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  • Drama: Secret Love (English title) / Secret (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bimil
  • Hangul: 비밀
  • Director: Lee Eung-Bok, Baek Sang-Hoon
  • Writer: Choi Ho-Chul, Yoo Bo-Ra
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: September 25 - November 14, 2013
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Min-Hyuk (Ji Sung) was born into a wealthy family. He has everything including good looks, intelligence, but he doesn't have kindness. He loses his girlfriend in a hit-and-run accident.

Yoo-Jung (Hwang Jung-Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min-Hyuk's girlfriend. Her boyfriend is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo-Jung took the blame. She is then betrayed by her boyfriend.


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Looking Forward to Romance" and will be followed by "Bel Ami" November 20, 2013.
  2. Choi Ho-Chul's original screenplay for "Secret Love" was the winner of the "Excellence Award" at KBS One-Act Play Script Contest in 2012.


Secret Love-Ji Sung.jpg Secret Love-Hwang Jung-Eum.jpg Secret Love-Bae Soo-Bin.jpg Secret Love-Lee Da-Hee.jpg
Ji Sung Hwang Jung-Eum Bae Soo-Bin Lee Da-Hee
Jo Min-Hyuk Kang Yoo-Jung An Do-Hoon Shin Se-Yeon
Secret Love-Kang Nam-Kil.jpg Secret Love-An Ji-Hyun.jpg Secret Love-Yang Jin-Sung.jpg Choi Woong Secret Love-Lee Deok-Hwa.jpg
Kang Nam-Kil An Ji-Hyun Yang Jin-Sung Choi Woong Lee Deok-Hwa
Kang Woo-Chul Yang Hae-Ri Seo Ji-Hee Choi Gwang-Soo Jo Han-Il
Secret Love-Jo Mi-Ryung.jpg Secret Love-Song Min-Kyung.jpg Secret Love-Yang Hee-Kyeong.jpg Secret Love-Kang Shin-Il.jpg Secret Love-Kim Hyun-Kyoon.jpg
Jo Mi-Ryung Song Min-Kyung Yang Hee-Kyeong Kang Shin-Il Kim Hyun-Kyoon
Hong In-Joo Jo Min-Joo Park Kye-Ok An In-Hwan Park Hyun-Seok
Secret Love-Han Ki-Joong.jpg Lee Seung-Joon Jung Soo-Young Secret Love-Kim Hee-Ryeong.jpg
Han Ki-Joong Lee Seung-Joon Jung Soo-Young Kim Hee-Ryeong
Yang Ik-Tae Choi Gwang-Min Lee Ja-Young Yeon Mi-Yeon

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-25 1 NR NR NR NR
2013-09-26 2 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-02 3 NR NR NR 7.9% (19th)
2013-10-03 4 7.8% (18th) 9.1% (14th) 10.7% (11th) 12.7% (9th)
2013-10-09 5 10.6% (9th) 11.8% (7th) 12.4% (6th) 14.2% (4th)
2013-10-10 6 11.9% (9th) 13.1% (6th) 14.6% (3rd) 15.4% (3rd)
2013-10-16 7 12.4% (5th) 13.4% (5th) 15.1% (3rd) 16.2% (3rd)
2013-10-17 8 12.9% (6th) 14.6% (5th) 15.3% (3rd) 16.4% (3rd)
2013-10-23 9 13.0% (5th) 14.9% (4th) 15.3% (4th) 16.8% (3rd)
2013-10-24 10 13.8% (6th) 14.7% (6th) 16.3% (3rd) 18.4% (2nd)
2013-10-30 11 13.2% (6th) 15.9% (4th) 15.7% (3rd) 17.3% (3rd)
2013-10-31 12 14.6% (3rd) 17.2% (3rd) 16.7% (2nd) 18.8% (2nd)
2013-11-06 13 13.3% (5th) 15.5% (4th) 15.8% (4th) 16.9% (3rd)
2013-11-07 14 13.4% (6th) 15.6% (5th) 17.3% (3rd) 18.9% (2nd)
2013-11-13 15 13.3% (7th) 14.7% (5th) 17.4% (3rd) 18.6% (3rd)
2013-11-14 16 15.4% (4th) 18.0% (3rd) 18.9% (3rd) 20.6% (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Jay27 2nd time watching this drama! Ive watched a ton of kdramas and so far I like this! I finished it in a day!! Iove the revenge plot and how ji sung fell inlove with hwang jung em ..." Revenge that started with love" but how about " love that started with revenge" that quote from the drama got me mind blown lmao!! Well written story and great acting

Mia I don't like Ji Sung. Is he like 5ft? Show was good but got awful mid way. The only reason I watched it was for Bae Soo Bin.

Karen A+++ Drama. Daebak! Great acting from the leads and applause to the writer! Choi Ho-Chul will be making another melodrama this May ('Mask') right? I'll be looking forward to it. It will surely be another great melo from this gifted writer.

celcriss I watched this drama last year and it was a wonderful drama.When I first saw this drama online,I was happy because it was Ji sung that is the main lead but what grabs my attention and curiosity what is the storyline of which love sprout out of revenge.Perfect Acting from the lead characters and other casts.Thumbs up to the director,writer and other crew.Lovely Chemistry btw Ji sung and Hwang Jung Eum.Perfect Ending,hope Kill Me,Heal Me will have its own Perfect Ending.Hope to see more of Ji sung and Hwang Jung Eum as a couple

Hazel I can say that this is the BEST drama that I've seen especially because I love melodramas..The next one is Kill Me, Heal Me(RomCom) from the same leads. I love how they make each other shine. Hwang Jung Eum here in Secret and Ji Sung in KMHM. Both a MUST WATCH

Mizz Diy Diy Recommended drama!!!... I just wanna say, this drama is great!!.. My rating 10/10!!!..

jen ri After watching Kill Me,Heal Me,I have watched this drama because I cant get over of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum chemistry.I must say that both dramas have very good plot.It is both painful and beautiful.Every element you are looking for a good drama is present. The OSTs suit the plots as well. I recommend this drama.

momo Best cast, best plot story, best cinematography, and absolutely thanks to the director Lee Eung-Bok & Baek Sang-Hoon for making this drama. Awesome..

Uh r Everyone must admit JISUNG is one hell of a handsome man. He is so fking hot and cute omg Although he's alrd 30+ , I must say he really look young and handsome hot and cute omg and he look so cute with hje I HOPE THEY CAN BE TGT IN RL LIFE BUT JISUNG IS ALRD MARRIED :((((((( I HOPE THEY WILL STILL WORK TGT AGAIN AFTER KILL ME HEAL ME. I haven start to watch kill me heal me becus a lot of ppl say the drama is very nice, is a must watch Blablabla so I'm waiting to finish my current drama and start to focus on watching kill me heal me, so excited, I hope is really as good as this !!!

love&warkdramafan ahhhhhhhh............. first time i saw these two actors together was in kill me heal me they had great chemistry then i find out they previously worked together.............eeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp..... i just had to watch this drama.. kill me heal me is a must watch btw. will have you laughing and crying all at the same time.

noury This crazy boyfriend, i hate him so much!

korean lover you have to watch this drama if you didn't. this drama has allot of emotional you will cry allot and feel sad.

j falling in love with these two super duper good actor an actress!

Choua Vang I have also watched this drama at least a dozen times since it's release. I love, love this drama. It might just be the only drama that I can rewatch again and again and not get bored. I love the main leads' chemistry, so convincing! I am truly happy that they are doing Kill Me Heal Me together. I have wanted to see them in a project together again since Secret ended. I would have to say this is my all time favorite Korean drama. I remember having severe withdrawals after the series ended. I couldn't bear to watch any other drama after that since nothing could compare to it. I went on for months not watching new dramas because I still was so in love with Secret and nothing, nothing was even close to being as good as Secret. I'm glad to say though, that Kill Me Heal Me, with all its mystery and suspense and genius performances with the hilarious adlibs, is the first drama that I am truly loving since Secret. When Secret was airing, I was the only person watching it among my circle of friends so I did what every good friend would do and talked my friends into watching it. After only one episode, they were hooked. Who could blame them? Secret is that awesome. My drama watching friends pulled allnighters to catch up with the drama. That's how awesome Secret was and still is. I know I will still keep rewatching Secret and won't get tired of it. I just have to say that I love the drama and all the genius actors. Lots of love from me to you!!!

Timothy Vaiphei no matter how many tmes i watch it doesn't make me bore the more i watch the more i love..the lead actors are amazing especially jisung and hwang jung um they are very talented..i've been watching this drama since last year now is the 7th tme i really2 love it...but i really hate bae soo bin in many dramas lke 49 days...hwaiting jsung and hwajng um waitin 4 ur next drama...may god bless u too....saranghae secret love drama members thanks 4 the lovely in--INDIA---

Azmidafadzi Actually, i'm not interested to watch this drama because of the conplicated kind of story, beside i'm not a big fan of JS & HJE. But after i watched KMHM, i began to love this couple. I start to watched this drama, and the result? AMAZING!! Good story line, i loved it! Seriously, this is DAEBAK! Hope to see this couple play for another drama again, after KMHM. Love both of you guys! Keep it up!

Chelsea Watching Kill Me Heal Me and really loving it so far. So I looked up for more dramas from Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, and I found out that they played on this drama together. So I just decided to watch it and now I am finished watching this drama and there is no word to describe it. This drama is just WOW!!! AMAZING!!! It is one of the few best drama I have watched so far. JS and HJE are the best Korean drama couple, their chemistry in both Secret and Kill Me, Heal Me are just so convincing and felt so real. Ji Sung in KMHM acting is just daebak (doing 7 different characters/personality at the same time is just unreal) he is such a talented actor and also very handsome. Hwang Jung Eum is so pretty as well and so talented.

ingukie this dram has a very good plot, but unfortunately it just finished at 16 episode. i think, the writer can elaborate more on certain events, especially, on how Yoo jung handle situation on his child and how she can be accepted by Min Hyuk family. because, i know, this is not the end of the story of Jo Min Hyuk and Kang Yoo Jung. however, this story show a lot of values that can be learn. thumbs up.

Lyn @Maya Yes I did watch it and I feel so stupid for not watching it all this time ..This is the best drama I have watched, in my life, seriously. And the ending is fantastic, I can see why people ship these 2 so much xD I had to go back to Kill Me Heal Me and rewatch them kissing scenes <3

sama This drama is one of the best dramas I have ever watched. it's really recommended <3 <3 this drama is really a heart breaking, funny, and romantic one. I have been crying from the first episode till the end :'( but it had a happy ending & that was a relief :D I am in love with Ji Sung he is a talented actor :D I hope to see him in many other dramas

shami i never thought Ji Sung as a such a talented actor,but after watching his characters in kill me heal me i become more interested in him. so i searched about his other dramas and finally i start to watch this drama.WOW! he is amazing.

Maya @Lyn

Oh yes you def. should! This drama was the first "explosion" between JSxHJE, the reason why they're currently the fastest and most memorable recurring couple in K Dramas record. Not only they bring great different characters and chemistry in vastly different Secret and KMHM, but they also bring both dramas successful ratings winners and popularity, which other recurring pairs in K Dramas couldn't achieve.

Lyn After watching Kill Me Heal Me I fell in love with Hwang JungEum, so I came to see her other dramas and this looks really good...she looks gorgeous in the trailer I gotta watch this XD

FYong I'm watching Kill Me Heal Me right now, and start falling in love with Ji Sung. Just looking for his other drama and found this. Previously I wasn't interested in this drama because...well, honestly I dont really like Ji Sung's look (well...the lead actor's look really determine my passion to watch a KDrama). But after I watch KMHM, I was like...WOW...Ji Sung is so gorgeous and his acting is awesome. I'm gonna give this drama try :)

MELOVER Woah... I just finished this and the storyline is DAEBAK!! 2013 drama with the best storyline. I totally love the WHOLE story. Dont regret every single minute i waste on this drama. JiSung oppa is so handsome and charming oh God <33333 I bet im gonna watch this over and over again in the next few days! TOO MUCH FEELS! Secret = DAEBAK!

olano14 This drama is honestly need more lights tho. The plot was just ridicoulously twisted, in a good way. OMG and i just found out just now.

Kimberly I just finished watching this drama, there is only one word to express how I feel "WOW". The storyline kept me interested, the acting was just right, the characters and everything else was great! I especially love the on screen chemistry between the two main leads and the second leads were pretty convincing as well. This is a drama and Secret Garden are my favorite K-drama up to date.

Rouge this drama is heart breaking, funny, dramatic, and most of all romantic. I absolutely love the couple in it, the chemistry the bickering everything is perfect. Watch them again in Kill me, Heal me, in this new drama their acting is just as much if not more the best. Absolutely lovably character!

post minded ji sung and jung eum are also in a recent drama kill me heal me wow again together!!!

Aryana Ji sung and hwang Jung eum are the best couple!!!❤️❤️❤️

Aryana The best drama I've ever seen!!!

Naomi My friend said it was a good drama.... and im going to this page for seeing the ratings lol. seems like a good drama, gonna give it a try! ;)

mary I just watched the series, and by far the drama of the year, unbelievable acting and the main actress Hwang Jung Eum was amazing and her acting is soo convincing. the main actor Ji sung and actress Hwang jung eum had amazing chemistry. my god, this is just a must see series, it has everything, amazing story, jalousy, lust.... and the acting is out of the world, just unbelievable.These are real actors. it's just a masterpiece.hope to see many more dramas with hwang jung eum and ji sung

FAAJ Just finished watching the whole drama. loved it... wonderful drama from start to fish..LOVE THE ENDING...

kelly best korean drama ever..unbelievable acting...after all the kpop bullshit..finally, ..

kelly best korean drama ever..unbelievable acting...after all the kpop bullshit..finally, ..some serious acting..

joylim daebak! surprisingly amazing! luckily i watched this one. congatulations to everyone behind this superb masterpiece! to ji sung and jung eum you're one of the great couple to look up to. ji sung's eyes ? OMG!

Lawl My god this drama is good! The JiSungxJungEum chemistry is banging, their interactions are the best thing about it. I wasn't expecting this one to be this good.

mahal I love this drama so so much...amazingly awesome love story ever...the actor ji sung acted this drama perfectly...great actor..excellent in his craft...and the leading lady was so good also..they both moved our heart..super super good drama ever...

tina love this korean drama so much! even though im 50y/o kinikilig pa rin ako kay ji sung and hwang jeum. more korean drama like this be shown here sa pinoy audience nakakatanggal ng problema.

purple jin nice korean drama ♥ two thumbs up!

mc enly Best korea drama..i love (Ji sung) :-) the way he care (Hwang jung-eun)..

Ellen This is a masterpiece. Great drama.. BEST!

jhen best korean drama series I watched ever.. i love the way how dominic got inlove with elise... tears are falling while I watched it....! :) it was very great movie!!!

jhen best korean drama series I watched ever.. i love the way how dominic got inlove with elise... tears are falling while I watched it....! :) it was very great to watched it!!!

wella I love korean drama's coming from GMA 7 coz they chose the best story ever.. I love Dominic super cute at guapo niya and they made a good team with Elise... love it so much!!!!!

Kineza Oh my g!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ji Sung Oppa is so handsome... I love this Korean Drama so much... ;) I love the whole story... Best korean drama ever. <3 <3 <3 heart heart heart. Part 2 please.. :)

Carmela i love the story so much.

anne i love dominic and elise...very nice story

danny i love to watch this korea novela. i simply like the whole or entire story.

jean i can help it...tears keep falling...i love this movie...Ji sung is really good same with Bae soo bin

ren one of the best korean dama ever....great love story...rare kind of love...awesome actor ji sung, excellent acting so with the leading lady great acting...masterpiece drama ever....

prilkeit nice story and i love it!

Apple This is a great movie. I like the story, Two thumbs up for the casts! :)

vmarlany really amazing drama. it make me cry a lot. great acting for every actors here.

hye kyo I like this drama too. But I don't understand the scene on ep 16 where Do Hoon borrowed the car key of his father. Isn' t it the day of the accident and his driving the car of Yoo Jeong? Can somebody explain it to me.. i'm really confused..

ailyn l really love this drama ever!!!!!

gperry This drama surprised me. It was actually quite good. I watched it twice.

nana I love sooo so so much this drama and actors

Tap I agree @SOSO this was indeed a masterpiece.

soso This is a masterpiece! The actors are amazing!! One of the best drama.

dhyn I love this drama. So romantic. Hwang jum eum's acting so touched.

Joyce I love how the drama starts. But then after awhile i already guessed the plot so i was not that amazed by it. Except for the part where the child was actually still alive. But i feel like the cast cried sooo much in each episode.

Harpreet Kaur nice acting with great lead and supporting actors! I want to see you with the passionate romantic or melodramas. Both actor and actress were so good, I couldn't take my eyes off from the screen. We, all your fans, are expecting the same sizzling and rocking chemistry for the next dramas if you work together! A lot of love from India!

Androuchka This was the best drama of 2013, well written and amazing acting from leads and support! awesome chemistry between ji sung and hwang jung eum.Expecting a drama with those two again! God Bless U :)

paru superbb one... One of the best melowdramas..... casting is very brilliant and script is fantabulous..... Woowwwwww superb one.... I loved it...

Negin BEST ...........psychology drama

life is like a bitter chocolate ! we know it but we eat !

spikette55 This is my second viewing. It is very well scripted with an excellent cast. I always go back after a few months to rewatch a drama that I think is this good. I will undoubtably return and watch again in a few months, that's how great this is. I also recommend the epic drama Empress Ki another well written drama; Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Hong Gil Dong, and Lie to Me. Good drama. Thank you

Yoon Kai Raa great story. so memorrable. i'm a fan of mellowdrama. this one, i tried to watch. i stopped in 4 episodes. i just dont like how ji sung played his character. it didn't catch my attention. at first i thought this kinda story should make me cry already but i just can't feel it. too bad. the lead female did her best . and i like her acting

liza Unputdownable. I watch all 16 episodes at a go and I still want to watch dramas like this one. I was never a fan of melodrama and now, I think I've taken a liking. Great performance by the cast and a very compelling plot line, I even shed a bucketful of tears during the drama.

Tralalala The great thing about this series is how it engages the audience to keep on watching from one episode to another. You just have to keep on going because the plot is fast paced despite the typical kdrama formula i.e chaebol, unrequited love and such. Salute to Bae Soo Bin performance here on how he is not a just another second lead man. He deserves to be the lead man in his next drama. Finger crossed.

The downside of this drama is too much tragedy for the main characters like literally how can a character keep her/his sanity after going through so much?!

cynkdf @Jeremy - the title of the book is "La vie devant soi" (The Life Before Us) by Romain Gary, who wrote it using the pseudonym Emile Ajar (credit: Wikipedia).

Love love love Secret Love (especially BSB :))

ungu damm!!!!!! this drama was so great!!!! i really like this drama. I looooooooooveeeeeee its.... I want to watch it again and again..... ^_^.....

syira Best ever drama I had watched . Really touched me . Is there another drama like this ? Please recommend me kindly . Thank you . I will miss ur smile and cuteness overload ji sung .

Jeremy Can someone tell me the name of the book Yoo-Jung reads to Min-Hyuk in episode 15 after the day they spend together please.

ella Best 30 K-Dramas of 2013: 1.Shark 2.Two Weeks 3.Secret Love 4.Master's Sun 5.Beautiful Man 6.You Who Came From the Stars 7.Reply 1994 8.Cruel City 9.I Miss You 10.Iris 2 : New Generation 11.I Can Hear Your Voice 12.Good Doctor 13.Nine: Time Travel Nine Times 14.TEN 2 15.Monstar 16.Dating Agency: Cyrano 17.Cheongdamdong Alice 18.Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek 19.Empire of Gold 20.Who are you? 21.Can We Get Married ? 22.Flower Boys Next Door 23.Her Legend 24.Nail Shop Paris 25.Incarnation of Money 26.School 2013 27.Gu Family Book 28.The Virus 29.Lee Soon Shin is the Best 30.The Suspicious Housekeeper

Saltanat I hope to see Ji Sung and Hwang Jun Eum in another drama playing a couple again, they have great chemistry together. Please do another drama together!

Saltanat My favorite 2013 Korean drama, interesting love story, amazing actors!

Renee Luke If anyone has good links of Secret Love please write them down as I so want to watch this show and can't for any links for episode 7

vania first of all this drama has a new taste of love story (revenge that turn into love). and that's a good point, but actually i expect more from this drama. There's something about the way their love story goes and ends, that doesn't feel right to me. anyway ailee's voice is killing it. those romantic scenes should've been accompanied by her song more often.

ary digital drama I do believe all of the ideas you have presented for your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very quick for newbies. May you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

Chick Ok, Ji Sung, I'm ready for another one of your strong performances. How about something with your Bo?

Tap @Jury why are you so mad about me mentioning Good Doctor ? I mean well when I mentioned it in my comment.. You're so negative about it ! Go see a counselor or a therapist, you seriously have a problem !

Carmen Very impressive acting. Love to watch every deserve the award. Never missed it congratulation.

Doris I love this drama. Though am still watching it, the story of ji sung & jung was very touching that I can't stop watching it. Love watching ji sung drama. He's da best

Kel The BEST Korean Drama for 2013! The story was very Realistic and touchy, I cried and giddy for this drama. Every episodes is a must see. Two thumb ups for all the casts. The most special thing that I learned from watching this drama is "How power the Love is. " Daebak!!!!!

rahel best drama i ever seen.............every time hwang jung eum cried in this drama i cried with her too......if you dident see this drama just see it right now..........hwang jung eum hwaiting

Magdalena This drama was absolutely a great drama. The story is nice with great actors and actresses especially Ji Sung, Hwang Jeung Eum, Bae So Bin and Lee Da Hee. This 4 characters actings are perfectly well and great. Love watching this drama... Daebakk... also won so many awards in KBS drama awards.. Congratulations to all... Fighthing~~

sara I cant erase the drama from my was beautiful the actors were great.miss it so much

sara It was great.great cinematography.great casting.7 awards....a perfect one

jury @Tap why you must brought up Good Doctor drama? Secret and Good Doctor have won 7 awards each of them, and both of them are different genre. And Good Doctor have better rating, meanwhile secret is overrated drama like dramabeans said. End



Tap HWANG JUNG-EUM and JI-SUNG won the MAIN BEST ACTOR AND BEST ACTRESS of the YEAR!!!!! WELL DESERVED FOR BOTH OF THEM! They also won the COUPLE AWARD! Lee Da-hee and Bae Soo-Bin MAIN BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS AND ACTOR! So excatly the four of them won the MAIN and MOST important award of the night!

All in all Secret won 8 AWARDS, Good Doctor won 7 AWARDS, You're the best won 5 awards HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Clarkdale44 ALL HAIL TO THE SCRIPT WRITER, WHAT A UNIQUE ROMANCE!! Its extraordinary romance like never before, a romance which started with revenge. I must salute to the script writer and director for making such a masterpiece drama. Ji Sung has talent no doubt and Hwang Jung-Eum seems fully compatible with him. As for me casting is perfect, both did a great job for their roles. As for the ending i am satisfied. It was foolish of Yoo-Jung that she trusted his boyfriend way too much Do-Hoon and took the blame, she had to bear all that harshness and cruelty which was given to her by Min-Hyuk. Still it was very interesting to watch the romance development, a love which begin with revenge.

I will give this masterpiece 10/10 no doubt.(For tremendous casting, directing, cinematography and above all for such unique storyline.)

k@ph daebak! this drama is just so awesome! im not yet done watching the whole drama. I'm looking forward to the unwatched episodes. anyway, Hwang Jung-Eum looks like Rachel McAdams especially when she smiles. :)

LawBoy I must said this is among MUST WATCH K-DRAMA OF 2013.

I stumbled upon this drama, so I watched the pilot episode. And to my surprise, I WAS GLUED even though it was just the 1st episode.

This drama just nice. I do hope more romance scenes between MinHyuk and YooJeong, and I do agree with some that pointed out the ending was a bit rush. The climax hits so fast, particularly regarding the San's story.

And I also think there might be something hidden about the death of JinHee. Especially the part where the Chairman called 'somebody' to eliminate her and the baby. How I wish there is "Secret 2".

SLee THE BEST! It would have been even better if there were 20 episodes, so the ending wouldn't seem rushed...and that we could experience a bit more of how the love developed between the two key leads. But otherwise, just perfect!

rory one of the greatest stories ever..! great acting !!!! one of ma top 3!!!!! <3

G girl Congratulation to the cast of Secret Love! The cinematography was the best!

Helena Not to be rude or anything but I wish everyone really pay attention to the ratings numbers, ranks, news posted in many places including here, before commenting, jeez ..... After all it's not the first or second time. Must someone have to correct them again and again? how annoying.

Helena @HelloKitty:

What do you mean the ratings don't make sense? Secret was the rank 1 drama in Wednesday-Thursday slot throughout it's airing.

HelloKitty The ratings are just unbelievable! Secret was the best drama ever!! I never got bored of any of the scenes. Everyone of them kept on making me watch more and more. This drama was like a drug! These ratings don't make sense AT ALL. The actors were wonderful! Everyone of them, especially Hwang Jung-Eum (I'm a fan of hers! love her!) and Ji Sung. And the rest of the main cast! THIS DRAMA WAS WORTH WATCHING AND I DON'T REGRET WATCHING IT ONE BIT! IT WAS SOO GOOD! THEY DESERVE TO BE ONE OF THE TOP DRAMAS!

K-popper This Korean drama got my attention while browsing in the internet ! its really a tear jerker. And while watching the music video I found my tears falling down not being aware of it!!. This drama has GREAT actors and atress. More POWER!! and CONGRATS!!!! >_<

luckygirl So happy for Kwangsu and Heari. They are so cute together :)

luckygirl One of the best dramas ever! It is just a masterpiece. Wish the best for actors of the drama <333

Cikhanmy I likes this drama...superb

mia good news for this drama fans, secret was voted as favorite melodrama by viewers...

lia Love the kissing scenes in this drama. sooo HOT and romantic between the two lead :)

denniece nicole bacaltos i love the part that they are in the bake shop but i am worried to AN DO-HOON

Kay I love the scene in the bake shop where MH throws YJ's "buns" on the table with the bakery buns. So cute!

Viviana Geo91 Love Hwang Jung-Eum.

Her Yoo-jung is nothing but Perfect. Can't imagine any other actress playing her.

irellor nice ending , much better than what i thought about before

lia Yep, i just finished watching the drama today. The ending was AWESOME...:)

ZIZOU ZARA I think that this was the best drama for 2013 it even surpassed the heirs that had high expectations . the actors showed nothing but GREATNESS being Jo Min-HYUK ;Ji Sung oppa showed his true acting abilities especially to those who knew him since protect the boss because his role is so different so wishing the best for the cast waiting for their next work . THIS DRAMA IS HIGHLY RECOMANDED <3

nanami Min Hyuk x Yoo Jung are really one of greatest drama couple ever!

Become fan of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum because of this.

@sujuyeoja: I really don't know what're you talking about. Secret Love was the 1st rank drama of Wed-Thurs when it was airing LOL.

sujuyeoja This is an awesome drama, I don't understand why it got low ratings! Saw the last episode today and I'm glad everyone was happy, even Dohun smiled. and Gwangmin got what he really deserved, he's been so loyal to that company all his life. And Gwangsu...the forever cute Gwangsu, if I had a driver that cute...asdfghkhj!!!!!! I really really find Seyeon very pretty, if you look closely she doesn't even have feminine features on her face she looks like a guy, but she's sooo beautiful!!! oh and lastly, Ji Sung is one great actor, from Save the Last Dance to Protect the Boss and to My PS Partner and now this drama...Saranghaeyo Ji Sung-ie!!!!

Summers This drama is very fresh! With exciting plots and the actors / actress are expressing and bringing their character to life. Very different from other drama. The most exciting part when the the love are developed from the revenge.

drama_addicter guys.. the older san is it yogeun? shinee's baby yogeun?? the babu in the hello baby shinee? isnt it? omo... if it is.. yogeun already grown up now~~ he also act? cute!!

gloria manuel a very perfect cast,in a very inspiring drama,secret,wish you win the grandslam,in the next award giving body...goodluck guys.....take care,everybody....

pukning ji sung is irresistible, n he looks better dn he was in save d last dance for me... cn't wait 4's 8.30 here n still 22hrs 2 go.

Kay Watching this drama for the third time but fast forwarding to scenes that only JiSung are in. Surprising what details continue to show up that I have missed. Too bad I have to take my eyes off JS while I read.

Mia89 Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung actings are divine.

And they ignite chemistry like no other.

Best Actings and Best Couple this year for me.

pukning @kay, thanks a lot...i missed the earlier episodes n we are still in episode 14, and the videos aren't available either. thanks a lot again

mary Congratulations! This is a very good drama I watch it and enjoy a lot It has a great story and very good actors and actresses

Kay @pukning, one day, working in the jail laundry area, she was accused of abusing her baby by the prison authorities. In the scuffle that ensued, she got in the way of a steam iron and it scalded her.

pukning can anybody please tell me how yoo jung got the scars plzzz?

keunjoo oh, whats happening here... don't turn this comment box into the battlefields. and i have one request to all please don't use F words or curse words in the comments, for heaven's sake... lord buddha bless you guys.

silver @the girl from LA or frieda, whoever you are.... i don't see people for their looks but for their talents and as they are...just go down and read my comment again....i haven't insulted anyone. YOUR GIRL? SINCE WHEN SHE BECAME YOURS? my comment wasn't really full of hatred but if you think it was,then it must be. cause one's action is depends on other's reaction... your reaction spoke through your words. m not catholic but this is something i never forgets, saying of jesus"you get what you give." i don't understand why people criticize some one like their life depends upon it. your words were indeed harsh like how her body looks. sometimes you need to learn how to accept people as they are. don't think what changes will make them better...and about covering up, even in the nature not every tree grows up to become straight. flaws are what makes us human. say something if she is not good actor or if her skills or acting sucks. it should be positive criticism. you didn't even know she was supermodel, before you criticize learn about your opponent... even in USA where president becomes the victim of racism is sad...each country n people from their are different but underneath every skin color,'blood' that's the only thing is the same.... everyone is perfect as they are....GIRLSMEETU,thank you for acknowledging my point...LOVE YOU ALL K DRAMA FANS.

GirlsMeetU @thegirlfromLA,

Sorry, I did not realize that I needed to explain myself more clearly to you. Here are some things that I'd like to get across to you, okay? No need to get all excited and thirsty for drama.

1. I never insulted Nicole Kidman... 2. You seem like you are trying to cover up your earlier comments. (If you are Frieda) 3. Why take the time to attack an actor who clearly has done no wrong? 4. I don't hate America. It's my home, and I don't cuss except when I see someone putting down an innocent person. 5. I am an extremely emotional being, so I can't stand it when someone is being picked on for stupid reasons such as beauty and appearance. 6. Once again, anyone who judges on looks does not deserve any kindness unless they apologize and learn from their mistakes. 7. I am behind my screen, but I least I have not done anything I would be ashamed about. I did not insult anyone besides the person who caused this mess. I'm sorry for cursing, but at that moment after reading the rude comments about someone the insulter doesn't even know well, I BURST because it sad to see such harshness towards a really great actor. 8. Honey, I don't know how old you are and how you've lived, but did you really expect kind and understanding comments after you insult someone for such meaningless reasons?

I felt like I had to separate each fact since you did not seem to understand anyone without them having to repeat themselves more clearly. Have a happy day and I hope that you learn more about yourself through this. All Silver and I have said is that hating on someone because of how they appear is ridiculous. If you truly want to say that that isn't true, then go ahead.

An additional comment: You stated, "Being judgmental you say, it goes both way. you are judging me for being honest." It's funny. That's what the person who bullied my African American friend used to say after insulting her because of her skin color. Same thing with my other friend who had lost too much weight from stress. It's a shame...

Luu OMG!! what's wrong with these guys, just enjoy the drama -_- Dont type like smartass

The girl from LA silver girl and guys are such haters. just like you meetu, you are also hiding behind your computer screen because you did not put your real name out there. Okay, I hear you guys, she was a supermodel turned actress. Now I get it why she's skinny and tall. She's not your average girl then. All I said, if she would have gained at least 10 pounds, all those noticable bones that I saw would have been covered nicely, and then, she would have been awesomely gorgeous on that stairs trying to look so sexy. Well, we all thought we saw so much bones you know. So, I'm not gonna just sit here and take your ugly comments towards me becos first of all meetu, you have a real bad mouth you even call our precious country the US of A the F-word. Being judgemental you say, it goes both way. you are judging me for being honest. I'm a tall person too 5feet eleven inches my girl and on the skinny side too, but not bony tho' that is the difference. You know what I'm saying you two. You mention my girl Nicole Kidman, yeah, she's tall and skinny but in her movies, I never saw her bones sticking out okay...have a nice day girls. smile, your fangs are showing

Khuncho This drama is good from first episode till the end. Great story, great acting of all cast. I will re-watch this drama. Highly recommended drama.

Shery I loved the ending…Fantastic…I enjoyed this drama so much, it’s Definitely one of the best Korean dramas that I’ve ever seen. Ji Sung & Hwang Jungeum were wonderful whenever they cried I cried too and I’m speechless at their great acting, there were some very emotional & touching scenes that I think I can never forget. Bae Soobin and Lee Dahee did a great job too..and others…surely a great teamwork has been there for creating such a wonderful drama. THANK YOU & WELL DONE to the director, producers, writers, cast & crew and all who did this awesome drama. Lots of love.

Massy I love korean dramas, i think they are culturaly familiar whith oures Iranian. I plan to learn koren language to enjoy the dramas more!

silver this is for some one who is from LA.... do you even know that LEE DAHEE is super model...her height is 174 cm...she is perfect with her body. who want her to gain weight with that kind of height? just try to imagine NICOLE KIDMAN WITH KIM KARDASHIAN BODY...and one more thing pliz do not compare korean industry to hollywood.... everyone is best at its own for you, if you think she is flat chested, don't ever watch k-drama's... if you haven't noticed let me remind you...all k-actresses they don't have big chest like hollywud's... we watch k-drama's as we love them not for their chests...unlike you...

GirlsMeetU @frieda,

I live in f****** America too. That doesn't mean I can judge someone on how they look. Freedom of speech? You wouldn't even have to remind people of it in the first place if your statements weren't unreasonable. Please, look at yourself and think for a second. Who the fuck gave you the right to go off on a hardworking actor that just follows the script? And PLEASE TELL ME that you're kidding about the bony bodies and all that bull shit about how skinny people should be taken cared of. In the US, I see all these skinny bitches trying to get attention all the time. But, this is different because an ACTOR ACTS. I'm sorry if you didn't know that in the first place. I don't give a damn if you're the prettiest girl in this stupid blind world. Also, you're not even sorry. All I hear is, "SKINNY UGLY FLAT CHESTED... Oh I'm soo sorry.." I'm sorry I'm not like you and I actually care more about the ACTING and TALENT rather than looks. Don't act like a simple excuse like, "the whole world is like me blablabla they judge people in HOLLYWOOD blablabla IM SO GLAD NO ONE TOLD HER SHE WAS UGLY" that makes me laugh. Did you know that she used to be a model? If you saw her in real life, she would be taller than you and skinnier because she was BORN LIKE THAT. For some people, no matter how much they eat, they stay skinny because they have high metabolism and all the fat they gain evens out because they're tall.

People like you make we lose all my faith in humanity. You are a shame and utter disappointment to the world. I feel like the only way to deal with people like you is to fight back with the same HARSHNESS. One thing I remember is that behind the computer screen, there could be an angel, average person, or demon. I wonder what others reading your posts labeled you as. Just be glad no one can know your true identity while you're hiding behind the screen.

Aikur Ok, I am re-watching this, because it was that good and because I want to relive every moment of this GREAT drama. With that said.... DH and SJ did not really get what they deserved, for all the emotions they put me through with their evil selves, I need more justice. They make me mad as hell even when I rewatched it a second time. Oh well... I guess I'll have to imagine my own ending.

Frieda My dear Greenluv. I do not know where you live but in my country (USA), we have a freedom of speech. Okay, I hear yu and I'm sorry if I offended you in a big way but, Now you tell me, where in Hollywood and the Korean entertainment business do not practice BODY IMAGE. That's what I'm saying. The entertainment Business is all about image. I'm glad the producers and directors did not see how Soyeon's image was all there for us to see, sitting on the stairs with her long bony legs trying to act sexy for DH, I thought, unless I was completely blind that I was seeing too much bones, it was such an unsightly scene. It really was not pretty to look at. Even when she was at the board meeting for MH's dismissal, and her backside was shown, it was so flat. Flat like a cutting board. She would have looked nicer in a little bit flair dress, not tight-fitting skirts. Then she had mini skirts on and because she was also so flat chested, it was not good looking my dear Greenluv. Don't get me wrong, her fashion was awesome, but did not do her any justice. Okay, Now for me being whatever you may think, I work in this unkind business of recruiting new hopefuls for the entertainment business heading to the big place Hollywood and that is what we unfortunately tell these people, clean your face free of acne, brush your teeth, get the straightened,, get a new wardrobe, and have those marks on your body fixed. You see how that is, I'm just so glad that no one told Soyeon that she was not looking so good in those scenes so, I'm sorry for the harsh you all form Los Angeles.....

Royalty Jo MH, you are the best. I love watching you move with your white cool open neck shirt and I bet there is a loooooooooooooooot to see in there. And your black pants fits you perfectly with tight butt leaves a lot on a girls imagination from the U.S. I'd love to sit next to you and squeeze those muscles wow!!! i'm sorry, only me crazy fool over MH.....Hope you win the best actor award you deserve it man....and also give YJ one too for the best emotions ever. I love the both of you and will sorely missed watching Secret. I live for months just to watch and rewatch every single episode. Never get tired for one moment because that's all I wanted was to see you guys act. Been watching Korean drama since 2004 and Secret came out as the best I've watched so far. Never had I ever got so immersed in a big way with Secret. It was not only the storyline, it was just watching the MH and YH go through immense pain becos of a Wuthering Height's LOVE that ended well and not tragic like the story itself. I like to love the 2 other leads but they were so bad in the story I decided not to comment I guess that is why they are so good too in their acting because they were so hated by us in the end. I'm sorry about that SY and DH....nothing personal just that you guys were so mean to YJ. In anyway, Hope you all win all the awards for the best Drama ever......

wisa Absolutely captivating. One the best dramas of 2013. The story line was beautifully written. I was sure it was 20 episodes long, but guess they cut it short. Loved the ending, although I did felt it was a bit rushed. The two main leads have perfect chemistry. This show is definitely on my top 20

Juwita A bit rushing in the end. Unfortunately! :( I really wanna know further the feeling of happiness on every couple there... This awesome Drama will be so memorable! Love it,much! The plot was so incredibly amazing and unpredictable, till I got lost of "my eyeeessss which can't stop tearing". Cool!

Lex One of the best dramas ever. Has become one of my faves. All cast played their roles well, storyline was great, and the suspense was thrilling. Played my fav scenes (Min Hyeok and Yoo Jeong romance hehe) over and over again. Really love this drama. :)

Jamese Great show, but dragged a bit in the last episode. Yoo-Jung's lost child should have been dealt with earlier, I would have loved to have seen the climax reflect a deeper intrigue and secrets revealed about the death of Ji-Hee. After making it seem like there was more that met the eye (Did JiSung's father do it? His stepmother? SeYeon, for real rather than emotionally?) it was a bit of a letdown to see that it happened exactly as it appeared to in the first episode.

herbmom Captivating drama! Leads were excellent. The story moved along well. Only complaint is that the ending seemed rushed and some issues were resolved a bit too easily. Couldn't stop watching. JS and HJE were awesome as a couple. This has become one of my favorite dramas. The piano room/library was to die for!

Turkish Rose one of the best melodrama, the story and the acting was amazing.!!!!! had to go back and rewatch some of my favorite scenes

Kimmiekimchi THE best drama of 2013 for me PERIOD. The plot was stellar, the acting was beyond great, the chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum was fire, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee playing the bad guys just makes you want to jump into the show and beat the shit out of them and all the heart wrenching scenes made it a worth while drama to watch. I genuinely hope Secret sweep all the awards at the year end award shows.


Luu Jo Minhyeok saranghaeyo~

kurage The best drama in 2013 beside Two Weeks!!! The writers really deserve the KBS One-Act Play Script Contest Award!

Margaretha For me SECRET is the best drama 2013. Great drama

winnie i love this drama. great storyline, perfect actors and actress, thanks editor, production team, give us happy ending.

Greenluvs I'm glad I watched this show when most of it had already aired, so I didn't have to wait as much. I was already a fan of Ji Sung, but I came to admire the other three main actors.

Greenluvs @Frieda, at the risk of sounding cliché, I'm going to say you sound like a hater. Lee Da Hee (Se Yoon) does not look unhealthy nor masculine. Some people are just thin. She doesn't owe it to you or anyone else to gain weight. That it bothers you enough to call it a flaw to the show says a lot about you. You don't "have to make unkind comments." If she happened to be overweight and someone was saying disrespectful comments about that, my guess is that you would be insulted. Skinny Shamers like you need to get a grip.

Ringa But thank god its happy ending,yeppy. : )

Ringa It was breaking my heart watching YJ find out about San amnd her sufering because she couldnt call him her son. I couldnt stop crying.

karmal you left me speechless just my thanks too all who participate to give us this spectacular drama ... kamsahamnida

Tap Episode 1 to 16 left me speechless. What a life lesson! It is like say that even if you don't get the thing you want it means that God has a better plan and life lesson for you.

Dianne Until just a few minutes ago, I thought there were going to be 20 episodes ... I wasn't ready for this to end with only 16 episodes!!! What a fantastic drama... I wouldn't have expected any less from the lead actors and the entire ensemble. Ji Sung has become one of my all-time favorite actors, and he always gives 100+% to everything he does. I cried many tears throughout from the start to the finish -- especially episodes 15 and 16. Love endings that wrap everything up so that you're not left wondering about anything... Because everything about this drama was superb, I give it 5 STARS and recommend it highly!!! Thanks for the memories...

c_u_t_e_13 a total wow...2 thumbs up...

c_u_t_e_13 CHE BELLISSIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful..mamma mia...i fell in love with this drama. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Syuen I really really want to scream with happiness right now! It's 4 am and I just finish seeing the last episode and I love love love the ending so much I could cry. And I thought its gonna end with a sad tone. The performance by the actors and actress were amazing and the storyline was the best! I love how no one died at the end (except ji hee but that doesn't count) and even do hoon get to have a bit of the happy ending. It was perfect! Love this show! I'm gonna watch the show all over again now! *Cries with ecstasy

chloe oh!!! DAEbak!!! i really love the ending soooooo much, i hope to see more kdrama like this!!!!!!! :)

yola more the act perforce & unnatural... but the story was the all over this of cource the best one...hopeness more korean drama like Secret..

susi love this drama,,,daebak!!!!!

karen best k-drama ever,m sad t has to end.very good acting by the main characters,Minyoek,Yoo jung and Do hun.the ending was more real thn in other dramas were everyone s forgiven and escape punishment.loved the ending.

kreeztie i love this drama...superbbbbbbb

kreeztie this the best korean drama i hv ever seen and its really touching me especially Kang Yoo Jung . She's consider one of the best actress . She's willing to sacrifies everything because of his boyfriend An Do Hun and at the and his bf betrayed him when he already became rich and powerful.. Just cant imagine how she got pregnant and delivered her baby and raise him up in the prison . Thats really toucing me and she has all the patient to do that. Congratssss to the writer , the director and all those who are acting in this drama . Superrrbbbbbbbbb!!!!! and 5 stars XXXXXXXXXX

Jung In Hyun if i not wrong,,, Jung Yoogeun as JungHwan/San?? his face has not changed at all,,

Finally Happy Ending... Secret Love Daebakk.. !!!!

MILER Great drama ! Great acting from Ji Sung ! Going to miss this drama !!!

ALYasameen Love the End ! Great drama & acting team ..going to miss it really ! Thanks KBS you are the best ! For those still didn't watch .. Watch it in kdrama-ep come !

Carideee Best drama ever. Loved the ending and everything about it. THANK YOU KBS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW!

Jacquline Loved this drama, great ending!! Love the music too!

syud hye guys!!!im syud..i love this drama damn much but i still dont watch the last episode..each second i kept wondering what is the final..can anyone of u tell me at the end, did yojeoung get together with mihyeok??pleaassseee...thank you!:

Dul This drama was so amazing! It made me cry so much in the end but I'm happy that everything worked out for most of the characters. All the emotions were there and the plot was very suspenseful. Also all the characters were very good at acting their parts. I'm going to miss watching this drama. ❤

tina I'm sad this Secret is coming to an end. Wish they extend it but, what can we do. I for one is really gonna miss looking at Ji Sung. He moves like a mysterious cat in pursuit of his enemy. I just love watching this guy walk and from every angle, he has an amazing body especially when he takes off his jacket. I bet he has a six pack hiding in his shirt Wish there was one time I could see him shirtless, must be a sight to behold. I know he's not that tall but just looking at him act, walk, run makes him 7 feet tall to me. He is handsome in his own way. His eyes gives me buttery toes and fingers..yeah, and his lower lips, i better stop before i upset the old Christian I know it sounds creepy but, that is why we have this comment section to say all we want to say isn't that right. Oh well, Thank you cas and crew for the best gift this year. I will never forget how I was entertained from episode 1 to 16...

suju4life PERFECT!!! I love this show so much. Everything about this show just made me love it. The main characters are perfect together. The villains are totally evil. And Yoo Jeong family of females is perfect. :D

Frieda I enjoyed this show so much with just one biggest flaw. How bony SY is. She is so unattractive with her bones sticking out on her knees and legs waist, and butt. This girl is like a tree, flat all over no curves whatsoever. She tried to be sexy on the steps, my goodness that was the ugliest picture there. She was so skinny I could see all her bones when she walks. Her fashion was awesome for a rich girl but, there was nothing attractive about the body. Her bony hands reminds me of the wicked witch from the west. She's a tall girl and has a pretty face except she needs to put on weight to cover all the bones please. Her acting is supberb with that one exception...too much bones everywhere. So, ugly...yuk...yuk. ANy man can get hurt hugging this girl from all the bones. She looks more like a gay man wearing women's clothes. Okay producers, should advise your actors to look right so we out here won't have to make unkind comments like this.

Linette I just finished watching episode 12 and what a rollercoaster of emotions. I just cried with them when they finally kissed especially when MH knelt in front of YJ and eased himself into that calm kiss with lots of feelings for the both of them. I really felt the whole thing in my bones and I tell you, I'm gonna miss them as the episodes are dwindling to the end. If there ever was a drama that moved me and make my addicted to any Korean drama is this one, Secret. I love every minute of the whole show especailly the scenes between the 2 main characters and the potrayal of the best an actor can come up with. They hate, they love, they cried, they cared, fought physically and mentally, they touch, he tells her not to smile in front of him what a delivery of loving command my whole body melts from just looking at his caring eyes as he speaks with unspeakable gestures they we all know this language ia unbelievabley beautiful. Boy, wometimes I thing I'm in dreamland for an hour of watching one episode at a time. Thank you people for giving me the best drama this year, I really am appreciative of the best performance by an actor and actresses that are so real and emotional in the best form of entertainment. I'll be forever grateful coming this Christmas, I'm satisfied with this drama Thank you again. Secret, You will be my all time Korean favorite tv drama.

lisao12 This is the best K-Drama I've seen so far. I love everything about it. And finally a ending that has me crying tears of joy. I love the characters, storylines, and how the chemistry of all the characters fit perfectly. I hope to see Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum in future dramas together. Their chemistry was alluring. Thank you for all your hard work.

Sam lolo Thank you writer ,producer,actors,director for such a wonderful drama ,I love you all

mia hanna THIS DRAMA IS another A MUST WATCH DRAMA ..for will not disappointed... i will start marathoning to re watch this drama again...after so much pain and suffering of waiting every i want to start re watch from the 1st episode until 16th... yayyyy.. i love Ji Sung & Jung Eum couple too ... i'm glad the ending like that....

Dneth Wow, Secret Love is fantastic. What's a great movie of this year! Really anticipating for the last ep. It's way better than Heirs. Great storyline.

Alian This story is way better than the story line of "The Heirs". Yes, ok, I do get all giggly to watching "The Heirs" but even at ep10 they don't get your feelings all hyped up like MH does. ^^

Alian San's father is Ahn Do Heon... but his greed, ambition and fear got the better of him...

claudz I was wondering.. Who is San's father? O.o I wasn't really able to watch the first few episodes (episode 1-4). can anybody tell me who got YJ pregnant if she was in a relationship with DH that time?

sunshine I bet SY kills herself and confesses everything in a note.

silver DH said to MH, we r same & just to prove how its wrong, MH told YJ to do whats right...if you tell some one not to do the some thing cause its out of their capability, that person will do the very opposite...reverse psychology... it felt like DH showed MH the right path n what he should do...this is first time DH did something good (pushing MH to the edge, choice between woman he love or be successor of k group ) from my point of view... i am happy as long as YJ don't become poor lamb...

syud wow! this drama is the best ever drama after a few years..yes, there are a lot of korean drama but the quality did not achieve the standard. and finally after i long for an awesome drama from, i watched really made my heart beat fast & cant wait for the next episode..godd job to the director as well as the actors & actress that have played their role awesomly..hehehe.. l sincerely: syud from malaysia..

tiffy Dear Producer, Like seriously, if u dare to end this drama bad, the ratings will fall so low that u’d be so shocked and regret doing it! So hey, take my really awesome advise and give the ending a super awesome one, copy? Make the wonderful characters of this wonderful drama smile at the end and we, the fans will smile and you, will automatically smile when u see the wonderful ratings and views. In the end everyone is happy and satisfied! But it is a give and take situation. You give us an awesome ending and we give you awesome views and ratings! Sounds fair right? Do the complete oposite and trust me you will be handing in ur resignation letter and hospitalized for attempting suicide. This drama is ranked 5th place which is pretty good! (Heirs is a wonderful drama too, really amazing but y is it at 1st place, c’mon seriously? Alot of dramas are better!-master’s sun, i hear ur voice, SECRET) Don’t let secret fall to the bottom. Don’t let us add this drama to our best dramas of 2013 and then u give us a bunch of sh*t for an ending and then we have to cross it off and add it to our list of Dama Failures! Pretty good example- Gu Family Book (Sorry to all the GFB fans). I mean the drama had me hooked throughout and then they just gave us a really disgusting end where the female main character died! Like seriously, Wth?! And then they gave us a stupid reencarnation bull as if that can mend our broken hearts. Please don’t let me feel that way about secret. Don’t go all *shark* and *bad guy* on us. We desreve happiness after all those long perods of insomnia and pain and tears !:( Do this 4 us. Please. *Tears* I hope that whole unimaginable ending bull was just to pull our legs and to let us think that something really bad and omnious is going to occur when u surprise us with something super good! Or u just told us that to let us get all excited to watch the last ep and so the views and ratings will go up! (Trying to cheer myself up here and looking on the bright side! ) But is should give u this though: UR DRAMA IS SOO AMAZING!!!! But i sort of wanted like a little u know…a little shirtless scene or a bed scene. Not being too picky so even if they sleep holding hands (Like master’s sun! Love it!) But maybe his wife Bo young would kill u right? Yup maybe she would. Anyway i’m satisfied. Secret, i anticipate ur happy ending. MH and YJ don’t die, keep strong, fighting! (DH and SY…I don’t really care about u both. U two should ride off in a dark night sea in a BMW together and give the characters and us fans some peace!) END OF LETTER. P.S i KNOW THE PRODUCER AINT GONNA READ THIS ANYWAY! JUST WANTED TO LET MY FEELINGS OUT… DAMN, I SO WISH HE’D READ IT!!!!

Kay SPOILER----Well, just saw ep. 15 without subs but could get a jist of what happened. Some good news and some bad news. A copious amount of tears were shed----by myself and the actors. A nice little romantic night between MH and YJ (maybe a baby to follow?), what we were predicting re little San comes true, wedding photos, and a big blowup with KGroup. Some discussion re MH's Mom between MH and his father----don't know what, and bastard DH still surviving somehow.

Sheri Great Drama, JUST thumps up to the cast and crew... all who made this fascinating drama..I hope for a happy ending..though I would love it was more than 16 episodes..I'd like to see more.. THanks and look forwarding to seeing more of this genre.

silver i am counting sheeps, reverse can go on you tube n watch the preview of ep 15... why i feel like dat min joo is probably CHOI GWANG MIN'S daughter...someone slapped SY, she face looks hurt in the preview, wish i could know what they were saying in korean...who is writer, i will watch any drama written by her/him...dats how much i liked this one...

sunshine I bet Se Yeon actually pushed Ji Hee into the car and was probably responsible for Min-Hyuk's mother's death. She seems like a psychopath to me--quite obsessed with Min-Hyuk. Also, I think, San is probably still

sparkle Very emotional..... Makes me wanna love. I cried n cried. Thumbs up to d writers. Love u

Kay @irellor, I like that---a far flung area. Where could that be? Is it a happy place?

zhia_aala I hope that Gwang Soo (Choi Woong aka Choi Sun Woong) will go far. He's good. His plain cold heart impression really good. Wish him all the BEST!!

irellor Do-Hoon will go to jail ; Se-Yeon will be in psychiatric ward for depression mh and yj will leave and go to far flung area and will start a new life.. but still hoping for a feel good ending since the start is so sad and tear my heart apart i love this drama i love kbs world

Kay HOW IS THIS DRAMA TO BE RESOLVED IN 2 EPISODES: DH goes to jail, MH's father dies or recovers, We find out what DH's mother is up to, we find out what happened to baby San, we find out who fathered Min Jo, what happened to MH's mother, the fate of MH, YJ, SY and whatever else I'm missing. Come on, this drama needs more time!

polaris i also hope they both have good ending, get ready for the last 2 ep...hehehehehe

Treasure I hope it ends so out to see the end......@ Ella nd @Kay it will end well i guess.

sister I can't waiting two lat episode I'm so great for all the dreams

Kay Waiting for these last 2 episodes is driving me nuts----and I know I have a lot of company out there in Kdrama land. I am desperate for a happy ending. Everybody, let's put our collective good vibes together so that this happens!

ella Really love this drama.i'm addicted with secret love..cant wait to see the final episode..and i think YJ's son (San) is still alive...mybe An Do Hun mom's hiding something about San..

tiffy Guys I am gonna miss this couple so badly :’( They have so much chemistry.:) I think the unimaginable ending would be that MH gives up everything for YJ. Man, wouldn’t i love that unimaginable ending. I really hope they don’t go all “SHARK” and “BAD GUY” on us. But hey, everyone has some form of Withering heights thing going on! (A revenge that started because of love via, a love that started because of revenge) MH: He loved JH and so he wanted to do revenge on YJ but ended up loving her. YJ: Loved DH but he hurted her so she wanted to do revenge on him and in the process fell inlove with MH. SY: Loves MH but he does not love her so she did revenge on him. DH: Well he loves himself and didn’t want MH to get him busted as he was getting too close to the truth/secret of that accident and so plotted revenge on him or…he loves SY and so did revenge on MH and YJ to make her happy. *Shrugs* Well idk but we all know what happened at the end of that book so who will really be the person to actually fulfill the story? Lets just hope it is not any one of the main leads (MH and YJ) P.S: So who do you guys think? :/

Carol Best drama in 2013!

Aderf Sssshhhhhh SECRET! Great actors and actresses ... And all of the people behind this drama congratualation.....

Syuen I love this drama, at first I wanted to stop watching the show because it was so sad and depressing and I hate melodramas. But this drama changed my opinion on melodramas. I'm so very glad I stayed on and continue to watch it. I'm seriously in love with this extremely addictive drama, man!

silver ok then,lets bet...YJ won't go to report DH as she cares for MH n his business... don't you remember she got down on her knees in front of that segwang guy for MH...

Kay Two sweet scenes in ep. 14. MH and YJ sitting on the oversized park bench, and the scene where he puts his head in her lap. He seems so shy like he doesn't have any experience with women yet that is the contrary. At the end of this episode, YJ is standing on the court steps. I'll bet she calls DH's bluff and goes ahead to report him.

ELIANA congratulations, beautiful story, great performance,all good

Sima thanks a lot ....... all crew of "secret" secret is one of the best drama in 2013. It's full of great scenes and actors and actress doing their work excellent. thanks a lot

ggdr waoooh! can a drama be this perfect?! it's one of the best dramas that i've ever watched.i really count the hour when i watch it because i don't want it to finish since i can't wait a whole week for the next one!! anyway,looking forward to the ending,hope it'll be a happy one!

jully The title is Tears stole the hearth by Ailee

anon Tears Stole the Heart by Ailee.

Secret OST Part 5

elle @con ma ri the song is called tears stole the heart by Ailee.

jay tears stole the heart

Con Ma Ri Does anyone here knows the title of the ost? That one with a lyrics "i believe that i love you"

Helen Waiting anxiously for episode 12 to the last. Pl hurry up! TSS.

Samananda What a nice drama i don't ever watch this kind of drama before ji sung was so cute and handsome his character is also smart i love it i hope to watch this drama until the final episodes thanks for producing, writing and directing well thank you so much (songmal khamshamnida)

JangKeunSuk--SoJiSub--KimSooHyun Secret Love is Definitely The Best Korean Drama of 2013...I Am Speechless...A Good Writting, a Good Directing and a Very, Very God Acting...Ji Sung is The Reason I Started Watching "Secret Love", but I don't regret that I started to see this exceptional show.I look forward to seeing the end. I hope to be a happy one :)

Irene Very good acting, very good writing, the only problem is just two episodes are left! My favorite drama is Family's honor and this is the only drama which gives me the same feeling, well done and thank you for entertaining me well!

willowthewhip good writting,good casting, good directing,good acting just very,very, very good.Thanks to all who has worked so hard and did their best.Thank-You

willow jones-heger omg loveing it.what a life good deed goes unpunished.AN dohon let yoo jung take the fall for him,he is selfish takes after his mother,who denied her grandson,I hope that Sun comes back and that Minhywk saved bad is this guy An dog killing Yoo jung father,turning his back on his son and wanting the woman who gave so much for his sucess to just go away so he can trade up.I watch "tale of two sisters",and I can not stand it when bad self serving people get away w/so much,but guess what in real life it seem they do,and they never get it when thing do not work out for them that it because of there own bad works.

Kdramalover Omg the best drama so far i am in love with the main leads they have great chemistry. Also love the song that ailee and navi sings

Sheri I Love this Drama, just everything is perfect...I really enjoy watching this drama very touching and fascinating, I dont know korean so I have to read English subtitles but still I never lose the chance of enjoying the drama...I would like to say thank you to all who made this director, writer, actors and just everyone and also I need to say sound track ( OST ) is SO lovely. at the end I'd like to add Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are GREAT in this drama. love you all and thanks.

Margaretha For me the best drama in 2013.

Sandra Given that I'm 19 year old, I should be watching Heirs. I can't believe I'm ditching Heirs for Secret... lol

This show is just too good and the story is gripping, I find myself waiting for this drama every week.

Kay @irellor, yes that did suck but not completely tragic. Off the top of my head--Goddess of Fire, Jang Ok Jung, Fashion King, and Shark didn't end nicely. I hope Secret doesn't join this group, but the main characters are ill fated. Bad things happened in the rain in this show, so rain could play a role in the demise of MH and YJ.

Dneth Let's finish this drama with 20% rating. It's a great drama with amazing plot and awesome acting.

irellor @kay how about the ending for secret garden? it is ok even the parent does not approve with ha ji won , what you think?

Doramafan At first, I wasn't attracted to this drama. The plot was not appealing and, in fact, in the beggining (first two/three episodes) the dorama really pissed and annoyed me terribly. By then, I was sure that my impression was right. Nevetherless, with the progression of the drama, and specially due to Ji Sung's and Hwang Jung Eun's TERRIFIC AND really AMAZING performance, it revealed a really great drama. It really must be watched!!! It's, one of the best ones of the last years! Really worth watching!!!! It is quite short for a drama so intense and full of different cases developing... and above all, it is definettly short for a so wonderfull drama!!!! FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC, AMAZING, WONDERFULL...ASTONISHINGLY AND PLEASANTLY SURPRISING! REALLY GOOD!

Kay This will be one of those dramas that will not end happily, I'm afraid. There are just too many obstacles in the way for MH and YJ. Remember Autumn in My Heart, ie.?

Tap @silver I agree with you that good script is very important...I was so disappointed with heirs..

silver i want to see the end but don't want it to end...ep 14...i liked it when gangster noona poured water on DH, his creepy smile, MH n YJ's back hug n being together,gwang min's loyalty,how MH played of jaeha,gwangsoo n gangster of more secrets why i feel like minjoo is gwang min's daughter,she cares for him...can't wait to see next ep... some gal said this on other sites discussion that MH might die in the end. i wanted to smack her very badly,if only i had known who is that stupid...i don't know how they are going to wrap everything in just two episodes, its really unfair...MH n YJ's love story just started and we won't get to watch more of looks like YJ gonna drop the case on DH to help MH... SY that gal i hope she ends up living lonely life...MH YJ i will be rooting for your well being in the end... SOMETIMES JUST GOOD LOOKING ACTORS IN DEMAND AREN'T ENOUGH TO MAKE GOOD DRAMA...GOOD SCRIPT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT...ANYONE WHO DOESN'T AGREE SHOULD TAKE A LOOK AT HEIRS....

irellor i hurts to see a man with tears ... esp Jo Min-Hyuk huhuhu i just hope nothing bad will happen to Kang Yoo-Jun , she has suffered a lot, please nice ending please please

jan indeed a great korean tv drama. characters were all created meticulously. love them and the actors are simply admirable. story has been conceptualized in a vivid way.there were little flaws in the script but i don't really mind them. only hope that the end justifies the means in this story.. they have to show the good winning over evil otherwise there won't be any justification.

Kay Something very telling in the promise that YJ made to MH about not leaving him unless he asked her to go. The ending to the Wuthering Heights book, him telling her not to die before him. This is not good stuff here, folks. There is very little time left for all of this to turn around for the good.

ingrid i just love all the 4 character in this drama... they all are great actors..and act their character so well.... and i see the article/pictute about Ji Sung,Jung Eum & Da hee even sleep at the drama set bcoz of they work so hard ... ..and suddenly i've become more curious about Shin Se Yeon...what she will do ... she's become so evil and even dont care if the act will ruin her status or long as she get min hyeok.. i even cry when Se Yeon confess to Min Hyeok... its sad when someone u love and want to love not feel the same way like u do... and for the next ep what Yoo Jung will do too... Do hoon already threaten her about min hyeok...omg omg omg...i need to prepare to move on since its only left 2 more episode...and prepare for the case cannot accept d ending...hahahhah..

Diana loves drama OMG, i totally love this drama! Ji sung is one of my favorite actors and now Jung Eum is my fav actress. This Drama is amazing and i can't wait to find out what happens in the end! And omg when the bodyguard was going to hit ji sung (Min hyuk) on his birthday, i almost died laughing

Kay Too much of a coincidence that the crying child in the restaurant had a moon and stars sewn on his shirt similar to the ones on San's baby blanket. That's gotta be her kid! Can't figure out where this drama is going because there are too many possibilities. Who could not think that this show is a mega hit?

mari loves oppa one of the best drama in the world.i just want to watch it all the time.with best wishes for all of people working in this drama specially ji sung oppa.fighting.

Judz One of the best!! I love Min-Hyuk (Ji Sung) and Yoo-Jung's (Hwang Jung-Eun) characters and superb acting. Lee Da-Hee , Soo-Bin and the great bodyguard Choi-Woon are equally talented actors also. I commend all those who made this drama possible. I always watch several times all the episodes and still loving it.The story is great and not dragging at all.Drama series should be like this.Its short but so beautiful .You can't miss a single episode.Every episode make your heart stop for seconds :)..Too excited to watch fthe last episode next I think the writer is a SHINHWA fan.Thanks for pitching in the name of my favorite legendary Kpop group : )

maritza machuca Sitting at the edge of my seat suffer waiting for next episode

Treasure @Kay i'm actually laughing....hahaha...i dnt fink it's possible abt MH and IJ...but there is something about d paterinity of MJ that is secret..anyways great drama

Cara OH WHAT CAN I SAY? THIS IS SUCH A GREAT DRAMA. It's not boring like other series. Starting from Ep 1, up to now, it's just so GOOD. It always leaves the viewer wanting for more-- as in the secrets to be revealed. Omg. I super love it! Daebak~

BA BA BA Excellent drama. One of the best I've ever seen. The four main characters are superb. The story is fantastic and keeps you guessing. Highly recommended.

JARED ... I am happy I accidentally watched this drama and it's the first 2 episodes and a replay. I didn't know that it was aired that wed and thur coz I don't want to watch "Lookin Forward to Romance"I thought this is a long drama. It's good that they have a replay every sun.. And I am hooked again to another K drama. I love it so much. My niece told me to watch "The Heirs" but no "Secret Love" is such a good drama I can't get enough of it. Watching it again and again even the you tube videos.. I Love Ji Sung.. I pray that his marriage to Lee Boyoung will last forever.. Very nice couple..

Tap After watching episode 13 I just thought that this drama should be a happy ending for Min-Hyuk and Yoo-Jung because they were wronged so much by the people around them. Justice has to be paid by Min-Hyuk's father, Do-Hoon and Se-Yeon. Min-Hyuk and Yoo-Jung suffered and sacrificed so much because of those people and I think it has to stop.

Good Day to everyone!

Apo Please, link the name of the writers of this wonderful drama !!!

Kay I have a completely off the wall something that just popped into my head----and do think it is in the realm of possibility. First, IJ's daughter, MJ, is not the daughter of Han ll. That seemed apparent episodes ago. MH and IJ seem to have an interesting relationship. Can't put my finger on it but it is possible that the daughter is by their former one or two night stand relationship. Don't laugh, lots of teenage boys hook up with cougars. If not this, then whose daughter is she? Anyway, only 3 more episodes to go and I can't see all of this tidying up with that amount of time remaining.

Kay Please, some feedback, what does the title of this drama refer to?

Faith84 @Karen, the first is "A Tale of Two Sisters" of KBS too. My favorite drama as if the moment. I love the everything about it.:)

nobu_hachi @karen... the 1st one based on overall rating per day, it's kind of soap opera if i'm not mistaken,however between drama slot time 9.55pm wed-thur , secret get highest rating compare than Heirs & Medical top team that share same slot time.

love Ji Sung Oppa omg episode 13... i'm shivering when I see Min Hyuk hug Yoo Jung from the back....dont know why i think it's so sexy and ero ... i wish will see them hugs & kiss more ...pleaseee... the chemistry between Ji Sung & Jung Eum so sexyyy .. i love them to the max... wanna cry when thinking that only 3 more episode for this dramaa.....aaaarrggghhh... I still cant get enuff of ji sung& jung eum couple ..................i love this drama, the story.. i love the actor ji sung,jung eum,soo bin & da hee..they are great...n love the Ji Sung & Jung Eum couple too... arrghhhh...cant get out of my love love...

Nora Shari Best k-drama ever after Heartstrings! I accidently bumped into this drama when searching for Marry Him If You Dare on KBS World at my country. Started out as something I need to finidh watching just to see the end, but after the part yujeong released from jail, the plots becomes interesting & interesting by each episode. Now I just cant wait for the next week to watch its continuation. A must watch for all.. I would vote this drama on top of MHIYD. Love the storyline & the actors & actresses. Good job guys!

Alice Theories theories theories / ? "Unimaginable Endings"

1- Again - MH was the one who hit JH without knowing it 2- San is still kicking and alive 3- DH did not actually do anything to JY's father - it was DH's mother who chased him away from the house 4- Or maybe, in the end, JY managed to get DH to feel terribly guilty and DH may in the end do something right to save JY / San.

Just my thoughts. Sigh. I thought too much about this drama more than my liking. I will need a break from K-Drama after this one.

What do you guys think?

karen if they are second according to the ranking, then what drama is the first?

tiffy This drama is DAEBAK! I love it soo much!!!! the kiss scnene in ep 12 is too cute for words!!!! I hear that the producer says it’s gonna have an unimaginable ending. *Sighs* i hope nothing happens to both main characters. I hope they end up together, i hope YJ does not go back to DH, i hope MH does not go to SY(not likely actually, but hey, he said unimaginable so i have no choice but to think along that line! Psh!) WHAT IF…IT HAPPENS THAT…ONE HAS TO KILL THE OTHER OR MAYBE ALL ALONG IT WAS MH WHO KILLED JH WITHOUT NOTICING AND ENDS UP GOING TO PRIOSN? *SIGHS* YIKES, I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!! ITS LEAVING ME IN SUSPENSE!! Why did he have to say that? With all due respects i believe we have a voice that should be heard becuz without us, the views would be really low (if that’s even logical) so therefore they should give it a happy ending for both us who suffered severe sleepless nights thinking about this addictive drama :’( and the characters who suffered alot of pain throughout this drama. I think they…no…WE! should be able to smile at the end of all these struggles. The least we could get is a happy ending. C’MON, its really hard for us viewers. Man, i hate melodramas because it leaves me sighing or crying but then again i love them anyway. I really hopes it turns out well. I don’t really care about the other characters (SY and DH). HONESTLY, they could end up in a swamp 4 all i care . I hope when he says unimaginable ending, he is thinking along the line of: MH and YJ getting married and having kids!!!! or migrating together or taking over the company together.But then again, those are all imaginable stuff…but i still hope he meant ‘good/positive’ unimaginable ending. DAMN, i so hope the producer reads this! PS: Do you guys think that YJ had strong feelings for MH when he kissed her? Or she was just being obedient since he told her to do what he say(But she was crying so…) :/

Kay Better to start off so so, and end up a winner than the opposite. Lately there have been too many lousy endings. The whole package is there---writer, director, actors, so there is no reason to expect anything but a standout drama!

Hayachul WoW from NR to being 2nd & 3rd in ratings this shows that its a good drama I guess I should start watching it

Jj Does anyone agree with me that this tv show should be called "tears" cause I swear to god that girl cries every episode more than Brooke cries in The Bold And The Beautiful

halo One of the best korean dramas i've watched I'm excited and curious on what will happen after Ep 12

Alice I would like to share one of my hypotheses, would it quite a twist if it was actually MH who accidentally hit JH when he was driving to the cafe after receiving the blank call from JH from the cafe? Then it will be really shocking to all the characters especially MH.

James Kurage, great points. The other suspect of course is Jisung's father, who could have manipulated all the evidence afterwards. It wouldn't be surprising if the blood that ended up on the car was actually on the barrel which could have been hit at the same time as Jisung's girlfriend by the real perp. Can't wait to find out.

kurage A lot of people were saying about a twist where SY is the one who killed that girl. However, I do believe DH is the one who did it since there was blood on their car. But still, the question regarding the barrel that was supposed to be there but disappeared is still unanswered.

Leap I was right aboutt his drama. Even as it was just being promoted, I knew it had a good plot. We were all bery fortunate that the writers did not alter anything because initial ratings were not that good. Now everyone is waiting how everything will fall into place. Congratulations to KBS for another memorable show :)

samaneh OMG..I love this of the best Korean dramas EVER.. At first i thought heirs whould be the best but after seeing this drama i found out this is much more better..I loveMin Hyuk..He is amazing.. And guys...Wasn't episode 12 best episode ever?! What a KISS...

yumi sung sad story but content so good ...

omg crazy for this drama. what will happen in episode 13? otoke!!! i think YJ does have growing feelings for MH, it's just that she's torn by the thought that she's not supposed to fall in love with him for many reasons. but that's how she thinks. i think she's wonderful and worthy of his love and that goes for MH as well. i like him very much. especially his straightforwardness. and caring side :)

Cathy Omg.... I loooove this drama. I'm so addicted that I keep on repeating the last 5episodes. This is much better than HEIRS..

Tap @B Yah I can hear your voice is also a good drama and it gives me the same feeling when I watch the drama Big and Gentlemans Dignity because it is so romantic. The reason I chose Secret Love over I Can Hear Your Voice is because whenever I watch the SL I get the same feeling I felt when watching Innocent Man, but no offense I think ICHYV is also a good drama.

B @Tap-Have you seen 'I hear your voice' before voted this one up for 2013? Please Don't get me wrong. I do like 'secret' but can't compare to IHYV, well it's only my opinion though ;-)

Tap Fot the past 10 year I've been watching K-drama I think this are my favorite and I think the best medium- length drama of ever year.

2004- Lover's in Paris 2005- Sassy Girl Chunyang 2006- Princess Hours 2007- Coffee Prince 2008- Il Ji-Mae 2009- Brilliant Legacy 2010- Secret Garden 2011- Lie To Me 2012- The Innocent Man 2013- SECRET LOVE

Love Lots!

Tap If this drama is no good, why is it that everyone is flipping their heads to conclude what will happen?

The story line is beyond amazing! I hope this gets the number 1 spot for the TV rating!

And like what I said this is the medium-length drama of the year! it deserves many awards!

I hope that Ji-sung and Hwang Jung Eum win the Best Actor, Best Actress and Couple Award!

keisyark_gal Im addicted to this drama..while the heirs is good also but 'secret' captivates me...n im not even a fan of the go 'secret'!!!!

Super Junior I like Heris more than this drama .... !!! My opinion ^.^

Dneth Will this drama able to surpass 20% rating? I wish they can do it since it s such a great drama. M really anticipate for the next ep.

TheDirector As the "director", this is probably the ultimate twist: 1. MH father doesn't approve of MH and JH (Ji Hui) so made a deal with SY to get rid of the girl 2. SY killed the girl as part of the deal in a make do road accident but so happened, DH n JY was driving by and hit the barrel instead 3. Instead of DH getting the brunt, JY went instead 4. SY made arrangements to accidentally meet DH as persecutor (when she was so called drunk) to get hold of him as scapegoat n her "yes man" 5. MH made a deal with DH to make sure JY gets to correctional facility (where MH has control) but AH was more evil as he didn't want JY to get a parole at all. DH played on MH game to make JY "hate" MH thinking that MH is the one that was manipulating everything 6. DH baby was taken out n killed so that DH has no more connection with JY because DH wants to move up the class to get closer to SY 7. MH has a back up plan that if JY doesn't get to correctional facility, he bought the judges to give her parole instead. Which is why, he asked his assistant, whether love (if love wins, JY remains in correctional facility instead of prison since if DH grant parole, MH original plan remains which is to send her to correctional) will win or money (if money wins, JY gets parole since DH would not grant parole n JY remains in prison so for MH his back up plan is important which is to give JY parole so that MH can torture her as a freed person within his locus of control) 8. SY knew how important DH is to be the scapegoat if she is ever found out so she purposely got closer to him to start her manipulation on him. 9. SY also recommended DH to MH father instead of the other Hyung prosecutor as the strategy is to keep your enemies closer. 10. What SY didn't expect was how JY could come into the picture and now MH is in love with JY 11. SY thought she could use her pet boy DH to get her bidding down to separate both of them but it didn't happen 12. Instead DH is more troubled due to JY closeness to MH despite MH losing key positions in the company

The final showdown: 1. The father has to be back for the final show down as the main culprit behind JH death 2. SY has to push DH out in the open to take the blame 3. Ultimately, MH and SY will both lose their minds as SY lose MH love, MH hates his own father 4. The father will die of heart attack due to the son hating him 5. The father assistant who has been eyeing the company but pretended as if he isn't, will rise up to betray MH n the father 6. JY will use her love to bring MH back n MH will get rid of all those scumbags

Regarding the kiss scene: 1. MH loves JY 2. JY has no more feelings for DH 3. JY resist the kiss because she is unsure of her feeling for MH (JY has a bit of feeling for MH because of the hospital receipt n how MH was not the culprit behind her later sufferings- shown in Ep 10) 4. JY decided to embrace the kiss later on with tears on her eyes because she was having flashbacks of the difficulties that MH has put her through

What to expect in Ep 13: 1. JY will push MH away reminding him of the status difference and how he has treated her 2. JY will run in crying, MH will try to chase after her. 3. Doors closed, MH banging. JY will cry behind the doors 4. MH goes off (might wait a bit), JY regretting pushing him away 5. MH will be very nice to her next day but JY doesn't turn up. He looks for her, found her n embraced her 6. Both of them will really hug this time, but no more kisses for now 7. JY will lean on MH as comfort n after that, JY will remember the differences again n just told MH she will do her part and until then, she is not able to love him back 8. MH will get angry but he will treat her nice after that 9. SY will have her showdown against JY n MH. DH will send a present to MH through SY given powers 10. SY will continue to use DH but she won't allow DH to kiss her so that DH gets deeper 11. While DH tries to do the corporate shit, the father walks in after his trip

End Ep 13

Ep 14: 1. Secrets start to reveal.

As the "director" the rest will ensue after Ep 13

Love Yaaaaaayyy the ratings are soaring ,next episode be number 1, and high five to you Kay Love to all the fans of secret

Risa Soyeon is still so much inlove with MH. She tried everything in the book to draw his attention and yet, MH's stll can't foregt Juhui and especially the baby that died too. That alone a man can't forget and hard to forgive. The twist of this storyline, Soyeon was the one who killed Juhui because of her jealousy as you can see in several episodes, she's still obsessed with MH and you can see that when now MH is involved with YJ, Soyeon's jealousy knows no bound by putting YJ down everywhere. We all know she's just torn all over because she's seeing what's happenening between MH and YJ and she's not liking that at all. She even involves DH to make MH jealous I mean, she's trying everything to get this man for herself by acting mean and jealous. So unlady like and I'm sure this is making MH pulling away from her in the worst ways. Soyeon thinks she has class, well, her actions not classy at all. Therefore, the idiot DH thought he hit Juhui that night, My folks, Juhui was already hit by Soyeon and left her for dead and unfortunately on that fateful night between DH and YJ, they only hit the barrell not Juhui. All that happend YJ was unnecessary but, it was all made for good entertainment. One woman's inhuman actions caused one woman's tragic life and one man's biggest betrayal of the woman who loved him dearly, and now the woman's became strong and was saved by the one man who ended up loving her to death. Such a good storyline line I think. Oh well, it may not go this way but, I hope the story ended well we the audience deserve a better ending than the beginning. Okay producers, writers and directors, give us a good one...fighting......

Anoka This show is so good every episode is addicting and wanting for more mainly becos of the interactions between the 2 leads. The hate love between them is so amazing becos it builds emotions to the point of no control on my part. I just love this show. I love that it's exciting and lots of good feelings coming out after each episode. The actors are brilliant and the writings excellent. I can really feel the emotions of the actors I mean, it really goes to the core of your being and you feel for the girl who lost so much and she went through hell becos she made the wrong decision thinking, her boyfriend was with her through out her misery and yet, it was not the deal. She got the end of the stick and too bad, her boyfriend betrayed her to no end. The scene that really got to me of her pain was when she went to the party and her big scar was exposed and her lawyer x-boyfriend just stood there and laugh at her. He showed no love or caring just kept on laugh. He felt nothing for her by not coming to her aid and cover her up. MH had to do that and that was so manly of him. I love that about MH. Showed how much he cared about YJ. Anyways, I hope this show get extended because there is so much more to this story that needs to be exposed. Of how the baby disappeared without a trace, and how DH will be exposed of his crimes.

But this is how I really feel of what really happened .  I think Soyeon Killed MH's girlfriend and left her for dead.  And before DH and YJ got there, they only hit the barrel but too bad DH saw the injury girl, did not stop to help becos he thought he hit her instead.  WEll, that is the twist I think.  The reason soyeon killed Jihui was because of her jealousy.    aLL that betrayal on Yj's part stemmed from the fact DH was so ambitious he forgot to do the right thing and for all that, he betrayed the one person who truly loved him/ YJ.  Hope this show has a beautiful ending like You are the Best.

Me 100% agree with you Kay. I can feel it too.

Kay Three scenes in ep. 12 were particularly well done. 1. Where YJ is banging her head against the wall and MH calms her down while he's holding on to her.. 2. In the restaurant, after hours, when YJ asked MH to sample some sauces. That almost kiss scene was moving. 3. In the car outside her house where MH passionately kissed YJ while she was still in the seat belt, and afterwards when he gets on his knees and kisses her. Brilliant dialogue, brilliant directing, brilliant acting. High five!!!

ntbean Love this drama so muchh  ;)♥

cikhanmy every episodes makes me wants more...hope for good ending

aigoo secret is much better than the heir

Dneth Such a great drama. It is a real melodrama. M addict to it.

Kay SY made a comment in ep. 12 that makes me suspious that she was the hit and run driver of MH's girlfriend. She said she thought she could have MH if the girlfriend was out of the way (the scene where she threw the wine glass against the mirror). Another little twist to this story? Watch out YJ. SY has her sights on you.

floppygoon super love with MH and YJ's relationships!! <3 I WANT MORE EPISODESSSSS

Love I totally agree she is not in love with mh yet ,I think he will have to wait and waiting with him,this drama is perfection ,love love love love it

Kay Talk about an explosive ending to ep. 12! MAMMA MIA!!! I don't know when I've seen a drama that has it all as does this one. I'm glad there are only 4 remaining episodes because waiting from one week to the next is killing me. Now, I look forward to DH's downfall.

:) Hey, um, just wanted to pop by and say something seeing as this is the only website I could find with people talking about the drama. I've watched episode 12 and the ending kiss...

Does anyone think Yoojung actually likes Minhyuk? Because the first time she was forced, and then when Minhyuk did it the second time and she didn't resist, but there was no passion/emotion from her and she even cried and yes some may say she is crying because of DoHoon and whatever but I felt it was because Minhyuk had just forcibly kissed her and she was crying because Minhyuk wouldn't let her leave so all she could do was just let him kiss her.

What do you guys think? Personally I think she still has feelings for Dohoon although she also hates him because of what he did to her father. But I don't think she has gotten over Dohoon yet, and I don't think she has moved onto Minhyeok either. Recently has has been nice to her and they be friends now, but all I see is growing love from Minhyeok and not-so-much-love from Yoojung. It actually reminds me of the supposed OTP from Cruel City although I felt Paksa never truly loved SM because he still loved KM.

If someone could give me their two cents on this, it would be very good. Of course I ship Yoojung-Minhyuk all the way, but right now 12 episodes in and only 4 to go, the love is a bit one-sided. Still the kiss ending in ep 12 was miles better than the kiss from Heirs ep 8 which felt unnatural.


Love JiSung poor se-yeon... she loved min hyeok so much...but too much ego... if she be more gentle..min hyeok will fal for her... she dont know how to attract min hyeok...she use Do Hoon to attract min hyeok..that's really bad... min hyeok hate do hoon so is good girl in min hyeok eyes... and he even warn jae-ha (his stupid arrogant friend) to even go near with Se-yeon...but I love Ji Sung & Jung Eum couple... and the kiss sceneis so hot...... love it to the Max... wish more of kiss scene between them..eventhough only left 4 more episode...cryinggg....i just tot if i was Se-yeon... i kiss Ji Sung first ... ahahhaha... at least got a chance to kiss him..hahahaha

ingrid last..the kiss scene... i'm cry in happiness....pls pls pls be a happy ending..i want to see Min Hyuk & Yoo Jung holding hand walking at each other...and Kiss....wahhhhh Ji Sung Oppa & Jung Eum kiss scene..... hot....wahhhhhh... love love love...lots of love... another waiting ..for the next episode 13....i'm dying again.... aaaaaaa..

kurage @yyaaa, I think you've also posted this on The Heir's page, but once again I have to say that Secret is KBS's, not MBC's lol. And also, I think a lot of places use AGB Nielson for rating source.

Caroline Love this drama ... can not wait until next week ;):o:|

acid From ep 1,Ji Sung oppa already steal my eyes and heart. I really hope there will be a happy ending between Minhyeok and Yoo Jeong, and Ahn Doon will root in jail for rest in his life... And for comparison with Min Ho's new drama, its too cliche that a richboy fall for a poor yet strong girl.. So, my vote will be given to Secret. Ji Sung oppa Fighting!! Xoxo from Jakarta

yyaaa difference rating range of MBC & SBS make me have a conclusion that TnMs was SBS partner & AGB was MBC partner.... you can mirrored that by see of heir-secret rating drama. What happened in korean rating company... really which is real one

yezan I LOVE THIS DRAMA I WILL GIVE 100% but a little bit complicated on epsode 11 @ admin if I want to vote where can I

Cathy I loooove this drama. Omg...I can't wait for Ep 12... I loooove Ji Sung!

Tap I have mixed emotions after watching episode 11, i think i need to take a shower to relax myself. it was heavy, romantic, sad, funny(at times), and suspense to watch. I'm excited for the next episode.

YukiNashreen Omoooo !!! I love this drama I just disvovered it last week so I was really left behind. Can someone help me to find a good website where I.can watch tjos :))) Please ;))))

Dolores Where do you guys watch this drama ?? I missed ep 6 on KBS I wanna rematch it , the struggles ㅜㅡㅜ

Me The story keep going pretty well. Never disappoint me. DH go to hell!!!

aikur Love, love, loooovvveee this drama. Week to week this have me on an emotional roller coaster and it never disappoints. I am soooo happy with episode 11 as I soooooo wanted to slap DH face... You go YJ!!!! I really hope this ends on a good note, that is no one else dying and DH and SY getting what they deserve. So writers don't mess this up. I maybe ok if SY gets a pass, I understand why she's like this. Poor thing doesn't realize that MH likes pure, honest and selfless girls. DH on the other hand, raises my blood pressure on another level, both him and his momma. He NEEDS to pay for ALL the sins he has committed against YJ and MH. Can't wait for episode 12.

Kay I think SY has too much history with MH and is still in love with him. She is just using DH to get MH's attention and to drop his interest in YJ. At some point she will take MH's side and drop DH like a hot potato.(Probably after she learns what the rat b-----d did.) Sixteen episodes are enough if the writer and director do this drama properly. Besides, how can us viewers take this nail biting suspense much longer? Let's move those actors on so we can see them in say-----a COMEDY. Ji Sung was hysterical in Protect the Boss.

marie-elise kiss !! kiss !! kiss !! pls kiss ... love ji sung & jung eum couple...hope can see both of u as a couple again ....... cant wait episode 12... kiss kiss kisss.....pls kiss.... this drama only 16 episode... and i think its not enuff...i want to see ji sung & jung eum happy at the end... but considering this is a melodrama, emmmm.... T.T .. hope they can be in romantic comedy kind of drama...i like to see ji sung & jung eum as a couple again....

toumi just saw the ep its amazing i hope MH & YJ will take revenge cos both DH & SY wants to destroy them this drama should take the best ratings

Anonymous It is the 31st today, episode 11 should be RELEASED ALREADY! Hate the waiting game.

Taraneh I really like this drama, I've seen it up to 7th episode, still it's one of the best. Hope they don't screw it in last 2 episodes :D

silver i just finished ep 10...i want to see more of this drama, they should extend it just like master's sun... the moment where MH confessed, he worries about YJ, moment of embarrassment for him, that look on his face was really priceless...character of MH is really well played by JISUNG...can't wait to see SY and DH get smacked...that guy gwangsoo, he is really cute...

Liana So sweet I could cry

Kay @silver, it's a one time usage machine, I got it cheap----sorry. Good luck with your studies!

ara lee This is my fav melodrama 2013..I always excited what gonna happen for next episode..

KDRAMALOVER omg this drama is the best i cant wait for episode 11

Hana According to the plot its kinda sounds like the innocent man......

silver lend me that time machine of will be really helpful to students like me

irellor i love this drama, i just remember the love and hate of other k drama boys over flower, even junpyo makes jandi terrible things, he is still there and eventually love her.... So swwweeet.

Kay @silver, I was only given one opportunity to use the time machine. I can't go forward episode by episode. You'll just have to wait till I find out how this thing ends. I have to take vacation first so hold tight.

zamzarina this drama absolutely DAEBAK!!! i give my 100% vote for this drama.. it has amazing actors, nice storyline, full of thriller.. i'm so boring about the story that we can predict the ending, but this drama.. WOW! u will find the truth till the end.. my applause for the director, story maker, dialogue, and actors! GOOD JOB!

moniChenChong Interesting story, best actor & actress especially Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum. Excellent. Looking forward for happy ending between this couple.

silver hey kay, you better keep your word...not about changing end but to let us know what will happen in next ep.... shark was nice drama but i didn't like swords and flower... so i hope there will be nice happy ending of this one...

Bekah I love this drama!!! The acting is amazing.

Ania this drama is so good, i want to see the serie in one day i can't wait another week . the actor is splendid the actress is so gifted i can feel the sadness , pain and hapiness between the characters .this is just so amazig !

Kay I am gonna time machine myself to the ending of this drama. I'll let you all know what happens! However, if I don't like the ending, I'll rewrite it so you won't be disappointed. Stay tuned!

Morning Mist i always like this type of drama and at last someone made it !!! FIGHTING..

cikhanmy Ep 6: MY - Don't die without my permission ... ^_^

cikhanmy This drama amazing.... could not wait for new episode every week ... I likes Ji Sung expression especially his eyes... hate and love relationship between MinHyuk and Yoo Jung...awesome... sorry Do Hoon .. you are very bad for what happened to Yoo Jung's father..

Tap Wow ! what can I say ? this is my second time to leave a comment and still I find this drama amazing... Episode 9 and 10 were a vindication to Yoo-jung ! When she said "Lies... oppa you don't know how to lie..." I was like jumping up and down because I felt vindicated and I really like seeing Do-Hoon's nervous face.

So many epic scenes like when Min-Hyuk said Yoo-Jung in episode 9 " I'm going crazy worrying about you, so stay near me" that line really suprised I even fell on the floor from chair.

Another epic scene is when Min-Hyuk told Se-Yeon (the witch) in episode 10

"You couldn't have done that ( board of directors going against MH lead by the witch), I told you. Don't stay close to Do-Hoon. Us, WE ARE NOT EVEN FRIENDS ANYMORE .. PLS LEAVE" I was like yes he did it."

Now we have to wait for episode 11 and 12. I feel like this drama deserves to be number 1 in viewers rating than family dramas which are very cliche.

najou I loved the story and the acting of the heroes i hope that the way that the events are developing will be suspecious and more suspence will be amazing good luck

kaush I like this drama. Bae soo bin is so handsome and great acting.he is my favourite korean him.

yezan so far so good I like it, it is look like true not acting I love jo min hyuk his acting is showing real not fake

Kfeeva DEABAK!!! The feels, OMG the feels. Like seriously, sometimes I wish I was the head of a broadcasting station so I can watch this earlier, soo many things can happen in a week.

silver i have few que....did jihui really get hit by dohun? whats with gwangsu? is he working for MH's dad? JH saw him n tried to run away, why? SAN isn't dead maybe DH' s mom gave him up for adoption or is it MH? m eager to watch, practically dying? its hard to wait.. 2 ep each week.... sigh......

tot After drama Brain, this is the drama with excellent acting skill whereby their eyes can express the story. Good story line and not long winded. Bravo to all actors n actresses even An Ji Hyun and baby for being able to deliver the story or characters/roles perfectly. Not to forget the director n crews. Congrat to Ji Sung n Soo Bin wedding. I wish your marriages last forever. And for Jung Eum hope to see you settle down soon. For Da hee, you are pretty. Good actors will still be love by fans although they are no more single.

wilma I agree with Kay. The acting of these 4 main actors are good, so good that one can feel their love, pain, fear, sadness and hate. For me this is one of the best drama for this year.

irellor even though Jo Min-Hyuk character wants Kang Yoo-Jung to suffer he still the savior for Yoo-Jung, its so sweet even the scene is not a happy one excited to watch next episodes...

Kay No way an individual could withstand the verbal, physical and mental abuse YJ is taking without being carted off to the booby hatch (mental hospital). Two men are pushing this girl from pillar to post. At this point in the series (after ep. 10), things will start turning around, this girl will come to her senses, and things will begin to go her way. San will make his appearance soon and DH will run out of luck. The big question is, what episode is the big kiss between YJ and MH? I'm visualizing the ending-----YJ, and MH, walking along the beach each holding baby San's hand---too far fetched?

Hae Nul wowwwwwwwwwwwww.... CRY IN HAPPINESS....YOU GO GIRL, Yoo Jung! Let's kick Doo Hoon's a**!!!!! and Min Hyuk oppa...pls pls pls be OK ... i dont want something bad happen..pls be happy with Yoo Jung... Ji sung oppa & Jung Eum...Soo Bin & Da guyss rockk..ths drama rock...

lacus clyne yaaa... i hope for happy ending too .. Yoo Jung deserve to be happy ... dammn do hoon ..... Min Hyuk oppa please give Yoo Jung happinesss..... pls pls pls ..let them happy .......just let them happy .... but this drama is greatttt ..... daebakkk

hana alice OMG !!! episode 10 DAEBAKKK ... finally ..yess yesss yesss... cant wait to see episode 11 next weekk..aargghhhh..i'm dying .... Go Go Min Hyuk & Yoo Jung.....

Ally And yeah, I absolutely love it where this story is going. Some great passionate romance will start soon :D Can't wait for tonight episode :D

Ally I don't think that it will have an ending like "Shark". I think it's gonna have good ending,I'm having that feeling, you know :D

Bobby Love it! Great story line. Watched 1st episode when 8 had just finished stayed up all night to catch up. I am also addicted. No American tv like kdrama. Entire cast great looking. I only hope the ending is a good one. I watched Shark and that didn't end well. It took me a few days to recover before I could watch another drama .LOL0. JI SUNG IS BEAUTIFUL.

nunung I don't have a word to describe how lovely this drama.I hope this drama happy ending with ji sung and jung eum will be a happy couple.

rachel i love this drama!! all the cast are great. and the story line is perfect

Sarah I'm addicted with this drama already... Good jod production team and all cast.. What a good melodrama ever.. Thumbs up!!!

Jinet I wasn't planning in watching this drama but I gave it a shot and I don't regret it one bit!!! This melodrama is amazing! I've seen up to today's episode 9 and I want more. There's a good balance in the cast and the plot is fast flowing which is good because it doesn't lag. The main leads are awesome!

I find myself crying along with YooJung when she cries or in a trance when i look into MinHyuk's intense eyes. Best drama!!! Deabak!!!

tiffy This drama is my current addiction! A must watch! OMG I love the story, it's toooo amazing and min hyuk is soooo attractive and funny and yoo jung acts very well. This is the best drama of the year. Min hyuk please don't die in the end, infact it's a melodrama afterall. One thing i hate about melodrama is that i always feel a sense of fear that maybe someone's gonna die. They are soo unpredictable sometimes. Most times the probability of death is soooo high. *Sighs* Just don't die. Anyway, who aggrees that this drama is amazing? :) <3 Min hyuk oppa fighting!

Leap Story is so addicting! For the first two episodes, it would seem that minhyeok is all bad but when one looks at the story is dohun, he is self-righteous but never did he extend any help towards yugeong...after everything she has done for him...minyeok is honest ...honest to who he is which is an immature spoiled brat.

I like the way story is and does not drag the suspense...welll , i have onky watched until episode 6 :) i look forward to the rest of the story. Another great drama from KBS...

lovey_dovey yeahh...pls extend the expisode.. i want & hope to see more lovey dovey scene between Ji Sung & Jung Eum .. they look so great as a couple...

hanna i cant sleep bcoz of this stress me out when thinkin need to wait to see 2 episodes every week .....& that 2 episodes every week is not enough.... and it's hurt and i'm worry so much thinkin what will happen to Min Hyuk... T.T ... this is crazyyy....

pungky Why dont they extend this drama Wau..this is the best melodrama It plays with your heart And the actor actrees act so well Love this

meriem i really like this drama esp ji sung it's the drama of the year

JuneJ Ji Sung is good in everything, but he is exceptional in Secret. I find the story addictive and mesmerizing. Look forward to next episode.

madison87 This drama awesome & addictive..must watch..

nana hachi Ji sung oppa...jung eum unnie...Fightingggg!!!.. cant wait to see both of you love each other...they look so great as a couple...this drama awesome.. ji sung oppa congrats on ur marriage with lee bo young..she is so beautiful... all the best ji sung oppa.... jung eum unnie... all are great actors...I love u ji sung oppa.. fightinggg...pls do more drama & films...cant get enuff to see are so funny..eventhough in this kind of melodrama..secret.. u able to bring the smile with ur kind of face expression when min hyuk with you jung...min hyuk start flirting with yoo jung with his face expression..n eyes..I love dis man.... ♡♡♡ <3 <3 <3

sparta_ACE me and my friends keep on talking what will happen next after watch this drama every weeks... we keep on thinking..what we think will happen next... keep on thinking what will happen to min hyuk...what happen to yoo can they fallin in love...what happen to doo hoon...what will yoo jung react if min hyuk knows who is the real culprit... i think we are crazy bcoz of this drama....

gundamExia i love this drama so muchhhhhh.... cant wait for the next episode...i keep saying omg..omg..omg...omg when watch this drama... cannot sit well .. i'm glad i watch this drama without any TV Advertisement like always... if not... i can imagine that i will throw my pillow when the TV Ads interrupt... hahahhahaha.. so addictive...cant stand that need to wait to watch 2 episode every week...i'm suffering.... aaahhhhh

silver SECRET LOVE is written by choi ho chul and yoo bora and and director is LEE EUNG BOK his works you may know some really cool drama's as, SCHOOL 2013 actor LEE JUNG SUK, DREAM HIGH 2 etc....

silver SECRET LOVE is written by choi ho chul and yoo bora and and director is you may know some really cool drama's as, SCHOOL 2013 actor LEE JUNG SUK, DREAM HIGH 2 etc....

Leo This show is really interesting and drew me in! It always surprises me, i dont knw what will happen next! Jo min hyuk (ji sung) is rly good at acting! He's so funny and cute inside this show!! Hwang jung eum is one of the best actress ive seen! I cry everytime she cries! Episode 9 faster come out!!

silver pliz someone tell me what happened in ep 7, i missed some part, pliz tell in details....thank you

suju4life Beautiful and heartbreaking! Never a dull moment. I am sure it when it's finished it will be on my top 5 favorite dramas list.... Maybe even becoming first!

Roopa Love this drama!

0netwiji I really love this drama... Cant wait for the next episode.... <3 <3

anney this drama is good! i'm totally waiting for next episodes and previews....i dnt like waiting tho...

Deysa This drama is well written ,the plot full of twists and turns,Amazing.The chemistry and evolution of the characters: brilliant.It's the k drama I look forward the most from all the ones I'm watching.

KBR Secret Love is THE melodrama of 2013

        • UNPREDICTABLE****

evangelion may i know who is the scriptwriter? so far the story was great. conflict, tension, chemistry, acting, cast, everything is really good. i hope this drama have a good ending and leave a great impression for the viewer.

for the director, scriptwriter, staff, cast, sponsor thank you

silver can anyone tell what happened in ep 7 in bad luck... i missed some part

Samy12 Besides Master's sun I think Secret is the Drama of the yearr <3 just love itt worth watching

DramaLover Last time Dae Hee acting with Lee Bo Young. Now she acting with Bo Young's husband..

lily-rose i love this drama so much...Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum are great actor....cant wait to see next episode...

yuri athrun wowwwww...this drama awesome... cant wait to watch next episode... cant believe i'll watch this drama without fast forward ...cant waittttttt to see what happen next... Min Hyuk already start to like yoo jung but not aware about it...cant yoo jung can like min hyuk ... coz right now..she only know that min hyuk is the bad person....and she didnt know the truth about her Ex ... dammmnn... they are very great actors... i like ji sung...jung eum...soo bin & da hee..they really good... ... congrats to Ji Sung & Wife(lee bo young) & Soo Bin oppa on their marriage....

raina rania yeahhh...cant wait to see Episode 9...OMG..this drama totally get me addicted after master's sun .... really curious about it.... is thatt Min Hyuk already know about the truth ...kang yoo jung truth...what he will do even he know it...what he can do... what will yoo jung react.... & se yeon seems very angry and frustrated towards min hyuk ...omg...what will happen to you Min Hyuk .... omg omg omg.. i'm worried.......huhuuhuh

megan I really curious about episode 9

Kay Lawyer Do Hoon. Important to see this from the beginning because it sets everything up. He is now an ex boyfriend.

Niniaulani Who is Kang Yoo Jung's boyfriend?

Kay Pardon my sarcasm---YJ and MH HAVE to hook up eventually-----the plastic surgery on her body is going to cost a fortune and he's got the money to get it done. As soon as SY finds out what a complete and utter b-----d DH is, she's gonna kick him to the curb with her pointy 6" heels! And, if there is any justice shown in this drama, DH, aka b-----d, will get thrown in the slammer, not because I think he killed MH's girlfriend, because I think she was already dead, but because he has, and will do other illegal things. BTW, it's also possible DH is masterminding a plan to bring down the whole rotten, conglomerate bunch, to atone for his own guilty sins. Thereafter, he will continue to live with his parents and their bickering for the rest of his life!

silver about YJ she is too naive...guys do you know korean's say this to too naive person, YOU ARE GANDHI, MATT GANDHI....(they can't pronounce the word MAHATMA dats y its MATT) it means YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND....i believe IN every woman, there is power to sacrifice herself for the person she loves and cares, she can tolerate but there is also limit, she can also explode... if things becomes hard for YJ if she come to know the betrayal of DH, i think she will explode... i can already see that MH is obsessed with YJ... he is trying to hurt her coz he thinks she killed his gf so she is tolerating him... but DH knows everything still he betrayed her...she won't forgive him , will eventually go to MH... I HOPE THIS DRAMA HAVE HAPPY ENDING... THIS IS FIRST DRAMA OF JISUNG AFTER HIS MARRIAGE TO LEE BO YOUNG....

Victoria This drama is soooooo good!! I cannot wait to see what happens and what surprises and secrets that will be revealed.

silver i couldn't see because my eyes became blurry coz i was crying... MH is so selfish, if he really loved his girlfriend then he shouldn't have left her in the first place.... about DH he is more selfish and coward than MH... DH betraed YJ, he was trying to save his skin, i can let this slide but what about san? he didn't do enough for his own son... i feel sorry for YJ.... great drama.... my think tank is spinning coz i am also thinking same as MH, does TRUE LOVE EXIST ?

Mars It kinda reminds me of the story of Song Joongki's "Innocent Man", a martyr love taking the blame for the their partners and ended up being betrayed... This one however, is more tragic because besides losing her family (father and son), i know there'll be more in store for her as long as Minhyeok doesn't find out the truth. On another note, I think San is not really dead. I have a feeling that Minhyeok has something to do with San's disappearance and that Hyejin didn't really hurt him (as it maybe just makeup and San was allergic to it-- esp since Hyejin is a pro at it). Well, i don't really know, I guess I'm just being too idealistic here. LOL. San is sooo cute, i don't want him dead. :)

Kay Goin' out on a limb here----I don't think San is dead. The writer would feel way too guilty if she didn't throw this bone to YJ before the drama ends. That would be the ultimate gift to a woman who, though part of her own doing, goes through hell and high water. Still haven't figured out how the "death" was done since Do Hoon and family, cell ate, and MK seem to be suspect.

Ann G Ok I have to agree OMG how much or many times do this chick want to be dumped on . I mean ur kid dead , ur dad dead, u went to prison for something u didn't do and ur ex no comment there. I feel as if the story Line is making no since for it to be on the 9th episode and it is only 16 episodes. How much more this chick is going to take before she stands up and say that's enought or get some clue about the ex or just give me something rather than watching this chick get dumped on. Give her a backbone and stop making her so pathetic. This drama cld have been so much better. It caught my attention at the beginning and now I am like why is she doing this it's getting very hard to watch her been so tragic.

Kay EP. 7--Ya know, this is just starting to become ridiculous. Some unbelievable things going on here like MK ending up shirtless at YJ's. MK calling YJ during a company meeting. YJ finding her cellmate in crowded Seoul, this bag lady going to MK's house. Finally, is there anyone in this world more tolerant, and forgiving than this YJ character--Gandhi or Mandela, ie.? No one watching this can disagree!

sepideh kamsamnida kbs for ur all great dramas,i cant wait for next episode

herie They all got a different angle of understanding the meaning love :) Cool and attracted me. Vote vote for this drama hee..

Nara All over i like this drama, some scene FILLING was like 2-weeks on other backround. But really, this storyline made some deep thought in my head.. Thank.. really mover

Kay Watching "Protect the Boss" helps me to forget that Ji Sung is such a diabolical character in "Secret." Also, the comedy of the one helps to dissipate the gloom and doom of the other. Both dramas good in their own way.

thea what a great drama.. just can't wait what happen later. Great plot!! I LIKE IT!! everybody should watch this!!

ylmaz Two thumbs for this!

Jo Min Hyuk and Kang Yoo-Jung <3

Tap It's actually my first time to watch a drama starred by Hwang Jung-Eum, and I was pretty impressed with her performance as an actress. I'm actually surprised on how she delivers the role because I always thought of Shim Min-A, Han Hyo-Jo, Park Shin-Hye, Yoon Eun-Hye, Park Min-Young, Moon Chae-Won and Moon Geun-Young as the new generation of best actresses of korea, and now I could add Hwang Jung-Eun to that list.

Ji Sung also suprised me for taking this role because I didn't like most of his roles. I believe that this was the best role he had in his career as an actor and I might have to include him to one of my favorite actors in kdrama. I would also have to say that he delivered really well as well as his co-lead actress (hwang jung-eum), and he has the ability to be very christian grey romantic by just looking at Yoo-Jung, considering his physique because side from his masculine handsome vibe I didn't know that he had that great body which is a total wohoo.. where did that come from?

Well the drama itself is heavy and exciting, the scenes are getting better and better. KBS had Innocent Man for 2012 and I think this drama is the innocent man of 2013, for it has same elements of surprise but is very mysterious and interesting. I really like the vide that even if there are still no romantic scene from episode 1-6 between Min-Hyuk and Yoo-Jung I could feel that tension by a mere look between them, and knowing that Min hyuk is denying that feeling because of his hatred towards Yoo-jung. I think the hatred which pulled him to obsess to Yoo-Jung's sufferings will soon pull him to feel love for Yoo-jung. Now I have to seat and wait for Episode 7 and 8, I hope its great.

Two Thumbs up for this Drama

lisao12 I am really enjoying this show. All the characters are interesting. I cant wait to see MH falling for YJ. The part I'm looking forward to is when DJ's mother finds out YJ wasn't the one driving. But from what we already know DH's mother used YJ for everything she could. Knowing she would never allow her to marry her son. I feel as if she also had something to do with her grandson's death (falsified adoption paperwork). Or at least I'm hoping he is still alive. She looks like a greedy person. But one thing I'm wondering is who is behind the hurting of YJ's son in prison. I don't want to believe MH is that determined that he would hurt a child. Its killing me to wait every week for the new episodes.

Eva Great drama, I luv to watch one to one minute of this story :D I can't wait to next episode!!!!

kim_siwon Love this drama so much!

ahninnwe i like this drama . Thank you

vivi @thang thanks for sum it up, i also feel the same about this interesting drama

thang Isn't it interesting to watch how MH has lived the past 4 years so obsessed with exacting revenge without realising that the act itself is giving him some meaning in life... albeit its wrong intention? See how his "radar" goes up whenever she is near? He becomes restless when he doesn't know her whereabouts. I look forward to watching him fall in love with the beautiful woman in YJ. Actually his empathy is already building up from Ep 6. He took her to Po Yang; ran into the morgue with her and even went to the funeral parlour. And, he didn't leave her to die at the shop - he took her to the hospital. And yes, he was thinking aloud - at the end of Ep 6 - "don't die"... if she did, he would have lost his "meaning" in life!

Both stars are great actors. The grieving process for the loss of YJ's son and father are well done. Thanks for the good entertainment. It is really a wonderful reprieve from my daily work with troubled people. Keeps me superbly sane! :)

pmydoha I love the drama .interesting for me to awaits the next ep.just wanna see how Bae soo Bin save her Girlfriend after saving his crime by hitting Ji Sung Girlfriend..Bea soo Bin ur sush a bad guys for cannot stand up urself for the crime you've made.

marieruu what's with the ratings? D; the drama is actually pree goood!!!

mai love this drama!!!! <3

seloua i am waitting ...its so nice

Quinn I love this film

Saidz I like this drama

Kay Hey JS, time for you to take a Hawaiian vacation so you can tan up your white self. Or is this ghostly look supposed to make you look more eerie and sinister? Oooooooo, you scare me!

Ringa The soundtrack is Navi - 불치병 (feat. 이루펀트-키비)

Mimitta I really like this drama , it's so great yoo junh fighting !! min hyuk keep

isolde skylar Totally in love...this drama is good and mystery..a lot of question..omg..cant wait to see it every week..ji sung oppa n hwang jung eum..awesome act...daebakkkkk...

athrun Love it to the sad..dark..however beautiful...omg..I'm addicted

asuka juliet Awesome drama..good storyline..great cast...I cant wait for the next episode (ep 7)...this drama is addictive..its seem a sad drama..however its beautiful ... full of emotion..bringing out a lot of curiousity...cant to see it every week.....

ayel i want to know soundtrack for this drama. it really good, really match with the drama....anyone know??

ella Awesome drama!! can't wait for the next episodes.

Kay Po Hang is about 170 miles from Seoul. DJ drove Woo Chul far from Seoul, left him and figured the dementia and brain problem would finish him off. However, the blackened toes and hands could signify electrical shock. Hmmmm? And, on a lighter note, I think the writer felt YJ needed a rest after all she's been through so they decided on a hospital visit for her!

sonia Okay this show is setting the bar too high....awesome plot and the acting is damn good it gets better and better with each passing episode it's definitely my favorite and i start to feel the connection between Min hyuk and yoon jeong i'm already rooting for these two <3

Rawan Omg this is such an amazing drama I'm crying out loud after I watched episode 5&6 I love hwang jung eum the way she act is so real!!!

angela yony yee THIS drama ep 1-3 was soo dam boring lol .but from ep 4 onwards,it become more interesting. btw this drama was airing against heirs and medical top team,but still can ranked 1.FINALLY SBS WILL NOT OCCUPIED THE TIME SLOT SINCE I HEAR YOUR VOICE AND THE MASTER SUN .IT KBS TURN NOW WOOT

Marta Well it's true this drama is called Secret for no reason; everyone has secrets and I'm filled with so many questions that I need answers too. For example, why was MH girlfriend running away from his right hand man (is he secretly working for his dad?), evidence was gone from the accident (was she already dead?), the grandma looked suspicious (is the baby alive?), did MH stepmom even had a child? And what's with JY father dying, was he really killed by DH? All I can say is that this drama is crazy and I can't wait for the story to unfold!!! I'm in love.

Vette This show gets better and better by the second. Great plot; everything about this series is great. I can already see the connection between MH and YJ.

@Kay. You are not alone in that assumption. I also feel as if MH's girlfriend was already dead before the two got to her.

Never with how much love YJ has for DH; she should have never went to prison for him. And on top of that, his mother doesn't even like her and tries to get DH to go with someone else and he does it anyway without even telling his mother 'NO;' even in the very first episode. She not only messed up her life, but also lost her child and father behind it.

Why do I have the feeling DH killed YJ's father?

Vette This show gets better and better by the second. Great plot; everything about this series is great. l can already see the connection between MH and YJ.

@Kay. You're are not alone in that assumption. I also feel like MH's girlfriend was already dead before the two got to her.

Never with how much love in the world YJ has for DH; she should not have went to prison for him. And on top of that; his mother tried to get rid of her in the very first episode. She not only messed up her life, but also lost her child and father behind it.

Why do I have the feeling that DH killed YJ's father?

Vette This show becomes more amazing by the second. The plot is great; everything about this series is great. I can already see the connection between MH and YJ.

@Kay. You are not alone in that assumption. I also feel like MH's girlfriend was already dead before the two got to her.

Never with how much love in the world, YJ should not have went to prison for him; on top of that the mother tried to get rid of her in the very first episode. Why mess up her life when she's innocent and also lost her child behind it.

Why do I have the feeling that DH killed YJ's father?

vivi i love how love, friendship, pity and hate show in this drama, all of that have a line that we can't understand easily and confused us because how complicated people actually are. i feel like i understand their situation rational, and this show already told me not to just judge people by what we see or what we hear from others. the story speak itself, and i have no clue how the story will, great job!!

Ally I'm just gonna say this: There's thin line between love and hate. :D

Kay The revenge on the part of MH towards YJ will end in love. You know, the fine line between love and hate? It's just a matter of which episode reveals this. Do Hoon is a slime bucket for having YH take the fall in the first place. And why do I have this feeling that the girl was dead even before Do Hoon discovered her? Like maybe MH's father had something to do with her death. Just saying.

Angeles Why does it have to be only 16 episode. I hope it would be 20 at least. I think mh is not hating or torturing her because he think she is the one kille his girlfriend since he does show that much affection towards his girlfriend until she dies. The thing that makes mh wants to get back at her is because he does not want her to be happy

Rashaaax3 Am I the only one who feels that this show is kinda similar to "Temptation of an Angel"?

irellor i've watched the first episode yesterday (from philipines) so sad becasue the girl (Kang Yoo-Jung ) always cry. i/m sure it is worth watching, want to know what will happen to this girl

Ally @nana What are you talking about? I think you're mistaken.This show is awesome, it's just that you don't understand the plot and sense behind every scene. Go back to your tipes of drama :)

Ally This show is getting better and better. I can only say this: BRAVO! Bravo for actors, plot, director, writer. This is my 1 drama in top 5 this year. This drama hit the highlight this year of all dramas. I can't wait for the next episodes to come out. :))))) :D :)

Ally This show is getting better and better. I can only say this: BRAVO! Bravo for actors, plot, director, writer. This is my 1 drama in top 5 this year. This drama hit the highlight this year of all dramas. I can't wait for the next episodes to come out. :))))) :D

Kay Don't you have a suspicion that Ji Sung has taken the baby because he wants her to suffer for his loss of child? And don't you feel that in the end he will get together with Jung Eum? Pretty interesting drama.

Yen It's very good!

summer52 This is the drama to watch. Really interesting plot and the acting is great!

Haylee It's getting better and better! At the minute I seriously couldn't care less about what will happen between Yoo-Jung and Min-Hyuk. I am more concerned about if Yoo-Jung will find her beautiful baby boy again. Episode four was heartbreaking. I knew that friend was bad news just the way she looked at the baby. Min-Hyuk definitely set it up especially after the perpetrator was sent to a better place =.=

I must admit I am kind of curious how MH and YJ will come to meet very often and how he'll come to love her. SO MANY QUESTIONS :D

Vette This show is worth the time to watch! I love it!

Margaretha I like this drama. Really interesting

Yui I cannot tell you enough how this drama became dark so quickly... I have seen many dramas but this shattered my heart. I am so heartbroken for yoojung ;-; The people don't even try to understand her story it's so frustrating :(( I wish I didn't watch this, only because it's unbearably sad for my taste. But I'm curious as to how it will end so I will keep watching. I love the plot so far just so sad T_____T then again it could change, only 4 episodes out

nana hi no DO NOT WATCH IT is hell and does not make will keep on asking yourself 'am i insane or the author who wrote it is a retart?' seriously i regret watching something that only heart my i have a heart that broke to 100+ pieces :  :::T?T:::::

Mary @Daisy yes this is soooo good. go watch it. NOW!!!

Daisy Can someone tell me if its worth watching? i see that the previews are good.

Maya O M G. It has my favourite leads. Holy....Ji sung is like scary and violent (so opposite PTB!). I love the less actress, so gorgeous and just PERFECT. Lol, the plot has me hooked and the whole notion of him falling in love with the culprit will is interesting as his aggressive behaviour to her in the preview AND epsiodes says otherwise. It'll be quite a long journey and filled with agony but BRING IT. The lead actress kicks ass. The male needs some kicking.

I'm lol"ing at the idea if Lee Bo Young was the "lover" .. I'm sure we'd be seeing a bit more than just aggression from Ji Sung to the culprit XD!

Can't wait for tomorrow !!!!

sarah @J , its "Don't hesitate" k-drama.

anney this is so good...i just finished episode 2

Simone I think the drama you're talking about is called "Done Hesitate"

J the plot line sounds like an older drama where a girl sacrifices a kidney for a boyfriend only to get betrayed... does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does anyone know the title of it?

This drama seems really interesting!

Ally I just wathched the first episode and I can say that it is awesome drama.Sooo goooooood actros,plot and romance are written all over it. :D

maria Whatever drama Jisung is at... IM GONNA BE WATCHING! heheh.

Ten This drama sounds like it'll be awesome. Can't wait to watch it. :D

maaa seems like a tragic ending to me..

fateme really really interesting plot ! looking forward to it ....

elle Damn! look at the trailer! sooo good.. the way he shokes her at first and they're both going down while the second male lead is going up step by step and holding a glass of wine But ji sung hugs her in the end while her eyes are tearing... The story is fine, it just has to be well delivered and directed. I am realy looking forward to watching it.

Michelle First i want to see this series because ji sung i know he his great actor but have gorguess bae soo bin i think is the best korean actor in evil and good character based i definity going to see it i cant wait

izabel Sounds much better than the other movie, "secret love" with Kara. I look forward.

0708julia_jj Lol @ the drama title "secret love", it's same title with kbs drama special (with KARA as female lead and director kim kyungtae) will air in september this year, and it's very coincidence that bae soo-bin will be male lead. XD

tobli Episodes???????How many ??I hope the answer

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