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Shin Min-A @ "My Love, My Bride" screening
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  • Name Shin Min-A
  • Hangul: 신민아
  • Birth Name: Yang Min-A (양민아)
  • Birthdate: April 05, 1984
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • High School: Hyosung High School
  • University: Dongguk University
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type: O


Shin Min-A, born April 5th, 1984 with birth name Yang Min-A (양민아), is a popular South Korean actress & model. Her family consists of a father, mother, older sister & brother. In middle school, Min-A took a picture with her friends on a school picnic and sent the photo to teen magazine KiKi ("키키"). From that picture she was chosen as a model for the magazine. Afterwards she would first appear in commercials and music videos. In 2001, Min-A made her acting debut in the movie "Volcano High" and would appear again two years later in "Madeleine". Her breakout performance would occur in the 2005 gangster film "A Bittersweet Life". Her character, Hee-soo, displayed a mixture of purity and maturity that captivated South Korean audiences. Since that time, Shin Min-A has received an assortment of acting offers from top Korean directors and expanded her acting repertoire by selecting various types of roles: from martial-arts comedy "My Mighty Princess" to 70's go-go dancer "Go Go 70s" to smaller independent film "Sisters on the Road".

More recently in 2009, Shin Min-A participated in the project "Miracle Blue," which is a collaboration between herself, the Korean alternative band Loveholic and fashion design company Calvin Klein. In the music video "Miracle Blue," in which Min-a Shin sings, she performs as various characters displaying child-like innocence to sexy blonde haired singer.


  1. Min-a Shin's nickname is Donald Duck.
  2. Hobbies include listening to music.
  3. Special skill is skating.


Short Flms

  • The X | Deo Ekseu (2013) - X - Mi-A (X's mysterious girlfriend)

Drama Series



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pipi i want her SNS so bad!! and when she does open one i hope she will tell hyun bin as well to open one as they are in the same agency

bily am a biggest fan of urs, love your drama's... wish u will do more.

Ange I like her in Arang and Magistrate. She is so beautiful.

Erfan Mrs Shin Min-A You're really pretty Series I "My Girl Friend is a Gumiho" (My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox) I watched and loved your role. You were really great in this series

Tere Such a funny girl in "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox", I love both of that drama and Shin Min-A character.

Trevor I really idolized shin min ah hoping for the new movies and drama series. I love u shin min ah<3

Miko Unnie I really like your dramas. Please return to the big screen soon :)

Jasha Shin Min-A is one of the greatest actresses in Korea I've ever seen. I idolized you for being so good in doing your job, keep it up !! Hoping that i can see more of your movies.

nora She's the most beeautiful artist. I really miss you, please make another drama.

julienalumbog Shi min-a id the best actress ever love u idol

Jp Shin Min Ah,is the most cutest actress i seen in my life when i hear her name my brain get so active. Shin Min Ah Saranghae.

momo Shin Min-a always gets the best leading actors huh XD

Thorn Just to be in the same room with an image of Shin Min-a I can feel the presence of greatness! Running man episode 215.. only a few more days away.. I can't wait! .. Must wait.. must wait.. SSSSHHHiiiinnnn Mmmmiinnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaa! This will certainly be one of the greatest running man ever!

thorn Shin Min-a is a great actress. I MUST see all her work! Just seeing her makes me smile, and that's a special magic. I still have a few movies to find!

Ash Shin Min Ah, you are so cute and i love your acting...LUV YOU<333

123 shin mi ah i love u so so much

jefferson Hi! Shin min ah I like you so so much and i like youre my girlfriend is a gumiho i wanted the season 2 for it pls make the season 2 :D


Deril samuel Shin min ah! I really love your drama! Especially "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho"! It been.4 years since the release of gumiho! It really great! Even me that doesnt like any korean movie..


Winifred Hi shin i ur movie(my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox)u r so wondaful

aysha hi shin min a i really like you in korean drama (my girlfriend is a gumiho)

Michael Sandaga I wish to be born as a Korean just like you. Grow up in the same town, and become your special friend, and if possible become the one that will take care of you. You want to know the reason why? It's because I like you so much not just as an actress but as a person...

kris aguado hoping to meet this girl and sing my (compose) song,

Sunlight "I am inspired by you" : )

wildfly she is wonderful.

Rosemary Ong I read somewhere that Shin Ming-ah is looking into a new drama project. Will Lee Sang Yoon be the lucky guy as her leading man? I hope so.

anna marie paler I love Shin min ah so much. She's the one. :)

parkminhee such a great actress, i love her

Lee Sung Young love love love her... so cute.. especially in {my girlfriend is a gumiho}....such charisma and authenticity.. one of my top korean actresses :)

Bruce Wayne Happy Birthday Shin Min-A!!! Hoi Hoi!!!

yowphowz more movies and rama series to come ;))))))

Abysolhar Shin min ah ssi, u rilly ar so cool kip it up hunnnnnn, noona fighting.

crisal i like her shes so very beautyful i want to see him end the real life

Oliver Yu I liked the dramas that you made hope to see more of you :)

amafan can shin min-ah and lee min-ho work on a movie project? tnx . i think they look cute together

fan when is she going to be in a new drama!! love all her work so far

Maria June Jose Hi Shin Min A, I'm from the Philippines. Currently, Arang ang the Magistrate is now telecast on GMA channel 7. You really did a great job on that show. Keep up the good work!

By the way, I like the charisma between you and Lee Joon Gi :)

christopher amazing girl i love u

bluebutterfly hi shin min ah!! I am from india and have watched you in gumiho and arang!!! U are simply wonderful and very beautiful!! Hoping to see you soon in another sweet drama!! ( may be with kim hyun jung or lee min ho) :p

Natsu She's so innocent and pure in this series that i was soooooooo captivated by her!!! hope she does a romcom again sooooooooooonnnnn! i can't wait anymore!!!!! Hey Shi min ah you are very beautiful, i hope like it was already said that you will make a drama with Lee min ho a day.That will be a hot couple! because both of you are just too beautiful lol And you lool very young as well :)

mary Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Arang and the magistrate is currently playing in my country right now (Philippines). I love your acting and I love you! :) You seem nice. I hope you get to visit my country someday.

urvashi singh i luv min ah a lot.... please appear with lee min ho in future... it would be gr8 2 see u two together...

filipina_pinay when i first saw her in my girlfriend is a gumiho,,, i was amazed by her innocence look and her cuteness,,, but i when i watched arang and magistrate i saw the other side of her. she is wonderful,,,, i am your fan!!!! i hope you have another series or movies with lee joon ki this year.

Elizabeth What a wonderful actress, when she smile you will fall for her especially her dimple and the natural face, i really like her,a permanent fans of yours in Nigeria

kakashi seriously...shin min-a ure The best nd the most no 1 most fav from india ...nobody here watch korean dramas n all most probably some people.. but i love words i just watched my girlfriend is a gumiho...hatss off...D..kawaii..

Etivise Sikei love the nick-name though ;)

dolma tso you are the one of my look so beautiful................................................. saranghye..................

Evira Shin Min-A is capable to make her partner on drama perfectly good. It's the same with those artist like: Gong Hyo Jin, Ha Ji Won, and Song Hye Kyo.

Morgane "Donald Duck"? why? O.o

jerick My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox best Drama Series i ever watch for me.. thumbs up

Feri Best of the Best

serena Shin Min Ah, you looked so gorgeous and sexy in the pic for your latest movie The X with Kang Dong Won. I look forward to watching this movie coz I believe Kang Dong Won and you are talented, a great combination.

Capricorn0Angel I love her MADELEINE, SAD MOVIE(the best!), Beast and Beauty, and My Mighty Princess. All her acting is pure, natural, and no overdo! I like her acting in Madeleine the most. Both she and jo insung were lively, make their characters alive so much. And A Love To Kill done greatly by her and Bi ^^ You're so pretty, memorable, skill-full, and amazing! Unnie HWAITING! :D

serena Shih Mn Ah shii, you look great with Lee Seung Gi in My girl friend is a gumiho. Yoi look so cute and funny and I just watched Arang and the Magistrate. I enjoyed watching your dramas. You are my favourite korean actress. Shin Min Ah shii saranghae.

ra my alltime favorite actress. Not going to lie, her acting is not flawless (still good though) but she is just so hypnotically beautiful. Every drama or movie she makes I always give it a chance and I liked the majority of them. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite.

rajyeswari ya u look toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good i have just seen your trailor and song from my girlfriend is gumiho........yapudha........

Ang She's AMAZING!!

amysamala i have seen her in beauty and the beast and right away i have been a big fan of her! i look and compiled all her movies and tv series.she's one of actresses that so simple yet gorgeous!i admire her of being down to earth.

the She has a unique face gesture that is really needed Her face shows everything in that drama I like this drama.very much my girlfriend is a gumiho

joeciel i really admire you unnie! you are so pretty ,and your beauty is unique that it could be seen naturally whenever u smile. , i enjoyed watchng my gf is a gumiho, , ! i love ur lv team with sung gi oppa, ur so perfect as a lv team, and i wanna watch it all over again and again, haha , i lv u soo much unnie!

aibatan a great actress, you are still my number one Shin Min-A .

aiba tan shin min ah you are so cute ...

KimKas Shin Min Ah *_*

I can die for her, I'd probably melt if she was just standing in front of me lol. More seriously : her natural attractiveness obviously makes it easy to like her but she does have raw talent for acting, though perhaps not always well exploited. She seems to choose her roles carefully but in her two latest dramas, My girlfriend is a Gumiho and Arang and the Magistrate, she showed some nice variances in emotion and her acting did the talking. She has the knack of having great chemistry with whoever is the male lead and that's not easy to do.

Clover you change my life

DudeFromFinland She's just so amazingly awesome everyway anyday! =)

jannine elleva I really like you in My Girlfriend is a gumiho and Arang and Magistrate. I am not really a fan of Korean films, but I really do love to watch your series. And my mom really loves you too. :)

Cousin Vinnie Everything other than the second and third words offered in the previous entry is bull$&*#!!!

LoonyLizard Sure, she's pretty, but her acting has a long way to go before it's on the level of Kim Sun-A, Choi Kang-Hee, Gong Hyo-Jin, or Han Ji-Min. She just doesn't seem to have what it takes to show true subtlety of emotion and deliver a nuanced performance. I think she needs someone in her life to be tough on her performances and expect more out of her, because she does have the potential to be so much better at her craft. It's just a matter of someone drawing that out of her. Maybe once that happens, she'll be able to land some roles that require more than a pretty face and a stunt team.

Dorfmann I was already "over the moon" for this actress when I first saw her in 'Punch' way back when. A few movies later, she enchants us all as 'Gu Mi-ho' and now as 'Arang'. "Otherwordly" would be a great discription for the way that Shin Mi-nah's warmth, beauty, cuteness, and charm immediately captivates all who become bewitched by her special spell. Those folks at that teen magazine who first looked her middle school picture must have been affected much in the same way. Lucky us! :)

gita angelina pratiwi you so so so prety, U is my favorite actries.. I like U so Much a specially when u smile, so so cute I always watching your drama N movie a specially is ' my girl friend is gumiho'

arati I think you are natural beauty......^^.....(heard korean do lots of plastic surgery....)

fs i think she is a very great actress and prety

Wildsong Beautiful... Muito Linda

Greetings from Brazil

sma fans shin min ah you are so prety and very cute....

sd shin min ah is my favorite actress....

fd i think she is so prety and i like her acting

dony oh my god shin min ah,,, I love her,she is beautiful.... my girlfriend is gumiho best drama ever...

yn i love her very much,and her smile is so cute.....

FN shin min ah you are so pretty

charmaine fontanilla hai, shin min're a great and pretty actress..happy 28th birthday...nomu nomu chua..saranghae

Tshi Soooooo pretttttttty. Hey guys Is she married?

Tshi Soooooo pretttttttty. Is she married?

kencho dorji i 'll die 4 u sure.....i wish u r real gumiho and live wid me 4eva.......

ozy fans Min Ah I really like you Min Ah I will watch all ur dramas and movies U soo beautiful be Mi Ho and I wish u can visit in Balikpapan, Indonesia :) i will wait MGIAG 2 or ur new another movie/drama.


silentone100 Oh, i've finished watching MGIAG, it is really amazing, one of the best film i've seen. Pure love, cute scene, everything fun and sad in this film make me feel so happy, so alive. I love both characters miho and dae woong and I wish all the best things will come to you :).

lhiyaan i'm verry like shin min ah

lhiyaan hi miho i'm lhiyaan from indonesia i verry like your smile hoi...hoi

angel zaya woooooow wow very very beautiful and amazing

krista 신민아 , no-mu no-mu no-mu no-mu no-mu no-mu choh-a!!!!!!!!!!!

ierz follow my twitter @ierzfanz.....

mi hoo?? may i know u'r twitter?? i'm ur biggest fans from indonesia...i even print screen ur photos from my video.....

pliiisssss....follow meeee

Dangol Sumit I'm Great Fan of Your's.... Love U so Much.... TC..Bye....

Tj Your honestly drop dead georgeous .... I think ur # 1 for most beautiful !!!

Domo Arigatou Damn F@$# all these grammatical errors!

kristina ann do you like lee seung gi ?

ice when i see your face i can't look up and back down.u r cuttest girl in the whole world just like my dream girl.when i watch your movie or drama i watched one scene more than 10 times.i really realy realy realy like you

ice she is toooo cute.i like her so so sos sos so much

missaja i really really really really like you...

nico climaco she's so lovely and beautiful.....I really really like her.. godbless:)

CARL when is see you in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, i feel that my world is stop turnning thats what is felt....everyday i watch your show...when the time comes that the gumiho will turn to tears is dropping around the floor...  ;'( ...i've imagine that...all the things will passed ...but the world is no that is will see you,week,months or else year....

degun mihoya.. every night in my dream i always dream with u. and i hope you too.. why this is happened?? i don't know.. you make me forgetting every things.. include my girlfriend.. lol..

kumaderot miiho,mihooooooo,,,,,when I saw you in the MGIG I think God gives us a beautiful girl,a really really beautiful girl,,,, if u read it miho ya, i have a question about one think,,,, my question : is your father job as a pilot? miho ya : booooo? my answer: because you was bring my heart so far away till I don't know what flight I have to chose to get my heart back..... miho ya:???????????????????????????????????????....what is your answer min ah .............?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

oh if u have a question about my place,i'm from Indonesia

xyline i love her sooooo much:)


jomz shes so pretty

jazmine She is so beautiful! I love her in everything!! Her face is so unique and her personality seems good to be around!! Fighting Min Ah!!

kireinaeehx waahhh!! i really reallyreally really really really really love her!! very cute..

andrian shin min a keep your long beauty hair,,,dont cut it ^^

andrian i really love u when u say "neomu neomu neomu neomu",,,ahhh,,,what a cute voice !!! i love u so much

joseon You're so cute especially when you smile! Love Gumiho!

Ajianne she's so pretty!! she's so amazing!! neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu chuwa!!!!!

Ceekhaye The Tv Series Was So Amazing I Just Cant Help My Self To Watch it All Over Again! The Characters Are So Great! Keep It up Guys! I wish this tv series have Part 2! More POwer To Shin Min Ah. . I Love Your Song!

eunice for me i like the movie my girlfriend is a gumiho.......bec.this movie can inspire other people to watch keep it up...........more success and more movies next time if u make a movie can i request ye sung be part of u show..........god blessssssssssssssss.............mwah........

izelcute of phil. i've done watching your movie "my girlfriend is a fox" and i really love it. :)))

izel i like you so much! :))) . your so pretty!!! :)))

raquel i do have already all her movies and as well as tv dramas... more projects coz i really really really love watching her... she's fantastic in a love to kill with rain.... and now my girlfriend is a gumiho... love it so much!!! keep watching again and again....

Christian ..i just finished watching, this ,ur lastest drama,and i cried at the end!,,i really really liked it!!!!..SARANGHE MI HO!!!<3<3<3<3..")

Mark I really love the show..!! i want a part 2 !! (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

Mark me!! i want to have a season 2 of "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho"!!!

Gentle Dubirubiruraffa

Dubirubiruraffa ...

i wish there will be a season 2 of My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox! -.-

joel gumiho i love you very much you are a very talented actress... stay cool, stay sweet and god bless.

Allan im soo inlove with this girl i wish "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" has a season 2

erick i love her.... specially when she smiles..hehe.. i love the lucifer, and my gf is a nine-tailed fox..hehe... GANDA MO TALAGA MI-HO .. hahah ... GS@ KO PUMUNTA NG KOREA MAKITA KA LANG ...

agnes ~i love her so much im always watching "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" i like her face so so cute i want to be like her too and im her biggest fan ever and i have a question on Min A is she in love with Lee Seung Ki? i want the answer yes! if it is gumiho time im so glad i always jump and jump! my wish is i want Min Ah and Lee Seung Ki will go to Philipphines!or meet with me with Lee Seung Ki.if the wish will come true ahhh! i felt i was on heaven! All Korean Actress only Min Ah is the BEST BEST EVER!~

corvin i love My gf is a gumiho very much i want a part 2 and so on love it very much i cant get over

Johan Abs-cbn gnapalabas poh.

iswa kh I've watched My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho! It's amazing!Funny!!! I wanna watch it again and again!!!

niellex she is very beautiful and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a question Min a do you like Lee Seung ki?

sar Vote for this her in this page please. He should remain one of TOP 10 actresses.

gm omg we have the same birthday!!! Minah!!!

Yavuu I love her so much!

SPRAKEN.E shin min-A i like you so much! tc always . -spraken.e

May Yang Though I have just started watching her drama "My girlfriend is a Gumiho" her acting blew me away! She seems very cool but then agian she is just another actor, but i hope she makes more dramas.

saoirse I've watched her latest girlfriend is a gumiho waww!!!!it's awesome!! U're so cute and beautiful, min ah!! And ur acting so natural.... Love u!!!!!

miz_u shes an awesome actress ! seen all her dramas n movies so can't wait to see her latest drama ! U ROCK !!

Kate Gallor Very good written Hyosung article - I love all things Hyosung, but cant see many comments. Any how great stuff. Ill pass this on to a friend or two, thanks for this.

win myat she has great smile.that smile is so pretty,so lovely.i like her smile and she has great body structure( my site ). her act is great but little over.however,she is great actress in Korea.she should play in sad movies and drama.she can't play comedy.Min-a Shin is my favorite actress in all of Korea's actress.i like her.i love her because of her smile.Min-a Shin keep smiles.

mohd zett my 1st impression about her is the way she performs her character as a mute girl totally out of words that ever could describes of the other way i see it.I believe she has an ability on making a sense of nice feeling when it is point about love matter.

bagy she is amazing!! I love My Mighty Princess, great actor, wunderfull pictures!!

Anna I love her so much! She's a such Great Actress! And A Unique face

hend egypt i love her sooooooooooo much she is very pretty and great actress she makes me believe her i watch many dramas and movies for her the first was (alove to kill with the top bi rain) and sad movie and my mighty princess

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