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  • Name: Shin Se-Kyung / Shin Se-Gyeong
  • Hangul: 신세경
  • Birthdate: July 29, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 166cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: Namoo Actors
  • Twitter: @lwmeee


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Hsae She just acts according to the script. Tf with all the hating comments. She's awesome. Fighting unni

kenza lee ga young i loved you so much but i think that you were so stupid

ecishko If you watch her acting in only when a man loves and judge her ,please shut up.She was awsome in tree with deep roots.I m so excited her new drama with yoochun :) FIGHTING!!!

brigita i liked you....i can't wait long for your new drama...

Dianne I've been looking forward to Yoochun's newest drama, until I realized who would play the female lead... I hate to say this, but I'm really disappointed. I just hope she will have a good performance because I know that Yoochun will! I was surprised that she had won awards... So, I read through the comments to see what others thought. Sadly, it seems that some feel as I do, that she is lacking in her acting abilities. She has definitely been in dramas and movies with some of the best actors in Korea. She is still young, just 24, so maybe she will improve. ... Hopefully ;)

Danielle @kim i agree 100%! Her acting I have to admit was pretty bad, but it is improving i believe quickly. I want her to get good roles that will change the publics views.

kim I hated the main character of the girl here, annoyed me terribly but after i seen iron man, she was so amazing there, she changed my mind on her act, she's so talented, I hope she gets good characters in dramas fighting Shin Se Kyung!

Deborah Loved your character in Blade Man. I think you're a talented actress, and not just because you're a Leo:D The only reason why people are hating on you is because you starred with Lee Dong-Wook. Keep acting! Fighting!

Con She is not a bad actress! She portrayed her role on "When A Man Loves" perfectly! It's just that her character does not fall deeply in love with Seung Hoon's character that makes her role 'hateable'?! I love her as Son Se Dong too! It's just that the story of Blade Man lacks in many aspects. IMO.

Hope to see more of her this 2015! Fighting!

nasya Ohmo! i wish there's many new drama cast shin se kyung in 2015

Shizaf Well I don't know why in all the comments people say the people who watched "when a man loves" hate her charcter.. i'm at episode 5 now and yes she is very cold (that's even remind me Jan Di and Jun Pyo) but she starts to be very nice to Song Seoung Hun. and she falls in love with him I think, so why do people hate her charcter in When a man falls in love? she did something bad to Song Seoung Hun?

kyun9puu9 she was just a victim of song seung heon fans.. It's terrible part of korean fans problem till now.. she never have done a wrong part acting on whan a man loves dramas.. she just has done what her acting part.. but she must to deserve tobe hated until now time.. It is one of the TERRIBLE thing of HOW to be wise FANS of korean nation.. Strange to ideot, buts true to reality

js nico she deserves more awards

Dieu My Many people do not like her character when played by Seo Mi Do, and also a lot of people like her to play the character Son Se Dong. That shows she is the perfect role. Well done! Shin Se Kyung is a great actress! why do you not understand ? Remember the characters and actress are different.

When you watch a new drama, you have to make yourself empty to receive.

To me, I like her character Son Se Dong. Because this character suits her. Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung acted excellent, they convey the inner character very well. Their eyes are acting so great., soul of eyes! Love this.

Hugs are so comforting and I am loving that they made it a big part of this drama. Hugs to heal the hurt ♥

jada shin se kyung's an okay actress IMO, but in her country she still known as one of the Worst actresses...feel sorry for her...she got so many haters/antifans keep callin' her terrible actress and she have small fanbase (compared to male actors)

mfon This young lady is a very good actress. I suspect jealousy is the main reason why some people rundown her acting and I also suspect the majority of these people are very young, therefore very unperceptive; hence there are many things that they cannot understand unless plainly said. I also believe many of them just look at the pictures without understanding what is being said. For instance in "When a man loves a woman" it was fear that made her reject the lead actor who as far as she was concerned was a cold hearted gangster that terrorised her family, who would fall for such a guy? but she fell for the younger guy because he seemed human. At the end of the drama, she had come to understand who the lead actor really was, she now saw him as a kind hearted gentleman who valued her, this change her feelings towards him. In Blade Man she is wonderful too.

thanhnguyen I have to say the chemistry between Le Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung is palpable and brings life into Le Dong Wook. They are explosive on screen and just feed so well off each other on screen that I can't get enough.

I love Son Se-Dong. She's cute, oblivious, driven, passionate, and of course loving and self-less. You'd have to be a moron not to love her and find her utterly cute. SSK just brings this character to life. The boys seemed to be more so her children than younger brother-like. And she just cares. You would never lose with SSD in your life and SSK must have that in her to convey her so well on screen. Working with LDW is great. Even without this show ending, want them already pegged for another drama together. Excellent! We love this drama.

Miko I like her soo much she's pretty & all. But there is something that I'm SOOOOO curious about, the character she played in High Kick 2 Shin Se Kyung, just what is so good about her that everyone likes her??! I mean Jun Hyeok liked her over his teacher even though she tried so hard, yes I hated Jung Eum at first but not anymore, I understand that Se Kyung is pretty & polite & all, but even Lee Je Hoon & Julian like her, what is so good about her?? Just cuz she is going through hardships & everyone is helping her?? can someone explain. Well anyone would have done the same, however her character is annoying me right now. Cuz I hate it when a women is looked down on all the time. & who is looking down on her? she is, herself! ahh so annoying. After reaching ep 60, Se Kyung's character is pissing me off, at first it was OK & I was happy but isn't it getting too much, I'm getting bored of it, & it's sooo freaking annoying.

I want to see her bright a little bit like Jung Eum, stop being shy, quite & looking down on yourself it's pissing me off.

Alexa She is a GOOD actress. I became a fan when I watched fashion king and I hope she'll get much more main roles. For the ones who don't like her or think this is a bad choice just don't watch, you're view isn't importante.

Tita-Lola Her two-timing role in "When A Man Loves" brought her down big time... that's why she's getting poor reviews. I'm one of the not so pleased with it. I think it's time to give her a come back chance.

James B She's a great actress I love watching her shows

Unni Why???? why is she getting main roles if she is NOT a good actress? bad choice !

Evanaleigh Alright... So for the record, she's pretty. However I do find that her acting could be further refined. Only reason is because as a part of the population that has not had any acting experience, she needs to have that skill that grabs people's attention immediately in a story. Knowing what would grab the common people's attention and make the character come to life is an actor's job. She just needs to be a little more convincing in her characters, in my opinion. Anyways totally cheering Shin Se-Kyung on, fighting!

0109jy_sg shin sekyung so pretty !! love you

Emanresu I swear much of the hate towards Shin Se-Kyung is from jealous females who resent the fact that males find her so darn attractive. She's honestly not as bad of an actress as many make her out to be. After watching her in the first 3 episodes of Blade Man, I'm actually impressed with her performance. And it is true, she's down right entrancing to many males. Adorable and sensual at the same time. A lethal combination. Hope to continue to see her in dramas for many years to come. - A Caucasian Fan from the US

tp Yeah, she is beautiful. That's an undeniable truth and everyone has to accept it. Nevertheless, she's such a bore! Let's wait to watch blade man and see how she improves. For she's still young, hopefully she'll get better eventually :)))). Good luck!

namsee I think she only know how to express sad face.. for the other action, she is not perfect. i felt like i am watching the dead face and dead eyes.

dante Her role in hindsight is good, i saw that movie because i enjoyed watching the male leads movie and i didn't know at that time who the female lead was, she did well in the movie..... She is young and she has got more time to improve on her acting skills, i didn't like her 2013 drama, that doesn't mean she is a bad actor........

bshsbr -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= it's a big chance for you, so make you'r best try! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

mer I still hate her for acting "when a man loves" she is not a good actor,,, including her face expression.... I don't think I will watch the movie she will act... It is a waste that, she is acting with the actor I love most... Sorry for you... but you acting character is for action or horror, not for ROMANCE... the director mad big mistake this time.... to put you on acting for romance.......

oshini Your casting in when a man loves was very bad. You should not betray the main character

tee I think they did a bad job at casting her as a main character on this drama. She does not match well with the others acting chops, and doesn't have enough emotional capability to express diverse scenes. I think a better actress could have made this show a bigger hit.

randomcommenter1 I don't hate her, I think she's beautiful! But I agree with some people when they say that her acting is mediocre. When I watch some of her scenes in dramas, they're almost too cringey for me to watch. I think that she needs to focus more on improving her acting as she gets more popular.

raysabi Her acting isn't bad but it isn't super good either. People, you gotta stop exaggerating about how good of an actress she is. I mean she wasn't the best in fashion king or high kick 2, but that's just my opinion.

Heoy I'm very proud of you. I love the movie "When a man love"

madinah i your acting dear just leave alone those haters they know nothing

lol To all those people who criticized her acting, why don't you go and show us a better way to play her roles? To be fair, had it been any other top actresses playing her role, I would've still rated Fashion King and When A Man Loves 3-4/10. Her acting isn't spectacular but it's fine. If you play a hateful character and gets hated for it, it means you successfully pulled off that role, which is why she won the acting award. If there's anything you should really be focusing your blame on, it's the storyline. Look at the drama ratings, even your godlike Seunghun oppa can't raise the ratings cos it's the storyline that sucks

Haha I laugh at some of these comments! I think she is a fantastic actor! A lot of these haters that are hating on SSK are immature shawols that are jealous that she dated one of the SHINEE member. I mean seriously? You hate her for this? She is extremely beautiful and honestly, he was lucky to have dated her.

pshhh She did great in "When a man loves". You fools know why? Cause you hated the character which means she did a great job playing the role. Don't be a bunch of annoying know it alls and hate her because you hated the character she played than turn around and be like I've always loved you so much "unnie" in a year when she plays a likable character. Nettards.

Speechless She's so perfect that every man couldn't ask for more..

Sepideh Shin Se Kyung Fighting ♥♥♥ Love you , great acting :)

Dramak I don't know what you're all complaining about. I think she did great in her last two series. You all sound like a bunch whiners. Just be glad they're making something for you idiots to watch and enjoy. If it doesn't satisfy your taste buds then watch something else. Nobody is asking for praise but this site was not meant for feedback but meant for informational purposes only you pricks. Humans are always so critical and love criticizing. How does any of you qualify to judge her? Did any of you attend acting school? Did you ever receive an award for your acting? Has anyone ever praised you? I don't think so you faceless fools who critique behind a computer. Lol

Nana Some people are so annoying to bash people who criticize her,if.1 or 2 people criticized her then they are jealous but if 70% of people are doing so then she is the one with a problem. If this is the place where only compliments are supposed to be given then nobody would ever visit such a site because people need to read feedbacks in order to see which drama or actor they should watch. So shut it with the nonsense and compliment her all you want, dont make others do the same.i watched 4 dramas from her and i cannot even tell what her expressions suppose to deliver. If she wasnt so young i would have thought her whole face is filled with botox because she have no emotions on her. She should just stick to evil roles since its easier to hate and wont ruin the drama.

MPV She is a beautiful Korean actress, but not a very good actress. If she would just play a character that really brings out her acting and not a dull and nasty character, I would appreciate her acting more. She has had lead role with the most charming Korean actors... Lucky girl! I hope she does well in Tazza with T.O.P because the man is so handsome and great at acting..... SHINE BRIGHT GIRL, you gonna need it!! ^_^

dhthrhdhh She's definitely very pretty, but her acting isn't that good. I've seen her in several dramas and movies, and her acting is the same in all of them: stiff and expressionless, regardless of the role she is playing.

Lolly Not very good in acting... Her expressions always looked awkward...

john mark when a mans fall inlove nice korean drama and specially to shin se-kyung she's so pretty.

Greenluvs Very pretty. I feel bad for her because she gets a lot of hate due to her last two roles/dramas. It's true that the last 2 characters she played sucked, but she played them well. Hopefully she makes better choices in the future, so people can get over "Fashion King" and When a Man Loves.

..shinsie.. pretty lady,,,pls. accept and love jake!!!!!!

Cassie She is so beautiful! It will be so much better if the role she plays is likable or something that is real good!

Cassie Ughhh she is so beautiful but I don't like the role or the way she is acting in the movie! Dislike!!!!

yhujin I recognized you as the #Mostbeautifulwoman in this world! even before! Your face are so amazing you have lots of things that the other woman didn't have. Now i proved that Love at First Sight is Totally true!!!

ILOVEYOU Shin Se-Kyung wishing to see you ^_^ even if we're far overseas.

i still have hope that 1 day i will have a chance to see you.

keep safe thank you for the inspiration

yogi beautifull ms. sin se-kyung im your #1 fan also its makes me fell like heaven everytime i saw your angelic beauty!!!!1

jeybee I'm a big fan!!! I love you Shin Se Kyung :))) you're so BEAUTIFUL!! I'm waiting to your next drama series :)))

yoonnia I always like her face... Everyone who has a face like her, generally have pretty face, surely .. for example... in fact many ordinary women or artists also, who have a basic face as her .. usually pretty ..

In the drama When A Man Loves ... She finished be a materials bully. but I think, it's not because of her lack, but she only worked on the script provided for her.

Indeed it objectively I can confirm that she has corrected of her lack: ... - That she often looks stiff and - Less natural .. - She must more cherry in acting

but FigHting.. ShinSeKyung

Tetsuya i read in wiki that she received criticism from viewers in drama series When a Man Loves. For me i hated her in that drama series which means her acting is effective to me so i think they hated her because of her role so it means it's effective to them that's why they are basing her. I would say if you hate her why are you watching her drama series? just to bash oh come on people.Anyway, but in last episode of drama series i started to like her..This is the 2nd Korean drama that makes me cry a lot and this one is now my favorite i keep watching this over and over. Even though i know already the story i can't still control my emotion i am still crying in some scenes. For me Shin Se-kyung is a good actress and i like her a lot :). Now i have 2 korean idols :) Bae Suzy and Shin Se-Kyung! Fighting!! :) Im hoping that i will me my 2 idol :) Haters gonna hate! Get over it people.

Saranghae! Shin Se-Kyung~ <3

Rainy KYA~ She's so lovable,pretty and angelic face :) Your one of my idols now ^_^

Norman Diaz Well I think she is a good actress,, we know for a fact that acting includes vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressivity, emotional facility, a well-developed imagination of the character. She is able to to employ accents and body language with improvisation and emulation. I have seen her in her latest tv series and i think she was able to portrayed the character.

Keep it up we Shin Se-Kyung, we're supporting you =)

Huy Vo Maisy please post you picture up so then we maybe able to share your beauties and talents between you and Shin Kyung? If you do not willing to do so then please shut your fingers up. Thankyou!

Huy Vo Shin Keung is the best. She has the natural talent that the other actress have not. Please do not comment negative that not helping the young talented actress. We will support you doesn't matter what Shin Kyung.

Tri Come on Se Kyung !!! Don't be discouraged, I really love your actions, you just need an appropriate script. I believe you will succeed.. Come on We Love You

Maisy I really think she needs to work in a bar. Not talent whatsoever. Her crossed eyed-lack of emotion-plastic-surgical face is still not cutting it. Sorry. She can't act. Period!

dramalover doppelganger of Lee Yeon-Hee

Jung She's not a bad actress .. I personally think she's really good . The people that are saying that .. honestly no one needs a negative opinion & for saying that , don't think highly of yourselves .

Tin'z U are my favorite actress, in korea, nothing More !! Keep fighTing for u shinn :D god Bles u ,

Jj I love this girl and I thnk she is gorgeous however she needs to choose her projects wisely . Fashion king and when a man loves where just badly written dramas . The story line was so bad . I hope she gets a role where she actually gets to shine

edy teriiiibleee actress i decide not to watch her movies and dramas...

Jen Still can not take my mind of how annoying this actress is... Everything from her look, act and so irritated. She is beautiful but very unlikable...

bbine She is beautiful but her acting is really bad

geecee I love her in all the different roles she has played. I love the innocent approach her style brings to the characters she embarks. Keep up the great work. I will look foward to your future dramas.

bad actress was watching when a man loves and still considering if i should continue the show cos her acting is equals to no expression at all. most of the show she is the sad ugly type no happy girl look. a NO NO to me. sry

Khuncho Very disappointing in "When a man in love". She almost ruined the show. Agree to minh, Emma, browneyez, Brianna, ro\ar, leann, andTruc.

minh she has a pretty face but she's really a bad actress

Emma I totally agree with those who said her acting is bad. I watched both Fashion King and When A Man Loves, so disappointed in her acting. Can't get it why she got paired up with 2 sooo good actors. She couldn't even act out the character and I just can't feel anything when I watched her. I only watch WAML because of SSH but she just ruin my mood

ro\ar i forgot to say i hated her acting in when a man loves it isnt because of her character because i dont like sung jo s character too but she acted very well .shin se kyung ruined this drama

Brianna She needs to work on her acting...Sorry but she totally shows discomfort with love scenes and letting loose, and her acting just does not seem genuine. Hated her characters in Fashion King and When A Man Loves and those are the only dramas I saw her in. If her next character is the same in her next drama then I don't think I will watch it.

joa what a coincidence, I recently watch a two drama of you "Fashion King" and When a man loves, sorry to say but I don't like your role in there. Hope you can have another drama which you can't be hated in the end coz I know you are a very good actress and your so beautiful.

Obvious obly Wow so cute.keep it up you got it all in the drama when a man loves you are the best

Norma You are still young and still have a long way to go in this acting business. Hire a good acting mentor to guide you to perfect your acting. Don't be discourage. Sharpen your skills that's all you need. Good luck!

LONEWOLF Whoever says that Se-Kyung is no attractive there must be something wrong with you. She is a beautiful goddess and a great actress.

Edwin S. Garcia I Love the way she acted. I Love the way she is. Keep up the good work specially in your new Drama When a Man Loves... God Bless You and More Success in You Career!

barbara I Love her in Fashion King :) Shin Se-kyung fighting~~!

Truc Shin Se Kyung acted badly in Fashion King. In other films,her acting is normal. Her face and eyes are emotionless. She is beautifull but not graceful nor attactive!

GeezRock love her so much

Chelsea I first watched Sekyung on Queen Seon Deok. Then Ogamdo *oh MG*, then acoustics She's really briliant on Deep Rooted Tree and made her got excellent actress award. She's really adorable on fashion king. Innocent and cute.

And I'll watch R2B soon ;-)

IndonesiaFan At first I saw "Fashion King" just to see SNSD Yuri but when I saw there were more female players I thought "this woman who dared to compete with SNSD Yuri?" But when I noticed I said to myself "Damn she's really nice amazing actress and beautiful." I hope that in the next movie ends with a happy and alive. 사랑.

Arca Shin Se-Kyung / Shin Se-Gyeong your my new favorite girl in Korea!!! You are so so cute and pretty love you so much!!!!! I wish I can hang out with you.

fixi Hope for your upcoming drama ~ happy ending- live and dont die.

William Shin Se Kyung, saranghaeyo! You are so cute and pretty and sexy in Fashion King, can't wait for more lead roles from you! You are amazing and I can't take my eyes off you.... Favourite actress in 2012!

TTHollow I do love Shin Se-Kyung's appearance in Fashion King but character!!! Waddaheck a writer plays to her charming eyes!!! GY's role made my family gone mad. It's not realistic even in a drama. Me and my family are a big fan of Shin Se-Kyung and Kwon Yuri...

Fashion King.... You already killed my girls !!!!

Singapore Fan Shin Se Kyung your next coming drama, i recommend you one screenwriter: Moon Eun Ah . I have watched drama written by screen writer Moon Eun Ah, i have found he has the ability to attract viewers maybe a better image than fashion king drama.......

You have Singapore fans like you, do not disappoint them.....

There is room for improvement in you, work and think positive.....

fans Shin Se Kyung your acting role as Ga Young really confuse my thinking , not your fault is the writer decided this role for you. I will continue to like you and also my favourite actress Eugene Kim.

You and Lee Je Hoon singing at Fashion King drama episode 17, i liked both of singing, quite good .

fans I only knew Shin Se Kyung through a funny laughing drama that is High Kick!3 but i always forget your name , now through fashion king drama not only i can remember your name very well, and suddenly i also know Lee Je Hoon......

I liked Eugene Kim very much , at that time i could not find the orignal soundtrack of save your last dance for me in Singapore, no choice i bought it through courier from Taiwan and sent to my country Singapore as it was limited edition released & distributed by Ponycanyon Korea INC.

I hope i got chance to watch again korea funny laughing drama that you plus Lee Je Hoon acts.....

In fashion King Shin Se Kyung and Lee Je Hoon the face always looked the same that is very glum......, maybe next time both of you can try mystery drama.......

Anyway both of you keep up the good work........

Lady Sue Ellen She looks great in "Deep Rooted Tree" but she should do better in "Fashion King"........but then she's beaute and can grow more and better in acting....Will keep watching her playing more stronger character in the near future:)

Jannah Ah!! :D Love her so much.! She's so Awesome. Can't find my way out of her sight.

Gabby @Deltoid: I disagree. Noomi Rapace was great, but if you've read the books, you'll realize how much the Swedish versions came off as glorified TV movies (especially the 2nd and 3rd ones) and didn't do the books justice at all compared to Fincher's take, which many people (including me) found more artistically successful. Rooney Mara was phenomenal - edgy, compelling, intimidating yet vulnerable - as Lisbeth, and I don't know why you'd think Shin Se-Kyung is somehow more suitable than her.

deltoid In Hindsight she reminded me of the cute Corean version of Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander in the Millenium triology (referring to the original character played by Noomi Rapace and not the bloodless US-remake).

dada Blue Salt = Hindsight

Angelina why isnt "Blue Salt" listed above?

Princess Yeah! Her body is really PERFECT!!! I wouldn't mind to have my body like hers!

kim youre gorgeous.. you can tame any man's heart XD

Husker Hey Shin Se-Kyeong, very nice work in the Great Queen Seondeok. You are gorgeous! I hope to see more of you here in America on MBC soon. Keep up the good work!

Rolando Marcelo Beautiful... Perfect body..

cybz she's really pretty... hahaha nice role in Queen Seon Deok....Good actress

krister I really like her not because she's an actress but as i look at her she so very simple and nice person..

kirari12 love her in queen seon deok/duk

Taqyya beautiful ♥

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