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  • Drama: My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Nae Yeochineun Gumiho
  • Hangul: 내 여자친구는 구미호
  • Director: Boo Sung-Chul
  • Writer: Hong Mi-Ran, Hong Jung-Eun
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: August 11 - September 30, 2010
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Cha Tae-Woong (Lee Seung-Ki) is a spoiled young man with no interest in staying in college. Instead, Cha Tae-Woong wants to become an action actor. His wealthy grandfather Cha Poong (Byun Hee-Bong) though wants Tae-Woong to take his studies seriously & change his major from acting. When Cha Poong learns that Tae-Woong spent his next semester's tuition fees on an expensive motorcycle, he calls the police and reports the motorcycle as stolen. Cha Poong then picks up Tae-Woong up from the police station and attempts to drive him to a remote boarding school in hopes that he would change his major. At a rests area along the way, Tae-Woong is able to slip away from his grandfather and hide in the back of a delivery truck. The delivery truck then drives off.

Eventually Tae-Woong gets out of the delivery truck, but finds himself in the middle of nowhere on a late rainy evening. He then gets a ride from a buddhist monk, who also gives him shelter at a Buddhist Temple.

Late in the evening at the Buddhist Temple, Tae-Woong wonders off hoping to catch a signal for his cellphone. Suddenly he hears a woman's voice from a woman his cellphone. The woman instructs Tae-Woong to enter the temple and draw nine tails onto a painting of a fox. Once Tae-Woong draws the nine tails on the fox, he unknowingly frees the legendary nine tailed fox known as "Gumiho" (Shin Min-A). Tae-Woong fears for his life, but Gumiho just wants to be loved (and eat lots of beef!).


  1. Casting finishes in late April/early May 2010, filming begins in May & drama is tentatively scheduled to air August, 2010.
  2. "My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox" will takeover the SBS Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Bad Guy".
  3. A nine tailed fox or known in Korea as "gumiho" is a creature that frequently appears in Korean legends. The fox lives a thousands a years and then turns into a gumiho. The gumiho can transform into other things like a beautiful woman to seduce men.
  4. On May 26th, 2010, it was announced by the production staff that actress Shin Min-A was chosen to play the much coveted role of the nine tailed fox in "My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox". This is Shin Min-A's first role in a television drama since the 2007 KBS2 drama "The Lucifer" (Mawang).


My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Lee Seung-Ki.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Shin Min-A.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-No Min-Woo.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Park Su-Jin.jpg
Lee Seung-Ki Shin Min-A No Min-Woo Park Soo-Jin
Cha Tae-Woong Mi-Ho Park Dong-Joo Eun Hye-In
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Byeon Hie-Bong.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Yun Yu-Seon.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Song Dong-Il.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Hyomin.jpg My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Kim Ho-Chang.jpg
Byun Hee-Bong Yun Yoo-Sun Song Dong-Il Hyomin Kim Ho-Chang
Cha Poong Cha Min-Sook Ban Doo-Hong Ban Sun-Nyeo Kim Byeong-Soo

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-08-11 1 12.7 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2010-08-12 2 12.6 (8th) 13.1 (8th)
2010-08-18 3 14.6 (6th) 14.9 (6th)
2010-08-19 4 14.1 (7th) 14.0 (7th)
2010-08-25 5 14.0 (6th) 14.1 (6th)
2010-08-26 6 14.2 (8th) 14.1 (8th)
2010-09-01 7 13.4 (9th) 13.4 (9th)
2010-09-02 8 13.4 (12th) 13.6 (12th)
2010-09-08 9 13.2 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2010-09-09 10 12.3 (11th) 12.6 (11th)
2010-09-15 11 13.0 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2010-09-16 12 10.7 (11th) 10.4 (11th)
2010-09-22 13 20.9 (1st) 21.3 (1st)
2010-09-23 14 20.9 (1st) 21.3 (1st)
2010-09-29 15 18.6 (3rd) 18.6 (3rd)
2010-09-30 16 21.3 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Moataz Seada This is simply the best Korean drama of all times. I can't put it under one specific category. It is Fantasy, Comdey, Romance, Suspense, Action, Drama, ... everything All actors are perfect in their roles, supporting actors brightly shine. I watched it over 7 times, seriously!

Shomon This drama is hilarious.. Great one :D

nentelly The cutest drama ever. lee seunggi and mi ho is so cute. they dominating the whole drama with their cuteness

ash nomu nomu nomu chu-aa deebak awsum drama ..... miho soooo cute!! must watch!!!

Deborah This drama is full of aeygo moments... LOVED IT!!

Narayani i got to see the drama just now and i loved it so so so so so much!!! sad that such tales are not shot in india :-( Korean movies are the best even though i have to use subtitle to understand it

anne I love the tale my girlfriend is a nine tale fox its my best korean. Movie

HopesDD One word for this drama : CUTE, did they chose the leads on purpose? The 2 cutest korean persons making out cutesie on screen and making you seeing bubbles and rainbows everywhere, because I did. My favorite drama of all THE TIME <3

meguchn This drama is kind of boring and childish too

Annie This is the first Hong Sisters drama I saw and I was utterly underwhelmed. It didn't have any tension regarding the choices the lead characters are faced with and neither was it goofy all the way through. And second leads have the worst deal in Korean dramas, the parts are so dismal actors can do little else than phone in for the cheque.

The leads - Shin Min-a and Lee Seung-gi - are simply adorable and natural though and they really make this drama. They are the sole reason to watch this all the way through, their interactions are charming and they keep it all believable even when the energy of the show is like a thoroughly depleted orb.

Bella Please do make the combination dramas of "Gu Family Book" and "My Girlfriend is Gumiho" where both of them meet in the 2nd season of "My Wife is Gumiho" or "Gu Family Book 2 (If there's any)" or either one. I'm dying to see both actors appeared on the screen aain :'(

Setusna awesome very funny i really want a second season but i think that won't be happening ;-;

xyrill to-ong I really like the story especially the settng where tae woong and the gumiho met! But i dont like the ending!

hanzoh Season 2 please! Enjoyed this on netflix! Great story!

te cho lee Season 2 please!!!! Entitle it My Wife is a Gumiho ☺

te cho lee Season 2 please!!!! Entitle it My Wife is a Gumiho ☺

te cho lee Season 2 please!!!! Entitle it My Wife is a Gumiho ☺

te cho lee Season 2 please!!!! Entitle it My Wife is a Gumiho ☺

te cho lee Season 2 please!!!! Entitle it My Wife is a Gumiho ☺

Mustache Very illogical and stupid show. I has great potential, but the scriptwriter did a very poor job.

Characters act like little kids, even though they are in their twenties. The gumiho, who is supposed to be a fox-like deity, completely lacks intelligence and cunning of a fox. She gets tricked and toyed with every ep, and its infuriating.

hi min ho i like this drama but i did not got full episode . hi friends any one have full episode of this drama please upload in you tube i will watch it.

Jay I love it........ great drama....

Pusheen Great ending<3

kim kim Finished watching it and the series is great.

enahs09 i love watching this i love it you two look like a perfect couple especially kang chi and mi ho

cheska i love wathcing this, i love mi ho and dae wong they look so perfect on the screen. i wish you can make another for both of them. thanks:)

miderach very interesting, i want more!!!

Asparagust Seasons 2 Please, Miho still have tail, make it more action bloody fight, more Goblin, stronger Dae Wong

lisa I totally loved it! I was completely taken over by shin min ah's cuteness. AH! Her cuteness totally won me over. Lee Seung-ki was awesome too. And i loved the title track fox rain... so many elements i cant deny loving... No matter how intriguing and indulging the series was for me, I was always curious of park dong joo's past,so i wasn't satisfied in that area. Overall, a very exciting and overly cute drama. i couldn't stop smiling throughout the series. it was soooo kawaii!!!

And I'm never gonna delete it and will probably watch it over and over again (y)

Namzee Undoubtedly one the best dramas ever ..Min-a and cute chemistry..element of comedy is just so natural never over the top..and story is so engrossing ..

=) ... love Dae Woong and MiHo so much !!! they just perfect couple !!

Izanagi What If Choi Kang Chi and Miho would meet in the present time!!! haha wat will happen to Cha Dae Wong

Abigail Season 2 nd out nw....nd i jst cnt stop up Dae woong....u're so....handsome,cute nd funny....nd mi ho....u're d u guys....!!!*

n one of my fav!

Clarkdale44 Finished watching it... Last scene was way too cute... Probably the best romantic comedy i have ever seen... Shin Min-A was perfect for such role..... Great show, worth my time!!!

It is must watch for anyone who is looking for romance, comedy and drama.

helen cicilia I hopelly drama my girlfriend is gumiho there will be second session :')

anonymous I really really really need to see season 2, If i don't i'll cry for yrs 2 come.


Rafael Van Rocha I really liked this drama. The main actors acted very well!^^

onofre12 i hope there is season 2 ☺☺☺ i like miho ♥

mrgumiho i llove this drama. i cried when gumiho disappeared. i hope theres a season 2 for gumiho then i will really really really love u shin min ah. love u saranghae

soo min ah >< i want see season 2 of this drama

zinneyy The way she says woong cute ^_^ like a little kid hehe

how can you get an ex back Hey! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I'm using the same blog platform as yours and I'm having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

siputsedupp plessssss make my girlfriend is a gumiho season 2...i love this drama...:(...

Rodrigo Hello to all, it's actually a nice for me to visit this web page, it includes precious Information.

aiba tan huhuhu i like it so much i more please..

macky PLEASE SEASON 2 please please please

Prashant i have only 8 part of this drama please give me the site to download more parts loved this drama a lot

93 This drama took a corny love story turn that killed it for me. she looked like a strong cool female but by the 5th episode they turned her into a clingy brainless chick. you almost forget she is a gumiho if they didnt say the word 50 times an episode. good drama but i think it had the potential to be something else than it was.

elena this drama is superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb especially the ending..................

Jsjsjs Rate it 300/100 :)

c_u_t_e 13 my god! i have just watched episode 1...the elevator scene of cha dae woong´s aunt and i really laughed out loud....hahaha cute!! worth watching....

outload Just realized that the same actor that plays director Ban plays Chon Jiho from Chuno lol. No wonder he was such a badass character

John Haven't seen the end yet. If it isn't a happy one I will be depressed for a year. What a touchingly sweet story!!! Music, acting, filming, . .... best Korean drama I have seen so far. WARNING .....tear jerker at times.

Kuma This was the first K Drama I watched. It is still the yardstick by which I measure all the others. Standing heads and 9 tails above the rest.

Just brilliant.

ali Not yet started but looking forward to it. Though its old, but better late than never :P

ex girlfriend My brother suggested I might like this website. He used to be entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not believe just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

lulu hoy hoy!!!i will never ever forget that thing... season 2, pliss

lulu season 2 pliss.. hoy hoy!!! i will never ever forget that thing...


love this drama from start to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob This show is the bomb I recommend that everyone should watch it. You'll cry, laugh and wish this will happen to you, I know I would. In my book its 10 out of 10, truly a heart warming show.

dn i like very much my girlfriend is gumiho and i love shin min ah

killerski awesome drama hoy hoy

dc i very like this drama.....

MG i never liked super natural type of dramas, and always stayed away, but this one is exceptionally good, funny and interesting.. both lead actors are great:))

natalie omgsh! i love this drama ^__^ its so cute but i coudnt stop crying in the end, aghhh but im happy he got his guminmo back =) it was a happy ending after all but i really hope theres a second session of my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox. pleaseeeeee!!!

lina gumiho number one HOI-HOI FOREVER saranghae

lina I hope once my girlfriend is a gumiho continues to season 2

lina I hope once my girlfriend is a gumiho continues to season 2??? please...

Josh I can't even say how much I want season 2 of this show. My girlfriend is a gumiho had me bawling almost the entire series

Edy anyone can tell me???

what the title of song when Dong joo kill Gil dal in episode 1 ??

yudha_kriz SBS is great,and plese make GUMIHO season 2,pleeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

gema plesase make the season 2

sammy My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho season 2 please

Yu Im very like this movie much.... i like exspectially shin min ar n doon du ... park doon ju is so handsomr....

paramitha are you sure the drama my girlfriend is gumiho season 2 ??? i think so season 1..... !!! please season 2 go.......!!!! thank you

marks SEASON 2??????

yudha_kriz plese make gumiho season 2

memiho i love this k-drama ,i hope season 2 will publish!!! i love shin min ah i love lee seung gi

maia i really loved this drama. i cried a lot especially on the last episode. hope they would create another romantic/ comedy drama just like this. Good luck

fani goooooooooooooood i like it..

steven this film is so romantic.... i'm waiting for the season2.... please publish it.......

steven this film is so romantic.... i'm waiting for the season2.... please publish it.....

nini Hong Sisters..pleasee make it season 2..or should we call it "My Wife is a Gumiho"?!..this drama was so awsome...i really love Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah..although Min Ah was 3 years old then Seung Gi but i really think they were such a good and lovely couple^^

Dindo PLS make SEASON 2.. we're waiting for the new season a year.. i miss MI HO.. hoi hoi.. :D

GelowD`Great As I read those comments from above.. I think that most of the fans were dying to see a SEASON 2! and not in exaggerating but hell! I'll LIST THIS DOWN TO MY WISH LIST!!


hanae yamashita want Cute? WATCH THIS XD adorable and funny! loved it~

vipvip next season >> My Wife is a Gumiho , Lol !

Jyan my girlfriend is a gumiho is really the no.1 sa lahat ng k-drama..the song are really nice..i could even memorize all of it...

coolpluscalm real men do watch this drama. season 2? :D

Jhe We want season 2.....!!!!!

cj No Min woo (doctor park) is so handsome!!! I luv him

sasha Omigosh i felll in love w/ this show soupset it had to end. Hopefully they make a part2 that longer than this one shin minah and lee sueng ki looked great2gether

blossomfly_08 all of those female actresses are good... lets just w8 for the result....

in fairness,,,, No Min-Woo is very handsome^.^ I wish he could be given a leading role together with a potential female actress, which will also be a love team that can electrifies the heart of the watchers and fans^.^

Lee Seung-Ki, Shin Min-A you two creates a nice love team^.^

and you sing great too!!!

jEPH verY cUte movie series... hope theres season 2,,, i already fall in love in this movie.... 10/10

ily i really did like this drama please make a sequal

Rivan Plizzzzzz season 2

Rivan Plizzzzzz we Wantilan to season 2 Nomu....nomu...nomu... Chua.......

lisa_malaysia i need season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plezzzz i want to see Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah again...if not plezzz make another melodrama that leading roll is both of them... luv them so much!! better than Han Hyo Joo...i like shin min ah better. this drama is the first drama that i watch without skip any part...


gumiho these drama is awesome when i watch other drama at night i felt so sleepy but when i watch my gf is nine tailed fox i felt so exciting that i wished that there would be more episode when the episode finished i felt so boring i wish there would be second season toooooo

Angelo WE WANT SEASON 2 of this movie PLEASE!!

Gumiho Fan If you love the drama. You must loveeee.... the original sound track too. "Fox rain" is my fov :)

jazz this is the best story i ever watched...a combination of enjoyable comedy,unforgettable drama and fantasy! i wishing for a part 2>>

billy Shin Min- A is really fitted to her role acting as an innocent lady. I fell in love with the series. I hope there will be part 2 of this or they can have another show which will star again Shin Min-A and Lee Seung-gi. They’re very cute together. No Min Woo is likewise very handsome. I wish there will be a story about love triangle.

Gumiho Fan I really, really, really love this drama. From start to end. One of my most favorite Korean drama. Hope it will be second season with the very very very cute gumiho. Lets us vote for it!!!!!

David Yeah! we vote for Season 2.

Jep SEASON 2....we WANT SEASON 2!!!....

caris I hope that there will be a next season to your tV series "My Girlfriend is A Gumho" Shin Min Ah!!.)

caris Hi Shin Min!!!your so cute!! your role as "mi_ho" in "My Girlfriend is A Gumiho" is very fantastic!!! Love iT!!!!!!!!!!!_hOi.hOi.)

rajes One of my fav. drama.... I love both Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Ki. No min Woo should be given lead roles cause he has the potential!

Crash Over i love Shin min ♥_♥

adrian i really really really really like it!! XD..

Shin min-a is the best XD

edelene i miss mi ho already,.....she's so cute when she smile and filipino but i luv korean too.. no.1.filipino no.2.korean

edelene seasong 2 please... please.... please.... please.... please.... please....i love this movie…and i love mi ho..and dae woong….heheh…..i really love this movie

jonathan aneoyong haseo the best korean series. pls make a season two for this.. i miss mi ho :(

KoreanDramaCrazy A brilliant drama. I really enjoyed it. Lee Seung-ki is my favourite Korean actor. I'd like to see him in a drama with Yoon Eun-hye.

kram very inspiring love story that makes even man cries,,, i am waiting for the next season

joseon Haha! Just finished watching the series yesterday. I like the cha min-sook-ban doo-hong love story! Who says old people couldn't be comically romantic?

noriel thanks for this movie,,, all i want is season.. 2.... cause its kinda short i want a good ending that everybody will be inspired//....

noriel i want part 2..... it makes me laught and it make me really cry..... Its very inspirational... season2,,,, season2,,, season2... plssss............

ric I already finished this drama and the tandem of shin min ah and lee seung gi were amazing!

lex season 2 pls....!!!! its so very nice drama

Gerald Gempisao Altaya Very nice movie :-D

i admire very much to Mi Ho (Shin Min ah) :-D Regards

jenny I'm glad that they picked the actors/actresses they picked for this drama, because they were just perfect for their roles. And Shin Min-A is so freaking adorable in this drama. Whenever she was sad she looked like a kid who just discovered that Santa wasn't real

lulu Shin Min- A is really fitted to her role acting as an innocent lady. I fell in love with the series. I hope there will be part 2 of this or they can have another show which will star again Shin Min-A and Lee Seung-gi. They're very cute together. No Min Woo is likewise very handsome. I wish there will be a story about love triangle.

Beatrice Hong sister's Please make SEASON 2 ! Because it's such a great movie . I SUPER LIKE IT!

jaymar07 This story is really the greatest Korean comedy, fantasy and drama I ever watched. Can you make Season 2 please! Or just another story which has the same genre like this.. I love MGIAG!!!!

rjamemar This drama is very great..i really like its story.. pls continue the story and make season 2...

kristoffer we want part two of this drama pls pls pls.... i wanna see the hoi hoi couple..

nomu nomu nomu nomu chua :D

noriel plz make season 2 i realy enjoy it

Ddeaann outstanding :))

SEASON 2 ! ! ! ! ! ! :D

Janine0923 This show will be airing on ABS -CBN @no. 84 it will not air on GMA... Playful Kiss will air at GMA not Gumiho.. :))) I love this drama...

hoy.. hoy...


Gumiho Lover my rating : 100/100

Gumiho Lover i wish there was a PART 2 plzzz....

Hoi ,,,Hoi!!!!!

roden I wish i was dae woong i really love this drama i wish i can play as dae woong together with mi ho i will be so happy when that happens

kim i would like to comment on number 84 regarding his comment., i think it is abs-cbn that airs this drama.,

Ari Guokil touch my heart gumiho... Sent Comment! Sekian dulu Comment kami. dahhh.

Ari Guokil ngak ngak ngak ngak kuat ngak ngak ngak ngak kuat aku ngak kuat sama gumiho gumiho. heheheheheh. Ternyata peran sebagai gumiho ternyata adalah shin min a. Biarin saya sudah menghina gumiho. heheheheh. Apalagi disini ada cha dae wong yang takut sama gumiho tuh!! Sent Comment!!!

Ari Guokil ternyata shin min a sudah menolong lee seung gi yang sakit itu. shin min a ternyata adalah gumiho rupanya. tontonin aja di Tv Korea, namanya SBS. Nonton Ya!!!!

janraye igo nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu choa my girlfriend is a gumiho

Celine this is the best koreanovela ive ever seen :) ireally like this .. i want ot watch it over and over again .. :)) <3 i hope this have season 2  :))

Saku this Drama is Awesome made me cry n laugh the best Drama i've ever seen Better than 'Boys over flower, playful kiss and Dream High' No min-woo oppa is soo sexy in there and he should have got the main role :'( love the part where they say " Hoy, Hoy, Hoy" it made my day lol, it would be sooo GOOD if there was Season 2 with the same characters :D

karl i really really really really like it....... i wish there will be a season 2...

Jeff Sepeta I haven't watched Korean drama in years, but I discovered this show on a lark. I'm so enamored of Miho - Shin Mina is so beautiful and brings so much positive energy to her role. Thanks Hulu for bringing Korean drama to America.

paula may santos nomo nomo nomo nomo bogoshipta daeng woon,gu miho!!!!saranghe..chincha

LakerFanatic THE BEST EVER!!!


I really Like it nOmu nOmu nOmu nOmu chuwa!!!!!

yna i really wanted to hug mi ho everytime she cries !!

yna shin min ah is a great actress .. i love the series because of her !!

yna auh!!! .. i always wanted to hug u min ah shi everytime you cry ..

kfan very brilliant!!!! probably d best drama of 2010!!!! Shin Min-Ah is just to perfect for d role... She excells on everything she portray but I think she's at her very best when doing romantic-comedy drama/movie... dis is d 1st korean drama that I cant seem to predict d ending.... LSG and SMA were too excelllent and d ACTION love story bet. d auntie and d Chow Yun Fat wannabe was a big plus... not to mention A.NGEL's separate cameo appearances... very outstanding!!!! 5/5

Good chemistry + good supporting casts + good directing + good script + funny cameo appearances = PERFECTION!!!

Ken Xaverius wow ,, this drama's so awesome ,, nice story .. I really like Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Ki ^^ they've played that drama so nice , many scene that they're make me laugh loudly hope , this drama have a sequel , to season 2 .. coz i think ending of this drama is so confused , but happy ending .. i can imagine what happen later .. so lets hope again it will continue to season 2 .. Love Shin Min Ah-ssi and Lee Seung Gi oppa !!! ^^

jC i reli like shin min ah .. her smile takes my breath away ..

Catherine Wow . . . ! ! The Dong Joo Is So Handsome ! !

mark i hope to meet Shin Min-A in person... unforgettable series.. ^_~ ♥

mary grace tejeda ..... i really, really, really find this korean drame gREAT!!! dONG JOO is sOOOOO handsoME!!1

udin how beautiful Shin Min-A.. HOI... HOI.... I love in it//

remleh woah!!!!! Shin Min Ah is really2x cute!!! hahahha oh...sory... i was'nt able to watch it live...but becoz of my friend...hahaha...i was really crying adn laugh becoz of shin min ah and Lee seung ki! ahahhaa

eli thank you shin min a , seung gi olso i really can feel this drama and make me so happyfull thank's who make the scanario hoy..hoy...

zebkiel i love you Shin Min Ah!!!...youre soo pretty!

eses min ho wondeuful

batgerel i love this movie i love 9 tailed fox hehehe part 2 plz .....

rubie i love this!!!hope there would be a part 2!

Gomiho really love this drama. Lee seung gi is very cute >< fell in love with him want to see it again and again^^

caryl joy violeta i love it hoy hoy hehee.............

caryl joy violeta i love his movie bcoz its so funny and the character gumiho i9s so beautiful.

Matthew Wil The Best Korean drama film .. Very" Love it .. Hoy Hoy !!

Karlo this drama was great ! i love it !! i love MIHO !!!

carolyn i just loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee this movie. i like the girl. she's soooooooo sexy!! i would love to be her!!!!!!!!!!

nikki hoy hoy!!! i will never ever forget that thing... cool! super love! i really really really like it!

andrie i really like this movie !!

^^ ohh gosh very nice movie i like this movie..... I Love Lee Seung Gi <33 very very

zhai_sexy really really really really really really the best! =) i love the story... love the characters! super! waaahhhh!

jarmin shin min-a is so cute,,,,,i like her very much,,???the story is cute also,,,

Jay its a very nice tv series, i liked the story and most of all miss Shin Min-A. shes so cute!!!!!!

march i've seen this last week...and I really like this's make me cry and blush...huhuhuh

virgo I love this drama..shin min ah and lee seung gi are so cute..

gel we already watched the show for two days..whew, it was really beautiful and entertaining husband and I enjoyed the two days marathon in watching the show..we hope that lee seung ki will have more shows in the future...congrats to all the cast and production team...all the actors and actresses performed naturally...goodluck to all...

Hajra I want to watch this movie lol michelle recommended it to meh. xD

Pop Herald Love this drama so much!

Reza The film is very very nice.... I have seen the film already n I like Mi-HO.. She is so cute when she says "HOI"


Sally Does anyone know the singers for the soundtracks? Some of the sonhgs esepciall when doctor No Min Woo appears are very sexy.

Lady Li ..i reALLy2 Like NO Min-WOo.. ..hE's sO cUte sPeciaLLy wHen sMiLing.. ..iTs jUst rEaLLy sO sAd tHAt i cAn onLy wAtch it on "tHurSday's anD fRidAy's".. ..cOz i reALLy wAnt it eVery dAy.. ..sO cUte sTory.. ..aLso aLwAys mAkes mE sMiLe anD LAugh..;-)

raiinath aoow i looovvved so much this drama one of my favorites:) i waant moore. WOW! shin min-a is soo gorgeous!

zarahdesu i want more! :))

RamenLover I can tell "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox" is a hit with teens and 20ish people here in Korea. While sitting here at an Angel-In-Us coffee shop in Korea, I have heard three different groups of people talk enthusiastically about the show in the last 90 minutes. Last night they aired two consecutive episodes.

Annonymous Someone has to get rid of that Noona girl... she's evil... -_- So is that doctor...

John I love Shi Min Ah in this drama. She really personifies the astonishing, innocent and "foxy" Gumiho. Shi Min Ah does 2 songs in the soundtrack. But I believe one of them, 다 줄 수 있어 (I Can Give You All), is a remake of an english song. Just can't remember what song it is and who sang it.

yesyesyess im just half way through episode 1 but its a great drama so far!!

RamenLover @Juliezz

Song Dong-Il's Ban Doo-Hong character (the action movie director) imitates Chow Yun-Fat not Leslie Chung :) Especially from "A Better Tomorrow" (speaking of which there is Korean remake of that movie here --> A_Better_Tomorrow_(Korean_remake) )

Drama series is pretty fun to watch so far .... I'm enjoying it.

P.S. Shin Min-A sings a few songs on the soundtrack (the light female pop songs) ..

Juliezz How funny that man trying to look like leslie cheung:))

weissman This is an amazing drama , that examins what it means to be human and the nature of what love is. Shin Min Ah is totally amamzing as Mi Ho, you fall in love with her after the first five minutes, plus the chemistry between the two leads is so good that you could watch them wash dishes together and it would be cool. This is a must watch!!!

Random Mina is better than Noona just because Mina isn't a liar, selfish, and evil person as Noona! =)

naruto9th my goodness....!! i like this.. too bad, it would take time to wait...

sapphiera i really love this...

areena I prefer Yoona than Shin MinA

weissman So far I am two episodes into the series and its totally amazing. Shin Min Ah is fantastic as the female lead and brings stength and innocence to the character of Mi Ho

家冰 有没有长一点的简介啊?这个太短了吧!

chErr_y I want to see seung gi againnnn....

leeenam the leading lady is shin mina!

Cherry I think d bezt choice is Han Hyo Joo,bec0z they are perfect match...

jason mick i want shin se kyung to be get the character roll

2ne1jjang i hope it will be sandara. or else, i wont watch it :D

JEAN hope DARA accept this offer..please approve on it YG!!


RamenLover Hey I'm an editor here at AsianMediaWiki. Casting for the female lead in "My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox" is still on going and no decision has been made as of yet (April 27th). For the person that says they know who will be picked - they are just blowing hot air. Sandara Park, Yoona, & Shin Se-Kyeong have all been rumoured to be in running for the role but again no decision has been made. There's also many other young (early twenties) actresses that are interested in the role, because of the high profile nature of the show, popular singer/actor Lee Seung-Ki's involvement, and the involvement of screen writers Hong Mi-Ran & Hong Jeong-Eun (who are sisters and both well known in Korea). I gotta admit it is fun to read your opinions on who you think would make a good choice for the female lead.

nanete this is not true .... why would Sandara or Yoona? both are not made to the girl ... and plus the girl has already been decided ... you will see on dramawiki

max i wonder who would be the female lead, so far SSK and Sandara are the ones who are considered, i would love to see Sandara as the female lead, shes definitely a good actress, as well as LSG and her have good chemistry.

Mathel I really do think this role is for Dara Park. Just look at her recent pictures and PhotoShoots (Ceci mag, Arena mag, Cosmo mag, Beanpole), she can exceptionally and beautifully transform from sweet to fierce. Her acting is also pretty good from comedy to drama. I also do think from the Strong Heart episode where 2NE1 guested that they have a sweet chemistry.

poulette yark ce sera aucune des deux déja yoonah si c elle ca va etre le pire drama du monde mais sandara se sera pire encore . et la fille qui joura le role est déja aparu sur dramawiki alors areté d'imaginerdes choses la fille est ....... ? ..... moi je sais xD

Chariz this drama is for sandara park because she has a fierce personality and projection. unlike yoona, she does't have it. All she can do is just to do cutie2 image.

Y_n_o i don't think yoona is that good in acting a veteran or a true actress should play the role

Jenny I don't think Yoona is suitable for this kind of role.

ummihany shin se kyung from high kich through roof will be the leading lady in this drama!love her!^^

Cookie So Seung Gi is already in the cast... I agree! I wish Yoona will be in this drama :P

chel i thought sandara park will his lead actress.....

veronica wow!! what if yoona joins this drama!! it would be awesome! great chemistry between them.

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