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Current user rating: 92/100 (964 votes)

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  • Drama: Miss Korea
  • Revised romanization: Miseukoria
  • Hangul: 미스코리아
  • Director: Kwon Seok-Jang
  • Writer: Seo Sook-Hyang
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: December 18, 2013 - February 26, 2014
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in the year 1997. A cosmetics company is in bad financial shape. To save the company, Hyung-Joon (Lee Sun-Kyun) and other employees try to make Ji-Young (Lee Yeon-Hee) into Miss Korea. Back in their high school days, Ji-Young was the most beautiful student. She now works as an elevator girl.


  1. Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Medical Top Team" and followed by "Cunning Single Lady" March, 2014.
  2. Director Kwon Seok-Jang, screenwriter Seo Sook-Hyang and actor Lee Sun-Kyun previously worked together on 2010 MBC drama series "Pasta".
  3. First script reading took place November 8, 2013 at Ilsan MBC Dream Centre. 


Miss Korea-Lee Sun-Kyun.jpg Miss Korea-Lee Yeon-Hee.jpg Miss Korea-Lee Mi-Sook.jpg Lee Sung-Min Miss Korea-Song Seon-Mi.jpg
Lee Sun-Kyun Lee Yeon-Hee Lee Mi-Sook Lee Sung-Min Song Seon-Mi
Kim Hyung-Joon Oh Ji-Young Ma Ae-Ri Teacher Jung Ko Hwa-Jung
Miss Korea-Lee Ki-Woo.jpg Miss Korea-Ko Sung-Hee.jpg Miss Korea-Heo Tae-Hee.jpg Miss Korea-Kang Han-Na.jpg Miss Korea-Ha Yeon-Joo.jpg
Lee Ki-Woo Ko Sung-Hee Heo Tae-Hee Kang Han-Na Ha Yeon-Joo
Lee Yoon Kim Jae-Hee Director Yoon Lim Sun-Joo Shin Sun-Young
Miss Korea-Ko In-Beom.jpg Miss Korea-Kang Tae-Oh.jpg Miss Korea-Park Ha-Na.jpg Miss Korea-Moon Ji-In.jpg Miss Korea-Yoo Eun-Ho.jpg
Ko In-Beom Kang Tae-Oh Park Ha-Na Moon Ji-In Yoo Eun-Ho
Jae-Hee's father Ma Ae-Ri's son Han So-Jin Kim Yoo-Ra Jung Eun-A
Kim Ye-Won Jung Seung-Kil Miss Korea-Hong Ji-Min.jpg Miss Korea-Oh Jung-Se.jpg Choi Jae-Hwan
Kim Ye-Won Jung Seung-Kil Hong Ji-Min Oh Jung-Se Choi Jae-Hwan
Lee Young-Sun President Hwang Yang Choon-Ja Kim Heung-Sam Kim Kang-Woo
Miss Korea-Jo Sang-Ki.jpg Miss Korea-Jang Won-Yeong.jpg
Jo Sang-Ki Jang Won-Young
Kim Kang-Sik Department Head Park

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-12-18 1 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-19 2 NR 9.5% (18th) NR NR
2013-12-25 3 8.2% (20th) 10.6% (11th) NR NR
2013-12-26 4 NR 9.9% (17th) NR NR
2014-01-01 5 8.1% (20th) 8.9% (17th) 9.5% (16th) 10.8% (13th)
2014-01-02 6 NR 10.2% (17th) 8.9% (19th) 9.6% (18th)
2014-01-08 7 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-09 8 NR 11.0% (14th) NR 9.4% (17th)
2014-01-15 9 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-16 10 NR 9.8% (18th) NR NR
2014-01-22 11 NR 9.0% (18th) NR NR
2014-01-23 12 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-29 13 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-30 14 NR 9.8% (19th) 8.6% (16th) 10.0% (11th)
2014-02-05 15 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-06 16 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-13 17 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-19 18 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-20 19 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-26 20 NR NR NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Kala it's like a semi-reunion for the cast of Pasta. Love it so far.

shilpita @gollygee the drama previewed in the last few episodes of miss korea os cunning single lady.its is also called as sly and single again.

sido1545 Hey! Does anyone know the name of the old Korean song which the students play during study time in Miss Korea ep 1?

ashwaq l like this drama tooooo mush its the beat l superdise how it not be the top in korea l like the atresses its sussecful drama but l dont like the end l hope make season 2 from it

l'm from kuwait and l like korea and like nice ppl from korea and looove this drama

Alex Does anyone know the titles of the songs in episode 5, please? There are various of them played during it. Thank you.

LRL its really a good drama which has a good moral value. All people said lee yeon hee isnt a good actress, but i think she has improved a lot. I really like her acting and of course she has a beautiful face. and other actor/actress played well too coz have chemistry in golden time drama. Im still dont understasnd why this drama has very low rating in Korea

Krnwr Totally in love with this drama. So many things we could learn through watching this show from the beginning to the end. It tells us about human, failure, struggle, success, love and above all imperfection. It's such a shallow thing to judge this show by its title or its premise. Oh how I love Miss Korea and all the casts, no talent's wasted in this show. Really worth watching, really

gigi was a bit discouraged with the ratings but after watching it i liked it and yeaa recomend it too

sneha Just finished watching this drama and absolutely loved it. The characters are so firmly defined unlike some series which show stereotypical characters. I have no idea why it has low ratings but if you go by it's ratings than you are definitely missing a awesome k-drama.

gollygee Loved this drama. Characters had depth and it had a believable storyline.

By the way, can anyone tell me the title of the drama previewed at the end of the last few episodes of Miss Korea???

idris i like this serial drama korea… i lie u soooooooooooooooo

nel Love this drama

ernel Love this drama. Good thing i ignore the ratings

Lexy Loved this drama to the moon and back! Seriusly, everything was so good about it, especially the implementation. It felt like I was part of the Miss Korea pageant too. :D I really don't get these low episode ratings. Anyway, that does not define at all, how awesome this drama was. Watch it if you haven't! :)

Magdalena From the title, I thought this drama is not good... but when I watched more and more episode, I found that the drama is so so good... The characters are performing their jobs very well, especiall main actor and actress... The love chemistry and story is so sweet, cute and strong for the main actor and actress... I love it... This is the best drama that I enjoy watching.. I recommend everyone to watch this drama... Daebak! Fighting for Miss Korea... But I want to comment that I think maybe the ending should be add after Ji Young finished doing Miss Korea, she will get married to Hyung Joon and have some children.. I think if the ending is like this, it will be more perfect... : D

wong have just finished watching this drama series and found it to be very touching as we watched Lee Yeon Hee struggled in becoming Miss Korea, especially during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis period, which we all can take leaf from her hardships..kudos to Yeon Hee as her acting skill has improved a lot since her role in the 2006 film A Millionaires First Love...

ps - in my personal opinion, the local korean episode ratings for Miss Korea do not reflect the quality of this drama script which i found to be full of positive messages and heart warming.... :-)

vangie Lee Sun Kyun is such a great actor and not to mention, he's too good for the camera. Just so beautiful. And Yeon Hee has always been one of my favorites. Their chemistry is paramount! Pasha, ne sarang!!! :))))) WHAT'S WITH ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS?!!! I'm glad I never listened to those things! Miss Korea, pasha!!! Need to see Sun Kyun oppa soooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn....and Yeon Hee unni much soonerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... :)))

bluelysia this drama is so underrated.. I've watched this drama (only until ep 4 though) and it was so good.. I'm all smiling, and for me the chemistry between Lee Sunkyun and Lee Yeonhee is so great! Lee Yeonhee's acting is much improved too! Love her character Oh Jiyoung so much! Root for this drama!!!

Fenly why Cherry Beauty Salon lady boss called president ma ( Queen Beauty Salon ladyboss) "hyungnim" not unni??? why?

Tracy Based on the trailer it didnt seem like it was interesting but I'm glad I gave it a chance, this drama is so underrated! Great acting and chemistry from the leads, and the premise, though it seems to revolve around pageants, there wasnt any dull moments and entertained me thoroughly throughout 20 eps!

Julie i was curious about the red wool coat, tan collar, emblem on sleeve shoulder. scene after the club, the 3 girls drink a shot at a vendor cart, and they spill the last drop on their heads! i love this red jacket, i was wondering how to contact production or wardrobe crew to find the manufacturer or the label of that jacket!!

lia I'm currently watching this drama and i'm now on ep 15 and yesss i would say this drama is worth watching! I love the couple in this drama!

herbmom This was a fun drama, with a point to make. It was refreshing that the couple was together, working out their relationship the whole show. Lee Sun-Gyun has the most wonderful face. He has more expressions than all other actors put together. Great voice, too! His acting is so much more subtle than most. I could watch him every day! Good story and great characterizations.

Jazzy So in love with Miss Korea! <3 They should make a sequel to it about Ji Young doing the Miss Universe Pageant.

roveloin She have good acting. But she is one of some korean actrees whose usually get role in UNDERATE korean drama.. I hope she can get GREAT drama on her next drama..I like her since A Millionaire First Love Movie.. Pasha

Liz This drama is passionately meaningful, heart tickling , kindredly uplifting with a nostalgic punch drama.

dadz .. . . . . . ... . . . . i strongly object the comments that it is a nonsense drama, even though i'm not able to watch this yet supporting the fact that MBC did it, i'm sure it's an interesting drama .

shakira I think I'm the only one bored with this drama. It pains me to say it because I love K dramas so much and very rarely is there a bad one. But this one, I find my doing other things, like writing this post, washing my face...things like this. But I won't give up on it. Fighting! I must also be the only one who likes Yeon Hee.

Natsu Yes! I agree with you there Wi.

When I saw her at Gu family book, I was really impressed with her acting!

Thoug Baek Suzy is reallly really lovely!!!

wi Lee Yeon Hee is a great actress!!! one of my favorites for sure whoever says she isn't needs to stop bashing. Come on she should be praise for her 2 dramas I think she did the best on Gu Family book and miss korea. Fighting Lee Yeo Hee!!!!

Sakura Abeer This drama like snow white but in different comedy interesting way. Like search for most beautiful lady of all .And every thing really like period of 97 seem new different intreseting way of Korean drama to be view of developing country environment

John Although I am enjoying this Drama mainly because of the great Cast, what I really like and appreciate though is NO CELL PHONES like they have and overuse in most of the othern modern period Dramas. It is supposed to be 1997 so we get beepers and real land line phones and even phone booths.

minsi I'm sory, am I just heard somebody said that lee yeon hee's acting is good? Her dialogue was short but she got most screen time. Her acting is worst, shes helped becoz she's always paired with good actors and her face is pretty, that's it.

nur bahirah This drama had taught me that Money is not everything . exercise everyday make you look prettier . WAIKIKI :D

Kc Nga I like the Miss Korea, It bring me more information

Peejay Korean drama watchers are missing a lot not watching MissKorea. Whether corruption in the pageant is true in real life, take the drama for what it is. The cast and script are good, funny, exciting and emotional at times. NR does not really mean the the story is not good. I have watched a lot of dramas with no rating, especially those from TvN and they were great. So Miss Korea cast and crew, FIGHTING!

cindoo22 Most people don't get how simple this drama is. It is how love is all we have in good and bad. Two people choose to take on life's hardships together. No matter what, no matter how crazy or how evil, or even if they lose at the end, they will never let each other go. They will give each other all they have, all they are and even lose it all to the world because they only need each other's love. Crazy underdogs against the world!!! Everyone secretly wants this...someone else looking back at them, loving them...to the end.

misscom what the real intention of this drama..? have 20 episode to finished it, but lack of "something important like inspiration or motivation maybe...".. just hope don't ending like F-king..my suggestion.."..hope you could fill some moral idea or anything give good perspection of viewer if you want this drama finish by REPUTATION

Burger I liked this drama but I may have to give it up. The ONLY other drama I ever gave up was Fashion King (even though I liked the cast). I know it is a melodrama but the level of corruption in the Miss Korea pageant is too aggravating to watch. Maybe it gets a NR because the folks in Korea don't want to associate the typical corruption in K Dramas with Miss Korea. The insanity of wasting your life trying to take over a near bankrupt fish business (Golden Rainbow) is more appealing. If Department Head Park became a judge I wouldn't be surprised at this point.

I like Lee Yeon Hee and Ko Sung Hee in this show in addition to the Pasta cast.  She was good in Running Man and Gu Family Book too.  I guess I will keep a watch for the next one they are in.  

P.S. How the heck can she not get on a raft in the pool!!!

Alyssa What is the song they are singing on the radio in episode 3?

Jaja Miss Korea...superb!

Sally This is the best drama airing right now. I predict it will become one of the classic k-dramas.

Rosie I absolutely love this kdrama - Miss Korea. Best storyline + Lee Yeon Hee's acting!! Impatiently waiting for the rest of the episodes. So curious to know what's going to happen next!! I am rating Miss Korea 10/10..AJA!!! Fighting! !!

Peejay Manu, I am following quite a few dramas but I like Empress Ki, My Love From Another Star/You who Came from the Stars with Kim Soo-Hyun & Gianna Jun, The Prime Minister and I, and Miss Korea. Of course nothing beats The Heirs with Lee Min Ho & Park Shin-Hye but the ending was anti-climactic. You could also check out I hear your voice/I can hear your voice with Lee Jong-Suk & Lee Bo-Young. Enjoy watching! As for Miss Korea, the general Korean public are really missing out on a lot of unrated Korean drama like Miss Korea. Fighting Miss Korea!

Phat Thai Here from Bangkok. Thailand I love this drama a lot. Go go miss Korea I love Korea because of you.

Daisy Ilija is right!

I almost skipped this drama because Lee Yeon Hee was the lead actress and I wasn't too fond of her or her acting but I'm glad I checked it out! Lee Yeon Hee is perfect in this! It's the best role of her career. I'm just sad about the ratings though. This drama deserves more attention.

manu I really like the story line of this drama. Its a great drama, totall entertaining and i specially like the different shades of the gangster guy, totally charming. Gosh such a nice drama. Viewers please do suggest such nice dramas in kdrama, I would love to watch !!! Thanks

Peejay I agree! Having NR in Korea does not mean the drama is not good, as I have experienced many times. I think the story is running great. Just can't understand korean taste in dramas sometimes so it's staying mostly at NR. They like predictable family stories, not look/think outside the box.The story is funny, loving, full of lessons especially about loyalty, and so unpredictable! Fighting Miss Korea!

GrA There are many good dramas from Korea ... after read the comments here, I guess I'm going to watch this drama. I don't care about the rating .. since its worth watching, I will :D :D Miss Korea, FIGHTING !!

Deb dgaf about ratings...even in my country, some of the best shows had low ratings. It means nothing as long as it doesn't drive them to change the plot. It's a really great show and I just connect to it so much and love (as in the way they are written and acted) the characters. The setting is perfect and makes the stakes so much higher. I love the realness and grittiness of the show. It's a breath of fresh air tbh. You From Another Star is cracktastic but this resounds with me more because it's set in reality. I'm really, really rooting for the characters because of great writing and acting. I even forgot to mention the main lead's romance. They aren't perfect for each other as they are right now but they have undeniable chemistry and I can't wait to see them grow together and mend their relationship.

Everyone involved with Ms. Korea, you have so much support from all over the world. You've got a great show on your hands so keep up the good work! Fighting!

kaitkait Seeing that it still has pretty decent viewer's rate. rivaling *you who comes from the stars* (Romantic Plot full comedy), .it should be something that should be checked out. I will probably do that seeing how you guys are giving this drama positive comments.

Ilija The hatred towards Lee Yeon-Hee will make you miss one of the best dramas this year, its pathetic

sweet momzy Maybe the reason why the rating got down because of the era. But for me the drama was great. Its also funny... i lol at the scenw where in they took na necklaces and run...

noira not a bad drama,... but.. the range and main purpose of this drama not attain the target of viewers expectation.... Honestly i dont watch it regularly, but randomly... as much as i watch, this drama don't have a clear purpose ( like to inspire / encurage people) and not friendly to mostly viewers.... On the other words, this drama run by it'self...Just share good criticism

kai @margaret no wonder, the writer and the director work at Pasta together before. ah, the only reason i think twice to watch is Lee Yeonhee. It's hard to receive the feel from actress like her, Shin Sekyung, etc.

margaret Great to see many Pasta faces on Miss Korea. I count 7 currently! That was my first Kdrama and it got me hooked!

Bob I do not understand the low episode rating. It is a good drama. Ok I was also skeptical because of the title and the synopsis, which you can find in the internet. Miss Korea seemed to be a superficial beauty Drama. But this is wrong.

This Drama is speaking about the hard "Beauty World", the abuse of power and, of course, love. The story is great. It is new and fresh*. Far, far away from all this "run of the mill" dramas. In some parts you can lough, so the humor works. I dont think that the actors are bad. There were no scenes were I thought, a other actor would be better.

I look forward to see better ratings in Korea for this drama.

Waikiki ^^

  • for me, because I do not know a lot korean dramas.

Davia I'm only just starting this episode and just finished episode 2 but I have to stop and write this because I am so impressed with this drama so far. The acting and directing is absolutely superb. I love the underlying humour that this drama is made with which makes the whole subject matter lighter but surprisingly also more potent. It is unusual to find a drama that can blend realism and humour so effectively.

Mira Waikiki Loool she always do it with a big smiile go go fighting oh ji young :D

Mae I really like this drama is funny , sad and I overall love the interaction between Oh Ji Young and Kim Hyung Joon . Waikiki everyone lol

Angie I really don't understand the low ratings, this drama deserves more, the story is real and unique, the cast and the acting is really good. Watch this drama people! Miss Korea, fighting! :)

Ronc137 Really liking this drama. Yeon Hee looks like she could be Miss Korea. Lots of very attractive women. Can't ask for more. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

panda The high school looks of Yeon Hee is super charming. I just hope IN THE DRAMA she won't get the surgery. Even though it's not real I'd still be sad knowing that happened (in the drama).

Grace Hello I really like the ost of the drama does anyone know the song that is playing at the end of episode 2 and in the trailer for episode 4?

Kim Lee Yeon Hee's acting is superb. Great improvement as an actress. Lee Sun Kyun's chemistry with her is amazing. The storyline is very enticing and I'm really glued to find out what will happen to the characters in the end. They've got a very talented group of cast in this drama. I don't watch a lot of Korean dramas as they can be a little draggy at times. This is, however, one drama that I will follow to the very end. Can't wait for the next ep!

khalid renaya, I disagree with you this drama is awesome. and I'm very curious and excited to see what will happen to her at the end. Actually I enjoy every moment form ep 1 to ep 4 and never felt bored. I can't wait until next week !!

renaya What happen to MBC-tv now... 70% of your drama this year was under-rate... Where the best your drama like 3 year ago...... On BIG note for MBC on last drama... " all the initially drama that airing in your tv,.....NOT MAKE EXCITED to WATCH next episode"...... This drama also...episode 1,2,3..still not make me curious & excited to watch next.... waht happen.......PLEACE make good new drama like JEWEL IN THE PALACE or like thet... THANKS

van gabato miss korea rocks another combination of lee sun kyun,lee sang min and kwon seok jang...and the ost i don't know yet the ost but i feel every single day again for this show!!!

Ilija Comparing this drama to the heirs is ridiculous, this is way better, the heirs only had popular cast but the storyline was cheesy, I can understand the fangirls liking it but come on don't come here and insult this drama,I hope that this Miss Korea will be very successful, fighting

Maria I love this drama Lee Yeon Hee is playing her role perfectly... Bravo Best Music. Everything is perfect. A great drama

yeongheessi totally in love with the drama.. not more than heirs, but i really like it.. i'm also watching love from another star, it's a great drama too..

they're both fun!

i think yeonhee is doing great and i love her character~~~~

zzzkdramazzz Well, I really like the drama :D It gives me this 1997 feeling with its music and events :) I wonder how will they convince Ji-Young to work with them?

Domdom A great drama~ I love it~ <3 <3 Lee Yeon Hee is so pretty though :D

yeonheeminoz Well it can't be compared with Heirs, but Heirs was a big hit and everything, so it's different :D Love this drama anyways, but I think You Came from The Stars is very popular right now! It has the best rating.. Gonna start watching!

yeonheeminoz Of course it cannot be compared with Heirs, because they are two different dramas, but I meant it's no Heirs for being such a big hit, having a lot of idols and everything.. I think the "You Who Came from The Stars" is popular right now! What do you think of it? Will start watching now anyways~

yeonheeminoz I really like this drama~ <3 Their acting is great and Yeon Hee is playing her role perfectly! The music is amazing, and everything comes together very well. The drama is no The Heirs, but it's still wonderful!

Daisy Ok, it's official...I love this drama! LYH is perfect for this role and I don't find her annoying like I have in other dramas so that's a plus!

...and the music...I'm in love! So refreshing compared to the typical repetitve idol lovey dovey ballad that's in every kdrama.

wisa Really starting to like this drama. Great first pilot.

dddd the ONLY problem that drama has is the rival- you who came from the stars, rating wise.. apart from that unfortunate fact, the pilot was very proising. actors and their charachters are doing a nice job and the story is unique and fun. i was touched by the scene of hyung joon and his classmate in the bathroom, it was very well executed. and a scene that made me laugh was at the bus and basically all of lee yeon hee's scenes, she's an interesting chrachter. i reccommend it so try it out..

kimiejim I love how they used most of the guys from Pasta. Haha, I'm already starting to feel the quirks that I felt from that drama. Even the music is a like. Not comparing, but I hope this drama does well xD~

Ella @Hana: Yes, I realized my mistake after posting that comment.

First episode of You Who Came from the Star had the highest rating during its time slot. But I still want Miss Korea to succeed. The 1st episode of Miss Korea was good. I think the story will develop with additional details along the way. It cannot be simply making an elevator girl into a beauty pageant. The characters and their relationships will come out more vividly. :)

Ella @Hana: Yes, I realized my mistake after posting that comment. You Who Came from the Star had the highest rating for the 1st ep in its time slot. But I still want Miss Korea to succeed. I think the story will develop with additional details along the way. It cannot be simply making the elevator girl into a beauty pageant.

hana Well..i don't think this drama will succeed. The story might be not so interesting.look, The title and plot shows that their goal is to make her Miss Korea.,thats it.

@ella Miss korea will compete against Bel Ami ( jang geun suk n iu) N You from Another Star ( Kim soo hyun n Gianna Jun ) On wed-thurs..Not Pmai ( yoona n Lbs )bcoz they air on mon-tue.besides Mk n Pmai is Sm c&c dramas

Klove omg, so excited to see lee sun kyun again! and looking at the cast, there are a few who he was with in pasta. im so happy i will be seeing him again! kyaa

wisa I'm exciting for this drama. When I first found out lee yeon hee will be cast as the female lead, I was like yea I have to watch this. Love the storyline its quite interesting. umm lee yeon hee is a fabulous and gorgeous actress, don't understand why anybody would say otherwise. First saw her in family gu book and so forth fell in love with her. lee sun kyun, this will be my first to see him in action. Can't wait

Natsu I really cant wait to watch this drama, although some may think that she really is not that good of an actress but in my personal opinion She's got a lot of potential to be a great actress. beauty aside, she's has charisma the sexiness!!

Ella I'm a bit skeptical when seeing Lee Yeon Hee in this drama. I've watched several dramas she was in before, and to be honest, I wasn't impressed. In the drama Ghost starring So Ji Sub, Lee Yeon Hee didn't do her "IT police officer role" justice. She failed to give the vibe of a well-trained professional in the police force. I think I hold a high demand for such role since I've watched so many police-investigator movies and dramas...(lolz)

On the other hand, I really love the production of Pasta and Golden Time as well as actors Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Sung Min. Therefore, I decided to support this drama. I have no doubt of their refined but natural acting skills. Obviously, as a lead actor, Lee Sun Kyun will cooperate and support Yeon Hee to make this drama successful. However, despite being in a great production with an amazing cast/crew team, Yeon Hee needs to give a lot of effort in order to truly shine on her own.

Let's see how this drama turns out. I really hope Miss Korea will succeed and get high ratings. They will have intense competitions with The Prime Minister and I (starring Lee Bum Soo and Yoona) and You Who Came from the Stars (starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun). Well, I'm getting nervous as typing down these actors' names.

Daisy Ok. Lee Yeon Hee is beautiful but she is not a good actress by any means. I usually avoid everything she's in because it's just that bad and her acting ruins the drama for me.


This might FINALLY be the perfect role for her! Beauty Queen role suits her perfectly and working with great actors such as Lee Sun Kyun and lee min sook, along with the writers of Pasta could do wonders for her! So yeah, I am actually looking forward to this.

Oh wow, looks like hell has officially frozen over. I never thought in a million years I would forward to watching a Lee Yeon Hee drama. Hopefully it works out.

ally It is very nice to see that some of the actors from Pasta will again reunite for this drama. Hope this drama will experience the same success and high rating of Pasta. Love Lee Sun Kyun.

toodark looking forward to watching this drama :):)

Jaelicia Funny how international fans are all praising Lee Yeon Hee when back in her home land, she's named as wood actress or someone who only relies on her agency and look but can't act - along with Go Ara. Idk why though. I watched her in Phantom and she was quite decent. Not the best, but decent still. Considering this drama for my watching list but not entirely sure because the synopsis doesn't sound good

biskey Lee yeonhee,fighting...lovely actress i'd love to see on the screen.i like her in gu family book,her acting is great.

Natsu I LOVE Yeon Hee!!!! You guys are right, she is an under rated actress! She's very pretty, talented, tall enough to be a model, verrry nice complexion and her face is like an angel!!!!

oumaima THIS girl is a REALLY good actor why people don't let her shine she deserve more !!!

Dee Gerrard Yay Lee Yeon Hee is back!!! Also Lee Ki Woo oppa eager to see!

eeriebillie Yeah, Lee Yeon-Hee was amazing in Running Man. I think she really deserves some attention, too. And there's something to look forward to with this upcoming drama since Lee Sun-Kyun and Lee Sung-Min are both great actors (my faves)! This gonna be a whole lotta fun!!! Can't hardly wait! Fighting MISS KOREA! :D :D :D

Fai WOW... Lee Sun Gyun + Lee Ki Woo?? my favorite two actors!!! I think this one will be in my watch list for sure... I don't know why but many people don't like Lee Yeon Hee's acting... But somehow after I watched her in Running Man I begin to like her... I hope this drama can be accepted well in Korea and other countries... Fighting!

Ilija Finally Lee Yeo-Hee in another drama, can't wait

jury This will be 3rd collaboration of PD Kwon Seok-Jang, Lee Sun-Kyun, Lee Sungmin. Their previous dramas are Pasta and Golden time which well received in S.Korea. I know what SM's purpose produce Miss Korea with Lee Yeon-hee from SM agency, they will make Lee Yeon-hee turn like Gong hyo-jin (Queen of romcom) in pasta and Hwang jungeum (idol turn actress) in Golden Time. I wonder Miss Korea will hit like Pasta and Golden time because the leading actresss is Lee Yeon-hee

danapedrosa Wow, Yeonhee just a charismatic actress I've ever seen. Good luck. But I can smell serious plot here. Hope I'm wrong, I want see comedy drama again after The Heirs done. So I am done here :p

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