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  • Name: Moon Chae-Won
  • Hangul: 문채원
  • Birthdate: November 13, 1986
  • Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  • Height: 168 cm.
  • Blood Type: B


Short Flms

  • Awaiting | Minwoossi Oneunnal (2014) - Yeon-Hee (past)

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aias please comeback on a drama again:(((

aro producer please, pair this nuna with song joongki again T_T their chemistry was too much, so please

Sophie I hope that you and song joong ki will come up with a drama again.. I really love the chemistry between you so pleaseee...

Angie Pls. Comeback on drama eonnie..I miss So much..

Gusto Really hope can meet her, although it will never happen.. Dreaming too high !

Gusto Hope I can play drama with her ! *Dreaming too high LoL >.<

heartskyn I saw in youtube and I watched the tv drama of moon chae won It's OK i'ts Dady's Girl she is good in her acting like her co star Jinseyeon I like them both they both better in acting hope they reunite again because they both pretty and talented.

layna Yeah please with Song Joong Ki..a new drama again..Producer..please paired both of them again..

widya vevan Please come back to drama with song joong ki

Per Harald When i win in lotto i will fly over to South-Korea from Norway. I will marry you :)

top1 already on the top 1 spot in terms of rating...<3

KyuVi love your acting unni

Arisa You're so beautiful, sweet, lovely, gorgeous and talented Chae Won! I love you so much. Wish you all the best, hope your movies will success and you'll have an awesome drama this year. ♥♥♥

Hyunwoo Very talented and pretty..Hoping for the best for you eonnie..

suhoyixing She is so pretty and i love their chemistry with jong ki hope to you two in drama as a couple again. Hwaiting

kristine Very pretty and talented! Love u most in princess man...... Pretty pretty wow! Love your smile... Such a darling vibrant lady... BIGFAN :)

katniss Moon Chae Won is so pretty and talented..

isaiah-daniela canillo Good luck moon chae-won,, we're proud of you;)) love! Love!

sss Saechukahae wuri chaewonnie...long life and prosperity #much love

Kim Yoon Hee hi chae won moon, good luck to you and to your song joong ki,:):)

widya v_van I love u so much chaewon...miss u..please come back to drama

sky unni fighting

Arahenryalee Pls comeback unnie..i miss u in drama..pls comeback 2014 drama.

amee wow... moon chae won has a long list of awards received... well, its not a surprise coz she is really an amazing actress. i miss her already in the small screen. and her big screen come back is still schedule for 2015. still a long months of waiting... i need to find another actress that i can follow that matches her caliber as an actress, while awating for her comeback... any suggestion?

askaris She's one of my favorite korean actress, love her beauty and compassion heart in princess man.

Mavis U r so dedicated in yr acting ... Bravo .. Hope to see more yr coming shows soon. Great job Chae won !!!

Angelsmom You're one of my fave korean actresses... Like the way you act. Love your beautiful face... May you always shine bright like a diamond in the sky.

grtchnx Unni! You made me cry again. I just watched your short film Awaiting. It was really heart breaking and you were really good. I hope will do more films to inspire more people and touch their lives. Unni I'll always be your fan and I hope one day I can see you personally :)) Take care always Unni <3 Stay beautiful and humble muah!

dianeperri 사랑함니다문채원언니. I hope to see you someday. Great acting skills combined with great personality. You are the best! :)

Jeanette BRAVO !!!!!!!! you're such an excellent actress....i hope i can see you one day ^_^

rakel i love her she's so great...

Zoe She's a great actress..She's so pretty, very elegant and her voice is so beautiful...I love You Eonnie..

Frank Sooo pretty; sooo lovable; but she is better when she is bad ("Brilliant Legacy"). She is my wallpaper forever!

Miran She is one of my favourite actress , i realy love her

Princess I really love Moon Chae Won, she's my favorite korean actress... stay pretty! Always smile it makes you more beautiful! Love you!

Sara your one of my favourite korean actresses ! i hope in your new drama your partner will be lee min ho! without doubt you will be the best couples i ever seen ! keep fighting :)

sophia hi moon chae :( stay with park shi hoo T_T i missed you in the princess's man ... and marry him  :) bye

kate I really love her..She is a great actress..

Kim min joong Hi moon chae I love you

Bram I loveee her so much! Can't wait for Moon Chae Won's next drama :)

Lee shin min Damn she is soooooo pretty

Meisye We'd love to see the moon chae won with lee min hoo, paired in a drama. We will look forward to continue drama mon chae won and lee min hoo.

Nhaykay Such a great actress!!! Really good at picking her scripts!! Her eyes are lovely and have passion inher works. Thats what i love about you, Moon Chae Won unnie! Take care, fighting!

mktbcom I watched her first at Brilliant Legacy and I fell in love with her acting skills, added that she's really pretty! Such a humble actress I must say, she's smart at picking her projects as evidence by her awards, outstanding acting skills that has been recognized not only in South Korea but also abroad. I will always root for her and support her all the way! Chaewon unnie Fighting! :*

rizka Moon Chae Won is awesome...she is really a great actress...every year she's improved her acting skill and took different roles...she like to challenge herself to pick different projects..... she deserve to won so many awards...beside that she has a soft and kind personality...she's so calm and so beautiful both inside and outside..i can't wait to see her in new drama or movie project...Moon Chae Won 사랑해....:)

nurul rizka Moon Chae Won is awesome...she is really a great actress...every year she's improved her acting skill and took different roles...she like to challenge herself to pick different projects..... she deserve to won so many awards...beside that she has a soft and kind personality...she's so calm and so beautiful both inside and outside..i can't wait to see her in new drama or movie project...Moon Chae Won 사랑해....:)

zoot moon wow...she very good in play princess man make me sad,happy and everytime smile that's strong character saranghae with you moon chae won thanks

Kevin Moon Chae Won- I Love You !!

Shiyeon @lindsay Jung Actually she still has many awards that were not listed here.I think she has total of 23 awards but the awards that were listed here were only 13..

Lindsay Jung She has so many awards at a very young age, wow!

Lindsay Jung I love the fact that Moon Chae Won have won major awards, 3 years in a row for her dramas in KBS. She's really smart when it comes to picking her projects. In my opinion she could be as the same level as Ha Ji Won. Love them both a loooot. I wasn't a fan of Chae Won until I watched "The Innocent Man" but now, she's my 2nd fave next to Ha Ji Won. More awards for you in the future, Chae Won!

vangie She's really one of Korea's bests and I do agree with previous comments that she's VERY beautiful but it seems like she doesn't know it (which makes her more lovable). She's a very good actress. First time I saw her (My Fair Lady with Yoon Eun Hye as the lead), it was love at first sight. Hahahaha!!! Fighting, unnie! Hope to see you in a RomCom drama very very soon... :)))

Vi_zia I love u unniiiiiii

andock daebak ...she's a great actriss

prisca oh my gosh, she is one of my favorite actress,she has this kind of interesting face, pretty yet gentle:) and i love her acting too... first watching her in innocent man and then i keep looking at all of her dramas and all is good:) for moon chae won fans i recommend all of her dramas, 1. THE PRINCESS MAN(trust me, i dont like joseon drama but gosh im in love with this drama. TRUST ME:)) 2.INNOCENT MAN (the acting, and song joong ki.. painful yet beautiful drama) 3.ITS OKAY DADDY'S GIRL (this drama is simple and heart warming) 4. GOOD DOCTOR

yosze gcell I love her coz her acting is good .. I always watching a drama if her acting in the that drama and i think the drama was success always because her acting.. so.. i ho[pe next she can acting to be fun girl.. in RomCom drama..

Good Luck.. in the future Oennie !!!

may ann pales i like your acting skills...just keep the good work..

Ajan-kun Yeah, me too . She is cute and pretty. She has good personality. She's the best.

Annyeonghaseyo , Sarang hae Moon Chae Won ! :)

May She's the first Korean actress I have admired. She has a very simple personality, but when she's in front of the camera she transforms. She is really a very good actress as what JSW describes her. She is very beautiful, she didn't even knew it. She's very humble, innocent and pure hearted. I just loved so many things about her. I hope that she continues to shine. I would like to see her in my tv screen again. So please Chae Won, accept another drama and movies the soonest the better...

Emilia Congratulation !! Please be in a new drama soon I like your acting so far

CICI Congratulations Moon Chae Won on winning an award for Good Doctor! You continue to captivate audiences with your beautiful style and awesome acting and totally deserve all the awards you received. You and Joo Won made such a gorgeous couple at the KBS award show, I think all eyes were mainly on the two of you. I think you've finally met your match. Can't wait for your next drama.

jijijiji i found her at innocent man,,, it will be better if i know her earlier right?? she is beautiful and all her dramas when she got the main role is very good

marissa she is a good actress!!!! can they pair her with taecyeon of 2pm.... i think they will look good together.....

kd woww!! recently drama awards...she win it continuosly!!i'm glad i'm her fan :)

Jojo I wish running man would invite Moon Chae Won :/

vmarlany she is good actress, i love your acting in innocent man .. really awesome

Grechelle hello chae won its me your ultimate fandome saranghae if you read it or not i promise , i protect and loving you ti'l the end and kamsa hamnida to being my bias arraseo .. saranghae

cho yun hee I saw you first in good doctor and I said ' oh she's pretty good in her acting and she's strong actress' but I wasn't watch you in your previous drama 'nice guy' then I watched the drama.. I just look at your face and cried, I smiled over and over again.. you have very strong skill as a character actress.. deep feelings within your heart.. keep going to walk on your own way but never hurt yourself. if you fell down and need some help think of our feelings to stand up again..

saranghaeyo unnie fighting


Aemma Helloo :) Is it possible to match Moon chae won with jang geun suk on drama's ? And moon chae won ur so pretty as hell!! love u muahh.

alex If i have to say she got best features in face to go with charisma. She looks tough and vulnerable same time.

Most beautiful actress in korea. Others are beautiful (SHK , KIM TA HEE) but can not act.

najia one of the few actresses of her generation who has the acting chops to match behind her pretty face. she has talent, all caps, she is amazing and have watched everything that i could with her in it. love you and continual success

Ferdy Two-thumbs-up actress!!! More than a pretty face, she's a great dream girl! Keep it up!

mia Annyeong haseyo :) I really appreaciated "Moon Chae Won" as the great actress, a very strong personality, I love to see acting dr. Cha on the "good doctor" ur acting makes me melt, Whatever acting I will support you 100%..Hope someday can be meet ye directly:D

Nina Minoz "Moon Chae Won" has nice features! I like her acting in "Good doctor"! :) I am a Minoz,I am also a dedicated fan of Oppa Lee Min-Ho!! I really like these two to act again in a drama or movie! But this time they both are experienced & popular! As you know guys, Lee Min-Ho & Moon Chae Won acted together twice in 2007 & 2008,in "Mackerel Run ","Our School's E.T."!! Back then they were not that much popular!!

Oppa Minh-ho is currently acting in the fantastic drama,"the heirs". He has accepted an offer for a role in a movie called "Gangnam blues" which will be directed by an OUTSTANDING director,the general idea of the script is awesome!!!:)) The leading lady still hasn't been chosen,I hope "Moon Chae Won" will be offered the role! Lets keep our fingers crosses!!! :))) after 6 years,the two may work together & can make a good couple since they are the same age!!! :))

hannah hai MoOn CHae woon... GOdd to see you in DRama The Princes's man and The innoCEnt man!!!

YOu Look So GOdd BRight and Gourgeous .... im so Proud Of YOu!! Hope THat you will have Another drame !! WIth a Best Partner

N love her voice!

Janjahjah♥ Hi Chae Woon , the 1st time i saw you, i really liked you. You're acting skills is pretty good. You really inspired me. And you look very cute with oppa Song Joong Ki.. i love this pair, hope to see you boyh in another good movie, im sure it will hit again.. ♥♥♥

kimchaewon Hi chae won! superlike all ur drama esp. the princess's man, i wish to see u again in another drama with oppa shi hoo <3

Abi The Innocent Man's #1 FAN :) I really appreciated Moon Chae Won as the great actress. A very strong personality and a sweet lovely "Megan" ..can't wait to see you again for your drama series and i hope Song Joong Ki again ^^ I am a #1 solid supporter of you guys very cute and lovely guys! Hope I can see you in personal.

Jerry Moon Chae Won, is a great actress with very warmhearted personality and strong character. She played a strong character with The Innocent Man and warmhearted character in Good Doctor, good chops for next year , waiting for 2014 drama. stay sweet and keep smiling , saranghe Moon Chae Won. hope to see you in personal.

ARA the first i met her in The Painter of the Wind. i very like her feat Moon Geun Young. how can???, her acting is so good!. after it i watched It's Ok Daddy's Girl, MackerelRun with Lee Min Ho (she's very fresh and young girl!), My Fair Lady, The Princess Man, The Innocent Man ( juhaeyo!!!), and now in Good Doctor (love u! coz u could be brightly more again! ) ah! success for u always eonnie! Be happy always, FIGHTING! ^_^

아라 (ARA) the first i met her in The Painter of the Wind. i very like her feat Moon Geun Young. how can???, her acting is so good!. after it i watched It's Ok Daddy's Girl, MackerelRun with Lee Min Ho (she's very fresh and young girl!), My Fair Lady, The Princess Man, The Innocent Man ( juhaeyo!!!), and now in Good Doctor (love u! coz u could be brightly more again! ) ah! success for u always eonnie! Be happy always, FIGHTING! ^_^

Houa I disagree with a comment by Pinky earlier. I feel that she plays very strong women which is why I like her a lot. You can feel the strength of her characters which is amazing. I think that the characters she portrays are very inspirational for women.

Jthrine MCW is my most favorite korean actress! I simply love her.. for always making me happy seeing her act so brilliant in all her drama series..

Lots of love from Philippines Unni!

Kdramaotaku Moon chae won The painter of wind make me support u ~ brilliant legacy make me hate u Innocent man make me love u good doctor make me worship u

Good luck for your future endeavour ..with what you can do .. i wish u could team up with joo won ...with another kdrama ..i really love both of ur chemistry in Good doctor ..:)

nana good luck and successful with what you do.. I really love you with Joong Ki... <3

Ella The Moon Chae-Won I know right now is different from Moon Chae-Won before. Lol, I won't think it is her but they have the same voice so yes hehe. She looks way pretty in Good Doctor :) She is so pretty though

Ella The Moon Chae-Won I know right now is different from Moon Chae-Won before. Lol, I won't think it is her but they have the same voice so yes hehe. She looks way pretty in Good Doctor :)

Moonlight Eonnie fighting!!! Be patient on waiting Joong Ki Oppa!!!<3 I love you!!! The BEST ACTRESS ever!!!


trista kia hi Moon Chae Won you are the best for me i love you more good bless sharanghae

rosemelbuenaagua your very nice actress ! that why i beg you alot for (marukang) soong joong ki keep a goodhealth ..:)) dont worry about people say behind you back because for me , your a perfect actress! hopefully that you always get more awards  :))) godbLess you ! keep smile and talented woman :)))

  1. moon chae won and
soong joong ki are

PERFECT tanDem !

  1. imYOURno.1 FAN:)))

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo.. your such a great and professional actress the way you act in the tv drama The innocent man.. i like you since i saw you in that tv drama.. and i want you together with Song joong-ki...!! fighting.. im from the Philippines.. roseannheart is yours..*^_^*

Paul Holmes I liked Marilyn's comment below. I find Moon Chae-Won to be my favorite actress because, no matter what part she plays, you see her warmheartedness. She can even be bad, like in Brilliant Legacy, but underneath, you know there is a conscience and the possibility of redemption. She is not "glamourous," but has an inward beauty that shines through a beautiful face!

mary ann moon chae won is so very beautiful and good actress,I really love the innocent man....

julie ann i though one of this year moon chae won visiting here in the philippines to promote one her new movie

lea I really enjoyed watching Innocent are a very talented woman. Why don't you visit Philippines?:D

Dhavie I really love innocent man...the last episode makes me cry..i thought maru died, but he was great the power of love is..i hope to see another drama of the two of you...

Marilyn I love your acting and each personality you take on is given a life of its own. You're really talented Ms Moon Chae won. I hope you keep choosing good parts - feisty, outspoken, difficult yet warmhearted characters and continue to give them a soul to speak from. I love how you portrayed Lee Se-Ryung in the Princess Man and Jong Hyang in Painter of the Wind. Gosh, I'm so impressed by the way you express emotions verbally & non-verbally and get us/viewers engaged with the characters you play! And you have such a lovely voice - even though your friends may say it makes them sleep - it's a really unique and great voice. I'll keep on watching your all your dramas and keep supporting you : ) All the very very very best in life!

Lovely Jung I hope to see Moon Chae Won and Jung Kyung Ho work together. They are a graceful personality and great acting both. It's a great drama and perfect project if they act together on a good drama.

DAISY GAIL G. SAGANDOY I think you're a great actress drama really suits you . In our school we had organization and I picked drama club they said I was the greatest pupil that joined the club that's why they keep calling me Moon Chae Won . I hope I could do drama series with you.

roz i think it will be great if one day i see a drama of you and so ji sub. and i think drama who are you needs you .but good doctor was really better choice for you your great actress

amin nice guy is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful.i really enjoyed from it.

Qamar i've watched all of her dramas ,movies and interviews <3 she's my fav actress ever ! for me she's the best actress ever! she can act any role perfectly , all of her roles are so different than the other ! she's so great! she's so talented and so pretty :D i always look forward her works , i just love her :D

Ferdy She's in my personal top 5 Korean actresses... Very natural, a great talent...and very beautiful with lots of oozing appeal! I love Chae-Won!

liann moon chae won has played more than just cold characters. if you watched all her works she has played those roles you speak such as in my fair lady. although i would say calmness suits her more. nonetheless she is a superb actress and a lovely person. :)

HAGRID I love Moon Chae Won! She's a good actress! She rocks all the way!

Jiang Pinky, Sorry in advance for this reaction. But just to clear it up. About "only good" with cold characters? which characters apart from the one in Nice Guy? none of other character of hers are cold. Only 1. That's it. And speaking of comfort zone, she is known to always try different roles and she has stated that she doesn't want to do similar character in her last year interview.

pinky I am glad that she is improving after each project. But to be honest, as a rational fan, I want more from her. Yes, she has become pretty good, but only at playing these serious, cold characters. I really want to see if she can widen her range and pull of more bright or even silly characters. I think that she still has her limitations; the little that I have seen her do light-hearted..well, still awkward. I am saying this as a fan, I want her to come out of her comfort zone and do comedy. But what can I do because she chose The Good Doctor.

unphepcha eooni i saw chae won firts in brilliant legacy then in my fair lady n innocent man.. her acting so great.. hope ur next drama will be success.. u're the best actrees.. i'm your fan... goodluck cha won..

Gly she is a brilliant actress..she knows how to act out her character..i just simply love her..i'm a big fan..GO! CHAEWON! GO!

rohanie tamayo for me,she was just simply AMAZING!!! yeah,it was true...i'm a fan of her actually... just because she was really an exceptionally and stunning in her acting.... i hope for the success of your career... good luck and we love you!!!

shintin she's just exceptional... one of a kind.... naturally born actress... although I don't know her personally, I could tell that she's a good person... I'm not into these things but I can't help but express myself on how good she is, anio how she was the best in every drama she has done.... I couldn't almost contained myself in getting over with innocent man and still watching this drama for the nth time, although I know what comes next, I'd still find myself giggling for some Ma roo and Eun gi scenes... it was about to be adopted here in the philippines and be aired next week on a very late primetime schedule and an addicted to CHAEKI couple is still looking forward to it, LOLzzzz.... her acting on princess' man was superb, her eyes conveys specific emotion on every scenes she's into, KUDOS for this person I watched almost all of the dramas she's into and MCW was able to portray it to utmost perfection of every role... a very versatile actress and embodied with perfect good looks, How I could wish I could meet her someday.... *SighS* CHAEKI was the best couple I ever rooted for, and Song Joong Ki was my boyfriend in my dreams... hahahaha.... just kidding... I just wished this couple to be for real... so much for this childish stuff... ANYONGHASEYO everybody!!!.

Ian Arcilla I first saw her in "Painter of the Wind" and from then on, I became a fan. I followed all her dramas and movies. I can see her passion in her craft, her talent had me sympathizing on every character she portrayed. I liked her most in Arrow and Innocent Man.

She's pretty inside and out, extremely talented, humble, and hardworking. All the recognition, love and support she's currently receiving and has ever received now are truly well deserved. I hope she stays healthy and happy :)

Just seeing her in anything(drama, movies interviews, guestings, CFs, Fancams, posters, fan edits..etc.) just makes me happy. And well, yeah, I'm a total fanboy. She's the only actress I follow this much :D

Paul Holmes Has become one of my favorite Korean actresses after seeing her for the first time in My Fair Lady. She has a beautiful soul. Even in 찬란한 유산 (Brilliant Legacy) you could never think of her as evil, more a victim of her sociopathic mother. An actor can play a good or bad person but they can't completely escape themselves and I like the self that she is!

Sophia I'll be honest, I didn't know she existed before I watched The Innocent Man.

Even back then, when I was first reading the synopsis and saw her on the cover picture, I thought to myself, "Meh, she's not even that goodlooking" and immediately preferred the actress who played Jae Hee. I understand that I'm wrong for judging people by their looks, but I tend to take an actor/actress' looks into conclusion as long as their skills. And with that mindset, I watched the first episode of The Innocent Man, and was immediately blown away by her.

I have a thing for harsh, cold-hearted, strong female leads who are actually just broken on the inside, and boy did she play that well. Before I knew it, I had marathon-ed through the next several episodes in a matter of a day.

During one of those episodes, I heard the OST, which I immediately liked and searched for on youtube so I could hear the full version. On the side of the video, I saw a link to a BTS of The Innocent Man, and couldn't help but click on it. Again, I was surprised to an extent at what I saw.

This cold-hearted, who-needs-love type of girl, was acting silly during the break of a very serious scene along with the other actors. I was immensely intrigued. And so, I continued my marathon of BTS's, a few interviews, and discovered that was she was the complete opposite of her character in the beginning; soft-spoken, polite, humble and rather silly when she wanted to be. One of her co-stars had described her as a "goddess" and indeed she was one.

This girl, who I was so sure I was going to disdain in the beginning, had completely wooed me over. I soon found beauty in her features- especially her smile. She might've looked pretty, poised and cool, but when she flashed one of her smiles, which she often does, that sharp look I was so used to seeing in The Innocent Man, was replaced with a beautifully delicate, bubbly look.

But enough of her looks, I mean beauty isn't everything right? Hmph, that might sound ironic coming from me, but lemme tell you. Her acting skills are top-notch, which is proven in the later episodes of The Innocent Man. That transformation, how she went from a certain character to a completely different character, and then finally a mixture of the two, honestly proves that she is worthy of her best actress award, and much more.

I am VERY glad that she had changed talent agencies, after seeing her first films. Didn't like them much (except for Painter of the Wind, War of Arrows, and The Princess' Man- which I did enjoy) and it wasn't because of her acting. But hey, all actors and actresses had to start from somewhere, right?

I'm looking forward to any future dramas coming from her, and very much believe that I won't be disappointed. She has stated herself many times, that as an actress, she wants to continuously improve. Her past co-stars had noted her seriousness for acting, and have often compliment her on it. I expect nothing but the best from Moon Chae-won.

soumia i love MCW so much she's an great actress in all dramas

ash MWC is such a great actress. I love her character in innocent man, so cooool!.Anyway she goes great with song joong-ki.

nabe @brokenyouth I couldn't agree more with you,I'm in love with her since shining inheritance,eventhough she was a vilain there,but she was stole my heart with that character,I'm fallin in love with her since then,always waiting for her new project.

Blues Yanis,

What are you talking about? can't understand what you're trying to say. And please stop with your personality and speaking manner talking and other defamation.

Broken Youth I'm very picky when it comes to actors/actresses I don't call just anyone my favorite unless they can live up to the hyphe. MCW has definitely come a long way. I've been following her work and you can tell she's dedicated and her forte are cold characters, which she pulls off very well. It's very easy to love a kind character but for an actress to make viewers fall in love with a villain, that says a lot. Many of the internet warriors claim she's a bad actress based upon one or two works of hers alone but she's not. There are other actors who receive all the praise and love for coming out in every drama but that doesn't mean they deserve it. MCW doesn't come out on the screen that often but when she does, she pulls through. That's why she's my favorite actress and I love her. I recognize her flaws and I want to see her taking on more lead roles.

Charlene She looks like Yuri (SNSD) in Innocent Guy Drama! Wohoo! She is sooo pretty! And also a best actress!

Ryan I love Moon chae-won and all her drama series and movies! Shes beautiful and talented! I hope for a drama for 2013. Also I know mackarel run was 6 years ago but i really want a season 2 because it ended so short and quickly!

Chae Won eonni's lovers I hope you will be act with yoochun this year We love you eonni... You're the best

Nathtika I like the princess' man romantic drama series much.

Your so beautiful! Thanks to your talent and also your good acting in the innocent man! This D's drama is still remain in our mind and Alison our heart! <3 Thumbs up^^

riri at first, honestly i don't have any interest to MCW.. but after I watched innocent man, everything has changed. I was blind. She is now one of my bias together with song joong ki. she is a professional & a good actress inside and out and indeed a Goddess! and I Ship CHAEKI COUPLE SO MUCH!! <3 I'm a Naughty, Penguin and a TOAST !kekekeke! chae won unnie hwaiting!! :3

yyoorrii i watched her drama first time in Mackerel Run . but i don have feel .after i watched Innovent Man i know she is great actreess she is acting so great . and i love her now . and i love chaeki couple , her and Song Joongki:)

nurul rizka (@meenseon) Well i think not all the people know MCW and don't understand the process to be a good actress ..most of them said she's not a good in acting only can crying and else... i just want to have positive thinking..with all that bad comments it can help our queen to be a great actress.. i will more motivate her in acting... and now we should admitted that our queen is the best because she can improved her acting skill so well..we should admit it that MCW is a hard worker ...even the senior artist like Lee Byung Hoon Ha Ji Won etc was not good in acting for the first time..first and second drama or movie was always the place to learn more about acting skill.. they have a process to become a good artist..same with MCW we should accepted that her acting skill in her first production is not good..but we can judge only from that..we should see how the process of her to become a good actress..because that's the important point..for me MCW has success to improved herself.. and i can say that she's a great actress now...hahhaha :D

Blues @Sasa To each of their own. Acting is subjective. You don't think her acting is amazing but others do and same thing with those who you thinks amazing, others also don't think they're that amazing either :).

jae-in Moon chae won unni is so talented... so pretty too... i love her in Innocent Man with Soong Joong Ki oppa... such a beautiful couple..... i want to watch all her drama....

Sasa @marial, I agree. I never found MCW to be a particularly good actress. She is decent but not amazing. She has improved though, that's true. Still nowhere near the likes of Bae Donna, Moon Geun Young, etc.

angel moon chae won was really nice to please you the best drama actress

 I reallY love YOU po _♥♥♠♥♥_

Santi @ Christoph #124: You said "She looks average in drama but pretty in photo shoots, what gives? Is it the make up? W/e, she's a good actress, so I give her a 9/10 even though the visuals are a bit lacking" I just search for MCW's photos and found most photo/video's she was with little make up or none at all, although shot in many poses.. In Painter Of THe WInd she looks amazing, given little make up only but which makes her sweet looks so prominent attractive was her sharp eyes and her full-of-feelings mimics , be it of surprise, of love, sadnes etc.. Maybe compared with beautiful Moon Geun Young's looks as Gisaeng (when MGY playing Shin Yoon Bok once borrowed MCW's woman's dress ) MCW's looks as Gisaeng Jun Hwang was a bit less sparkling, but her visuals are more prominent in its attraction due to her deep loving emotions shown so well in her bright or sad eyes, and sweet touching face mimics, as the romance story goes up and down.... Without the true love shown by MCW so well the Painter drama would be less superb than it is now..

Santi @ marial #58 : You said MCW is only good in crying ? I have only once seen her in Painter of the Wind serial but am so impressed by her acting , the love and sadness she showed to MGY (Shin Yoon Bok) WITHOUT crying at all. Without her superb acting the Painter drama will loss a bit of its lustre, I am sure...Her mimics can touch my heart so, I just agree with KDramaVN @69 "She acted excellently in The Princess' man. I can't think of any actresses who could portray extreme emotions in her bright eyes at all. She lightens my soul and rekindles the feelings of true love which has been buried in me for years with her special acting skills." That's exactly what she did too in Painter of the Wind !! Superb actress for romance roles !

Naf I have been youre fans since you play in "mackerel run and ET Teacher". Nothing could i say here.. Your always perfect when,where,how 'n by who you play. You also have SECRET.. You like park bo young.. All your couple actor will be great or must great to be your tandem.. See Lée MH Park HS Song JK. And around you must hard work to you.. Keep perfect '_*

Christoph She looks average in drama but pretty in photo shoots, what gives? Is it the make up? W/e, she's a good actress, so I give her a 9/10 even though the visuals are a bit lacking.

marzpengelski I love Moon chae won and Park shi hoo..but im waiting to chaewon and yoochun in a drama..miss u chaewon and Godbless..we love you here in the Philippines

I miss Eunma!! OMG!!! You got "Best Actress" again!!!! >.< Waiting for your new project, Moon Chae Won!! Please pair up with Yoochun next drama!! I heard Moon Chae Won was the first choice for the main role in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. But you rejected those dramas!! WHY???? :( Yoochun and Moon Chae Won :(

lina Moon Chae Won saranghaee. I love your drama , it's okay daddy's girl . It so sad , i always cried from first episode :'( keep it up ! i always support you .

Frank Mead As an American I am even following the Innocent Man show and the great acting of Moon Chae Won and the rest of the cast. If you are ever in NYC I'd love to share tea and conversation.

naivegal14 Indeed she's a great actress... A brilliant one! More power and always keep your feet on the ground. AJA!

Gasenadi When I see the name Moon Chae-Won from now on in ANY drama, I instantly know to expect an excellent performance by a true artist. I've seen her in "Painter...", "Brilliant Legacy", the UNFORGETTABLY ADDICTIVE "The Princess' Man" (what a unique female lead!), the movie, "War of the Arrows" and now, "Nice Guy", as kick-^ss, complex Eun-Ki. Looking forward to the next project!

RzOrange I know it's late but happy birthday! She's a really good actress,and I love to see her with Song joong Ki.. they really have that chemistry,don't they? Maybe you'll not see this comment, but keep fighting! We love you MCW! :) :)

claudette Belated happy, happy birthday to you. Wishing good health, peace and happiness and more beautiful projects (like Nice Guy). BTW, CONGRATULATIONS! to Nice Guy esp. to you and Soong Joong Ki. You two have a great chemistry together on and off screen. Good luck!

eila i really like her...since her acting in my fair lady.. she's soooo cute and her eyes were beautiful... good job in nice guy!

myla Been following this lovely actress by watching her past drama...especially love those candid BTS her more in The Princess' Man & War of the arrows and now hooked if not addicted in "Innocent Man/Nice Guy". Moon Chae Won one of the best/beautiful actress in Korea. Fighting. :)

Vivien If you willing to spend a little bit of your time to follow this girl, you will see how lovely this girl is. Judgmental people who judge people from the first look, first impressions tend to misunderstood her because of her introvert personality. Shame on them.

bluebell @Rosiy

Don't worry. She is a very lovely girl in real life.. been following her for years to know this. Shy, nervous, introvert, yes. But very friendly with those around her :)

Rosiy I don't care how Moon Chae Won would be in her real life as it is her privacy. If she is a b**** in her real life, it is fine with me. All I know, she has shown her commitment in her professional life through her excellent acting especially in "Innocent Man".

Most of us, common people, have our own temper and can be very b***** at a particular time. So who the hell I am to judge MCW in her private life?

I judge her in a professional base. She is an actress. She shows her willingness to improve her acting. Therefore, I can say without MCW, that "Innocent Man" will not be as good as we are watching now. MCW sets the standard of acting in that drama.

After so many years watching Korean drama, I can call MCW as the queen of Korean drama.

So whoever dislike MCW, I feel a sorry for you.

fantasymania Moon Chae-Won Fighting! Keep continue to hone your acting to the max. Fighting!

Jae What the?!?!? Im hekka just reading that someone said "she's like an antagonist..." She actually does have a talent for acting after watching her in The Innocent Man! Such a Hater! It's as simple as that... if that Hater was in her position and someone was saying that the Hater is exactly like the character without knowing... Is judging like the Hater... So stop judging 'cause you don't know them, you probably don't have a really good reason to hate them, and you ain't God.

leigh @mia

I think you have a problem on your senses...First check your eyes.Don't be too over judgmental regarding Moon Chae Won. You don't even know her real personality.

jennifer Good Actress and So beautiful <3 Moon Chae Won fighting!!! love u <3

DoPea MCW's acting is awesome! Really looking forward to watch her new drama Nice Guy every week! Fighting! I believe she's going to strive even better in the near future! =)

Gretchii Gee All-in-one actress. She's not only a great actress but she's also beautiful. The way she acts in the " Innocent Man ", it was really amazing, I can feel every emotions she's trying to express. I hope that there would be more movies to come between Mon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki, and I really wish that their relationship would be true to life. Hehe, AJA Moon Chae Won! Hope to see you soon. :* <3 Fighting! :D

Grans MCW has worked hard to improve her acting skills and she performs really well in Nice Guy. It is just a shame that some people even slandering her as individual because of her convincing acting. MCW, keep hwaiting!

KK @Mia Moon Chae Won is known to be very dedicated to her craft and her acting has improved tremendously over the years. People who worked with Chae Won before had nothing but praises for her. It's really uncalled for of your comments saying she's like her antagonist role in real life when you don't even know her.

Jillia @Mia

Don't get your comment at all! MCW was/is always a actress who is willing to improve her acting skills and she shows it in each drama/movie she does. AND she is loved for that by her fans - not only Korean but also by her foreign fans.

Did you ever really watch her projects seriously or just to write something bad about her!? O.o

JJ Mia

It means, she act convincingly. Please do not judge her real personality based on what you see on screen. It is not nice to be judgmental on someone when you know very little about her. She is nothing but nice.. from all the fan-accounts, fancams, fan pictures, BTS clips and most importantly, she is well LOVED by all of those who worked with her. On and off screen people.

Mia She looks blur,fragile and soft spoken.,but when she act as antagonis it seem like it was her Real personality..the anger is shown naturally on her face.,her shouting and so her bulging eyes..doesn't seem like she was acting..that's why it's hard for me to like her..

MariaBAE i always love Moon Chae Won since on the drama brilliant legacy and now she team up with joong ki.. WOW !!! Perfect match.. my 2 fav actors in one drama. AMAZING <3 FIGHTING ! and hope your drama will succeed.

ShiNee I've always liked Moon Chae Won since I saw her in Brilliant Legacy. Even though she portrayed as the antagonist, I never really hated her. Her acting was so much better than Han Hyo Joo when it comes to crying, etc. I was literally blown away by her drama The Princess' Man (What a fantastic journey that drama was!) And when I found out she was going to act with Joong Ki I was so excited!!!! My two favorite actor/actress in ONE drama! what could be better than that?! I will always be looking forward to her dramas ^^

asiandaddict She is my obsession right now.

For me, she's the greatest star in the whole world. With a great talent in acting as manifested by winning both the best actress for movies and for television in the same year which is a rare to witness in the showbiz world. A truly beauty either in a traditional or in a modern dress manifested by your winning of the best dresser awards. Most of all, a person with a good moral character as shown by being appointed as Honorary Prosecutor in 2011 - a public relationship ambassador for South Korean prosecutors.

I have not seen/heard such a great celebrity like her so far in my 29 years existence!!!

Please keep up the good work. I will continue to watch her in her journey....

Bigfan I really hate her in Brilliant Legacy, it's because her acting is so good! :) But i'm happy that she get the leading role in drama lately...

Fighting...!!! Love You...

?? she is sexy

Lgaga Devon: have you watched My Fair Lady? she was pretty funny there

Devon I like her after Princess' Man, I have to admit that I didn't at first because I thought she was bad in It's Okay, Daddy's Girl. But she is indeed good dramatically. And I hope to see more of her versatility in the future, I want to see if she can do funny, too. I wish to see her in a RomCom after Nice Guy.

tncdel She impressed me as an actress. Easy on the eyes as well.

Marwa Moon Chae Won <3<3 Unnie I love you, you are my favorite Korean Actress I look up to you cus you always seem to be trying your best at all times. Even when you were just a 2nd lead I would always notice you more the first lead. You truly are one of a kind and Korea is lucky to have you as an actress. As human your face, your charisma is so comforting, anyone who watch you will always feel at ease it's like we can relate to you. I for one don't feel that you're too far away or beyond reach even though you are like any other idol is, but I never feel that distance. Unnie you are so beautiful pls keep making great dramas I never get enough of MCW, The Princess's Man is my top 1 drama of all time you and Park Shi Hoo made that drama is a one time classic that will never die in time. Kamsahaminda Saranghea unnie "FIGHTING".

Your loyal fan forever (o ^__^ o)

bluebell Chae Won aja aja fighting!!! :)

Seryung My beautiful princess Seryung. Heart this girl a lot. MCW hwaiting!!! GBU!

rose i hope August come quickyl so that i can see moon chae won’s face in new drama. everybody knows how crazy i amfor this actress. i’ve been pictured song joon ki and moon chae won together where he’s pleasing her not to go hahahah, where moon chae won’s tears are always flowing and song joon ki’s heart is always hurt for torture the woman he never knew that he will die for her any minute. hope it will be like this.

Reginaivn Keep being positive and spreading love, guys! Chae Won shi fighting! Nice Guy fighting!

Reginaivn Chae Won ssi, we miss you a lot. Can't wait to see you back on screen in August

keiko @Hana.. please don't be too sensitive over vive's comment. Everyone has their own opinion about dramas. RP is a successful drama, but it isn't belongs to MCW. Simply as that. So let's move on!

All the best for Chae Won for her new project :)

Hana @vive Rooftop Prince is Not average,it's so Popular.,ok. on the contrary,i think it's mcw loss for rejecting RTP..i hope she did'nt REGRETING her decision.....

keiko I don't think that's the reason. She had 1 drama offer which she was really interested in, but because of some issue, the drama couldn't push it through (she said it in her March interview). So that's probably why she rejected RP, plus.. she has been always interested in melodramas more than romantic comedy

vive i know why moon chae won nni didn't pick rooftop prince. it's just average compare to other dramas. i couldn't finish it so i think it's a good choice she didn't take it. hope nice guy is good.

lotusinmud great actress, beautiful face and body, adorable, mesmerize.....well done, congratulations!! you're the best so far...

Karim wowwwww... Moon Chae Won!! <3 I bet you and Song Joong Ki will make a perfect couple in 'Nice Guy'. But I canoot see you til August???????? huhu, why so long??????/

rainfairy i cant wait to see her in the new drama with song joonggi.she is beautiful and a great actress i love her attitude too i saw some interviews of her and she seemed so down to earth

sera Can't wait to hear from her about her new project please comeback, soon!

I LOVE MOON CHAE WON! when will she have her new project??????? I miss her so so so so much!!!!!!! I'm really upset that she rejected the new drama with Yoo Chun :( But I always believe in her choice :X

yuji she is the most beautiful actress i've seen. love her acting in the princess's man.

KdramaVN She acted excellently in The Princess' man. I can't think of any actresses who could portray extreme emotions in her bright eyes at all. She lightens my soul and rekindles the feelings of true love which has been buried in me for years with her special acting skills. Thank you for your hard work.

MCW's fan @Monie: no!!!!!!!! no!!!!!!!!! in KBS, she win TOP Best actress. and best actress for weds thurs drama was for Park minyoung. What I watched is SBS awards. But I had some mistakes, that not weds and tues, that was weds and thurs.

Moonie @MCW's fan.. It's Okay, My Daddy's Girl was broadcasted on Mon & Tue. I think, the one you watched was KBS awards?

MCW's fan @shoeshe: no no no. I watched that SBS award myself. I'm sure that she won Best Actress for Weds and Tues Drama!

Moonie Chill everyone! just ignore that comment (#61). Don't understand why some people have so much free time to come here and post lousy remarks for actress that he/she doesn't like. Why bother to? Anyway, it doesn't matter.. there always be positive & negative opinions. It's long as the MAJORITY thinks that she can act and a great actress :)

Shoeshe @ MoonChaewon's fan

About sbs drama awards,mcw didn't get the awards,it's just a mistake in the list winners from some blog,bcoz in another blog/web mcw name isn't in the list,and it's really make me confussed too,I'm watching the full ceremony sbs drama awards again and the winner for excellence actress is the leading lady from protect the boss. Oh i'm so sad.but it's ok! I wish this years she can get the many awards from her next project.oh ya... Haven't you visit mcw thread in soompi,you know in there so many mcw new collection ficture with a beautiful clothes and her pretty face of course,oh my god she's sooo amazing as always her new style is so cute like a doll, from there you can also get her last news,please love our princess moonie as always.

Hongyi We should erase comment 61. Because if not I would hate for posting ugly words about my actress. I'm not going to convince her to try to watch moon chae won's dramas because it would only create unfortunate

MCW's fan She wins Best Actress for Weds Tues Drama in SBS Award. but here, I cannot see that. why????????? please add it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoeshe @ marial

As her big fans I'm really disappointing with your comment.why you have to say such think in here,you really give me a bad mood,don't you know in 2011 she received about 10's a proof that she is a really great actress and she can act very well too not just in a crying scene ,but it's ok!,if that is your opinion.for me, moon chaewon is different from other korean actress.why? will know if you try to look for her character in her real life.what a sweet girl who beloved by people around her bcoz her bright personality and easy going girl,mcw is daebak...

MoonChaeWon's fan @marial: omg, this is the most stupid comment Ive seen! MCW is much different from other actresses. her eyed-expression makes people can cry with her. and she can play many kinds of role. she was so cruel in Brilliant Legacy. she made me love her cuteness in My Fair Lady. she was a strong and active woman in It's Okay Daddy's Girl. and in history movies and dramas, she's really great with her amazing scting and appearance.


  1. 61 marial

There are lots of good actresses that she's a better actress than too. Maybe her acting is not your taste, but she's not bad or typical. She conveys a lot of emotions without resorting to hysterics. Very natural, and it shows how well she understands her characters.

marial Nothing special about this actress. Just typical. There are many other korean good actress but Moon Chae Won, only good in crying but not a good actress lacks feelings just crying

woonie Can't wait for her come back!! no matter if it's a movie or drama.. as long as I can see her acting on screen. Really miss her

Bianca Great actress, really love the way she acts.. It's very good! Your my new idol next to Han Hyo Joo HAHAHA! You two are so great! I\ll wait for your next project in dramas. Hope you are the main role like "The Princess' Man". Be with Lee Min Ho or Jung Il Woo :D

inna MCW is a great actress b'coz of her excellent and brilliant skill in acting with additional to her natural beauty... She deserves all the awards in 2011... I wish her all the best in her wealth, health and future love time in real life... All your fans gave theirs SUPPORT and LOVE for you MCW...fighting!!!!

Indonesia MCW & PSH Fighting! :D the best couple in the world

MUTIA I love Moon Chae Won<3<3<3

Shoeshe Mcw I miss u so much.i want to see u in your new drama or movie very soon.please dont make me wait any I dont believe that in 2011 you receiving 7 awards in short time.congratulation sure that from kbs drama award you will win award again.this is a some proof that you are a great actress not only beautiful like angel but you are a talented girl.mcw fighting

koi Aúah beautiful actress and I wish her luck

kkoming Yes. That's right. MCW has a very calm & quite demeanor. I've followed her closely and noticed that she doesn't like to wear make up. Most of the time, she'll only use a foundation and a very light eyeliner & lipstick..even when she was attending big events such as Daejong & Blue Dragon Film Awards. It's a rare thing to see and that gives me a very good impression on her.

chai thao what i like about moon chae won is that she quiet and natural beauty. love her in the princess' man

maneki hobbang a doll who should get more leading roles

Inna Congrats...MCW for winning BEst NEw ACtress, u deserve it!! saranghae

erdbeer @chai thao..true that people hated her for her role in Brilliant Legacy. But it only mean that she acted really well :). people should be able to differentiate acting and reality. Let's hope all the best for Moon Chae Won. Looking forward for more outstanding works of her in the future

chai thao moon chae won deserves the best new actress award because she worked very hard. i know many korean drama fans hated her after brilliant legacy but she still works hard so she deserves. love moon chae won

Shoeshe Gongjumama congratulation for winning the second award this year and im sure that you can take another award from tpm. Thank you for your beautiful akting as seryung agashi,you make me cry and smile in the same time for me your chemitry with psh look like real and no one can beat you two I hope my wish come true that in the someday you married with him in real life sorry my english is poor

kawaii Once again, CONGRATULATION, MCW! for winning Blue Dragon best new actress award

Sharon wang There are many beautiful actors today In Korean tv. Moon is special. I adore the princess she played, so incredibly brave and passionate, genuinely innocent yet courageous. She is the epitome of strong women of all ages. Her love was unreserved, timeless and pure, her suffering almost unbearably heart-breaking. Moon has a charm on screen that is diamond-hard. Great job in communicating true love!

Icarisa Love you MCW i am your big fans

Hanz Hanun I am impressed to see you, and I adore your naturally face..Its beautiful!

cleo Congrats Chae Won-shi.. hopefully, Daejong is not the only award she's taken this year. Hopefully, she'll snatch more awards this year. Looking forward to watch her in new movie/drama

OnlyMe moon chae won fighting!!!sarang hae!! it really nice to see you again in other drama..i'll wait for it!!!.. and congrate for the award...u reeeaallyy deserve it gal!!!!

Atiyesh MCW is Perfect couple with PSH. She is very nice acting in drama TPM We love MCW and PSH So much.

Hong yi I first saw moon chae won in TPM n so I fall in love for her smile. She looks like a real princess in TPM. Her quiet character n how she sacrific everything just to save PSH. Best couple with PSH. Unni fighting

kangel Congrats Chae Won! for winning Best New Actress Award. Looking forward to see more great work from you

Ananymous All I can say is this move is a great movie, i thought " Secret Garden" was the best until now. I'm very impressed with everything... actors and actresses, especially main leads, attention to details....It doesnt make watchers question the actions of the characters in the movies because the personalities flows. Well constructed characters

I have watched many many movies but this is first post i ever leave.

Very impressed, miss the show since it's over

Good luck with PSH & MCW, well deserved.

Tina Congrats for MCW who has just got awards in Daejong Film Awards One of Sparkling Young Korean Actress. Hopefully Success for The Princess' Man Also success in another Movies and Drama

Annea Lee What will be your next show? :)

As.Eu.Us Million,s People waiting of Ep 24—> TPM Today night it’s the last episode today! hope it will be a happy ending..on the other hand, sad that it’s going to end soon.. THANKS of PSH and MCW with much love MORE MORE MORE We will see you soon in won prize drama 2011 at the festival Asia,Europa,Amrica

Girl & boys We love Mcw so much because she is one a best actress, lovely and Courteous and Personable. The her tone of Voice is very nice.

Girls & boys We love Mcw so much because she is one a best actress, lovely and Courteous and Personable.

Washel So This drama one of best sad love story tragedy,Seung-Yoo and Se-Ryeung. For the two of them is the hard and painful. Really I can,t wait for the next episode. I hate Sin Myeon he was old friends Seung.but now he is graet enemy. We love Seung and Ryeung soooooo much.They are super couples. Thank you ( MCW & PSH) so much

Vien Your acting is very good and you are become more beautiful. I'm your new fan.

Youngs K.D. TPM Revenge / Love / Remise! Which would you choose? We using all these Seung Yoo suport. He has the right at SR father,s ..........! Seung Yu has the right that punish SR father,s. Thank you ( Seung Yoo) We love PSH & MCW very much. Million,s Young

Aris Yes Other Korean dramas like The Princess,Man is realistic sets,a fascinating and really beautiful. This drama will remain in our memory forever like: drama Princess Hours ( Joo ji Hoon) 2005-6. Actor Park Si hoo is very attractive man and Popular. Moon Chae Won is very lovely and Popular. We love PSH and MCW. They are perfect acting together in this drama and to match. Thank of Director and team

Kameli The Million Spectator look forward and waiting for This drama beautiful, exciting,Professional "The Princess,Man". Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won are very nice together acted. We love PSH & MCW so much!Perfect actor,Lovely actor and ability to all rol. Always( PSH & MCW) are Popular. Thanks Special of this actors , Director and TV.KBS2

Anastazia Best K Drama in 2011 is >>> TPM Different drama/ beautiful / exciting We look forward to next Ep 16 drama *TPM* Love / revenge / bleeding Which will win?!! God help to our heart! best wish in life for all actors ( PSH & MCW & LMW & HSH ) in this drama. We love ( PSH & MCW ) very much. Million,s Spectator

World hi,I like This drama so much. I Love Park Si hoo and Moon Chae Won so much. Because They are our Popular and Top star. I remember seeing This drama just to see The Park Si Hoo. Apart from anything else it would not be. We Love Park Si Hoo so so so much and miss for him. We want more see PSH and MCW. Thank you

Eropa Hello,Dear Chief or Persident, This drama is really very Professional ,beautiful,exciting,amazing Please, -> Mr.Writer --> Author,s story Made you look: But have too time sad scenes love and too negative chance and really PSH &MCW have no time for love.( is very unfortunate). The actors very very nice acted but too less have time for romantic love. ( Really is very unfortunate ) We thanks of all and too much PSH & MCW We (Europa) love PSH and MCW so much. Million,s Spectator

Allen Hello, You are very Popular in Asia and lovely in our heart. We love you so much. We best wish for your life and your love.

Bamjo WoW!! Sob Sob !! anyway We really love this drama, The best ,diffrent , Super sad beautiful love story. We want to see they both live together until the end. We love MCW & PSH very much. Viewers( Olds and youngs )

Girls & boys Dear, Seung Yoo ( PSH )! Se Ryung ( MCW) in Ep 14 Her eyes say: I will give my life for you. Any day... I give for you all the best love. All in my life ,i can do!!! Se Ryung--> PERFECT actd and too nice ,fantastic and never found Seung Yoo ( PSH) To be as he is in EP 14. Come fast for all right love. Thanks for this drama. We love you too much. World girls and boys

MinYeon very BEAUTIFUL ! ..

Sorien Hi, You are a beautiful and very lovely,Personable. The people love you and PSH too much. In drama TPM you acted very nice. Thanks! for this paly with PSH. We wish a best Love time in real you,r life.

People Hello The part 14 of DK >TPM This is kind of fervor Asian. This is normal and everybody in life should be enthusiasm,pride. Thanks too much of Kim Seung Yoo (PSH)

ALL People

Matin She is very beautiful,great acterss and lovely. PSH sied:After we marry,we will have a lot of time to love neic together. Oky,this is great love. The best wish to her of all life time

asian such a beautiful actress. And she's an amazing actress. I love her acting skills. She's way too over-looked and underrated. She deserves more attention.

Assin She is very beautiful and lovely,respectful. Match with Star Park Shi hoo Wonerful,amazing and memorable. She can carry melodrama ( The Princess,Man) with PSH( together) quite well.

We thanks a lot all we best wish for PSH & MCW World People Asia,Europa,America

Nie I was awed by her face when I saw her in "Shining Inheritance". Simply stunning.

Skye Vo Good actress, beautiful face, you are the best, Moon Chae Won

mell i really like the adorable mun chae won!!can't wait to watch her next drama =)

Jugang Moon Chae-Won Fighting!!! good actress...

risa i'm a fan of u.. i like ur drama.. especially brilliant legacy and my fair lady.. i hope u always happy and success with ur drama.. good luck for u

Alejandro Sáenz I loved her work on "Painter of the Wind" !!! Great actress and she is really beautiful

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Who Are You: School 2015 *teaser2
Love & Peace
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The Shameless *character trailer
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Perfect Proposal *teaser
Smiles in the Mirror
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The Producer *KBS2 drama
Attack on Titan
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
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Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
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Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
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Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
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Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid