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  • Name: Joo Sang-Wook
  • Hangul: 주상욱
  • Birthdate: July 18, 1978
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Waiting for Love | Yeonaereul Kidaehae (KBS2 / 2013) - restaurant manager (cameo)



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mavis I love the way u act..keep it up

LBN I love all movies have Joo Sang Wook

Annie We love you and love all your movies. Is there a chance that you'll be in the united States in the near future. Take care and good luck. Hope you have more drama and love stories in the future.


Aera Loves his acting so far. Hope that his collaboration with Kim Sun Ah will realize soon. Would love to see he acting alongside Hyo jin next.

Nezha i hope to see you on another drama, ofc u was main lead actor! if not, it will be waste of drama ahahah

chunchow south. korea. best. supperstar. 주상욱 is very. smart

Farnoosh OMG! I watched Birth of a beauty and Cunning single lady and I love him soooooo much!! <3 He's really sweet and cute but manly at the same time! He's ADORABLE!

chamita so funny..and charming.. adorable and sweet... saranghae oppa!!! fighting!!

fatmatattou you're a very good actor i love you so much wish you all the best in your whole life, fighting oppa :*

happy1928 JOO SANG WOOK <3 Watched you in Good Doctor, Cunning Single Lady and Birth of a Beauty and you were amazing !! You're so funny xD (esp. on Running Man HAHA!) Hwaiting ^^

lessuj Joo Sang - Wook you are so handsome and your good actor. <3

Minecraft I like Sara! ☺️☺️

upie samsimar Halo, i like your acting...have u been come to jakarta?

Liin my fav actor, n I love ur drama, all of them, specially for good doctor

Angel Talent, charisma, strength, and compassion felt in every show I have seen so far. Always a fan! Thank you ❤️

Noor Enjoy your dramas and like you on and off screen. The best about you are best acting, pleasant personality, cheerful, funny guy, cute & good looking. Just to know you after watching BOB. But I like CSL the most. Your character in CSL looks similar in your real life. The drama also entertaining and delight.

Josie Mr. Joo Sang Wook, you are soooooo handsome, like your style, also you're a good actor, pleasant personality, hope to meet you someday, somewhere. We're here at the pacific islands, and we love to watch Korean dramas. Drama(cunning single lady) that's is so nice, love Lee Ming Jung's acting also. Take care and keep on FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

MiRae I fell in love with you when you become Kim Dohan in Good Doctor. I JUST LOVE YOUR ACTING in Good Doctor and 특수사건전담반 TEN! Why is TEN underrated? ugh. You're a cheerful and funny guy and never thought that you can be so cold and so... dark? I don't know. I can't explain it. I love you and your acting!

Fighting, Joo Sangwook!

nanzcy all i can say is im starting fallen for you Joo Sang Wook....hayyyy!i hope someday we you so much!

Mary anne Oppa chuwa yo! Looking forward to meet you in person... I admire you a lot you are soo charming and cute.... I think I am fallen for you.... Keep it up joo sang wook oppa....

Titi This is the first actor I fall in love with after more than 20yrs to watch all kind of movies. Never thought will be a fan of anyone, but now I have to see only your coming roles. Do the best, JSW

any Ten 3 ????????

Dera What a hell ! How can you be human such an amazing actor there's n't any bad thing you did All your acting is real. Pieace of work .you are so good looking & great great actor & real cute & sexy .so amazing waiting for you next work to be the best as always <3 <3 <3

katec Hydren mafi Sexy!!! Cute!!!! Handsome!!!!!

Myra This guy is cute...he has that funny way of looking @ you that makes you wonder what he is thinking @ that very moment...he's a good actor & he portrayed the ability to play whatever role he's in...I enjoyed his role in "cunning single lady"...he looks defenseless w/out over acting...his role on "birth of a beauty is also wonderful..he portrays all his role according to the story...

Maria My dear Joo Sang Wook! Your have good looking and well built which also attrat me a lot. However, your smiles and your sincerity is the main rean let me admire you so much. In The Birth of Beaty, I began to know you. In that TV, I found that your have a high-quality acting. So I went watch your other TVs and movies, from then on, I think I have already fallen in love with you! Later, I knew the real you in Running man, and Healing camp, you are filial to your mather, you are kind to all the people, you are humorous so you will often bring happiness to the people around you, you are full of curiosity, you are persistence and perseverance!

Song ren Oh my,Han tae hee,.you're so cute..I'm a housewife and watching birth of beauty give me inspirations..I'll add this kdrama as my 1 of my top favorite..can't wait for your next project in TV <3 <3 <3 :)

Jennifer I love Sang Wook acting in drama Birth of Beauty. He can portray the character very well. I find him very charming and I love his smile. I hope to watch more of his drama in this coming year of 2015. I wish him all the best in his acting career.

IamGreat Joo Sang Wook is a great actor! I hope to watch more of his dramas and movies this 2015. He is a very good looking actor and portrays all of his characters very well, be it in drama, comedy or action. Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul did an awesome job in the Birth of a Beauty! They have a wonderful chemistry together. I just feel sad that it ended yesterday. I saw an interview that JSK wanted to learn English. I can give you free tutorials in English,JSK. I graduated my Master of Education major in English as a Second Language, and I am an English teacher at present. :) I am pleased to teach you English language be it in reading, writing and speaking. :) Good luck to your career Joo Sang Wook Oppa! :)

IamGreat Joo Sang Wook is a great actor! I hope to watch more of this dramas and movies this 2015. He is a very good looking actor and portrays all of his characters very well, be it in drama, comedy or action. Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul did an awesome job in the Birth of a Beauty! They have a wonderful chemistry together. I saw an interview that JSK wanted to learn English. I can give you free tutorials in English,JSK. I graduated my Master of Education major in English as a Second Language, and I am an English teacher at present. :) I am pleased to teach you English language be it in reading, writing and speaking. :) Good luck to your career Joo Sang Wook Oppa! :)

emabee He is so handsome. Waiting for 21 epi of birth of a beauty

a guy who watch kdrama O.o lol he is a very good looking person. I watched good doctor and I liked him also with waiting for ep 21 for birth of beauty!

zana Came to know him at birth of beauty... hes good. Im waiting for ep 20 to be aired. Cant wait. Currently watching cunning single lady

Angie He is gorgeous... I live his smile and his eyes.. Great actor. Good luck! :)

Clara He is "Cream of the crop". I like all his dramas.

Jessie You're very handsome !! I like your acting in "Birth of a beauty". Congratz for winning many awards at SBS awards ceremony. Love you..............Love you.......Love you.

momo Joo Sang Wook - you are so charming. Your smile just melts my heart. Keep up your good performance and I am sure all your fans will continue to support you. We love you.

vondora i just think his so awesome

queen I love him.. He is so funny

Durga Darshini Ur drama are the best I love ur acting as a ceo of a company like in cunning single lady n the role played as a successful businessman suits u very well keep up ur hard work I'll continue supporting u! Saranghae oppa^^ ♥

Sarah Joo Sang Wook - I am huge fan of you. Congratulations for receiving "Top 10 Star Award" and "Best Couple Award" at 2014 SBS Drama awards. We will support you always no matter what role you choose and looking forward for more Rom-Com dramas from you. All the best for 2015 Dramas.

Jessie :3 He is amazing. Hes my celebrity crush. I never have crushes on actors, but his acting is just wowza. I would tap that. If I could. Just wowza. ♥_♥

Kajal Joo Sang Wook - You're best. Commendable acting in all the dramas. Especially, your 2014 movies are bet of best. I like your acting very much. Great talent and of course very handsome :)

Marguerite Your'e the best Joo Sang Wook! Excellent at melodramas, rom-coms and in variety shows ~ I love watching you cos you so talented. Please, please appear in more variety shows and movies.

Shya I like his work in "Birth of a beauty" and "Cunning single Lady". I become his huge fan after seeing these dramas. He is undoubtedly excellent actor.

Lisa Love watching him. He is gorgeous and manly!

linda Joo Sang-wook handsome actor, his smile seems to look good in view of authoritative men, and full of charm

laurenin Joo Sang Wook is obviously attracted to Han Ye Seul. Watch the NGs. Even when

Sarrie Setto Oppa...I'm falling in love with you...

mona lao could you please have a drama starring Joo Sang Wook and Hwang Jung-Eum together? oh, i love to see both of them together because they so good as a couple. it's been so long since i haven't seen them. they're quite a remarkable and good couple. love their chemistry on and off.

Maia I first watched him in Good Doctor, which he played so well I didn't like him at all at first! But then I got started on Birth of a Beauty and I'm amazed what a different role he plays as romantic, funny and cool. I'm checking him out in Sly and Single Again. Really an amazing actor for his work on Good Doctor, because you almost can't believe they're the same person!

Mel Oppa... you're so georgeous charming...

M.Jane Such an outstanding acting in " A birth of a Beauty ""

All the Best !!

Greeting From MORROCO .

MH Keep up the good work, oppa. You made me want to learn Korean :)))

HPR oppa came to indonesia juseyo! our birthdate is same oppa. just the years which different :)

i love you so much! since watch thorn birds , i started falling in love with you <3 although your age was growing but my love for you is never ending :*

no matter your roles! you look so good , charming, cool , wise , and asdfghjkl love love love you so much! proud can know you as talented actor :*

Olivia Joo Sang Wook is a phenomenal actor, holy goodness. He could portray himself a cold, cynical character, or at other times, be an adorable, humorous character as well. In every one of his dramas, his acting was appropriate and fit. Also, he's a handsome and charming man as well. It was amusing to see his variety show side, I was enthralled and shocked. He's a full package: handsome, smart, nice, funny, and tall. I wish the best for you Joo Sang Wook, you're one of my favorite actors!

jc My first crush. Beautiful man

jc You are my no 1 crush. beautiful oppa.

viola mr.sang wook fighting. God blest you . forver you fan from mynmar

viola He is a nice actor .i like him very much and his drama. canning single lady , good doctor, giant, thron bird.I think birth of beauty is a good drama .

jinnborn He is a good actor, I like him specialy in Birth of a beauty and cunning single lady

toniaB I like this oppa,he is awesome.Fighting.

eman mohammed drama birth of the beauty It's unique and wonderful I wish you success Opa Vaatng You are gorgeous Comedy, romance I love you ' I hope that more and had a lot of success <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Nixey daebak in birth of the beauty

KSH you are really beautiful as a man to me, i really like your smile, i first saw you in cunning single lady, you were stunning, and i'm watching good doctor which is great so far, i'm planning to watch giant where you are in couple with one of my fav korean actress hwang jung eum.Keep up the good job!... you kinda look like song seung heon who is really cute, you have similar smile!...kiss from canada

RAY My Lovely Ahjussiii <3 !!! like everything excpt 90minutes HAHAHA :D IYKWIM ?

akura You're fantastic! Cant wait for your next drama Birth of a Beauty!!!!!!!!!! I watch anything you're in - whatever you do I'm an adoring fan foreva....Keep showing your good work! Muack!

vivi He's so manly and funny, hahaha

vicky JSW is very very handsome I love you !!!

vicky He has a charming smile. So cool, manly, funny...hahaha. My idol , I love you !!!

d He s coooooooool and I luv everything about him

fiona i have watched most of your dramas and series but i loved you most in cunning single lady.....would love to watch u in a more bad boy character. love u.

merry I drive myself crazy thinking of you Handsome. Manly. Funny. Smart

  • my ideal type :D

Faranak JSW you are so handsome and so gentleman with high charisma. I like your acting. I love you and I wish to be successful every time and every where.

So ji sub's girl You should work on rom-com again. In fact, any genre suits you. You're a marvelous actor, and indeed, a charismatic and sexy man. You're completely different from your cold characters. Seeing you on varieties and interviews, you seem like an absolute sweetheart and jokester. The way you treat your mom and everyone else is so respectable. Ahh keep being you!! Ps, you have an amazing voice.

Leslie JSW is very charming and full of charisma. Love watching him

Nadya There should be more episode on cunning single ladies......I LOVE IT <3

Ara lee Omg i love him..more drama for him..i really love him

irem Love u JSW. handsome always

mae I love you joo sang wook <3

angela You're an A-class actor! Superb, flawless acting in Cunning Single Lady aka Sly & Single Again. You nailed it! Can't wait for your new movie Trot :)

angela You're an A-class actor! Superb, flawless acting in Cunning Single Lady aka Sly & Single Again. You nailed it! Please continue yr great work. Can;t wait for your new movie Trot :)

kanthi I really like him. I watched good doctor (Korean drama ) you are the best actor and good looking guy.I wish you all the best your future.

fiona Happy Birthday, Joo Sang Wook oppa! You're a wonderful actor and a beautiful man. Sarang haeyo!!

chow. Nga chun korea. south male. actor. Joo sang. best. acting. and. very. stylish fashionable. and. good looking guy

Lily You are the best, Joo Sang-Wook. Waiting for your next project.

Dayang You're mesmerising Oppa! You're a beautiful actor - you light up the screen! Wish to see you in more and more and more and more romantic comedies or thriller/action movies or sageuks. Anything, I will watch anything you star in : )))) Sarang-hae JSW.

Ronaldo Great acting in "Cunning Single Lady". He look like actor Song Seung-Heon when he smile and having small eyes.......great acting in melodrama, comedy, romance....wish him more movie and tv series to come.....

Eva Hello! Joo Sang Wook, you're one of the best actors Korea has ever produced. Such great acting whether as baddie/loving Jo Min Woo (Giant); the stern and strict Doctor Kim Do Han or the Nerdy but Romatic Cha Jung Woo (Cunning Single Lady)! You have always showcased superb acting! I am now a big fan! Hope to see more projects from you and continue to be funny, loving and good person that you are! God bless you more!

Priskila I really like him... Oh my god... he is so amazing... but the ending of his new film -cunning single lady- is to fast

phebz It finished so fast,actually i was hoping to see a lot after the marriage proposal..but i was kinda dissapointed..but still i loved the really moved me..Joo Sang wook are really one of my best!:))

phebz I so loved his role as a CEO of D&T and as a "lovesick patient"for Aera:)) it makes me laugh whenever they bumped into each other and he goes like the crazy old attitude jeong woo to his wife Ae Ra,one of my fave series..saranghae Joo Sang Wook oppa!;))

Eva I got hooked watching Korean drama, I loved a lot of them . Good looking and great acting actors and actresses But my number one and top list is Joo Sang Wook. His character fits him right in every role he is in. He is so handsome with a sexy voice. Very good actor. Can't wait for your next one. Single Cunning lady ended up so quick.

Maddie Joo Sang Wook - You're great at your craft and you just keep getting better. Love the gentleness you bring to all your characters. You can even make a baddie look good like you did in Giant - that takes some great acting!

I adore you in CSL. Can't get enough of you on screen : ))

Keep up the wonderful you do and the joy you bring to many of us through your work. JSW FIGHTING! Stay humble, Oppa!

crystal have him get married??? he have wife or not?? :) its so lucky if he have not hihi

rejean angelie I really love to see Sang Wook Joo's acting, he is such a good actor and so handsome too...Hope to see more of him in the days, in another drama after cunning single lady. More power and goodluck.

Isnaeni Sunjaya Can't wait next project drama of joo sang wook,and i hope its gonna be good as like on good doctors and cunning single lady.... miss you oppa....

Puglovergirl i love you Joo Sang Wook! Your do freaken handsome and cute! I really want to meet you in real life! You look so hot in movies and drama but the movie i love best that you were in is Giant! I love that movie so much! I cried alot when i watched that movie my two most favorite charaters was you and Hwang Jun Eum also known as Mi Joo

Neonorangelover123 I love you Joo Sang Wook! You are so cute! I watch the Drama Movie you were in (Giant)! I felt really bad for you when Lee Mo Kang younger sister was avoiding you and rejecting you i cried for you too! I love you! You are so freaken cute! I really want to meet you! I'm a fan of yours!

tra Just finishing watching Csl. I will miss u oppa joo sang wook. What do I do): please don't let me wait too long. You are the best actor. You need to know that, Keep up with your style, they look cool. Good attitude, cool personality. What else?too much? Love u!!#1

justawoman this guy has a strong sex appeal. and i love his voice!

reindeer song We all like him, but his speaking voice is horrible, he mumbles his words , he does not articulate his words. I have seem many of his dramas and me comprehending what he is saying is very poor. He need a speech class. in projecting and enunciating.

tra you are my idol

tra I love u oppa

Julliet My Prince Fighting............. You are the best.

vondora i just thinks his too awesome,,,,and he is right every roll he gets,,he ends up a head manager,,,head doctor,,head of a corporation ,,,he fits these rolls so well,,,his just too awesome and it's good to see him in a comedy ,,,but now it's getting serious,,,,

road you're hilarious in Cunning Single Lady

trier Dear Joo Sang Wook, can we see you in sageuk drama?

Rj You are such a good actor. Drama comedy and action. More movies to come JSW.

mimi ♥ I'm going to like him :D

cunning lady your acting in CSL is awesome! and you're handsome too..

Cel Looking forward to cunning single lady...i love the chemistry between the two lead star! And i wish for the best for this drama!

sarrie Hii Joo Sang look so handsome and mature in Cunning Single Lady. Fighting!!!!

BL Dear God, please send someone like JSW for me hahaha :* :*

Ally Joo sang wook, looking forward to your cunning single lady!

simple Marry me Joo Sang Wook!!!! You're perfect : )))

mila love joo sang wook. handsome!!!!!!!

toni Love him jn Kimcheed Radish Cubes.

toni I loved his character in the drama Kimcheed Radish Cubes.

jules He also did a cameo appearance in the drama My Princess.

Carmi Watched his The Good Doctor and The ThornBirds. I fell in love with him as an actor!!!

Kim shy rye I love the way he own his character in each drama. His smile is one of a kind. just wow!!! Every time he smiles I pause the drama he is too cute to stop staring at. I feel sorry for him though, he must get harassed every time he goes out in public. I find him very attractive and most talented, he should be the main male lead in all his dramas&movies ♡ ♡ ♡ joo sang wook♡ ♡ ♡

snootyme Joo Sangwook

an absolute actor ,be it passion or action . His body language and eyes speak 

volumes even before he utters his lines , Handsome and you do have a very contagious

warmth in your smile :)

Paul such a great actor with a nice personality...hope u meet a nice women soon ,i think it's about the time for u to settle down :P (u make an awesome couple with moon chae-won by the way! :D)

GabiGabi HANDSOME MAN! The kind of man that you can love platonic,the kind that can make you happy just looking at him.

E Panganiban After watching The Giant, Thorn Birds, The Doctor, Paradise farm. I think he is the best korean actor. I love to see him in another drama soon. I sure give him a ten.

Homobolaji You are too much


Marilyn Sang Wook - you're a very, very talented actor. I love the way you digest a character and make it your own. It's fantastic how you made Kim Doo Han turn in various degrees from a hard, strict and generally distant person into a warmer, gentler and vulnerable personality. You're able to give shades to bring vulnerability to the characters you play and make me love each one : ) That's talent! I'm so happy you're giving comedy a try're good at it! I love the sound of your big burst of laughter which lights up the atmosphere. And I loved your perseverance and sheer determination in the marathon - WOW! Lots of love from a fan of yours. Cheers to good more roles.

Sweet Potato Days He's so funny! Seriously charming and warm off screen when he isn't playing those serious type characters. Love him in Good Doctor but still rewatch the episode of him on Running Man displaying his "true" self. His laugh is so contagious and I love how he's so outgoing and has "weak points".

Helen Albert i just love the way you act,dress and the way you dou your hair its so adorable you are a very handsome man and i do love you you for real.

Hanizah Joo Sang Wook - you are the best...very talented and charming. I am now watching GIANT and you really acted so well in that drama. I start to noticed you when I watch Good Doctor. You have that look and smile and makes me wanna watch you more and more... Keep up the good work.

Anireki Joo Sang-Wook really has a killer smile. Even his eyes can smile aaaaaaah :*

Minion He is a really talented actor who has a strong charisma. Really manly and mature, like his role in good doctor. Soon ...he is going to be a good husband too :) . Good luck and please pick this kind of challenging drama again! You looks really handsome :) and cool

Hanny Tandy Always like jo sang woo, his smile..friendly and mature manly face..

jane Im your no.1 fan.. Good luck!

Haebaragi try to watch his movie 90 minutes..he is way too hot there, ;)

Mahtab Hi 주상욱 your roles really fit on your abilities I really enjoy your playing always;esp.on'Good Doctor' I wish u best things Good LUCK dear Joo Sang-Wook your fan MAHTAB

Julie Sometimes I don't pay attention to what's going on with his drama but that smile ia all I need to have the best day I can have. Yes, even those Hollywood smiles don't compare to his especially when he was on Thornbirds, boy I'd be watching the other actors and when he comes around, he's all I can focus on at the moment. Keep on smiling dude that is all you need on any drama you're in. I don't care what you do just smile it really makes any girl's day good....

Faye Everytime this guy smiles on any of his drama, i've melted enough to make me weak all over. It's not so much of his acting but that smile gives me the soft. I'm sorry but even when I watch him on Good Doctor and he's mean to Shion, but when he smiles, he's okay with these men were made wilth killer smiles I don't know anymore.

Muyamoh You were so good in Torn Birds. I am watching Good Doctor now. You are acting so good and manly handsome. Wish you to act in more good projects.

yangelica it!!!

vivi muharansyah you look so handsome and your face same with seungri big bang

diana here U R my lovely handsom sangwook i really enjoy watching u but it really upsets me when your mom is allways nagging hope u find your soulmate soon to be happy more than ever

Eghonghon Great love secne ..just disappointed that he got only 2yrs in

eva lee ans First time i saw him in giant after pradise ranch and after saw him in another drama until good doctor..omg i suddenly fallin in love with him..these man is daji(lee yeon hee) `ajjushi' lover in pradise ranch..he remind me of seungri panda u jo sang wook..JO SANG WOOK ♥♥♥

noe joo sang oppa saranghae...

i fall for him when i saw him for the first time in Paradise Ranch...After that I started watching his other dramas and movies.. I found him and Park shin hye couple really cute in Kimcheed Radish cube...

omo.. not to forget his smile.. he has a killer smile which always give me little heartache when he smile (wink wink) ^^.. furthermore more when he acts cold/ bold, it really suits him..<3

Fighting!!! hope to see you in more dramas as a lead actor....


Jeee Joo sang oppa Saranghae

kook Joo Sang Wook really look good together with Song ji Hyo. i just watched Running Man episode 77. it was such a cute couple lol

truong i love Joo Sang Wook

mwanaheri very attractive smile!saw you in giant,you performed very well!

missy he looks like big bang's seungri

Cynthia Love everything about you, my dearest Sang Wook. Your smile and twinkle in your eyes Trying to watch all your drama and movies. Love you...

lalala I really liked Joo Sang Wook as the member of Qualification Of Man. He's really funny and witty in that variety show. So sad that show already cancelled. I hope that he can join another variety show after finished his drama.

eve Okay, he absolutely won my heart :-) but I probably won't feel him that much if I hear his real voice. It's the combo of everything about him except for his own voice and someone else's voice that knock me down "... Nho co em lan dau tien anh cam nhan duoc hanh phuc, anh se khong bao gio tu bo em dau, cho nen em cung dung bao gio nghi den chuyen bo tron anh nha... Vi de co duoc em, chuyen gi anh cung co the lam duoc het." Yes, I'm watching "Giant" in Vietnamese lol, I'm falling for both of them... Who's the one translating it into Vietnamese??? I'm crazy for his voice as well. I do not object the saying "Women love by ears!" Hehe...

lani I love you MINWOO! Your role in GIANT is really great....

hae i first saw him in running man ep 76-77 as a guest....he is so handsome with all-black suit....but the most captivating me is his smile and laughter.....then i search for his movie and gosh...he was so talented in acting...i very very like him^^

Kim Joo Sang Wook is such a handsome actor! I fell in love with him in Giant as Min Woo. He was an incredible actor in Giant. I also watched him in Thornbirds, Feast of the Gods, and Kimcheed Radish Cubes, but his performance in Giant is by far the best! I can't wait to see you in more dramas.

Aloe He have the most memorizing smile I have ever seen. I am captivated by his smile when I watch his dramas. Also, he's so talent and handsome

DaDa This man is seriously the most beautiful k-actor I have ever seen...I remember when I first saw him in "Three Fathers, One Mother" and from then on not caring about the lead characters in that drama no more LOL. I just wanted to see more of him...what a nice surprise seeing him in Queen Seondeok and his breakout acting role in Giant. I'm glad more people are noticing him now and that he's getting more projects. Well not that he's hard to miss the man is gorgeous. He's a good actor as well.

Just saw the music video he did for The See Ya with another one of my faves Im Jung Eun and that mv was so touching. JSW did a great job portraying a reformed gangster....the ending was so sad though, I really felt for him. Great job. :-)

Cikhanmy First time I watched him in Paradise Ranch recently...looks charming and love his smile...then my heart said I've been watched him before..then realized...he is fix member in qualification of men.... kyaaa...

yuki11 sang wook you ..i watch all your drama and films..recently 90 so much..whether you act as a bad guy or good all your work..keep up the good work..cant wait for your next project...fighting !!!

hailey yamato you are the best oppa... i love you..hope to see you in more upcoming drama and movie..cant get enuff watching you... need more and more... seeing you in drama/movie makes my day and makes me happy...thank you ... ~ wish you all the best ..and i hope i can see you again as a guest in running man.. >,<

mirella he's so handsome & funny.Such a great actor.Love his acting in Giant,Thorn Birds & Kimcheed radish cubes.Sang Wook Oppa Fighting!!!!

maya alice Fell in love with him first in Running Man ep.77, he sooo funny,then watch him in Giant,Thorn Bird,Kimcheed Radish Club, Paradise Ranch, such a great actor especially as Joo Min Woo in Giant. Just love watching all your dramas and look forward to more. Wish you all the best and blessed life ahead. Good Luck...Sang Wook Oppa... :3~

susaN I love watching the drama korea joo wook in the drama ranch paradise. its role is very interesting. having feelings with someone who makes him happy, but have to come from his past guilt. very sincere but painful. I liked the role joo wook makes me cry .. very touching. success always for you.

yeni very quiet, can not reveal. I say "I love Joo Sang Wook advance. (^ _ ^).

Lena I felt in love with him in TEN! He was super awesome! I can't wait till season 2 of TEN comes out!! He is so handsome, sexy and adorable all mixed together. I hope he does more dramas! Loved his character in Feast of Gods as well! Hwaiting!

CC very handsome guy!!

Mayra your so damn sexy I love your acting

Dawn Saw you in "Giant" and now I am a fan. I was bawling buckets. Great job. I will be viewing your other movies and looking forward to seeing you in future movies. GREAT ACTOR. Yeah!!!

clau i’m from romania. i saw Sang Wook in Thirn bird. he is great, is a very talented actor, really, really handsome,attractive, i love how he looks. i think that is also smart, he deserve to be more know and he is able to act in anything he want in any worldwide production. i just wait to see his future project. is it single. maybe is coming in a visit in romania. good luck in everything will do. keep it up with the great work. God bless you

emisa I like your smile

kim Joo Sang Wook is great actor , is a very , very talented actor and smart . Joo Sang Wook is so beautiful, charismatic and charming. It is delicate, but firm , with personality , refined ... good luck in all you do....

kim Joo Sang Wook is great actor , is a very , very talented actor and smart . Joo Sang Wook is so beautiful, charismatic and charming. It is delicate, but firm , with personaliate , refined ... good luck in all you do....

Dorothy Sang Wook, You have a very charming personality. I love your twinkling eyes and beautiful smiles. Just love watching all your dramas and look forward to more. Wish you a beautiful and blessed life ahead

blacklady I really like Sang Wook!!! i think i love him lol! hes really handsome, his smile is unique and most of all, his acting is amazing you totally believe everything hes saying :) I just saw him in the drama "My Princess" and i was like AHHH!! AHHH!! *---* cuz i had noo idea I'll see him there! even if it was a cameo that made my day lol I first saw him in Paradise Ranch and totally fell for him then in Thorn Birds been a complex and a bit dark drama I fell even more for him because his acting is diverse and can cover the romantic comedy and the dramatic field as well :)) I'm totally looking forward to his new projects! :)

Serena Joo Sang Wook is one of the best actor in Korea. After watching his drama "Thorn Birds" and "Giant", i would say he is really good at acting. Thank you so much for choosing him to be one of the main charactor in "Giant". Because of him,the drama seems to be more brilliant. Sang Wook, keep it up and we will support you forever! Fighting!! Can't wait to see your new coming up drama.... i hope you can read all our messages and understand how we feel about you. God bless you!

Angie Le best actor ever!!!

Angie Le you are most talented man, excellence Giants,Thorn birds keep up man.

Ixxxy Oh my good i love you Sang wook.... Im so angry there is no fanclub in fanpop for you. You are the best.I see Him in Paradise ranch and Giant both are translated in our language and i love you so much.........So sad your not in our country, and wish you are 21 again, please dont get old.

Nomeko G I love u Sang wook...I bless u...Good luck.....^^ <3<3<3

Mh Great actor especially as Joo Min Woo in Giant. He really stole the show. Love the min woo/mijoo couple in that show. Triple thumbs

Zulhilmi I hate him in the accidental couple!!!!

Sang And i am surely knows that U R NOT A GAY. Im on u r side.

Sang Hello, MrJoo Sang-Wook, you are so cool and smart above all korean star and i crazy all over about u but im far far away from u. I wish i could see u one day.

PaulaC He is one of the best.....

joankhor Joo Sang Wook is so charismatic and charming. He is so outstanding in korean drama "Giant". I think he "stole" the drama and wonder why he is not that popular in South Korea. In addition, his voice really melts my heart and took me away.

Always dream of you

marie such a great actor with a charming smile that leaves a mark on everyone's heart! hope to see/watch "good friends" movie soon. love yah,sang wook!

Lucy M. hello! Sang

like your smile & acting at thorn birds drama... I always watch you here in Manila KBS Channel

myls yah... he's so charming

myls He' so handsome..

myls I just love the way he smiles....

A He looks like the boy who I like in outside :) So, I cheer you! You are so handsome !!!

Ai He's such a great actor!!! I love it when he smiles!!! makes me fall for him~! :)) He's so handsome and charming!!!!! I'm gonna watch all his drama over and over!!! :))

GJ Oppa Saranghaeyo! hahahahh! At last I have been able to call somebody Oppa!

I love this guy, his smile really made me love him more. I don't know, he doesn't have dimples but there is something in his smile which makes him really charismatic. Actually I first saw him in QSD and I have been able to accidentally watch him in Paradise Ranch.. Oh I love him there! At first it was because, he has resemblance with Kim Rae Won but he grows in me. I have just been heart broken because he has not been able to end up with DJ. I guess I will be hooked watching thorn birds and giant because of him...

erika Joo sang wook is so cute , he is adorable . i think i am gonna fall in love , i love his smile and everything about him

i started to watch paradise ranch and is amazing .

LadyH Joo Sang Wook, the more i watch the drama's you're in...the more adorable you are!! I think you're a good actor. and hope for much more success!!

Tendolma I'm now watching paradise ranch and I really really wish da ji picks him at the end otherwise il stop watching kdramas lol. He is soo good-looking <3

shirley after watching Kimcheed radish cubes i begin to love Joo Sang Wook...but after seeing him again at GIANT.....i really love him and wanna hug him too...Joo Sang Wook luv you forever....

T. Nguyen Joo Sang Wook is a great actor. Anyone knows anything about his international official fanclub? Im currently in the US, so there are obviously no Sangwook's fanclubs here =.=!

rowena i never recognize him before but right now that i am watching paradise ranch...i just wanted to see him in every scenes...:D i just hope and wish that he and the lead girl end up together thou the story obviously is the opposite.:(

Kadillax He's really awesome!!!! the best actor I've seen!!! He always did his roll with his best. Can't wait to see his roll in next movie "The Thorn Birds".

adinda love with Joo Sang Wook, he played very well at Giant drama although a role as antagonist, but his acting is very good. Joo Sang wook is very handsome.

jean Watching paradise ranch right now and he's wonderful, but I'm only just into the drama so if he doesn't win the girl against the rival he's pitted against in THIS drama then I might start to lose faith in Korean dramas and their taste in men because Joo Sang-Wook is a hottie.

heather Hi Jel, You won't see Joo Sang wook in every ep but he is really a great actor. he is so handsome and he was a prince and his name was Woyla in QSD. I love all his dramas , Please also watch Kimcheed Radish cubes, chunga's happy event and Giant. I am now watcing Paradise Ranch and looking forward to his first lead role in the Thorn Bush Birds.

jel Just wondering if we can find Joo Sang Wook a lot in Queen Seon Dok? Can we see his acting in every episode in this drama? Can anyone let us know? Please. Cheers

Lya Yusuf Supraba "Man without smile" in movie The Great Queen Seondeok But u still look cute and handsome. Hope u will always happy...and have all the best.

Christy I am so impressed by his excellent role as General Wolya in the drama Queen Seondeok. He is not only talented but also very handsome and attractive. I cannot understand why he is not as famous as other Korean actors.

jinnee I am fan of Korean films and Dramas. When i saw Joo Sang Wook, i think his roll is better than many famous actors. I love him the most in Kimcheed radish cubes. Look at his face a bright smile and bright eyes and his voice is so expressive. Joo Sang Wook fighting!

jazel He's really cute and very talented person. I have watched Korean version of Queen Sean Duek though i did not understand, I can really feel the intense. He Joo sang wook is one of the best actor i've ever seen on that drama.

b วอลยาหล่ออ่ะ ทหารเกาหลีนี่แบบว่าอยากได๋อยากได้

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