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  • Name: Ahn Jae-Hyeon
  • Hangul: 안재현
  • Born: July 1, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Blood Type:


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Vita @Kelvin He's never had plastic surgery, en serio.

Kelvin Holy sh*t plastic surgery. Nevertheless, great acting

나나 I'm waiting for his new drama 'Blood'. I already watched him in You Who Came From The Stars, You're All Surrounded, and Fashion King. He act well. I'm thankful to know that South Korea have new best actor like him.

Gin is just me who think he cant act?..

jaehyeon wifeu Omg!! Cant wait his new drama!! XD I will support you till the end!! <3

kim Cooolll..good luck oppa..

liroy 안재현! 항상 당신을되었습니다!

dyas He really looks young, never thought that he's already 27th yo. And he has similar feature with Lee Min Ho

AshKpopper He is so hot! lol he cant be 27 tho he looks young!! I wanna ship him with Krystal Jung they look cute together despite of the age gap, specially during puma photoshoots! Jae hyun <3 Saranghaeyo

kdramalover wow! i was shock to see his age 27! n i though he was the sames age as me (18) or even smaller..ur reallyy gud looking n love ur acting skills ...i used to wait for u to appear in 'You Who Came From the Stars ' scenes..come in more dramas as a male lead

ummieyaien Oppa!!!!! Nothing more to say.. Will you marry me??? kih..kih..kih.. ^_^

maryyayay your age? ohmy., i thought you're just only 17,18 .. you look so young, but you look so hot at the last part of the love from the star... cant believe actually... you aged with lee min ho and taller than him i guess but you look so young...

Emma OMG im waiting for his new drama. nvr knew taht becomes true. wishes he'll be main character ohh goshh i must watch his drama XD oppa figghhtingg!!!

jaehyun'sfan2014 annyeong! firstly, i'm so glad that i watch my man from the star, you're all surrounded, k.will mv 'please, don't..' etc Ahn Jae Hyun oppa really make my heart melt.. <3 I wish one day, I'll met you oppa.. wanna give you a big hug... Oppa, Fighting!

kurly korean kool!!!! wish he started acting from earlier, and c'mon people you guys make me laugh! i thought he was 14, but HE WAS PLAYING A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT! so yah deal with, and if you have a problem DEAL WITH IT! he's not getting any younger!


MahalMo Boa? Jinjja!!! O.O is that really his age? ahh omg i cant believe this i thot that he's so young like in 90-94's kids. I love his act and mostly ofcourse his face like a baby hihi. But it is really just this his drama? cant he be a MAIN CHARACTER? oh pls. I really want see him act as a Main character. Love ya Anh- Jae hyeon its akward to call u oppa, look so young hehe

casey act with yoona or yuri,park min young,park shin hye,park ha sun so many actress i want you to act with saranghae ^^ jaehyun

Annyeong Is Ahn Bo Hyun his brother???

shan .. I love Jae-hyeon's acting skills. And by the way, you look younger than your age. :3

I hoping to see you more often in korean dramas (:

ahn hae-hyeon fighting !!

nam jun seok Daebak .. saranghajja oppa <3

Choikee^^ Nice acting skills.. He's one of my favourite actor.

Deni :) Ah Jae Hyun is one of my favourite actors.. Omg he's so perfect! <3 I saw every drama and every movie ( ok, are just 3 but still ) where he acted and I can say that he's very talented. He look like a little cutie kid. When I saw he's age I didn;'t believe that's true. Anyway, he's such a perfect man. Jae Hyun, fighting~

aya this is the firs time i like someone /// but i think that he must to be not just in a actior he must to be a super star you know i will thell you i have 2 wishs the firs one is to get married with him and i want 2 kids and the secnet one to have a lot of kiss and hugs from him <3 but i have aa nice vioce and i a graet actior if i work i can be his gf <3

Anon You guys seem very new to Koreans and their non-aging, didn't you guys know they drink from the fountain of youth like every day.. although I do agree every time I wiki someone I like they are usually like early twenties.. this broke my heart 87 line.. 97 line.. ten years.. even if this isn't my soul mate.. appayo.. my heart man..

love LOL The comments make me laugh, C'mon people He's just 27 why that fuss?! I admit he looks like a teenager in YHCFS but He has just a versatile face, many Korean men are like that, they can look like a 16 year old to a 40 year old just by changing the hairstyle or etc :) I think in you're all surrounded he doesn't look 16, he looks around his real age...

sara Saranghae ♡

rolmaths ehem...i think you are new in this industry...but i can feel that you will become successful..... you. and the doctor in doctor stranger (wer i recognized him first in i can hear your voice...)are my new two thumbs up.....you SNOW WHITE...hehehehe i like you

stephoxxx korean snowwhite kkkk

cjh Oh my~ Love ya <3

mona wish to see you in person :D

Kat Eyes. Nose. Lips.

Jan Wish to see more of you ♥

Fatima The first time i saw him, i fell inlove ♥ He's as hot as Lee Min Ho! I'm currently watching your drama You're All Surrounded and you're absolutely gorgeous. I'm looking forward to all your drama in the future! Happy birthday! :)

eli I saw him in You Came from the Stars and I was thinking that this guy looks like woobin and seems a younger version of Kim Woobin and when i checked his profile he is already 27 years old.. woah.. he looks so young.. hope to see him in more dramas.. just wo dering if he already enlisted in the military coz if yes .. that training never affect his looks.. lolm. I am still very amazed..

Melissa ♥♥ Youre so handsome ♥♥

alicia woo bin First time I knew him I think he has the same characteristic with woo bin especially his glance. But he looks too young for 27 y.o ! Little bit schocking, honestly.

collete why the soooooo much alarm, he's luck that with he's nature he can fit in in any role. In my country, he's still a youngster cuz our main actors are around the age of 30-45. I think your good already in comedy romance. More grease to your elbow.

charina i'm one of your fan.. i love your character in YWCFTS.And you really like Lee Minho. best wishes for you and have more project to come. :0

sutton You look young for 27 I hoped you were younger.you also look a lot like lee min ho.i think you are HOT by the way ;) :*

Irahasyira Hasim Anneonghasayo..oppa you look so handsome and hot.. Saranghae!!!

Park Gyurin OMG! Why you so hot?

kim dora he lookes soooo young for 27 !!! man u are soo hot give me a break hwaiting !! i want see u in more drama's <3 ^^

kimchi How come his role is a high school student when he is an 87 liner and when he is older than kim soo hyun? Oh please why are you so handsome? FIGHTING!! More projects to come :)

Mysterious USER Why he so handsome? OH I LOVE HE FOREVER

oh se hun am i the only one who thinks that he look a bit like woo bin here? .__.

jany I love u so so so so much I hope you act in more dramas I love you♥♥ and im from jordan

What he looks veryyyy young I'm so disappointed when I knew he was born at 87 impossible !!

anyfunny born on 1987??? but why he looks so young and handsome

Fullheart5 Looks like he has a future.

ynnie looks so young....he reminds me of choi young do of heirs(kim woo bin)...wish you more project to come...:)

mels he's....an OPPA?? 87 liner?? omo.............. TT^TT looks so young

Ada He's like older than the Exo Members, but he look like he's 16 or something :)

odette Yes he really looks like Lee Min Ho, nice and very cool guy... see you in You're all surrounded!

jaein omo he's cool, i thought he is a dongsaeng gominam, but he's an OPPA? omo.,. but wait he reminds me of lee min ho,. i like him in you who came from the star.

Meia Annyeong!!! Oppa you are so handsome! one of your big fan. kekeke~ in your first appearance in MLFTS it's like I've already found my soon-to-be husband! saranghae Oppa~!!! Fighting! <3 <3 <3

Brook AMAZNG* Two dramas at the same time.. amazing actor. Love you oppa! Big fan!

dreamsheep I really like your character on ywcfts~~ as yoon-jae the kid who's inlove with all alien and stars and stuff, being all fanboy like to min-joon oppa~~ when you've find out that he has a hobby that you dream >< you were so cute! ilikeyou cheon yoon-jae-ssi! I really like you~~ ^^

Addictd_to_You my god!! you're so handsome!! I already like you since your first appearance at My Love From the Star.. hope to see you in person.. :D

きょうた kyaahhhh~~~ i love you since your take a part in K.Will Mv Please dont... Saranghaee~~~ <3 <3 <3 i reallyyy~~ ship you with Seo In Guk.. hope both of you can acting in same Drama~~ <3 <3 :* :*

aj omyyy! Ahn Jae Hyeon your such a good looking guy! I want to see you then pinch your face.. kyaaaahhhh!!!! I'm your #0 Fan!!! and im looking forward to see youu in my dreams! haha!

thatgirlSJ Annyeong!!to my new Crush :) you really had a resemblance of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho Hope to see you in more K-Dramas and movies as well :) Fighting..! :)

thatgirlSJ waaaa..would've been my new Crush..so gwapo!!! so handsome..it's true you had a resemblance of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Hoo..hope to see you in more K-Dramas and movies.. :) Annyeong!!! Fighting!!!

kitz Oh em giiii... oppa ur so handsome.. I can't believe your already 27.. your only a highschool student in My Love From the Star... waaaah xD

Sya He's so handsome. I want to hug him kiss him oh my goddd. He driving me crazy. Really really love this guy

sarcasm His face is like Lee Min hoo. I think he went to tha plastic surgery clinic and beg for a face like that. Why they cant just love the way they are.ckckck

sophie you are already 27 but you look like a teenager! :)))))

bam you stole my heart !!!!

raineal your new in my list! haha hope to see more in dramas! you look like Woobin oppa! sometimes

hi He will be 27 about 2 months later ... 27 and 26 are not that different thou

Rosana OMG! Daebaaakkk oppa! keep cute ! Saranghae oppa <3 <3 can't wait for your next drama! HWAITING!!! :D

Jean In Korea, he's 27 because in Asia your older by 1 age than your normal age but in the US he is only 26 since his birthday hasn't come yet.

hi Lol you people are talking like 27 is old lol, hes YOUNG but i agree he looks like a teenager :)

ALEX I AM FREAKINGLY SURPRISE AT HIS AGE. IM LIKE WHAT THE F***! He looks so young, and handsome and hot and he's 27 yrs old.

teechu OMG... i'm so surprised about his age!!!! he's almost 27 years old???? for real??? God!! i thought i was older than him, and i'm only freakin' 21..... he's older than Kim Soo Hyun?? WTF is he a vampire? he doesn't age... @_@

mae heart him so much <3

Yuliwon wwow, he's really baby face, i'm happy can call you "oppa" Saranghae oppa :))

danisaa OMG!! i tought he is a teenager :O when i saw his profile i really surprised that he is 28 years old ~~~~ he is very handsome hhhhhh ♥♥♥♥♥

ninadaniela you are so hot and you are a good actor love you , you are so cool oppa

Yesika his face isn't like his age... baby face loove him ;)

mai_army01 He's looks very cool in his new drama.. I love his look! ♥

mina Kim woo bin lookalike♥.

mina I want to craddle him.

jc a 27 year old playing an 18 year old highschool student. wow. but he looks young!

sk. it looks like his somewhat 18 or 19. but when i saw his profile, he is really old. i guess looks can be deceiving.

Chintya Chai How it feel when he call kim soo hyun a hyung.. Why he is look so young... Love him a lot... I think he is younger than me... ♥love himmmmmm

Shin Min Ji OMONA :O he is young, aigooo jeongmalll,, kyeopta

HyeLee What an angelic face ?? Oh my God !!!! Ahn Jae Hyeon is hart hart ♥

HyeLee Oh my god !!! I can't believe that he is older than other actors. I thought he is 18. What an angelic face Ahn Jae Hyeon is harthart ♥

Nara Park Eeehhh . Baby face. He's look like 1994

kienah OMO!!! I thought he was only 19 or 20. I'm shocked! How can he be sooooo baby faced??? O____O

khai Baby face ^^

lisna Omg.. you are so cute.. the next lee jong suk.

Love ya.

Catya I had no idea that Ahn Jae-Hyeon was older than Kim Soo-Hyun. AJH loos so young for his age because I thought he was at least 18 years old.

Taufik H. i think he is be the next hallyu... great job...

Taufik I think he is the next best hallyu....

sehsaaa I've just finished watching YWCFTS and I think it seems like I've seen him, and it turns out he was an actor in k.will and sistar19 music video. But he looks different, in mv he is a mature man and in YWCFTS he was a cute boy, LOVE HIM :))

Ellya Omo! I can't believe it. He older than kim soo hyun. I think he 19 old. He really young face *laughing*

precious he's a combination of woo bin, min ho and onew. and sehun :3

Cheon Song-yi 2 He was younger than Kim Soohyun!! and he has to call kim soohyun hyung. it must be awkward in there. hohoho

i can't believe it. how can he has a face like that??!

Ivvy What the hell? Is he really 26 ?? lmao I'm 19 and people would mistake him for my younger brother anyday. im guessing he's the real alien ... Anyway, i really liked his interpretation in YWCFTS, his scenes with DMJ where so damn hilarious.

Rere I'm so happy that i will see you soon in a drama again, and all i want now is Three Days to end fast so i can see you again.. ^^

Lee Ni Jo He looks like Kim Woo Bin tho, does he even relate to him??

Keiramutya Mutya This namja ... So cute cool n gorgeous !!! He is so look alike with Lee min ho ... At first I thought he was Lee min ho .... Can't wait for his next drama

mykhele OMO! I thought that this Young Looking guy is only in a teen age. But how come that he is older than me. Anyway...... He did a Great Job in YWCFTS drama. I wish I could see him in coming drama. Daebak!

Sely Tha This oppa really made a good start/ debut in drama... I think he will be famous like kim soo hyun in the future.... I'll be waiting for your upcoming drama/ movies... \^o^/... ah~ cute and handsome

woodalchi_girl Is the information correct? But i saw in drama seems like kim so hyun is taller than this man.. anyway, how can you look cuter than kim so hyun? Haha. R u the real alien? :-p

in yoo He is older than Kim Soo Hyun?? Whuttttt?? But his acting is damn good! ;)

Bunga Alienda Oppa!!! You are very handsome....you have perfect face,body and talent! oppa saranghaeyoooo I LOVE YOU KYAAAAAK

Cheon Song Yi I love you when you interact with do min joo in drama You Who Came from the Stars. I LOVE YOU OPPA!! ^^

Monkey Isn't he a model?

arielleBae I really laughed at the part when you mimic a scene from ET. HAHAHA! I love your character in You Who Came from the Stars. Hope to see you more in other dramas. I know there's a lot of opportunities for you. You are such a good actor and a handsome guy. just stay humble and nice :)

kkk not 97line? 87 huo:o handsome does

genius you look like a cool high-schooler! i'd never have guessed you're 24...you look like a hot 18 yr old<3

Genesis I think you're adorably cute. I've been watching you in You Who Came From the Stars, and you are doing such a great job at playing Song Yi's baby brother....I love the interaction between you and Do Min Joo...it's truly a love affair between the Cheon sibling's and Do Min Joo. I love how you told Min Joo you'd keep his secret for life....and the way the characters eyes glazed over...it was hilarious and spectacular at the same time. You've got some good expressive qualities about you in your acting.

I really hope you go a long ways in your acting career...look forward to seeing you in many othe dramas and hopefully big screen movies...sincerely best of luck to you young man with your life and career.

Aja....new American Fan!!!

janeyoung0213 Oppa!!! ^_^ he have some similarities with Lee Min Ho ..

cumicumi he is the delivery guy in Lee Byungman and Lee Soogeun High Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya You're so cute oppa, if it'll happen to see you in person i'm gonna hug you. hahaha . kiddin.

AJHlover i thought he's a 94 liner (same like me) or 95 liner tall cute guy. so he's older 1 year than Kim Soo Hyun oppa? but he acts well. his way of calling Do Min Joon "Min Joonnie hyung" is so addicting to me. don't know why. hehehe

Valjudy I'm dying from watching You Who Came From The Stars episode 16……. He's too cute to be true….. He looks like a cold namja, but in that episode, he's so cute! >.< Make me love him more…… ^^

Willwin Wow... I think he's under 20,

Princila_Lee I can't believe he is 26 years old!!...I thought he was in his teens. OMG he is soo handsome!!<3

ira ditha He's on "Please don't" K'will 's MV Cute guy ^^

Aeda OMG OMG so handsome, tall, and tallented!! Gonna love you more more more and moree!!!! oppa fighting :D<3

secret admire OMG OMG OMG soooo handsome, adorable and tallented!! Gonna love you more more more and moreee!!!!! oppa fighting :D<3

Elmo omg i thought he is 95liner and when i saw his age im more like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT lolz. his face looks so amazing then. tell me ur secret, eung?

Lee OMG!! he's just two years younger than me!! i thought he born in 1990th!! you're face is seriously a sin LOL a face who look younger even when you're older is a sin, a big sin LOL

Mimi Oh my,, I think he's around 17th and like dongsaeng for me, even suitably in high school uniform and he's look like Jeongmin Boyfriend

Lala LOL, 2weeks ago I already know that he was born in 1987..yet still can't believe it that he's older than KSH!!indeed ksh might be called sunbaenim due to his acting career, but still he's (AJH) is KSH's hyeong and also KSH's sunbaenim in modeling career (because I read in some articles that he's actually a model who turn into actor)

jasha He is so Handsome

theone I can't believe he's 1 year older than Kim Soo Hyun, who's supposed to be a professor, while Jae Hyun is a highschool student in My Love From Another Star hahaha

Nabi OMG I thought he was a child actor who's incredibly tall... turns out he's 26 lol xD he still looks so young!

Dara Omonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. We have the same birthday! *screams* totally loving him more!

Dara OH MY GOOOSH! I fell in love with him at first sight! i thought he was around my age! and when i checked his profile i screamed so loud coz we have the same birthday!! JULY 1 :D oh, i'm going to love him mooore :)

ssun he has caught my eyes since i watch him in ywcfts <3 and he is a model too, omg another jongbin ㅋㅋ anw i just realize that he participated in idol star athletic competition last year, omg how can? he is not an idol, rite?

Meru Omoooooo I thought he is around 20 or less. But 27 and still looks good in uniform, but he doesn't look that old... I just... Handsome and forever younggggggggggggggggg

Miina Jaehyun I've knew him ever since K.Will -Plase Dont MV had been released.. And instanly fell inlove with him.. Till now i love this handsome gorgeoud Oppa..


Glad to know him joining KDrama as well.. I hope he will be the next shining star along with JongBin couple..


Ai Sheila Omo... he really looks like my dear kang dong won....

HoJungARMY Jae Hyun Oppa So Handsome on You Who Came From the Stars

too young but too handsome Ahn Jae Hyun is freaking 27 years old this year , but he look so young T______T i thought he was like around early 20's ......... in my love from another star he is playing a role who still in high school , wahhhhhhhhhhh he is about entering the age 30's already ............... *totally speechless* he look TOO YOUNG

Luu Another model, hopefully his acting carrier will be like lee jongsuk & kim woobin.

age OMG !!! he older than me !!!! he looks so young and very handsome hahahaha ❤️❤️❤️

mrs.gae he is older than me?? OMG ~~ i really thing that he's younger, so shock ><, I like this oppa ^^

tears_of_heart3081 geezzz, I was completely shocked seeing his birthday !! it's amazing how young he looks like than his actual age =))) still, wish you will be more successful in the future ^___^

Imperfect Nabi OMO hes older than i thought .wow hes like a month older than me wow he dont look it..i really thought he was a 90s baby like '94..anyway looking forward to seeing more of him in this drama.. hes Cute..^_~

novis921111 Wow.... i's surprised to see his birthdate... he's older than our kim soo hyun but he looks younger...

park polly Knew him from one of his friend's instagram (but i forgot who).... then i just fell for him ^___^

Hwaiting ahn jae hyeon-ssi!!

kimhyera i like him since he become a model in k-will mv "please don't" with seo in guk and dasom.. finally he have a role in drama...

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