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  • Drama: Protect The Boss
  • Revised romanization: Boseureul Jikyeora
  • Hangul: 보스를 지켜라
  • Director: Son Jung-Hyun
  • Writer: Kwon Ki-Young
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: August 3, 2011 - September 29, 2011
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A woman struggles to find a career, but finally lands a job as a secretary. She then falls in love with her handsome boss ...

Eun-Sul (Choi Gang-Hee) applies for job after job, but is passed over because she graduated from a third-rate university and doesn't possess a sparkling resume. In high school, Eun-Sul was notorious for fighting and fighting well. Then one day she decided to live her life the right way. She started to study hard and was able to pass a university entrance exam, even though the university wasn't prestigious. While attending university, Eun-Sul continued to study hard and also worked part-time jobs to pay her tuition fees. Now out in the real world, Eun-Sul finds landing a job extremely difficult.

One day, Eun-Sul receives a phone call and is informed she got the job. Eun-Sul becomes elated, but unbeknownst to her, the company that hired her is a loan sharking firm.

Ji-Hun (Ji Sung) seems to be the perfect guy. He is from a wealthy family, is physically attractive, and works for the company which his father runs. But actually, Ji-Hun isn't interested in the family's company. Ji-Hun is also frightened to speak in front of others and being around strangers. He has ochlophobia - a fear of crowds, as well as agoraphobia - a fear of having a panic attack and embarrassing oneself. Neither his father nor his grandmother (played by legendary veteran actress Kim Young-Ok) know of his condition. Ji-Hun isn't social because of his phobia and doesn't associate with others at the company. He's also a germaphobe, and appears to be developing more neuroses as manifestations of the anxiety he feels over working for his father, whose main style of parenting, and living, is bullying.

Bullying is nothing new to president Cha(Park Yeong-Gyu). His brother's widow, Shin Sook-Hee (Cha Hwa-Yeon), still blames him for her husband's death, due to how hard president Cha made things for the deceased. Though the two of them keep up the appearance of filial love, the only thing they want from each other is to see the other one fail, die, or both. Her son is Moo-Won (Kim Jae-Joong), a hard-working and conscientious junior executive in the company who seems only to want the company to do well, and is willing to pick up the slack left by Ji-Hun's failings. However, something about Moo-Won also seems a little too good to be true.

Eun-Sul has a get-together with her new employers at a bar after her first day at work. She quickly becomes enraged when her boss makes sexual passes at her and a fellow female employee. She reaches her tipping point when she sees her boss accosting her co-worker. Eun-Sul then follows her boss into the men's restroom and proceeds to tie her boss, by his necktie, to the bathroom sink.

Ji-Hun also arrives at the same bar for a get-together with his co-workers. Ji-Hun then bumps into Eun-Sul as she is leaving the bar, drops his cellphone, and becomes angry. He starts arguing with Eun-Sul, when Eun-Sul's gangster employers come rushing after her. Eun-Sul is able to fight off the gangsters and make her escape, but leaves Ji-Hun behind. Ji-Hun, left alone with the gangsters, is beaten up.

When Ji-Hun goes back home his father notices the cuts and bruises on his son's face. Ji-Hun's father goes to the gangster's office and proceeds to beat them up. The case then is picked up by the media and Ji-Hun's father is sentenced to do community service. The media coverage also damages their family business.

Ji-Hun's company then holds an interview to hire Ji-Hun a new secretary. Eun-Sul arrives at the interview with other applicants, but is ignored by her interviewers because of her poor qualifications. Angered by their lack of questions, Eun-Sul proceeds to criticize them before leaving. Eun-Sul is certain she won't be hired, but is later stunned when she actually gets the job. Eun-Sul learns afterwards that one of her interviewers, Moo-Won, recommended her. Now she finds herself as the tough but hard-working low-class girl in a pool of elitist ivy-league executive secretaries. Despite these difficulties, she also quickly earns the favor and trust of president Cha through her forthrightness and honesty.

On Eun-Sul's first day at her new job she meets her boss Ji-Hun, but both of them fail to recognize each other from the nightclub. Ji-Hun is perturbed that his cousin Moo-Won picked Eun-Sul as his secretary and proceeds to give Eun-Sul a hard time, hoping she will quit. Ji-Hun quickly discovers that Eun-Sul is persistent. Meanwhile, Eun-Sul quickly discovers that president Cha's assault case and all the headaches that come with it are fallout from the brawl she started with her former employers.

One day in the elevator Ji-Hun's father becomes angered and starts to hit Ji-Hun. Eun-Sul then jumps in between the two men and tells Ji-Hun's father that she has to protect her boss. Since that moment Ji-Hun starts giving Eun-Sul less of a hard time and to rely on her more and more...


  1. "Protect The Boss" takes over the SBS Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "City Hunter" and followed by "Tree With Deep Roots" on September 28.
  2. Early working title was "Majimak Yeobiseo" (마지막 여비서), literally translated "Last Secretary".
  3. The project was then given the temporary title "Boseuga Dallajeutseoyo" (보스가 달라졌어요), literally translated "The Boss Has Changed".
  4. "Protect The Boss" features a role reversal of the typical Kdrama romantic comedy. Rather than the woman being a pitiful person who draws the attention of a powerful, arrogant, confident man, the man here is the object of pity by the woman, because of his family situation and his sometimes-crippling anxiety. The woman, by contrast, fears no one, is self-confident despite all the hardships she's been through, with the only pitiful things about her being her resume and bank account.


Protect The Boss-Choi Gang-Hee.jpg Protect The Boss-Ji Sung.jpg Protect The Boss-Youngwoong Jaejoong.jpg Protect The Boss-Wang Ji-Hye.jpg
Choi Gang-Hee Ji Sung Kim Jae-Joong Wang Ji-Hye
No Eun-Sul Cha Ji-Hun Cha Moo-Won Seo Na-Yoon
Protect The Boss-Park Yeong-Gyu.jpg Protect The Boss-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpg Protect The Boss-Ha Jae-Suk.jpg Protect The Boss-Lee Hee-Won (1989).jpg Protect The Boss-Kim Ha-Kyun.jpg
Park Young-Gyu Cha Hwa-Yeon Ha Jae-Suk Lee Hee-Won Kim Ha-Kyun
company president Cha Shin Sook-Hee Lee Myung-Ran Yang Ha-Young secretary
Protect The Boss-Kim Hyeong-Beom.jpg Protect The Boss-Kim Young-Ok.jpg Protect The Boss-Kim Cheong.jpg Protect The Boss-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Protect The Boss-Yun Ki-Won.jpg
Kim Hyeong-Beom Kim Young-Ok Kim Cheong Ahn Nae-Sang Yun Ki-Won
Secretary Kim Ji-Hun's grandma Na-Yoon's mom loan shark (cameo) blid date man (cameo)
Protect The Boss-Oh Hyeon-Kyeong (1970).jpg
Oh Hyun-Kyung
blid date woman (cameo)

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-08-03 1 12.1 (6th) 14.5 (4th)
2011-08-04 2 13.4 (4th) 16.3 (4th)
2011-08-10 3 15.3 (4th) 18.3 (1st)
2011-08-11 4 15.3 (3rd) 17.6 (2nd)
2011-08-17 5 15.7 (4th) 19.2 (1st)
2011-08-18 6 16.1 (4th) 19.0 (3rd)
2011-08-24 7 14.0 (4th) 17.8 (3rd)
2011-08-25 8 15.6 (4th) 18.7 (3rd)
2011-08-31 9 14.0 (4th) 17.2 (4th)
2011-09-01 10 14.5 (4th) 17.5 (3rd)
2011-09-07 11 13.2 (5th) 15.5 (5th)
2011-09-08 12 13.4 (5th) 16.2 (4th)
2011-09-14 13 13.9 (4th) 18.1 (4th)
2011-09-15 14 13.3 (5th) 15.8 (5th)
2011-09-21 15 13.5 (6th) 16.9 (4th)
2011-09-22 16 12.9 (8th) 15.4 (5th)
2011-09-28 17 14.1 (4th) 17.1 (4th)
2011-09-29 18 14.6 (4th) 18.1 (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media

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Nansy This is the best drama for me....i already finish this drama many years ago.. But this drama is number one in my mind.before i know jisung, I thought who this kiddo with the strange hair, but after i see another drama with jisung in, i like jisung in this character so much...and the choi gang hee i like this character tooo your so cuteee unnie

daphne i hate ji sung's hairstyle in this show,..he looks so much better now

Monmon Enjoyed this drama from the 1st episode, we're at episode 8 now, and still laughing, feeling good inside after watching every episode, feeling love. I will definitely consider this one of my favorites and something to watch time and time again! Thanks to all the people involved in this drama! Hope I can have a DVD of this! Unfortunately I'm from the Philippines, it's not available here. :((( Good thing, I can watch it online! I love JiSung from MyPSPartner and Kim JaeJoong from Heaven's Postman :) The heroine I came to love, too! Haha

farida I really enjoy this drama is very funny and most of all the characters match there role

Daniel Undoubtedly one of the best Korean romcoms ever made..acting of all the 4 leads is just too perfect and naturalistic..and the expressions and body language of Ji Sung is truly remarkable throughout the astonishes me as in how can he bring about such a wide range of expressions..this drama is so different and interesting

Clarkdale44 Well to be honest, i didn't expected much from this, i thought it would be simple paced drama, but i am quite amazed by the casts and their performance... Most of the episodes are full of comedy like never before.. This is the first time i must say all the casts including supporting casts were performed their very best.. I just can't pick out a single name. I will give it 9.8/10 (For Great comedy and casting but all actors)

Ronaldo I don't know much of the casts but still I want to's one of the most cool, cute, funny, lovable, inspiring, work and family oriented kdrama that I ever watch. Amazing and entertaining....I enjoy a lot and feel relax because of no much extensive back stabbing and anger....Highly recommended......

chery this drama lead me to addict kim jae joong so much..

a girl i completely agree with yoona and kay..

yoona OMG finally someone that have my same feelings!!! @kay i so agree with you

yoona OMG kay i so agree with you finally someone that feel the same!!!

Kay This happens all to frequently in these dramas. A love triangle with good looking men and a woman who is average on looks. What these women always have in common is their tenacity, bright personality, and good heart. Are the writers saying that good looking woman can't possibly have these attributes?

Jini GangHee you got a superb acting. I will always support the dramas and movies you are in. P.S You are really pretty. =)

Julie I Looooveeeeeed it!! This one was one of the best kdrama I've ever seen!!! Will watch it 100 times more if I could ;) <3 <3 <3

Jini KangHee Unnie!~~ You are so beautiful, cool, good in acting and sexy. .I wish I am like you! Idol! =)

c_u_t_e 13 this is a highly recommended drama...a real romantic comedy from the start til the end...the actors performed well in this drama....and also the song that the ji heon sang at his proposal to eun seol is also the wedding song from My delightful girl Choon Hyang...

two thumbs up....

xyeheart 4 words...One Of The "BEST"!!!!

ikaismail Love the drama vry much...jaejoong vry gd looking & hndsome...hope he will play romance drama nxt time

Neh I love this drama.. Choi Gang Hee and Ji Sung are crazy.. very entertaining..

akarui I love this drama^^ Actually I don't really like korean drama because it always have a story about the good guy and the bad guy. And what I don't like the most is where the bad guy's always use sneaky way to get what he want. But in this drama I didn't find something like that, although it's all about triangle love, I found it fun when watching cha couple tease each other to fight for a women. They are teasing and supporting each other at the same time, and they didn't use a dirty trick to drop the other which is usually exist in korean drama. The story line is quite simple but it's fun enough to make me laugh and laugh :D

NinjaBride Haha I loved this drama. I felt that it was very mature but at the same time quite humorous. I loved Cha Ji-Hun he was very adorable. I liked the fact that this drama doesn't portray the men as your typical macho. The fight between the cousins was hilarious and I thought it was awesome that they made it realistic. The girl did a good job but her personality was kinda bland for my liking. I think the main lead is beautiful but she tried pulling the cute look and it didn't workout. Cha Ji-Hun was adorable in every sense of the word and the best boyfriend a girl could ask for imo. I loved his expression whenever he sang that song that he liked during his trainning. My favorite scene was with Director Cha giving a speech to the little kids and dancing afterwards lmao.

rainfairy i cant believe the rating it must be first. but who cares? i cant wait for the next drama that jaejoong plays.

rainfairy PERFECT. its one of the best dramas. all of them are so sweet and cute. and im crazy about jaejoong he is sooooooooooooooooo hot.i love the way that he smiles. he is so charming. saranghae oppa

kdrmlo Awesome drama ... love every moments n every characters of this drama :)

Lai Officially one of my favorite. This is the ONLY kdrama that I enjoyed watching every episodes every scenes including the other characters like the secretaries they all have stories on their own even the aunty the grandma so hilarious. Seo Na yoon was freaking hilarious she's not the clingy Ex girlfriend. I love love Eun Sul character, tough and didn't let them put her down, very different I loove it! Not ur usual kdrama. I can go on and on.

karla love this drama, especially the fight between Ji-Hun and Moo-Won, were damn funny XDDD

Consus Cute quick Romantic Comedy. I loved the two male leads. I hope Ji Sung does more of these type dramas his character in Royal Family was so gloomy. He was really funny. Jae Joong has those eyes to die for. The main actresses were funny too.

FSS i love ji sung in ptb...he is so so cute!

isabela this drama is for sure one of my favorites \o/ i'm in love with the cast.. ji sung and jaejoong are so perfect and have great acting skills ^^ choi and wang are beautiful and amazing actress :3 and all the others of course *U*

Kayla i watched this drama for ji sung oppa!!! but now i can say PTB is the best drama ever!!

nikki just done watching this k drama .. I love the story I laughed and cry watching this. one of my favorite Korean drama ever.

whiteangel At first i don't have any interesting with this drama and when i watch running man,the guest is jisung and gang hee..start from there i love to see jisung and start to watch this drama..and yeah,this drama is so funny..handsome jaejoong and childish jisung..protect the boss 화이팅!!

jaelover i love this drama so much..... The story so interesting and kim jaejoong acting so good!!!!! kim jaejoong saranghae!!!! plus jae so handsome^__^

kfan dis is probably Choi Gang-Hee's best performance ever!!! d main leads were amazing and so were d supporting cast.... d story is a bit plain and simple but d element of romance is there.. Wang Ji-Hye's charm is still a killer but her acting in dis drama was really superb.... She really transformed from d mediocre secretary(Personal Preference) to a stunningly cute ICE CREAM GIRL... hahaha So many memorable moments to remember... Dis is probably d best rom-com drama of 2011... Definitely a 5/5 rating....

Choi Gang-Hee / Jisung ................. 5/5 Jaejoong / Wang Ji-Hye ................ 5/5 Minor characters ......................... 5/5 Story ........................................ 4/5 Romance ................................... 5/5 Comedy .................................... 5/5 Ending ...................................... 5/5



drama-addict Quite an interesting drama, kudos to the main actor and actress, very heart-warming when Ji Heon has changed from a childish man to a mature and reliable man.

WoonWoon I love this drama so much..........

sarah JAEJOONG FIGHITNG ^^ !!! jae is so cute here..his lines are so raw and plain...but Na Yun is being such a bitchy bimbo

haedeeyan I like this drama so much >< I love all of the cast. Especially our youngwoong jaejoong <3<3 PTB Fighting !!!

isaid This drama is Awesome.....all characters are being played very well and suit to each actors. I laughed a lot from first episode. Moreover, jaejoong is very charming. such a perfect Man. I can't wait for the happy ending. Love Ji Hun..Love Eun Sul..Love Protect The Boss :)

阳光和盐 Jaejoong Fighting! I'm looking forward to the ending of this drama~ 守护Boss 大发!!

Steph112987 I love jeajong so much that i decided to watch the drama but later on as the episode goes by i feel in love to the drama and all the character its great even though i only watch it in jeajong great comedy and romance with good cast...what would i look for :-)

yaya this drama is epic.. Kim Jae Joong is the best actor even he is the second hero!! he knows how to play with Muwon's character very well.. 5stars out of 5..=)

frenchJJlover This drama is great. All the actors are playing really well and it's funny. You can definitely tell there's a good team work and they're all doing their best and working very hard. I laugh a lot while watching^^

egbfly ahh~ this drama is really beautiful.. I started watching it specially for Jaejoong and I was hoping that it would come out a good one to watch (I trust our jaejoong's choices and decisions as he is not only handsome but he is also smart, hard working and a very talented person).. and though only 10 episodes are broadcasted but I can proudly say that this drama is one of the very good k-dramas I watched. it discusses those important social issues with this classy (not cliche) comic way.. Jaejoong's expressive facial acting is awesome and I have never ever loved all the cast in a drama before even the evil ones.. lol.. I hope this can be broadcasted in Egypt as well.. I hope SBS can consider openning a branch in Egypt as MBC just did.. :) ahh~ and before I forget I also hope that the ending won't break our hearts.. lol .. as most K-drams tend to do to us.. I hope for a happy ending for everyone.. ♥♥♥ Boss Jaejoong Fighting^^ Protect The Boss Cast Fighting^^ Hope you achieve the best ratings.. :)

Cat I love this drama!!! The acting is so playful ^_____^ cute

Ayumi x Jaejoong ! He's really handsome and cool in this drama ! I love youu <3

Ja everything about ptb is awesome. it makes me happy. period. hwaiting!

ayeka I love this drama. There is such a great chemistry between the two main leads that it is so cute whenever they get to have sweet moments. I really suggest this drama to other people. It's a must watch!

Chichi Following recent episode, suddenly feel the storyline "almost" similar with "The Greatest Love". The crew have to work hard to make memorable romantic scenes for each episode till the end like The Greatest Love. As a romantic-comedy drama, i lost the romance, only the comedy.

Zee What???? double kiss in early episodes? the passion is going too soon and the kiss become meaningless ...... Slowly but sure to the end is more memorable. Feels like it ended before the "tension" get started. What happen to the rest episodes ???

alter13 I love this show. Each character is funny and most are very childish making it hard to not like anyone. ^^ Can't wait for ep 7

pppinnup This drama is GREAT!!

although Jae Joong didn't look very nice in the 1st episode.

But he looked nice after.

Sarens love ji sung the best. you're one amazing and entertaining actor perfect for this role. i can feel that you are enjoying your role. awesome. the rest of the crew and cast are also awesome - great work. especially the people who came up with the production, story and filmmaking. awesome job and hwaiting! love ji sung, love his character in PTB!! Hwaiting PTB!!

Rose CHin I Loooooooooooove this drama. )) I laughed a lot )) Jae Joong is gorgeous!!!! Love oppa Jae Joong!!! He`s Great( as always ^^) Fighting!!! I`m waiting for the next episodes

Eka Wachyu wow this really fun korean drama... glad to know it.... this drama really great, so comical... adorable cast... Ji Sung play really adorable as childish boss that afraid of many things, prone to panic in the simple things ... fortunately had a secretary who incredibly useful to overcome the problems experienced by his boss .... really love the story...

Anonymous I'll admit... As a raging DBSK fangirl, I decided to watch this drama because of Jaejoong, also due to the fact everyone's been saying it's great. Boy oh boy, this is A GREAT DRAMA, and I'm a very, very picky girl when it comes to them. Every drama I've watched, I always nitpicked and hated certain characters BUT THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME!!!! I'm OFFICIALLY hooked. I am very fond of all the characters already. They're hilarious. (Well, I'm kinda iffy about the main guy, but he is pretty funny). I love Eun Sul, A LOT! Tough, kick ass, and cool, she's awesome. She's not the stereotypical damsel in distress girls. Moo-Wun melts my heart. I think it's very cute how he likes Eun Sul! I like Moo-Wun x Eun Sul! Too bad it's probably gonna be Ji-Hun x Eun Sul though. Keke, the love triangle (or even rectangle if you add Ji-Hye) is really cute. Who can help but fall for lovable Eun Sul? Tee hee~

The acting is great, too. Gosh, everything about it is hilarious. I totally recommend this drama! It's the best one I've watched so far! (And I will be impatiently waiting for episode 5 to be released, haha.)

fishy lee i notice all just watch for jaejoong..but i watch this drama bcoz of JI SUNG.He have great skill in all drama/movie he acting..i not bash jaejoong i also hug fan of JYJ.But for me if really compare between Ji sung&Jaejoong...i'm sorry nothing to say to jaejoong..but i really love this drama,its funny drama i ever watch..

miko The story is getting interesting... really cant wait till next week!

MarsThename I really really didn't want to see this drama but the cover looked super good enough and before I knew it I was

ranko jae joong so handsome .I'm watching forward .ganbatene \(^v^)/

Sarah Hobbs aaaah the only reason im watching this drama is for Hero Jaejoong he looks extremly handsome!!!!

nini I bet 99% of us are watching it for Hero Jaejoong! I only wish he was the lead!!~

purplemay first episode and can't help but smile and laugh! hahaha... i think this will be one of the best drama! hahaha i love Jaejoong... very HOT!

picxiah awawaww can't wait only 2 days left JJ Hwaiting~~ PTB hwaiting~~

Ge Whoah......jaejoong oppa.........jiah u are so handsome...........!!!!

astrijeje jaejoong oppa very handsome in that,hmmm, i wish the next he will play the drama as main role(><)

astrijeje jaejoong oppa....:))

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