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  • Name: Yeo Jin-Goo / Yeo Jin-Gu
  • Hangul: 여진구
  • Birthdate: August 13, 1997
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


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panpanreoqtan soooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooood !!

kim nana jung woo yaa!! han jung woo ;) i veryy like your drama #imissyou ,, and im waiting for orange marmalade

Martina Stephen awe.. I definitely Love this guy

Queen I reeally loveeee youuuuuuuu. Your the best

ederlyn solares jin goo he is very good actor in south korean he is my idol because i know he can do her best for being a good actor i wish that more blessingg to come saranghae oppa be always taishini yuor self annyeo

jaime such a jem babe, love him!

christina You are worthy of the award for the best child actor. At such young age, I really did not expect so much emotion...yes, I am watching The moon embracing the sun...just done episode 5 and I cannot wait till the end of the show to give you my applause....will watch your other drama and movie after I am done with this one....all the best!

kai mhay he is handsome

Mari Lee Wow! I didn't knew he was one month older than me. First time I knew him was from Return of Superman and I thought he's already in his 20's. Daebak! He's so mature and excellent!!! Got to watch his movies now, starting to fall in love with him!!!

mxxks He's a manly and cute at the same time. I like him bcs he's kind and polite too, and I guess he can be a good actor like Jo In Sung in the future. He's such a good young actor. Btw he's so funny in running man xx.

uan please tell me what the name of movie were yeo jin goo is like a monster not hwayi that 2008 movie !!!!!

Mihaela96 A great actor at such a young age!! I just finished watching HWAYI and wow GREAT MOVIE!! Really I am so impressed by his performance!! He will have a great career if he continues on this path!

mae shoen-dae i like very much "bogopsida" i miss you

Naomi Robert The first tym I saw u act was in princess I neva knw u acted in warrior baek dong su keep it the way u've got a cute smile.

KimG He looks like a Korean Jiro Wang. Both are beautiful.

Lulu He's cute :>

Msknoitall Just watched, "I Miss You" and was very impressed with his acting abilities. He reminds me of a young Lee Min Ho. Great work! I look forward to future roles.

joseph phinny oppa,u are just a year older than me!!...and our initials are fated:josephine and jin goo...what do you tink???....lets get married ryt???....hahahahaha,dnt mind me am just the way,i love your acting skills....nomu nomu chawaye!!!!

NB He has a Nice smile :-) I like him he acts very welk

tp Both you & Kim Soo-Hyun (I first watched you both, playing as brothers in Giant) are amazing actors. Will keep looking for all the dramas you're in.

jasminedbondoc hes so handsome....:)

Vitoria Anami Jinnnnnnnnn ❤ eu te amo oppa!!!

Vitoria Anami Jin Goo oppa!!! ~(U_U~) So handsome and my baby prince ❤ Eu amo o trabalho do Jin Goo, ele é um ator dedicado e forte (não apenas fisicamente haha). Quando eu me tornar uma atriz, sei em quem vou me inspirar para que meu trabalho seja elogiado por todos! ❤ Oppa, espere mais 5 anos por mim, tudo bem? Hhhhh~ ^3^

Olivia simply i'd love to see Jin Goo being paired with Kim Yoo Jung. please, be paired for the upcoming dramas/film or whatever it is ;;;; and oh, the way Jin Goo acted in Hwayi... you got my heart jumping!~ eheheh.

Cecilia Annyeong Jin Goo ssi! You are really really AWESOME... I like you bcos you were born in my Month and the same here...... August 13th 1997 and I was born on August 7th 19977. Goodluck in all you do. Saranghe Nae Chingu...... You can add me up on facebook: Tifaju Holuphunke... Jai ga.....

noona fan ^^ Noona fan here...

I just 1 years older than you... so... thats not that noona tbh~~~ hehhee... i really really love ur acting yeo jin goo~~~ love u so much~~~ eventhought u just in the 5 ep i just fall for ur acting... grow soo okay?? And be a good actor... ur fan is here ^^ kkkk ^^ and i like u on running man too... bc u r fearless ^^ kkk ^^ hope u will be a guest again ^^

Sandar Hi Yeo Jin Goo ssi..^w^ The first ime I saw U is at The Moon Embracing the Sun. It really touched me only with 5 episodes. I do like the way U love Yeon Woo. U really match with Kim Yoo Jung too. In episode 5, I felt like my heart is also breaking like yours bcoz ur acting is so so good. Please dun cry soo much bcoz it make me cry for many days. I really cant see tht u r acting. It is like U r really suffering frm heart break. T____T Please be happy at every second. I do wish for U to get more & more great success as far as ur hard working..O:) I m waiting to see ur many more masterpieces. Yours forever fan frm Myanmar... By the way, plz come visit Myanmar if U hve a chance.. Wishing to see U as long as I m alive. :) Be happy Jin Goo ssi..^_~

Biscuit AMG! He's only younger than me a day! Wao! What a coincidence!

Jihiud I'm 2 years younger than him. *Obviously And his kiss scene with that noona from Potato star totally break my heart in to Billion pieces! Now I know, we grow so fast. I remember when he played in STS. And now... he's all grown up! So many scenes waiting for him, and I know that he will be a great star with so many roles. I really have to prepare my mental for all of his character in the future (so many kiss scenes, still YUCK!!). Fighting, Oppa!!

Cupid I love U....just fall for you in first sight.. in next life will you be my lover....i love you so much.... my head full of. u

thanu rathnayake u'r so cute in moon that embracing the sun. yeo jin goo u have a new fan in srilanka

micha Great actor in "Moon Embracing the sun"..hmmm...I'm a noona fan.. ;-)

ParkChohwa I'm your noona and i'll be watching you walking the road to fame and success.. fighting!!

Rosemarie mariveles Im your # 1 fan i really wanted to meet you in hoping to meet u soon!!! I love you YEO JIN GOO

SEO If you wish for to improve your familiarity only keep visiting this web page and be updated with the most up-to-date information posted here.

Mara Anita Esaga Congrats to all of the awards you had received !!! keep it it up !!! I'm your #1 fan !!! :) I hope we'll meet each other personaly !!! THANKS :)

joelle aziza kasunuran My god!!!on the first time i saw him in the movie the moon embracing the sun here in the philippines i started idolizing him..Yeo Jin-Goo i wish you will have more historical movies with miss kim yoo jung because you were a nice also one of youre biggest fan and also to kim yoo jung...143

ChingChing OMG! I'm older than him. -_- I really love this kid, but cant believe im older. XD

Sous Not all his work has been added in this web site, he appears in "Dance of the Dragon" movie too. to be honest wherever I go I see him, he is almost in every Korean show I watched.

Tori The first time I saw Yeo Jin Goo was in the movie Antique Bakery or Antique on this site. To be so young at that age, it was in 2008, his acting was so powerful. I wonder why that movie is not on his filmography?

Celia Charry blossoms?? What are u talking about? Such a wierd comment... Anyway... I watched Running Man yesterday and Yeo Jin Goo was a guest. What a really great guy! Cute, funny, fearless and such a deep voice.. Love it! Yeo Jin Goo u have a new fan in Sweden ;)

Hania Nas this drama is in my top 3. its just that good! I Loved every part of i! im in love with kwon!

kristine mae hey .. i like your drama series moon embracing the sun .. I'm a big fan of yours^^

Neziya lol he looks older then me, but same age loool

ninesyllables The heck?! I am actually older than him looool

Jung hee hee I"m one of his biggest fan but i didn"t love his drama patoto star. I just want that he is playing a historical drama with kim yoo jung cause they"re a nice couple together. Maybe someday they"ll play a drama together. I hope so. Maybe someday i am going to Korea and than i hope i will see him an kim yoo jung and lee min ho"s jes i want to see lee min ho + lee min ho93 <3

But now i"m to young to go by myself. I"m just 15. Maybe i"ll go when i"m 20...

love I first saw this actor in jamyoung go then i like his acting skill. Luv u

Elizabeth I first saw this actor in jamyoung go then i like his acting skill.

cherry blossoms i wanna attend school in korea but i love my life. i m lucky girl. your sad eyes are so amazing .. u r now actors and maybe u think your life is perfect and u think your dream come true. i wanna give u some advice. plz stop u think is not a perfect life . and your dream was wrong. i hope u will understand what i mean. if u don't understand. is ok. one day u will understand what i mean. but not too late is good. because time is not waiting u. and there is only one perfect life.

Jin Why does he need a break?? He's doing great, he chose to do acting as a career ... thats what he lives and breathes. & playing in the park? 16 year olds? isn't that a bit too old ~ Anyways Jin Goo.. You're doing great so far, keep up the hard work ^.^ Hwaitng.

#queen Funny :L this person looks like he's in his thirties. Give the boy a break he needs to go and play in the park like what other kids do at the age of 16. Live life to the fullest y'all.

  1. onelove #stay #young

seo I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later. Cheers

Nada Omg!! He's younger than me :O he looks so old to me lol !

Yeo jin goo and me:)) love couple And he is just one year older than me :)) soo oppa you can marry me:)) i"m now 15 years old :D Sarang sarang sarang hahaaa

GJ ME TOO! HE'S MY AGE TOO! and his birthday is the same birthday as my brother's,who's computer I'm using right now!

ayubierachel omg!!!! kiss scene on potato hot... you already not child!!!

Joo Ridya I finally found a korean actor my age ^-^

Seena I like you :]

    youre so good when it comes in acting...
   Im your ultimate fan! ~
how i wish we meet someday yeo jin-goo !!

Jung hee hee Aniyong

Oppaa i love you!! And i love the couple yeoyoo (kim yoo jung and yeo jin goo) Sarang hamnida oppa!! Aniyong higaseyo

SHADAN HI!:) Your so cute ... I really like your acting skills ... nice one jin go ... :D WE WERE BORN IN A SAME DAY OF1997! I WISH 4U THE BESSSSSSSSSSSSST THINGS!!! FIGHTING!!!*********************************************

SHADAN ☆★hi!☆★ you r really cute! Your so cute ... ❤ ❤I really like your acting skills ... ❤ ❤nice one jin go ... ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤I WISH 4U THE BEST THINGSSSSSSSSSSSS❤ ❤



SHADAN ☆★HI!☆★ really nice of you movies especially*I MISS U* we were born in a same day of august!!!It`s tooooooooooooo goooooooood! Your so cute ...❤ ❤ I really like your acting skills ...❤ ❤ nice one jin go ... ❤ ❤ ☆★☆★☆★ I wish 4u the best things!;)

kapoop He looks like a younger version of Choi Jin Hyuk

mariel anne gaite JinGoo... I wish more for you to have more projects... and you'll always be my best actor... Let's grow up well and see you soon in the future...... Fighting and happy birthday

maryjoy omg! your so grate .. congartulations and advance happy birthday and God Bless you :-)

Hanee_Girl WoW... I'm so jealous to my friend. About you being her schoolmates in your Elementary days :D

marielanne gaite really nice of you movies especially the giants from no

Angel Zhou omo! it's the same person who played in Sad Movie as Park Hwi Chan (the child that lose his mother) and the young crown prince in The Moon that Embraces The Sun?

People really grow old, like, really T_T

I'm gonna miss his child faceeeee. But i'll not waste his gorgeous teen face, though ;p

jolly Your so cute ... I really like your acting skills ... nice one jin go ... :D

Kristan Omg! He was the kid in Sad Movie! I'm so glad I found out who he was. His acting skills are off the chart. He is the first person ever to make me cry...but I look at that in a good way. He is simply wonderful. He was so irresistible in I Miss You. like the girl said..."His face, his voice...please dont smile" His smile will melt you away. *Sigh* I love him. Noona is rooting for you in everything you do.

May Thant Khaing I like all of the films in which you acted.Your attractive action make me excited.

rubyjane saranghe omygod !! your my idoll your so good in acting and your cute a little but not because of your cuteness why i idolize you its because your so so so good in acting especially when crying my god i cant help but cry too .!

nabzkie jin-goo i like the way you act in "I Miss You" you deserve what you get award to that acting in 'i miss you' more power to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I LOVE YOU"<3<3<3

clarisse delasas Hi jin!! You are one of the best of the best child actor in korea... you really made me cry when you cried on your scene in the moon embracing the sun... You're really lucky cause you're so young but you're really really popular especially here in the phillipines... hope that you can come and visit here in the phillipines.... Because of you Ive been a honor student in our school.. More power to you!!!! I LOVE YOU Jin-Goo!!!!!!

umnchoy I love you Yeo-gin-goo your cute!

Mhards Yeah.. I fell in love w/ diz cute guy. Even if he's a couple of year older than me. But it doesn't matter for me! :D he's the reason y i always watch i miss you near midnight.. Damn! the current is always out! I felt sad when i missed one of the episodes last night. Huhu :( . He's Great acting skills always makes me cryg More power! I love you yeo jin goo!

junalee jungco he is so cute in MISSING YOU >

Aika i was carried away by your acting in Missing You .. hope you have another good scenes ... More power to you !!

Han Yeo jin goo's with Kim so-hyun new drama:Can we love? great...

Chike The best child actor in I Miss You. I used to hate korean dramas. But after watching this epic drama called I Miss You - it inspired me a lot, and the characters made me cry a lot. And Jin Goo is my favourite character of all time. I've known since he started playing in Giant as Gang Moo. Way to go buddy. :)

Elvy Even though he just got a few episodes in The Moon that Embraces The Sun, Yeo Jin Goo's performance was splendid! Previously, I was not interested in watching this drama even though many of my friends have a very positive remark on it. But then after more and more friends had recommended me watching this, I found they were right. I was completely enthralled by the story from the very beginning and just couldn't wait to continue watching each episodes. I like Kim You Jung too! She's just so adorable! ^^ Wish that there will be another nice Korean drama this year!

shai OMG!!! this guy, i am sooooo in love with. best teen actor i have ever seen..... and his crying is just amazing. he blew me away in the moon that embraces the sun, i miss you, and warrior beak dong soo. this guy will be the best actor by far in the future. i cant wait to see him in hwa-yi! he needs to be a lead role.... its about time. ahhhhhh! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

"I love you, yeo jin goo." he is only a couple months older than me. i think i found my first love .....

mun heli OMG!!!yeo jingoo has become ma young love(just a year older :) i loved his acting in i miss you and the moon that embraces the sun,here jingoo left a huge impression on me!i hoped that he will be the older version of himself but kim soo hyun played that role!i really think yeo jingoo will be a big star in the future # love him to death <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Vitoria Alessandra OMG! Por que ele e tao lindo? Vou me casar com ele! Vou sim U-U *-*

emily i want to see him in personal... i love the way he got jealous... he's cute, handsome and talented... i wish i can be with him...

alilyn yeo jin goo is very handsome i want to see him in personal this is my wish in my birthday hehehe;-)

sushi I can't believe the little boy i saw in Iljimae is growing up to become a handsome guy! A few years down the road and i can see this young boy being the main character (Not just being the teen ones)!

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I just got through watching The Moon Embracing The Sun and now I am seeing you in I miss you.. I had no Idea that talent such as yours is so expanding.. I wish you luck in the future and God Bless...

ヴァてゃな Omg he's so cute haha i'm so in love with him... And he's 2 months older then me haha

malagu the dramas were you at always leave me an awe. i've never seen a young boy could act with such passion. every detail of facial expression and body movement is perfect. i could see a great future a head of you. good lck

ivoner I hope you can sing a sountrack too :) would it be nice if you can? :) hwaiting ^^

SuperGirlInLove JinGoo... I wish more for you to have more projects... and you'll always be my best actor... Let's grow up well and see you soon in the future...... Fighting :D >_<

Yanti I don't know what to say...his acting is Daebak!! Either TMTETS or I miss You, his is just great! His going to be a big name in the entertainment even now he has started to be one... So really hope to see more of him in future!

Zipporah he looks like a younger version of BI RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes so cute !!!! ;-)

Kellie amazing amazing acting and so young as well. not to mention hansome! :) saw him in i miss you. wow.

hellohnin very talented awesome child actor. Appreciate his acting. Love his acting in The Moon Embracing The Sun so much! Incredible Acting. Hwaiting!

Joy Undoubtedly an awsome child actor...He plays every role so well...He's just 15 but totally unbeatable for his acting Yeo Jin Goo ♥

bachelorette SUPERB ACTING for this Kid in I Miss You !!!!! He's so good!

RomyrOmiii OMG! He really can act, I bet he will be aswome in the future, the "I miss you" role was so perfectly done, this kid really brought me to tears =)

Mila hes sooo adorable but the picture of him needs updating

ladyana2j I think Kim You-Jung one of best child actor right now in korea, his acting in I Miss You was totally great! I love him paired up with Kim So-Hyun, their chemistry was incredible, never I watched child couple have such amazing chemistry and acted perfectly! Hope in future can see they as a couple again, fighting!

karen he also played in the movie a frozen flower, as young Jo Insung... that's why jingoo adores insung so much and wishes to be like him when he grew up....

Choco He's si petfect......i like him in the sad movie..he make me cry a lot

alina meraldi Change the picture, jom !

KDA someone PLEASE update his picture!!!

fujinakaheero He also plays younger Kim Jin-Hyuk in Antique Bakery. I was just watching it again and realized it was him.

fisafis wasn't he also playing the younger version of hong rim (jo in sung) in frozen flower?

qUini Yeo Jin-Ku play his role excellently in this drama He made me cry by his acting skills..


jin laikha i adore him for being a good actor in princess jamyung and the moon embraces the sun

Hana Wooh im inlove to these kid,cheona why your so young to me :( but its ok ,i want u to be with Kim You Jung :D

Kimberly OMG I'm in love with him. Too bad he's a year younger than me. But, I don't care. He's the reason why I kept watching Giant! <3

dhana Wooouwwww....surprised...!!! Your eyes remembered me about my oldest friend. your acting is good...good luck my princee crown.

Hyejun I like the way he act and i would like that the last episode of the moon that embrace the sun was him,i wonder how he's look if he act on the last episode..neol keopta~many girls would fall for him^^,

sisca is febbiyanthi I think he's a good actor, i love how he describe the caracter in the moon that embrace the sun. I absolutly think he will become a great actor in the future

Lacyy He's the perfect age for me ! Too badd i'll never get him ! Ahh ! He's so good at acting too ! (: I'mm looking forward to more of him as main characters ! `

Krysa I liked him in Baek Dong Soo and now I was fascinated by him in Moon embrancing the Sun. I was really sad when the story of teenagers ended and the adult actors came :-( Really liked his acting. Very touching.

mi Ha well, congratulations for your performance. You are better and more charismatic than the elderst main caracters in all your dramas. I like you in Iljimae, I like you in Baek Dong Soo, I like more in The moon that embrace the sun. I wish you to became a great artist!

buni i am your big fun.u make me lought,cry and other feelling like exciting.u have such great acting skill.looking forward your acting skill.keep working

xohee his face attracted me.. esp i really like his smile

tika mustapa my biggest reason to watch Sun&moon drama was because of Yeo Jin-Ku. I’ve been his fan ever since giant and trust me he always impressed me with an outstanding performance, he’s already a good actor.

aisha! kristen! omg someone actually realised him in Deep Rooted Tree! i though i was wrong since he's not in the cast list but it was actuallly him! i knew it, he outshines other actors even for a small role, he did pretty well. He did won an award before.

a.n.jell he's a real gem in the moon that embraces the sun...i can't believe he's just 14!...he's someone to look out for!!!

olianea i felt in love with him in the mon embraces the the boy is good...really good even

kristen wow I think this should be updated...poor guy was totally in Gourmet, Antique Bakery movie, Tree With Deep Roots AND was in the movie A Frozen Flower....

peerrrgghhh iljimae n one of the character his play in move as a child kwan sang woo he look resemble like him...

aisha He also acted as the teen version of Dhol Bok/Kang Chae Eun in Deep Rooted Tree right?

Jas I think he acted in Gourmet as well. He's the boy who is unwilling to separate from his cow.

Lisa You're excellent face expression and excellent action make me laugh. You're growing fast already.

sinzii ur hot in warrior baek dong so >.>

tessa love all of the kids in Giant!!!!! great jobbbb :D you touched my heart

jessica 100% agree with annakorri (comment#1) & Nam (comment#2) also for ur role in Iljimae u should have won an award....really move me, great work :)

Nam You are the best child actor I have ever seen so far, hope to see more for the years coming

annakorri such a good child actor! looking forward for ur award...

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