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  • Name: Yang Jin-Sung
  • Hangul: 양진성
  • Born: June 27, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type: A


  • Hope | So Won (2013) - Policewoman Do-Kyung
  • Wedding Dress | Wedingdeureseu (2010) - So-Ra (adult)

Drama Series


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megumi i did not watch unfortunate boyfriend yet , But I had watch bride of the century as well as city hunter . In that both dramas your acting i s incredible. I hope it will same as your new drama

abigail21 great actress!!! hope she gets more roles...

alex She is completely carrying another show unfortunate boyfriend. She probably best actress or atleast she plays her role flawlessly.

Dimple♥ I lovee her acting! She does her job so perfect! I'm watching her in 'Bride of the Century'. At first I didn't like her much, but a few episodes later, I loved her! Especially, in Bride of the Century her both roles 'Doo Rim' and 'Yi Kyung' surprised me as well. She had to play the 'good-girl' and the 'bad-girl' at the same time. I guess it was pretty hard for her. While I watch this drama, I see, she is really talented! LOVE her! I hope in future she plays in other many dramas in the main role! She is just fabulous. Bride of the Century is a damn good drama! ♥

random1 I loved her dual roles in bride of a century. i like those kinds of dramas where you see actors/actresses play multiple types of characters. i'm watching City Hunter right now and seeing her makes me smile.

opu wow.....you are fabulous actress ... i watched your ' bride of the century' <3

Malu I love her, in Bride of the Century she's the best

DongSaeng Unni SARANGHAE !! i cant wait for your new drama "My Unfortunate Boyfriend" I hope you and No Min Woo become a Real Couple in Real Life ^___^ ! Hwaiting !!

tp I've just got to know you the first time by watching bride of the century. You are very cute & pretty and oyu look quite young too. Best wishes!

TNSC Bride of the Century. You look so lovely

Mia Love her acting in Bride of the Century. Her acting is funny and enjoyable! can't for your new dram with no min woo.!!!

Fatima Secret Love was the first drama I saw you in. The tear wes fallen after Ji hee's death really really broke my heart. I like your innocent face and your short hair :)

@sweetiepamie ow... first time that i saw her in city hunter ,She was so awsome so good in acting !and she was so pretty ,,cute mo talaga ..Im a k-pop lover... more ..More ,,projects tocome saranghae..Unnie im ur #0 fan in the philippines..

al She was really amazing in Bride of the Century .......I really love her ...I wish u all the best .....NA DOO RIM

theemarztakeoo You are one astounding actress. You can act too well, esp in BoTC! You were amazing there. You portrayed the two roles flawlessly! I hope you do more projects and tv shows! You are an actress the whole world must watch out for! You have a lot to offer coz you are truly talented :)

Ella_Warrior She was really amazing her acting in Bride of the Century Was really great. I hope that there will be more Projects for you in the future or very soon i wish.. I'm Very Glad that i've seen your Drama series( Bride of the century)

GodBless :D

Ella_Warrior She was Really Great ... She was So good in her drama series named Bride of the Century... More,more,more Projects To you.. God Bless .. :D

Saroh407 your act in BotC seriuosly amaze! but i kinda wow when seen ur age o.O you're pretty younger than what i've thought haha

Donpreyel Yo! You were all that and a bag of chips in Bride of the Century. I couldnt stop watching from 1-16 in one full day. I was never confused by the two characters. Like, you made it happen to the fullest. My wife and two daughters introduced me to Korean movies and I am glad my first one was Bride of the Century.

Peace and love from,

Your African American Fans,

Lim Swee Hin Two thumbs up for your role in Bride of the Century. Really captivating and amazing.

Lovely I so love your acting,u really are good in what u do,pls keep up d good work......................My NA DOO RIM/JANG YI KYUNG.........

botc I love your acting! You are very beautiful and talented!! The drama botc was awsome and Yang Jin Sung did a really REALLY good job at acting. I hope to see you in more dramas!

Deeme She is such a gem! She was able to make us differentiate Yi Kyung and Doo Rim! She is brilliant! I really really want Bride of the Century to be more famous and more successful! I want to see more big star-studded dramas that include her.

Joannefaith Totally fall in love with you after watching Bride of the Century! Great and fabulous acting!!! Love your bubbly personality and just too beautiful! Can't wait to see more of you in other dramas!

Lou Like what is everybody is saying, you have a superb acting skill. I salute you! You are such a versatile actress.You deserve to be given an award after this botc. You are very beautiful.hope you wont change your looks the way other k-drama actresses did.having undergone cosmetics/plastic surgery procedures make their looks unnatural and kinda ugly.please dont do that.stay as beautiful as you are now.

Lou Like what everybody is saying, you have a superb acting skill.i salute you!such a versatile actress.you deserve to be given an award after this Botc is over.you are very beautiful.hope u wont change your looks as other korean actresses did.having undergone a lot of plastic/cosmetics surgery procedures make their looks unnatural and kinda ugly.dont ever follow them.stay as beautiful as you are.fighting!

shriya kannaujia You are pretty as well as talented! Just love your acting! i'm a huge fan!!

Sharon Awesome acting in BotC! You stole the show from the 1st episode. Hope to see more of you in the future!

ceejay_05 great acting..i hate you when you play Yi Kyung and i love and cried for you when you play Doo Rim..Hope to see you in more drama..

Grace She is a good actress. After watching a few episodes of Bride of the Century, I fell in love with her. She's so talented and acted very naturally. I will look forward to her every drama.

doo rim Nado! I really like her acting it was funny! Esp. When she wore a long wig ha ha ha.. she's like yoon eun hye when it comes to comedy..

mimiya Wow! I just became a big fan after watching Bride of the Century... Great acting- humour, romance, tragedy... and very nice to look at...love it....She has a bright career ahead of her....

Giang I like her acting in Bride of century, it's natural and great. I have hoped to see her for a long time since the day I watched City Hunter. AsianWiki should change her photo.

Giang I like her so much since City Hunter. I had hoped to see her in role character. Luckily, she are now appearing Bride of Century, her acting is very great and natural. AsianWiki should change her photo ^^

Kao I <3 her Bride of the Century!! I love that her acting is not overly cute!! and i love her character that she played in there!!! aw i hope she play more leading roles and more stronger too!!!!!

Chanyeol as awesome.. i hope unnie play more leading role . Fighting! youre so funny in Bride of the century

marilyn your my new idol:)

Jack Versatile actress ! You can portray so many different personalities in Bride of the Century... really fun to watch.

anna such a great actress and very funny

beach Yang Jin Sung You are a very good actress! I hope we get to see you in some more leading roles!!! You are so good in Bride of the Century! Thank you your fan

Husik pusik i love youuuuu, you a so cute , respect

Frenchy98 She's so pretty. i know her cuz of the drama She's Wow. I cried so much when she died and jin young was crying, he was so cute!!!!! Such a sad part when she died. :(

mrm I'm here because of Jinyoung. She's beautiful.. And.. I LOVE JINYOUNG AND JINSUNG ON SHE'S WOW. Their relationship on the drama is so beautiful. Success to make me crying. Whatever about their age distance haha

훈호 She kissed by Jinyoung. Aaa. Jealous T_T

Adnna nwakor She looks great and she has a real talent

flower she looks like han ga in..:) pretty!!!

Nijo Wait, she looks like from T-ara o.0

nero cute, beautiful, lovely voice, best thing about city hunter! would like to see her in more shows please.

ooahrloo I am watching city hunter and i have to say... she is just beautiful! so cute!

@caleb i am speachless over the edge i am breathless i've never tought that i catch this Lovebug again....=))) so beutifull..=))

leeminhomylove She is prettier than Han Ga In. Hope your career goes up. More projects in the future...

Ballsq yess... first time i watch her in city hunter.... i think she's Han Ga In... she's so beautiful... i like her ^_^

leendvd tho i am a woman and saying this about a woman (I am straight), she is far better looking than Park Min Young from City Hunter. I think she should have been the main female cast! You are beautiful Yang Jin Sung! You did a great job in City Hunter, hope to see you on a lead role next time!

yunn she looks lyk eunjung too, and ga in as well.. so pretty..:)

Kelvin wao yea she is the cutest!!!!!

ash this girl is really gorgeous and good as an actor!!! she should play as the main role in city hunter!! keep on rockin girl.look forward in your coming movie/drama.hope next time you will play as main character ^_^

nie She looks so much like Han Ga In! I think she's the prettiest girl in City Hunter! :D

ana kim i really like your acting...you look like han ga in...

kim shin-hyun ......annyeong haseyo:-) jin-sung, cheonun kim shin-hyun imnida phil's. saranghae city hunter.

Thara Isn't she look like Han Ga In? :)

ju lee yos her acting is quite good besides her beauty... her eyes are similar to LYA...

agan cewek ini yg ngebuat gw betah nonton city hunter. . . lanjut dorama berikut kk, lok bs jd pemeran utama ya. . .

back plastic surgery!!!

jonnykigz I think she's the cutest in city hunter :)

jayson she's so cute in the tv series city hunter. I love her. I want to meet her in person. ^_^

kiroro oh my god, she is so beautiful.... what a perfect face

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