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  • Name: Sandara Park
  • Hangul: 박산다라
  • Birthdate: November 12, 1984
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 162cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Talent Agency: YG Entertainment


  1. Member of Kpop all girl group "2NE1."
  2. Younger brother is Cheon Dung, member of K-pop group, "MBLAQ".




  • My Love From the Star | Byeoleseo On Namja (SBS / 2013-2014) - actress (ep.21)
  • 2NE1 TV Season 2 (2010) -Herself / 2NE1 Member
  • 2NE1 TV (2009) -Herself / 2NE1 Member
  • Moon River | Dolahon Il Ji-Mae (MBC / 2009) -Rie
  • Voltes V (HERO TV/ABS-CBN) (2006) - Jamie Robinson (Voice)
  • Crazy For You (ABS-CBN) (2006) - Ara
  • Sandara's Romance (ABS-CBN) (2004) - Herself/Host



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essaj 19 Dara fan forever!!! She's so cute...

cherioifar Give dara a break now, we want her on big screen,. I'm hoping I can watch her doing drama with Lee min ho. Their commercial has a "kilig" factor! Go for dara-minho pair up! I love them both!!!!

Ssigga The main reason why she isn't acting in a tv drama as a lead character is because it would be unfair from her to start off directly with a big role. This shows that she doesn't rely on her company and that she is determined to start from the bottom and do it the right way. She is a great singer, performer, artist anyway, and soon she show the world her talent as an actress too.

nookie232001 rumor Dara and Kang Seung Yoon for web drama title 'We Broke Up'

dolce What????? It's not a drama on tv? Why they can't give dara time slot? If she is in the Philippines she can have alot of dramas and leading role as well with so much time..why they can't give her time??? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY????????

lily Dr Mo Clinic drama: It's not a TV drama but rather, a web drama. So it will be aired on Naver (Korea's biggest search engine much like google). As is with other web dramas, it will be short. There will only be 9 episodes with ten minutes running time. :) 2-3 episodes are released every day/week starting March 29. It'll be like watching a movie if you watch all the episodes at one time.

Copy paste from daraxxi ig.

I thought it a drama like others korea drama series.

Daniel Dela Cruz Hi dara, i'm just a simple fan of yours! I always used up my free time just to watch your videos on youtube and reply for those hating and saying nonsense about you.I always support you unnie krung krung! We always did! i love you. ..

shishi Looking foward to see dara unnie acting. Fighthing dara unnie!!! Honestly i a bit worry. But still i'll i support you!!! Don't just tooo control urself unnie by the beauty, be natural okay. Saranghayeooooo unnie.

Jessa Estorgio I'm really looking forward in seeing you act with your lead role as Lee So Dam in "Dr. Mo Clinic." Congratulations and good luck! I'm so proud of you!

Dessa Dilla Aneohaseo dara im your #1 fan your my id0l im excited to see you in a drama series . . We will always l0ve you

lovessantokki DARA UNNIE! You know daralings and of course BJs hope to see you act in a drama! as you said, you will challange urself in 2015. Can't wait next year <3

Cathy Sandara, as you know a lot of peoples are hoping to see you in the drama soon. As you said 2015 there will be a transformation for you. cross our finger that drama or movie ... 2015 come soon...

Jeking Storg Dara, a lot of people love you! We will always support you! Forever 2NE1! Forever Blackjack! Forever Daraling! ♡♥♡ from the Philippines, J.C.E.

syrra may Im your #1 fan sandara:) I love your songs and also, YOU <3 :)

ssannnd Daraa unnie! I love you!!

merasol casanova hello sandara :) i'm one of your fan :) your so cuta talaga .. I wish na makasama kita in my birthday


florentino B. Balicuat Jr. dara unnie, i hope you this year you will be able to have your own movie or drama. I can't really wait to see it.

joanna hai ..,sandara one of your fan ..i hope you have your own movie w/ lee min hoo cause you two are bagay kaung dalawa...,at panoorin q tlaga ...your so beautiful and simple...saranghae...muahhhh

ssantokkki Unnie, please play a k-drama :(( i want to see you in your own drama and of course as lead actress. I miss you so much! I always support you!!!!

chanyeol sandara ....i always love also from a fan of yours and also a fan of chanyeol....hope you like him,,,,i love you both...pls come back home here in phillipines with 2ne1 also with exo....saranghae.....mahal na mahal kita....mwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................sana naman makapunta na kmi jan sa korea para mkita lamamg kayong celebrities specially 2ne1 and exo...

ahriex hope she will have a own korean drama :) pls ! :) ,

XXXjlkuO The most beautiful Korean Celebrity

Cjoy rances i hope she will have a own korean drama :) pls ! :) ,

maureen vicente hello sandara park i am your fans from philippines i like your newest song, come back home and i love your falling in love song ,too.i miss you very much.

ellen anasco helo sandara park im your fans the philippines ning visit ka philippines may 15 hindi ako siguro ra do kung kailan sa visit in philippines pero na panood kita sa gandang gabi vice na ka chika mo si vice ang tawag sa korean i kiray krung krung sa mag concert kayo ng kasama mo sa 2ne1 dito sa philippines hindi paako na ka panood ng concert ninyo at ang ganda mo sandara your my idol sana rin pumunta rin sa phillipines si lee min hoo at yan lang we love u sandara park

Janela Marie Batoon Hi Sandy! I'm an avid fan of yours ever since, since you were in star circle quest! Saranghae yo forever and ever! I just hope to meet you soon. Please! Xoxo

jfg i miss you so much sandara,,,sana dito ka na lang ulit sa pilipinas .,your the best talaga :)

aiko wow...!congrats sandara park for your success...ikaw lang ang pambansang krung2x ng pilipinas. sana bumalik ka sa pilipinas at gumawa ng movie dito..

dadz . . . saranghaeo dara! . . . .. most young looking celebrity declared by showbiz korea star ranking . . .

Julia I love you so much sandara unnie

ester Missed you so much Sandara... You are adorable!!!

dadz . . . . .dara looks so cute . . .she doesn't even look like 29 years old . . . .to me she's just 22 . . .

n132 Dara Dara Bright Dara U're so cute and pretty Wish u success and happy GBU

mich . . .anyeonghaseo!! . . . . i really love sandara . .i hope she could act in k-dramas, and im going to watch all of it

dadz . . .i love you sandara . . . .congratulations to your successful career in south korea!

Jamie Kwon she's so pretty! If only she was in k-dramas but love her anyway

Zara Ahn You're so adorable <3

blackjack super fan ako ni dara!!! i love you daraaaaa!!! <3

dara_fans Pretty... pretty... pretty dara You are so pretty, cute and innocent I love you dara GBU

non sibi Her younger brother Park Sang Hyun (Thunder/Cheondung) October 7, 1990 is a member of KPOP MBLAQ.

marjan wow dara is my love! saranghe dara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aeri Wow. The one member that has a profile here, and she's the least talented member of them all.

KayBeCR Pusan? Shouldn't that be Busan?... Anyone willing to change that... q(O.O)p Her birthplace ;

Doremi Keep it up.. And God alwyz protect u.. Were always here to support u and to ur group 2NE1

Liz dara is sooo awesome but they need to update this page!!!

bhoy_isaw "Nice eVoLution Sandy!". . . (:

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