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  • Drama: My Love From The Star (English title) / You Who Came From the Stars (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Byeoleseo On Geudae
  • Hangul: 별에서 온 그대
  • Director: Jang Tae-Yoo
  • Writer: Park Ji-Eun
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 21
  • Release Date: December 18, 2013 - February 27, 2014
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Award Winning
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Do Min-Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. Do Min-Joon possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed.

Do Min-Joon holds a cynical view to human beings, but he falls in love with actress Cheon Song-Yi.


  1. "You Who Came From the Stars" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Heirs" and will be followed by "Three Days" in February, 2014.
  2. Early Korean working title was "Byeoleseo On Namja" (literally "Man from the Stars").
  3. Ep.16 & 17 will air 30 minutes earlier (9:25 PM) instead of its customary 9:55 time slot due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  4. Drama series is extended from 20 episodes to 21 episodes. The final episode airs February 27, 2014 in South Korea.


You Who Came From the Stars-Gianna Jun.jpg Kim Soo-Hyun You Who Came From the Stars-Park Hae-Jin.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Yoo In-Na.jpg
Gianna Jun Kim Soo-Hyun Park Hae-Jin Yoo In-Na
Cheon Song-Yi Do Min-Joon Lee Whi-Kyung Yoo Se-Mi
You Who Came From the Stars-Shin Sung-Rok.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Na Young-Hee.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Eom Hyo-Seop.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Ahn Jae-Hyeon.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Hong Jin-Kyung.jpg
Shin Sung-Rok Na Young-Hee Eom Hyo-Seop Ahn Jae-Hyeon Hong Jin-Kyung
Lee Jae-Kyung Yang Mi-Yeon Cheon Min-Koo Cheon Yoon-Jae Comic Book Store Owner Hong
You Who Came From the Stars-Kim Chang-Wan.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Lee Jeong-Kil.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Sung Byoung-Sook.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Lee Il-Hwa.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Oh Sang-Jin.jpg
Kim Chang-Wan Lee Jeong-Kil Sung Byoung-Sook Lee Il-Hwa Oh Sang-Jin
Jang Young-Mok Lee Beom-Joong Hong Eun-Ah Han Sun-Young Yoo Seok
You Who Came From the Stars-Yu In-Young.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Park Jung-Ah.jpg Kim Hyun-Soo You Who Came From the Stars-Jo Seung-Hyun.jpg You Who Came From the Stars-Kim Hye-Yoon.jpg
Yu In-Young Park Jung-Ah Kim Hyun-Soo Jo Seung-Hyun Kim Hye-Yoon
Han Yoo-Ra (ep.2-4) No Seo-Young (ep.4) Yi-Hwa / Cheon Song-Yi (young) Lee Whi-Kyung (young) Yoo Se-Mi (young)

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-12-18 1 15.5% (5th) 19.1% (4th) 15.6% (5th) 17.0% (5th)
2013-12-19 2 15.9% (5th) 18.5% (3rd) 18.3% (5th) 20.5% (2nd)
2013-12-25 3 17.2% (4th) 20.4% (2nd) 19.4% (3rd) 21.0% (2nd)
2013-12-26 4 18.4% (2nd) 20.8% (2nd) 20.1% (2nd) 22.1% (2nd)
2014-01-01 5 21.0% (3rd) 24.8% (2nd) 22.3% (3rd) 25.3% (2nd)
2014-01-02 6 22.8% (2nd) 28.2% (1st) 24.6% (2nd) 27.8% (1st)
2014-01-08 7 22.1% (2nd) 27.0% (1st) 24.1% (2nd) 26.6% (1st)
2014-01-09 8 22.9% (2nd) 29.1% (1st) 24.4% (2nd) 27.4% (1st)
2014-01-15 9 21.8% (2nd) 26.2% (1st) 23.1% (2nd) 25.4% (2nd)
2014-01-16 10 22.7% (2nd) 28.3% (1st) 24.4% (2nd) 27.1% (1st)
2014-01-22 11 23.3% (2nd) 28.1% (1st) 24.5% (2nd) 26.8% (1st)
2014-01-23 12 24.6% (2nd) 29.0% (1st) 26.4% (2nd) 28.2% (1st)
2014-01-29 13 24.3% (2nd) 27.5% (1st) 24.8% (2nd) 26.1% (1st)
2014-02-05 14 25.1% (2nd) 30.7% (1st) 25.7% (2nd) 27.8% (1st)
2014-02-06 15 24.5% (2nd) 28.7% (1st) 25.9% (2nd) 27.7% (1st)
2014-02-12 16 23.3% (2nd) 28.0% (1st) 25.7% (2nd) 28.1% (1st)
2014-02-13 17 25.6% (1st) 29.8% (1st) 27% (1st) 29.5% (1st)
2014-02-19 18 25.9% (2nd) 30.8% (1st) 27.4% (1st) 29.9% (1st)
2014-02-20 19 26.0% (2nd) 29.9% (1st) 26.7% (2nd) 29.1% (1st)
2014-02-26 20 24.5% (2nd) 29.3% (1st) 26.0% (2nd) 28.0% (1st)
2014-02-27 21 28.1% (2nd) 33.2% (1st) 28.1% (2nd) 29.6% (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Siti @Lala Boring? really? it was probably the best kdrama of 2014.. Truly love this one:-)

annaliza barbon my love is love my crash is love mateo love koh to

love love this so much,,forever love this

Seinna Ive watch it 24hours none stop!!! I really love this.. Part 2 pleasee

Lala Boring I just want to finish it bc i want to know what will happen

juvy yeah i like the love team of kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun i hope they have another project next to the my love from the star .

i miss this drama :(

But im glad that it will replay in the phillippines in channel 7 gma network  :)

im exited to see this drama again xd

nicole i really like this drama, i love the love team of kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun cause they look adorable. I hope they visit phillippines i ll wait that day comes someday

Iamrochelle19 i really love this drama very much:)

che ilovethis drama ..:)

yayaya hahahhaha i can't believe that i believed my brother saying this drama is boring . seriously this is one of the best nono the best drama i've watch till now. both of them are sooo suitable. and the funny scenes cracks me up lol.

Audra I like this drama I can't stop watching again and again

jo i watched this drama several times and i love it.. . kim soo hyun looking forward to see you more in k-dramas and movies. . . hoping someday that you'll visit phillippines too.

lolaharry I love this drama very very much.. Love KSH acting.. He such as briliant actor nowdays.. My no 1 kdrama i had ever seen so far.. I think ive seen this drama more than 5x.. Huhu.. This drama fillef with action, romance and ofcoz funny scene..

Gbemi Jun Ji Yung I so much love you diz drama is different from the ones I've seen its so thrilling filled romance tears and action Soo Hyun you are wonderful I wish you both luck in your career....I love you and if you take my advice you look good together... lol

Dado I totaly love the show but hated the ending .I thought it was stubied .They should ended up togather or sparted .

A08 I miss this drama :(

Katherine This is a good drama :) I loved the performance of Jun Ji Hyun. In my opinion, this is the second best romcom kdrama (next to Secret Garden).

vie Best drama everrrrrrrrrr... can't move on from this drama although many new drama had already shown..

fans great drama ever!!!! please make more korean drama project for kim soo hyun he is the best and handsome korean actor ever!!!

molitahp How to say beside Best out of the Best...? :) KSH JJH nice couple in here

Andi Great show from beginning to end. The lead actors are very effective showing wonderful chemistry. It's a complete package of a drama, romance, comedy, and sci-fi/thriller. I highly recommend it.

kdrama op this is such a wonderful drama . perfect storyline. great casting. sad ending shows so realistic although i havent seen an alien but if an alien do exists we really cant have the happy ending. this is better than the previous series. this drama is the drama i will never forget. i want them both to team up again.. each episode was dp interesting and i burst out laughing so hard!! kim soo hyun is really a great actor. actually . lee jong suk and kim soo hyun are the two korean actors(lead) that knows what acting is all about. not just the look but the justice they did on their characters. :-) i am not really a fan of any korean actors. as long as the story's interesting i will watch it for sure. but based on my own perspective these two actors were better than any other leads. I wish both of them will fo a project together haist. freakin fandom they just gonna say an actor is great if they fances them even they act the worst.

Koreandaram fan Love this drama...Different story line..great casting..awesome performance by all characters...:)

christina Thank you, Park Ji-Eun for such a wonderful story and for being so merciful to viewers who love love stories but hate sad ending. After 2-3 episodes into the story, I started to have this lingering sense of sadness and it grew and grew. How can liking an alien come to any good ending? Faith by Song Ji-Na was to me something like that...I was so scared that its going to be bad ending that I went to peek at the last There's a famous chinese drama BuBuJinXing that I considered "surely sad love story" - it is linked to History. How can the writer change History? Thank you to the entire casts.I must say that Gianna, Kim Soo-Hyun and kim Chang-Wan hurt me so much by their know, when you are so happy, you might cry, but when you are so upset, not a tear comes even you wish it heart hurt so badly that i think its better not to love too deeply. When Cheon Song-Yi told Do Min-Joon to go instead of dying in her world, I said 'Yes, that's right...because not dying means there's still hope" .

LoveKoreanSeries Best series ever!!! Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun are a wonderful onscreen couples and great chemistry. Support you both. All the best with your career.

laras i love u Do Min-Joon... <3 <3 <3

Mari Best drama ever <333

jericho Jun ji hyun acting is so daebak the only kdrama i watched in the i deal woman until i got married..please make more kdrama!!!

kurt This is the first time i've watched a kdrama for more than once..i love the female lead such great and beautiful actress..its a shame that i ts late that i watch her drama and i know why my uncle is so obssessed with her during my sassy girl days even he bought dvds and poster of her and he's still keeping them lol..and now she's happily married..

vie the best drama ever!!! . . .

Gabriela This is a great Kdrama, you will laugh A LOT. There's plenty of sad scenes as well you prepare yourself for a wild ride with this drama.

toiz_pilipins i regretwatching this drama..i cant see any spark in both lead..i rather watch 2nd lead actress yoo in-na and ji hyun-woo "queen in-hyun's man" drama than watching it again..if you want to know why im saying this, you watch it and you'll know the feeling of being in love..queen in hyun's man is far beautiful than this one..

laraTAI It came out 2013 but am seeing it again 2014 Dec and I have a feeling I will keep doing so every k drama ever,perfect cast,story and production

bestoria love this drama so much recommended to watch you wont regret

Maia I have to agree with one of the comments: this is one series where I liked the female lead more than the male lead! They were both good, just that her acting and persona were so on point! Made me laugh so much. I wasn't happy with the ending, nothing was really resolved and no one got a happy ending. Why couldn't they just get married and have kids or something? Well at least 20 episodes made me happy, so I'm good lol

joyce Absolutely love it! The chemistry between the two main characters is simply awesome. Cheon Song-Yi is as hilarious as she is lovable (Gianna Jun does a fabulous job) and watching her annoy the hell out of Do Min-Joon is just about as fun as it gets. Kim Soo-Hyun plays his role perfectly too: this usually unaffected alien guy suddenly ends up letting himself get dragged into all sorts of situations by an unstoppable Cheon Song-Yi, then actually starts acting silly himself as he experiences jealousy and what not. The way the drama was filmed was really great too and put an emphasis on whatever needed to be shown (ie Do Min-Joon is feeling jealous for the first time, and suddenly there's a scene of him explaining this emotion in his classroom and commenting how he would never act in such a crude and silly way. simply hilarious!). Had tons of fun watching this drama!

Ayn I watched this drama so many time and i cried everytime i watched it.this drama is absolutely amazing.recommended :') please make another drama like this.i love do min joon and cheon song yi !!!!!!

Achox Drama is so great and enhanced by jun ji hyun. yes every movie that involves jun ji hyun will definitely demand in the market

HisAnAlien? I love this !! Comedy, Suspense, Romance, Drama A Complete Package.

  1. MyLoveFromTheStars
  2. PartTwoPleaseHahaha

RaphAmazing This Korean Drama is Simply Unique Because of it one-of-a-kind storyline to the way the characters act. I dont like Korean Drama but Because of it , i started to love them. NOTE: Im Not Contented To Its Ending :(

LoVe4m3 This drama is 1 of my favourite Korean Drama I ever watch. Actually I'm not really into Korean Drama but this drama I can watch again and again. I love the storyline and main lead for this drama. Well done and have a very nice ending.

ddz . . hello there GING! I'm free to help. what can i do for you. if it is about this drama, i can be of much help. i really love this drama.

            As an vid fan of korean dramas, i've concluded that among the 152 koren dramas that i have seen, this is the best.

jc Gianna jun became the first korean female lead I came to prefer over the male lead. She acted so natural in the drama I began to wonder if that's not her the story was talking about. She was so good. Made me laugh out loud in so many of her scenes. The place she had to start exercising cos she didn't want to grow old. You good and you who came from the star is the best. I have watch this drama more than 10time on my DVD. Saranghe nuna-nim.

ging Hi everyone! I just finished watching a few episodes and I've decided that I'll be using this drama for my research. I was wondering if anyone can help me out here? Thank youuuuu!!! ^____________^

Vio Soo Hyun Oppa <3

dadz for those who want to watch this drama. better not hesitate anymore because i'm already an expert when it comes to korean dramas since i have a collection of 150 korean drama copies already and for that i ranked you who came from the stars hit the top as in number one .. .

Rifat Sharna The cutest, craziest, saddest, sweetest Korean drama I've ever seen- although there were handfuls of bitter moments they just made it more thrilling& sweeter. When I first intended to watch this TV drama of my favorite actress Jun Ji Hyun (as I watched and reviewed all her movies and enjoyed a bunch of cute ads also) and went through news of its insane popularity in China, I hardly imagined that a nerd (yet sentimental & melodrama-lover) like me would fantasize and even dream about this fantasy drama throughout the whole show. But as the alien hero professor Do Min Juk ( Kim Soo Hyun) cast his magical spell of mind- blowing coolness (that humble& caring personality really suits him much!), heroine Cheon Sung Yi (Jun Ji Hyun)'s cute craziness brought about enjoyable funny moments (even excessive make-ups for lead actress role can't hide her adorable sassy identity) ,cool soundtracks pleased my ears and after all Korean director, scrip-writer and all the staffs showed expertness in playing with audience's emotions awfully as usual so at last it seemed to me- that I loved to be deceived and obsessed in tranquility of fantasy wholeheartedly was destined to happen! Do-Min Juk-shi & Cheon Sung Yi- I really loved chemistry of this couple a lot. ^_^

maryyayay i hesitated that i read those comments.. im halfway of the drama., comments spoiled me:( i really like the drama., i love the girl., she really acted naturally... :) ah

krung i really love this koreanovela.its amazing and it raises my heart beat every time i watch a single episode.

hani this is my first and so far the best Korean drama I've seen.... it will make you laugh in one scene and cry right in the next scene..... the leads look great together... good ending.... you will totally enjoy this drama.... and will never forget after watching it... "do min jun" i dint want to accept that its just a character and he's not a real alien... ;) :D lots of scenes are soooo cute that will make you watch them again and again.... I've a separate corner in my heart from this drama... ^_^

i love MLFTS @KSH... let shk and lawl with their opinion. they're just two of a few people in this world who become a haters. LOL

Sonki This is a great drama. It made me laugh a lot and shred some tears. I also like the deep thought and philosophy quotes in this movie. The writer must have great knowledge with eastern philosophies. Beside the main scenes, the movie director really paid attention all the details of the supporting scenes. The supporting casts also do well too.

if anyone says this movie is a crap, can you elaborate your opinion because I want to hear in details of the opposite views which help me to enhance my knowledge.

Does anyone know when the season 2 may come out?

KSH @ shk and lawl...the drama was boring for you guys but i have a question did you see all the 20 episodes? if a drama is boring i stop watching it and voila!

hyun loveee this drama! apalagi kim soo hyun nyaaaa.. love you much :* sekarang menanti drama/film terbaru dari soo hyun oppa.. tapi kapan ya?

Dramaqueen This drama is a crap! Absolutely ridiculous! Both lead actor & actress had no challenging acting in this drama. Anyone could act the way they did!

stars I so love this drama series. <3 PART 2 PLEASEEEEEEEEE. HUHUHUHU

shk This Drama was very very very boring ,puerile and ridiculous.

fred Awesome Drama ♥♥

Kim Fresh K-drama, after long time.

thanu nirmani wow it is an interesting love story. different type one. and it gives a good news to lovers that love can be done by any one to anybody. acting is also very natural and i had both love and fun. thank u....

KinSung Best. Drama. Ever. I'm not into serial drama but after watching it, I can't stop. Think I'm suffering from Withdrawal Syndrome after watching the last episode.

yne_p the love story makes me crying...

Lawl This is crap. Nothing but eye candy. The plot was ridiculous and boring.

sonam i realli liked this drama.......... love it!! the best one ever>>>>>>>>>

sonam i realli liked this drama

Seli If I See this drama, I always remember KDrama of Gu Family Book eps. 24 -_-

Seli If I See this drama, I always remember Drama Gu Family Book eps 24 -_-

riya I really like this drama. last eps i cried so much. min jun n song yi both really good performed their role. i enjoyed very much all eps and fighting oppa and unni saranghaeyo.........

unna sarangham nida man from another stars!!

zooz one of the most hilarious dramas i have ever watched:D great story great acting great ending

dramADDICT The best romantic comedy ever! EVER! The flaws in other dramas stand out after watching this one! Enough said!

Humaira Misaki annyeonghaseyo! first time i saw the advertisement on tv, i hd fall in love both of you,do min jun n cheon song yi! >*< ..the drama was really great! but the last episode makes me cry T_T. i hope u can continue ur cooperation.. i hd learn korean language bcause the drama hd no subtitles..i watch it many times to understand tht drama..haha.^^.seriously i love u alls especially cheon song yi! you are very cute! =) anyway, fighting for both of you. see ya next time on the other drama..^^ annyeonghigaseyo! saranghae do min jun shii n cheon song yi...<3

Hm Although I still think masters sun is better than This. this drama is WAYYYYYY BETTER than heirs, sry. I mean come on heirs is just like BOF and this?! This n is a really brand new taste of drama. I don't hate heirs' actors but this drama should receive more award than the heirs! N i just wanted to say that there are many other dramas that have a better storyline than heir. N i just don't get y ppl like the heirs. City hunter is way better than heir. And The actors in the heirs don't really have a good way to show their expressions... So yeah!! I LOVE YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STAR. so if ur thinking of watching this, watch it!. Tho the first ep is kinda boring. Plz don't be angry min ho's fans xD

Anita thapa Without giana jun this drama is nothing..... She is a heart and soul of drama... So natural fun loving she gives me a goosebump... I watch it many times and watching it now toooo just cuz of her... I love her

Kote I watched all the episodes and this was a really great drama. There's a song on the last episode (ep. 21) starting at 30:40 where her friend is at the hair salon wanting to get her hair cut shorter and in the background there's an English song. Does anyone know the name of it??

Aj Beautiful story: sweet, funny, touching, romantic, and gentle love story with two charismatic stars with great chemistry and strong supporting cast. One of my favorites.

Maxx I was descended from the joseon dynasty

Annie I started watching this for Yoo In-na who I adore but what did they do to her, draining her of her natural energy and presence!

Emilie One of my favorite drama !! I loved it since the beginning ! I watched all the episodes in 2 days ! It's kind of sad to watch this kind of perfect drama because after the other dramas look crappy !!

Jane Agnes I am a big fun of this drama. here in Africa Uganda we love it tooo. Do Min Joon shii and Song yi you always make my days

Ra Im Mi very good drama.. but the ending pisses me off.. they should make a longer ending.. this ending is simply not enough

angel carol hi to all the cast of my love from the star... or should i say "who you love from the star"... especially hello to mr. kim soo hyun... im done watching your drama... and its so beautiful and cute... hope to see you all in person... and hope to see you all here in our country (Philippines)... anyway good job to all actor's and actresses...

ps: pls do send my message to mr. KIM SOO HYUN... " im your avid fan here in philippines... hope to meet you in person... that all i <3 you.... :)

ayah i really love this drama ever!! good job actors.... YES! Part 2 please!!! :))

praz Best drama series i've seen. At first, i am hesitant to watch because I don't like aliens but as soon i started watching the episode 1, I can't stop myself to look further for the next episode. Well done actors! You did a good job! ps: i bet Kim Soo-Hyun is a good kissser :)

lyla Kim soo hyun.... you did totaly awesome. Love this romantic drama series, the story is so perfect...... cant wait for the part 2....... pleaaasseeeeeee

lyla Kim Soo Hyun.... you did totaly awesome. So perfect. Love this romantic drama series, the story is so touching..... cant wait for the part 2....pleaaasseeeeee

mimi torres Please part 2!!!

Mimi Torres This is the best drama series i've ever seen. I love the cast theyre all good actors and actresses. The story is very new. Im hoping that there will be a part 2 of this tele drama. Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun is the best love team ever in Korea. Congrats to all the cast and team of My Love From The Stars!

This needs a part 2!

jean This is the best drama i have ever seen in my whole life!!! It is so amazing!!! the lead characters were both cute and they played their roles well. I'm looking forward for the part 2 . I'm so addicted with this, because it is packed with comedy,drama,scifi,action and love story. It made me laugh and thrilled with their good really made me watch attentively. I love to watch it over and over again. congrats to the director, he made this extra special.

Elaine Please Part 2 . Kim Soo-Hyun & Gianna Jun Love Love Love .

  1. MLFTS 4'eves ♥

Ashleigh So this was the first K-Drama that I've ever watched.. And OMFG IT WAS AMAZING BEYOND WORDS!!

Seriously well written, great characters and storyline :) After finishing one episode, I would be so Hooked that I had to watch the next episode. :)

This series is for you if you're up for a good laugh or cry Recommend it so so much!!

fried chicken and beer anyone? xox

Ashleigh So this was the first K-Drama that I've ever watched.. And OMFG IT WAS AMAZING BEYOND WORDS!! So many emotions, I laughed, cried, and most importantly I loved :)

Seriously well written, great characters and storyline :) After finishing one episode, I would be so Hooked that I had to watch the next episode. :)

This series is for you if you're up for a good laugh or cry Recommend it so so much!!

fried chicken and beer anyone? xox

Tami can't stop crying when watching this drama. best best best!!! make part 2 please. love min join & song yi.

Aries i can say that this is so far the best romantic comedy drama that I watched. It is very different from others.

raissa i must say this is the best romantic comedy k-drama since Princess Hours. which is ended couple of years ago. the writer and director held a freaking good job and the actors.. *speechless too good to be true. this drama already messed up my mind to a hopeless romantic. funny, pretense, but brought us the strongest romance in korean drama history!! million thumbs up!

alyn First of all congratulations to both main character of this drama giana jun and kim soo hyun for colored the drama itself and won awards in 50th Baeksang art award recently. You're deserved it. Hope both of you can collaborate again. As a fan hope to see you in various characters. ? Good luck:p

typicalgirl they better make a part 2. want to see their future dream come true.. se mi and whi kyung be together

chelsey9112 do min joon is so cutee!!!

frigga Do min joon Fainting after every kiss is the best part... sooooooooooooo cute

japzrn How about a part 2 of this drama? Kinda weird because all of the characters doesn't have a closure.

Grenalyn I love the story,really a must see TV drama, I love the lead actor and the lead actress. I feel in love with their theme songs. Wishing for the Part#2.And Hope to have DVD copy , I'm really wishing for it.Philippines.

Aziel B. Bulosan I love this Korean drama, I wish they would come up for the Part 2. I often skip my lunch just to watch this. The lead characters are totally awesome! I want to see more of them together.. like they would eventually marry, have their 7 kids (all girls) and the puppies.. Do Min Joon! (I unconsciously mention his name from time to time even during work hours that my office mates are really laughing at me).. gosh. but really I love it..

devi Really love this drama..hopefully,,please make part 2 of this drama From indonesia

maruh28 such a wonderful drama series in korean drama the writer pls have a part 2. i hope kim soo hyeun and ji jhe uen. ilove them all cast and also ireally love the character of kim soo hyun and his ladyng lady gianna jun

Heide After watching this korean drama, I fell inlove to all the characters especially to Kim Soo Hyun. Great actor indeed.!!! Please make a part 2 of this awesome and epic k-drama.. :) - from Philippines w/ <3

cherilyn oh god! my love from the star is one of the hottest and trending Korean drama now.Jun ji hyun and kim so hyun they are so very cute love team. I hope that they have more movies to watch. They are now the very idol of filipino people. And im the one who addicted jejeje...But it sad to say that i canno't this nowadays because im at school and our boarding did't like to watch it huhuhu...

Ish I rarely watch KDramas, but this one really caught me off-guard. Its a full package. Hoping for part 2 even though I'm not yet done watching it. Love from Philippines :) ♥ Kim Soo Hyun

kem i have watch this drama today, i end up with tears in my eyes, this could be someone story, i appluase to the writer of this drama. well done good job!!! and thanks for making this movies.

please, can u make the second part of this drama, to show life of this couple in the drama.

alien20 The drama was superb, amazing, funny and gosh its everything! it truly made my day! i think it will be much more amazing if the ending justifies and satisfies the viewers. The ending was hanging and it left me thinking and thinking what was the ending really mean, does it mean do min joon stayed for long until they cheon song yi grows old or his still into his vice versa travel from his own planet then to earth. Addition of another episode that will clarify and put a real ending to their love story will be a lot more satisfying for the fans and to the avid viewers. I hope the director and the production staff will consider this. TO ALL THE FANS OF MY LOVE FROM THE STAR LETS MAKE A NOISE!!! YEAH!

Laurentia Fidella I love do min-joon and cheon song-yi. Really love this film!! I wait for the part2. Love from Indonesia ♡

Steffi MLFS still no. 1 for me.. more awards to come!

mounix Congrats Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun! More project to come. Love from Philippines

Henz This Drama Series made me cry all the time .i really loved the flow of the story plus the amazing casts .Indeed worth watching for.Im gonna say that this is one of my favorite KDrama Series . Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun are perfect match from heaven .Please have a season 2 of this Drama series.Its really highly in demand !!!

Geuden it was great but its not enough i think it deserves a part two those three years gap before do min joon came back what happened to Cheon Song Yi ? what is Min Joon trying to do just to come back, to Semi what happen to her did she already have love life or still waiting for hwi kyung . hwi kyung what happen to him on that three years gap . waa im asking im dying to know . please do a part two. . the writer i love we both have that kind of imagination . the story line is really great and wawesome its different thats why people would love it . IM BEGGING TO SEE THE PART TWO IM SO LONELY IT HAS ENDED :(

Kirisuto im waiting for its second part it deserves to have. its unique, unexpected, ambitious and i applaude the imagination of the writer . i idolized the one who wrote the story. waa one time on an episode i wish it never ends and i hope it continue. i have thought of what could have happen on the aecond part . i hopr there is cause im dying to watch it . its really bad . im depperessed that the series has ended..

marie The kind of kdrama I really liked most are those fictional love stories and this gave me what I asked for. Been hooked with the characters. Song Yi is really FUNNY that I laughed a lot all the time. hihi. Do Min Joon is so HOT, in fact, the first time I have watched him at #DREAMHIGH, I started having crush on him. #huehue. Each Episode was so memorable that I was astonished I came to hit the last 2 Episodes, and these were the time I could not helped to cry cause it was so frustrating that Do Min Joon can not be with Song Yi anymore. huhu. It hurt so bad. :( Just a bit sad with the ending. It left me hanging. It hurts seeing Do Min Joon who keeps on disappearing. But overall, I LOVE THIS SHOW. SUPERB! THUMBS UP! Saranghe KSY!!!!

marie The kind of kdrama I really liked most are those fictional love stories and this gave me what I asked for. Been hooked with the characters. Song Yi is really FUNNY that I laughed a lot all the time. hihi. Do Min Joon is so HOT, in fact, the first time I have watched him at #DREAMHIGH, I started having crush on him. #huehue. Each Episode was so memorable that I was astonished I came to hit the last 2 Episodes, and these were the time I could not helped to cry cause it was so frustrating that Do Min Joon can not be with Song Yi anymore. huhu. It hurt so bad. :( Just a bit sad with the ending. It left me hanging. It hurts seeing Do Min Joon who keeps on disappearing. But overall, I LOVE THIS SHOW. SUPERB! THUMBS UP! Saranghe KSY!!!!

emheartyellow i love the story! funny, romantic, sad, all in one! i've watched the whole drama series from my netbook! super love the story and the characters and i just found my new crush, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo-Hyun)!!! really hilarious and melodramatic! i actually cried during the ending..:) two thumbs up!!

Trang The writers did get really creative with the ending of this drama!! I thought the ending would be so lame and boring!! But it is really interesting and it fits in with everything!! Beside it can be consider a happy ending!! Which is awesome!! Best drama!! hands down

clei It deserves a part 2 great story and good chemistry of gianna hyun and kim soo hyun I watched it 5 times and still cant get enough of doo min joon and cheon song yi character its romantic and funny at the same time.★★★★★

Marivic Carlos Awesome!!! I've always loved watching K-dramas and My Love From the Stars is in no doubt the best for me. The story and the characters fit each other and it's just perfect. I am a super fan now of Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun..awesome chemistry...Love it, love it a lot! Can't wait for part 2...looking forward to seeing more love teaming of Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun. You make my day!

Shamila Omg!!!!!! I totally loved this drama!!!!!! It had not only a really good love story that was pure and innocent but the general storyline was really interesting! I am getting withdrawl symptoms! So a season two would br brill! If possible without ruining it that is.... It did end really good! I totally live k-dramas and how they differ from american ones, such innocence shown really works!!

dyan One. word to describe this drama..AMAZING... I super dupperlove jun ji hyuand kim soo couple forever in my heart.. part 2 for this drama will be great..

Im a fan Im not really a fan of korean dramas but this one cought my attention and since then i keep on watching this series. I really really like this series. Yeah just likewhat they say, i would really appreciate and be glad if their is a season two.

myrus jay .......Park Ji-eun and Jang Tae-yoo you did a great work, I appreciate your korean drama and it hits deep in the heart of the Philippine people, cheon song yi and do min-joon and all the character did well in their roles, God bless that was a great drama I've watched :)

babyzial it was awesome ! i like cheon song yi and do min-joon. this is the best korean drama I've ever seen makes my heart hurt, it make me laugh and loved ...its the big hit in the Philippines .. PART 2 please .. i love the chemistry of do min- joon and cheon song yi .. <3 <3 .. i love you do min joon :)

Trisha Yoon If you want to, and even if you don't, things are bound to happen. Earth call it as FATE.

Only hide when you've done something wrong. Don't just hide. (Do min jo) best thoughts from this TV series. Part 2 Please :) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 제발

Trisha Yoon This Korean Drama beat my favorite Korean Drama it's really excellent... I cried 10 times I think, when I know the sad part will be played me tears start to fall even though their not talking yet. I have no words to describe all i know is perfect, excellent!!! I wish this will have part 2. I REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE. I'm waiting for your 7 kids , 5 dogs (i hope Song Yi will raise them up knowing that she can't raise even one dog hahaha) Thanks for this wonderful TV series Director Jang Tae-Yooand Writer Park Ji-Eun! :) :) :) wishing for part 2 haha

Janice Olivar I am running out of words actually to describe how excellent this drama was! I, from the Philippines must say that this fantasy romance was a complete/total package, a very well thought kind of story! :) A magnanimous one portrayed by superb actors and actresses! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the entire cast especially the whole crew, the director, producer and writer of this great television series!

KINDLY have the PART 2. <3 We are dying to watch the lead couple have their own family together with their 7 kids (most likely to have super powers too!) and 5 dogs! :D

We will then be PERFECTLY HAPPY! :) Again, PLEASE DO THE PART 2.

Rachelle Yeah! I hope and pray that this movie has part 2,3,4 jus like the twilight. I've alteady watched this and i keep watching over and over again,sounds crazy!but its true! Who ever the writer, director,or poducer of this movie please do some part 2 i'm sure that all televiewers will support you.. Please........ From: philippines

Graxiel Ann This Korean Drama is so worth watching for. I love the story and the characters. Gianna Jun and Kim Soo Hyun are perfect match. Its a unique story indeed. This is one of the best Romantic Comedy Love Story I've ever seen ( next to My Sassy Girl korean version ). Looking forward to watch another Korean Drama from Gianna and Kin Soo Hyun. ^___^

Cinderella This drama is the best korean drama series I have ever seen. I hope and pray that there will be a part 2, 3 and so on for this drama! Job well done to the main actor and actress> You nailed it!

imeren I really like this one! i hope there is another season! that Song Yi and Min Joonhas seven kids like they wished! love it!

Kim-Yoo I love this one! As in SO MUCH! I thought Im the only one who wants to have MLFTS another season/part. My friends told me that I was like a weird and crazy number one fan who cries because I want to have this drama an another part. OhEmGii. I have millions like me who gets crazy for for it :'). Im so glad. But then, I love this. As in REALLY! <3 Part II please :)

MLFTS Fan I love this series a lot. Make a season 2 I begging you please! :D

miyuki wow!!! daebak!!! this is my favorite drama. i laugh and cry like a crazy girl... kim soo hyun... saranghaeyoooo <3

chilon this movie is somewhat unsual from others and I love it. It made me "Kilig to the Bones" as if were on the set. I love all the cast, theyre very good in acting. Just hoping for the best. Well there be part 2 on this?

-well hoping there will.

Eunice Solijon I hope that there would be part two of this..Your fans here in the Philippines are also watching this and want to have a part 2..plsss..I really love this and also that casts. I really miss how they are in this series.. Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi.. love them much..

Jam Part 2 pleaseeee please please :((((( cheon song yiiiiiiiii

Jam Part 2 pleaseeee :(

Grace Part 2 please :)

jea love this drama...part 2 please :)

bangs @wehweh LOL I just really looove how you describe him/her. XD hahaha I just dont think he will comment again because of what you said. XD No more "asungot" here. Congrats to us! LOL Alien couple rulessss!!!

bangs @ELFlaizamae well said. ^^ This series rocks! Punong-kahoy sucks! lol

bangs @aries Yes. She is Jun Ji-Hyun. both played Cheon Song yi ang the "girl" on The Sassy girl Movie. Always play bad-ass characters lol. XD That s why I love her. :D

aries is the girl who played cheongsong-yi is the same girl in sassy girl

jenice paguigan i love this drama very much kim soo hyun is so handsome and omg hes so cute..and also gaiina jhun ..shes so beautiful...they make a good tandem ...more series on them...romantic comedy....

Nellia great k-drama:)))the whole story was really awesome, hope there is season 2,..please:)))Do Min Joon(mateo do) and Cheon Song Yi (steffi cheon) were great couple:)))both of them are really hallyu star...super love this drama:))) Please visit us here in the Philippines...

nhica two thumbs up !!!!

Joseph I love it. I love do min jo and song yi. I hope there is a sequel. Love from the Philippines

Mae This is so stress reliever. So far this is the best. I love it. Love the lead actors. Koreans really did a great job making this kind of dramas. Love from Philippines! :)

mae pasol best korean drama ever !!!!! i love its very much <3 <3 :) :) :D

carol alvarez best korean drama...... <3

shalee I love everything about this drama! Best Korean drama ever!!! Wish i had a boyfriend like Do Min Joon haha! Season 2 please :)

stoked_maj I loved this drama I've watched alot of kdrama's before but this one is by far the best!!! I love the two main actors I wish to see Kim Soo Hyun!!

tricia mae i can't get enough of this drama. i just hope that they will come up with a sequel, having KSH and JJH as lead stars again of course.

Jennaeonni Can't find another Drama to fill my bad days. I love Fiction drama and this is yet... the best!!!!! PLS MAKE SEASON 2!!! I WILL WATCH IT (if only KSH and JJH play again). Hahaha... but seriously, I need season 2 or maybe a Japan version or Anime version. Sorry for the bad grammar

rashmita i really liked this drama a lot.. and i really praise the writer and the director who made this soo.. well.... GOD BLESS..........

Rhaii I love it very much!!!

MHARICEL i really really love it <3 huhuhuhu can't move oooon........

Ayan I just can't move on with this drama. Keeps me thinking every night haha :( Can we ask for a season 2 of this drama? Please?.. I just loved it so much hahahaha I will miss watching this :c

Pearl I love the whole drama. The ending im not completely satisfied with. Were they able to grow old together?

bryan please make season 2 ..really love the drama..and also cool...please please please.....:) god bless..

oni it was really really great!!ilovethis KDRAMA..i want a part 2...

@parkjaeryung this is korean drama is the best! Among all the korean movies I've watched, I think this is the best so far. You can trully feel the emotions of the characters because they're all really good. Thumbs up for Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun :) I hope they'll have another movie together.

jamjam here ! its awesome ...perfectly unbelievable but so hoping for the part 2 please! its the only movie that ive watched with a good sense of story and characters and fantastic dreams..please have a part 2 ....pls...

NikkiMarooMalik This series is awesome.. Love the whole storyline, the twists especially the characters ... Love Kim soo hyun.. I think ALIENS are getting hotter these days.. :)

crisl Everythng seems realistic. Whle watchng this drama i feel like i've learned so many things about life. This is super awesome, this will never be one of the best but the best among the best.

DAPHNEE PADILLA its a must for korea to have AnOtHeR sequel or part2 of MY lOVe fROm THE STar........its really a must due to public demand...or even a movie for both of themas the main leads

Joycuu The best drama ever! I absolutely looooove this drama <3

harthart nice tandem... i love you Kim Soo Hyun;)

more projects to come;) Godbless<3

alistair I watched this movie just now and all I can say is "PERFECT"....This movie touched my heart so much....I am alistair from Philippines...Filipinos will really love this so much....It's nice... Congratulations to the main casts....Good JOB!

scorpion84 this drama makes me laugh and cried...thumbs up for this...

Emeng I cried with the last episode i was sobbing last night. I really love this show!

Emeng I lurve them !!!!!!!!! Its airing here in Phils! I already finished watching this last night! I stayed up til 4am watching this! please another koreanovela like this! Kim Soo hyun and Jun Ji Hyun Please.... Please we want more of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

renzmc i really love this drama.. i watched over 5x.. hahaha.. i think I'm going crazy without seeing Cheon Song Yi Love Her <3 <3

meldrid i really love this drama because i cried a lot and touching drama i love you..

Damajewel I really love this drama it always makes me laugh ,smile and cried alot ...nice drama!!! Haiszt so touching...

janet 2 thumbs up for this kdrama i cried a lot...good script...i love the chemistry of Do Min-Joon & Cheon Song-Yi...more kdrama to come...we love u from philippines

Grace omo!.... after watching episode 21, I googled if it was really the least ep....and so it is..... I was expecting that those dreams of Do Min Joon will be realized.. Looking forward for part 2... one of a kind series!!

Clara @ef.. i agree. the ending could have been better. but this is a great opportunity for season 2 :)

unnie this drama is one of the best i've watched so far. though the later episodes especially ep 20 was quite boring. still the overall story was great. well this is just my opinion but i think this show is too much overrated. maybe because of the actors and actresses??? still a great kdrama. definitely worth watching

Jin I love this drama, the cast, the story, and the effects! I love everything i it. I was so sad when it ended. I wish it could have aired longer. Please give us a part 2 or a second film! Thank you for making a wonderful film!

cindyhernandez This kdrama is indeed one of a kind.. i love this much.. after watchng the 21 episodes i felt sad... i wnt more... i love them both gianna jun and kim soo hyun ..wheeew the chemistry is awesome... i hope they will be having another set of series or movie.. aside from the thieves... wheeeeeewww!-Philippines

Abby Pilipino It's been a long time since I got addicted to Kdramas. Thank you Korea for producing this kind of film. I super love this drama, everything in it. There was never dragging part in this drama. It's like every episode is very important. From Philippines with love <3!

Mae Reformado The drama is very good! Jun Ji hyun and Kim soohyun's acting was the best. They have a good chemistry. Soohyun is so handsome omggggggggg

Aprilleh I really love this drama. Until now I still can't get over their story. I really love Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun love team. Its so real. I hope there will be another drama where they will be the lead cast.

Missriyanna I love this drama. The storyline was simple but unpredicted. I love how kim soo hyun express his feelings without saying anything. Overall this drama was so good!!!

micha Trending korean drama in the Philippines!..

eime Im very very happy that i watch this its very beautiful.thats why this became my favorite korean movie..i want to see kim soo hyun i want to hug him..i already watch this ten times but im not contented i want to watch it over and over again.i wish it'll have part two.but i guess its impossible because guinna jun had already married :(( the way .my favorite part is in episode 16 because thats tha sweetest part that happend i thought hyung min joon will live unni song yi but he didnt andd a veryy happyy ending SARANGHE DO MIN JOON :*

mhiya Daebakkkkkk...I Love Do Min Joonshiiiiii

michael im very impressed, im so inspired the moment i watched this, i hope this kdrama will having a second part.. like getting married, having a kids and do min joon will try anything to make enough to stay to cheon song yi not for just a second but permanently.. this one is the only kdrama will i ever watched in my entire life. :)

vandy I like movie

ahnah nomo nomo nomo choayo do min joon-shi...

yaeht.phils. Great and really impressing!!! I will not forget this korean drama.... It's really funny full of comedy scenes then, after awhile you'll find yourself crying A LOT, huhuhuhuhu!!!! I Love this kdrama so watch it.,.,

kdrama This show was amazing. I LOVED the main leads and their acting.the plot was interesting and it made me laugh through many parts of the story. This definitely was not a waste of time. This drama is a must watch

Clarkdale44 Wow, i am amazed... Such strong uniqueness in the storyline. If you are looking for prime time romantic-comedy then you should go for this. I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed i guarantee that.

Casting was amazing by both main leads. They had a pretty good chemistry and both seem compatible with each other. Still the best thing i like about this drama was its unique plot. Obviously you won't be able to find any drama with alien-human romance anywhere often.

DON"T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS DRAMA YET:- Well, its pretty much great drama, but very unrealistic from my view. For example after everyone finds out that he is an alien, everyone acts like normal like its very common for any alien to live among us. Also if somewhere an alien is found, i think the first one to research on it will be NASA. But in this drama, it felt as alien visiting earth once in a while is normal. Also he showed all his powers in front of public. Don't know guys it felt very weird the way everything goes, specially the ending. Still i am glad i watched it.

I will give it 9/10(Great unique plot, nice casting, fantastic cinematography and CG)

shunrei "you who came from the stars" j'adore trop ce drama c'est la 4eme ou 5eme fois que je le regard et je ri et pleure toujours autant. superbe actrice jeon Ji-Hyeon, elle est géniale et super jolie. kim soo hyun et jeon Ji-Hyeon sont très fusionnelle. (c'est l’actrice qui lui correspond le mieux= il joue très bien et elle joue très bien aussi). j’espère 1 awards korean du meilleur drama et couple pour eux."you who came from the stars" bon courage.

SiriNutji I Very love this Drama 'You Who Came From the Stars' and love this couple 'Kim Soo Hyun & Jeon Ji-Hyeon' they make me heart beat (> <)) smiling, laughing and crying. Cant stop watching them. this is the best K-dramas for me, Very love love. and also hope there will be continue to season 2.

  • From heart for the last Episode (21) i expect more love scene of this couple .. it will make me feel FULL in their love 'Do Min-Joon &Cheon Song-Yi'.

chronicles02 i super love this drama.. made me cry and at same time.. it made me laugh.. especially the clumsiness of cheon song yi.. :D the ending was SOOO GOOOOOOOOOOODD!!! i cried when do min joon will leave song yi.. reminds me of lee gak and park ha on rooftop prince.. aigooo.. but min joon able to comeback although he will dissapear unexpectedly.. by the way HAPPY ENDING!!! :D

MiJi I like the whole package of this drama from the story plot down to the characters. In every episodes, I always notice I'm smiling like an idiot. I can't help myself from laughing whenever Cheon Song-Yi will always praise herself in front of Do Min-Joon and most of the time make a (wrong) conclusion of her own. This drama is not just the typical K-drama that we used to know, it is a drama that has a unique way to capture the heart and taste of the viewers. A job well-done to the characters and to the staffs of this drama. For me, this is one of the best K-dramas I had ever seen so far. FIGHTING! ~

Cyrene This is the best korean drama so far. I've been watching diff kinds of kdramas for almost 6 years now. This is the first drama that I've watched for about 2 nights only. Cant stop watching! THIS THE BEST DRAMA EVER! SARANGHE DO MIN JOON!!!!!!

Abe So far this is the best Korean drama I have watched. My only concern is the ending. For me it doesn't solve some issues and it's a little bit hanging. I hope they would create a part 2 or a finale-like short movie.

Jan Ryan Andrade WOW! I wanna watch this ~~ all the comments are positive. by the way, it will be aired here in the Philippines but Filipino dubbed. I would like to watch this in korean dubbed with english subs. :( But it's okay I'll watch the Filipino dubbed first :D

KimChii Congratulations! This is the best drama I have ever watch and it was definitely amazing how Jun Jihyun and Kim Soohyun act in this drama. Unlike those typical love story dramas, this drama was definitely not predictable and the ending was wonderful~ Cherishing their moments together like it's the most precious thing in the world <3

dramalover no comment all I want to say has already been said by other viewers. :) I feel as same as yours :) " Really hope there will be season 2 !! "

i am malaysia hiii!! it's soooo best drama.. i like it. i hope it has sesons2 the way , i can't believe i with kim hyun soo same age. i hope i can be her friend.. fighting everyone!!

Mirasol This is one of the best Korean dramas I've watched--bested by Iris 1. I also love the team-up of the main characters. This drama makes you watch the whole series without stopping.

emploridel ratings are just number but the viewers are all that matters:D Great movie :D I super like it and I hope it can have its Season 2 :D Ayeeee!! I really like their love team :D <3 super like

overdose This is the best drama I have watched, and please make a season 2.,

B OMG this drama was amazing!:) I really enjoyed it and cheon song-yi was soo funny:'D kim soo hyun has a really beautiful smile!:) I like the story here& all the cast, really good job!:) one of the best dramas I've seen so far. 1# of my favorite k-drama list;)<3

Salanghe..Oppa... Jst fineshd watchng it n i loved it.... Seriously best choice of the main actor... Kim Soo Hyun feeted Perfectly his role(Alien Staff n all dat)....I loved hiz supernatural power n wen he get drunk he gets Pretty funnny....♡♡♡♡♡♡ Best Choice Ever!!!!!!!... I love you Kim Soo Hyun Oppa... Fightingg...!!!

jun ji hyun diehard fan I love this drama so much. Ever since i've watched my sassy girl ,I started watching all ji hyun noona's movies. . . I hope she'll make another movie even though she is already married.  :)

RKM I really love it this story...thumbs up...I hope to have part 2...I don't know it but I really enjoying watching Korean series and movie....

Sakiko-Vee I wish they make the "other country remake". The Japanese Version perhaps? It will totally be amazing!

Jea I already left all my Korean interest behind and started to enjoy the world of Hollywood TV series. Because of this drama, I was reunited with the world of Korean drama again. This is the kind of drama that I really wanted too watch. The story is very straight and fast. All the cast seems knowing they character so well. After watching this, I started to watch the Heirs as well. My friends were rooting for The Heirs and they said that it was better than My Love from the stars. And they were totally wrong. Maybe all my friends already hypnotized by the power of Woo Bin's coolness. But the story? hmm... I don't know, I feel The Heirs is just really...really...really SLOW. (I don't hate it, but I couldn't say that I like it too)

helna yusof SUPER DAEBAK!!!! love this drama so much than stupid The Heirs

otoh i curious about what happen after the final episode ( 21 ep ). honestly , i hope the director of this drama will continue to shooting the season of this drama . I want both of them get married . and new character will exist such as the new evil character that come from star . i want the evil character play by kim woo bin . haha . but this the best drama ever i wathced from korea. thank you @KIMSOO-HYUN and @GIANNAJUN you nailed the character !

T I actually want the ending to let us, the viewers, see if they really could be together like example if they really had seven children because seeing do min joon keep on disappearing it hurts me. While watching the whole series eveytime song yi cries it breaks my heart too. Wish there really is a part 2 but i doubt it. Nevertheless, the series was superb. Just finished watching it actually. Ill rewatch it tomorrow again. Still cant contain myself. I know that people who watched the series still felt attached and still havent moved on! ♥

priboo i love this show,i have been watching it like from one week now and i just love it it is funny(cheon song yi) and the the same time romantic(lee whin kyung)i have finished watching the show and i fell so sad, is like i want to watch it forever.this is amust watch show.

lyn gurion a must watch korean drama. funny cheon song yi & cute alien do min joon. perfect!

park su-in 2days marathon MY LOVE FROM THE STAR...this morning i finished ready watch it for 2 days .now really i miss them sooo badly ....



yullie D.A.E.B.A.K...!!!! Two thumbs up.......excelent.....good job........

Priya Very cool Korean series............. I enjoyed it a lot..... I loved this drama as like anything...... All Team of YCAS fighting....

Lani DAEBAK!!! one of the best series I've watched... :) story line and the actors were really great!. ♥ Mostly , the ending of korean series is just like that ( sometimes hanging, yet the best! ) and that's truly unique !! That's what I like, in the end, the viewers has its own interpretation of the drama.. VERY NICE SERIES!!! In the last episode, I really don't want it to end specially when Manager Do stopped the time once again. But Episode 21 is the "Goodbye" yet new beginning in their life and also to me.. HAHAHAHA, "Goodbye" is something you say in advance. When the end really comes, you CAN'T say things like goodbye..... " ♥ -- I was really hooked by the drama and the actors..! handsome and pretty!! YEPPUDA!

charm finally,i wrap up the whole episodes and i had this weird feelings, a feelings of sadness... a feelings of, i don't want to end this journey empty thought me so much,by being vocal with your feelings like there's nothing wrong about it.. this series is the best of the best,the plot was beautifully explored, the people was characteristically into character.. and i am swimming into so much happiness that it ended well with no speculations.. love lines was superb! and there's no any moment that i don't love jun ji hyun's wardrobe,sunglasses! ahhh, still can't get over right now coz i feel i'm CHEONG SONG-YI! see,this is what the whole thing did to me! :)

Pingkanmarlyn really loveeessssss this dramaaaaa... i was really waitting for the season 2 and the next drama do min jo and choen song yi <3

suzy Perfect Drama!! So-hyun oppa is soooooooo cute and jun ji hyun is awesome. Need a season 2 fast.

nicole must watch drama :D

lilis like this drama love kim soo hyun

lily Ningom i Love this Drama! Kim soo hyun is soo awesome !! GOIN CRAZY =)

Michyou Best drama EVER! Love Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun! Best couple with excellent performances!

Kiran Rana Magar Loved this drama a LOOOOOTTTTT... Mainly the male actor Kim Soo-Hyun... Just finished episode 20.. But episode 21 is not available here in my city... So Depressing... I WISH FOR ITS SEASON-2 with Kim Soo-Hyun in it... Salute you for making this drama..

Mari This is the best I ever watched this 2014. Awesome, the BEST!!!

vivien OMG! simply a great drama! after the very disappointing "Heirs" drama, this was worth watching. great actors and great story line. Loved it

shriya kannaujia I'm in love with this series! seriously amazing.. one of the best series so far! and praying for another season!!.. wondering if cheon song yi and do min joon's kids will have same powers too! waahh that would be so awesome! And song yi's friend hui kyueng must find an amazing girl! he truly deserves it. LOVE THE SHOW

Kim Soo Hyun This is the best drama ever

DMJ-CSY not only best drama in 2014. IT'S THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dazzle Rozi This Drama is A MUST WATCH!! Deserves 10 out of 10!!!! Hats off to the writer, director and casts.The BEST drama in 2014. Praying for a Season ll. The chemistry between the two leads is too good that they deserve Best Couple of the year and there was never a scene a boring scene. I'm feeling so empty and lost after this drama came to an end! Please make SEASON TWO!! I thank each and everyone for the making, uploading and subbing of this Excellent drama. Even Better than Master's Sun IMO!

Dazzle Rozi The BEST drama in 2014. Hats off to the writer, director and casts. Praying for a Season ll, where he can come back and stay longer every time, till they have grandchildren. The chemistry between the two leads is too good that they deserve Best Couple of the year and there was never a scene a boring scene. Sorry to say, but compared to the worst two dramas in 2014: "Marry Him If You Dare" and "Passionate Love", there was no love lost when they ended, I'm feeling so empty and lost after this drama came to an end! Paleeeeez... make SEASON TWO!! I thank each and everyone for the making, uploading and subbing of this Excellent drama. Even Better than Master's Sun IMO! This Drama is A MUST WATCH!! Deserves 10 out of 10!!!!

starlight This drama .. I can't tell on mouth.. its really Perfect.. song yi the best.. she got all the character.. Romantic, kind, funny,brave... ... Its so touching..

JOY LOVe the drama.. especially Kym soo hyun.. he is sooooooooooooooooo cute.. wanted to how they work out at the end.. wanted to watch part II pls..:)

dwi very niceeeee..... kim soo hyun ^_^

rahel very very goooooooooooooood drama......gianna jun was very very very goopd in drama she acted very good.....and kim soo hyun was cool...............

Nadila Firera please You Who Came From The Stars Season 2. because The Drama is Verry Nice and Funny. I Really Love This Drama.

ruvie7 the best kdrama ever love KSH and JJH,they are absolutely the best, just cant get enough of this drama!!!

Greg Really good, funny drama. Never boring. Loved it! The lead actress is so amazingly funny you forget that you're looking at someone who is acting...and when you remember you laugh even more. Really good.!

Angel Daebakk! Really love this drama >< and soo hyun oppa acting is so melt my heart ^^

fella it so romance kim soo hyung, you very handsome {} and I like your hair in this drama. love you

rinuza I love it so much >_< Thinking 'bout Do Min Joon. Watching over 3 times and still love and love it. Will be the season 2?? Min Joon being a human. and happy ever after with Song Yi~

erlina tan I love it so much. At working time also think about it. Ha..ha.. Just like Harry Potter w hypnotised me. Watching it on and on and never get bored to see KSH and JJH. Love you both...

caemae best dram ever..and one and only my favorite i finished it in 2days and now repeating every ep. over and over hahaha do min joon and cheon song yi is the cutest couple ever..please do another korean drama together please please please..i love u both..

LovesYWCFTS Omg.... Completely agree with @kim41287... This is the only K-drama which I've watched this over 10 times already and I still get the same emotions and I'll never get tired of it. Good ending, but I'm hoping and waiting for the season 2 to be filmed with the same cast so that I see that Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon get their wish (7 children, and 5 dogs with the house in the outskirts of Seoul that is big enough for the big family)... I'm a crazy fan of Kim Soo Hyun now XD and this drama is really 짱!:) This drama will definitely win a lot of awards in all the drama awards (e.g.: 2nd DramaFever Annual Awards and 2014 SBS Drama Awards)... Good job, and congratulations to all the people involved in the drama, you've worked hard~ And your hard work has paid off as this drama is a massive hit! Wow, can't believe that it was watched 14.5 billion times... >.< HWAITING! 기대해 별에서 온 그대 시즌 2♡!

Catya One of the best Korean dramas ever. I love this drama so much and I especially love the two main leads. I can't get enough of Cheon Song-Yi and Do Min-Joon, I loved their chemistry together. I will definitely encourage people to watch it!

kim41287 You Who came From the Stars is the only Kdrama that i've watched 2 times! wow! Great story, actors and a very good ending! number 1 on my list! Good job to the whole cast! :-)

ruvie7 one of the best dramas ever JJH and KSH are soooo cooool!!! cant get enough of it!!!

CSY I give this drama 100% rating!!! and nothing else comes close... after watching more than 50 kdrama, this drama will reign on my list for a long time...

bisoye . Am In love with the drama. Its full of suspense. Love comedy and its own tragedy. Good work. FIGHTING!!!

dadz . . . .daebak . . . . . in just ten days i managed to watched it 4 times already . . .and guess what? .. it still hunts me . . . . .. .. . . .i think i'll never get sick watching this drama . . . .. .i hope that sbs would continue producing such dramas . . . . . . . fighting!

gaby brilliant story, never get bored to watched every single episode, i love you Do manager and Song Yi!! Daebak!

koreandrama_lovers Cute couple...nice story and one of best drama i've ever watch..

Do Min Joon Insaner Aigoo!! I am kinda newbie in watching korean drama, but at the first time I watched this drama, I fell in love with the story. this the best drama that could flow my tears down. The best thing after watching it till its end part is, I appreciate more for those who love me and the ones i loved. i like the actor and the actress (Kim soo Hyun and Gianna) they are so sweet. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! i vote 100 percent!! DAEBAK!

LifeChanging This drama is the best drama I've ever seen. The greatness of it is beyond words. Watch it and you'll understand.

Victoria Best drama ever...Kim Soo Hyun shi...saranghae yo...

Jess Lim This is like the best drama ever omaigoddd!! Song yi's character is just so cute and funny <3 I'm waiting for season 2!! <3 <3

Nienie this drama so amazing..wating for the season this drama so much...

Nienie Waiting for the season 2..this drama is so this drama so much..

banananutella we want season 2 pleaseeee! pleaseeee! season 2!

SLee Love: the beautiful leads, especially Gianna - there's something natural & breathtaking about her beauty in this series, and not forgetting the beautiful sets, beautiful clothing, etc

Chemistry: More friendly than romantic compared to the other younger man-older woman leads in "I Can Hear your Voice" and "Faith"

Series: the "alien" concept is interesting but the following story-line's so-so

Acting: kind of like the acting of the 2nd leads better as Gianna can over-act sometimes and Kim So-Hyun...well, let's just say he's tons better in "The Moon Embracing the Sun"

Ending: somehow fell flat with the 20th ep a bit draggy. Not enough build-up for a climatic end (although the finale kissing scene was more real and sexy than the other previous lip-touching scenes). Was personally hoping Do Min Joon would end up being "more human" and being able to live on earth but has to give up his super power and grow old instead - But of course there would be a final scary moment of thinking he would die if he stayed - this would make more sense as they were already build-up elements in the series showing him losing his powers slowly.

DV I hope there will be other season or at least special episode like play full kiss. I hope...

Nyle I have been watching Korean Drama since I was in college and It is my first time writing a comment... This is by far the first KOREAN drama series Ive ever watch that has NO DULL MOMENTS... From Episode 1 up to Episode 21... You just wanna keep watching til it Its like I don't sleep at all just to finish all the EPs... TWO THUMBS up and MORE THAN 5 STARS RATING! ^^ All the actors and actresses are EXCELLENT in their roles!!!

Luxy Hopefully, sequel of man star will with the same cast even more handsome faces :D

Ozmo Park Hae-Jin... wow!! Fallen for him big time. Brilliant actor... and what a face!! *swoon* Going to watch everything he's been in. Park Hae-Jin my new #1.

Ozmo Fallen big time for Park Hae-Jin... wow what a face! My new #1. Brilliant actor!

Molita I really can't explain how much I love about this drama.. Actually this drama is very very excellent. Even I cannot watch itt while it was on air, but after all episodes release, I spend my whole day just to watch from ep1-10. I never did that before with other drama... But this time I did. I love the actor and actress who can act so much naturally like a real life. I sometimes cry while I was on my way to school as the time I think and imagine abt the scenes in the drama.. This drama line is a very new one that can trufully attrack my feeling ^^ after finish ep21 I will watch it again.. :) I will wait for SEASON 2 and I wish the director will change the actors like in Dream High 2.. Plz keep same actors ^^ 별에서 온 그대 많이 사랑해

dadz . . . . . .. . . . ....I'm really mad not because i didn't like the drama, it's because my dvd player got sick because of restless playing this drama . . . . . . .hooooohoooohooooo . . ... . it's ultimately daebak . .. . . .. .. ah jae hyeon and park hae jin . . . good supporting actors . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . .. .. . . . .. . . ...kinda watch it again . . ...

Jose I hope the second part I liked asher have to part 2

KSH_fan I miss this drama so much! why why it is already over why! o-tou-kai! Kim soo hyun my love i'll be missing you! come back quickly please

Tiffany I became a fan of Kim Soo Hyun, I'm fallin in love with him. This drama is DAEBAK, actor & actress, story, OST, really amazing. I'm little bit diasppointed about the rating, whyyyyyyyyy? this drama is so good, but why the rating is not above 30%, this drama deserved the rating about 40%. I hope this drama become DAEBAK in other country. Love You Who Came From The Stars <3

Ricki I can't move on with this Drama up till now:(((( I wish there's season 2 or better yet another drama with the two leads togather...they look so good together.

saranghae Do Min Joon Oppa <3

Indonesia LOVE THIS DRAMA. But whats the ending? Why? Are Lee Whi Kyung and Se Mi ?? Hmm i hope season 2 coming soon :)


Yesterday (Wednesday) was HARD! I woke up with a void in me knowing the show won't be there to greet me home after I get back from class.


But seriously guys, is this normal? I still can't let it go ='(

kimchi That kiss at the end daebak! incredible,magnificent, superb, excellent, brilliant drama.Thank you writers , actors and all the team God bless you

Rainbow I'm from the Caribbean and I truly loved this! Can't believe its over.....*tear*

ddelv is there any behind the scenes about their CG/VFX?

fuschiah It will be the best kdrama for a long has set the bar too high... I stop watching other kdramas because they feel too lame after you watch YWCFTS.. the industry needs to catch up fast...

kanoe ..watching this drama is highly recommended..The quality,uniqueness and the casting is wonderful... ..I am a Filipino, but it Doesn't Stop me to love it.. ..It's rare for me to leave comments online,,makes this the first..and I'm sure this is worthless 'cause the whole production should be praised.. ..I Totally admire everyone,esp. to the writers,(who ever thought this concept) they were amazing people..... ..Hope you guys will continue making shows ,'cause we,I will Surely. Totally love it.....


Iffah Zoeya They're using samsung galaxy note 3 ^_^

jl does anyone know what kind of phone they were using?? :)

akio This is my 1st time to comment for actor and actress. I've never been crazy on any actor or actress before and not even a fan though.. But i really love this drama idea and best of actor and actress. (Successfully to make me wanna be their fans).

How ugliness and rude style of 'Jun Ji Hyun' are what i love the most because it is what make her famous and funny and still funny cute and pretty.

'Kim Soo-Hyun', I love his acting and role in this drama. Really suit them so much and love and love and love and more than a love.. hhaha! All the best! Cute cool guy

Park Hae-Jin you are cute and handsome! Yoo In-Na You are pretty and cute too!

Keep it up!

moy i really love n enjoy ths drama.. hope will be the next sequel <3

Terry What a great drama! Will there be another season?

MIRA Am in LOVE with this drama .. one of the Best Korean dramas I've ever seen.. it has the Fantasy, Science fiction, Romance, Comedy, & Thriller- it has it all.. just my type :D Kim Soo-Hyun was AMAZING as usual, and Gianna Jun was so Funny.. both actors were great and believable; they made me so much involved with the story.. I was like crying, laughing, worrying, and being happy with them :D Hope they get together again in the future with more dramas.. Actually I hope somehow there would be part 2 :) I did really enjoy it to the max.. so sad it was over :'(

Sheddlie This drama was so amazing, totally in love! So sad when it ended though, but left me with a good feeling. Kim Soo Hyun is amazing <3 Great drama


the story and pattern of the drama- beginning is like rooftop prince, ending is similar to how my girlfriend is a gumiho ended

iceflowerz i really love this dramaaaa.. Amazing perfect wonderful korea drama ever.. Thanks to the writer who write this drama.. I really hope there's a season 2.. I can't move on.. Just watch this drama again,, hahahaha

Anne SUPERB! TWO THUMBS UP! The best Drama ever! I fell inlove, I cried, I laughed, I'm amazed... Wooahh, l just can't describe all the emotions I've got from this drama! I really love the main characters, they were awesome!

yenni Daebakkk!!! I really love this drama... I've even love it from the 1st episode.Really really amazing with the story idea and the actor and actress such a really great in their acts. Song Yi is so funny and Min Joon is sooo cool!! They're got the chemistry!! I've keep laugh at Song Yi's acts! The director and the script writer are So Awesome...!! Howcome they're made such a wonderful drama... Fighting!! Warm Regards from Indonesian korean drama's Fans!!

jaril This is very great drama... The ending is really amazing! After watching the Ep20, I cannot think of a scenario of its EP21… How will be their relationship when Do Min Joon will be back to the stars? How will Cheon Song Yi live? At the first part of Ep21, when Do Min Joon was emotionally saying his reminders to Cheon Song Yi, I was predicting of a tragic ending… But it turned out, I was wrong… The ending is so grand and unexpected… That even Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi are from different world, they can still live happily and harmoniously… The writer has incredible and broad imagination and made the ending fantastic and hilarious… Even though the drama is a fantasy/fictitious, it just manifested how great LOVE is…that two persons who may have huge disparity and many differences, but because of LOVE can still be united, agree and complement… And I know, words are not enough to describe and explain how satisfying and enjoyable I am in the watching the drama, especially the unanticipated finale. Kim Soo-Hyun had improved from his acting as Lee Hwon in The Moon Embracing The Sun… Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun acted so well…they are nice couple… THUMBS-UP!

Lynnie This was and forever will be the best drama I have ever watched! The chemistry between them was superb, and it's the first drama where I have never skipped, even a little bit, especially the intro. I'm telling all you non-watchers of this amazing drama, WATCH NOW!!!!!

herbmom The most fun drama, ever! We laughed out loud during every episode. This was charming and witty and very engaging. I am so sad to see it end! Well thought-out, well acted and directed, well written.....I can't say enough good things about this drama. Kudos! Thanks for making this drama!

JC I watched the two leads in 'The Thieves' together and totally loved them so I was really anticipating them getting back together again. Of course they didn't disappoint, their chemistry was so heartwarming and amazing. Even after this drama ended, I'm still thinking about the beautiful journey and missing it dearly, it definitely left a memorable impression on me.

Don't miss the epilogues at the end of each episode (I made that mistake), sometimes there are short funny skits and then there are continuations of a special moment that you don't see during the episode.

park su-in when this drama is ending ,i feel my life so empty ,i do know why ?when i watch again this drama ,i feel like there's something missing and i burst out crying.maybe i too miss them soo much..sometime i feel that is last drama both couple filming together,but in the same time i hope and wish in future they can pair up act together in the next project or either they making part 2 of MLFTS,i still feel not enough see them especially the ending,i really2 like to see they married n reunite again in 1 family but that only just exist in my ever i really miss them so much  :'(

Daisy Drama is great, well-thought and executed. There were moments where I became "..." (due to too long and unnecessary conversations) so many flashbacks twists which was amazing but became a formula lately in each episode which became too much and expected by the people. but it stayed on a high note from beginning to end. But still, not as perfect as Secret Garden's magic.

test @Jemjaayn LOOL cause i don't like something you like , i have no taste? stfu , cause you don't know me , everyone has their own opinion of everything, and if you don't like mine just leave.

Jemjaay LMAO I never said there's a law??? Clearly I'm just trying to say that you have no taste. Jun ji hyun is amazing. FOH

Marianne I am still suffering from withdrawal syndrome

Azalea The ending was AMAZING. Even without a second season, I'm really satisfied.

comwacom I finished watching ywcfts in its release date i think this drama was really good loved the plot with aliens stuff loved the supporting caracter lawyer jang the bad guy huy kyeong and all everybody played really well but i think the begining and the middle of this drama was better the end was not as good as my expectation i would have liked if do min joon could have become more expressive and open up to kang soon yi but anyway such great quality in this drama i watched a few like this and i believe korean will be able to do even better in the futur ;) But i like kang song yi and do min jun especially soon yi who make some amazing movie

parkminhee best drama after the moon embracing the sun, everything was perfect, i wish it was 24 episodes.

lol @Jemjaay if i don't like her i don't like her. tf? is there a law that says everyone has to love her?

Mari Amazing drama ...with the BEST ending <333 I LOVE IT <333333

Gem_06 Cant get over...I miss them already. I'm imagining Do Min-Joon and Cheon Song-Yi with their half human-half alien children :D

shin18 wonderful actors with great director and writer .. hmm .. ♥ really lucky to watch such a superb drama ! ✮_✮

mrm I'd give 98 points out of 100 for this drama. The casts were cool and professionals. Also the plot was nice. But.. somehow, for me.. a 'happy ending' still unacceptable. The ending was not bad. I just.. mm... I think a 'sad ending' suits it the best. It will be the best drama with a 'sad ending ' ever. And if it was a sad ending, I've prepared some tears, haha I'm just kidding.

Jemjaay And who ever doesn't like the female can get out of here. Tf? Who doesn't like jun ji hyun she's amazing smh go home and read a book lol

Jemjaay Hoping for kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun to be together in another drama their so amazing together I fell in love with their chemistry I totally ship them and my all time favorite is this drama it changed my point of view on all k dramas !!!

=test and im a masters sun fan and i do not like this

lol i would of watched it only if they changed the female lead, she's mad annoying

Grace I can't believe that it ended :(((((( there are no other good dramas. It needs one more episode. What happens to hui kyung and I want to see the wedding!! It is the best drama I've ever watched, better than the moon embracing the sun

rubychloe First time i thought their age gapes will be a problem. But their acting are covered it up. If u r master's sun big fan, u will like this too. I like that kind of women at first place, not a melancholic one lol. Fashion, plot, and ost are too good to be true. This drama thousand miles way better than drama before this, no offense :p

ka.mi Dear Writer-nim, PD-nim, Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, co-stars: Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful story!!! It is definitely the best drama I have ever watched. Great acting from all the actors and actresses! KSH and JJH are the best!! <3<3<3<3

Alienish I seriously could not think any other drama could top YWCFTS... This drama has the best OTP, cinematography, casts (even the supporting roles are so good!!), fashion style, most skinship. It's just so perfect in every way. And the fact in each episode you could laugh and cry within short span, that's freaking amazing. Thank you PD-nim, Writer-nim, KSH, JJH and all the casts and crews for making this drama to happen. It's the BEST KDRAMA in my heart...

Kate This is the only Kdrama that I've watched that can make me cry until it hurts, cry until I can't and show a wide range of emotions. All within the span of one episode :) A very great drama! I am very lucky that I have witnessed this kind of drama. Thank you for the wonderful experience! May you continue to make people happy, cry, laugh and everything!

Scarlett This is the only Kdrama that I've watched that can make me cry until it hurts, cry until I can't and show a wide range of emotions. All within the span of one episode :) A very great drama! I am very lucky that I have witnessed this kind of drama. Thank you for the wonderful experience! May you continue to make people happy, cry, laugh and everything!

kresha i can't get over w/this drama...after master's sun...this was the best amongst all dramas.also w/ CHEUNG-DO couple...i cried my heart out w/the last 2 episodes.for me,21 episodes is not enough...we need season 2 for this amazing and fantastic drama....:):):)

sri sutarti I really liked this drama ... when jun ji hyun and kim soo hyun play together again ... I'll wait for the next drama ...

Lia Hendrik I love this drama ... So awesome ... This is the best drama this time I watching it ... Giana Jun and Kim Soo Hyun ... You are the best ... !!!! Your acting so awesome and cute ... I love and like it ... This drama didn't make me boring ... This is my favorite drama when I watch it ... Hehe .. Wow ... So fantastic and amazing .... Okey ... Give much thumbs up for you guys ... Love you all ..!!! The best team work for this drama I give ...!!! Wow ....!!!! Congratulations......!! I don't know how to say ... Huuffhhh This is the best all the best korean drama guys .... Wow... Thank you so much ....!!! Wow.... Laugh .... Cry .... Smile .... Hahaha .... Great story .... Again.... Much ... Much ... Thumbs up for you guys team work ...!!! Love you all.... Pool ..!!!! ^^

Vicky OMG...AMAZING... I Don't know how to say...this the Best Korea drama of the year.. Excellent drama ever, Excellent actor (KSH),Excellent actress(JJH)...they are sooooooo....good acting(the best couple) Good job Director (JTY) beautiful from ep.1 till the finale.... CONGRATULATE......the best of the best

Nou-Nou Do anyone know what the song in ep. 20 in the ending? Can you please tell me! I love that song. Thanks, this drama is the best one I even seen before! Can't wait till tomorrow because I'm watch the last one tomorrow! OMG! this drama is ending & I'm going to sad because I going to have notting to watch. Hope it's a happy ending, thought.

LAdy one of the best dramas I've ever watched, almost in every episode is amazing, always made ​​laugh and cry by this drama. a happy ending and get a high rating, I would miss acting Do Min Joon and Song Chun Yi, Hope Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun paired again in a drama series or movies....

Tiec one of the best dramas I've ever watched, almost in every episode is amazing, always made ​​laugh and cry by this drama. a happy ending and get a high rating, I would miss acting Do Min Joon and Song Chun Yi, Hope Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun paired again in a drama series or movies... Thank You

Nali BEST DRAMA EVER !!!!! I loooooove it ❤❤❤ I'm going to miss them ... Oh no I miss them already :( The best couple they look so cute together Well good work and thank you for this good and beautiful drama ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

PeterV It heart warming and beautiful. It made my week. The actors, Kim Soo-Hyun & Gianna Jun were amazing. They were a beautiful couple, they showed tremendous chemistry. It was beautiful. Great drama, I enjoyed it with all my heart! <3

PeterV It heart warming and beautiful. It made my week. The actors, Kim Soo-Hyun & Gianna Jun were amazing. They were a beautiful couple, they showed tremendous chemistry. It was beautiful. Great drama, I enjoyed it with all my heart !

porscha I just finished the last episode and I cried like a baby!! I told myself i wasn't going to cry but i bawled my outs. I think this whole series made me cry a lot. Lol I have to repeat what everyone said. This was a masterpiece!!! The storyline was soo good!! I don't think there's anything to critique about this drama. It was perfect! The couple had the best on screen chemistry I've seen. I wish it didn't have to end wahhhhhh!!! The ending was definitely bittersweet but a perfect ending to a complicated relationship between an alien and a human. I love this drama sooooo much! I hope these two pair up again soon. I love them together!!!!

Dawn DO MIN JO, DO MIN JO, DO MIN JO (screaming it!!!! snot and tears flowing!!!)...don't leave me!!! Okay, I feel somekind of way. I hate that this drama is over....but I know all good things must come to an end. BEST DRAMA SEEN BETWEEN END OF 2013 AND EARLY 2014. The last 2 episodes really did it for me...I cried so freaking much, I had to put the "peas" over my eyes the following morning.

If only all writers were this clear minded when they are crafting a script...everything was clear and the story never deviated from it's focus....I so appreciated this. Some writers can be all over the place, starting with one plot and then weaving in so many other plots that the original overall storyline is forgotten. This was SUPERIOR WRITING AT IT'S BEST!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WRITERS!!!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!

I agree with everyone whose already said this drama was the best! I agree with everyone whose said they wished it wasn't over! I agree with everyone that said that kiss at the end was a OMGoodness Killer!!!!!

It was fun commenting and reading some of the various comments left about this drama and the actors and actresses. I have become a new fan of Gianna Jun, Hong Jin-Kyung (the comic store owner and later manager to Yoon-Jae), Ahn Jae-Hyeon (dude you were amazingly funny...loved it, it's only ashame it came so late in the drama...but better late than did bromance good!!!), and Kim Chang-Wan (Lawyer Jang...fantastic friend and fake abeoji (fake father)) I so shipped all of these relationships.

Anyways, I wish all the actors and actresses the best of luck and can't wait to see what's next from each!!! Hope to see some of you fellow commentors on other drama pages!!! I'm off to Inspriring Generation now!!!!


Gem_06 Ep 21 made me cry. I'm sad knowing that it's already the final episode but happy as well because it is a one of a kind korean drama with an unexpected but perfect ending for a human-alien relationship. Kudos to the whole team especially to the writer. And yes! this drama is a masterpiece :)

Hoping to watch Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun again real sooon.

Daisy Just finished watching the last episode, and i must say that it was the best ending the writer can come up with! This drama should get first prize on all the awards, best kiss of the year, best couple, best acting, incredible good story. I really hope to see soo hyun and gianna in another comedy/romance drama in the future, those two have the best chemistry ever!

funke6 Please am to sad now, please it can't end yet. Please add another serious with 30 more eps. DO MIN JUN.....CHEON SONG YI Please don't gooo, 가지 마세요, gaji maseyo

star This was the best drama ever :) :) :)

AnotherStar* we need more drama like this.. I was crying the whole time watching the last ep. T-T great job on this drama love love love it!!

Elnaz Loved it...EVERY THING in this drama was perfect , it's my favorite drama so far <3 <3

iso am I the only one who feels kind of sad that I won't be seeing Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Jun every week after today? I'm gonna be missing them!!

fan It was an awsome series............ LOVED IT..... LOVE U Do Min Joon and Cheong Song Yi LOVE U BOTH and hats off too writer for an amzing ending it was an unimaginable ending loved it

  •  :) :D

cutesherry I believe countless people already called it a masterpiece, and I shall repeat it again! Such a masterpiece!

I've been watching korean dramas for many years now, and many moved me, made me tear up, laugh or get bored too (haha), but this one really touched me, never bored me, never made me fast forward to one scene or another, every little piece of it was truly precious. This is one of those titles that you remember, from which you don't just 'move on' to the next drama and leave it behind. I believe it will stay in the memories of many for a very long time. I for one, will not forget it.

Now, more concretely, about the ending. I think this is the most 'believable' happy ending they could come up with: him leaving would turn it into a tragedy forever, and I don't believe this is what this drama was about; for him to just magically be able to stay on earth 'just because' would have been unrealistic, same if they made him more 'human' (by making him lose his powers and start aging for example) which would have refuted his whole existence in the drama as an alien, and also one of the messages of this series: Love is not always Perfection, the one you fall for might have unexpected flaws (so do you yourself) and difficult things about him/herself that can't necessarily be resolved or cured...but looking beyond that, accepting the differences and being happy, feeling sincerely blessed with who you both are, is True Love.

Many things weren't answered, but I believe it's because they simply can't: he is an alien = he will still not age, he will still get sick if exposed to human fluids and he will very likely be around for a very long time should he manage to totally stabilize himself, which I believe he will, so she will eventually outgrow him...this is a thing that makes this ending bitter-sweet, but I decided to not think about it, to trust they will find a solution, and only remember her words, about being Perfectly Happy.

BornToBeNae I really loved the ending, it was unpredictable. But I really don't think this should have a seaon 2, cause they wouldn't know what else to put in the drama, except the romance between DMJ and CSJ. This is like an open ending, leaving us to think about what happened after. And I really like that. Daebak drama :)

Gunn More than 700 comments daebak!

xoxoJazmone This is one of the best Korean Dramas I've ever watched. This was a great plot and I loved this story so much. This drama is NOT cliché and it is unpredictable. The ending was very unpredictable, and I'm pleased with it. I really love the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun and I absolutely love their kissing scenes. Their kissing scenes were passionate and real and you really don't see a lot of that in Asian dramas. I'm going to miss Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. It will be months or even a year before they get a new drama!

beigechick19 I will miss you both Min Joon ang Song Yi! guys are great!...loved100x this drama!..loved the ending!..congratulations on a job well done!...XOXO!!

Nic Daebak! love the drama, I thought it would be a weird drama with alien story, but I was wrong. Love all the cast, and the ending too.

faten doctor this the best drama ever everrrrrr no other drama can't even compete with this one

Nur_Hidayah_my Unexpected perfect wonderful ending! DAEBAK!!! The best drama to commence 2014!!!

fucshiaheroine ALL TIME BEST KDRAMA!! OTP with the best chemistry and most kissing scenes! Just perfect!

faten jeon ji hyunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn <3 <3

Adriana I love it ... very good. but I want to see Part 2 please. I'm a fan of Jeon Ji Hyun. because she super funny and very crazy. hahaha very good. xD.

j.JY this is the best Korean drama ever I've seen with my eyes. I think i will miss this drama a lot. Thanks kdrama.

my personal rating.

Overall: 12/10 ;-)

Saranghae..Gianna Jun

pink perfectly done, from beginning to the end, for me its epic, subtle yet strong...

adele Good ending .. I like acting Gianna Jun :*

Tina good ending... i will miss the time waiting for the sub to come out every Thurs and Fri :)

aniadion good ending~^_^

Park Su-In congrats for MY LOVE FROM THE STAR family ...its big achievement for the early new year 2014 even now in February already..this is the best drama i have ever watch since rooftop prince ..compares THE HEIRS.this is more good,adorable,wonderful,got many best/excellent scene,got funny ,love, sacrifice, friendship,betrayed n many ever i will miss this drama n especially all the casting who contribute in this drama ...mostly i will miss Do Min-Jun n Cheon Song Yi.i miss u so much even that is finish ready...i hope i can see them comeback together in future ..<3 u KIM SOO HYUN & GIANNA JUNE :'(..

skinnydipshit I don't know how to say goodbye to this drama. It's the best of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melissa I love the whole season...I very much appreciated the story from E.1 till the finale. that i feel love around me..thank you so much for letting me watch such a wonderful story. All i can say, it's the BEST!!!

Park_Lioshi BEST DRAMA EVER! I WISH THEY COULD WIN THE BEST DRAMA AWARD! THEY DESERVE IT! DMJ & CSY are really good together, WISH that they win the BEST COUPLE AWARD T^T <3 if you didn't watch this drama yet, don't hesitate you really should watch it, you won't regret any moment of this drama ~ since EP1 till EP21 nothing boring ever happened, it's exciting till the last moment!!! REALLY I CONGRATULATE the writer-neem for this drama, it's one of the BEST! LOVE IT!!!! <3

melissa I love the whole season...I appreciated the story that i feel love around me..thank you so much for letting me watch such a wonderful story. All i can say it's the BEST

starrynite Excellent drama ever!!! Excellent actor (KSH) and actress (JJH)!!! KSH, JJH please don't say goodbye to us...... hope to see both of you TOGETHER in the next project, but don't let us wait too long, ok?

renoira Just say thank very much, this the great drama ever to star this years Thanks

Hanna so good drama.

Sally Really love this drama,but when it comes to the end,I just feel like, there is something lost in my life,I miss this drama,so much...feel sad...

niizuma @rbkben the ending of this drama seems like its setup for a movie sequel and not a drama given the time commitment required from both leads to produce a second season however with the dramas popularity throughout asia and other parts of the world i can see the possibility of a movie in the future which ties up some of the lose ends and gives the audience the 7 daughters 5 dogs ending everyone wanted for what has turned out to be the best kdrama ever made so now she should just drop the mic and walk away from dramas forever how can she possibly top this performance in another drama ? jjh has now starred in my favorite romantic comedies be they movie or drama on a sidenote she should never attempt to make another american movie again because the last few she was in where soo terribly written oh 1

taziacha This drama is totally awesome!! I love the ending so UNEXPECTED!! I cried so many times in the beginning of eps 21 but at the end i'm so happy. Congrats and thank you for the PD and writer all the crew artists. You guys doing so great and amazing! And I hope ksh-jjh will re-unite again on their next project xD

niizuma @rbkben the ending of this drama seems like its setup for a movie sequel and not a drama given the time commitment required from both leads to produce a second season however with the dramas popularity throughout asia and other parts of the world i can see the possibility of a movie in the future which ties up some of the lose ends and gives the audience the 7 daughters 5 dogs ending everyone wanted for what has turned out to be the best kdrama ever made so now she should just drop the mic and walk away from dramas forever how can she possibly top this performance in another drama ? jjh has now starred in my favorite romantic comedies be they movie or drama on a sidenote she should never attempt to make another american movie again because the last few she was in where soo terribly written oh

Dianne Truly fantastic love story with a twist :) I loved every minute of it from beginning to end, and I could watch another 21 episodes. Everyone who had a part in this drama should be so proud of their accomplishments... they all were top notch! It will be so hard to miss seeing the characters I've enjoyed watching weekly... Best drama I've seen in a very long time! Thanks to all for the memories that I will remember for a very long time...

sheila BEST Drama Ever!!

myrna Best Korean drama I ever watched . Kim Soo -Hyun and Gianna Jun are amazing!! I enjoyed every episodes!! Kudos to the director and the whole team!! Hopefully there will be SEASON 2

Luv This drama was absolutely adorable and great! I cried so many times because the scenes were just TOO cute! Happy TEARS! I absolutely enjoyed this drama! THank YOU!

Cindy Best best best drama of the yr. season 2 please

RBK Ben No doubt that this drama is the best drama ever; it's a master piece. I really enjoyed watching it :) ... I'm going to watch it over & over again & won't get sick of it, it's my favorite <3 <3 the 2 leads are the perfect couple ever, their acting is almost flawless. It was perfectly done that I totaly believed it; I must say this but now I'm officially in love with "Kim Soo Hyun" <3 <3 <3 one thing is that they should add one special episode better than a sequal for a perfect, a satisfactory and an ideal conclusion. thank for this drama I really enjoyed it; thanx again :) :) :) :)

kath I wanted my hybrid babies!! Half human half alien... I'm so sad right now :( I need a season too with the hybrid kids levitating things and causing trouble to their parents... :(

boo season 2 2015 !

Mimi Awesome, Awesome drama! Please No second season, they are never as good as the first. I'm okay with a second season if it can top the first- 100%. And I highly doubt that.

jc i think there is season 2 .... i like it very much season 2 please .....

Mimi Awesome, awesome drama!:-) An okay ending, i guess, but overall it was very well done. Differently one of the top dramas ever! :-) It's definitely one of the dramas you have to have in your collection.:-D Oh, and please DON'T make a second season! !! It has been proven over and over again that is never as good as the first. Unless they are 100% positive it will top the first.

Sha perfect ending. I'm gonna watch the whole drama again very soon... tonight maybe hahahaha

xzh the ending is just a perfect start for a sequel~!

Skin md Season 2 please!!!

Jen Is there a possibility of a second season? This drama was phenomenal and different from typical Korean dramas.

Jen Is there a possibility of a second season? This drama was phenomenal and different from typical Korean dramas.

shaiha perfect ending! I just love how it ended :-) the best kdrama so far.. i'll keep re-watching this until i'll get tired of it... but it doubt of the getting tired part lol.. amazing chemistry from the 2 leads, hope they'll have another drama in the future :-)

Sol This is one of the best K dramas I have every seen and I have seen a lot. If you are a true fan of K dramas this is a drama for you. My Love From Another Star is a drama that will make you cry, laugh and leave you with good feelings at the end. Not only does this drama keep you interesting to the end it also has one of the best endings that I have ever seen in a K drama. Again this is a must see!!! Great Drama

Catherine I just saw the ending and i really like it but i think it lacks something, i don't know! The only thing i know is that i didn't want this to end! I loved this drama!! Amazing story, amazing actors! Everything was just perfect!!

LJLoka NOT SATISFIED WITH THE ENDING. Gossssh! SAAAAARRREEEY! Just stating my opinion. Its disappointing on my part.  :((((

But still, one of the best kdrama so far!

Gianna Jun is an amazing actress, I LOVE HER!!!! and of course, the undeniably "whole package" Kim Soo Hyun! I really hope there will be more projects for the two of them. They got the chemistry and all.


Gnelles Please be in more dramas Gianna, you are an amazing actress Saranhee

Zuzii This drama is AMAZING! Like REAL JJANG! There's not a thing that I don't like about this drama! I cried a lot! I laughed a lot! Kissing scenes were amazing! Every scene was amazing! I even started to like Se Mi(role character)! This drama will win every AWARDS for sure! This drama makes a lot of money, has made and will make! I just hope Jun Ji Hyun won't have marriege problems, because I think her husband must have been jelous a lot! Even if she is a profesional actress, still. Those kisses seems real for us, so for her husband. Hope everything is doing fine!

Tami_girl OH... I really wanted to watch the last 2 eps... are they available in Eng sub yet?? Hope Do Min-Joon and Cheon Song-Yi will be together and have a happy ending!!!

Angelina The ending was so good but so sad!!! It didn't look like it was the ending though )': Ughh ... Best K-Drama ever!!! is Heirs but still!!!! I cried throughout the whole episode of 20 & 21

Moose Was reading one of the comments and it said this show is way better than The Heirs and I gotta admit, ITS TRUE!!! This is 100x way better! It's funny, it's sad, it keeps you on the edge! The story flows well throughout the whole show. Can't wait for the eeeeeennnnnnnddddddiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg! Hahah

Jem For some reason I don't really like the ending, THEY NEED SEASON TWO OT PART TWO I still love this drama though

Stasi I am patiently waiting for episode 21, and I am hoping for a happy ending! I love this drama and I am going to be sad when it's over. This drama is way better than The Heirs, yes I said it and what! LOL!

melissa Is there really part 2 of this drama

melissa is there really part 2 of this drama

Alienish I'm feeling numb now with the end of this drama... It's the best kdrama I have ever watched and it's just so sad to say goodbye to it... Thank you KSH, JJH, PD-nim, Writer-nim..all casts and crews for make this drama possible!!

Florence saw in twitter that Sandara park appeared in the last episode... Weeeh! So I searched for this kdrama and it shows it has good rating.. will watch this. phew!! waiting for English subs though. Lol!

Tharu007 This drama is brilliant. the two main actors are a great couple. Even though I'm dying to know how it's gonna end I just can't believe today is the final day. Seriously I love this drama. Every week I wait for the episodes but sadly it has come to an end.

Tharu007 This drama is really amazing. the two main actors are a great couple. Even though I'm dying to know how it's gonna end I just can't believe today is the final day. Seriously I love this drama. Every week I wait for the episodes but sadly it has come to an end.

xmelonio goshh, this is really the best drama ever.. i'm so in love with their storyline. eventhough, i will miss cheon seong yi and do min joon ... erghh.. this is the best drama... goshh. good job.. i should say that i hoose this drama over the inheritors.. no offense

park su-in daebakk....!!!!!!! this is the best drama i have seen since i watch the all k-drama ...really happy n ever i will always miss the Do Mini-June and silly Cheon Song-Yi...i will always miss them n others character in this drama,,perfect sooo happy until my tears out ,,,kumasemida writer nim ,,kumasemida ...:'( ..:) ...

limonicaaaaa OMG!!! This the most daebak drama everrrrrr!!! jinjjaaa my favouriteee!! kim soo hyunnn saranghae oppaa!! love this drama infinite and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i never watch this kind of drama in my whole life!! you who came from the stares man se!! xoxoxoxoxo

limonicaaaaa OMG!!! This the most daebak drama everrrrrr!!! jinjjaaa my favouriteee!! kim soo hyunnn saranghae oppaa!! love this drama infinite and beyond

chicca simply AWESOME*.* forever on top on my favs list:D


cris Pleas let them live together....

charlene I love this drama specially Kim Soo Hyun. His such a good actor.

Nova Rina nice drama and I can't believe today is the last episode. I think I'll miss this drama so much. Kim Soo Hyun oppa you're so hot in here :) saranghae oppa

PS: Cheon Yoon-Jae a.k.a Ahn Jae-Hyeon you are so cute person. nice to see you

Pahiola Excelente drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! amo sus actuaciones

Pink Well,, I think if anyone talk about bad things related to this drama, everyone here will definitely bash him/her. Hahaha..

All I wanted say has been said here in the comments. Love Jun ji hyun and Kim soo hyun so much!! Love this drama!! :D Congrats for the crew and all the actors&actresses!

Mimi Great, great darma! It will be the perfect drama of all times if it has a perfect ending! Please don't ruin it give it an awesome ending;-)

Kaye I love you Kim Soo Hyun!!!!

Sky Zoeya Whoaaaaaa.., and i thought 20 is the last episode i'm going to explode with the last few minutes of scenes.... it such a relief there's ep 21 on the way............. anticipating the best ending!!!!!!!! And hope, there will be another similar drama like this, again!!!!! Korea Fighting!!!!!

MJ one of the best drama i have ever watched...:XXxxX i cant believe the last ep is tomorrow... i am really sad... love kim soo hyun & jun ji hyun...XxXXx

Goodending Plz Plz Plz let it not be a crappy ending! PLZ PLZ Let them have a happy ending!!!!!!! This drama has been one of my most anticipated dramas!!!

DMJshi The ending of 20th episode is so sad ;( the video clip that Song Yi made is funny but I felt like there is a huge stone sitting on my heart... Pls pls let them have a happy ending... T.T one more ep only :((

Daisy Amazing cast, Kim soo hyun and Gianna Jun. This is definitely the best K-drama i've watched so far!

Daisy Amazing cast, Kim soo hyun and Gianna Jun. Definitely the best K-drama i've watched so far!

ajh I love Gianna Jun...she is so funny...she made this drama snap crackle and pop....and kim soo hyun plays a great alien. .hahaha. ..I cant wait to see the last two episodes. ...this drama has been a pleasure to watch. .thank you to the cast for all the hard work..."fighting"!!!!

RuLz i love this drama and cant wait for the ending :) one thing i love from kdrama is i dont need long time to watch the ending. even the movie is so cool in the start, it will be bored to watch it too long. i prefer another series with this two great actor be the main caracter :)

Ladywolverine Two words: A M A Z I N G ...& .... L O V E.

lyn First of all I would like to congratulate to all the crews& staff that create a good drama with new method of innovative ..and Kim soo hyun played the best role determined the success of these stories. Playback dynasty era vs the millennium era was the best creative work for all of the staff.The comeback of gianna Jun also the success of both main player of these drama. Congratulations and hope to see this k

cindy The story line ----- loving it The chemistry------ killing me and right now am head over hills in love This drama need to be extended 201 episode is not enough for me to extinguish this burning and the yearn for more... Pleaseeeeeee

melissa this drama series is like all in one ,Why is Korean so many stories to tell the world? So Amazing I love it...and Iam satisfied..Thanks a lot More power...

MJ Do anybody read our comments that want to reply comments?!!!! why dont pay attention to what we are saying?!!!

we love this drama and we want to have more ep than 21...

Shawn Yeah the apartment switcheroo bothers me every time I see it, there's just no way to explain it. This is one of those shows I will miss when it's over, very well mix of themes to keep it interesting. Instead of just a straight mystery or romance drama.

BTW, does anyone know the make and model of the white car Lee Whi Kyung drives?

kresha i so love this drama...hope it has season 2.the cast are so fantastic...especially choendo couple....:):):)

mary of bethany hi, gals and guys... try to gather more supports please.. please try "Soon Yi and Min Joon" to hit above 30% viewer rate.... better if can break SBS record ! all cheers to the ONE AND ONLY SOON YI ! Jun Ji Hyun is the ONE AND ONLY actress that fix this role of SOON YI perfect like hands in a glove... none in whole korea female actress can mesmerize us like her, there is no actress that breathe like soon yi in real life even.... she walks into set and walk out of set, like no trace of acting in her.... Min Joon is genus to single out her for the role.... SMART Soo Hyun ! and super charming the two HYUNs.... just like soon yi can't be replaced by none... Min Joon is perfectly breathed by Soo Hyun.... scene after scene it just break your heart to see him controlling himself so agonizingly, weeping inside him.... beautiful reserved acting. (unlike DreamHigh... never think great of him there) Please hit over 30%.... let's all work hard to acchive !

Gem_06 The best! You'll never get bored watching every episode because the story is really great so are casts. So sad it will end this week :(

aida a very nice drama on the show and especially the realization sceines JJH and Kim hyun soo cute Itis his acting is perfect and simple setsent really realste everything is on its yex they are really expressive Bravo Bravo also JJH she is charming etfait well sympha roles sad and really laugh c is a regale I am sad because this weekend are the last two episodes I hope very soon see another drama Ksh

mei I just started this for a while (last thursday actually) and i'm already in the episode 18. i just so loove this drama. I soo love kim soo hyun.  :))

Park Su-In

'( :'( :'( i really2 sad because after this i can't see Do-Min Joon / Kim soo hyun..we will be missed them so much ..i really hope if i can get partner like Do Min Joo sshi :'( ..i really love his character..Kim Soo Hyun so adorable and his act as Do Min-Joon look like he really Do Min Joon but not Kim Soo Hyun..bogoshipdaa :'( the ending i do know ,just pray heart the ending will not make disappointed especially to viewers and fans !

MJ i agree with mehrdad... this drama is wonderful and it must not be ending...

((( ...

mehrdad it's a wonderful drama this drama better and more beautiful than ''the heirs''

Joel Hilarious drama. Please if you have an imdb account can you also rate this drama there? Just search "You Who Came From the Stars" on imdb. Thanks

You can also take a look on the message board, there I explained why this and many korean movies are purposefully voted down.

It seems like yesterday cheong song yi met do min joon on the elevator AHHHH I'm gonna miss this show so muchhhhhhh :( need season two

Elisa The Best Drama , So Cute this drama must be endless,seriously... i really love this drama and i dont want this week be the last ep... Love Do min joon

Liza This is the 3rd drama that really captured my attention after "Ghost' and 'Master's Sun'..great acting by Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, and all other supporting actors/actresses..can't imagine how the drama will end. Would it be sad or happy ending??

kyven This is honestly the bessssstttttt kdrama i've ever watched... It is so different from all the k-dramas i've seen in the past.. there were many good dramas, but this is the best.. It includes all kind of emotions, Happy ones, sad ones, funny ones, hilarious ones. This is honestly the BEST DRAMA EVER !!! please watch it, YOU WON'T REGRET. this is worth it! trust me.

Park Su-In started last thursday i feel like sit on the fire..can't wait until this thursday ..i hope n pray heart Do-Min Joon will not go back on his planet n stay together with Cheon Song-Yi n hope their wish to became true for happy life...the writer putakkeeeee :/..please don't make sad ending n this drama look on the way like rooftop prince ..the write chaeball,chaeball :'(..i can't accept if this drama became the worst ending ..chaeball :'(

dminjoon the best drama ever.

melissa please happy end

sajan @bubblemilktea consider this. The balconies are not at the back of the apartments, they are in the front. There are only two apartments per floor. when looking from outside at the balconies, you notice the tree planting area. The lift lobby is behind this. His aptt is still on the right, and her on the left. Her aptt wraps around the lifts on the left, and comes to the front balcony.

bubblemilktea It's unimportant but keep disturbing my mind. When we see from the front door, Do Min Joon's apartment is on the left and Cheon Song Yi's on the right. But when they're on balcony, it's switch. I just confused.

MJ this drama is best ...

its too bad that it have 21 ep...

this drama must be endless,seriously... i really love this drama and i dont want this week be the last ep... LOVE Do min joon and cheon song yi

Imanovemberbaby please extent it up to episode 24 please.....

Maria If you like Master's Sun, then you will love this drama. The best two for year 2013/2014. The chemistry between both leads are fantastic. You can really feel the connections plus the comedy, suspense, the tears and even supporting actors/actresses are good. A must watch drama.

empress Luv dis drama...nd I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested.

aerinz I agree with @littleshopping . This is BETTER , BEST ! Than The Heirs . Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun is the real best couple ! Do Min Joon <3 Cheon Song Yi

aerinz OMG ! I really love this drama , and I'm shock when reading the rating ! It's all 20+ % ! Cheon Song Yi & Do Min Joon <3

huge fan weird but this is the first time that i need to search for the rating of drama and what i've seen here make me soooo happy cos it goes excellent

RuLz i love how CSY try to make last memory of them. it's so touching...I really like her last words in eps 19. And I really cant stop to think she has marvelous character in this drama. good job !!

Stacy I have to mention this, if DMJ was living with me he would never have recovered from his kissing illness.

stacy I have truely enjoy ever episode. This is so refreshing, its like having a long drink of water after a desert trek. This drama has excellent actors/actress, superb script, great sound track, and fabulous waldrobe. I'll accept the final episode which ever way it goes because in real life even with men who aren't from the star we sometime have happy, sad or fairytale relationship. If you're looking for refreshing exciting, bite your nail, cry our eyes out and laught out loud dramas try, A Gentleman's Dignity, Secrets and Can we love(new, but exciting so far).

Cath Kaye So very proud to shout out loud, that I am a Die hard fan of You who came from the stars, K drama!

Jani Oh my God!! I super like and love this drama for so many kdramas i have watched this is so far the best!! I enjoyed every episode of this and never a sec i bored myself.. I hope there will be a part 2!! The cast is good esp. Kim soo yun the story is unique since i love fantasy drama i highly recommend this one!! I am sure soon this will be air here in the philippines!! I really love man from the stars sooo much!!!!

ctle This drama is to good. i lov hw kim soo hyun acted in this drama. he is so cute.i wish i could meet him.Here in our place (manipur(india))so many people r crazy abt kdrama.i wish if he could come to our place .

Rennie hi..I hope its a happy ending drama..I barely have time to watch korean dramas but for the sake of this drama...I manage to find my "space" every wednesday & thursday.really love the couple n hope to see more of them very soon...

littleshopping Better than inheritors. Best couple !

boo Dear Writer... Please.... we need My Love from Star 2.. This is An Excellent Drama.. THE BEST EVER....... !!!!!!!!THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF FANS IN INDONESIA Need this.........♥♥♥

Gorjuz The perfect drama ever!!!! So love the story, the casts and the scenes! Hoping for the perfect ending too!!! So love episode 19!! So Love Do Min Joo And Cheon Song Yi!!!

Shalee I've been so fed up with American tv that I began watching cc foreign programming and movies. Discovered this show and laughed or cried as their vulnerabilities were exposed. As the show is moving towards its inevitable completion I like how the writing has Cheon Song-Li mature in this relationship. Broken hearts are the same no matter the culture. This is a great drama/romantic comedy

Joyce The drama is amazing. At first i wasn't gonna chase the drama until the last two weeks or so. Just in case i suffer from any drama sickness. But it just got popular. Even famous starts and host in China started to blog about this on their weibo. If you type in chicken and beer into Wechat (Chinese social network like LINE) it snows haha :D

I like the script, the plot is new/ never done before. The writers did a really good job. I really hope there's a happy ending.

The acting was great too. Not only from the main lead but the supporting cast are great too. Kim Soo Hyun's acting skills improve yet again. His glaze were so intense. Jun Gianna's acting was soooo awesome. I think she does a great job with the character. He made it so fun to watch even though SY is a bit hate-able in the beginning. SY's brother is so funnny too. Great job for the ET reference haha. And i love how Hui Kyung grows in every episode of the drama. Lawyer Jang is so great, esp acting like a father and all. Nice going!

P.S. did you know everyone on the cast is older than Kim Soo Hyun. And he got to be the 400 yr old alien. So ironic

pink actor and actress are really good, the chemistry is... speechless..

acid I always love to watch Kim Soo Hyun's acting. And as far as I know, his drama always had a good story. Dream High, The Moon Embracing The Sun, and now.. If I compare with The Heirs's story, this drama (my love from the star) much more better!!! Can't wait another drama from uri oppa Kim Soo Hyun..

Jun Ji Hyun, DAEBAK! She's pretty, gorgeous, and have a great acting being Chun Song Yi, "Silly" hahaha..

10 STAR for this DRAMA!

mISs S Ohh I forgot to mention about the kiss scenes between lead actors..... they had actually shown to other kdrama actors that "THIS IS HOW KISS IS DONE"..... We felt their emotion... it wasn't awkward or cheap... it was simply romantic and spontaneous and expressed the right amount of emotion required for the scene.... Gone are the days of awkward onscreen kisses in kdramas.... Great work Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun. You guys are true professional and great actors. Please continue to do such great work in future... DIEHARD FAN ALL THE WAY FROM NEPAL (COUNTRY OF MT. EVEREST)...

mISs S Awww I love this drama... The chemistry between lead actors is just so incredible....Evrytime I watch it, it gives me goosebumbs..... hatts off to the writers, directors, screenplay, actors and all the crew.... whats an awesome presentation (especially the scenes after the end of episode... it connects many things that explains the happening in the episode)..... Every character has its own screen space... no character have been left out or forgotten in midway.... classic love story with classic villian... I really don't want this drama to have an end.... but if it has to end then plz writers give happy ending... i really won't be able to tolerate Do MIn Joon and Cheon Song Yi's separation. Over these 19 episodes, I laughed with them, cried with them, cursed the evil one and eagerly waited for next episode. BEST DRAMA OF THIS YEAR.......

noushin definitely...this drama is many ways batter than' the heirs'...probably lee min ho ranked 1 on the popularity i come to feel that lee min ho is like the far away star that we cant touch...his stardom is beyond any question....!!!!!

but kim soo hyun...who resembles this drama that come from another planet ...seems to be more like us...he is not a star far away....he is the shiny star beside our closest person or the person next door....who is caring and passionate....:D

jun ji hyun is an unbelievable sassy girl to this drama...just amazing.....

plzzz give this drama a happy will be one of the legendary drama of korean drama history....the writer...this drama worth it....:)

Foodie This drama tops all the dramas I've ever seen. The plot isn't even that complicated, but the acting, the writing, and the production is incredible. It appears to be very well thought out..definitely looking forward to the last 2 episodes.

Ugh and I adore the contrast btwn Do Min Joon's subtle expressions and Cheon Song Yi's animated ones-- so different, yet equally passionate.

NIknok can't wait for the next and last episode but really don't want it to end.. make a sequel please.. :) :D

Park Su-In if i can meet the writer now,i will ask he/she please make Do-min Joon & Cheon Song-Yi stay together alive and hope their dream became true ..chaeballl :'(..when i watch the 19th eps really make me crying a lot because Cheon Song-Yi ask Do Min-Joon to return from somewhere he come ..ah really feel so terrible :'(...she can't see Do-Min Joon die and better he go back sadd.:'(

ki who took 1st rating in nation wide ?? arrrrrgh .....

Park Su-In Kim Soo-Hun sshi- please come to Malaysia , many fans waiting for you include me ...pleasee ....bogoshipdaa

Ozmo NOTE: Must watch AFTER end credits so you don't miss vital scenes !!

fit this drama is wayyy BETTER than the heirs!!!

menchu my owrst nightmare has arrived... in episode 19 she finds out he will die if he stays so at the ending when he proposed she asked her to leave... what a way to end the last episode next week... definitely this drama doesnt beat the moon embraces the sun i hate it am sorry... whats worst he exposed it to the public that he is an alien by teleporting in the hospital with Gianna Jun... how do you expect to fix that? terrible writing...there are a lot of western drama that they hae happy ending even if they are bewitched...or super heroes..why couldnt you keep it a happy ending?? the reason why people watch dramas is because our lives are not as perfect as the dramas keeps our fantasies alive... not burn it... great torture!

renaisance last 5 episode is poison..really great

connie Kim Soo Hyun and Giana Jun are fantastic actors. Is good to see them together.Hope Kim Soo Hyun include Malaysia in his list.

wardah codding well, I am totally captivated by the acting of the lead roles: Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi. they succeed in building the chemistry. Daebak! i am in love with this drama...

Manda This drama tops the heirs. It's EPIC! I love the characters, the story fits so well.. I admire Do min joon for being very sophisticated and old fashion :) and Cheon song yi for being very funny and crazy. All main actors and actresses are very handsome and beautiful. Please- i pray that it will be a happy ending :)

Niken Indah i am very like korean drama! i didn't pay much attention for episode 1 from 15

chuu~ i didn't pay much attention first when i saw episode 1 or 2. well my imagination of aliens (not my fav) make me feel like this drama gonna get boring but now i addict to this drama as well. can't wait for new episodes,, curious about what will happens. hope happy ending for them, but with a realistic thought not too 'fairy-tale-like' story .. love soo hyun here.

menchu i am really so sad that this drama about to end.. i will miss the wednesdays and thursdays when i watch out for them to come to the screen when I get home.. gives me hope that love can be found... i wish that their love affair isnt only on screen and that Ms Gianna Jun wasnt married because they both look great together... am so afraid of how this drama will end .. i hope a good one that we can last us years before we see them again and not miss them so much... i hope that the ending isnt something we only assume... i hope the writers can create something we can go home to... i love you both! Good JOB

hafizhat I really 2 can not wait for this drama because i love my favaurite actor Kim Soo Hyun. I hope he can come to my country Malaysia. Thireach001 I love you so much kim soo hyun are so cute n you so much

lida Love you so much Kim Soo-Hyun, you are handsom and lovely you...this drama it so good hope that Doo Min -Joon and Choeng Song Yi can live you so much Kim Soo-Hyun :p...;p

lida I love you so much Kim Soo-Hyun, u are my supper star, like all your action, u are so cute n you much

iso I was put off by this drama initially because of the alien theme but it is still on the top of my to-watch list because I am a huge fan of JJH and KSH.

After I started watching it, I am so glad that I didn't push it away because of the alien theme! This drama is AWESOME! I loved the bimbo-ness character of CSY and the cool character of DMJ! <3 <3 <3

Great chemistry and great talented casts! This is a must watch for everyone!! I am only on Ep 6 but I'm hooked!!

Snow this drama is going to be in the top list of my dramas to watch xD

rosemarie paclibar i luv kim soo hyun... he's a very good actor although this drama is good he doesn't really show his full potential not unlike his other drama where he emotes well... this show is meant for the lead actress .. she does all the talking ....

Sica Narisya :D Awesome Sauce ! love them both, our Soo-Hyun and Noona Ji Hyun .. had a Perfect Chemistry and Leading actor & actress .. All was mixed up , Romance + Comedy and always .. make me Dream .. Chukahae , My Love From Another Star crew :D

Nikai totally CUTE.. this is one of the best dramas ever.. both lead stars are awesome.. never had a boring episode. A perfect mix of all; history, science, fantasy, comedy, romance, crime and celebrities. I LOVE! <3

Mary Frances Almonia Wow...the ratings are really high! I just wish whenever there is an alien related show/drama/movie,it must be a super duper good looking just like DO MIN-JUN...Hehehe! One word for this Kdrama....AMAZING!

maknae This drama got me hooked the first time I saw it. I think the whole sci-fi ascpect of it makes it really unique and worth watching. The actors in this drama have a lot of talent. There is so much emotion that I get so caught up into it and I find myself crying in every episode. There are also many funny parts. Overall this drama is amazing so far and I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. This is definitely one of my favorite dramas ever!!!

iis resky kim soo hyun and gianna jun so couple :* i like it never bowring to watcing you who come fro the star. :* i love u kim soo hyun

bish awesome drama....having a hard time waiting for the next episode. great to see gianna jun back to her sassy avatar. too bad she is married already.....will always be cheering for you,saasy girl

hyun HAPPY ENDIIIINGGGG PLEASEE!!!! I cant handle my heart after seeing prev 18. sweet but why I feel it will be sad. ottokeeee.............:'(

hyun happy ending please!!!! I can't handle my heart after seeing preview epi 18. sweeetiie but why I feel it will be sad

huili do min joon oppa and cheon song yi unniee saranghae, really hope that will be happy ending for this dramaaaa....

park su-in i really2 afraid about the ending...i not ready to accept MY LOVE FROM THE STAR is in the end ...Do Min Joonnnnn....Do Mini-Juneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Kim Soo Hyunnnnnn...Kim So hunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :' (

boo I really hope it will be Part 2 of My Love from Star. I dont want this drama to end.. please...please...all fans vote for this.... !!

저슬린 This drama has me in pieces. I was hesitant initially to watch this drama, as the whole "fantasy alien" thing didn't exactly sound appealing. However I was proven wrong by episode one. This is wholeheartedly one of my favorite dramas I have ever watched. The chemistry between Cheon Seong Yi and Do Min Joon....daebak. I am absolutely awful with names, and to do this day, unless I look it up I could not tell you the names of 99% of the characters in all the kdramas I have watched (including the leads). But with YWCFTS i have Cheon Seong Yi and Do Min Joon's names permently engraved in my mind (figuratively).

anyways, let me get into the specifics of why i enjoy this drama. Beyond the obvious ; this drama pisjes beyond the norms of most dramas; this drama teaches it's viewers that companionship is a neccesity. It's similar to Doctor Who in this way. The Doctor is hundreds of years old, and despite his efforts cannot find comfort without the help of another(i.e a companion-such as the lovely Rose Tyler). Likewise, Do Min Joon is also hundreds of years old, and despite his firm beliefs (initially) that love and a need for others is an illusion. He's proven wrong when Cheon Seong Yi comes and changes everything. (we discover his realization, of course, in a rather unsettling way that makes the tears flow like no other).

Beyond Do Min Joon's issues with love, he also makes many other claims about human existence that are once again proven wrong by Cheon Seong Yi's doings. Ultimately-i could write forever abouy this- YWCFTS is an amazing drama, that will be praised for years to come.

Astraea Oh, god! I hope no one mind me sharing this tid-bit of info I heard:

  • possible spoiler*

-- -- -- -- -- Fans have spotted and took pictures of DMJ looking to buy something at jewelry store....some even reported that it looks to be a DIAMOND RING! Lord, someone catch me while I *faint*

wai yar..... director.... if you don't make the happy ending properly, i will fly to korea directly and kill you ( don't be mad at my comment , i just lost my mind when i think the tearful ending that you are going to make... you won't do like this right, you will make it happy and lovely right ?? )

i have finished up to ep 14, oh my god, DAEBAK .... that's only i can say .... ( can't find any words to express it ) .... the kiss scene in the snow and his dream in bed and her dream in hospital driving me to cry... TT__TT

there's something i want to say, even he couldn't kill that evil guy, why he did not beat him dying.. as long as he can't kill him, he can beat him right ??

all the characters in this drama is so good at acting every single characters ... no wonder why it is rating 1st, it should be k drama explore epic in k drama history...

To my dear Director and writer >> if you see all the comments from the fans,wishing how much they are looking forward the happy ending for this lovely couple, make it happen .... Make it Happen.... or not ... you will never see tomorrow sun rise ever again... ( just lose my mind kidding :P ^_- )

KSH_fan Hey guys, i am so in love with this drama that i am regretting for watching it already!.The ones who didnt watch it yet, will have the chance to discover!! snifff sniff :( anyways let enjoy the last episodes...Happy ending writters please!

And also KSH i am falling deep deep in love with you since the moon embraces the sun, you just too cool

Gianna Jun you just so funny and beautiful, you almost perfect lol, plus do more dramas ok? with KSH if possible lol or song seung sung, you  will make a great couple too.

God bless you all! <3<3

Babs Sheppard Thank you for giving us this awesome drama. I love, love this drama, but I hope and pray it ends right. How about them living happily ever-after in the end. I mean come on, it's sci-fi, anything goes So many things can happen to make this happen. You can cause an accident or something to happen to change his molecular structure. whatever you do, please keep Do Min-Joon on earth with the love of his life. And what happened to the other Aliens that came with him? It would be nice if he bumped into one, or one showed up. I see this as being the most awesome drama in Korean history. Please, please continue to do this drama justice. Loving it!!! An American fan, Babs Sheppard

hanna this drama seriously is the best drama I have ever watched, I hope that it was much longer, then I could be with it much more time

Lindsay Jung One of the main reasons why a lot of girls love this drama is because they can relate to Cheon Song Yi. She's truly one of my fave characters ever!

Rose ann Can i have Doo Min Joonshi in real??? =)

Rose ann i always feel the excitement before, during and after watching every episode..every scene is soooo great and love the leading actor&actress..however, im so wandering what will be in the end? can't wait ^^

Mina wahh this drama is daebak seriously i can't wait for new episode , i hope they will stay together at the eng . The actors are really great  :)

fuschiah this drama is the dead of me. It's so good that I can't seem to watch other dramas now because everything else looks so lame...

secret DAEBAK !!!!!! bcs this drama i can't sleep i can't eat well !! and i must wait 'till 2weeks !! omooo !! die die die

rayfu Have just realized that it has already been 17 episodes. Only 4 more eps remain!! Dammitt im so sadd.

택국 Fan I would say that this drama is not only perfect role but also perfect technique. Lastly, my appreciation here is to thank all of u for filming such a good drama. 감사합니다. 마은에 들어요.

hnin i have only watched 10 ep till now. only 10 ep is available in my country. I can't keep calm to wait for another ep TT__TT.

wei lian I love this drama so much....... I hope they will have a happy ending

Syakira OMG! extended by 1 episode?? why not 10 episode !! GOD, Luv This DRAMA <3 <3

Kim No Ra Waou! If we have a part 2 that will be great! and also i prefer CSY to be get pregnant because she will be so funny when delivering the baby and when she will be carrying the baby lool. Hum Hum?? writer please

Kim No Ra Waou! if we have a part 2 that will be sooo good! Who will plaay their child?? ah ah and also I prefer CSY to get pregnant because she will be so funny when delivering the baby and during all the process ah ah

ManFromMars LoveFromAnotherStarPart2 is in the drafting board. MJ and SY had an earthling wedding. After a romantic honeymoon, SY found MJ one night with high temperature. He was not sick but LOL he was pregnant. After a week he delivered a single egg that hatched into a cute Humalien after another week. Because the baby carries the genetic code of MJ, he grows super fast but his face will stop aging at 25. This drama will dwell on the mischiefs of the super child and the misadventures of MJ trying to be an earthling father. There will be lots of laughs with SY and her brother trying to cope with the child who will be smarter than them at age 7 (or 10). There will also be plenty of romance with MJ trying hard to become a romantic earthling to his wife. The viewers will gasp in suspense when MJ and the child met a life threatening situation when MJ will find out whether or not he has totally lost his power. Will the child who is half alien have amazing powers? Stay tuned for the details.

angelito final perfecto... hacer todo en la tierra...y que se vayan juntos a la estrella de dmj....

Androucka To Wai i love what you said about dmj loosing his memory and csy trying to have him recover it. that should be extremely funny i trust csy for that lool.

 I think that dmj will not died if he stays in earth but will become a mere human and will loose his powers instead??? just guessing

but because of the end of épisode 16 while csy was waiting for dmj for a 100 days anniversary, i think dmj will leave eventually and come back at this moment, because we didnt have a follow up for that.

And if they give us an extra episode i expect something very cute and funny!!

And also if they can have a baby with superpowers in episode 21 teleporting himself anywhere and panicking his parents and scaring people!! lol and he will make his mom fly over his head ah ah Fighing writers! happy ending pleaz

wai Happy Ending in my imagination is dmj surely goes back to his planet and leaves csy behind, yet , after a few yrs later, dmj comes back after he competes his duty in his planet and he chooses to be human rather than an alien.

dmj and csy will meet at the cliff where they had first met, and csy will say, i won't let you go this time ♥♥♥ na na na happy ending ( or not if you want to see them together a little more, then, we can make like that > dmj comes back to earth but he loses his memory behind and can't remember csy, there will be a few funny scenes how csy makes dmj to regain his memory hak hak )

i do wish the happy ending for two of them and humbly request to writer and director to make it happen pleassssseeeeeeee

ane i hope it will be happy anding, did'nt want do min joon back to the original planet

tya yeah ep 17 is high score rating.... i think effect bae suzy... i hope happy ending and bae suzy come,hahahha

mary of bethany please, for once give a happy ending break K-Drama records of breaking up perfect couples in past, from Ijimae to Dream High to Bridal Mask ...neverending of making the perfect couple's girl die or leave or just simply no ending-kind of ending (hanging ending)..... enough! please make Do a human and stay behind... or make Song Yi follow him back.... or just make both die together if really needs to "kill one of them"..... just keep them together in sickness in health in life in death !

kimhan Please make a good ending that would make this drama is the best in k-drama history

Sung Any idea for a good ending: Mine - choen sung yi has do min joon's baby but somehow she makes him go back to his planet.

Tori LOL loved the Dream High reference. Making Min Joon look at Suzy like she was an angel was freakin hilarious.

Aja hoping for a perfect and happy ending for this drama...

rai Funny,sweet and heartbreaking moments rolled into 1 beautiful episode..can't wait for episode 18..♥

Dewinta Wish this drama has a happy ending... A good drama with a sad ending is so annoying :(

Petra OMG I love <3 it, can't wait for Episode 18 so heart moving especially watching on Valentines Day thanks for sharing FIGHTING

smitten this drama is amazing in so many ways. It's not flawless but it's perfect! It's got everything you could ask for from a romcom drama.. and the fact that it has the best leading couple in kdrama history...

DramaLover Can't wait for episode 17, hope they will release it today ..:((((((((((

Nathania Allen Just finished watching ep 16 almost cried lol im such a sap. hope it's a happy ending. Love this drama. Can't wait for the next epi. :)

Olagbaju opeyemi Dis film is very lovely, pls am expecting season2. Both oppa and unnie and does who perticipate, i love u all..kip it up

sara the 16th episode was very good!!!!!!!!.I can not wait for ep17^-^

park su-in i'm really nervous about the ending ...i hope the writer didn't turn for the bad ending..the love between Min-Joon n Song-yi so sad..they can't too happy especially Min-Joon time to go back so near ..a'aaa really afraid...:'( ..chaeball hope the happy ending especially for Song-Yi and Min-Joon love who waiting more than 400 years...... waaaaaaaaaaaaaa wanna cryy :'(

kiki @awdsagaet, thank you very much for your explain :) Yap, after commenting here, i watched the drama again ( btw, only 10 episodes are available ) so i think it again and .. it's the same as you ... anyway thanks xo much

i heard Suzy will take part as well ... that's so bad i don't want to see her here.

@langit >> ahn jae hyeon is really one year older than kim soo hyun ?? ( wow wow wow... ♥ ^♥ )

Mari Bae Suzy - ep.17 ??? Really? Omg i cant wait for 17 ep..This drama is AMAZING!!

Langit omg, the interaction between do min joon and cheon yoon jae is so cute. "can i come again" kya....*daying* i can't still believe that ahn jae hyeon is one year old than kim soo hyun.

Shakira I love Ji Hyeon in this drama!!! She is so funny!!! Her comedic timing is spot on and she doesn't overdo it!!!

Shakira Ji Hyeon is so funny in this!!!! Her comedic timing is spot on and she doesn't overdo it!!! Love her!!

NOnne Like this drama so much,,, hope this drama get 1st rate till the end...

duminjun sorry, but i have looking for the violin background music when there are in suspense scene...if somebody have it..could you please shared...T_T

prettycel I'll be going to watch this if its happy ending haha And yoo in na is here.. ohmygod!~~ i love yoo in na.. she's the cutest korean actress for me hehe but from what i read to the comments below, she seems bad here :( anyway, i still love her ^-^

vivi Dalsabet's member too did a cameo for ep 3

loveyourmomma I love this show sooooooooo much! Anyone considering watching it should definitely do it. #1 on my drama list (:

hehes BEST DRAMA OF THE YEAR!! i've rewatched all the episodes everyweek before the new episode comes on.. the best.. Gianna Jun never fails to impress with her acting..and so does Kim Soo Hyun.. well done..

Kyla Hwi Kyung-shi! i hope you deserve a better person but not Yoo Semi. Haha. Sorry.

MalaysiaFans Please make the happy ending. Jaebal!!

Melynda Fairman This is a freaking superb K-drama. Omg omg omg. You guys have done an awesome job seriously I love it.

poL @NoO suzy will be on episode 17.

cheon they say that it will air on february 13 2013

NoO i didn't see suzy in ep 13 ,,plz tell me where cuz i watched the drama over 5 times till nw and i wanna see her but i can't <3 <3

Leeyun i'm totally falling for this drama. i can't wait for the next episodes. imagine, i'm even kinda considering right now that it is totally gorgeous if a i meet someone like Do Min Joon..hahha..I think i'm going crazy!

sora well, if only superman have a girlfriend like cheon song yi LOL (me hate lois lane ^^). my heart is stop beating for 5 minutes at the end of episode 15. if they have a lovely dovely episode for the rest of 5 episodes i think i will need a doctor XD and what is the containt of special episode?

lovesuzybae Yay Suzy my love <3 I miss suzy with ksh HyunZy Jjang

kellylove Suzy is a cameo really amazing news, I have not watched the drama but I'll see the episode of suzy. I miss suzy with ksh

rozz Suzy cameo on ep. 13. :/ I know its just a cameo but we only have what? 5 to 6 eps? and everything's going smoothly between MJ and SY now. ( well im hoping MJ will confess elready after that kiss from last ep) I WANT TRUE LOVEY - DOVEY SCENES BETWEEN MJ AND SY!! not always a dream. I dont want anyone to interfere. thats only my opinion. sooo :/

HJojoojo Is Suzy in episode13?

awdsagaet @kiki dmj was the one who brought cheon songyi's phone, you know dmj has the ability to teleport, he first went to hospital,then teleport to cliff, dmj knows csy needs help, and he want to pretend that he's not the one who stop her car,

kiki i watched it last night ♥ that is really amazing ( i like cheonsongyi's acting skill and her speaking way of "oh sorry " XD that is so adroable ^^ well i can't deny that is a beautiful but, one scene made me so upset :( why didn't they notice at all  ?? the scene where cheonsongyi was taking from the hospital and was forced to drive to the cliff, she left her cell phone at the hospital room ( that's why dmj couldn't be able to contact her from the police station ) but after she was saved by dmj, she received a call from the second actor ( sry i don't remember his name :P ) and he came to her ( that scene is nonsense at all isn't it ?) if there is something i misunderstand, plz comment me .

but now currently, i am in love with this drama and at the same time ,i feel something is missing when i think abt it bcoz of this nonsense scene TT__TT

Rabbit Totaly fall for the drama,, love dominjoon and cheonsongyi somuch hope the ending will be a good ending "when there's no love, how can a story have a happy ending?" Because there is love so it must be happy ending ;))) keep the good work!

mikylle @ Nou-Nou : The song is TEARS LIKE TODAY by HUH GAK.. nice song indeed.. :))

park su-in i fall in love so much with Kim Soo yun..and also my love from another star..hope the director not make the sad/bad ending...really wonder about the ending ..hope Do-Min Joon will turn back as normal human and can stay together with his 1st love 'Cung Song-Yi' till finish their life :) <3

Sophie Rae I enjoy this show very much. I find it funny. Must be fun to act out. Haha some parts crack me up and yet other parts give me warm fuzys lol :) it's a good show keep up the good work.

Nou-Nou Do anyone know the name for the SONG at the end of ep 15 & 16???? PLEASE, if you know tell me soon!


This drama is amazing! The actor and actress are unbelievably talented and every emotion and character is very well portrayed, and their chemistry is...unbelievable! Wow.

Let's get You Who Came From the Stars to number 1!!!

harley i agree with Dawn's comment below.. this is the best drama so far..even the editor and the director is great the way they stop the snowflakes while kim soo hyun walk to gianna jun.. verything so perfect the cinematography and the depth of the story... i hope he decides not to leave and finds out he could stay and grow old with her..

trililili This show is a like a breath of fresh air. so refreshing and addictive. each scene never get wasted to engage the audience with each character, even for supporting role character. Yes, it's THAT GOOD!! I watch each episode than 3x. Live streaming, raw without sub then with sub at least. So addictive!!

Lisa aiko This is like Superman and Louise Lane that drama!!Cannot wait to watching the end of this drama!!Congratulation for Kim Soo hyun and jun jii hyun..they did their job very well!!Love them so much!!

lyuksh Omg i effin love this dramaso much.... I cant describe hoe much.... My heart is dying here.. I can't wait another week omg....

mikylle OMG! This drama is the best! cant explain how i feel everytime i'm watching this drama! the casts are perfect! i am sad though that there are few more episodes left and it will end soon. i don't want to finish it yet. PLEASE EXTEND!!! i love kim soo hyun oppa! *eyes twinkling* i hope it will be a happy ending, please do not disappoint us! *finger crossed*

mehrdad now i voted 100% and it is 6000 th votes this drama is very beautiful

ka.mi every character in this drama has such depth! i don't want to miss a single one. (even lee jae k.. <- *-*) some stories need a good villain to let the hero shine. ^^ (the comic book store owner dreaming of DMJ was hilarious!)

ka.mi this drama is fantastic, brilliant, gorgeous, etc.!!! (i'm speechless after watching ep 15!! every episode is better than the previous one!!! Can't immagine (drama) life without it. *melts away*

Do Min Joon, Song Yi LOVE YOU!!!!

lulu I hope it's going to be a happy ending with do min joon and cheong song yi being together. I kind of have a feeling song yi might end up with lee whi kyung I'm going to be so mad if that happens. Haha. Throughout the whole episodes of this drama epi 15 was the best. this drama was worth the wait can't wait to see it till the ending and please let it be a HAPPY ENDING with song yi and min joon. Saranghe to the characters of this drama.

Dawn What can I say, that hasn't already been said....this drama will go down in history as the best drama of 2013-2014. I've seen quite a few and hands down this has been the best one. Right now I'm gonna sorry if I upset anyone....but this drama is better than Heirs, Bel-Ami, Golden Rainbow, Princess Aurora, Inheritance, Prime Minister and I....all of this airing now, have completed airing and set to air in the future!!!!

Yes, this dramas storyline has been's amazing that it's stayed focused on the issue...most Asian dramas start out well but somehow the writers get a bad case of ADD/ADHD and that the storylines off in all kinds of weird directions or rather unrelated directions and then have to fight to tying it all up in the last episode which is a total let down because the storyline has run off topic....but this drama has surprising remained on subject from episode 1 up to episode 15....WOW!!!! THE WRITERS OF THIS DRAMA ARE AWESOME!!!!

So....I know most everyone here is commenting on Kim Soo Hyun (ME TOO) I want really say anything extra that has already been said...he's FANTASTIC ISN'T HE!!!! I see him knocking some other leading men in his age group out the out Lee Min Ho (Am I getting ahead of myself....maybe not!)....that being said, I am shipping the entire cast. That's right, I love the nasty-murdereous brother....his evilness is awesome....I just wished they would do something different with his it was totally sexy in the episode when he just came from the bathroom showering and he caught his brother in his room...but I guess the hairstyle has to go with his personality....PERFECT LUNATIC! Hell even the mom says she's scared of him because he's to perfect....Momma, always know don't they.

The bestfriend....Comic bookstore lady....omo, she is totally funny and so totally cool...I'm glad the character Song Yi has a crazy friend like her....this kind of girl friendship (don't we all have one ladies!!!!) The totally awesome comic relieft from the comic store dudes that...they are totally awesome and good for a laugh. I love the guy that use to be Song Yi's manager...he's adorable and I hope the writers put him back with Song Yi because you can tell from episode 14 that he misses Song Yi and feels totally sorry for her and what's she's going through. Song Yi is his home....I have no doubt the writers will put everything in it's right place by the end of this drama.

Lawyer Jang, was way cool and how he got the Song Yi's mom...loved that he played as if he was Do Min Joo's dad....and tore the mom a new was AWESOME!!! Made me glad that Min Joo has had someone like Lawyer Jang all this time by his kinda made me teary-eyed, and it make me smile too.

So fav scenes from episode 15....the daymare of Song Yi with Hui Kyeong as a couple and Do Min Joon's total breadown, teleporting into the hospital room, and turning the lights on at the filming locations when everyone left her and then making her float back to him only to end with a fantastic was that ending.....

Alright, it's time for me to comeback down from my high! I will be back to comment when I see the other episodes....but happy watching everyone....FIGHTING entire cast!!! Until the end!!!


  • Greatest* is a lame word to describe how fantastic this drama is. It's already on the 3rd quarter of the series and yet it doesnt feel like its ending for me. I never felt any boredom even to the slightest degree. Now, we are starting to see DMJ's feelings and I love it! Besides CSY and DMJ's perfect chemistry, the supporting casts are all perfect for their roles (especially lawyer Jang). The flying stuffs, frozen time, teleporting, super speed..whoah! All these does looked so real. The effects are so good that I feel like watching those supernatural movies in US. I don't want this to end! Eotokajo? ^_^

mary shiera i hope the writers make something great happen cause i really want them to end up together.. it so frustrating to love and loose it all after a month>>> Kim Soo Hyun & Gianna JUn both the BEST

Lila Woah! This is one of the best dramas! Kim Soo Hyun is perfect for the role! Makes me fall for him a bit more every episode!! ❤️ ... And had anyone noticed his face in the kissing scenes he looks so passionate! Gianna Jun is very lucky! She is also very talented and she fits the character so well!! Ep15 was the best! Now to wait another LOOOOOOOOMNNNNNGGGGG week for ep16 lol but it's totally worth it!!

saeunhan I like how kim soo hyun can choose different role for his project and portrait his character in drama so well.

Lili Whoa! 30.7% for episode 14. Do I need to say more? :)

ken I like this drama.

ken I like this drama.....

Pam I've watched a LOT of kdramas, and this by far is one of the best of all time! Gianna Jun is so refreshing, funny and an amazing actress! I hope she gets an award for her role. In fact, I hope all cast members, do. I think the writer(s) created an amazing story and the crew has created some fantastic special effects that are rare moments in drama history!

'You Who Came From the Stars' is an example of the kind of stories Asian drama fans love to watch.  :)

KSY Thanks to the writer coz mention 'Malaysia' in this drama.

in episode 15, Bokja said "From Japan, China to Malaysia, it was the main topicof all Asian news" Haha. Daebak! :D

Kyla Wow! 1st rank drama in the Seoul. Congrats! No wonder! The best drama ever! Hope happy ending. :D

Catherine LOVE LOVE LOVE EP.15!!! It was one of the bests episodes!!! So cute and amazing!!! I really love them both!!! They are the best couple!!! I'm dying for ep. 16!!!

funke6 Am in love with it to, ep 15 am still crying from happiness & sadness. Am so terrified to what the ending is going to be. Why is this drama soooooo good. I kind of wish this was the ending, so that I can daydream a happy ending, because am really scared that the ending is going to make us all cry like crazy.


Jem Omg you guys don't understand I'm really in love with this drama everything about it is so perfect episode 15 is def my favorite! AHHHH another long week :( but I'm so glad that do min joon finally kissed her in a way that atleasy she would know that he likes her. I really hope the writers gives us a good happy ending, because most of the time THEY DONT-.- I'm sooooo gonna cry if they don't end up together. Episodes 15 new song came out towards the end, sooooo nice and smoothing does anyone know who sings that?!

Katniss Argh! Epi 15! Soo freakin cute!!! Giggling giggling giggling! In cloud nine! Epi 15 is yummylicious!

smitten Ep 15 is THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!! I'm in drama heaven now!! and for the first time I don't mind waiting another 6 days for another episode.

alice4335 I don't think CSY will get engaged to him out of guilt especially after the ending part. She knows DMJ is lying and said as much. It really is time to start wrapping things up plus farthing the romance with CSY and DMJ. Hopefully in episode 15 things will start progressing.

rulz i hope this drama can be my favorite drama after good doctor (still waiting for the last ep to judge, hehe...)

@cutesherry, i am agree with you. hope that plot will never happened. i still enjoy the show, but if relationship of the leads dont get any progress next eps, it will be bored i think. i really hope the two leads can together soon  :)

cutesherry Watched the episode too, with subs, and all I can say is that I am a bit worried...


Considering Lee Kyung got hurt while saving her, will we get a cliché plot like: dating/getting engaged to the guy out of responsibility/guilt? Normally, the last minutes of the episode with Song Yi monologue about how much she loved Do Mi Joon and could never hate him should have blown away such doubts, but we have to consider she doesn't know yet that Lee Kyung was badly hurt for her sake... I really hope we won't be going in that direction, because while I don't hate Lee Kyung, he is a pretty loveable character actually, there are only 6 eps left and I would like to have some serious Min Joon x Song Yi romance with both of them actually liking each other. We need some focus on how it's all gonna end too...happily I hope!

That aside, loved the first minutes, the scene in which he attacked Jae Kyung was awesome, I was cheerfully chanting in my head: Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! hahahaha~ ;) Well, we all knew he wasn't dying now though, it's only ep 14, but it was still pretty intense to watch~

I also wonder what Do Min Joon will do about the police now? He already confessed...but the promise he had with Jae Kyung doesn't count anymore now that the guy broke his side of the deal, so there is no reason for Do Min Joon to take the fall for all his crimes, what would be the way out, I wonder?

rayfu @halim: yeah i kind of agree that ep 14 didnt go as good as i hope it to be. well perhaps because i want A LOT of minjoon&songyi moments lol. but i guess ep 15 will be great

Halim Ep 14 its soo bored there repeating the same part

Shanae Love this drama so much. Love the chemistry between the two main leads and I can't wait for episode 14.

Kyara Himeka One of many dramas that make me so addicted to watch. Hope there will be a happy ending, and the 14th episode will release as soon as possible, can't wait to see the flower boy Kim Soo Hyun.

smitten just watched Ep 14 without subtitle and I don't speak korean. Yup my new level of craziness. Never been like this before.... This show is so good to keep your curiosity and anxiety towards the characters. Can't wait to watch it with Sub tomorrow!!

park su-in i hope this story will be end with happy ending between Song-Yi & Min-Joon...i hope the ending not became like Rooftop Prince,like Prince Lee Gak have to go back 300 years ago and leave Park-Ha while Park-Ha have to live with his memory and use the Tai Kyung body even in reincarnation,i'm so exited the ending of MLFTS,,waaa can't wait ..every episode make me nervous especially waiting the final eps :D

park su-in i hope this story will be end with happy ending between Song-Yi & Min-Joon...i hope the ending not became like Rooftop Prince,like Prince Lee Gak have to go back 300 years ago and leave Park-Ha while Park-Ha have to live with his memory and use the Tai Kyung body even in rencarnation,im so exited the ending of MLFTS,,waaa can't wait ..every episode make me nervous especially waiting the final eps :D

Jordyn This drama is sooo good!!! I can't get enough!

Katniss No sad ending'll kill me! Love love love KSH and GJ.

MMMmm the best drama ever!!!!!!!!! i love do min joon!!!!!!

BEN DOVER i like how in real life they are also in #1... not bad....

skinnydipshit Ep 14 has come out!! yayyy!! I hope those romantic scenes are not just dreams... pleaseeee

AiMi I like this dorama.

afrooz Oh sooo exciting to watch this drama. my korean friend told me about this drama and said that is very funny and intresting. now that I have read the comments I want to watch it soon.I think I should buy it online. no problem cuz I love kim soo hyun and will love the actress^__^

larisa Can't wait for episode 14.

XoxoJenn I love this drama. It has a great story line and the two main leads have excellent chemistry together. Can't wait for episode 14.

Cheryl Thank you @Chels! Wow Gianna Jun really is amazing in this. I have to say that Ahn jae hyun is really cute as Song yi's brother. =D

CW Gianna Jun is absolutely hilarious in this drama! I love her character. She must be having fun playing this part...good drama! Theme is good and a joy to watch. I finished episode 13 and can't wait to see what they do! Good intrigue, fun, plot well thought out so far....Good Drama!!!!!!

aw I like this drama more than The Heirs.

fuchsiaheroine Song Yi is the best drama heroine ever!

Chels @Cheryl it's the samsung galaxy note 3! :3

Cheryl This is one of the best drama's i have ever seen. Love it! Does anyone know the phone model which constantly shows up in each episode. Please tell me the model??

flyhigh ep 14 will not be aired this week because of the lunar year it was remplaced by kim soo hyun secretly and grealty /a movie that you should watch if you have not/ you will have to wait to next week for ep 14. the drama is amazing that all i can say

Inna I love this Drama too!!! This is the best what I've watched before. But where is ep 14?? I can't wait anymore, its too difficult!!!

Eloo I love this Drama, but where is Ep. 14? Kim Soo-Hyun is the best actor

srija I love this drama in 2013-2014. All the roles are good and lead roles are awesome. gianna jun, she was back after 14 yrs in dramas and she is too good for the character..her acting was good. kim soo hyun...he was always the best actor.

rozz no ep. 14 because of Lunar new year. Ep. 14 and 15 next week. But I think the producers re-consider adding one more ep. not sure though if its confirm already.

Cecile others say ep. 14 will be aired next week

hyunsang Where is ep.14?

hana omg soooo cool i am in love with this drama but how come episode 14 isn't out yet i swear its meant to be out has anyone seen it yet???

rin ah Why ep. 14 isn´t coming? i want to seeeee it. I love this Drama, it´s one of the best. I hope they can be together <3<3<3

KSH I LOVE this drama. Although it's not over, I feel like it will be one of the best one's of 2014. The cast is great, and the plot is AMAZING. I hope there's a happy ending, and now all we have to do is wait.

TiTou!! Wow, I love this drama!!!

trililili I'm suffering a withdrawal symptoms now for having 1 episode only of my drama cracks... This is hard!! because each episode just gets better and better.... It's one of all time best drama!!!

faranak great!!! awsome so gooood :)))) it's become my favorite kdrama even it's not finished yet !!!! they're acting is so powerful and beautiful love them ... every kdrama fan must watch it :))) :* <3

Marie @Kel, click on ratings source above, then translate to English. I think they were rated on all the shows shown for a particular day, this one competes for W-Th program shows for the whole day. I saw sometime ago, the no.1 was some kind of a daily drama in KBS, the same drama that beats up EmpressKi for M-Tue run. Anyway, I was nearly convince on this otp, then I remembered JJH is already married, too bad!

Kel I was just wondering but does anyone know how Korean ratings work? I've been wondering for a long time now. I know that this drama is getting pretty good ratings but I notice that on asianwiki there's also a rating to show whether a drama was first, second, third, etc. This drama gets first sometimes but I'm wondering at other times when they get second, which drama is the one that's getting first? o~o

ferndawg I've watched a lot of Korean dramas and this is by far one of my favorites! Fast moving plot, great chemistry, lots of humor-- just pure awesome! <3

davshi perfect drama i like the plot the character i like everything

i don't understand why we don't get to see korean drama in France on tv. it could have a great success. Hope they keep working hard

nini best drama ever i enjoy watching it even without subtitle

Nelleetay Superb!!!!!! Excellent!!!

niloof omg so excited ,, cant for tomorrow . so i can watch here(Iran)

Riyu Can't wait for tonite :)

seolma Wahh ep 13 teaser is out :D

dara a perfect drama! i like it.

Shay Fourney Everything about this drama is perfect!

Great fan I really hope the writer, staff, director etc will not make fans disappointed. Hope they will give us a happy ending.... We love the chemistry of both leads, they are very good actors and they have captured the viewers hearts. Please give us a good romantic happy ending. The truth im scared of how the story gonna turn into for ep 13. I hope do min joon will not take all blame and hoping that the real bad guys will get punished. As whatever superhero movies, comics and stories do - they always save the day.... Love this drama. Kim Soo Hyun Oppa your tears made made me cry, you are very good - fighting.... Leading actress Gianna Jun is a very good too, both of them deserve an award.

Catherine This drama is so awesome!!! I love it!! The two lead roles are fantastic!! Gianna Jung is amazing! Her acting is so so brilliant!! Her role is just comic! I'm always laughing with her!! It's so funny!! I definitely love this drama!!

Aimee Espiritu I'm always excited to watch this. the two lead roles have chemistry and they look good together. nice story, and they deserve this high ratings, daebak!

smitten This week there is gonna be only 1 episode due to Lunar New Year holiday...I don't know how I'm gonna survive thissssssssssss :((

Zenith gajendra i just loved it ................................................................................................ this is an amazing drama with very well balanced story and mixed emotions the characters are totally justify their position and acting is superb .i m from India but hats of to u guys I really fell in love with korean dramas and i really want to visit korea And yes again i cant wait to seee the next episodeeee

Deb this is really good for what it is. great formula for why kdramas are crack and fun to watch. I love that there's a wide array of GOOD dramas already this year...there's fluffy, cracktastic romance dramas like this and grittier shows like miss korea. I'm loving it much better than many offering all of last year.

bahador the best drama i've ever seen. i like lovely soo hyun soooooooooo much.both lead cast are great!

bahador the best k drama i have ever seen.i like lovelly soo hyun sooooooooooo much.his acting is great!

Diamond After watching ep 12, i REALLY HOPE for the upcoming ep 13 that DMJ WOULD NOT turn to act like a bad guy and get all the blame in his shoulder. I mean, in order to save CSY, he'll take all the blame including Yoo Ra's death and create the kind of creepy-alien-atmosphere in front of CSY so that she'll believe he is dangerous and should get away from him for good. If he gets on with a deal with Jae Kyung, it better be a good one, but knowing Jae Kyung's devilish character, surely it's not that easy to let CSY out of topic since she knew a lot of stuff. So, DEAR DIRECTOR, please don't make this idea of mine came true -_- the progress of these two lovely actors is hilariously awesome. i really hope that DMJ's happy dream will come true.

Hoping for great endings! 8 eps to go. Fighting! :)

San Debbie wow.... i'm really glad when saw rating of this drama... i so interest just saw some part from song You are my Destiny , but when i watched it , it so serious 'çause m falling love w/ this drama , more watch more interesting and excited , now m really can't wait more ep , i just spent 2 days i finished 12 episodes .. wowoowowo.. infact i saw title i had abit feeling like about it already then actor ( Kim soo hyung ) i more curious coz i liked him when from Dream High drama .. this drama really not make me disappointed about it that i spent time just only 2 days ( 8h/day of work time ) watched it and then i got sick now :) , but i'm really really Love Love this drama , more secretly i'm more curious <3 hope this drama will Daebaek in SBS award <3 You who came from the star , my drama , my Kim Soo Hyun <3

Emarati Dubai Girl I'm simply in LOVE with this drama... I saw it at first because of the main cast but now I'm seriously in love with the story, script, acting skills and the whole cast without forgetting the filming crew.. Thank you everyone for this GREAT and full of EXCITEMENT drama <3

maulia I really love the soundtrack.. Can you guess the singer who sings the unrevealed soundtrack on episode 11 and 12? It's man's voice. Who do you think? I think it's Infinite Sunggyu's voice. But i'm not sure about it yet..

iris321 Omg this drama is soooo funny, Cheon Song-Yi is soooo funny love her and this drama . Really recommend this!!

blah Those who don't like this drama do not mean they do not have good drama taste. They just happen to enjoy different drama genre. Just like how some people could enjoy jazz music while some enjoy hip-hop.

You Who Came From The Stars are for those who enjoy romcom drama..if you're into something dark, this is not for you, do not waste time whining about it.

maya the only way to describe this drama for me is- legendary epic magical funny heartbreaking and of course amazing acting and cinematography, i know it's random but the photographers are great, every scene is visually beautiful (besides having these two gorgeous creatures there..) so from someone who usually criticizes every thing, i totally loved it, i consider it my favorite drama, pushing back secret garden and my queen in hyun..

san What kind of drama is it? it just kidding with people who watch it I can't feel any sadness when watch eps 11 & 12 it's dissapointed me at that two episode we can know what will happen in 13 csy will fear with dmj,and another bored things


Faye How or why this show is not rated at 99.9 instead of the 96 here is beyond me. Cooommmon people, this show may not be perfect but it's like an addict on crack emotionally. Every episodes seems to outdo the previous and every episode had at least 3 extremely memorable moments. How they are so brilliantly and seamlessly going from hilarity to angst to edge of your seat suspense to cuteness overload is beyond my comprehension. How they have the viewers trying to figure out situations and when it's aired, it's not as we expected to be (ahh, the unpredictableness of it all, if that's even a word)

Can't you tell I'm so crazy over the moon in love with this show? :)

skinnydipshit I don't know how to survive the week while waiting for the next episode with this heart wrenching condition...

Jenny I love this drama. Love Lady Jung so much as well as her acting. I hope it will be a happy ending or I'm gonna pass out. Felt in love with this couple for so long ago since The Thieves, and now it happens again. For those who ask me why I didn't say anything about Kim Soo Hyun. OMG, love him as I could bite on his cheek. >.<

cutesherry The ending of episode 12 really left me at the edge of my sit, I can't believe we have to wait week to know what comes next! >.<

My post is full of spoilers of ep12 btw, for the people who didn't watch it yet, you might want to stop reading now.

aaaahh, dammit! I have this sinking feeling that she will back off from him in fear (if only temporarily) and that he will be heartbroken, not that he already isn't at this point, I understand he wanted her to have a clear idea of who he was really without honey coating his words, but he really didn't have to make his confession so scary and deadly serious...unless her backing off was what he was going for, in which case, he certainly did it well...I can't wait to see how she reacts to all this!

Not sure what is going to happen on Lee Jae-Kyung's side: Do Min-Joon said he would take responsibility for all his crimes and disappear, meaning he already decided to leave Earth independently from whatever happens between him and Cheon Song-Yi? Not that he has another choice though, considering he will die if he doesn't...

@DoMinJoonOppa: I feel the same!!! I've watched countless dramas these past years, but this might be one of the very best I've ever seen!!! But I might not agree about the part of not watching dramas for a while afterwards, I like kdramas too much for that ^^;

DoMinJoonOppa I freaking love this drama sooo much it's not even funny...i have never been so attached to a drama in my life...when this drama ends its gonna be like our crush just got married....and we are #4everalone i don't think my heart will be able to to take it if this drama ends wrong...If one of them dies or he goes back to his might be enough for me to take a break from dramas for a little while...which is something huge for me.....I might never find another drama that can match up to this one...anyway Kim Soo Hyun oppa Hwaiting!!And who's with KSH is like the cutest guy on earth...

nadia people really forced to be fool. because the truth always be point to play was hidden. buzy person who need relaxe feeling on work are dangerous to watch it...really

Nina I have to admit that Kim Soo Hyun is a versatile actor. Too great and perhaps the #1 in his generation. He's a good singer, and he can dance very well. He's a whole package. For Gianna Jun, she's as awesome & fabulous as always ♡♡♡, the magic is still there.

This drama is really good. The storyline is unique, the scene and views are awesome, and I am totally hooked. I won't mind if it has a sad ending. However, I still prefer a happy ending. Intergalactic marriage is not a big deal really. Spock's parents already did that.

TBF I am a lazy commenter. I only leave comments if the dramas are really good (one in a 100 or so). Then, congratulations for gaining my precious comments (:lol:)

Keep up the good works everyone! Fighting!

alien I think if alien really came to world, they will angry to see, their family really WEEK..No one have see alien, maybe more handsome or worse.... Really joke drama taste like romance...

Alice4335 Episode 12 was the hardest episode I ever had to watch! This one tore my emotions apart!

joyce i really wish that Gianna Jun wasn't married... I do not know how and why but they have the greatest chemistry... i even watched the thieves just to check it out and definitely i havent seen any other couple may it be korean or any other actors that blend as well...they do not even have to kiss to show the chemistry..on screen they make something simple so beautiful and full of love.. Kim Soo-Hyun you are a very very good actor-- you may be not as handsome as lee min ho but believe me you have the magic her doesn't grew on and off screen... the longer i watch you..the more handsome you become and makes you the sexiest man alive!! I really hope you and Gianna Jun have more dramas... strike while the iron is hot :) gianna jun would have been a greater moon to your drama The moon embraces the Sun.. you guys have the greatest chemistry! DAEBAK

Asalah 92 When I've finished the heirs drama I was so sad .. cuz I was so related to this drama and cant stop thinking about it .. and I didnt expect that a man from the stars drama would be amazing like that !! OMG !! The story of the drama awsome and the main actors are adorable ♡♡ kim so eun is so handsome and thr main actress so beautiful .. I loved it soooooo much ♡♡ I cant wait until see ep 12 .. its not uploaded in arabic sub .. so excited to woke up at 6 am and see ep 12 ♡♡

Noty lole Best Drama for 2013 - 2014 .. <3

Mari Amazing drama...i love it soooo much...I cant wait for next episodes <3

Wishuponastar Ep 11&12 are the most heartbreaking episodes by far yet they still managed to bring us some laughs. Kuddo for all the actors and crews. This show is a masterpiece!

Langit i realy like the epilog (every epilog) in this drama, if only there is no commercial (i think i gotta buy the dvd when it out). Jun Ji Hyun is seriously hilarious (i can't stop laughing everytime i remember her drunk attitude after DMJ rejected her).

NURUL emotional attached with this drama cant stop thinking about it <3

Dea dhara Omo!! T_T The one that bring the usb is do minjoon. So he can see his future tooㅋㅋ. He hit by a car, otteokheee huhu.... Hope he still live and can kill /? Jaekyeong. I really hate him, he don't even look like a human XD

jackie to all staff and crew.....job well done! great drama, it's very entertaining...... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

smitten it breaks my heart when DMJ told lawyer Jang "I want to grow old together with her"... Sigh.....

Gonul Omg love this so much.i can not wait for tomorrow.i hope will be happy endings.

Iamchris Waiting for episode 12 .. I love gianna jun <3

Nou-Nou OMG!!! The ending of ep 11 Do Min Joon got hit by a car! Hope he won't die. And even thought, Yoo Se-Mi is going tell Cheon Song-Yi the truth about who really save from 12 year ago... CAN'T WAIT! :D

tralalala preview ep 11 has come out!! yayyy!!!!!!

nia ruslan msqrv - it's Philosophy of Psychology subject .. I read in one site before..

I will make myself busy still while waiting for you (ji hyun and soo hyun) ... please come fast ep 11 :(

Annie Nina I so agree about the balcony scenes, that has occupied my mind a lot too. Well I didn' t pay attention to the mobile incident at the kidnaping but I do buy the explanation that Soshi gives to save the scene :). As Alienish I watch each and every episode 3 to 4 time just to kill the time until the next week when new episodes are released and I have never done that with any dramas before. I don't know why this show has got me hooked so much but it might be the combination of Si-fi, love, humor, crime, ending credits and not to forget my huge admiration of Kim Soo Hyun's acting skills and personality.

Smitten No sad ending for this drama, please!!!!! It has become my all time fave and I don't I have strong enough heart if our OTP has sad ending

unfeeling I like it the story, but also boring to same plot acting... Sorry

cin i'm very love this drama... i like the the actress & actor.. the drama is very nice...

msqrv Mylynn - thanks for the answer. I think that too, but when i re-watch episodes 1 to 10, i don't think he teaches Psychology only but combination of Psychology, History & Strategy.

Nadine I love this drama! If you like romantic comedy, then this is the k-drama for you! But of course with a twist of fantasy, you know, sci-fi thing. I love the lead actor and actress and admire so much for their talents. I think both characters are very well portrayed. And their chemistry on! Hope You Who Came From the Stars will maintain itself on the top charts!

Jem I really just love this drama, I love the story line the male leads and the ost of the drama. Everything about it! Lol I can tell this will be one of my fav. Both of the leads really look good together and act together very we'll. I really hope since this drama has a happy good ending. Although I know I'm going to be sad when it's over lmao I'm such a dork huh lol

Soshi To the people about inconsistancies, tbh, I have not paid attention to the balcony scenes that closely, but the whole her phone being in the hospital and then in the car was intentional... It was imply Do Min Joon had left the car there since he wanted her to be safe, but he did not want her knowing he was there... He brought it with him from the hospital so she could call for help...

Alienish @nina

hahaha I notice those inconsistencies too! perhaps because I watch each episode more than once because I happen to love this show so much and to fill up the waiting period between each week. This waiting is killing me!! If I had known the show to be this good, I shall wait til it ends..then have a marathon instead.. :))

Aleisha I love this drama cant wait till the next episode

Nina I love this drama too!!! I liked Heirs as well but I don't want to make any comparison because the 2 shows are very different. I enjoyed both and I'll leave it at that :) well to be honest maybe I'm enjoying Love from another Star more hehehe I just love how the story progressed and also the small things they add in the closing credits, the his and hers perspective and also small but important details in the earlier scenes (e.g. Min Joon telling Song Yi subtly that the distance was more than 1 meter and he moved closer)

There's one detail though that is sort of bothering me (maybe it's my OC self and my weird attention to details), from the elevator you'll see that Min Joon's door comes first then Song Yi's which would mean from the outside, Min Joon's apartment is probably on the left of Song Yi's (if you are facing the balcony -- not standing in the balcony). But in the balcony scenes, Min Joon's balcony is on the right of Song Yi's. The only thing I can think of is maybe they are in the penthouse and that the balcony is facing the same side as their front door.

The other inconsistency too is that when Song Yi was kidnapped, didn't she leave her phone in the hospital? When Min Joon got to the hospital room and he was calling Song Yi, the phone was there. But when Song Yi was at the cliff and after she barely escaped the accident, her phone rang and Hee Kyung was calling her.

Oh well, just some minor details hehehe that doesn't take away the fact that I am soooo hooked on this show. I do wish for a happy ending too but somehow I keep on having negative/sad thoughts about the possible ending. Min Joon had been referring to fate a lot in his musings and my weird mind is telling me maybe Song Yi's fate is really to die (just like 400 yrs ago) in order to save Min Joon (noooooo T_T) does anyone know what other dramas the writer did before? How does she normally write endings?

Mylynn For msqrv - I think he teaches Psychology. Onlly because I remember the "monkey" lesson from my Psych class.

Mylynn I like both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. However, if I will have to choose between The Heirs and My Love From Another Star, I must say I like the latter better. My Love From Another Star has a better plot. I like how the events or scenes are sequenced artistically, very uncommon; not boring. The directing is also superb - the settings, the positioning, and the acting! Although it's an alien-related show, they are able to capture the audience's interest by focusing more on the characters, and not so much on the fact that he's an "alien."

And as far as acting, the two main leads have great chemistry! They bring out the best in each other in their scenes while delivering their respective roles very well. And did I mention that they look good together? Perfect match for their characters.

As for Kim Soo a Hyun - he is a very good actor, no doubt! I've seen his previous work and I'm very impressed. He's a total package! Not only he can act, he can also sing and dance. And one thing that sets him apart from other Kdrama idols is his sincerity and good heart. I have seen various interviews of him in a show, variety TV, fans footage, and more, and I have always observed his humbleness. I really admire his talent and his character. And if course his good looks, good physique, and CHARM!

Sunny dying to see the next ep every hour x) obsession is really no good for health gosh

Sunny It's funny seeing people arguing over this drama and the heirs. like many people here, I admit having watched a lot of krdramas including the heirs. in my opinion, the heirs has got many talented actors (have watched other dramas of lee min ho and love him, also woo bin, crystal, hyung sik and min hyuk). however, the plot is its weakness, focusing too much on the "cinderella and prince" love story, which is nothing new. still, I like it, so don't attack me just yet. Man from the stars, I gotta say this first, have seen all of Kim soo hyun's dramas and movies, no doubt for his talent, he rocks this drama. Jeon ji hyun, don't know much about her except her role in My sassy girl and her being known as the 'queen of commercials', but at the moment I know i'm in love with her Chun song ji. So if anyone wants to criticize their acting abilities for any reason, they're desperately in need of an eye check up. The plot is actually not very attractive (to me, alien?) but it's been handled and directed very well so far, to every detail. I don't say that this drama will keep perfection for sure, but i definitely recommend this one, if I have to choose between it and the heirs. but I wouldn't want to, they are both good and different from each other, suitable for different tastes and people. so don't judge, or just keep away from this section

Amber I am super love this drama !!!!!! Hope will be a happy ending !!!!

nia ruslan @msqrv sounds like human psychology hehehe... please wed comes fast

Claire Me thinks episode ratings will pass 30% soon.

~More so than Hiers

memo This serial marvelous and fabulous to me ranked first 1- You Who Came From the Stars 2- I Need Romance 3 3- Generation Of Youth 4-The Prime Minister and I 5- Twenty Years Old 6- Miss Korea

msqrv Just wondering, what subjects he is teaching? Anyone knows?

Katniss omg! I'm obsessed with this drama. Can't stop watching it over and over again.

damon soo hyunn oppaaaaaaaaa u r soo perfect.. hope it will be a huge success as the moon that embraces the sun.. an excellent drama to watch.. oppa fightinggg!!!!!!!!

damon i love this drama..Kim soo hyun is perfect,handsome and full of charisma..Song yi she is pretty nd fits the role perfctly.. lead roles chemistry is awesome.. Thrillng,Romantic,Comedy what not.. it is really a good one to watch.. a nice beginning to'14.. soo hyun oppa.. fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ferdilyn B. Abes my gosh! this drama is really good and fantastic...the leading man and the leading lady love story is unique and really will make your heart beat fast! i love this love team...the production really did well! i just hope the ending is something that won't break our heart...

pandaeyes OMG!! i can't believe that i'm totally obsessed with this show! i think i'm going to feel really empty if it ends.. btw, i just don't get what u're rambling about @roveloin

parkminhee Yoo In-Na is a beautiful creature, i just adore looking to her face, lucky Ji Hyun-Woo. Also i fell in love with Kim Soo-Hyun. yah man he is perfect.

roveloin speak here like wind... who know, whoever know..???.. who the real fans here... could you proven it.??... their identity here just like dust fly by wind... I'm fans for more korean artists by my judment only... so keep your bad mouth...& please say good think only...ok

Fitri Raudah I love the dramA and the comedy make laugh so hard hahhahahahah okay good luck . I think this drama will bee famouse like the moon that embraces the sun. For u all I wish fighting :)

bestie The best romcom kdrama EVER!!!!

natako Every week I can't wait to watch this drama! An yess I fall in love with kim so hyun so damn cool!!! Love this drama.. Hope don't have sad ending.. :( maybe song yi will end up with hwi kyung.. Because min joon should be back to his planet... Just my opinion.. But please make song yi and min joon together...

Marj143 The series is really nice! The leads really has the chemistry. Love it! it's good that it's 20 eps because usually korean series only last 16 eps. oh well. i would like to watch it's rival on the same time slot. :)

Dara Ohhhh this is a good drama oh i mean best. Haha... but how? Minjoon have to back to his place right? How to be together with songyiㅠㅠ hope it won't have a sad ending... i don't know but i feel afraid if jaekyung will kill lawyer jang. Oh forget about it. ㅠㅠ don't make it become sad ending or ending like the heirs.......make it become very very happy hoho

keyki this drama is a bit close to gu family book but i hope it doesen't have his sad endingg

liki l like this drama. make me feel very interesting so much. i hope this drama the end with happy ending, so look very good drama with happy ending

mikylle i love this drama so much! each episode is really heart warming and i cant help but fall in love with kim soo hyun oppa!! they really have a good chemistry! i cant wait for the next episode!! :) :)

helna yusof I just watch 2 episode of this drama & I really fall in ♥ with this 2 awesome actor & actress. I really die hard fan of Gianna since her film my sassy girl. ♥ her role in this drama... can't wait till next wed n thurs for next episode...

rozz no matter what other say, THIS DRAMA ROCKS! the plot, the actors, the humor was just awesome. Highly recommended. A Must watch series. If you not yet hook on this then there is something wrong to you not in the drama. ;)

rozz no matter what others say, THIS DRAMA ROCKS! the plot, the actors, the humor of this drama was just awesome. Highly Recommended. A Must Watch series. If your not yet hook on this then there is something wrong to you not in the drama. ;)

niloof omg , i cant wait for the next episode :D come on hurry :D

amerifatii omg ,can't w8 4 the next week ,i love this drama, it's amazing. and the actor & actresses are perfect and i agree with those who said heirs was not a good drama ,it has nothing to say & too boring

^^ This drama is so amazing. The story plot is super captivating, and so is the acting. I have no idea how people could compare this to The Heirs. I tried watching 5-10 episodes of The Heirs, and I couldn't stand the acting. This drama, has so many actors/actresses whom I admire a lot. I give this a 10/10. To those who are roaming around looking for good dramas to watch, this is a must watch korean drama. ^^ Fighting!!!

>_ @zuzi you said that the heirs is a sh*t drama ?? heyy !! what do you know about the drama ?? how dare you insult the drama !! heirs fan never insult other drama because they respect it !! don't you dare to judge it !! and don't even compore the heirs with other drama !! respect other people feeling okeyy !!

smitten I'm so hooked up with this drama!!!!!!!!! it gives you everything you expect from a drama... great plot, great casts, great direction... It really sets a new bar for a romcom kdrama... I watch each episode repeatedly because I don't want to miss any single scene to understand the storyline since I'm a non-Korean speaker..

Kim Soo-Hyun and JJH is my all time kdrama fave couple... their chemistry is sizzling!

uh-0h! To say that the actor/actress cant act is weird coz to me i started watching this drama out of curiousity since i dont know why but i dont really like the male lead and i dont even know the female lead. But after watching 2 eps i get hooked coz to me both leads potray their role very well plus the storyline itself.. I just can feel the emotions from them..Gianna Jun is really awesome in potraying her Halyu star role.. so do Kim So Hyun..Looking forward to ep11 next week.. Some drama even the storyline is nothing they get high rating because they have so many well-known artist and idol in in but for this drama they really deserved it coz they have it all. The talent and interesting storyline so far..

Yohana really loveeeeee this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! kimsoohyun are soooo perfectt! cheon song yii tooo <3

Nhu Trang Great film. I love all of you. I am looking forward to see the next esp every hour. Try your best and have a healthy day

R.R I love this show so much omg the lead girl charachter is perfect and the actress for that role is chosen so well and not to mention everyone has really good acting skills and it's just an added bonus that there's so many pretty people in here too lol

Zuzi how can you comprare this with The Heirs .. Heirs is totally shit drama =.= about nothing without the plot omg =.= This is thousand times better .. love the actors actresses, osts =.= So stop campraring this amazing drama with that shit drama =.=

NanaKhat I really love "You Who Came From The Stars", and i watched not long ago episode 10 with english subtitles, but does anyone know what Do Min-Joon says to the president of Cheon Song-Yi ' s former agency? i can't seem to find it !!!!

tralalala Renaya obviously you are The Heirs fans who become so defensive and before you call me bullshit you should scroll down and how people comparing this show with The Heirs I didn't make any divisive comment, just merely stating the fact.

ohho I love this drama. I think its a good drama. We get romance,comedy,villain,fantasy and all in one drama..The only thing that disturbs me is some scenes reminds me of Reply 1994..Too many parody (i dont think it's coincidence atleast for me) make me a bit disappointed. Maybe it just me who is still not over Reply 1994 yet. Oh well. I dont know. Mind not trying to compare but that was the feeling that i get while watching it. Still,this drama is one of the drama that i look forward every week.

renaya must have bullshit mouth, however you know, who heirs fans or not here?????.. so far I'm be korean drama fans, I'm never see a person only be fans of ONE drama. they must be fans more drama / movies.... Please dont say DIVISIVE statement here....

charmkpop im just so happy watching this drama!!! Kim soo hyun is a good actor same with ji hyun!!! I love them to be paired so much hope the ending ends good i hope the powers of do minjoon wont lost hehehehe eehhh i just cant stop repeating the episodes kyaahhhhh love you kim so hyunnn! !!!

Deksha ELF SBS's Wed and Thurs drama are daebakk.... I love Master's Sun and You Who Came from the Star so much.. Fighting all!! ^^

Jazmin I honestly really love this drama. It's one of the best I've seen the masters sun of course is in the runnings for my favorite as well. I think this drama deserves recognition in how good it actually is. The humor in this show and the characters are great. This show was def. one of the best I have seen thus far.

nia ruslan @tralalala : you're right. no need to compare both of them. they are in totally different genre. each drama has its own specialty.. . I like all Soo Hyun drama. he's just so great with many kinds of character. he never fails to do his role as far as I know him in drama or movie.

it will be hard from today on, start waiting again :(

tralalala it's funny how The Heirs fans are trolling their comments here.... do they feel the need to attack this show to bring The Heirs up?

You Who Came From the Stars is so daebak that I keep on worrying what's gonna happen to the good guy and our heroine.. Sigh... Each week I'm just waiting for Wed and Thurs because of this show..never been this obsessed over kdrama before

renaya I think watch this drama be little boring now. not because bad story or bad acting of artists here. BUT, because the alteration of story is very slow ( means, episode 1-10, the story not change, + increased by acting also similar . I think this drama need little revamping on story & acting... @ lin. oh well,evryone's got different taste in dramas so go ahead and love ur beloved heirs but please stop coming by if u're just going to say how bad this drama. it's a waste of time.. instead,y don't u comment lots in the heirs section? too much hate is never good for a person's heart,u know? btw, just watched ep10 and DAMN! i'm loving this drama more n more as it progresses!

Toniette My favorite Korean Dramas, in no particular order, are Chuno, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Dream High and City Hunter. None of them were ABSOLUTELY perfect and one or two had annoying story lags to me. Overall, however, the drama was entertaining, heart moving, heart warming, heart wrenching and I kept wanting to watch more for different reasons. I will reserve my judgement until I see the drama in its entirety. I am enjoying the whole reincarnated to be reunited with my 400 year lost love story line. I wasn't sure about whether or not I liked Song Yi until episode 5 and now I know...she's hilarious and I love her.

XBarbieBanksX Episode 10 was hot and so is this drama, can't wait for episode 11. And you guys, there is no need to compare You Came From The Stars with The Heirs. They are completely two different story lines, so let us not have this silly little war and let's just enjoy the drama, okay!

lin what? newbies? I started wtching k-drama from autumn in my heart era. YFAS is good script but for the actors is worst acting heirs have flat plot but the actors acting is the best made that drama amazing what do you know?? You just like stupid watching song yi act like child

Melay09 Their chemistry is really awesome. The storyline was so perfect. It's explainable wh it has a very high rating. Gianna Jun is really a great actress! And kim soo-hyun has really improved as an actor. This is a very highly recommended drama!

rereana I do not want to say bad about this drama. but I feel like I just woke up from the anesthesia. after watching (faith, family gu book, hear your voice, master sun), then watch this drama.. I really want to discover new things about this drama and gives high hopes for this drama, but in the end did not find anything meaningful.. two things I hate in this drama are:..1.hidden a facts as the core of the story (the drama with it states that the scope of the story of the drama is generally narrow) and 2.from episodes 1 to 9, the whole scene is only part of the story totally funny but not funny alias ridiculous.. I do not hate the actors and actresses in this drama.. but hate the shape and the story way of their plays.. There is one thing that I'm fear will happen in this drama.. (Do-min-jon will lose power, be an ordinary man, and married with Cheon-song-yi.. really a common ending expired drama story).

J3anni3 This drama is so awesome! I love the lead actor and actress. They are so cute together. Can't wait for next week's episodes!

Rayfu Hey! Just watched ep 10 and it was hilarious and intriguing! I laughed my heart out!! Seriously in love with this drama and its main stars

saguaro The story is at its best corner....only I dont want it to be sad ending..I guess how the writer would make the relationship between the man (who do not age normally) and the actress possible at the end..

khaye2089 Do we really need to compare heirs and YFAS? both dramas are good and different plot. if you got bored in the heirs you should've not watched it as i read the comments of those so called "the heirs haters!" you watched heirs till the end. And now you're saying it was boring compared to You from another star FYI guys it has a different story line compare to the heirs.. yeah YFAS is really good and a fresh drama. why don't we just watch the drama and enjoyed ourselves.. let's not compared. @lin.please stop coming by if u're just trying to tell us that the heirs is better than YFAS. somehow it seems that u're a newbie in kdramaland.. it's been a long time since i startrd watching kdramas, so i've watched lots. by far, the heirs is NOTHING compared to some kdramas i've watched before, not to mention YFAS bcoz this drama is just too awesome for words

Morgane Euh.... Hello, guys? You're not here to promote your favourite drama or argue about which is better between My Love from Another star or The Heirs T_T These are two differents dramas and everyone has differents tastes so, just stop it. It's ridiculous.

ruby kim i love this drama and funny bias kim soo hyun acting here...

Ciandy I love this drama compared to " the heirs", on the lather episode of the heir became so boring that i have to stop watching it...way to go "My love from another star"..

Artemis its really cool drama it's been a long time that didn't addict to K-drama cuz the plots r always the same ... like the heirs .It's not really different from other drama .they juz got all SBS awards becuz of Le Min Ho the plot is not attractive but this one is juz awesome :D I really love this drama

Gail Never seen this drama. But the way I read your comments here such a lame conversation you have. Just support all the way all those dramas that they have then life will be better for all of you. It's a new new year, should be all new friends and make difference. Ok?!..:) (just dropping by).

Rijouku Damn! I love this drama! ♥.♥ It's like WOW

Six I am really liking this drama... It is a completely different drama from The Heirs. It is drama and suspense. I think the actors are great and I love the fresh plot. Can't wait to see the new epi's

lin Heirs is way better,they swept all of awards in sbs drama awards man from star got a good rating cuz at that time is holiday. it goes down cuz holiday is over.. what a boring drama of course got a low rating hahaha

arum hello.. I love this drama. I like character Kim So Hyun as Min joon. I hope this drama have rating grow up every time.

haelulu this drama is the best !!! i love this drama than the boring drama The Heirs !!!

lin Why did all of you said that bad things about heirs?man from stars just about alien. That kinda boring too.what aboutthat stupid song yi?

Impossible Girl Please. Please don't compare this to recycled BOF a.k.a Heirs. Even Lee Min Ho's "hotness" couldn't make that drama watchable. Kim Woo Bin <3 This is something really fresh and out of the box and when Heirs is a totally OTT drama, MLFAS comes under SciFi. Two different tastes. Popularity wise MLFAS is higher both in Korea and overseas. And just on the 9th episode it is. So go fangurling in some other comment section. Not here. Thank You.

skinnydipshit This drama is not match to The Heirs. Way better by miles!! It's an insult to compare it to The Heirs. different league of acting, chemistry, storyline and many more.

Dubai Emarati girl I want to say for those who compare " the Heirs" to this drama: PLEASE don't cuz this drama is waaaaaay better to be compared with that boring series called "the heirs"!

nia ruslan why is the rating go down.. it grow more and more interesting, isn't it? for me especially.. can't wait to see next ep, just can't accept when it's ended.. haha

Joyce i love it i wish i didnt have to wait for a week for this to be shown again.. so sad

rania "Hello" by Sistar's Hyorin

MizzReyRey I just watched episode 9 and the story is getting really interesting. Better than the heirs!

joy my god!!!!!! must watch .. eeeeeeeeeey aaaah kilig


Akri0816 Gosh! Have been cancelling all my appointments on wed n thu nite just to watch the live streaming....n standing by at 10am the next morning for the Chinese sub! Seriously addicting!!

Starts We are trying to make Directors' cut DVD of Kdrama 'You who came from the stars.". Speculative demand survey will be started. To make Directors' cut DVD, we need at least 2,000 participant of speculative demand survey. Please visit "" and make yours counts!

fan anyway more acceptable than heirs but I hope not to end the same as heirs (MEANING LESS)

tweet a very good drama. i like the actor & actress. this story full of mystery, lots of questions make people wonder & want to know the answer from the story line. keep it up, guys. u have my support....

Diamond Am sooo into this drama soooo much coz it has a good storyline and visuals :)

But I'm so worried about Doo Min Joon's physical changes when he's with Song Yi... Seems like his body is facing several changes like not-a-good-sign thingyz especially when : 1) he started to feel cold for the 1st time 2) had a fever for the 1st time (spoiler in ep 9 preview), does it happen after he kissed her? Coz it reminds me on the fact that he shouldnt mixing saliva whtsoever yada yada. ? with other changes that I might not noticed -_-

Song Yi is like his Kryptonite but still he's addicted to her (>_<)/' But oh well....I'm still enjoying every giddy lovey dovey moment of these two main leads. Ajha ajha Fighting to all production crew!!! :)

Cant wait for ep 9!! Yeeeeeeeee T.T

annisa75 This show is totally make my day. The storyline and characters in this drama are well developed. It's getting better each episode and I hope for an happy ending. ^-^

fans i love jihyun's and kim soo-hyun..

Jacky Kim Soo Hyun is such a lucky guy! Suzy's got to be jealous. Hahahaha. I like this drama so much, always been a Jeon Ji Hyun Fan. I hope Suzy will grow as an actress like her, effortless acting. :D

memo Serial which ranked first 1- You Who Came From the Stars

ranked second 2- The Prime Minister and I

ranked third 3- Miss Korea

This is my opinion that in the drama currently showing

michiellise who know the song title in ep8

  1. kissing part ... pleaseee

michiellise who know the song title on ep8 when DMJ kiss CSY

Love This drama is so DAEBAK!!! Love Jihyun's character. So arrogant..I like it

VanessaKimme I absolutely love this drama. It's better than the heirs in my opinion.


azhure very nice series, love the episode 7, do min joon is like korean thor,hehehe so awesome

Trollollol Omg iluvit #SuperExcited

Susan This drama is amazing! you know a drama is good when it makes you squeal and your heart race even if the story line is similar to other dramas. I love the ending of the 8th episode as well I can't wait for when the next one comes out! XD

Nicky this is another masterpiece... perfect drama.. from the awesome casts.. kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun are so awesome and effortless.. love the storyline.. love the great shots.. love well-written witty and yet sarcastic script.. everything is so perfect.. what more can i ask for.. all are in prefect place.. reminds me of secret garden..

maygraceae @roveloine I was away from Korean Drama for some time also. I got bored with the (almost) same storyline. Then, I watch Reply 1997 back in 2012. I don't expect much from it since I don't know the actors and actresses. All of them, actually. So what am I trying to say. I would like to recommend watching the said drama. Maybe, just maybe, you can get some piece of advice from it. It is different. But please do not expect it to be more like Queen Seon Deok or Jewel in the Palace. Reply 1997 is a our story. What I mean buy our is we, the normal people. Reply 1994 is also highly recommended.

Anyway, You Who Came From the Stars is must see Rom-Com-Fantasy drama. I love it but nothing new about the storyline, the actors and actresses are rocking the drama. That's it.

roveloine Now I have been boring to see korean drama, because the scope, typical, idea are usually same & boring... you can devide them generally in 4 part: Middle-old age drama, Funny-Idiot Drama, Culture story-provocation & Naughty-rubbish story....... I need drama which give me a inspire & encourage feeling... I think Korean drama director MUST tidy up to develope new inspiring drama like "Jewel In The Palace, Queen Seon Deok" or new drama like " CIty Hunter".... This drama for me....was really INSPIRING & ENCOURAGE my heart.... They make me move-on... Give me Idea how to get best life... I frankly give a spirit to work properly..... Maybe you can see empress ki in side tv whose get more rating....but it drama range more about affair love / triangle love, just picky for can also see king family whose get high rating....but that drama not properly for new generation to get a best future life..... Now in 2 years i can not find even one the INSPIRE Drama.... Good drama more...But just good story... after watch, smile and the ...just forget it.... Boring

renaya Why bring Heirs here... That drama & this was a different drama in all parts... And also why comparing this drama to master sun....Thats also different...Maybe more parts seen same, but if you feel it, they have difference... For me this drama was continuance of gu family book... If gufambok play of the old story, this drama play of the current story....even there are a similarity, all avor they are different.... IF YOU Want to Enjoy Them, Please Treat it Like Difference Drama.....

a94 Ooooops sorrrrry .... lol :-) :-) gianna jun you are funny in this drama I like this drama too much ... go ahead kim soo hyun and gianna jun .... oops sorrrrrrrrry

Ken Duong Does anyone know what the orchestral bgm at the end of episode 7. I've been trying to search it up but I can't find it!!!

memo I vote by 100 attractive drama

jobeu You who came from the stars --> soon to be masterpiece drama Heirs --> flat boring storyline Master's sun --> total masterpiece

Point is, heirs is nowhere near the level of the other drama. HAHA

Sincere, LeeMinHo devoted fans who became devastated to see him in heirs.

choky I love the kissing scene in the end of episode 8 ahahah :D cheongmal ..

mrm I think the bgm in the end of episode 8 will be the next original soundtrack of this drama. The sounds like Hyorin's voice, but i'm not sure about this. I hope it's really Hyorin's..

peytG what is the background song in the kissing scene, ep 8.

Tori 15 seconds...more lile 13!!! That kiss...and the...aghhhhhhh!!! I couldn't stop my girly giggles and blushes. Soo hyun....really he got me in Theives with kissing Gianna and then AGAIN in episode 8. All I say is...keep them coming!!! ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Jenny The name of the book he's always reading....based on the quotes from the drama seems like this one: "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane"

I previously thought it is The Amazing Journey by Richard Holmes, but the quotes doesn't seem like it.

raquel Does anyone know the name of the book he's always reading?

farzad i love this drama..... iranian love korean drama.. <3 fighting..

Byeoleseo On Namja fan does anyone know the title of background song in kiss scene (ending ep 8)?

gap waa...i want to watch this drama deadly but when i search try to watch it online. they said not available yet in my so so sad..i love kim soo hyun oppa very much..this drama makes me watch movie "the thieves" once more..they're couple this the movie also..oppa n unnie saranhea!!!fighting!!!!


rania very beautiful kiss in episode 8 hope many scenes like that daebakkkkk


itsjaney06 the kiss at end of ep 8 is soo pure!!! beautiful scene :)

dude Everything was going smooth but they made a mistake at the starting of episode 8!

theafromthestar does anyone know that title of the background song in the kiss scene of episode 8?

noira Firstly I am very like this drama.. also now I'm still fans who wait to watch it in wed-thurs evening.....BUT..................====>>> Do you think there are an actrees who's stupid than her(Cheon Song Yi) but really famous in real life.... Example=..See scene at the Lift when jae-kyung talk about spy-camera, or see when do-min-joon immediately appear when he hear she scream..,.. Don't you think she is really a fool women in the world or like pretend fool woman... there are not a problem that happen in real life,.... BUT, I think -----FOOLED the VIEWER----- by foolish action also need a boundary's worse then, because, from the beginning i think this drama will be a serious-melo+comedy drama than a comedy-project.... but as long as i watch it change from ideal-form to boring-form, because the comedy scene really..really spread in all minute to hour......Just Share a best suggestion

cutesherry @Me: actually, what you hope is what I fear. We already got a scene in which Do Min-Joon says he feels 'cold', even though in these past 4 centuries he was never affected by temperatures...I really wouldn't like him to become more and more similar to 'humans' by loosing his 'powers' once by one with each passing episode, since the greatest originality of this drama is that he is an 'alien' with both his power and what eh does with them, his views and opinions toward the human race and his behavior and extended knowledge that goes along with it.

Of course, I'm hoping we will get a happy ending, but not with such an 'obvious' plot as him loosing everything that made him special and different to somehow 'force' him and justify his staying on Earth. He could stay with the heroine at the present and leave 4 centuries later once again? Sounds cruel I know but why not? Or he could take her with him? Unlikely considering how much they insist on her career as an actress and her family but why not? There are still 12 eps to go, the story might lead to it: why should he be the one staying and not her going? It can also be an open ending in which it's not clear what happens, which would be frustrating but again, why not?

Richie Kim @roveloine You can check my comments @ dramabeans beginning from EP 5 in improving the storyline. I just hope we'll get to see alien girl. Xl

Ruset69 WOW! Great rating!!!

Sunghee Episode 8 is absolutely perfect!

Me I hope it's a happy ending were the male lead will stay on earth and become human. It's bothering me that he never going to grow old :((

roveloine Really unpredictable....whats boring..I can predict what happen next in episode 9-10-11: 1. Do-Min-jin will fight with jae kyung underling group, after that will appear stupid scene in -episode 9-11-.. 2. Do-min-jin will fight with jae kyung & die on -episode 10- ( not really die).... 3. Se-mi will tell song-yi about do-min-jin, but she still not belief it -until episode 13-.... 4. hwi-kyung will love fight with do-min-jin until end of story, but always interlude by stupid scene....(really boring flat humour) 5. Song-yi will be a stupid women until the end of story..( Similar with Eun-su in Faith ) 6. Her father will start in this story, mybe he will meet with her ex-husband, fight inter-family will begin between song-yi, yon-jae and their parents..but i think still not still words fight only, not really serious in episode 10-11... 7. there are a scene between do-min-jin with his friend ( maybe, his friend will include in fight with jae kyung group)

Story for sure: -Each scene certainly have serious time but will interlude by stupid scene again-and-again...( really new scene type korean drama) have proven for beginning until now, and I'm very sure, this stupid scene will exist until last episode....

Sherry Omg!!! I cant wait to see the next episode.!!!

lovelynanana This drama was so unpredictable! i love this drama. So far so good! And the plot is different from another k-drama lately. Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun also played this drama well. I really wanna see the ending! I hope it will turn into happy ending for both Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi ! I have watched episode 8 full episode and wow! <3 Can't wait for the next episode!

Claire Daebak! That ep 7 ending scene~

rai I love this drama soooo much and i love the ending on episode 8..can't wait for the next episode..:)

peri I love this drama. It is really funny and lovely :-)

LitaNathania I hope this Drama will be everyday, like a Sinetron in Indo.

mohadese ♥ I Love this drama @ acter ♥

liyah I love this drama -,- kim soo hyun oppa soooo cuteeeee "man from the star" is DAEBAK!

Dhan Apidol I soo love this drama ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥]

J_nggers Where is Yunho :(.. So disappointed. But overall, I recommend to watch this drama. I love it so much!

;) Luv this drama can't wait for the next episode to be release. Kim Soo-Hyun is soooooooo cute. ;)

christy @kelia i respect the fact u say that gu family book if ur fav from 2013 but in my eyes there were a lort of drama's that i consider the best not just in acting but also in story lines. c'm on not gu family book! Just saying

chagiya wah daebak jinja cant wait for ep 8 kim soo-hyun looks really good while stoping cheon song yi's car ommo i wonder if se mi told cheon song yi about that namja eho saved her when a truck was approching when whi-kyung was chasing her. I'm starting to dislikes Se mi she getting a bit mean >_< like i know she was sick of not being acknowledge and that but now she's like getting revenge to song yi tsk tsk the rating are unbelievably high well done!! hwaithing for a great drama

Kelia One of the best KDrama of 2014. :-) 2013 is Gu Family Book.

nia ruslan I can't wait for seventh episode tonight .. hope for best screen ever... pragmatic drama which is good with its romcom genre

K.K. Woooa...I really like this drama! I can't wait for next episodes.... Initially I didn't want to see this drama, because it's a little fantastic but I start to see it because of the actor principal Kim Soo-Hyun.When I saw the first episode,I was very impressive, and I realized that it merit seeing. I like the storyline,I think it's a little like in the drama,,Queen Inhyun's Man".Anyway it's very cute,actors act very well,and feel pleasure when you're seeing this drama. I loooove it~!<3

korean fan great fan of lead actress wat an acting totally impresseddddddddd

christy the ratings are rated higher than heirs which i didn't expect.

kingLeeWon this drama is greatly funny and very coincidental haha because inl ep 6 they have guested the eunuch of kim soo hyun (King Lee Won) in the Moon Embracing the Sun and also the singer of the first OST song of this drama is LYn which coincidentally the singer of the Moon Embracing The Sun OST back in time which kim soo hyun is the lead actor hahahahaha so very obvious to be coincidental I wish Han Ga In will have a cameo in this drama xD

tiffy love this drama. daebak ratings. :)

Cleo This drama is amazing,my favourite of all times,please watch it everyone!!! <3 The actors are also amazing!

Raven Love it! So nice to watch something different than the typical popular story plot that's in some k-dramas. You know, the three way love triangle, rich family disapprove of relationship, going aboard for 2 or 5 years, or the shareholder meeting to dismiss director/CEO. Those plots are used to death, it's the #1 reason why I was disappointed in Heirs. However, this drama has everything I like, romance, comedy, science fiction, and mystery, it's definitely keeping me interested. The actors actually convincing me of their characters. None of that awkwardness, or lack of chemistry I've seen in some dramas. Loving the change of pace so much, I'm giving it "two thumbs up", plus the big toes :)

kim b OMG! can't wait for the next episode, This drama is so good totally different. Love DMG, CSY and LWK , good luck !!!

rie Jeon Ji Hyun unnie!!! I love Song Yi so much

Etivise Sikei desperately waiting for every episodes, one after the other. just couldn't focus on anything else beside this drama. don't want it to end even if there's only 20 episodes altogether. Kim Soo Hyun is my one and only husband LOL ;) he's so damn good at acting on this drama. Fighting !!

Leonee ohh my god!! this drama is amazing! both are my favorite korean actor! gianna jun is the one who played as Saya in blood : the last vampire, she plays for holywood and she speak english really good, quite different than her image in the drama, she is a senior and kim soo hyun just a new comer actor but act damn good together with her, this drama seems like the idea of the PD who really notice their chemistry in the thieves movie! good job! i hope the ending just a happy ending and make sense.

Joanne This drama is so damn freaking nice! Good plot and good actors

christy Who thinks this drama is better than heirs?, even tho they have different stories.

Rayfu Cant wait for ep 7! I bet it will be even more exciting and awesome!! Love ittt! Love you, ksh!!

mikylle two thumbs-up for the whole cast of this drama!! really good!! omg cant wait for the next episode.. i m falling in love with kim soo hyun oppa!! :) :)

msgoldloyalty I love this drama and the 2 main characters my favorote right now can't wait until ep 7 comes out until all of the ep are finished

anna this drama is so freaking interesting and the couple is amazing can't wait for ep7

AnnafromtheStars This is my favourite drama right now. I never get bored of it like with a lot of other dramas. I am seriously in love with the actors, and especially the two main ones. But I think CSY should be abled to do something better than DMJ. Just something, like acting. It seems to me like he always saves her and is better than her in everything. Please make them more equal. In reality this is a really important factor in a relationship. So come on and STEP UP CSY! ;) Great drama though!

roveloine I like this drama with new storyline...BUT some must be prove........................... This drama is similar with dramas 90s-era .. important scene always appears at the last minute ... looks good to make the audience interested in watching the next episode ... BUT, unfortunately due to important scenes ALWAYS appear, too brief in last minutes, .. This drama looks so BORING. I don't even know the most important part of this drama, because the important scenes are always clear in a week intervals time, too long to wait ( instead of we have know some part in before episode, that scene be waste, bacause it's feeling has disappear in one week). .. This drama just give CURIOSITY for me.... (what's next).... I stiil feel ddt get any MEMORABLE moment very interesting to rememberd till now.. ...

MoMo what's the name of the actress cast Cheon Song-Yi (young) ?

charlie I am sooo in love with this drama!!!!! This last episode made me cry.... I love the cast the acting the plot everything I'm soo obsessed.... Can't wait for the next episode!!!!

aliengirl Here are my wishes (maybe predictions) to make this drama better.

Are there any aliens appearing in the next episode? Because, in my opinion, there should be at least 2 aliens to spice things up. I mean, you can't let that psychopath CEO not being suspected until episode 19? That'll be boring, and I believe there's one more room for another loveline.

We've already got DMJ and CSY, but does anyone want to see an alien girl appearing on this show, and maybe going undercover that eventually she meets up the secretary fella? There's some rumour (and some feeling my 6th sense responding to this) that according to the UFO seen in episode 5 indicates another alien to meet up with DMJ whether he likes it or not.

Though I'm fangirling over DMJ's cold personality, I'm eager to see a female alien being the spunky alien, especially if she gets some male human falling for her. If that's the case, it might be MJ's younger sister (just because he didn't mention about his alien family doesn't mean they don't exist) who didn't expect to be caught up in a love triangle. One is CSY's rude brother; the other is the secretary (whose name we really need to know soon). Yeah...they're wonderful eye candies to this show. *drool*

Anyway, I hope we'll see another alien soon, and I don't mind if these wishes of mine won't come true, but one (or two, three things) that must come true: A female alien, and her determination to stop psychopath CEO, and falling for a male human even if MJ forbids it. ;)

shaiha what a pair! lol.. the chemistry is just superb ;-) good job on casting those amazing actors..

Mia_dramaship♥ Like this drama !! Literally in love with it !!!! The actors are usual, and their chemistry >--< <3 Really glad the heirs is finish (sorry min ho oppa you know i love you and your acting too but...♥) ...well, whatever, this drama really worth your time !! Can't wait to see more !!!!

Buble blue Like this drama so much !! awesome drama, :D

Destiny Great Great Great Drama , The plot is interesting, actors can't be better , amazing <3

Jem Omg I'm literally in love with this drama everything about it! Especially the two main characters their so cute together omg

kim b Love this drama so much .... oh! KSH i like the way you look so handsome.

nia ruslan daebak daebak... fingting the hyun couple to act well in this amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing drama,,,

Tina vaj Love this drama!' Better than heirs!! (Just saying..)

mohadese i love this drama $ Gianna Jun-Kim Soo-Hyun

kpoploverslol where is ep 5 and 6?????

kpoploverslol when will ep 5 will be released? im gonna die if i cant see the episode!!!

tina i love kim soo hyun even more after seeing this drama ! it have even higher rating yhan the heir, too bad the 2013 award already pass

Skinnydipshit Love it from the very beginning..strong start.. Great casts. Funny and touching at the same time... I hope they'll keep it up this strong performance

a viewer i didnt like the idea of an alien in the storyline but when i started watching the eps it was amazingly attracting and funny so i am fan this drama from now on for kim soo hyun he is an amazing actor i really loved the movie secreatly and greatly so i will try watching thieves for gianna i wasnt fimiliar with her but this drama did me a great favor so i am rooting so badly for KSH and Gianna

fatim I really love this drama! The story and the actors are really good!:D Cant wait for the next episode!

rushi I really like it so far! Can't wait for the next ep, it's so funny! ;D

Me I like it so far ^^ glad to see the rating going up. I can't wait for more....

Gracie Love this drama already! Please no sad ending. Pleaseee

ameni i love Kim Soo-Hyun so much this drama is the best

Minty_Mustaches Oh my gosh, i got addicted when i first watched the 1st one.

Minty_Mustaches This dram is soo good

ISSY love everything about this drama love the ost too what a song

Presse so in love with the male main lead and of ciz the female main lead. Cant wait for the 5th episode. The plot become so interesting that I cant help myself watching the 1st til 4th episodes again n again. Thumbs up for d story :)

tiana loving the plot... the intro is so cool and well made...the actors are amazing, each and everyone of them... a very promising drama ... can't wait for the next episodes to air :)

Mimi So far this is a very interesting drama. At first I didnt expect much, but it has proven me wrong, it now has gotten my attention and I can't wait to see episode 5! ;-)

flo What a beautiful drama it is:-)

Genesis I have found another drama to be committed to...I've watched up to episode 4, and I can firmly say I'm all in until the drama ends. First off, this is such a beautiful cast, all praises to the casting director for that. I'm so loving the push-pull between the main leads, and also the sinister backdrop developing from behind the scenes.....Jae Kyung (Whi Kyung's older brother) pure evil, love it. I don't really like the villian, but his character is going to be interesting to watch...they way he knocking people off so early in the, love, love it.

Anyways, I will be back to add more thoughts as this drama plays out, and hope to find some other good supporters of this drama.

Drama crazy I love this drama it the best. OMG I can't wait for ep 5!

Arinay Incredibly since I saw announcements of this drama excites me, that never had happened to me with another drama, I love this drama, and I hope ends well.

renaya I like this drama from the beginning, also before airing...But one BIG note for writer & director... "PLEACE DON'T PUT MORE STORYLINE RUBBISH SCENE ON THE BEGINNING"..... episode 1 & 2 was really excited.... But in episode 3 & 4....I think that only waste more time.... I think on episode 3 & 4 was enough only to be 1 episode............example= From episode 2 you are have appearing some excited trial, but when airing the trial.......whohohoho that trial will clear airing on the next episode 5.......very long to wait.... really waste time to wait...... my exited feeling has drop-down now..........So pleace not make rubbish scene.....even I'm said that... I still like this drama.... & thanks t make good new story drama

EREN So where are the people who are in the beginning, they are very negative in this drama and they really compared it to a JDORAMA that is obviously different and incomparable, YWCFS is a fantasy comedy romance drama and not a children drama like Starman, and the director and writer are not stupid and plagiarizers as the others said before this show had started...they are very brilliant and creative to do this new concept of drama that and after this show, I think this will be imitated again by other korean dramas like they are doing with the others like time traveling dramas, Fantasy, Paranormal and many many more....

noira I always like this type of drama... this drama give me a flash-back memories of last drama like : faith, gu family book, master sun and now this's story must be interesting to watch..... excited enough to wait. next week...

decadedkoreandramafan5.0 I would say I am usually very picky when it comes to dramas. It is pretty much the same classic story line, poor girl meets rich boy that Professor Do can even admit sucks. Some of the reasons I love this drama is because there is a realistic conversation on what really matters in the fine arts, love in the classics; and an extraterrestrial that doesn't age, one that can stop time to save people. Yeah, and what do today's people know about love? It's not about human character but materialistic things! I feel for this Alien man who has no age, for his patience. The Korean dramas that I have watched (that I can remember on the top of my head) are: Autumn Fairy Tale(KBS2000), Damo(MBC2003), Daejangguem(Jewel in the Palace)((MBC2003)), Winter Sonata(KBS2003), Summer Scent(KBS2003), Full House(KBS2 2004) My name is Kim Sam Soon(MBC2005),Delightful Girl ChunYang(KBS2 2005), The Snow Queen(KBS2 2006), Spring Waltz(KBS2 2006), Princess Hours(MBC 2006), Jumong(MBC2006), Yi San(MBC2007), Lovers(SBS 2007), Coffee Prince(MBC2008), The Painter in The Wind(SBS2008), Dont Ask Me Bbout the Past(OCN2008), Queen SeonDuk(MBC2009), Baker Kim Tak Goo(KBS2010), Pasta(MBC2010), Chuno(KBS2 2010), SungKyunKwan Scandal(KBS2 2010),Rooftop Prince(SBS 2010), Dongyi(MBC2010), Heartstrings(MBC2011), Me Too, Flower(MBC 2011), May Queen(MBC2012), Panda and the Hedgehog(Ch.A 2012), The Moon Embraces the Sun(MBC2012), Ghost(SBS2012), Flowerboy Next door(tvN2013), I Can Hear Your Voice(SBS2013) Goddess of Fire(MBC2013), Who are You(tvN2013) and now it would be an honor to add You from Another Star(SBS2013) to the list! Thank you SBS, OCN, MBC, KBS, Channel A, and TvN for your hard work and entertaining the Life out of me when times in my life felt hard! I love all the brilliant directors and writers out there that are doing their passion by writing dramas or directing dramas into the dramas the writers have dreamed about! Thank you :D!

yongguk omaigod asdfghhgfdsads shit! I've been waiting for something worth-watching after Master's Sun and daa I'm here! Kim soo hyun please, as an alien? Yes please! And Jun Ji Hyun? Maigosh I've been loving her since Windstruck. She really2 is a real different female lead. Her character is just perfect T_T

flyingby AAAHHHHH!!!! I heard Kim SooHyun requested to have kissing scenes in this drama!!!! OMFG For those who haven't seen him kiss Gianna Jun in The Thieves, go see it! NOW! The way he bit her lips HE BETTER DO IT AGAIN HERE!!!!

Gabby This drama is perfect!!!! I think Kim Soo-Hyun has became my new favorite Korean actor. The main leads are just so perfect and the chemistry between them is insane!!! I got hooked from the first episode hehe :) great job ! So excited for more episodes~~ very very very. :). FIGHTING

hyun rating untuk episode 2 "you came from the stars" TNmS (%) Nationwide = 15.9 (5th) TNmS (%) Seoul = 18.5 (3rd) AGB Nielsen (%) Nationwide = 18.3 (5th) AGB Nielsen (%) Seoul = 20.5 (2nd)

chassa i really like the story of this drama, the episode 1 & 2 catch the attention of the viewer especially the connection of each actors and actresses... for short it was, FORMIDABLE

meh this drama looks like second part of Gu Family Book..... Ohhh I am addited to this drama ♥ from the 1st episode.... Wating 4r next episode

anj I can't wai for the 3rd episode.... the story line is so addictive... I love the cast.. great chemistry Kim Soo Hyun ♥ Jun Ji Hyun (Dream high meets My Sassy Girl) :) --also I wud like to add the fact that the story line was kinda vampire diary thing.. the difference is that Stefan was a vampire and not an alien :) ow and that doppleganger's also the same.. but this drama is amazing! I love it :) great job!! :)

Niaaa Againn I just can''t wait till' ep 3 & 4 im like litterally counting down! For those of you who haven't watched this drama yet, WATCH IT, the plot is honestly something i've been wanting to watch its something like that im like in love with this show. and its nothing like the Heirs even tho the heirs had a sort of bad ending it was still a pretty good show just typical drama but i love this show!! Only two ep and pure AWESOMENESS~ =)

Nia Alresdy finished ep 2. Those of u who need a drama to watch or thinking about watching a drama U SHOUL WATCH THIS it's like and amazing drama already it's worth ur time :)

Eva OMG! I'm so in love with this drama. Way better than heirs, no offence. But this show is going to be amazing, an alien and gianna jun... Love it!! Kim Soo-Hyun, he's so beautiful etc ... Oooh i'm already melting,

midoshi This is very good Drama, love kim soo hyun very much like lee jun ki and park yoochun. don't metion about heirs, it was the worst drama i've ever watched whaaaaak :(

Linda i'm already hooked!! def looking fwd to watching future episodes! <3

fhia i love you soo hyun...

tiffy hold on am I the only one who believes professor alien is smoking sexy? he is so quiet and humble, my type of guy! can he teach me too? *moans* I want him to teach me soooo bad! lol:-)

Samm Absoultely brilliant! The guys soo handsome and the girls pretty good too!! Missing Heirs? Watch this my new addiction!! ;)

... Awesome......Just the first two episodes and it was really great...... hope the later part is just as awesome as the first.......many people have great expectation....don't disappoint us.....keep up the good work.......FIGHTING!!!!!

yeonheeminoz OK so I didn't start watching this drama yet but I'm totally excited! How is it? I think it'll be amazing, but still rooting for Heirs! <3 I loved Heirs and think it's the best, and that'll not change, but I would love to watch this drama!

Let's get it started..


memo Series of fun and fabulous

NovitA this drama so good

Sarah Looooooved it ,, kim soo-hyun looks amazing <3<3<3

Lena if the first two episodes are anything to go by, this drama is going to be awesome!! loving it so far xx

daisy if not for rooftop prince I will find this drama very interesting but the 1st ep has something similar to rooftop prince

M.A daebak..!!!!! i like this drama.,.,hope it end with happy ending...,.

sana REALLYYYYYYYYYYyy !!!!! i like this drama a looooooooooooooooooot ^o^ fighting ! :DDD <3

flyhigh the first two ep were really good if its going to be like this for the rest of the eps it will my favorite with master sun and i hear your voice kim soo hyun is an amzing actor skill and looks and for gianna even its my first time watching her i was hooked for real they are an amazing match

y6ruy6 Another korean drama to crave for :D Gianna Jun is so hot in the poster :O

Too bad here in the Philippines it will be broadcast on the flop station GMA. They cut scenes very bad and their dubbing is so O.A

Hibz Oh my im sorry i meant her name is Cheon Song Yi lol

Hibz I WANNA KNOW WHO PLAYS THE YOUNGER VERSION OF SONG YE MI!!! why asianwiki didn't add her to the list ??????

candy DAEBAK..jun ji hyun and kim soo hyun so great on this this couple so much,totally lucky to see them again since the thieves. Cant wait for next episode. hope will there kiss scene omooooh

Eruma WOOOOWWW... DAEBAK....\\(^-^)// This drama will be my favourite. Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun get chemistry.. Can't wait for the next episode. And then, I wish this drama is happy ending and get high rating.. ^_^

Niks547 @chassie0537 lol I totally agree with you! the story line is so interesting :D better than The Heirs :D and love sassy girl~~ she has been my favourite actress from ages.. So happy she finally agreed to film a drama~~ She looks so good with soo hyun! Can't wait for the next Epi ^^

Cranberry97 @chassie0537 I totally agree with you! The first 2 episodes we're Daebakkkk! love every cast of this drama.. Both ji hyun and yoo inna is so pretty and yeah ji hyun suits better for the character though! Love my Sassy Girl uri wind struck :D jeon ji hyun fighting :D

Chassie0537 I don't get why people are complaining saying jun ji hyun is too old and yoo in na is better as main lead -..- like seriously? Too old? WTF? Ji hyun is 32( october 1981) and inna is 31(June 1982) they are only 8 months apart.. Both of them are old for soo hyun tbh! Don't get me wrong I'm a huge YG Stan and love Yoo inna but for this drama Gianna is better suited as the female lead. She has that Top star vibe like her character XD and soohyun looks better with ji hyun! Loved them since 'The Thieves' XD and in my opinion this drama is 100000000 times better than the heirs .. It has a very strong story line like The masters sun :3 Heirs was good too but it was just a typical *Cinderella story* for me. Popular just because it was full of famous hallyu actors and idols. This drama totally beats Heirs regarding the plot. It is doing so well in the first 2 episodes already! Can't wait for ep 3 ~~ p.s soo hyun looks so hot..omggg the abs~~ #youwhocamefromthestars fighting! ^O^

rose hello, oh my, i like the two main leads but Gianna is to old for kim soo hyun In Na would have been better lead who suits him. Lol i am only watching it because of our "the moon that embrace the sun" king….who is the director?

cutesherry Truly brilliant so! The kind of drama that makes me crave for more long before the episode has even ended, a 10 so far! It's funny, it's entertaining as a whole, the storyline is good, this is love~

But there is one important condition that should be met for it to stay that way: for them to keep up with the special effects for his powers and flashbacks of his old self at different eras, that come with Do Min-Joon being an Alien, because if they only did that in the 2 first eps to impress the watchers and then we see none or very few of it until the final episode, well, that would be disappointing, and this drama would loose this one thing that makes it extra special. Not that I would stop watching it for that of course, but the supernatural aspect of this story is something important I think.

sssss @sandychaa She is the girl from sassy girl and Il Mare two of the best korean movies I have ever seen.

daebak I love this drama 1000000000000x better than the heirs. I have goosebumps when..( SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!) The girl he saved twice who look the same 400 years ago and the present time was her sassy hallyu star neighbor Cheon Song .Yi

R the first ep looks promising! hope it gets better everytime :)

Lina Love it so far! Gianna is one of kind of an actress.

Aya Episode 1 was funny ^_^ I love the story.

CieloDc The girl who played young Cheon Seong Yi is Kim Hyun Soo.She played young Mokdan/Boon Yi in Gaksital and she played In Hae in Good Doctor.Talented young actress.' Love her. :D

Elsie a light-hearted drama...

Rayfu06 Wow! Ive only loved 2 kdrama so far. Secret garden and masters sun. I tended to get bored after watching some episodes. And this one looks promising! I cant wait for the next ep!

sandychaa WHO IS THE YOUNG CHEON SONG YI?!?!? I remember her from somewhere but can't think if it!!! Anyone know her name?

Nikkaboo WHOAAA!!!! can't wait to watch this!!! <3

Jang nae Already loving this drama. Its funny and great for viewers who liked watching 'The Heirs' . D A E B U K ^.^

kass Just watched ep 1 of this drama its so superb and funny.. I love the storyline;its just refreshing for me. Gianna Jun is so funny here and I love the chemistry between her and the leading man..hwaiting for this drama!

Cesar Chapter 1 its just great, detailed, funny. You guys need to watch it.

Juana love Omg!!!!can't wait for this.

Bemi I am agreeing to the comment made by Noira, "I can only imagine, that this drama is a continuation of the idea of ​​drama as Faith, Queen Ih Hyeon, Gu drama Family Book and the like .. Usually a drama like this should be interesting .. hopefully .. can't patience to wait ... hhuhuh" nothing to add on this ;)

MARSHA They were perfect couple in Thieves! This drama will be TEABAK!!!!!!!!

sosad Another korean drama to crave for :D Gianna Jun is so hot in the poster :O

Too bad here in the Philippines it will be broadcast on the flop station GMA. They cut scenes very bad and their dubbing is so O.A

iloveheirs im not sure , but i think heirs will not leave my heart <3

Katrina OMG I can't wait for this. I still remember that heated kiss scene from the movie, Thieves! Been waiting for them to be partnered again!! AHH KSH!

Monisha seems to be its quite a drama with suspense & excitement! But I miss Heirs alot and fingers crossed for this one! Wish this one could replace Heirs in my heart ♫

Brenn cool drama again. excited for this.

noira I can only imagine, that this drama is a continuation of the idea of ​​drama as Faith, Queen Ih Hyeon, Gu drama Family Book and the like .. Usually a drama like this should be interesting .. hopefully .. can't patience to wait ... hhuhuh

daisy poster has a secret garden vibes :))

Joanna Looking forward to watching this drama!! KSH is so hot in here :3

Gianna? Oh...Gianna!! Yaay! Haven't seen her since Windstruck but this drama just drew me right back in!

Mhackienly Yepeh!! Next week na!! Cant wait ... :)

Irene Few more days! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

iaziye omoya~ i cant wait to see my soo hyun in this drama! Knowing that my hae jin in here too driving me crazy really! I love it ! Love it! Love it! Craziness ovaload!!

cupcake oh my god! this is it! i'll get to see kim soo hyun again ,together with my favorite actress JUN JI HYUN. oh my! she's grown older but she looks prettier than ever! i can't wait to see this movie. i wish i could watch it as soon as it is aired on tv! i love ji hyun and kim soo hyun,,,am looking forward to this movie.aja!! ^_^

Zoe Did anyone see them in The Thieves ?! Their chemistry was was of the hook there ! Can't wait !!

Samantha Yes! At last, the overrated Heirs is finished. I'm really looking forward to this drama :) Thank God I'll be able to watch it next week :) Can't wait :)

Phyu yee I can't help waiting this. I really looking forword to it. I really like Kim Soo hyun and think it will be really interesting . Both Kim and Jun will make the drama great. please hurry!!!

exitedtowatch I couldn't bring my self to watch more than two episode of The Heirs and can't wait for it to end and start watching this drama. Gianna Jun was the reason I was introduced to korean films and drama Sassy Girl and Il Mare was one of the best movie I have ever seen both movies was turned into Hollywood film but korean version was the best. I have never seen her in a drama so I'm really looking forward to this plus I think the lead actors have great chemistry on Thieves.

aaah I just got why Kim Soohyun paired with Gianna Jun. Because of The Thieves, right? xD Totally watching this!

CookieMonster I've been waiting forever for a drama with Kim Soo Hyun again 8D.

KSY I don't know whether this drama will be a hit eventually. Here's the plot I wish for in this drama.

Actually, I'm hoping there won't be any time travelling in this drama. I mean, why does the alien (Kim Soo-hyun) in need of that when he has already aged a lot for 400 years? I'm sure he doesn't have any regrets. And, I think, in my opinion, it's best for Lee Whi-kyung (Park Hae-jin) to be an only child since there are so many young characters in this drama. But what's more is that Yoo Se-mi (Yoo In-na) has a YOUNGER BROTHER?! I look at the actor's profile and he's a few years older than Yoo In-na! XP I mean, his looks aren't suitable to be her younger brother. Plus, can I wish for another alien to be on this drama? Especially an alien girl (disguised as a 19-year-old student at Yoon-jae's school) since I would love to see some badass girl to teach a lesson on Cheon Song-yi's (Jeon Ji-hyun) high school brother, Yoon-jae (Ahn Jae-hyun). It'll be great if this fellow suspects the alien girl's identity instead of checking on the alien guy for his sister's safety. Duh, this happened before the previous years in a Kdrama. I think I would love some romance between a human boy and alien girl.

To the writer, director, and the staff of this drama, I hope you'll keep to these requirements to get good ratings of your drama. Anyway, I'll watch this drama since this is the 1st Kdrama to feature an alien in it. TQ

Yours sincerely, KSY

alin Wish SBS wouldn't disappoint me. the concept story is such interesting ! hope the line are also get amazing. isn't such THE HEIRS that had s*ck story line, so really pity for the actors.

Witer-nim, Director-nim and all crew-nim, Yolsimhihaeraa !

pratiwi I can't wait to watch this drama ^^

shay Omg can't wait :D

Dawnylicious This looks like its gonna be awesome, super excited !

coffeenlucia omigosh i can't wait!!!

Mac Gillieze Yeayy Zampano & Jenny finally having their drama and relationship together! Can't wait for this drama!!! Korean drama and movies are really addicting and I love it :) btw HWAITING OPPA & UNNIE

Anna The only similarity it has with STARMAN is that the main guy is an alien.... Calm your tits. =_=

HRHPrincessAdly I love how these two actors were in The Thieves together and he loved her in that drama too. I can't wait for this drama to air! Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun Fighting!

Micaela looking forward for this drama!!!!

ladyrun I was confused with the lot written why does it have to mention the hoseon dynasty the trailer shows modern era...

mimi sorry..I'm not said that this drama is copying from Starman..I just wanna say that the main character in this drama same with Starman..he is from space right? The storyline is very different.. I like Kim So Hyun too~ I will looking forward for this drama too~ ^^

btw, @sorao I like when you said this "I am a fan of Kim So Hyun but he definitely can't beat Sota's hotness" ahah! I like Sota too!!!!! >_<

soultrain omg please~! are they have lost their idea??!! ok...they maybe not copy it...but the plot of the drama is same...the main character is an alien! same to in jdorama! and he's younger from that is a same thing right...even the woman is not raising a child..and the physical abilities is just the same with the japanese one.... but i will watch this drama because of the actors! ^^ and i'm looking forward to the storyline too!

Sorao STARMAN Japanese drama copy! Was the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the title of this story. But Starman was really awesome and I enjoyed watching it especially with the best casts like Fukushi Sota and Hirosue Ryoko. I am a fan of Kim So Hyun but he definitely can't beat Sota's hotness. However, I'm curious as to see how this story will be like so I will try and give it a watch once the drama is out. That said, I love Heirs too!!

izanagi13 @mystisith you are right the only similarity of both dramas are they both came from space but the majority of the plot are of both dramas are definitely DIFFERENT!!!!!!

mystisith LOL at those who cry "copycat" because of the J dorama: Is the woman a married housewife raising kids here? NO. She's single, doesn't have kids & is an actress. Was the alien shown living in the ancient times in the J dorama? Was he on Earth for centuries already? NO. Alien falling in love with a human: Only the premise is the same for both TV shows. Please check your facts before writing things from outer space.  ;)

Redson @mimi I was thinking of the same Japanese dorama too - STARMAN, when I read the plot. It sounds similar as to Starman's and I dare to say that it's a 'ciplak'. Anyways, I'm looking forward to Soohyun's acting though... C;

mimi STARMAN from japanese drama?? o.O"

rayfu06 KIM SOO HYUN! fall for u big time. Im really waiting for this drama. The plot is interesting and the casts rock too. Hope this drama will have high rank and the story will be interesting and fun. Xoxo

ika mustika ditunggu ya dramanya :D asli, gak sabar nunggu drama ini. cant wait to watch it ~~ kim soo hyun oppa :*

jali Soo Hyun so excited

deorenji why the storyline just the same with Japanese drama "STARMAN"???? And Kim soo hyun's role as alien is the same with Fukushi sota??? OMG OMG OMG O.O

=_= i'm soooooo madddd!!!!! not at the actors but the script writer!! such a copy cat!!!! ><

khaada Cast looks great so far, Gianna jun will make a great lead and now they have just confirmed Park Hae jin

Sim Oh boo! I was really looking forward to a new Kim Soo-hyeon drama, but I hate period dramas *sigh* will probably still give it a try.

Maadjon Wow!!!! I cant wait!! that winter the wind blows.. the master's sun, empire of gold, jang ok jung, i can hear your voice, the inheritors, man from the stars♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i lobe korean dramas!!!!

Omnidramagod This sounds cool but I just wish it wasn't another romantic comedy. Those are so overdone this year.

shkyilvy. make the filming faster. we cant wait to watch it...

moles .....kazutaka!!!!

Angela The plot sounds a little silly but South Korea does a really good job at making them good dramas (like nine which was about time travel) so i would like to watch it

yanni Arrrggghhh! can't waiiittttt

sassygirl989 oh my gosh this will be Gianna Jun's comeback in the small screen after 13years! im definitely gonna watch this! cant wait!

lisna yeaaahh.. really wait this drama, i love kim soo hyun's acting.. and we waiting you come to indonesia...

Classiko I love Gianna Jun , she is very beautiful and talented, but I hate Kim so hyoun he lacks a lot of charisma to become a good actor

waiting for this drama

mrm I Can Hear Your Voice, Master's Sun, The Heirs, and Man From The Stars!! Such a greaaaat list of drama!

rhey i can't wait this...i'm so excited to watch Man from the star....

MP Seriously SBS Wed & Thurs is the best!!! We have MASTER'S SUN and then THE HEIRS and then MAN FROM THE STARS! Love this... Keep it up! YOU MAKE ME A HAPPY KD FAN!!! Tehehehe :)

anto me mato el desde el dorama : cuando la luna abraza al sol es mas tierno y hermoso asi que quiero ver este dorama

mslee1107 love that they follow up their hot/sixxling [but such a short one] chemistry from The Thieves. :)) another KSH drama to look forward to. this man can really act and has screen presence. And JJH is so pretty and love her brazen acts in the movie.

Wed/Thurs timeslot is so full and SBS is not letting go!

vivi SBS really block my Wed. & Thu. 21:55, from i hear your voice, master sun, the heirs and this drama, why all of this looked so great,? really excited to wait this one, well great job sbs, you make my wed-thu great

Excalibunny My sassy girl coming back to korean drama!! Hahaha!! Looking forward to this.

Lady Waaaaaaah Gianna Jun in a Korean Drama!!! Waaaaah That would be very very fun! Can't wait for her to appear on television, Its been a decade since her last drama on tv. Woooooh Cheering for you Gianna sshi, and also to Soo Hyun sshi! Fighting

DENISCE WOW! Finally the Yennicall and Zampano chemistry (both actors are in the movie The Thieves) will be in a Korean Drama. Many are frustrated that their love story ended up so quickly in the movie. I can't wait for Man from the stars. Both are very good actors, award winners. I love them both. I recommend you guys watch The Thieves, its a very good movie! :D

Donna WOW! Finally the Yennicall and Zampano chemistry (both actors are in the movie The Thieves) will be in a Korean Drama. Many are frustrated that their love story ended up so quickly in the movie. I can't wait for Man from the stars. Both are very good actors, award winners. I love them both. I recommend you guys watch The Thieves, its a very good movie!

In Hee It's so far away!!! I'm so excited for this drama, Love both Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun! Great actors and actresses!

miranda Yay!!! Another drama with Kim Soo-hyun! I'll consider it a birthday present, since my b-day is in December lol

France Gianna in a drama!!! So happy!!! Don't really like Kim Soo Hyun though, but he will help the drama's audience ratings and wow he looks good! Haha

Lol there's always at least one person noticing/complaining about an actor being "too young for the actress" but nobody cares about the other way around. Come on, if you are women, give love to the young boys too ^^

kkk Well. As for real life KSH is 6 years younger than JJH. But for a drama. Alien is 400+years old. He is too old for her. So that thier age different doesnt matter. hahaha

fransec Male actors should be so ji sub is more suitable than kim soo hyun.. he is too yuong.

Lssie Cant wait to watch jun jihyun on serial drama. I think KSH-JJH is okay, since they have worked together in the thieves.

black_blood Oh My God! Gianna Jun in a drama. I have been waiting for a long time for her to act in a drama. Even the story line looks good. Hope this drama will be a huge hit.

eikenaj well. Gianna Jun/Jun Ji-Hyun is older than Kim So Hyun. She's already 31 years old if im not mistaken. But, They are perfect, so .. Its okey!!

Naddy I don't know the actor, but I am sure as hell excited about jun ji hyun would be in it.

To those complaining, she's not that old, plus it would be an honour for the male lead to work aside her. Hello.... Sassy girl, windstruck. need more reminder?

ji hyun, fighting!

Ankzara17 Can't wait for this drama seems very exciting.

Lena YAY!! This just made my day!! They were so awesome sexy in the thieves with so little scenes but great chemistry!! Now a drama together!!! Even better!! I can't wait!! Super excited!!! Woot hoo!!!!

twingals Love this young actor, ..... and Gianna Jun is one hell of an actress, even if she is older she has charisma to tackle that role.... see "Blood, The Last Vampire" amazing and beautiful actress. And they were together in The Thieves, a blockbuster, bet the drama will be a hit!

angel eunhye plz .... yoon eun hye and kim soo hyun as leads ... im beggin u :D

Jane It sounds interesting, especially concering the writer and director. They should both balance each other really well concerning the drama aspect the comic relief. I somehow hope they offer Im Yoona the female lead since the character description of Cheon Song-Yi sounds like something she talked about in an interview where she explained her dream role. She showed great improvement in Love Rain and could be abel to tackle the role. And I really miss her!

Finsy Im just hoping that Kim shoo hyun will take the male lead and i hope the female lead not an older women again..cmon just hoping that soo hyun will pairing with youngest women or the sam age at him...the previous drama sun n moon and the thief, he always pairing with older woman...just wondering if Suzy Miss A will take the female lead in this new drama. ;)

sazawa I've read the latest info about this drama, Kim Soo Hyun already confirmed to play main lead in this drama, meanwhile Jun Ji Hyun (Gianna Jun) might be female lead. Her agency told that they are waiting for the script first before confirming. Kim Nam Joo might not take part in this drama, maybe as cameo only. I really wish to see Kim Nam Joo in medical drama especially in upcoming MBC drama, Medical Top Team alongside with Kwon Sang Woo. The screenwriter was Brain's writer..really daebak if she can play the main lead. Hope she can show new image in her future dramas. KNJ & PJE fighting!

fubu Hwang Jung Eum/Baek Jin Hee

rainfairy wooow the story seems daebak <3 i hope kim seo hyun accepts the rule i want him in a drama so bad ^^

dina wow, SBS daebak. I hear your voice -> The Master's Sun" -> The Heirs and Man from the Stars are drama for this year. I hope Kim Soo Hyun really takes this drama :D

Han Cheongbyul I believe Kim Nam-joo is gonna be in this series since the writer has collaborated with her in the 3 TV dramas KNJ starred in. Anyway, it'll be great for KNJ to be an alien. LOL Well, this is a first K-drama featuring aliens from outer space...Will it be the new supernatural trend in K-dramas after Gumihos, vampires, and werewolves? Only time wil tell. :)

Monika I hope this role Kim Soo-Hyun takes. It could be interesting. He has a lot of acting ability.

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