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  • Name: Hwang Jung-Eum
  • Hangul: 황정음
  • Birthdate: January 25, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 167cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Twitter: @JungEum
  • me2day: @hje8412


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Brad A very good actress, well schooled, talented. Have liked every part she has played since Golden Time. I search for Drama's that she is in. Kill Me, Heal Me is no exception, well done. I look forward to you're work in the future. I would love to see her in a movie or show in America. People here would love it.

Cyril Happy Birthday unni! You are one of the persons that I look up to because you're so hardworking and you always give 100% effort with what you are doing. I've watched almost all of your dramas and movies and I must say that you nailed each and every character! May this year continuously bring happiness and success to you!..Hwaiting <3

naomi I never recognized her until i watched Kill Me Heal Me. She played in many popular drama but sadly i didn't know her :( I started being her fan since watched Kill Me Heal Me! ahhh Oh Ri Jin fighting~^^

Ida Unnie, you are so pretty. I Like your acting -> Kill Me Heal Me, wow DAEBAk.. Regard from Indonesia

sungyoung guys she came with ji sung in secret love and now she is coming with him in kill me heal me! wow daebak! chincha bashane!!!

sera i love her screaming scan....make me goosebum.

Vicki Hwang Jung Eum is an phenomenal actress. I have begun to love her since the dramas" Can you hear my heart ", " Giant", " Secret love" " Full house take 2 " She is very versatile, playing different roles from melodrama to comedy genre. I think she is the best Korean actress. She is such a treasure ! I would love to see more of her work.

Flory_girl When I saw Secret Love korean drama, I’m interested of the story. But it even aroused my interest of how lead roles acted. Since Ji Sung appeared many times in Korean movies I’ve known him already opposite with Whang Jung Eum which I first saw her in Secret love. I love how she acts and paired with Ji Sung that makes me even more impressed and later became an avid fan of her. Both of them, Ji Sung and WJE made a very perfect chemistry together which makes me feel crazy in love upon watching them that I've never seen from any other actors and actresses in korea, not even with their real life partners (no-offense). The Secret love is a very good korean drama packaged with actors and actresses suitable to their roles from which people love it and wants to repeat watching all over. But for me, I'd rather demand PART 2 for secret love since the end of the story aroused my curiosity as to extent. It doesn't draw the whole ending, so I assume that there will be PART 2 or if it’s impossible then another dramatic movie tandem for Ji Sung and WJE. To be honest I pretty admired Korean film Industry coz apart that actresses are cute; the stories are really different and unique. And this singer turned actress, Whang Jung Eum is one of a kind. Since then I watched all her movies. Even though she receives many critiques and bashes with her personal qualities including her attitude, acting, hair, etc. For me, that what makes her a unique person as a unique actress that she can be very versatile of almost everything....She can do comedy, silly, horror, drama and mature roles. She is indeed a talented and promising actress. She can even be a model and a sought after endorser. Her beauty and charm is so alluring and natural. I feel what she said during one of her interviews, that she wasn't given a very much break after so many hard works and fortitude. I can feel her, being an actress is not an easy job, we may find them good and smiling in front of the camera but we don't know how they truly feel inside in real life situations, because again, they are just humans vulnerable to err. When she was awarded as one of the KBS best actress, im truly happy for her because she truly deserves to be given a break and to be given a chance to show off herself. I think she has proven herself as an actress. In her interview ,I like what she said to be truly called an actress you must work hard and earned for it and she doesn't even call herself an actress but she said that she's almost there... Whang Jung Eum your an actress and you have proven yourself a lot..You truly deserved what you have right now because you earnestly earned it...and that's the essence of what an actress is all about..I prayed for more blessings to come on your way, a blooming and successful career!

lots of love, an avid fan all the way from Philippines :)

jun i admire you especially from secret but im noy satisfied on that ending can you tell me the reason why? hope thar you can reply me i will.wait for your respond pls.? i'm. ffrom the philippines. . here my fb joseph.cunan i will wait to your reply... tnx

luzviminda tatel i started appreciating youre acting during the secret love era..and i really liked the way you performed there!i love you for that.keep up the good work and more movies and tv series to come!

Faye My favorite korean actress! She showed methan more than her pretty looks, she can act any genre! :) I'm currently watching endless love and I can say that you really give justice to your role! Unni Hwaiting <3

nenet I just knew the cast recently. I admire all of them but I really like ji sung and jungeum. They have a perfect chemistry. It is aired very late in the Philippines but i stay awake just to watch it. Hope they will have a follow-up drama series.

gurung Anand hwang jung eun, you are one of the best actress in south korea, i watch your drama can you hear my heart, i really injoy this drama your amazing, i still watcing this drama not yet finish, keep it up

Trudy I have to say you are an absolutely amazing actress in Secret. I love that show. The part when you sliced that piece of cake and you ate it with tears coming out it made me cry too. All l have to say is you are awesome!!!

Angel I looooove you in the movie "secret"

Mo She is an amazing actress. Very talented. I loved her in Secret. I hope she gets a chance to do more dramas and movies.

melissa I started liking her in GIANTS I've watched almost all except A pig like woman...still waiting and searching...what i love in a series must be best on the last Episode...She knows what her followers like..I wish you more movies and series..Good health req.:Hope there's a 2nd part of Incarnation of money...Thank a lot...

Shi min june you are really beautiful and talented, the most beautiful korean woman i see in a korean drama(for me),You did a great job in secret really! I hope that you will film a drama with Song Seung Hun you'll make a great couple, i sense chemistry between you 2 lol, or another drama with Jisung!!! that we'll be awesome.Anyway God bless you!

Love from Canada

Carmentancontian@ymail.com Unique story. Everybody is good.congratulation .

Carmen I like this tv drama ,excellent acting. Am a big fan. I never missed every episode.very unique story. I like all the cast. But the most challenging role is the leading actress. She really deserves the award as best actress.congratulation.

zinmarsoe Jung eum I like Secret drama You are amazing actress. I love your action.

Louise Congratulations for your multiple award winning at KBS Award 2013. You deserve it, girl!

cecil congratulation! these drama series deserve a grand slam award. full of lessons and the acting performance of all the actors and actress are excellent all the cast, production crew, detector; I salute you guys....

teresa I am not fond of watching any tv series but got interested in the story of Secret Love. You and your co-actors and actresses were great. Thanks for the entertainment!

gloria manuel i first seen you in drama, giant, then in incarnation of money,and the least is this sooooo,romantic drama,secret,you act, very natural in every scene,,you are one of the great actresses in this new generation..take care..amazing actress,you are the one!!!

haleemee her face seems to have a lot of burden in real life...there is a story behind that face...

Louise Very talented, pretty, and sexy actress. So successful and famous too.

Faye You really are beautiful and talented i enjoyed watching you act with Ji. you guys look good together and what a show. I just hope the show went to 20 episodes instead of 16 it was too short. Should have covered what happened to San and make sure DH and his mother get prosecuted for their crime. Also, your scar should have been addressed too like, you should have had plastic surgery and make MH pay for it since he's rich and he loves YJ to death. Those were the issues that should have been dealt with before the end which was too rushed.

Syuen I really admire her acting skills! I love her in secret love! Stay pretty and healthy!

Marry Ann i really like your role in 'secret' i keep on watching many times..hope to see u again in drama with Ji Sung!God bless you!

ALYasameen Dear JH .... You are soooo damn tilented & gifted ..can't express the feelings that comes out while watching you In Secret love ...so addictive & touching ...you are really going deeper that you make me cry every episode ... Onnie please take care .. Love you & fighting !!!

Paul excellent actress and so beautiful...<3 i'm a huge fan, please take care of yourself and stay healthy , FIGHTING!!!

Sheri She's doing Great in Secret Love...her acting is VERY touching & impressive and sincere.

rohani this drama was awesome!! she did the very best..

Castiel She is amazing in Secret Love, I'm not a kind of person that cries watching dramas, but in this almost every episode I try card not to shed tears. Amazing talent one of the best actresses I've seen. I will check out her other dramas :) Fighting!!

hyunsang omgee!!! i have seen you in can you hear my heart but when i saw u in seeya's mv (shoes) i didnt know that you were the pretty one in there!!! you are soo PRETIFUL!

kim_siwon She is so beautiful. !

Misa89 She currently acting soooooo good in Secret Love. Always make me cry every episodes.

flower she is very lovely, humour.I wish she will always be a lovely,happy girl and a good actress. Looking foward her role in new drama.

Ferdy I simply love her and her acting.... One of the most beautiful faces in the Korean silver screen. A fine actress, I love her in Giant, very natural acting...

p.pan I miss you Hwang Jung Eum You are so beautiful..I love everything about you .I like you in you role in Giant ,Can you hear my heart Full House and Incarnation of money.I'm waiting to see more your movies.and new drama.. ..(A pig like women n ..............)

diamondrain I like her in her role in Giant ,Can you hear my heart and Incarnation of money She is beautiful too even some of her hairstyles looks a litte bit of crazy I will never agree that she is crazy I have to say that you have no rights to say that to her to the one who comment that She have a good voice

ato love everything about her..

niellyn her acting is good but...

i really wish I could mute her whenever she is talking. her voice makes it unbearable to listen. and it's a pity to have such nice roles with that voice. also she badly needs a new hairstylist. she has the uglier hair i've ever seen... and i was actually somehow relieved to see her in longer hair at the beginning of incarnation of money but then they went off and cut them again.. yikes

panpit I love her in drama Giant and Incarnation of Money!!!! your acting is superb in both drama. and you are very pretty. I like watch you at high kick 2 , can you hear my heart...and Full House Take 2 ,Golden Time.keep it going!!!! hwang jung eum..


panpit I love her in drama Giant and Incarnation of Money!!!! your acting is superb in both drama. You are very pretty. I like watch you at high kick 2 and can you hear my heart...I like wacth her movies. Her guesture really interesting. I'm waiting to see more her movies... ..(A pig like women) I pray for you success in both of your career and love life..

Letty She needs a capable hairstylist because her hair makes her look bad though she is quite pretty.

Lo202 Great acting skills, but she is ugly, mostly due to the stupid hairstyles they give her!!

And her real personality leaves much to be desired, just check out her past variety shows and her interviews where she constantly shows her bad side. Her jealousy towards ex-Sugar member Ayumi is no joke, always complaining how Ayumi gets all the attention.

alex she AWESOME!!! i lover her acting skills! i gotta see and watch of her films and appearances!!!

Bro She's a funny actress. First saw her on High Kick. I actually hope she and Yoon Shi Yoon acts as leads in a drama or movie someday because I liked their possible pairing on High Kick. They weren't exactly a couple but in the High Kick series you never know who ends up with who. They were a possibility and I liked their scenes together

aisyah Love her in drama Giant and Incarnation of Money!!!! your acting is superb in both drama. I pray for you success in both of your career and love life....

SuperGirlInLove I love her so much.. My favorite Quest in Running Man, Actress in Full House & Incarnation of Money...And Model of Course... Such a lovely Lady... :D <3

aznative Loved her in everything I've seen her in.

embau She is former member of Sugar. But she so beautiful

Just fans the best Korean Actress... Your acting in Giant as Lee Mi-Joo so touching... Be passion girl,and very lovely your brother Gang-Mo and Sung-Mo... Hope you are always be the sister of them,even not in Giant... More Success in your life and Carrier... GBU

tncdel The way she speaks with a slight lisp sounds a bit retarded.

emu @Nan phyuzar do you know her personally cuz that would be cool but you dont even know so just shut up

Hwang Prince @Nan phyuzar I hope you know that it's just a drama right? You really think that, that's really her personality in reality? Hwang Jung Eum is an amazing actress, not to mention beautiful. The jokes on you if you can't notice that :)

Nan phyuzar I don't like her.she is self fish and crazy girl.she don't know how someone feel bad.she just know deaf guy.how did You become actress.i think you are some kind of fool.

Pacifica Magalpoc Wow! She's so beautiful... I love her!!!

sisca ong u r very pretty. i like watch u at high kick 2 n can u hear my heart.... keep it going!!!! hwang jung eum..

JANET Her hair looks like a watermelon

Nity I like wacth her movies. Her guesture really interesting. I'm waiting to see more her movies...

Kissie I love this actress. She is my favorite. I can't wait for full house 2 and I want to see her in many more drama's and movies to come :D

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