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  • Name: Shin Sung-Rok
  • Hangul: 신성록
  • Birthdate: November 23, 1982
  • Birthplace South Korea
  • Height: 188cm
  • Blood Type: A형


Drama Series


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ashwag do you know his account on twitter or instagram ?

Aura hes sooo perfect in liargame <3333 great actor

michelle First see him in the poster of music lovers i think he was handsome and the first acting role i saw beacause i love liar game in japan i want to see kdrama i have to said you amazing actor you act really good as villan i want you to play good guy. The king face for now you are reLy good

Wol Jinju He has been showing up in everything this past year and I love it because I recognize his skills right as he is introduced into the drama. I can't wait till he plays a lead role and I'm super excited to see how his amazing career keeps skyrocketing up!!! Oppa Fighting!

Lover I love you acting! Seriously you've got the talent. I know you skills will be noticed and everyone will love you! Oppa fighting!

Sapphire OMG he literally look like my tutor NO KIDDING! <3 i love all the roles that he plays tho xD he suits more to the bad guys character haha

Tierzab SSR, you are an amazing actor.. love this character.

Faded he played my favourite character from My love from the stars he's got a lot of talent I hope to see him in more future dramas!

Wol Jinju Dang is it just me or does it feel like this amazing actor is in everything this past year or two. Like for real he must be some kind of superhero to play all these memorable characters in such a short amount of time and back to back. So far is he really making a name for himself and I like him a lot whether he is evil or not his acting is really superb so Fighting Oppa!!!!

yul17a You are unique... Somehow... I think its more captivating than being good looking or cute... Keep the good work Oppa!

wintermelon He is my new favorite actor! I wish he would be a lead role though, but oh well. Looking forward to Liar Game!!! ^0^

M.R. Great actor! Fighting!!

Jaejii this oppa is everywhere this year, nomu johaaa~ :)

21 what is the horror movie of shin sung rok thank../..s.s.s.s.s.s

Cora One of the drama series that who look forward in watching, the plot is great crescendo of the events were unpredictable. It is so entertaining. The voices of the main actor and actress is so captivating. Impressive.!!!! A must see drama series. Thanks for this story.

Dionne I really like Shin Sung-Rok. He did such a great job in Trot Lovers. It was hard to accept that he was not the main romance character. He would do EXCELLENT in a Romantic Comedy as the LEAD Character as well. Directors, you better get him in play. Shin Sung-Rok is Ready. "Fighting" ;-)

sun bi arroqurr is look special, i like your song, love you so much...muack

Northern Girl Talented, charismatic and stylish. Hope to see him in more leading characters.

Kim Ji Na omg he's so handsome damn i love him so much and argh im argh crazy overload !i love to watch lovers of music bcause of him !!!

KSH i'm definitely loving you!.... fighting with trots lovers!

Kim shirae Wow! Great actor. He went from a psycho(man who came from the stars)to a warm caring guy(trot lovers) in a snap. Fighting!

Favour Whn i watched ywcfts i was lk,knw dis face him.he's a flexible actor,his skills r the bomb.for him 2 be able to act in 3 dads and a mom as clown and in ywcfts as d mean guy,WOW.more grease 2 ur elbow

nabaa I like him so much , he is just so cool I like all his drama's I hope to get to see him more on tv

april I love him so much when he act in trot lovers. his acting so awesome. different image between trot lovers & ywcfts. :)

fatima He is the type of actor who will make you fall in love even with the bad character of drama. I fell in love with his character in "you who came from the star" he was a bad bad boy. a cool, hot Psycho. and now in "trot lovers" he is just WOW, love his expressions, VOiCE. his coolness. his awesomeness♡

Annie His looks remind me of Adam Driver. Both are excellent actors to boot.

FS Amazing acting skills!!! Since YWCFTS, he became one of my fav. korean actors. Now i'm watching him in Lovers of music. Hope we'll get to see him more often on tv :)

Keep it up, Shin Sung-Rok-ssi! You're amazing!

Shin SungRok love I really falling in love with you from "you who came from the stars"

Sunset Damn I thought the same too... I was like "I know this face... no I don't... yes I do... "

They are so similar...

Mey Yes, I thought so too! How interesting that the resemblance is so close

Park Chohwa Dawn; I was just thinking that when i read your comment. I'm watching Hyena right now and Shin Sung Rok here is just awesome. Sung Joon is one of my favourite actors and they do look alike. They also give the same feel

Dawn This might seem like a rude thing to ask from others point of view, but has anyone ever thought that Shin Sung-Rok and Sung Joon/Sung Jun (I Need Romance 3, Flower Boys Band, Gu Family Book....) look like each other. I could almost swear they are twins, depends on how the lighting and camera captures them.

Wouldn't it be so could since they do resemble each other so well, if they did a twin drama!!!! Just saying.

Both men are handsome and have a charm about them...that would be great on-screen. Hopefully a writer/director reads this and gives it some thought.

Justyna HE IS SO HOT!! I love all dramas with him. <3

Lora j Shin Sung-Rok is so coooooll!!!! I really admire him!!!

mae love him :)

Pimrumpa I really like him.... He's soooo hot. I saw him in the serie, My love from star-and I feel sooo infatuated haha.. And now I start to watch him in any other show such as Musical, oh my god he's so talented. I love his voice, his acting, his personality. He such a hot but cute by the way. PS. Please come to Thailand... I love you hehe

mrsthatguy I felt so weird when I started feeling.....well feelz for this guy coz I got no better words to describe em, I mean, his character in my love from another star got to me almost as much as kim soo hyuns character.....hell all the lead guys got to me... wth kdrama!? But wow tho....he just screams "charisma"!!! Dammit y so smexy!!!! O.o got my first eveil lead crush *le bow thank you...thank yku very much

Hanseol you're face so exotic , make me laugh when the first time I saw you. Oppa FIGHTING!!!

Alex Dude lol you look like TOP

sumandak I don't care what others say, but this guy is one HOT villain. Love him at the first glance, haha.. my first villain crush. It is funny how Korean drama works, the pretty boy is the good guy and the masculine man is the villain which is totally the opposite in English drama. I think this what they called cultural shock.

tyma he really look like lee minki oppa. .

ashxo i thought he is a model but he's a stage actor. with his height and body, he could easily pass as one. im glad i discover him..better late than never..he's hot and sexy. like an older and less handsome Lee Min Ki but as hot..

Nabikisu OMG he's soo good at acting that every time i see him in "You who came from the stars" as Lee Jae-Kyung I get chills and always scared for his brothers life .... but gosh i still totally love him..hehehe plus i think he's a hott villian ..haha i'm on episode 16..

lina hahahah , he makes a really hot villain Hope he gets an award!

Sakura I know that i seen him in somewhere before this drama.. He's the one of the funny and clumsy father in Three Fathers, One Mother drama. He is totally different in this new drama.. Totally dazzling and hot.. Good work

Tori Man....besides looking like he could be the older brother to Sung Joon (Gu Family Book) he is one HOT villian - Mostly in the last two episodes. Before he was just interesting. I thought when he was volunteering at the animal shelter he had a redeeming character until I realized he got off on euthanizing the sick ones. Like the dog he stroked and than smirked when he knew he would soon get to put him down. I thought..."hull...this guy deserves an award for best villian.' lol

Genesis Wow! What can I say? I am watching you in You Who Came From the Stars, and usually I don't go for the villian, but you are playing this part in a really good way. The split personality...I like it. One second you have a tad bit of murderous rage and then the next you are all compassionate and stroking a sick and dying dog....wooooah. This is great acting. I just watched episode 6, and I so feel like you are gonna kill your brothers love interest because of the conversation she said she heard...I was really scared for her and so relieved when your brother showed up...but that doesn't mean she's off your hook yet.

Anyways, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what you will do next....good luck to you.

blah kind of reminds me of sung joon

cccddd is this Gun from gu family book ??

Ha Trinh Thu I'd like demonstrating style in your films. Your demonstrating is simply, funny, nice and based on fact. he is very nice so much. Good luck and helth and indulging forever! Ha trinh Thu

sangjhoon i noticed it too that hyena is missing on the list here! i'm currently watching that & just finished my life's golden age & he's really funny & awesome as kyung woo! i hope he does another drama soon!

jinjoo i really admire this actor, i first saw him in 3 dads 1 mom & lately in my life's golden age, he's so funny & natural in his acting & i hope he makes another drama & wont keep us waiting for a long time as i noticed his last proj was my life's golden age! he's got a great singing voice as well! he's a great actor & i hope he gets recognized more for his acting abilities! he may not be the typical handsome handsome k actor but he's got a charm & love his fashion sense in my life's golden age drama! i hope you make another drama soon! fighting/hwaiting! more power to you & your career!

Gasenadi I agree with MJ. Why isn't TVn's Hyena included among the TV dramas in asiamediawiki? Can't be cuz it's cable, because other cable dramas (like Vampire Prosecutor) are included. Could it be the "adult" themes?

MJ Shin Sung Rok as Lee Seok Jin in Hyena (tvN 2006 - Korean Drama)

Wish Asian Wiki had a write up on Hyena (tvN) Korean Drama of 2006

linda kumawo for being the great chef in definitely neighbors. you made me smilee and cry. laugh and sigh. but thanks

p You are so lovely in 1 mom & 3 dads. I wish you would end up with Nayoung. You are sooooooo cute. kiyopta

marihigh hi, sung rok you are amazing u r d best actor for me no one compares 2u & hottest guy i've ever seen. gud luck & saranghe, i meant it...

bLue_aNgeL22 Oppa~ I thought you were really good in Three fathers,One mother drama. I thought you were a new actor since i never saw your drama before,but to my suprise actually i had saw your film that is Lovers of six years. I only learn that after I google your name in the internet.Hehe..You were really different in that movie and I barely recognized you in that drama maybe because you act so good.Dunno if you will ever read this,but im sure you are gonna be a big star some day with that talent!So oppa,aja aja Hwaiting!! Cant wait for your next work ^_^

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