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Lee Yeon-Hee @ "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" screening
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name Lee Yeon-Hee
  • Hangul: 이연희
  • Birthdate: January 9, 1988
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 170cm
  • Blood Type: B


Drama Series

  • Hwajung (MBC / 2015) - Princess Jeongmyeong
  • Miss Korea | Miseukoria (MBC / 2013-2014) - Oh Ji-Young
  • Gu Family Book | Gugaui Seo (MBC / 2013) - Yoon Seo-Hwa (Choi Kang-Chi's mother)
  • Phantom | Yooryung (SBS / 2012) - Detective Yoo Gang-Mi
  • Paradise Ranch | Paradaiseu Mokjang (SBS / 2011) - Lee Da-Ji
  • East of Eden | Edenui Dongjjuk (MBC / 2008) - Kuk Yeong-Ran
  • One Fine Day | Eoneu Meotjinnal (MBC / 2006) - Koo Hyo-ju
  • Rebirth | Buhwal (KBS2 / 2005) - Kang Sin-Young
  • Emperor of the Sea | Haeshin (KBS / 2004-2005) - Jung-Hwa (young)



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Salsabiila I like her as Yoo Gang Mi in phantom. A great woman-police :D

David It's good idea to pick to start her in this show....I really enjoy here acting very much...her acting is excellent

HyunHee I love her! She's an amazing actress. Love her on Millionars 1st love and Miss Korea and more xD I hope she will be reunited with Hyun Bin in a Drama or Movie asap xD really love this couple. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Eternal99 I really love her, one of my favorite actresses. Keep it up lee yeon hee cant wait to see more of her :))

khemraj lama you looking so cute in hello school girl.and charming face.your act is so beautiful jst happens in real life..i become so proud of you.hip hip hurray. my blood sign also o' positive and place of birth on Zealand july 1985 31st.i am born for challange the whole world to make popular...to be itself and i depend myself.

Deepesh tamang hey lol.hope you are doing well in destiny.so live well.and live long life.i like you so much.behind if i get chance to make friends forever.i do my honestly and loyalty.but have no words to say anymore.how it feels in love.there is no margin and ages...are crossed high mountains and hills almost...in our life.take care byee mis you too..my korean frns.love you so much..honestly.

new arrived she was cute in hello school girl and in the millionare's first love

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kfan She was amazing in Miss Korea!!

Sunny boy. From the day when i see you in millimear first love i feel i meet to my first love you are so... Lovely "I LOVE YOU"

aini love her LYH & SSH

aini l like Yeoni since l fell in love with East of Eden drama. Such cute and talented, with her age (at that time) she is doing a great job..looking forward for Guk ja & Dong chul couple, happily ever after..in real life soon..LYH & SSH...fighting

mimiya Can someone Please tell me the TRANSLATION of the SONG she sings in Ep. 8 of East of Eden (When Guk-Ja was kidnapped)?... ... It is so beautiful and it obviously touched Dong-Chul's heart... ...I want to know what the words mean. Please!... ... Lee Yeon-Hee's hobby is singing traditional Korean songs and she was amazing singing in EOE... ... Such a beautiful voice and her style mesmerized me !:)

Love Her Best actor ever, cutest actor ever ! Love her ! from singapore ~

sara Lee Yeon Hee is my dearest love since east of edem.She was great then i always call her gukja even now

sara lee yeon hee is my love since east of eden..i still remeber her as gukja and always call her by that name...fighting gukjaya

Jab Lee Yeon-Hee's acting in Miss Korea is SUPERB!! a must-watch series indeed :)

Nay Myo Her smiles are the most attractive for me.I don't say she is the best actress.But I love only her♡

Meena I love her. She acts very well. Good luck Lee Yeon hee

MD Oww she is so cue and beautiful and best female actor ever Fighting!

Mr Ð Anyone who says she can not act just need to look at the dramas and movies she has been in to realize that they dont know what they are saying.

Millionaires First Love - 2006, the first time i saw her, bare in mind that she was 17 years old for the filming of this and that she had no lead roles prior at all, she turned 18, 1 month before it was released.

Ghost - 2012, she played her part amazingly well, showing true emotion and really bringing out her characters innocense/naievety.

Miss Korea - 2013/14, she cant act!!! have you seen her in this? the amount of emotion she needed to show for the vast majority of this drama must have been very draining.

She is a wonderful actress and i hope to see more of her in the future

Edi wallet Lee yeon hee,my favorit actress,,

So Hwa Lee Yeon hee the first time i saw her was in gu family book .. i loved her .. she acts very well good luck Lee Yeon hee

Meo she's so pretty, cute and her acting is so good! i don't know why people keep saying that she doesn't know how to act! fighting Lee Yeon hee! x

emcee she's beautiful, i love her acting!.

Lee Why are people saying she cant act? you people are probably jealous of her looks

JinK She is extremely pretty but her acting needs work. And yes i agree she got most of her roles based on her looks, but who cares that's how things have always been

tamagoxyaki She is plain awful on par with han ga in and average-looking too.I am surprised she keeps getting lead roles when her acting is so bad..

Burger I added her to my list of people to watch. A lot of times I use Running Man to help form my opinion on the actors. (I disliked Woo Bin until I saw RM then I routed for him in Heirs). Keep making them and I will keep watching them.

lori she's pretty and talented period..what's it that people so dislike about her?personally i feel she's very charming.fighting lee yeon hee!

Unknown I think i'm deep love with you Lee Yeon-Hee Waikiki

ann I think lee yeon hee acting in miss korea is more better than Yoon in the prime minister and i

Choi Lizzy Honestly... This beautiful's lady's acting just keeps on improving from my point of view. From Phantom to Gu family book and now Miss Korea, wow ! I don't really understand why some people hate her and don't give her the chance to prove her worth ? We need someone like her who keeps on surprising... not someone like Shin Se Kyung who is just sooooo dense and is liked because she's popular. Keep on the good work girl my God be with you !

Daisy Everyone should watch her in Miss Korea. Her acting has improved big time. I'm impressed.

Alison There is sth about her that i dont like. Didnt know exactly what it is but nkw i can say, besides from her horrible acting, without offense but i really dislike her super big smile. I mean just look above her teeth.. In my opinion if an actress if not confidnt about herself she must definitely quit. Bcuz of her acting, ppl dont really enjoy her dramas or mpvies.

Kim Just started watching some K-dramas. Really like your characters and acting so far. Keep it up! For those new like me, try watching: -A Millionaire's First Love -Paradise Ranch -Gu Family Book -Miss Korea

Love that she's so genuine and humble :D Keep it up!

Maria My favorite kdrama actress. From USA

wisa Why are so many people bashing on her acting... sheesh I think she is a great actress. I mean maybe not top best actors out there, but who knows maybe she will get there. She is still young and beautiful. lee yeon hee fighting!

youngsun Well...I can see her improvement on Gu Family Book compare to Phantom, look forward for her acting in Miss Korea. Whatever...she's cute..I like her. :)

wahyu So, its not only me who think that she resembles shin se kyung?

kai She's looks nice, but her acting is.. kind words of terrible, horrible, etc. She is expression less. I talking about Phantom. I'm trying my best to be objective as possible.

ng I just want to know.. lee yeon hee n shin si kyung is are sibiling

Jeff.PH She's really cute .. I watched A Millionaires First Love and her acting on this movie was out of this world ..she touched my heart...I Love Lee Yeon-Hee and I am a fan of her...

NanzieDragon Really adorable and pretty, I must say :)

phantom Her acting is horrible...

Lizzy Let's be honest. You're pretty but you get all the undeserving lead roles due to your looks. You can't act. Case closed. Anyone who argues she is an amazing actress and talented need to face reality.

Starry Sky U are the talented and cute girl really .. and a great actress ..

Starry Sky You are a talented and cute actress and I really like u much. Try hard ahead I always be as ur fan. I like u .

Nana Dudewhydoweneedthis I agree with u she has pontential and compared to her others dramas the one she acted best on an showed her improvement was in Gu Family Book, I am looking forward to her next drama. Fighting Unni

dudewhydoweneedthis am i the only one who thinks she looks like SISTAR's Dasom? lol.. anyways. K-netz hate her... for the reason that she's from SM and they think she's only getting these roles because of that... Honestly, she's not a great actress, but she was really good in Gu Family Book.. we all know that she got into SM because of her looks, but i hope she continues to improve in the future, because i think she has potential ^^

yupyup really, you are a gorgeous, beautiful girl. but you are not an actress material. you can't act.

dramalover doppelganger of Shin Se-Kyung

Lily I LOVE their CHEMISTRY of "Choi Jin-Hyuk ( Wol Ryung) in GU Family book <3 <3 they Touched my heart than the main Characters -.-

Jung Mi Ri Lee Yeon Hee's acting is really good. The first time I saw her in Gu Family Book, she reminded me of Shin Se Kyung, who I very much admire as well. Her acting in Gu Family Book was just speechless, really good actress and really pretty. Fighting ! Lee Yeon Hee unnie (:

jj she was criticized harshly during her earlier years for her poor acting

i agree that it was a little awkward back then but she has improved so much :) especially gu family book i could feel her emotions well done yeonhee <33 :)

CutePia i love "Gu Family Book" i love Seo-hwa it is a beautiful love story,and Lee yeon hee as Seo-hwa in gu family book she is very very pretty..... <3

Po Her acting even better than Suzy (seriously, I think she must be the lead actor in GU family) errrrr, everybody can feel it right? :/

fairy1988 she is very calm in Phantom. nice acting. i like it ;)

Capricorn0Angel I love her in Hello Schoolgirl and My Love (Love, First)

I like her charm, she doesn't overdo the acting, I got it so real from her.

Besides, she is cute :)

Lee Yeon Hee, hwaitiiiing

Eddie Yeon hee i love you so much.you are so beautifull

Tori Gu Family Book had a lot of good actress and actors,but Yeon Hee and Jin Hyuk touched my heart and my soul. When Yeon Hee was crying,I was feeling it. When she was crazy,I couldn't hate her. When she was "naked", I could feeling it. The humiliation... She is amazing. She is so emotional. In Miss You of SM the ballad... I was always crying and loving the angel girl. I was always saying to myself : this actress is fantastic,look at how she passes the emotion! So,now... I know that she's Lee Yeon Hee <3 I will cheer up for her.

liz Liked her in Phantom and was amazed at her acting in Gu family book.

kezia i watched her first at Phantom. First i think, hey, why i haven't noticed this beautiful girl before?

And i watching Phantom. Phantom is a great drama, and Lee Yeonhee got a good character. Even i'm not Korean and i don't deeping in acting, i can say she has a strange act.

Now i see the comment, and i know i'm not the one who felt that.

After watching Phantom, i become a cyber-stalker of So Jisub. But not Lee Yeonhee. I'm sorry.

Maybe it's kinda speciality of SMent. Tensed with face.

hellojazzii honestly one of the worst actresses i've ever seen. she has a pretty face and all but that's not enough to excuse her unnatural and stiff acting. currently watching her in 'paradise ranch' and my impression of her has yet to change.

YVONNE I first saw lee yeon hee in a millionaires first love. I dont even know her then. Then i started google her. I was amazed by her performance onthat movie.shes amazing.a pretty one.not to mention. Ive watched all her movies and tv shows.shes great.keep it up yeon hee.loking forward for you upcoming movie with ok taecyon.

wangbomb loved her since A Millionaire's First Love and East of Eden my favorite kdrama actress

Hani She is very calm and beautiful girl .Love her!

Prianca I saw her in Running man..paired up with Gary oppa. She looks so calm..but I must say that she is Goddess of purity. I'm a girl, thou I love her.

You're just couple of months elder than me, can I call you Unnie? KeKe... Saragheyo Lee Yeon Hee. Fighting.

Yi Hope I see you more in drama and movie.. So good performance in gu family book so far.. Pretty My all time fav actress

Lys I knew her since Paradise ranch, and my impression on her is not good. However, when I saw her in a yougurt CF and in Running man, I really dislike her. Beautiful, but unnatural. Affected manner, I afraid. And now she has a role in Gu family's book!! cant be more awful!

barbara I Love her so much , she is pretty , talented and her date of birthday is the same for me *-* she does in the same day as me *-* omg i'm so lucky

n132 Yeon Hee ssi... You are so pretty. I like your chemistry with So Ji Sub oppa in Ghost Waiting for your next drama / film God bless you

vienna You did a very great chemistry with So Ji Sub!

Keane Lee Yeon Hee! You're so cute and pretty! Always wish you all the best

Gabriella Great performance in Phantom aka Ghost, Yoon He-ssi. You know? I really hate your character in Paradise Ranch, and of course, I also hate your hairstyle there. I wish you'll be back to serious role. But please, don't do at MBC, we're unable to see MBC. Just KBS World and S-One (SBS) available here.

hunter eonni, a cute girl >.<


shanky For someone who doesn't ever write anything on the web, I must admit that I am greatly smitten by her to the extent of posting this juvenile and stupid comment. She is pretty and charming like the morning sun, and she makes me drool like a fool whenever I see her on the screen. She has the grace and presence of a star when she is on screen. Hope to see more of her and wish her a long, prosperous career and a happy life.

Ailiane she is very cute! I love her so much


nokiaman313 she is PRETTY............

dansenj i lop u full..., :))

LOL Lee Yeon Hee you are doing great,,, keep the good work ,,,, and for the haters well they hopeless jajajaj i think since she is being cast with the best actors and their favorite actress well plastic actress are no choosen the only way for them to get their anger out is like this ajajajaj well people if she is cast is cause she is good actress down to earth, humble, pretty good personality... so keep hating cause nothing you can say will change the producers and directors mind... and please before pointing your finger to her remember you have 3 pointing you back....

hmtsusu0655 She is very much so cute and beautiful.

SamuraiSx I don't know why so many people keep saying she is bad, O.o... cause she is good actress, not perfect but still good, she can give right expressions and emotions during the drama/movie , also she is nice. only thing she need to overcome is to be more nature , I mean not so plastic, it gives the wrrong felling to the watchers, she need just to completly pull herself over the character she is acting...

beside that she is nice actress.

keep fighting Yeon-hee Lee

achel for me, she look resemble to Go Ara, n sometimes I'm wrong to recognize both

Sara Yeon-hee so beautiful :D ! I adore her so much :)

Oyabun She has a wooden face but she is so cute. Better than being ugly and have a wooden face. I like her!

stan leon i like U lee yeon hee U r mine blowing in hello school girl......................................................

Nancy it looks all of the anti-yeonhee comments have been deleted. 0_o

I think LYH fans like to pretend that everybody likes this no talent beanpole. lol. it's hard to believe she even has fans i think it must not take much to impress her fans. lol.

Kirth Love you Lee Yeon-Hee, love your acting

Slobodan I saw Millionaire's first love and I was amazed :) Such a great romance and so much crying :( I like all korean actresses, they are so cute, tender, naturally beautifull. I saw dozen of Korean movies so far :) They all are great :)

Tracie Wow, I love this actress. Her recent drama "Paradise Ranch" was amazing. APPLAUSE!!!

chibie hi, i like u in EOE. It's in the past now but I still remember it. best couple & best drama. keep working

anne such a pretty gal. i even thought she was a Japanese before. kekekeke~ anyways! fighting lee yeon hee ssi. ^^* hope you'll make a lot more romance movies and or drama series in the near future. ahaha! ^^

nou ming what is your correct birthdate? Is it january 9,1988 or february 26, 1988?uno kan tama tabi man(which one is correct,please).

fynasw such a beatiful girl..

danica hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? lee yeon hee i want u to work wend gerald anderson he is a good actor

zuii660 hi yeon hee

i love u & want 2 see u one day <3

ur biggest fan from UAE

Rob You`re very beautiful.

kaplan wow, im really surprised. i cant believe ur same person in A Millionaire's First Love (2006). short hair looks good on you. keep up ur good work, best regards from Turkey.

eloichi hello!!! i hope to see you in personal... you know i like your movies and tv series... keep up the good work!!!!

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