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  • Name: Ji Sung
  • Hangul: 지성
  • Birthdate: February 27, 1977
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • University: University of Suwon
  • Major: Theatre
  • Height: 178cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • me2day: @actorjisung


  1. Ji Sung married actress Lee Bo-Young on September 27, 2013 at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. The couple first began dating in late 2007.


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USANoona Dearest Ji Sung, i knew you were a serious actor that took challanging roles that showed your acting chops. KMHM was the role just made for you in mind even tho few actors refused it. I saw young boy in yosub, precocious girl in yona, man/child in segi, gentleman in dohyun. But my fav was perry. With his jolla accent and demenor, you had me believe that he was father figure for all personalities. All the best with impending fatherhood and look forward to your next role.

midori Jisung oppa, you've work hard, I LOVE YOU... don't u knw in this drama u've gain something..i know u can fell that..hehe. fans, support, trust are with you now, strongly with you..smile always okay? Take care of bo young unnie. N a baby too.. congratulations! For being appa...n for you drama too..KILL ME HEAL ME DAEBAK! I hope when i come to korea, i can greet n meet you^^ Keep Strong! Oppa, u hve smile killer, n your charm...i fell for that. I support you! Fighting! Best actor ever!!!! <3

shin se gi I know you starting from protect the boss, i fell for you starting from secret love, how sweet both of u, and i love to support you when u are going to marry bo young unnie, i know how much love her, hehe perfect couple. And when i hear oppa n hwang jung eum unnie will cast together in a new drama, i'm so excited! Yeah too excited. i know both of u are great actor. and both of you did a great job, i fell for shin se gi. N ahn yo na make my day! Really real! Hahaha, so funny. Jisung oppa, you did a great job. Saranghae. Oppa, u gain something in this drama. Fans, support, trust...u got it. Congrates...hwang jung eum unnie too, u are so daebak! Cute ever. Hehe. Joshimhaeyo. We love you. We always support you. Forever Kill Me , Heal Me. You've work hard jisung oppa n jung eum unnie. Stay strong n be couple again in another drama...perharps kill me heal me 2? Wow. Haha. Okay, take care! I love both of you and all kill me heal me cast n crew..^^

May Really love ur acting in 'Kill Me Heal Me' ~

Ari Dear fans, I'm watching this drama. I can adfirm, this man is one of three best korean drama actor with Kim Soo Hyun and Jang Hyuk.

Jemima I love you...you're the best actor i ever seen.. You did great in Kill Me Heal Me.. Watching all your drama and movie.. Hope to see more of it.. You look like a good husband to lee bo young and will be best dad in your future baby girl.. Really want to see you.. Take care.. I dont know if you will be able to read this.. Im from Philippines.. I will watch more of your drama.. =)

cha do hyun hi me and my cousin love you very much

Divya Superb action in kill me heal me , in some scenes you made all the audience cry and melt their hearts ,12th April 11.30 pm i fell for u r action :)

Vtten Great job in Kill Me, Heal Me!!! You made me cry in almost all episodes because you were crying. But I enjoyed much because you have multiple characters specially Yo Na's character. You're the best!!! Congratulations!!  :-)

Mirza Apriliani The best actor. Love you oppa. I love you in many dramas. I love you and jung eum as a couple in secret love and heal me kill me. Just in drama oppa hehe. In the real life, lee bo young eonnie and Jisung oppa ♥♥♥♥ saranghae bo young eonnie n jisung oppa

LK talented actor. waiting for your new drama.

Azzie I wish i could trade places with Lee Bo Young...i really like Ji Sung Oppa!!

izza i thought he was also the Main Actor in Surplus Princess :D

Izza yeah!! he is great actor and also a gentleman,, if u had noticed every time he drag OH RI JIN to get in to his car he always protecting her head.. that's not just an act,, and im glad i noticed it.. yeeaaaahh,, hehehhehe more power oppa,, and congratulations SOON TO BE FATHER.. LOVE LOVE LOVE,, I also love your wife... :)

rachel Excellent actor! I became your biggest fan, ji sung oppa! Hope can watch your next project soon! Ji sung oppa hwaiting! <3 <3

hetty maha You are the best in every character in kill me heal me, and also in secret at 2013 last year. I'm your fans, I hope you always in happiness.

Dera You are the best in every character in kill me heal me especially yo-na. She was so funny you are such a great actor. I love you so much

Doka You wee so great in every character in kill me heal me. Especially yo-na. She was so funny. Every second in this drama counts <3 love you so much <3 <3 you are the greatest actor ever

Dera Ji sung you are the best I first know you from killme ,heal me your acting is so great you are so amazing I loved you so much. How. Could an actor been so great that I cant sleep kill me heal me is so amazing you did a hell agreat & amazing job love you so much <3 love you crazy <3 keep up the great work. Fighting oppa <3 <3

Stella Doan OMG I'm going crazy because of Kill me heal me! You are so amazing, so cool! Firewall can't stop me watching Kill me heal me everyday. I hear Kill me heal me OST everytime! I love you so much! I hope you will come back soon! Saranghe!!!

jna ji sung is the best.....

Mikiko Great job Ji Sung!!! Congratulations! You are the best actor, handsome and a very charmy man. I would like to find the dramas and movies you do also in Japanese dubbing so that my mother could understand. She has already watched "Save the last dance with me" about 5 times! We love you and hope you can act in many many good dramas like you've being playing. We wish you the best for you, long, healthy and lovely life, sharing your talent and brightness to the world! Kisses and hugs from Brazil! ***** \o/ *****

Katie OMG! He was amazing in Kill me heal me. I already miss that show so much! Ji Sung is amazing actor with amazing family

Dreamer You are truly an amazing actor! Your multiple roles in Kill Me, Heal Me, proved it. It was a pleasure to watch. Hope to see much more of you in kdrama land in the future.

sunny I'm waiting for DVD of KMHM, so frustating because i dont like see it online.. i've watch 5 episode and fall in love with this series, and with Ji Sung too. You wre the best, Ji Sung, congratulation you'll become a father soon,,, huge for you and your little family, i love your wife too :)

Yessy Ji sung, I know you'll be busy with your baby on the way but please make another drama before she is born. You are honestly the best actor ever. I love you and everything you do. I know you'll be an amazing father as well and your daughter will be very happy to have a father like you. Love you always and will always be a huge fan!!!

Ellie Find yourself something new as soon as possible =( I'll miss you and i'm sure all your fans and KMHM fan will miss you too =( =(

wildfly he needs even more challenging roles. he can pull them off.

fatima zahra im in loooooooooooooove wid this actor his just.......amazing, he's the one who we call an actor, a real actor <3

Aida This is so an amazing actor!!!

hyunsoo love you ...love you ...looooooooove yooooooou <3 <3 <3 <3

umi hello mr. ji sung, i was your fans and extremely addicted to watch your drama "kill me heal me", your the best actor because your acting is amazing and i see you deserve to win the best actor in this year and hope win award daesang too..^_^

Hsae Happy birthday oppa. You are the best and you deserve the best. I love you

luiza Best Actor (y) congratulation <3

wildfly yes. he deserves the shiniest award for his role in KMHM

agassi santi I thought he should get best actor reward this year for his role on Kill me, heal me. He is an awesome actor, ever (y) :-)

Lizzy I've watched many movies with great actors but Ji Sung beats them all. Seriously this man is a spectacular a.c.t.o.r! He gives Kdrama more meaning! Good job Ji Sung!!!

Sunset I fell in love with Ji Sung when I was watching Protect the Boss. I remember watching that drama without sleep and food lol... I had to force myself to go away from the computer.

I love Kill me heal me, psychological thrillers are always my fav!

balkisfromtunisia I am so glad I watched Kill me heal me <3 Amazing drama and it's because of it that I discovered the greatness of Ji Sung oppa !!!!!!!! Ji Sung oppa I know you won't read this but you are amazing!!you are now officially my FAVOURITE ACTOR OF ALL TIME <!!!!!! it can ve absolutely sexy like Min Hyuk or Segi or so gentle like Cha Do Hyun <3 love you love you love you forever and kill me heal is super amazing and you are super amazing !!! your wife is so lucky to have you , I wish you both , and your child an eternal happiness <3 SARANGHE OPPA <3 you are a true actor because your acting has depth and moves people , I wish fangirls would stop drooling over every handsome guy and appreciate true talent which you have in abundance !! I admit at first when I saw your picture , I didn't find you very handsome (SORRY SORRY I know it was a very big mistake) but I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!! you are so freakin handsome sexy cute at the same time , It's true that pictures don't always show the full charisma of a person... but when I watched you acting in KMHM and then in Secret , you became my favourite right away!!!!!!! I hope you win an award for you current drama because you are amazing <3 love you so much <3

kyoko I am so glad I watched Kill me heal me <3 Amazing drama and it's because of it that I discovered the greatness of Ji Sung oppa !!!!!!!! Ji Sung oppa I know you won't read this but you are amazing!!you are now officially my FAVOURITE ACTOR OF ALL TIME <!!!!!! it can ve absolutely sexy like Min Hyuk or Segi or so gentle like Cha Do Hyun <3 love you love you love you forever and kill me heal is super amazing and you are super amazing !!! your wife is so lucky to have you , I wish you both , and your child an eternal happiness <3 SARANGHE OPPA <3 you are a true actor because your acting has depth and moves people , I wish fangirls would stop drooling over every handsome guy and appreciate true talent which you have in abundance !! I admit at first when I saw your picture , I didn't find you very handsome (SORRY SORRY I know it was a very big mistake) but I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!! you are so freakin handsome sexy cute at the same time , It's true that pictures don't always show the full charisma of a person... but when I watched you acting in KMHM and then in Secret , you became my favourite right away!!!!!!! I hope you win an award for you current drama because you are amazing <3 love you <3

leena I really loved him in secret! he got that charming side especially when he gets aggressive in love I get crazyyyyyyy! love u so much ji sung from India.

Zahra ji Sung oppa, you are very talented actor, but also you have creative mind, we was watching Imbc behind the sene .. And we lots of your creative ideas and suggestions, also your support to lead actress. We have lots of respect for you.. Big support for you and the team of Kill Me Heal Me. Our prayers are with your wife and unborn child as well. Congrats and we hope like 2013..this drama to win the best of 2015. Fighting oppa and may God bless you.

Laila Ji sung you are so handsome and the acte so amazing, ilove the drama kill me heal Me ^_^

nomnom Wow congratulation Mr. Jisung you just earned #1 spot in my favorite Korean Actor list. Screw you [..... Insert any hot k actor name here ] HAIL JI SUNG.

P.s Who cares if he is married it's not like we're going to date him or anything. Lets just enjoy his works.

rivka You are good!!! I love you ,you are play amazing

eerieishtar Ji Sung-ssi, your wife and your baby are pretty proud of you! Ji Sung-ssi is daebak! ^^,

Fatima Congratulation for your amazing acting!

My sister and I praise your acting whatching Kill me, Heal me every week!

Tom his acting is so amazing and real and i love him playing intensive characters such as in 'Secrat' and 'kill me heal me', alltough i loved him also on 'Protect the boss' which he shows more of his funny and cute sides of him ♥♥♥

srija he is one of the best actor among others in kdramas.....i hope u will get more nice roles in future....fighting..

FYong @kdramaddict I absolutely agree with u. I was one the FANGIRLS I believe :( At first, I dont give a look at KMHM drama where Ji Sung as a lead actor. after I found many DAEBAK comments and compare it with Hyun Bin's HJM, I start to watch KMHM and fall deeply in love with his acting. I'm starting to watch his other dramas now..

ratna Ji sung and his amazing acting... two thumbs up

sylvia Congratulations, you are the best actor, I love you drama

sylvia He's the best actor in korea, I love how he work,

kdramaddict Seriously this guy is putting to shame all those hot korean actors that fangirls keep cheering up as they are the best actors no matter what! Ji Sung acting capabilities are another level ! His performances in HMKM, no other of these " you are the best oppa!" actors can excell this as Ji Sung does! Nobody was expecting nothing from him because everybody was focused, obsessed and blinded-love on these "amazing" eye-candies, sexy-dimpled-hot "best actor" oppas! HEY FANGIRLS! PUT YOUR OVARRIES ASIDE, OPEN YOUR EYES OBJECTIVILY: Ji Sung is putting to shame our religious fangirling believes.... EVERY KDRAMA ACTOR SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THIS EXCEPTIONAL ACTOR!

chip The first drama I've seen with Ji Sung is Kill Me Heal Me and I'm absolutely floored by his acting! The guy is incredible, he's managing to play multiple completely different personalities so convincingly, giving them a nuanced, natural and sensitive portrayal. He can even act as a teenage girl and carry it off with humour and style without descending into exaggeration or slapstick as such depictions are wont to do. And now he's showcasing how those personalities converge into one, and it's all so believable and touchingly done. Seriously great acting chops I hope he gets an award (or 7) for his role in the drama!

Keep it up I'll keep an eye out for your other projects after this :)

Atika Ji sung oppa, i'm your fans who extremely happy and exited watching your drama in kill me heal me, that drama make me realize that sometimes i'm in that situation...so proud for your acting and happy for your decicion to marry such beautiful woman like lee bo young, hope you and your wife happy forever...cant wait to watch your drama with lee bo young..^_^ i wish that happen...

Ashley your acting is amazing :). Keep it up and you have such a beautiful wife ^^. Congrats on your child :)

alpha Omg this oppa makes my heart explode everytime. I hope he receives lots of awards for Kill Me, Heal Me, because, let's be honest, who can portray 7 different characters and still be best at it other than Ji Sung?

If he doesn't win anything for this drama, I will lose faith in humanity. He, and Hwang Jung Eum saved this drama. The plot sounded such a trainwreck on paper but JS and HJE crafted it so perfectly. I love that KMHM is getting its recognition.

Saranghae Cha Do Hyun, Shin Se Gi, Perry Park. Can't wait to see Yo Sub next week and also his other 4 personalities.

Anita I love him since Secret and Running man:) I don't know where is his power/charm from? I like his calm, smiling personality, soft facial feature and expressive black eyes (he is good actor). He is so classy, real man:D His wife is lucky and inversely, because she supports his acting career. They are cute and congratulations for their first baby. Good health and fortune for them. I'm looking forward to your next drama, I will watch kill me, heal me:D

Gabriela Congrats to the father to be! :)

Vicki He is such a great actor. I love him in " Secret Love" with Hwang Jung Eum. Both of them are truly stars and the best Korean actor and actress. I also admire his singing talent. The song " Heights of windstorm" he sang so flawlessly ! I would love to see more of his work.

KSH Ji sung you're so talented, one of the best actor i ever seen...your acting is also flawless no matter the role you have.Fighting...i hope i might see you in more dramas

Yessy Ji Sung my dear Oppa... I need a new drama from you. I have watched everything you've made and have loved every second of you on screen. I've watched secret about ten times cause that drama is the most that makes my heart drop. You are such a versatile and AMAZING actor... I know you got married only a year ago and may be spending this time with you're wife which Makes me really envy her, but congratulations! She is a beautiful woman who I'm sure will make you happy. Saranghe, Oppa. Hope to see you soon! ❤️

bee tea Oppa, I miss you! I'm waiting for your new drama! Please make a come back soon! ^_^

chae i've seen you in kim soo roo and you were great! more success to you

Joane Neoh Two years ago, First notice you in Protect Boss with your crazy movement caught my eye slowly. Then I got addicted with all your drama because you were versatile. I followed you to Korea hoping to have a glimpse of you at Hotel Walkerhill but could not get in without invitation so left feeling disappointed. Anyway I will always cheer for you and love you.

Joane Neoh Love your acting since 2 years back when I first saw you in Protect Boss. I wasn't immediately but slowly you capture my attention with crazy movement. Later I kept looking out for your drama. I watched most of your drama and movie. You mesmerize me with versatile acting. I fell for you. I even went korea hoping to see you in Hotel walkerhill but left the hotel disappointed. (Becoz i was not invited to your private function)Anyway I will keep watching your drama to be close to you. It has been a year since I first came to Seoul.

Rhaii Yasa he's so cute and a very good actor as well . i love his role in Secret Love and his movie MyPSPartner . keep up the good work and more blessings to come :)

Donna Fe Escora Keep up the good work!He's not only a good looking man but a awesome actor!I've been watching the TV series SECRET LOVE and I love it!

Candy After watching Secret, I've been following him and watched almost all his dramas and movies.. Best actor!!! Keep it up!.. I love you Oppa..

Candy After watching Secret.. I've been following him and watched almost all his dramas and movies.. Best actor!!! Keep it up.. I love you Oppa!!..

tesspanganiban He's a good actor super cute im dying to see him...

khariah i love the way he gets angry., super cute

mia I like the way he act in Secret Love.

mimi Yup he's one of the best actor. keep up

JS I hope he gets a new drama project soon! All his works are my favourites.

Patricia Venzuela Ji sung ! Best actor ! That's why i Love korean Drama ! :D

lou one of the best korean drama ever..amazingly best story...so romantic couple ji sung was so good in this drama...excellent acting...awesome pair...

Lilia Javier Oppa Ji Sung! your the best actor in Secret! I love u so much!

sofia omo!!!! mr.president!!! saranghae!!! you are a very good actor i wish i can meet u in person! LOVE U OPPA!!! <3 <3 <3

Jali Liked him in Secret Love, didn't know his wife was the main actress in 14 Days, I love her acting in that drama! I wanted him, but seeing as he's married and to an actress I admire I think I can more on. Lol :P

favourann jumtel ji sung oppa is one of my best koren actors.....his role in secret love was really great......i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu...............ji sung oppa fighting....am also a fan of your precious wife le bo young...hope to see you both in a new tv series

Sanaz Farajzadeh Anniyanghaseyo oppa..!!!!......l...love you ..sanaza mida... saranghae ..cute oppa...fighting....*****;)

zahra Dear Sung hope you has wonderful life with you'r wife.....I love you so so much!

faharudin S. BUISAN ji sung is my favorite actor among the actors that were aired in philippine television.. his "save the last dance for me" drama, i've watched it 4x in my portable computer (laptop)..... so beatiful. peerless... god bless u more ji sung

nada kerit wow seriously he hit the jackpot with lee bo young !!

dadz . . . omo . . .wae niriya? . . . .no wonder why lee bo young fell in love with this guy. . . . . . .!

Tarah - Ji Sung is very charismatic, and versatile as an actor. - He draws you in. He invites you to seek out more and more of his movies/drama. - I won't compare him. Other actors also have that "it factor" (LMH, JKS, Rain). - I will continue to watch and cheer him on on the sideline.

- Who can say that, they don't like those "deer caught in a headlight eyes and that incredibl smile? - Many blessings to him and his new bride (LBY)!

eila san omg his age??!! how could it be???? he is waaaaayyyy younger than his real age... how lucky his wife are...

Nicole :)) He's my favorite actor right now!!! Love how he can switch personalities easily. He's waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Lee Min Ho. Such a great actor. ;^; I LOVE YOUUUUU. <3

jojo @saltanat. same as me.

Saltanat One of my favorite actors! I started to love him after watching Secret Love, although I did not like him at first... Now I am going to watch Protect the Boss because of Ji Sung oppa. I was surprised to know that he is a little bit older than me, he looks so young! Great actor, hope to see him soon in new drama series

charlie Love the drama your in called Secret with the lead actress with what started out as revenge, then becomes love :) x Amazing actor and hope more dramas come out with you in lead :)

CeltyHale OMG!!! How is he that old? When I saw him in Protect the Boss, I swore he was in his mid twenties. Anyway, I think he is an amazing actor. I'm looking forward to the next project!

tamiku I laughed with you on Protect The Boss. I cried with you on Secret. Oppa, you're 1 of my favourite actor. Keep on the good work. I will always waiting for the next project, and always enjoy for whatever you make. Good luck Ji Sung Oppa.

kidho omg I just knew he already married :OOOOOOOOOOOO

teresa Secret Love has a great story. You and your co-actors and actresses played your roles very well. Very entertaining. Thanks

teresa I am not fond of watching any tv series but got interested in the story of Secret Love. You and your co-actors and actresses were great. Thanks for the entertainment!

trisha woooh...he is amazing actor..sarangheyo oppa..

gloria manuel a very terrific actor,i only seen you for the first in this drama, secret, wow, your so amazing, congratz,another best actor in the making....goodluck...idol..

kndihafti i really love your acting be happy with your lovely wife. wish you

the best

mari loves oppa the best actor in secret love.my heart was pounding watching you.you are the best and a very good looking actor.you touched my heart with your acting in secret .i hope to see you again in more drama very very very soon.best for you.be healthy and happy.have a good life with lee bo young onni.oppa fighting.always love love love love you.

Ann I have been watching your performance on Secret Love and think you are amazing. When I get goose flesh watching art happening, then I know what I am seeing is real and very good. Keep up the good word and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Maybe Hollywood is next?

GabiGabi You are a great actor! You are amazing! I wish you a wonderful long life!Stay healthy for us who want to see you in many dramas and movies(the only korean movie i liked it was with you:"My PS Partner"). Good luck in your marriage and have handsome and talented children like you and your wife! God bless you!

Syuen Really love him in secret love! Amazing acting skills! Love him!

sara Amazing acting skills man!!! Love ya

eliana you are very captivating his performance is admirable

Marry Ann you're a good actor...'secret' was a very nice drama..God bless u & you're family!

Sheri Simply say Ji Sung has all it takes : talent, looks and character...A Super Actor. He is Great in Secret Love, I enjoy watching this drama alot. wish Ji Sung and his lovely wife a very happy life together...Forever.

Jennifer seterra Hi idol keep up the good work..god bless

Jared .. Hi Mr. Ji sung.. I love the way you act.. I Love your bad boy image and I like you so much in "Secret Love".. You really bring justice to your role.. Keep up the good work.. I wish you happines with your wife.. I also like your wife Lee Boyoung... You look good together...I wish that you will be together forever..

Faye Ji Sung I love watching you on Secret. Your acting was supberb and so believable. You really know your craft and thank you so much for the perfect portrayal of MH. You cry real tears so much in that show, and when angry, you really gave it to us. What more can I say but, thank you so much for a job well done. I also love your wife Bo Young. She's also my favorite actress especially when I saw her on My daughter Soyeong.....Keep up the good work. I love you both

mari loves oppa hi.oppa i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so much.you are the best.gomaeooooooooooo for your good acting.i will always love you.i want you to be healty and happy.kiss kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. you are always in my heart and my mind and my soul.best for you.oppa fighting.

ng oppa u awesome secret love

doina arhire So special Ji Sung.....I admire you a lot !!!!! Liked you so much in Kim Su Roo The Iron King...Fate.....Save your.....and now hardly waiting for new episodes of Secret.......you playing here is wonderful.....passing from hate to care...transforming your character from that playboy in a good hearted man.......love you for all you do !!!!! Wish you from all my heart a happy marriage.!!!! And all the best in acting activity......

rohani oppa you are my hero..

aishiteru oppa...you look so great and handsome in secret & my ps partner... i love u..Fightingggg !! all the best oppa...

Christina I love all of your movies! You the best actor !

Isugu Deborah jethrude loveth Awww...am so inlove with you ji sung...i love all your movies i felt like meeting u one on one cruzzzz...! It hurts to know u just got married.but m happy for you anyway..wish u good luck in ur marriage dearie cheers..!

Isugu Deborah jethrude loveth-(I.D.J.L.) Wow...u such a nice guy ji sung and i love your movies infact i love you so passionately...it hurts to know u got married recently..but m happy for you dearie.wish u good luck in marriage...Note: people love's you ot there..plp like me

reina i love watching your teledramas esp. swallow the sun.. i've watched it 3 times already....please take good care of your wife lee bo young....have a happy married life ...

Damilola I love ur films esp great seer and iron king Here in africa, Nigeria to be precised I tink korean films came to the lime light last year with everybody wanting to watch JUMONG. That's the movie that freaks pple to watch more of korean film and BOYS over flower I so so love IRON king ...kudos and happy married life XO

Adeola Hi, ji sung am one of ur fans from Africa, nigeria to be precise, i,ve watched swallow the sun,kim soo ro i love ur movies and i wish to watch more of ur films stay blessed and congrat on ur forth coming wedding with lee bo young.Happy married life in advance.

Ji young Hey you! You better treat Lee Bo Young good like you did before marrying her! She is your world now. Congratulations!

aubreyon oh, know...im very very sad i just learned now that ji sung will getting married...what say sad for me...

Daniel Hey Bro- I wish you the best in your soon to be married life... I kinda wanted to marry her instead of you though - but I am just wanting to do that after I saw More Than Blue again... That is ok I am a white boi so I doubt it would go over well for her career id she wed me... So, like the guy who dies of cancer in that movie

( I am also doomed - but I am not telling my students in Korea that and no it is NOT a sexual / contagious disease so please do not go interweb crazy on me han pc bang net michesos)

So it is best you wed her and I in turn see my doom and despair inwardly with only smiles for my small cute ESL bunny corean toekee kids... There is little left anyhow and I could not make her happy like you could since my Han mal mo mo mo is soooo bad... So yeah I am not grudging you and I pray both of you have great lives and cute Korean kids too...

Cheers Bro sayy hi to the cry inducing Lass Boyoung...


nabi Dear Ji Sung oppa, I just watched My PS Partner and I cannot get you out of my head!!! You are so HANDSOME OMG!!!

winter You're the best actor,I really love you......

kelvin bryan nnamdi Master ji sung,you re such a wonderfull Korean actor that i ve ever seen.watching the swallow the sun really touched my heart in fact from today i ve change my past carter and join yours,how are i wish i will see you face to face so that you can be my mentor,your emotion,mode of conduct and the way you talks makes me rate more likeness in you.keep it on sir.

Noon Rider Nice talent. Just curious, the scene w horses in Protect the Boss, are horses an actual interest or was it just included in the script?

ushaillam Hi ji sung,ur an amazing actor from expressions,especially your eyes that conveys message without saying anything.So far i have seen protect the boss,swallow the sun n the great seer.Ur doing great n keep up the great work.Wish u all the best in whatever u do n god bless.

pindu robert ji sung,that a wonderful beginning,thank you.

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Watching you in, The Great Seer and I just love your character each episode I watch I want to be a protector of your character. such great acting and now that I am watching this I want to see other works you have done.... I see your birthday is this month so I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and God be with you always, Continue the good works and Good Luck....

jane my dear ji sung first i saw u in "save the last dance for me" i never forget you and i search the other movies of you and i saw the drama "swallow the sun" you are a very protected and have figthing ispirit ..hope i will see you soon in person ..keep a good work i love the way you are^^ <3<3<3

Anne from Sweden I am happy when I see you appearing in a drama/movie. You are a very talented actor. I wish you the best and hope to enjoy your work for many years to come. Keep up the good work! Hugs

eni i like him when i watch "New Heart" drama...and more like him in "Protect The Boss" drama.. He is one of my favorite actor.. he can send message wit his eye n face without speak... i realy realy realy realy like him...

lillic85 he is a smooth actor, know just how to handle the ladies, you gotta love him

jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro) Ji Sung is one of my favorite actors. Whatever role he takes, he can surely pull it off. Acting-wise, he is really GREAT! He's one of the few actors who can act through their eyes and can convey a message without saying anything. He perfectly knows how to express his emotions. His acting is very convincing. His drama New Heart is one of my all-time favorite drama. Lee Bo-young is one lucky girl to have someone like Ji Sung.

claudia hi JI SUNG i discovered you in Protect the boss and now i watched SLD for me , Kim Soo Ro , Royal family , New Heart and i am to the last episodes from Swallow the sun . I liked all , you are a such fine actor , one of the best , so versatile , good looking , you broked me . i'm waiting the new drama , i understand is a interesting subject and you are the main role , you fit well all the character , you refresh for me the movies world and i'm waiting a lot from you , i know you are the best.

gretchen ji sung was one of the best korean actor. I just noticed him when I watch protect the boss. He's really amazing actor, his facial expression and voice matches well. After that, I begun watching his previous drama. Some of my friend told me that "save the last dance for me" is really good drama. I've watched it also. And now I', currently watching "new heart' medical drama.. I'm getting hooked to it.. nice story and all of the casts really acts well.. most especially ji sung.. he's one of a kind..almost perfect for me. And I've read a lot of articles about him that his a nice guy and good boyfriend..keep it up ji sung!!!!!!!!! try to watch all his drama.. u will not regret it...

noi ใช่ตาของคุณดูมีเสน่ห์มาก/love

noi จิซองคุณเก่งมาก/หวังว่าจะได้ชมผลงานใหม่เร็วๆนี้/น่ารักมากๆ/ติดตามผลงานอยู่นะจ๊ะ

patrisha yglesia i like 20 korean male actors..you are,by far, my absolute favorite.

Arezu if u wanna know how talented he is, just compare his acting in swallow the sun & protect the boss or any other rolls, u cant believe he is the same person! he really matches 2 his character, no matter how difficult it would be. he is a perfect actor, love him in his dramas.

Sam238 Ji Sung, I'm inlove with you! I know it's too much to ask, but can you please be mine? *_^

bing i really don't know what has gotten into you, upon watching your drama series, i think i am in love with you. it's a stress relief when i see your face and your expression. How lucky is lee boo young to have you in her life. you're such a fine and distinctive actor with a killer smile. nothing compares to your good traits and characteristics towards the staff and crew. a perfect gentleman in every role and character that you've got. i hope one day i can work with you.

bing Hi! Ji sung / Ji Seong, you are such an amazing and awesome actor. indeed a versatile one, hope to hear a new project from you. You really touched my heart and even fascinated at your craft. I've finished 4 of your drama series, Save the last dance for me, New heart, Protect the boss, and royal family. I wonder why " what is the connection of the TEDDY BEARS IN THIS 4 drama series?" if you notice then?

always be safe and best of luck.. in everything you do.

Lilia89 i saw swallow the sun and i fall in love with you deeply! you are hottest among korean actors saranghaeo!

kay hello ji seong !i miss cha ji hoon!!you are one of the best korean actor and very cute!

lora ji sung ssi you are my love!! i fell in love with you after Save the Last Dance With Me! and then i watched Swallow the Sun,Royal Family and new heart you was so lovely in whole love you so much

D!! he is a brilliant actor!

me ji sung is very sweet and cute....

Levy Ji Sung such a great great actor! LOL! Protect the boss yepeey best actor! Love love love you everyday{hug}

mana love u ji sung oppa!

Ella I have fallen in love with your acting in Proctect the boss. I'm a big fan of korean drama and I can say you are among the best and superb!! Keep it up!! Look forward for your next drama and wish you more success in future.

Kayla ji sung oppa !i love u so so much!!!!!

fatima hiiiiiiii you very very handsome

LoonyLizard Two dramas this year? Makes you wonder if the guy ever gets any sleep. Still, you can't argue with the stellar results he produces.

deny I started to know Ji Sung backwards - first "Protect the boss"q, then "Swallow the sun", "Kim So Ro", "Save the last dance", "Royal family". I have to admit I didn't feel atracted to him in the Boss- drama- his character was somehow dump and comic in begining and drama also. But it's strange I watched it till the very end :))q actually wating for last 4 episodes. I've interested in the actors and found out Ji Sung remindes me Seun Son Heun who was my favorite then. But I started to watch Swallow the sun because it was translated to my language. And now I have spent about 100 hours of my life watching him in dramas. Now I will begin the New heart= I later may be will rewatch Fate mvie but never will watch Blood rain- becouse he is murdered there. I realised now he allways survives in the end of dramas and that pleases me:)))) How could they made him become so slim in Kim So Ro! I am greedy to watch him- so he have to make new project soon!

Hey Bridol Hey, I never thought such kind of hero in Korea. want to see you once not in movie. I must be visited Korea to see you...let me see you once before I got married.

Daryl Lade Hi Ji Sung!! You're such a great actor. Your excellent acting has been so consistent from all the characters you portrayed. I watched Save The Last Dance For Me , New Heart, Swallow The Sun and lately Protect The Boss. You are one of the very few actors who can portray such variety of roles from tough to a childlike character with such depth. Keep it up! You have a lot of fans all over the world.

Bloom i am just very curious and i love learning about new cultures out there, who is korean in here??

WoonWoon He's cute.........^^

ammina DARN!!.. I think he is a great actor.

miko 一级棒 Ji Sung!!! 加油!

Bea I hope to visit Korea in this life.... .. A complet actor! God love some people most, because they have a lot of gifts:talent,beuty,karisma I saw Swallow the sun,Kim Su Ro... and love those movies,and.... Sung.. from Europa..Bea

Mali Hi babe Ji Seong:) Actually, just kidding so please, I better not see any hate notes for me. Anyway, wanted to say that his first picture on the top makes him so look different, don't know if its just me. Oh well, you're still handsome as every, why are you so freakin' handsome? Right now, was just thinking of you as I'm listening to the"SYLDance for Me" Soundtrack, you were so good in that drama!!! Love ya from Hawaii!!!

khaing I want to see in myanmar

khaing Ji sung,you are one of the actor i like best.love you

khaing You are so cute.swallow the sun i like best.

Thida Wynn hi ji sung I miss you but, I cannot see. So,I can watch his TV series. You are successful korea actor. I like his walking style and hair style. I love Ji Sung. Thanks you for watching!

Emine HaPpY BirTh DaY To YoU..Wishing you all the best on ur special day & always! =)

kang Hyun-woo Hey seong ji how's your career? you know what you re my korean idol!!! i hope you have show again and your partner will be eugene or known as sandy goodluck.

elham Hello Are good A request Please newer picture ????.... Lucky you

goody really like your tv series, save the last dance and your acting as well.. hope to see another romantic drama of yours.

tshering Hi

You look good in King's Women drama......... Am always watching your drama....

bluangels07 swallow the sun made ji seong one of the hottest actors of korea!

l He looks beter now then before i like him very much

lili I love him in new heart , i hope this drama will be good to.

Lyla I can watch his TV series over and over again. Love him!!! Hope to see more of him in the future.

Herro This guy became superhot after serving in the military. I'm watching swallow the sun, and I can't take my eyes off of him.

Emine Hey!!!Ji Seong’s so sweet.You are the coolest and most good looking actor!Have success in your life…

Beccah I have been watching New Heart and I must say Ji Seong broke mine many times in the last 24 hours worth of episodes. What a refreshing young actor!

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