu

lee seunggi, you're so cute :) haha :D

ikha i like this drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

qzo89 i like you han hyo-ju. . .good luck. . .

Rizka I really like this drama.. So cool..

gitta coooooLLLLLL............ the BeSt dRama!!!!!!!!!!!!

deyo i like the story brilliant legacy cause,,,cool...................

azura brilliant legacy i love you fullllllllllllll................ lee seung gi,,,,,,,,,please come to indonesia.and don't forget come to gresik city

minho Lover I really Like this storyy!!! This's such a good and great drama...!! And also , this's so muchhh romantic..

OMG, I really really lke this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurnia What is the tittle of this good film??

ira i do really love it

oLive brilliant legacy.. i love it...

may i love this drama so muchhhhhhhhhhh.... i love korean one, the drama crews are very great ^^

Susi It's so amazing... I love Korean drama... Ciayoo ...!!!

BL Lovers I love this drama ! Han Hyo-Joo very beautiful !

Please, make 2nd season for BL !

Niar Truly weeiiw.. briliant drama.. like it so much.....!!!!^^

bagas i like this drama..... and i think indonesia must teach follow drama romatice from korea....



riyani this is very good and amazing.....i love brilliantlegacy

sekar really really like this drama.... and lee seung ki soo handsome.. ^_^

Donia Im really2 like this Movie!!! u ar th3 best/// Gbu all

Ibn Sultan What a great Korean Drama that I ever watch before, Han Hyo Joo should not change her couple in the next drama. Hope Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Joo play together in every drama. OK!!! Fighting!!!!

noonaa princess i hope next day han hyo ju and lee seung gi can playing as couple again

ulyna its very beautyfuly.......... i like the films

aurelia lee seung ki............ want you marry me???????????????

amiii wowww,,! such a GREAT movie,,! Lee Seung Ki so cute,, woof,,woof,, <3

Erina This Drama drive me insane over curiousity

risna very very cool.... seung kie lee,i luve you, hansome boy...... ^_^

irsa love this drama so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ lee seung gi is very cute!

kiki ihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh keren abiesssssssss pokok nya sippppppp

aya when i watched the first episode of this drama,, directly i knew that i'll love and follow every episodes ... i really am charmed by Eun-seong that's so beautiful and Woo-han that's so cute,, haha ... they're such a befitting couple, i think ... *,^

orchid amazing........ Ilike it......ehm.... Ithink this good drama now.............

egiena wwwwoooooowwww....... i Like this dRama...... ko eun,you beautiful.........

Tue-7en Loving Han Hyo Joo.


donia I love this Movie u ar th3 best 1 succses full

kz & Gbu.........

wahyu eka i love you briliant legacy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like for you..this my faforite drama asia

siKhunie most of the korean dramas had a good story and characters that makes the korean dramas become populer in around the world, i love it so much,,, ^^

va i love drama korea and I do not want to miss any other Korean drama !!!!!!!!

seVti akuuuu sukaaa bangeeeeettt.... iiii loveeee darama korea...

egin wow... this film really excited... I like...

astutik fantastis n very good nyummmmmmmmmmie....... i like it movie from indonesia..bagus banget...............^_^

Hye Soon say: I like brillian legacy............

I watching with my family.......

and my family like it.......... ^ ^

Resti Today first time i watch it,but i think i the story's great..

may ehmmmmm.................. i think this film is very very good.... i hope this film liked by people

Syifa Iqlima i like korean drama and i like brilliant legacy

cutie .. the best loveteam!!!! hope that seung gi and hyo joo have another drama project.. i really love them!!!! ^ ^

dhea_mocca wOw... it's amaziNg i'm so respect with this drama....


RamenLover Amazing! (my first time watching a drama series). This show is incredibly addictive from the get-go. Touching, suspenseful, funny. Props to all the lead actors - I am only half through the series and just can't wait to find out what happens next!

ella just can say "i love it very much"

liana i like this drama

bunga brillianty is QueenBee seung ki lee like rain... and his women(hyo ju han) like song hye kyo,,,hehehehe

but it maybe a wonderful drama asia,,,,,so lets watch it....okay

MayeeH ehh.... i like this drama sooo muchhhh... i can't stoppppp watching again and again.... eun-seong unni aja aja! FIGHTing!... Hwan oppa... Ur sooo cute....

midoriel oi..i really like this drama happy for hwan oppa and eun sung..

hy237 No..Junsei oppa is so much nicer and cuter, but alas, his love is unrequitted... I am in the middle of the drama, feel like quitting already, just because...junsei oppa will have a sad ending... why, why did that spoilt brat has to be the main character =.=||| Junsei oppa, salanghei!!!!

maev7983 me and my mom love this series so much!!!

Thea Faye Elio Love this Korean Drama so much... I told my husband to bought me an original copy of this Drama... Haha...

kyle kewl so emotional ^_^

eleexsha. really.. i agree to all of you. i really really love this drama so much. i will never forget this in my entire life..

may thu zaw I like this drama very much.han hyo joo in this drama acts very well

Pumpkin Pie omg...

BEST korean drama of the year. i love the cast and the cute cinderella storyline. it doesnt have inappropriate parts either. i love it. han hyo joo & lee seung gi are sooo cute together. i hope i could see them together in another drama.

Andy Telling LIES doesn't mean any WIN at all..especially if others getting hurt because of it.."Money is scary."-Eun Sung..Can't wait for last 5 episodes..^o^

kahji this drama has it all. i love han hyo joo. for me, this' the best drama this year and the best among korean. well-written and well-acted. so great!!

Lyna Waaaa!!! I'm so addicted to this.. Just finish watching the whole drama.. I LOVE it!!!!

minna cummacummal love this drama..bad intentions surely don't come true..this storyline tell us to not tell lies even once..once you lies, it don't careful of person who has sweet words..

Jane I love this drama and I really hope I didn't miss your last episode on Sunday 8/30/09. Please let me know if it will be replayed. NYC time warner cable channel 531.

cRUELLA dE vILLE I really like Eun-seong's character. I think Han HyoJu and Lee SeungKi did a great job, I'd love to give them an acting award. I fell for Bae SuBin during the first few episodes. His character is so compassionate. Mun ChaeWon, won't be left unoticed, she's good. And I'm happy that she'll be appearing yet in another drama (MFL). It is worth watching and "Highly recommended".

Leslee This is the 2nd best drama I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. It had a GREAT first kiss scene, and the ending was perfect, absolutely perfect. There were no loose ends, the romance unfolded perfectly, and...oh, I could go on forever. You should just watch it yourself.

Will This drama is soooo goood the best i have ever seeen


Miki CANT WAIT TILL EP 27!! omg the tension... eun seong fighting!!! eun seong's dad fighting! ahjumma fighting!

MiizsTran i love this drama <3 so addicting. can't wait for ep 25 .

Deborah I LOVE this drama! I think that Seung Gi & Hyo Joo make a great couple. I can't wait for the last 6 episodes!!!

sutebi very nice drama.. can't wait to watch more episodes of it!!!!

sue I love this drama i wait for this show online ever Sta. and Sun. I never miss a EP.....Absolutely in Love with him and her and the drama....can't wait hurry hurry and come out .....^_^ ha ha everyone else enjoy you'll love it .....

Jennifer Nguyen This drama is soo addicting. It's a great korean drama and I would recommend it to people.

TaNnY DaNG I really love this drama. It's THE BESTT!! <33

limegreen ~addicted~ can't...stop...watching...xD

nica love them all especially moon chae won!!!

Sarah This is an amazing drama! My favorite so far this year .. Eun-seong Ko -- fighting:D

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