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Ku Hye-Sun @ 2014 Busan IFF
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  • Name: Ku Hye-Sun
  • Hangul: 구혜선
  • Birthdate: November 9, 1984
  • Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  • Height: 163 cm.
  • Blood Type: A
  • Twitter: @koohyesun119


Ku Hye-Sun, born in Incheon, South Korea on November 9, 1984, is a popular South Korean actress. Her family consists of her mother, father, and one older sister. While growing up, Hye-Sun initially dreamed of becoming a singer. She eventually formed a vocal band with college friends, but due to Hye-Sun gaining popularity through the internet as a model she put those goals on hold.

Hye-Sun then signed with YG Entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing. At the time, Yang Hyeon-Seok, the CEO of YG Entertainment, advised Hye-Sun to pursue acting rather than music. His advice would persuade Hye-seon to pursue acting first. She made her debut in a CF for Sambo computers and then made her television debut in the KBS horror series "Anagram." Her performance as Hye-jin in the 2005 MBC series "Nonstop 5" attracted even more attention for her. Hye-seon's major breakthrough came in early 2009 with her performance as Jan-di Keum in KBS2's hit series "Boys Over Flowers".

In 2009, Hye-Sun also branched out into other fields in the art world. On April 1st, 2009 Hye-Sun published her first illustrated novel "Tango" (탱고) centered around a 20-something young girl who goes through two separate relationships to finally mature into a woman. "Tango" would enter the best seller ranks and go on to sell over 30,000 copies in its first week of release. Hye-Sun has also branched out into the field of film directing. For the short film "The Madonna" (Yukwaehan Dowoomi), centered around the topic of assisted suicide, KuvHye-Sun took the roles of director, screen writer, editor, and music composer. "The Madonna" screened at the Pusan Asian Short Film Festival and received the Audience Award. Her short film is also entered in the 2009 Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Ku Hye-Sun opened her first painting exhibition "Tango" (inspired by the paintings from her novel "Tango") from July 1st to July 7th, 2009 at the Gallery La Mer in Insa-dong, central Seoul.[1] Co-stars from "Boys Over Flowers," Lee Min-Ho & Kim Jun made surprise appearances during the exhibition's opening day. Hye-seon also released her first album in October, 2009. The album is titled "Breath" and consists of 8 tracks all piano instrumentals, except "Around The Corner" (sung by singer Gummy).[2]



Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Heo Nanseolheon (MBC / 2014) - Heo Nanseolheon / herself at present days / narrator



Short Film

TV Movies

  • Heo Nanseolheon (MBC / 2014) - Heo Nanseolheon / herself at present days / narrator



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Mayssa Unnie !! I'm a big fan of you !! I love your acting !! You're extremely amazing !! Plz don't mind those who criticize you !! And always have hope and believe in your talent !! Because you're a gifted actress !! :) i'm pretty sure that those who accuse you are jealous and they're trying their best to break you down !! So don't give up in acting and show them the opposit !! Show them that you are among the best actress in korea !! I wish you luck and i can't wait anymore to watch your next drama !! I'm always supporting you !! You have a lot of fans that will always side with you , make sure you keep that in mind !! Weeeeeeee looooooooveeee youuuuuuuu Ku Hye-Sun unnie <3

Sam Unnie please season 2! I understand people are criticizing you for your acting, but these are probably the people that are first seeing you. I really like your clothes in last episode of blood <3 I don't like how people criticize you; you try your hardest and your fans respect that. Please don't be bothered by the haters, they don't know anything, and you're one of the best actors in Korea. All those critics and haters are too igorant and thick-headed Unnie. Please do more dramas in the future. We love you Jan Di <3 (them critics and haters are bullies and pollute the society, therefor they need to fix that themselves) Love you <3 Btw, if you like your fashion style, leave it like that. Don't listen to people who want you to change. Only one person has the will to change whether or not, and that's you. But if you want to, you aren't forced. Remember that.

fifi The second season of the drama Blood please ku

Em-el Yanong You are the reason why i love korean drama,you are the reason why i am interested in korean culture,i even trying hard to learn korean word or dialect.I really like you my Idol Ku Hye Sun.You are like an angel sent to us.We love you so much.Please take care always.And please do more Drama .I really miss you after Blood Finale.I hope there will be BloodSeason2!!!!

Collibosher God, how I love this woman! I've gotten more smiles, laughs, and tears out of watching her work on screen than anyone that I can think of. Kudos, Goo Hye Sun, for your outstanding work as Yoo Rita in 'Blood', and for your outstanding contributions in and out of the drama world. I'm nearly two decades older than you, but I admire and draw strength from your hard work, dedication, and personal philosophy. Keep on doing, what you're doing, and never forget that there are millions of us (across the globe) who love and admire you. Goo Hye Sun, Fighting!!!

Tenny Jan di here again, yoo Rita.... nice Role dear, really love all your movie... much love dear

talentedkuhyesun Blood dram , the best ending ever, love it!!! more more korean drama to come pls pls:)

lira I've watched the last episode,you are the best!Great acting,beautifully executed.I cant help to admire how beautiful you are.I hope I will see you in another drama.You've proved to them they are wrong in judging your acting right away during the first episodes.You and AJH did a good job especially on the last episode.Best Drama for me .Daebak! . ,

hye Eonni hye sun is very beautiful..I like all her roles playing drama,saranghae eonni..I fans u ^^ you're the best actrees

as21as You'r the best ^^

Amancay I have watched a lot of Asian TV dramas and movies, thus I can say without a doubt that Goo Hye Sun is the most talent, intelligent and charming artist. Nowadays, she is the best Korean actress all her creative works are exceptional; she deserves to be known like the unique complete artist “Miss Koo Da Vinci”.

Amancay Goo Hye Sun is the most stunning and amazing Korean actress, her performance of Rita is really causing strong emotions. Great acting in episode 18, what a powerful gaze! We can feel her furious and sadness.

Justin I'm a big fan of yours Ku Hye Sun ever since I seen Angel Eyes I've been a fan keep up the good work your doing a great job :)

Jessica Idk why there are so many people who hates you, just don't mind them! I loved your performance since BOF and I still do. Please keep up the good work. God Bless <3

Waiz Snivy realyy like everything about you unnie.... youre the best actrees.... just take the people critics to make you better and better unnie..... LOVE you so muchh unnie

MGM I liked you in Angel Eyes and now in Blood. Your acting is never the problem, however, I do agree with others that your fashion sense is way too old fashion, esp in Angel Eyes.

lira Norma is right.I hope next time you make a drama,it will be summer time so that you will wear regular clothes. I watch all your drama,Musical,Take care of us Captain and Angel Eyes you like to wear pants,long sleeves and big sweaters.You are very pretty and have nice body,I wonder why you keep hiding your assets.You have nice legs and petite body unless this is your preference or somebody is asking you not to wear revealing clothes.I've seen you on nice clothes when you were younger,and during BOF days after that it all pants,sweaters.Why?I like to see you in a nice long gown like other actress or wear mini skirt if necessary.Its making you look old than your age,too old fashion.I hope in your next drama,you wear girl clothes for a change.You are a good actress.Good job in Blood.Fighting!

Norma I like you since BOF. You are pretty but it seems your fashion sense is very traditional or old fashion that you look old. Your clothes, hairstyle and make up are that of an older woman. Please change your stylist!

Amy Hi! You're the first actress that I actually liked. I first saw you in BOF, btw reeaally nice kdrama :D You inspired me to love art. Idc what other people say about you acting <3 Idk about others, but I stalk you

marya good kiss in blood drama :)

Blood ever Blood drama is interesting , love love it, u have a chemistry with Dr Park:)

n2lmnho i love Blood drama!!! yehiii, im waiting for episode 15 , Ku hye sun best best ever:D...more more movie and drama pls

deyana I love you good luk for your blood drama .. You are the best

Cynthia l love this cute Lady's movies keep it up dear fighting

dollyng i love gu hye sun very much and i love to watch blood fighting

cevary I love you Blood Fighting

lira By this time,those who are saying you don't know how to act must be eating their own words.I like to thank the director who chose you for this role coz you showed your versalitity as an actress.In Angel Eyes its drama,here you are awesome,you carry the role very well.I can't help myself laugh whenever there is a comedy scene,the expression of your pretty eyes and face are awesome.I don't see any other actress who can perform comedy and drama at the same time.very well as you do.I enjoy every episode.I'll watch till the end.Fighting!

Amancay Young Lady Koo Hye Sun is exceptional, charming and a complete artist. She is loved and admired all over the world. Her great performing in the drama Blood is increasing the fans that are anxious to enjoy it every week.

popo you are amazing ,great and refreshing I love you

waiz snivy youre the best actreess unnie.... best actrees like you make a drama more interesting...

LOVE you in blood so muchh ....

sara Ku hye sun I love you amazing actor I like blood drama

sujaya india unnie ur so sweet charming cute actress forever I love ur acting and ur talent

nikki Versatile & a charming actress. Multitalented artist. Beautiful inside out. Simple. Humble. Kindhearted. Generous. Good role model. etc etc. She's worthy to be admired. <3

meme You are amazing  :) I love you ku hye sun I love yoo ri ta You are a great I like bood drama ^^

fifi You are amazing  :) I love you ku hye sun I love yoo ri ta You are a great I like blood drama ^^

Amancay Great drama, amazing actors. Love from South America Goo Hye Sun remind me Bette Davis the greatest and unforgettable actress of all times for moviegoers like me. The strength and depth of her gaze does not need words, she can like few great actress to provide a soul to all of her characters. This is one of the reasons I admire her.

lily i like ku hye sun the best after watching bof now i like watching her acting in the drama blood which i watch a few times is very interesting especially ku hye sun acting is very good i like and admire her she is very beautiful , simple and elegant #blood fighting Dr yoo ri ta

Lin Ku Hye-Sun was my first korean actress known. since 2009, until now few korean actor & actress i've known , I never known their names; but if she/he pair or with a drama/show with KHS i admire them also.. not to the extent like i admire with my idol Ku Hye-Sun. She is very beautiful and multi-talented actress also with a kind heart too. You're doing a good job on #Blood. ♥ ♥ ♥ Fighting! Dra. Yoo Ri Ta

Rola Best Wishes for my lovely Actress . Really you have sweet face , But your heart more sweetness Keep it up Koo Hye Sun ♥♥

JH Loved you as Han Da jin, then backtracked and followed all your dramas. Loved every one of your dramas! Your acting is awesome! and I loved BLOOD!

ignatius The prettiest, most talented, and the best actress in Korean drama land!

Maha Rimawi To me, Ku Hye Sun is the best Korean Star ever. I respect her as a Lady and admire all her talents, I will always support her in all her upcoming projects. I am her fan from Jordan .

dedoo you are the best ^^

I love you

blood is perfect  :)

ana linsangan My # 1idol...nice person..very talented and so pretty in and out..we always support you forever..and I hope you can find the right man that loves you forever

lira For me you are the best,I don't care if others don't like you.I've learned to watch Korean drama because of you.First time i saw you in Boys over flower and since then i've followed you,even your personal life.I pray that your true love will come and you will be happy.Always keep smiling.There are more people who loves you.Fighthing!

No2lmnho Ku hye sun, u have a pure heart, brainy and pretty!!! No 2 LMNHO pls... Hope you will find your soulmate in the near future ... Love love love :D

jjjj Smiled You are the best ^^

I love you ku hye sun ^^

all your dramas is very beautiful because you there :)

blood drama is perfect ^^

I hate lee min ho

Do not be sad he is very stupid

Be the best Your the best:) lee min ho , you do not need him, But if you will have chance to work Together again it will be awsome.. Just be happy alwAys:D

Chensta i love "Ku Hye-Sun"

hajr I love You're new drama. You rock!

Wu, MD You are the most beautiful and talented actress I have ever seen. Enjoy the show very much.

Anonymous I really love your new kdrama <3 It really got me hooked, and no matter what people say about your acting, I think that you have talent! Btw make a drama with Lee Min Ho!! you guys are my OTP ;3

hana you people that's out there making bad comments.......you need to mind your own business....some poeple are trying to do their best to act.....if you're going to write something bad than don't even bother doing it......if you are than...why don't you go and try to be an actor or actress too....if you can't even do that ....don't even post bad comments

Lucilly You are so so cute Ku Hye Sun, the cutest thing that has ever lived. You have such a loving personality and a daughter that every mother desires to have!!! Ur smiles can turn mud into clear water indeed!!!!

Lovely You Ku Hye-Sun, you are sooo beautiful,cute,and you are sooo sweet and nice,i also love all of your dramas.Love you forever Ku Hye-Sun.

waiz snivy there is one thing that we must know from her..... she is pretty and a good person both outside and inside..

ghie jamon You are sooooo Beautiful... i like you more and more, stay as sweet as you are..God bless you always

Min min I like most of the koren actors and actresses Not only they are handsome / pretty but also gifted with amazing talent ...

But you , you can't act and your acting is really suck

You should know your own limit

lira KHS,don't be discouraged about the comments on you about our new role as Yo Rita,you are doing great,if they are irritated its bcoz you are good at it.You cannot please everybody.I saw you in Angel Eyes,I'm wondering why you didn't won.You are far better than others coz I have watched other korean drama without you,i considered you one of the best.Keep doing what makes you happy coz i like you smiling.I pray that you will meet the right person who will love you and be proud of you.Somebody who will shout to the world that he loves you!I will watch your latest drama Blood till the end .Fighting!

rupetho williamson yuo are the cutest thing i have ever seen and we have something in common we share a birthday

yoon hye - sun Geåª Ku Hye Sun unnie 사랑해요. . Keep spirit unnie. . We always support you whatever you do. N fighting for you new drama Blood.

Oishi Ku Hye Sun Unnie....I want to see you in more n more dramas...pleasee do a drama with Lee Min Ho !!!!!! You guys look soooo made for eachhh other... ^_^ You and Lee min ho create magic together....soooo cute..... Match made in heaven!!!<3 Its been 5 years since BOF, Minsun magic is still allover....I'm in Minsun hangover !

Lots of love Ku hye sun unni From Bangladesh <3 :* :*

Snoopy I recently watched "Angel Eyes" - all 20 episodes and I was truly moved by the acting of Ms. Ku, Hye-Sun. Living in California gives me many opportunities to analyze many different actors and actresses since California is the capital of the movie industry. I was genuinely impressed with Ms. Ku's acting. It was truly very emotional and moving. It brought back many good memories of my parents (who are both deceased) sisters and my husband. My husband and I have been married for 30 years now and watching "Angel Eyes" has re-affirmed, re-kindled, and re-lived all the wonderful experiences I have had with my husband and the continuation of our bond to be husband and wife till death do us part. I wish to thank Ms. Ku for opening up my "eyes" and remind me what a wonderful, sincere, kind, and affectionate husband I have. Thank you Ms. Ku.

Killer your so amazing!!!! truly you amazed and never fail to surprise me, noona,.. <3

pandorama Oh my god. how pretty she is . i dont believe it she still the same since i watch her on drama Boys Over Flower. Is she still single or what ?

Ailly She needs to step up her game in Blood.

vondora glad to see her again,,,awesome

pavy u r so pretttieee !

Sandman Even after being a fan of hers for eight years, I can't believe how pretty she is! The long black-haired look that she now has returned to for 'Blood' makes her look like a high school senior. A very, very beautiful high school senior. I can't wait to see her again on the 16th!

inima I would like to see her and yoona play in the same drama. It gonna be awesome.

Guy You have extraordinary accomplishments. I figure you don't have the time to bask in the light of all the adoration on these sites.

I wish you well. I wish I was younger and better connected. Perhaps I would have had the good fortune to have met you.

Ff Waiting for Blood to see u ...i MISS u <3 <3

ariel Truly she has angel eyes. .

sindhuja I saw boys over flowers. This is awesome. Your acting is very nice and you are very beautiful. I wait for boys over flowers 2. My vote for your acting is 10/10.


  1. ProudSunnies :)

Foufa waiting to see hyesunssi as paris hilton of the medical world like they said in her character introduction for BLOOD :* really want to see her as a beautiful "dame" ...GHS unnie fighting !!!

jinnborn She is a great actress. I love her in Boys over flower and angel eyes

TN Oh my princess Goo !!! I love u so much ...waiting for ur new drama BLOOD

tp Wow, I really love this new pic of yours. You look utterly beautiful and completely different. Long hair suits you perfectly. Congrats!

maryng i watch bof so many time and angel eyes expecially i re watch bof again and again

Beatrice ha Many people who doesn't know Goo Hye Sun either judge her prior films or drama . They either know nothing about her or dislike her because she is different from them . She is not a follower . She only follows her own dreams and beliefs . People tend to dislike the ones who are different from them whether worse or better than them . How many people can say they have done what they wanted to do at the age of 30?some say she tries everything but she is mediocre in everything . Mediocre in whose standards- the critics or the one judging? She is one of those people who gets beautigul the more you look at her and the more you know her. I'm a mom of two boys and if I had a daughter- she would be like her .Goo Hye Sun- if you are reading the comments - we love you !

alley Ku Hye Sun is a special mutiple gifted, superb K star that I first follow, not only naturally and beautiful look, but her personal life theme made people all over the world keep focus eye to her with adorable. God let her come to this earth for people to see the brave and great angel in reallistic. Just going on her path and share her love and care to people with faithfully. Wishing her all the best, reach warmest and lovable soulmate as soon, and has lovely daughter like little angel too. ♡♡♡

Beatrice ha Goo Hye sun is a gifted person and a philanthopist . She donates her time and money to her cause which is children. She oozes intelligence, confidence and grace . I hope she finds a man truly worthy of her because she is faithful to her friends and will be faithful to the man worthy of her .

emma good job hye sun! i like your acting in bof.it is perfect! wanna say good luck.i am a Sri Lankan!

Brenda Gu Hye Sun is a brilliant gifted talented beautiful South Korean actress! Wish she could shake hands with Angelina Jolie! She can portray any and all characters! Bring it she can do it! That's why she is so believeable! SHE CAN REALLY ACT! Not very many actors can become the character and lose themselves in doing just that! She is just that "A living ANGEL".

vaishu Hi ku hye sun!u were amazing and excellent in boys over flowers and angel eye.all the best for ur future project blood drama and daughter movie.lve u.....keep rocking....

Bea One of the few celebrities that I adore so much! Beautiful and multi-talented. She isn't afraid to try new things. "There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. We all must become the main characters or the stars of our lives. We are all different and start differently. But from whatever is our circumstances, it is very important that we find the opportunities to try out what we want to do." — Ku Hye Sun (구혜선)

She is indeed and inspiration! I love you, Ku Hye Sun! One of my biggest dream is to meet you in person... And I believe that it will happen maybe not in the near future but soon!!! <3

Sista @confusion; it seems like you've already made up your mind that you don't like BBF simply because of KHS. She plays her role pretty darn good. In this movie she may yell a lot cause realistically that's how high schools are. KHS did a TV show called pure 19, that no matter what ppl say to her, she'd just walk away. Not even trying to defend herself. It was others who did the yelling. KHS not once yelled. I think your just trying to make KHS look bad cause your so JEALOUS of her. Get over it confusion. JEALOUSY IS AN ILLNESS. NO DESREPECT TO YOU.

pearl just curious of your educational background, do you any degree you finish? did you study film directing? I have not read any source of your educational attainment. You're a real professional actress, singer, writer & director. As your age you will be a multimillionaire someday. Looking forward for more success, give thanks to God for these blessings.God bless & Keep Safe.

Isata I'm re-watching again. love it

MH Hi ,Hye Sun I really like the way you act in Angel Eyes.Keep doing a good things OK...

aster @confusion, have you heard of the idiom "different strokes for different folks"? because if you have you won't be posting such comments here. just a suggestion before talking about not wanting to be DISRESPECTFUL, how about learning first to be RESPECTFUL of the likes and choices of others. it would have saved you asking impertinent question like - why we like KHS and her works. hint of arrogance, my dear? ha ha ha you really hate KHS, wow. pls. don't, for you might end up in the ER soon. peace.

Confusion Uhm....so don't really want to be disrespectful towards Ku Hye Sun's fans but I first saw her in BBF and at that time I was relatively new to dramas; BBF is the first Korean drama I tried to watch and I recoiled from just the first episode. Many of you say it's a cute drama; okay sure, it might be cute but all that yelling and acting like a spoilt kid; the performance that Ku Hye-Sun put forward; it still makes me taste bile. I haven't yet gotten over that repulsive acting I saw of hers.

Can you explain to me why you guys liked that drama cuz even if the storyline was good, her acting totally put me off watching that drama.

Hopefully, she's a better actress now.

Cheers, from California.

Foufa waitong for new drama "BLOOD"

gcte love this actress, ku hye sun. first time to idolized korean actress, the simplicity in beauty and superb acting makes her no.1...

Terisita Camacho The gorgeous GHS, 4.ever so beautiful. I've noticed a slight change in her wardrobe. She's been wearing more conservative dresses fitting for daughter-in-law to see or.meet her mother in law to be. Just a thought!!!!!

Melissa Halim Ku Hye Sun please 10x when are you going to go to the U.s please come I really like you .Please come to California,Hayward,U.S

Melissa Halim Ku Hye Sun! OMG!! I'll really like her the way she act in Angel Eyes and Boys Over Flower.She seems like a perfect girl for Lee Sang Yoon

graceously mary I am not fond of watching koreanovelas until I saw u.. GEUM JAN DI... Soooo cute.. Since then, I've watch all your dramas.. So addicted to u.. Angels Eyes-such a great series.. So natural acting and very good and inspiring story ever.. More blessings to come and we all hope that someday u will find ur soulmate..whoever he is, he is so LUCKY... We love ku hye sun so much...

jinnborn She is great. I love her acting

Angelica lapore Ku Hye Sun is such a wonderful, talented, and ofcourse beautiful. Everything she do is so amazing. :) I love youuu :*

monet I am not really fond of watching korean telenovelas but when i saw ku hye sun in angel eyes, i fell in love with her right away, more so when i get to know more about her. . .just wish to see her in person. . .One day. . .

Elmer Crisostomo Very nice performance in Angel Eyes. Watching it almost everyday. Wishing to meet you someday.

me-anne Hoping for the part 2 of Angel eyes!!! Please...

parithya gamage Ku Hye Sun

  Is the Best immortional actress.also Best Performerer ,Painter and Singer which i loved. I watched every videos & dramas and ect... via an Internet. But, My favourite one is the Guem Jan Di Role. I think that Role the Best One in Hers'. she gaved best fully Supporter to Ghu Jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho). It's the best Role which I watched.
              As well as I love the movie of Angel Eyes.Very immortional & sociality girl in there. I love so...much. I appreciate your acting Cz, very Best. Good Luck & All the Best  to Kim Hye Sun.
                                  Also I don't forget to remind the drama of Chill Wu ,mighty. and Movie of the Daughter.

Ku Hye Sun - she's so pretty and Cute.

  Love Your shows.

us fan I like your ability to involve so many types of work and I hope you can graduate from the college you are attending and found a right guy for you. I love your shows.

mmatlokotsi yeah guem jan di.fighting. I loved evry thin about you in that show

Gianne Carl Talana I think I'm Falling in love with you Ku Hye-Sun.... "Angel Eyes" is my Favorite Drama series that you did....

You're my Inspiration. ;)

jenny i luv ur films( geum jandi- fighting).

Ella Jean Ella Jean Oct 10 2014 9:51 am Koo Hye Sun your were the one that I idolize ever since when I was in my grade years and still now, it won't never change no matter what. I will always be your # 1 Biggest Fan ever!.. Hoping that I will see u someday in personal and Thank u because with you KHS, keeps me inspiring to strive hard for a better future and one day in God's perfect time I will go to KOREA as I promise it to myself. Just only able to see ur gorgeous face my idol..KHS Saranghae forevermore:)«

rixzeiya she's so pretty .. first time watching her in Angel Eyes ..

Ella Jean Koo Hye Sun your were the one that I idolize ever since when I was in my grade years and still now, it won't never change no matter what. I will always be your # 1 Biggest Fan ever!.. Hoping that I will see u someday in personal and Thank u because with you KHS, keeps me inspiring to strive hard for a better future and one day in God's perfect time I will go to KOREA as I promise it to myself. Just only able to see ur gorgeous face my idol..KHS Saranghae forevermore:)«

Carmen @lisa, you must be one of those who is so overwhelm with jealousy of Ku Hye Sun to make such a rude comment. Word of advise, work on your personality first before commenting about someone else. KHS from what little I know of her is impressive, and she's gorgeous. May I add SEXY and not at all skin and bones like some actresses.

aster ouch! @lisa... so rude a comment you got here. just a piece of advice, please learn to be tactful not only to KHS but also to others.


madini I like you sooooooo much.you and kim hyun joong perfect couple in boys over flowers.

Arab fans of ku Hye Sun You are a great actress KHS. We watched all your drama. Amazingly, you become prettier each time you appear in drama. Your last drama (Angel Eyes) deserve to be the best Korean drama for 2014, and you deserve to gain the top Korean actress for this you. We wish all the best.

Tiasela I have been a fan of Ku Hye-sun since I first started watching Non-stop 5. Which I like cause it's a funny TV show. Then I just so happen to find PURE 19. OMG, I just loved KU then. Her acting ability was amazing. Her voice I thought was cool how she talked. She more of less looking back now seems like almost her real self. Very independent. Strong and kind hearted individual. Her beauty is just so captivating! She just stands out cause she just has that gorgeous look, her skin complexion is so light you can almost spot her in a crowd of people. She plays her character really well. She seem to have natural connection with her co-actors. Her smile is very charming. SHE'S TRULY GIFTED AND TALENTED! She's intelligent, motivated, a go getter. JACK OF ALL TRADES! Just recently I watched ANGEL EYES, OMG!!............SHE WAS AWESOME. TALK ABOUT PLAYING HER CHARACTER. IT ALMOST SEEMS LIKE, SHE'S POTRAYING HERSELF IN REAL LIFE RATHER THEN IN THE TV DRAMA. (At least to ME ANY WAY) I can't get over the fact that sweet GOO HYE SUN AND LEE SANG YOON seems so PERFECT for each other. I have never seen GOO HYE SUN so romantically into her role that her KISSES WITH LEE SANG YOON is just surreal. Her kisses just came naturally, it's like Lee Sang Yoon just looks in her eyes and it's almost like goo hye sun is speaking out with having to say anything. I'm sure that due to Lee sang yoon other drama's is use to those kissing scenes that he of course can pick up signal. But Goo Hye Sun seems always shy in front of the camera that she does really get into the role of kissing. BUT WOW IN ANGEL EYES, IT'S LIKE A NEW AN IMPROVED GOO HYE SUN. NOT TO MENTION, HOW ELEGANT SHE LOOKS. SHE SURE CAME BACK WITH A BANG. WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A COME BACK.

yllib I Really Like Kyu Hye Sun So Much ^__^ Can't Wait to see Angel Eyes ...

tharidi I love you..you and kim hyun joong cute together.i want to see a another drama 2 of you.

Pathum You are a Supppppppper acterss....! Wish you All the best......!

nidusha Hey you are a cute and pretty actress

angel_chazy yeah shes really hot! and i lile her so much¡

Ruwi Ku hyu sun, me & my sister love u soooo much. Ur acting's so great. Ur my idol. Luv u hye sun;D

Isu I watched Boys Over Flowers. You are the Best Actress there.I really like your Acting. I wish you all the Best for your future..!! Love You!!!!

oluwatomi U ar so 1daful in BOYS over Flowers! Keep it up dear..

vina girl. . . you are just as beautiful as every girl could dream of. i watch your drama from beginning to end. i find you and hyun joong adorable. both of you look good together. am expecting future projects for both of you with a very special story line. more power to both of you. god bless.

rathna You are so beautiful in Boys over flowers. u and Lee Min Ho, is the perfect couple.Hope to see your film soon.

Octty she is the best among the best... the true definition of a ROLE MODEL..

bih she is the best. so multi talented. she unique in so many ways. she does things that no one can even dare to do. Director, pianist, songwriter, writer, Actress, model... wow she is awesome. she is the epitome of a real role model. i dont know why but she is simply the best. always putting on a smile at all time....Ku Hye Sun foreverrrrrrrrrrr. We are cheering for u. Aja Aja FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Menara(sri lankan) You' re the best actress in Korea.Love ya

Ms.Smiley She is may not the best actress there in Korea but she is showing some improve acting in Angel Eyes than her BOF drama and also she so talented aside being an actress she is a director,writer,painting artist, and piano player

Bairaki shiki ku Hye Sun I m huge fan of yours. you are my idol and i want to be like yours. you r multitalented and u r so beautiful. I am not of your country and yours shows is not telecast in our country but i use to see ur drama, albums, movie etc on interenet. first time i saw ur country drama BOYS OVER FLOWER. After seeing that i become the huge fan of urs, before this i never saw any k drama. So GOOD LUCK for ur life ahead.

Terisita Camacho Ku Hye Sun: is the first individual that has captivated me. I never took any interest in anyone other than my 2 beautiful girls who just so happen to be the same age. I don't watch TV too much because of the sex and violence that influence to many kids. Even though I don't understand KOREAN, I've lived in Korea for a short period. KU HYE SUN movies have warmed my heart. I so loved watching PURE 19 ALL 167 episodes. Please take us home, CAPTAIN, ANGEL EYES, BOF (I even have my own copy) and listening to her music videos. I have yet to read her novel. Looking forward to it. KU HYE SUN IS A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN, her shyness is a great trade in today society. Too many girls aren't embarrassed of showing off. Having confidence is a great trade as well but not to the extend of giving one self freely. KU HYE SUN.............. FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

naa kwarley Hi Ku hye sun....i am a very big fan of urs....i love ur acting especially in boys over flowers..u ar sooo adorable..keep it up yhh the sky is just ur starting point...love u to bits

gigi girl ,.you rock! keep on keeping on.hoping to see more of your acting

Maki sato You are so cute in Boys over flowers i find u and Kim-hyun joong perfect couple

nana my age is 43 , i am in tamil nadu , india i am your big fannn ku hye sun's smile and dress making is superb. i watched boys over flowers and i liked it veryyyy muchhh i know you didn't read it

Roy.J Hi Ku Hye Sun,I Have Watch "Boys over Flowers" In Tamil,(India) Very Nice For Your Acting,Our Family Members Everybody In your Fan Now,We Wish U.

Naut iaM I 'm very adored GHS . I haved watched Angel Eyes KDrama . I loved your action so much. I wish you could act any more in future.

Bob Ku hye sun,here's your biggest fan from india...I've seen only one drama of you & that's "boys over flower" that's a superb story with some beautiful characters like you...actuall I fall for you for your tallent & angel like beauty...simply you're awesom...love you gyum jan di

Ashlin Hi Ku Hye- Sun,

You look so beautiful and godgious style you have. I had seen your movie BOYS OVER FLOWERS. I like so much the four guys especially Gu Jum Pyo. I am one of the fan of you as well as Gu Jum Pyo.

Ku Hye- Sun,i like you smile and pretty look.

I am Ashlin,from India,TamilNadu,Thoothukudi city.

Don't forget me.Bye dear.

K_love She looks younger :)

Nene mil Congrats !!! Again, superb your acting in Angel Eyes, you're really my favorite.. I couldn't wait for your upcoming dramas, hope you continue to make movies. More power to your career!!!

elizabeth ku hye sun is blessed, she is a rare gem her beauty and carriage of herself is breath taking, her acting skills so true and natural! keep on KHS THE GOOD LORD WILL KEEP YOU ALWAYS - straight from my heart

chatrineevania annyeong haseo i'm indonesian. eonnii i watched the ending of your taiwan drama Absolute Darling. this drama is DAEBAKKK.. i gain much tears while watching it.. :) i hope you will be success in the future..

linda Ku Hye Sun, you are a well rounded, talented young actress. Keep up the good work. Your acting has improved tremendously after Take care of us Captain. Looking forward to your next drama series or new movies. Congratulations!

isandi i love goo hye sun :)))

Eli @Hmm @will Both of u are of same level... u two can be best buddies...seriously take up b****ing as ur profession Pathetic fellows!!

Eli @Hmm.. Well an actresss b****ing another actress..I smell jealousy in ur words...U must be really insecure about GooHyeSun's acting...the reason why u hv the time to write that long post criticizing about her... From ur post it seems that u have an opinion about GHS life.. which one of her bills will u be paying this month??? u hv also said that GHS drama equals "Don't watch" if u hate her that much then why do u watch not 1 but 4 of her dramas?? You sound so pathetic to me..grow up!!

faith full will and Hmm sorry to say to both of you its a kind of disease that there is no cure insecurity and hatred i think you both cannot sleep at night because no matter you try to say bad words or critics to GOO HYE SUN still she is gifted from GOD. she is a role model in korea she shares all her blessings to who is in need GOD is always with her. she is a person that you both cannot reach please wake up both of you pity to both of you............muuah3x

aster @will and @ Hmm... ha ha ha I think you (as well as others too) have to process your obvious hatred/dislike of KU HYE SUN. It's not healthy anymore. Peace.

will I have to agree w/Hmm. She should pursue her other interests. BOF did well in spite of her, definitely not because of her. I wanted to fast forward every time she came on screen. I'm on the 1st episode of Angel Eyes to try to give her another chance but I'm dreading when the older actors take over since it's not bad so far. She obviously has fans here so I hope to see what they seem to see. It looks like the ratings started strong enough but then fell off the charts. I would have watched it sooner if she had not been in it. Oh well I hope she redeems herself in this drama but if not I'm w/Hmm that a drama with her in it equals 'don't watch'.

belly who the hell is that Hmm ????????????????? u think u r an actress urself such a low quality mind.............well i called such kind of people a B*****!!!!!!!!!!! get urself corrected first and comment on others later ....................I don't care who u r or from which planet u belongs 2 . u have no right 2 compare urself or even 2 stand 1000 miles away from goo hye sun .

aster @Hmm... hmmmm???

Hmm Hye-Sun, this is my sincere independent critic of your acting skills. I read from your biography that you are multi-talented. I praise you for all the talents you have except acting. I don't even understand why those directors would keep casting you when you don't improve. I am an actress myself, and I love Korean drama, and the actors and actresses. You have disappointed me again and again. I watched Boys over flowers, ChilWoo, Take care of us captain and now Angel eyes. Do you think if I act the way I live everyday my emotions will be seen on TV; not heard seen is what I mean. No, you have to emote prominently for it to show. You just can't. The recent example is ep 14 in Angel eyes. When a cameo character is praising you for good-heartedness and camera spans across all the actors, please look at your face... no emotions. no nothing. I think you should continue to pursue all your talents except acting.

I don't expect you to see this post, or the rest of your fans to agree with me, but to me you in a drama equals 'don't watch'.

acaba She's well on her way to winning the 'Best Actress Award' and "Best Couple Award' for her role as Yoon Soo-Wan in 'Angel Eyes'. I can't wait to see her also in 'Daughter'. What an amazing year this incredibly talented person is having! Keep up the great work, Goo Hye Sun!!

Hossein Keep it going my favorite actress you are the best actress I have ever seen in a movie actually you expressed yourself in the Boys over flowers but you are one of the efficient players in the other films too you are truly a pretty goddess n your films. I just wanted to congratulate you and say that I'm one of your biggest fans best regards miss Ku Hye-Sun

reyhil I really loved and liked you. your a gifted person i admired you a lot i hope and i wish you all the best of luck, success in life and also your love life. I cannot stop myself to watch you and LMH through Youtube. I'm waiting for your new drama series with lee min ho. I hope and I wish that it's in real life also...... I'm waiting i cross my finger.....You are the best... and my idol director, actress,singer, writer etc.......

kpoprules OMO OMO OMO OMO... she was in August Rush?!!! I just saw that movie xDDD i have to watch it again lol... srs though.. unni~~~ you're the best actress :DD

mary raginie bulahao Goo yhe sun your amazing..i really like her voice when she's performing on stage..i think you are the only korean actress who can do singing writing a novel directing a movie and composing a song..i hope i will see you in.someday in the philippines promoting a movie or another k drama..

Eli @rskdrama U are really something ha?? Umm...let me guess u must be someone who has nothing better to do.. who feels that life will be better if u throw some negative comments and criticize others...let me remind u life doesn't work that way.. I belive u should start doing something productive instead of criticizing others...and lastly no one force u to see her act.. If u really don't like her there is always an option just SKIP her drama.. imbecile!!!

Eli @rakdram U are really something ha?? Umm...let me guess u must be someone who has nothing better to do.. who feels that life will be better if u throw some negative comments and criticize others...let me remind u life doesn't work that way.. I belive u should start doing something productive instead of criticizing others...and lastly no one force u to see her act.. If u really don't like her there is always an option just SKIP her drama.. imbecile!!!

Lurdes Silva Novo @rskdrama what do you thinking you are. No one say you have to see her acting!!!!

Atinen mil I like her so much, very talented,she always think of some thing to contribute to the world , bless your heart always.

Eli U are one of the best korean actor I admire the most.. love u in BOF❤ Currently ANGEL EYES is my fav Kdrama..great acting superb!!! Best wishes

Eli U are one of the best korean actor I admire the most.. love u in BOF❤ Currently ANGEL EYES is my fav Kdrama..great acting superb!!! Best wishes

lia_na I LIKE HER SO MUCH! idk y my friends don't like her. i mean she's innocent, cute, pretty, pure and unlike the other korean actress and singer. and addition she's very talented and smart too. c:

Marwa Love ♥ her so much..!! beautiful,talented and very smart !! almost perfect !!

Marwa Got hooked on Korean Dramas , through Gu Hye Sun in BOF and followed her every drama and even went over her previous dramas such as Pure 19, etc...

U r the BeSt Angel Hye sun ^_^

Sammy Oh my goodness, this Goo Hye Sun person is just way, way too pretty! Now I'm reading that she's some kind of a genius too!! Thanks for nothing, God. You might have paid a little bit more attention to to some of the rest of us...

joyce m I like to call you by the name; Geum Jan di

Barbara lewis Love you in Charlotte nc

laxmipriya mam you really just awesome....i am one of your big fan. and you just rocking...love you mam...

Patriz Penarubia I will never forget that 'flying kick' of our Geum Jandi! You did a good job in portraying Makino Tsukushi! I miss you and Lee Min Ho on screen! I'm wishing you for more success and healthy well being! Fighting! We love you from Philippines. :)

minda maria broqueza rait i agree to all who gave their comments...jan di is so beautiful in and out.....

                                                          she's talented...i dont know if there is any korean                                                                                    
                                                           or actor that have that talents..composing..scriptwriting..
                                                           directing...acting....singing...i also like her when she 
                                                            along with seung ri (is it correct)...painting...what
                                                            we are proud of you as women...congrats....we also
                                                             wish MINSUN fans to watch another series with
                                                              lee min ho...both busy but please try to have one
                                                              this year...thanks much....

Green Circles How in the world does this person not earn a 100% score from everyone out there? Her smile, alone, warrants the top rating. I guess Ben Franklin only gets a "B" from some of you, eh? Geez, talk about a "tough crowd"...

be I loved drama Boys over Flower. She acted so good. It was fun especially MIN SUN were agrued in exp 1 to 4. I like her smile. MIN SUN are so cute on BOF. She has a lot of talent. Keep working hard and sucess.

bella MINSUN is so cute in drama Boys of Flowers. She acted so good. I like her smiles. Also, she made me laugh a lot when she agrued with LMH. She has a lot of talents. Keep working hard and sucess for her future.

p I don't know why everyone is praising her for boys over flowers she looked constipated 85% of the time when she was trying to act. I couldn't even get through the whole series.

Felisa Valadez I have only seen her in Boys over Flowers,however I think she is great. To me she made is seem she was that person not the actor(actress.I am sure her other tributes are just as wonderful.

Tedita You're really a good person Ku Hye Sun ! very kind , cute and very sweet Korean girl , I'm also a scorpion , born November 4 ..Wish you all the very best , hope you and Min ho are dating in real life ...You two are so adorable , really good to each other a perfect couple ...

linda You are sooooo cute girl . I'm also a November born. love u

mimi goo hye you are talented i like you and i hope for you success and hapyness . you are the perfect koreen girl: lovely cute talented .... .me and my dauhters adore you.

i still bilive that you and min hoo are secretly in love hhh  love and kiss

T No matter what,i'll still like you.ku hyu sun and han hyo joo are my absolute fav.k drama actress.so fighting for both of you! <3 <3

helyen MISS U..........................................................a lot & waiting 4 ur UPCOMING film "DOWDER" EAGERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ringmani koo hye sun..........................alwyz love you & all the best 4 ur upcoming movie

zara lyn I thought she is younger. she is 29 already but shes pretty. i am a fan of (BOF).

blessing hello, miss hye sun, you are great, keep it up no relenting. Jan Di Aja(fighting)

arwa kuhye sun you are pretty and you are the best oni saranhamida!!! <3 <3 <3 vaytiniiiiiiig oni <3

Dharshiga Hi Ku hye sun... recently I watched Boys Over Flowers. Your acting was really amazing!!!!! have a great future ahead!!:)

rita takon Hello miss ku hye sun. My name is Rita from Nigeria in African, am a hug fan of urs I fall with in love the drama boys over flower. You did a great job, love you very much . Geum Jan Di, fighting..

Truth Teller I don't know who is in "second place", but Goo Hye Sun is number one in this world as far as a "complete package" goes! Talented in most fields of art, pretty enough to make a nun blush, and with a body capable of causing a 50 car pile-up. If wishes were being granted for Christmas, Goo Hye Sun would be at the top of this boy's list. But, I'll settle for just seeing a constant stream of her film, television, and modeling work for as long as she continues showing us her cheerful, smiling face. When she's 'grandma Hye Sun', she'll still have the prettiest smile in the room... :)

bluedaisy koo hye sun,i like you so much!!!you not only beautiful and smart but you actually really kind...you re the positive person...i want to cry when people state a bad things about you...i hope you will get a luck one day!!!dont give up and continue your work!!!i will always supported you!!!ku hye sun fighting!!!

JUNIOR L.GOMES olá, ku hey su voce nos conquistou como jan di ,jamais esquecerei o que me fez sentir te acompanhando em boys before flowers ,parabéns pele seu talento!!! junior l. gomes -brasil

neena varghese hai....i love you gum jan di...you are really cute...

selembut nafas Koo Hye Sun unnie... saranghe hehe.... fighting,,, be healthy,,, wish you all the best always ,,,, I wish one day I can meet you,,,, I realy like your act in BOF "Jandi" is realy make me happy,, sad,, cry and make me watching BOF again and again hehe...

Prabha Hi Jan Di, you are so coool and charming.. I love the way you lived in that serial BOF. We wannt BOF Part 2. We wish to see BOF again in new episode.. :) Take care!!!

isandi nurul hasanah i only say to unnie hye sun that she is so amazing .. Sheis not only beautiful but smart .. from acting , dancing , singing , painting , director , writer , composer , musisian , playing piano and many more ... I really love her :)

Rocketto Sweet, talented and charming, good luck beautiful girl!

nero yang gukhwa, fighting! you were the best in Hearts of Nineteen, village girl

kim ding dong wang jung jong chi chi chi bow bow

crabgrass The best of them all!!! And far too pretty to have all of this talent. Goo Hye Sun, thank you for being Goo Hye Sun... :)

Febrian Roger captain ready for departure.... You Have ...... Gamsahamida for bringing a good drama

aini I love her in 'Take care of us captain' drama...

Aprilia (@Aprilia_dwi) I'm crazy in love with all the things about ku hye sun..Her portrayed as geum jan di,han da jin,koo eun bi and liao xiao fei is amazing...

Sasa Yes, Captain!! Love you!!

Alejandro Saenz Koo Hye-sun is a force of nature, she is one of the most formidable woman on this planet, with an eager energy for always being in search of new challenges and to try new fields of art. I have a great admiration of her.

I'd be honored if any wants to visit the fan page that I made about her...


CL Really impress with her ability and performance... The best of luck dear for your future undertakings... :) Love you...

american man i started watching korean dramas on netflix and came across boys over flowers. Though it is set in high school (right?) which makes me feel old for watching, i am totally entranced with this girl's abilities. The emotions she can portray in her facial expressions are a real delight. So amazing. When she is eating, or avoiding a kiss, or saying goodbye, or being angry -- all are so precious and funny and cute. I can see how everyone would love this girl. It is funny how a show like this can make life better.


crystal Ku Hye-Sun, I'm truly amazed with your personality and character. You're naturally beautiful... When this drama is over! I have one question? Out of curiosity! Will you ever fall in love and get married? We know there's only one good man in your heart. Hope and wish you well as always....

michelle she's so great. she is multitalented. she can sing, write, and act. she has everything a person wants.

Joe I don't know why but I think I am crazy about this actress. She is just amazing.

angelie ur so pretty hye sun i love it

iluvgoohyesun shes an amazing actress. despite all the critism of how her acting sucks, i always believe shes one of the few actresses who takes on roles bravely and accept critisms without any defet. Goo hye sun fighting! i hope she can appear in a movie soon. maysbe her self direct movie. luv u!(:(:

mai I really really like ku hye sun and a Lee min ho I hope that the boys over flowers have part two!! I really love the story, I really love the actors and actresses, and most of all I really love ku hye sun and lee min ho..

talent jandi she s ma icon i envy her the way she did it on bof is wal cant explain she suddenly evoked an unxplanable passion 4 acting i never knew existed in me wheneva she laughed or cried smiled i would too she was in control of ma emotions i luv her gal at tyms would dream being with her on bof every i & have encouraged every1 here in zimbabwe to watch and oftenly discuss it all day and have nicknamed ma aunt's babe geum jandi after her,she is the best and luvd her relationship with goo joon pyo

vicky fighting forever girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vicky like your character keep it up i cant get enough of watching boys overflowers, loving your character there!!!!

jazz_10 You're such an adorable person and so beautiful inside and out. Multi-talented that is why we envy you in a positive way.. You inspired so many people including me.... Ku Hye Sun.. Fighting !!! :)

aly i love her ,she is so cute!!!!!!!

Bahman You are so natural

jj I just adore her, she never ceases to amaze me, discovered her in BOF and then watched her other dramas like King and I, Strongest Chilwu and it was Pure in heart (Pure 19) that was made me crazy about her. I was never a fan of anyone not until she came along!

LoonyLizard I'll admit, she's a fine actress and far more diverse than many drama cast members. Still, for me, the best actress category is a toss-up between Kong Hyo-Jin of "Pasta" & "Thank You" and pop singer turned actress Yoon Eun-Hye. Koo Hye Sun would probably tie for 2nd on my list, next to Pyeon Jung-Su and veteran actress Kim Hye-Ja (if you haven't seen her in "Mother," you need to - she's a wonder). Maybe it's the way Miss Koo wears her hair in "Boys Over Flowers," but something makes her eyes seem small and calculating in that role. Maybe that was a hair & makeup decision to reflect how she's viewed at her school, I'm not sure, but it's unusual to see in the female lead of a romantic comedy. I'm not saying it doesn't work, it just caught me by surprise.

Regardless, I wish her well and look forward other projects of hers in the future.


Sarah W.o.W! This girl is a painter, director, actress, singer and what-not! :o She is really talented, I watched her in Boys over flowers and I loved her innconece and how the brought the character about, well done, I applaud you Ms Koo Hye Sun :)

evilive UNNIIII SARANHAE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

farahjojo hi , dear hye sun I love u too , and I always want to see you jully and happy if you have the free time I like that you be my friend .

내 가장 친한 친구

love is love i love KHS & LMH so much....she's the best actress in Korea. it will be always great when she is pairing with Lee Min Ho.

robbo4 To anyone who only recently came to know this wonderful talent through 'Boys Over Flowers', be sure to check her out as "Yang Gukwha" in her best of all dramas (and characters) in 'Pure 19' (aka 'Pure in Heart'.) This is the Goo Hye Sun who first stole my heart and has refused to let it go. She truly shines as this character and the best part is, it's 167 episodes! More GHS for those who enjoy her special brand of sunshine...

shy koo hye sun forever and ever

elahe hi dear Koo Hye-Sun i saw the boys before flowers .your acting was so good.i love korean film because they are so romantic.thanks alot for every thing.i hope u best wishes:*

sa I watched BOF. You are very cute & kind. You are so pure. You are one of my favorite actresses. You are the best. I wish you act in dramas like BOF in heroine role.

p Jan-Di you are the best. You were so kind & cute in BOF. You are funny & brave. You are the BEST.

cherisse I love KOO HYE SUN. I first seen her in BOF. At first i was wondering why she got the role. Because for some reason on the first episode she looks a little older. Then when the show continued on I was like OKay i get why she got it. She did a fantastic job. This girl had me laughing all the time. She is so cute and adorable. And when she cried i cried. She reminded me of my little sister, everytime i see her on televison or in pics i want to pinch her cheeks. Then i went on to see Pure 19, she made me cry a lot. She is a beautiful young lady inside and out. Very multi-talented. Everything about her is wonderful. Love her eyes that is the first thing i notice They are so big and to me people with big eyes are innocent and very curious people so they explore into a lot of things. Her milky white skin is flawless, nice hair....etc. Just Love Her.

Gugurl wt cn i say..i luv this mvie..two both of u is very ideal!i hope BBf session 2 will b cming soon!!kamsahamnida!kumawo... ;)

shristy Annyeong haseyo sis! i'm #1 of da fan of urs u r so preety nd cute (^_^) i love every drama of urs stay healthy sainara!!!!sister.

Ladybug Grandma For me, Go Hye Sun is one of the top and best actress in Korea. I am thankful that I get to know her through her drama "Boys Over Flowers". She is a superb actress and I have recommended her to many of my friends here in Indiana, as well as NJ and Las Vegas, and they too, liked her soooo much.

So we are all waiting for her new drama, "The Musical". We want to see any project that she is involved with. I don't know if she belongs to the same outfit as Lee Jun Ki of "ILJIMAE" but a movie starring the two of them will surely be a blockbuster. They are both cute, funny, versatile and super talented.

We want more news from your web-site about these two...


Ladybug Grandma, your oldest fan

Ari Noona, Hwaiting !

sayeh i am one of your fans . you and lee min hoo are so cute . i love your couple and i hope in 2010 you and lee min ho play darma together please............... i love boys over flowers

fanny Wooooww..... Too many people love u..... And me too..... I'm indonesian.... Bof very popular in indonesian.... You're luck!! Good luck with your profession... I love you...

danielle13 i`m SPEECHLESS. but you`re so cute on BOF!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

danielle13 i`m SPEECHLESS. but you`re so cute on BOF

Om Kumar Gurung Namastee,,,,,, Me om from Kathmandu Nepal............ I like your "Boys over flower" most thourally I watch the BOF once a day,,,,,,,,,, Mostly I like your pretty behaviour in BOF............... hope u will be pretty in real life...........

Have a good day Om Mane Padhme Hum

ika hyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

jef samson yo jandie i like you in boys over flowa....so cuttie cute cute... me and my slave nichi watch your every show... good luck ----jefie the avatar

jessa i really admire your being a down to earth personality.your so pretty,cute and multitalented person.keep it up!!!!! i hope this 2010 you will team up again with lee min ho in CF,MV or drama.

dayah i like u very much.. when u can come malaysia...

dolma sang Hi! dear sister i like you so much. really.................................................................................................i really want to call you sister.i am a girl.

RUBELIE ROMERO POPERA hello Jandi!!! u r very good in ur role..i like ur movie, hope u have part 2... the ending was not so satisfying but i really liked the story...

nina hi jian di....you make me breathless.....wishing you n jun pyo in coming boys over flowers 2....you cute face and emotional drives me crazy......see you in bof 2...i want to see u wed with jun pyo....miss u so much...

Nur Ayu Assalamu alaikum..... Hi..... Call me ayu....I like you so much.... your talent it's so fantastic for me.... If you have free time...I invite you to come in my city Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia...because I want show to you beautiful place better than New Caledonia in South Sulawesi.....hehehe I wait you....Bye.... Contact me by email thank you....

riri ayu hii i from indonesia,i like u and u very2 sweet noona.

Alejandro Sáenz My favorite actress!!! I love her so much that I made a fan page about her! :) She is a force of nature full of different skills!!!

daisy mae orcullo well, woooh... you're so talented and charming

henry sarangehae ku hye seon...

fahrudin hai...i'm fr indonesia.....i very fan to you ang geoul...u both ar cute...i want to meet u but how???...

bebot rafols Thank you for making us happy because of F4 (Boys over Flower). I Admire all of you. you take your portaryal of the character very good. hope you will have part 2. JAn Di your so adorable. Jun Pyo, I like the way you fight for your love.. Ji hoo, l like you the most coz your a good friend and the way you let go of your love.... more power to all the CAst of BOF!!!!!

Gustine this is the only one word i know in korean

" SarangHeyo!!!!!"


Romela i know you speak koreans.maybe 4 me its hard to speak english. pls.i can be your fan in my friendster.

Vilhouvonuo Hi!!!!! You are so... pretty, cool, lovely, beautiful, sweet, talented,...etc.How comes you so close to perfection... Wish you GOOD LUCK in all that you do.

TonoEd jan-diya! mmmmuah! ur so charming and adorable! gujunpyo and jandi r made 4 each other! aza aza! "do jeongmal ippo ya!" can u understand? tryna learn korean..heh! kkotboda namja rocks!

dorene hi....love u much...........yuo know what you better go for acting......coz we love you d way you act....hope you will go here in phil...see you soon dear........more power to you and God bless

Rayel hello jandi, it's the most Philippine's wish that you have a Part 2 of Boys Over Flowers, that you and jun pyo will be wedded. You're so beautiful and talented. I really admire you...

Chyn hi, jan di...I really appreciate ur being YOU.... You're so beautiful and adorable... thanks for making me happy on your tv series "Boys over flowers" I like it much... Hope you could have a movie again with Go Jun Pyo...

irish Hi Hye-seon Ku ! How could you be so talented... wow I really admired your versatility as a person. You do a lot of things like singing, acting, writing and even painting. I believe you love those things you do and that what makes you to be on top of everyone...

I hope you more success and goodluck on your painting exhibition..

I hope we could meet in person...

anan hay jan your are so butiful girl

MeshYl hello!i'm a fan of yours..i heard that you are a singer and a painter too..you are a talented lady i hope you could be my noona!

charity bactol anyung huseyo ms. hye seon ku..?? you're so talented and beatiful, i am a fan of yours. i always watch your hana yori dango drama.... hope you and the f4 will visit here in our country. Combawa!!!

aniv montes hi hye-seon ku!! i really admire you!! you're very nice! I hope that i can meet you and know you more better!!! good luck to your career!! God bless!!!

agatha julliene pecina hi how are u thanks very much ur so beatiful please add me................... also cute and talented

Moe Sat Kyi Phyu I heard that a korean actress from Boys over flower died recently and thus , I want to know it is Ku Hye seon or not. I am from Myanmar!

RamenLover To dhini (comment #14):

Hye-seon Ku did indeed appeared in "August Rush" in a small (I mean small) cameo role. She played one of the many homeless kids in the film and its difficult to spot her even if you keep an eye out for her,.

NANA HYE-SEON KU..U SO PRETTY... She so cute in drama BOYS OVER FLOWERS.. Smile alays Hye-Seon Ku..

mayen im loving every bit of Boys over Flowers.. doesn't she look like a young version of Kim Han-eul?

dhini did she really play on august rush?? which part?

ivy she so pretty!!!! i did'nt even recognize her... she looks more prettier... i just wanna say hi!!!! i eep on watching your show!!!!

Jesse You know what, you're one of the most truthful girls i've ever known. I'm really impressed with your character Jandi - too cute to be true :)) Love you much, Hye-seon Ku =X

jennyps hi..hye seon..ur so cute...lovely smile...love you so much...

akemi hey Hye-seon Ku i just wanna say..u so beautiful i love u ...u so cute...simple...like me...

God bless you !!

Ismayeel I've never seen such a beautiful girl in my life!

Melissa I am very pleased with her role of Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers. She plays an excellent Makino Tsukushi in my opinion. I honestly think she is the best at that role that I've seen so far.

grace ah! she's so cute and adorable in boys over flowers! saw her once on x-man and she was so so cute ^^

sweetjasmine she so naturally beautiful...American men wood fall 4 her BIG time.

Atna How come she was involved at august rush??? i love that movie, she must be has some talent

Iamson i finally got hold of this beautiful woman. i have seen her in 2 other films and have always been captivated by her wholesome beauty. i'm hoping that she acts in life the way she acts on films unless she is portraying a villain. but i don't think she will ever play such a role considering that her wholesomeness always shines.

i have been hearing rumors that Korean women have been turning down marriage proposals from non-Korean men. i am not a Korean, though i wish i am a son. but i have to agree with the Korean women on this one. of course there are exceptions.

Oliver O. Flores I watch Chilwu the Mighty just to get a glimpse of her. She is so beautiful!

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