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  • Name: Ji Jin-Hee
  • Hangul: 지진희
  • Birthdate: June 24, 1973
  • Birthplace South Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Blood Type: B


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tp @Dongwookieee, totally agreed! Truly loved him in Dong Yi, but really hated him in Blood. He's a damn good actor though.

Dongwookieee His acting is so great that i hate him after watching Blood. He did so damn well with his character, making the audience feel like hi is getting into out nerves dang He is like the best villain yet worst morality in blood

Jamie You are just so hot! My goodness, what a sexy man...love to see more of you in future series.

hediye cirasun merhaba ji jin hee sizi çok seviyorum tüm filmleriniz beğenerek izliyorum

MGM Lots of credit to your amazing acting skills because so diverse. You are doing a great job as a villain in Blood.

Adam his acting in " he who can't marry"' is the best. i can watch it again and again.

sha i love him in Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest <3

Janna Wow I've seen him in Historical kdramas only...seeing him in Blood surprised me. He looks refreshing!

jeff Seen I watch his historical drama, I am so amazed to this guy, if there's a chance to meet him on person I will be happy.

hara he's such a good actor. i really like him especially in historical drama (Dong Yi & Jewel in the Palace). Look forward to his next historical drama project. Fighting!!

NELLY i like the historical drama of Dong Yi even the Jewel in the Palace, keep it up , have some more movie that inspires and gives lessons ... GOD Bless!

lolly Oppa.....you are the best......love you

Sonya When I see you in Jewel in the Palace...oh! my God, it was love at first sight I'm from Puerto Rico and I love you. GOD BLESS YOU.

zahra when I see you in dong yi series I know I faind my favourite actor I think your acting can inspired anyone.

Francine Dong Yi truly inspired me. I cried so much for her pain and the king omg what superb acting. Heebin was a great actress. This drama educate and really inspire me. So much of history is lost and forgotten for reality TV that it is refreshing to see history is being told to the younger generation.

great work to the producers and the cast...hats off to you

Deanna Yu I am an American who has been married to my Korean husband for 55 years. I thoroughly found the acting, directing and writing of A Word from warm heart outstanding. One of the best dramas I have ever seen. This drama was so well acted by all and I give my appreciation for the casting director. The two men won my sympathies. I wanted to wring the necks of the two women. That means all four lead actors did an outstanding job. The little child was an amazing. actress. The scene where the mother-in-law spit out her gum in her daughter-in-law's hand was shocking. The loyalty of that daughter-in-law was amazingly written and acted. I went back and forth on which male lead won my heart and the young husband won with the line about the baby seed. Beautifully written and acted. Ji Jin-Hee's steely, strong, silent acting using only his face and body were so well done. I never knew Korean men could be like that. Thank you for an excellent performance.

Colleen I am enthralled watching A Word From Warn Heart....mainly because of this fine actor, JI JIN HEE....he is the perfect matinee idol...(heartthrob)....& I am hoping against hope that he will NOT end up with his wife in this drama....unfortunately the writer will probably take the high ground & keep both married couples together.

Oh well....I think tonight is the last episode & I will miss watching him.

tae shh ni you are the best in the world oppa... I LOVE U..

mahenthran you acting inspired me. I watched the great seer, yes captain and at present one sweet word I don't miss this drama episodes. I wish you all success in your carrier.

Ashani upeksha you're handsome in the above picture....

yenny Lovee you so much.god bless you .you have a sweet smile .im from indonesia.samarinda city.mmmuach

Kinkini Mr,Ji Jin Hee , Wish you happy new year!!! You are my favourite actor in the world. Your acting is very clever.I'm Sri Lankan

Kinkini Hello Mr.Ji Jin Hee.You are my favourite actor in the world. Actually you are very talented actor. I'm Kinkini.My country is Sri Lanka.

sara thanks a lot oppa! your new drama (kind words) is so attractive! love you jin hee oppa

Dianne After completing watching the 2003 drama "Love Letter" and drying my eyes from the tears I shed through the last few episodes, I wanted to comment Ji Jin-Hee on his performance in this drama! I haven't seen many of his performances except "The Great Seer", but I should watch more! Though I didn't like the character you played in "Love Letter", it is a testimony to your superb acting skills that I truly disliked Woo-Jin... :) Keep on keeping on what you are doing already in your acting career. In my book, you are at the top of the class! Thanks so much for the memories you've left me with ...

teshini Hai ji jin hee. I'm Srilankan. I saw u'r amazing acts in dongyi & dae jang geum. I wish to see u at least for a 1 time. I love u so much. bye.

Quan It's been almost a decade since I first saw you, Mr. Ji Jin Hee, and after so many dramas/sageuks that I've been through you remain a big favorite. I watched the movie "Paradise" because of you and afterwards I found myself very inspired by it. Thank you very much, to you and to everyone involved in its making. Your parents must be very happy to have you, indeed. Please continue to be in projects that will encourage the ordinary everyday person. May God bless you.

sahba ohh!! ji jin hee !! I LOVE YOU..

Amy my dear when I saw you in Yi san, u were good but when I watched Dong Yi, you swept me off my foot with your action. Sweetheart you are the best.

sara Hi dear Ji Jin hee...The only thing I can say is that you're the best...I was 9 years old when I watched the TV series Dae Jang Geum... Min Jeong-ho....ohhhh !! It was very interesting role...and I was collecting your posters and your pictures...Because I love you..Your best role was in the drama Dong Yi & A Jewel in the Palace & Take Care of Us, Captain (you was so Lovely in this drama،Kim Yoon-Sung !!! ) I am waiting for your beautiful new role....I love you Jin hee oppa...Good luck

aafagh i adore him and his role in Dae Jang Geum, he is perfect , prfect , perfect

Angeljane Ji jin is a versitile actor......saranghea .....

Ronaldo Fun and worth to watch him in He who can't marry and Looking for my wife.....more romance comedy projects for him :-)

jeffhee stumbling upon this page once again ..hi jin hee hope 2 c u soon :)

violet of Monterey got my attention in Jewel in the Palace and really love his portrayal of King Sukjong in Dong Yi , an excellent Actor...drama, comedy, very expressive face, sad, happy, naughty, and really natural acting...and he's so good-looking,intelligent and charming! more shows to come! next please!

Saka opeyemi I luv ji jin-hee so much especially in dong yi as king sukjong and in jewel in the palace.will luv 2 meet u in person one day and i pray it happens.

Deepa Thennakoon Happy Birthday Mr.Ji Jin Hee.You are very popular in Sri Lanka . Even my 9 year old daughter and her friends mad on you. We have watched Dae Jang Geum, dong yi, Take care of us captain and He who cant get married, and these days we are watching spotlight.You are a very versatile actor can show very oppositly different emotions very naturally. Hope you can have more more to act to show your talents. Welcome to Sri Lanka.

Caroline The first Ji Jin Hee's series that I watched is Dong Yi. That is an excellent serie, good in every ways ( storyline, cast, directing, soundtrack, etc...). I really like Ji Jin Hee as he is very talented, handsome, masculin, nice and humble. And that is the reason why I keep on watching him. The last two series that I watched are his newest ones: "Take care of us, captain" and "The great Seer". I was really looking forward to seeing them with the anticipation of enjoying Ji Jin Hee's performance but they both are terrible disappointments. Ji Jin Hee is always a good actor but his talent is obviously wasted in these two dramas as the characters he played are not logical at all. There was no chemistry between him and the actresses that he was paired with, especially in "Take care of us, Captain", and that make their scenes together awkward and unemotional. I think that Ji Jin Hee and Han Hyo Joo are a very nice couple. They are very funny, cute and have great chemistry. I hope they will act together again and I really hope that there will be more series with great storylines and characters that fit Ji Jin Hee's talent better.

hürrem 궁전의 지진희와 카리스마 매우 잘 생긴 달콤한 진주, 난 당신을 알고, 그 날 내가 당신에게 팬을 사랑하는 이후 하드 팬의 너무 많은 당신을 사랑합니다. 파트 마는 (봄)

sam he is very smart. i like his acting in dong yi. he is a brilliant

Hiranthi Hi Ji Jin Hee! Your most out standing, Wonderful, Superb performances in Dongi Yi & in Jewel in the palace DEEPLY TOUCHED by ME and the SRI LANKAN Audience I'm very thankful for giving the sub titles in English because we can't understanding the Korean language. Hearty Thanks & Congratulations to all of you, I love Ji JIn Hee & I look forward to see you more in Korean Historic Films.

kimora Mr. Ji Jin Hee was a little bit obscure in Jewel in the Palace. I mean, i didn't even notice him much, but in Dong Yi?? I was like Wow! who is that? He showed all kinds of emotion, ranging from Love, Care,Happiness, Longing, Sad, Hurt, Anger etc and some abstract qualities like Respect, Obedience, Law abiding, Selflessness and most importantly, Humility.

I just hope he doesn't disappointment me as i am about to embark on the journey of watching his other TV show/drama(s).

um hyder i hope to see you more in this kind of historic drama You're a great actor !! I wish more KOREAn movie to produce ...

I love the way you act

Sithu Really talented actor .. Is there a way to find out his personal e-mail address? If any one knows please give it to me.

M . Hansana ji jin hee is really a very talented actor. he is very handsome.my favorite actor is you , ji jin hee.i love you so much

atsumi rei i love his acting. He was good on leader role

LAPM Strictly about Take Care of Us, Captain: there is no comment space under the series page so I will post it here. The disappointment is palpable. **JJH ABSOLUTELY makes the grade in this drama. So much so, I feel his talents were utterly wasted and completely.

That said, let me say what went wrong. The 1st episode was Emmy worthy. Thought, hmm, they cannot possibly send in the ditzy, awkward, obnoxiously saccharine, and strident heroine. This was after all about pilots, something a little more serious, and with Epi 1 as powerful as it was, no way they (the production team) could possibly skewered this. But while she (KHS) looked promising, the prologue of Epi 1, went from plausible to ridiculous in Epi 2. One could surmise that there was no communication in the writing department. I dropped Gourmet like a hot potato for the same exact reason when the "airhead" popped up at the gate 2-3 episodes in. Didn't care for the Me Ari character of Gentlemen's Dignity either.

You have a character, a high achiever it seemed of a daughter, who seemed to have knocked off a ceiling in a male dominant world. She loses both parents and is now a single parent to younger sister. How you take character to someone who comes off as an amateurish high schooler who brays and snorts inappropriately?? Like REALLY?? My frustration began to mount.

The male lead could have been anyone else even beyond JJH... but the problem was not the role, but the overt lack of consistency/flow in the screenwriting. Episode 2 forward felt as if these characters came to be on different planets. If you have someone as seasoned, as recognized as JJH, why do him such disservice by not amping up the quality of the female lead? If it's the role, grow her the hell up. If it is the actress and her natural propensity to laugh inappropriately, then keep looking around. I am sure in Korea, it is not the lack of talent that ails some of these productions. What a producer needs to do with someone like JJH is find him his Sandra Bullock to his Keanu Reeves. The chemistry flows abundantly whatever Bullock-Reeves are doing together. Even if they were casted as sworn enemies, the Bullock/Reeves combo is hard to ignore. Go less with JJH, and one goes away feeling like he was just DUMBED DOWN. He was obviously that in Take Care. Made me want to rattle a few cages.

Other parts of the drama that I didn't quite care for: - Rife in KDramas are nepotistic, egotistic, and manical families. See enough of that stereotype flying around, makes you wonder. Hospitals and airlines run with as much as care as one does 7-11s? While the appeal about KDramas is less of the wham bam thank you ma'am storylines, the tales of such conglomerates being run by family members with questionable qualifications, is a little scary. Case and point, airline with the Veep's daughter. Overkill nepotistic bad.

- The premise of studying abroad (be it US, UK, or elsewhere): more often than not, talk about characters that "return" home with such entrenched God complexes. That's not exactly a positive view to be promoting, even fictitiously through dramas. The best contemporary dramas are those that at least have some plausible root in reality.

- The Korean redheads. Seriously. More than 1 on this.

And I am just heading towards Epi 6. JJH needs to partnered up with better writers, and with leading ladies who are comparatively seasoned as he is. Anything less for an artist like JJH? is like pearls to swine.

LAPM Ah, BRAVO, Mr. Ji! I stumbled across Jang Geum / Jewel in the Palace this past month post Road No. 1. Am relatively new to the world of K Dramas as I am more of a foreign film watcher and collector. So when in withdrawals from RN1 via Netflix, I was plowing through other avenues (Hulu, Drama Fever of the USA), I came across Jewel in the Palace, and just was blown away by the absolutely intelligent writing, the on dot direction, and casting for the series. I knew then I have been deprived. Talk about all senses high. In rapid succession, I have gone through Paradise, He Who Can't Marry, and the Great Seer. Yet, my first love is Jang Geum. There is something so utterly beautiful about love that takes time to develop and come to be. Such great, well seeded chemistry with Ms. Lee Young-ae. When I was done with the series, I went and bought it. Now, it's like an addictive book that one keeps going back to and relish in the details!

I love the effortless transitions between period pieces and contemporary ones. Mr. Ji's charisma just carries every scene he's in... from the heroic to obscenely (albeit inadvertently so) funny round as wild man cum general eventual king in Great Seer. It was such a funny reunion to see both Mr. Ji and his fellow Jang Geum alum, Im Ho, as brother in laws on He Who Can't Marry. (Mr. Im, whom I can't see anything as any less than a king in period pieces). Coming across Mr. Ji? Superbly a rare find and what a beautiful find he is indeed! This as my introduction to Korean leading men has been primarily via Lee Byung-hun and Jang Woo-Sung with a smattering of a whole lot of Jang Gong-gun.

I am going to see about this other series now - Dong Yi. I have been browsing long and hard for superlative scripts as good RN1, Dae Jang Geum, et al. Again, the screenplay (original or direction, casting can make or break a series) as will the casting. So looking forward to seeing more of JJH!

aruni i really like and love him because he' s so cute and a good actor.

humplin you were the first actor who captivated my heart in dae jang geum drama and you still and will always be my favorite actor...mr.ji jin hee,am grateful to you because your acting has really been moving me in many ways..May you always succeed,i like you alot...

erni i really like him

Mina I just can say you were incredibly wonderful in Dong Yi and of course in Dae Jang Geum. Wish you the best ever.

ani where I can find the significance of neol saranghagiga (I love it)?please answer me!

ani Ji jin hee Lee Sung-Kye is fabulous. You are the best as always.All love you very much.

neda Hi.i had 1 comment but i can,t see here ...why???????????as i told u are fantastic i love you...

ani ji jin hee you are the best.I love you so much

sajedeh hi jin hee.i very love you and i think that you are very kind.i can see it cleary. i decided that when i become older than now come to korea to see you. and i'm sure that it will be happen, so please dont forget my name i love you for ever <3 .........................

negar hello Hi Jin Hee , I love you. I wish I could meet with you in Iran. You are best. I would be very happy that response to me by email.I am real fan for always.

Rachel I like him, he is talented and nicelooking among Koreans, but honestly i like his traditional look more, looks very cute in that hat and beard that i'd like to kiss him all over lol God he s amazin, I could play that Dong yi role!!!! lol Has such a charming face! Ive watch 2 korean Tv series and he played in both!!! Must admit that i didnt know about the history of Korea, in Asia, all we studied was about the great 2 Cultures, i mean China and Great Persia, didnt knw there a Korea too! Thought Seoul must have been a village in far China or something! Wasnt it?!!!

Hostia U r great, I love your role In dong yi. I wish I could meet with you in person. You r amazing.

belle hey..love youR movie dong yi... mucH...

HHJ Happy Birthday ji jin hee! we all love you and hope you have an awesome birthday

fateme u r really good actor especially for historical dramas !!

haniya Hello JI JIN HEE,you are truly a very amazing actor,i like your role in Dongyi,you had a great chemistry with HAN HYO JOO aka DONGYI,Im now your avid fan,i admired your great acting,more power to your career and looking forward to see you more in a great movies and drama.

JeffHee I got only one word everytime i get 2 see this guy "handsome" >.<

Hannah dela vega mesa Ji jin hee + Han Hyo joo

oh very pleasant.... to hear..

Love u JI Jin Hee And Han Hyo Joo

worstluck Thank you so much for your acting. I liked the most Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi, but also the others. Keep up the good work!

rj he's the only ahjussi (mid-age male) that captivated me so greatly. :D

kay i like ur role in Dong yi..ur soo sweet and handsome king...i can say ur really a good actor..hope to see u in real..from now on will watch all of your drama...

Sammie My eyes are brimming with tears everynight I lie on my bed.Clairvoyancing his whole face for how many hours always got me ended up with eyebags.My lamentation --it's all because of him.I always weep 'cause I know that he'll never be mine and we'll never ever meet each other.Once I asked myself ,"Am I just make-believing?"Ji Jin Hee,if you're reading this--I'm entreating you to please response to me.PLEASE.

Kristine I think hot! Yes he is...haha

Cherii Very good actor :)

Rieka First time fell in luv with him when I saw his performance in "Jewel in the Palace" and got more admirer him in "Dong Yi". The last drama I saw was "Take care of us Captain" and couldn't take my eyes off him, wearing the Pilot's uniform with his cool appearance...so handsome....

I think he is the best Korean actor in any kind of dramas or movies... Keep on doin' great job Jin Hee.. Fighting!

Jinhee Jee Jin Hee, you're a total package! I hope you've got a big package inside your trousers too. Me gusta!

farzana Hi Mr. Ji Jin Hee, you are one of a kind actor! you are very good at play your character,I just have finished watching one whole drama(TCOU,C). You did an excellent job in that role. I don't know the real you but the way you play your role it's seems like you are a very determined person, and you can play any roll with your powerful charisma.I want to see you with Aisariya Rai ( Bollywoods star), Karina Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, Dipika Padokar, Juhi Chawla and Rani Mukherjhee. Is it possible? Shahrukh Khan needs to see your acting, what he does is not acting, but still he became mega star of Bollywood, Tom Cruze can act like him too. Does not make any sence! I hope you become the finest actor one of all. Wish you all the best. Thank you.

phaik see Hi Jin-Hee You have a natural charisma, an attraction with selfless effort. I and many other fans are drawn to watch all your dramas, the latest is Yes, Captain. You acted very well as a cool, handsome man despite being abandoned from young, I hope Da Jin will be with you in the end. You deserve her love (I mean in the drama). Your smile was so rare and it is magical when you did so. Cheers!

Fernanda ...ji jin hee me encanta la joya en el palacio no me la pierdo.

Me gusta mucho tu personaje por que es intenso, super atento, lindo, etc.
Me encantaría conocerte, realmente  me gustaría.
Éxitos en tu vida y en todo lo que hagas.

mcronde I watched dongyi. Hmmmm i wathced Dongyi twice because i was moved in the story and the acting of the main character! He is my favorite actor! He is simply the best! Ji Jin-Hee is sinply the best!

I also watched "He who cant marry", and its simply the best! I learned a lot from Him as a person! i noticed that i was like him and after watching i got a reflection that i should change my attitude and learn to appreciate other person! ^_^.

I just like how Ji Jin-Hee portrays a character role in a TV Drama, and i was so moved that He let me change one of my bad attitudes in life! ^_^

I hope we can meet personally. ^_^

Lady Ashley Hi Ji Jin Hee ,

You're a great actor !! I wish more KOREAn movie to produce ...

I love the way you act :D

LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! someday I want to meet you in person ..

peony88 Hi JJ Hee,

I started watching Dae Geum and love the your show, this was my 1st Korean movie then now Dong Yi, you have acted very well in both Dae Geum and Dong Yi, both different cast but I love those scene especially when the King is with Dong Yi... Fantastic... I look forward to watch more of your historical drama.... the whole lots also has done great ..... how I wish the producer will show a little more of King Sukong late years with Dong Yi.... The boy who acted as the Prince is real cute.... laugh and cried so naturally....

Thumbs up for everyone....

vern-phils. have watched dong yi and i've fallen in love with king sukjung,Mr jjh, hope u'll potray other epic series again in the future!!best actor!!!

nat hai....mr ji jin hee...now i watch jewel in the palace...i like it...i like u as min jingho and janggum. min jing ho is a caring, undrstanding , loving ,resposibility and sincererity.u r the best actor as min jing ho. even i dont now abaout u but i like character ming jing hoo which give me atractive to always watch jewel in the palace. mon jing ho so handsome and cute..

nat u r excelent actor in jewel in the palace...

shieji ur so handsome .. really loVE u !!<3

Donjon JJH is fun to watch especially when he acts as an awkward or shy guy, such as in He Who Can't Marry with Uhm Jung Hwa or in Dong Yi with Han Hyo Joo. Great job dude!


Amir your charisma as a king touches me so much that i wish that i can be in your place! Amir Singapore

Aman any people said that watching korean drama 4 adult man wasn't gentle thing,but i dont care about it,i gave 2thumbs up 4 all korean actors and actress 4 their effort on building the story felt so alive!!indonesian couldn't do that yet!!!

Atina jin hee sshi...chukataerimida...i used 2 call u min jeong ho since ur performance in 'jewel in the palace'...but i'd like 2 call you jiheonna... =) the best hope 4 ur next character... wish u can visit Indonesia,especially jakarta...

Agnes I’d like congratulations everybody,who play the films,and thank you for the many good feeling what we got,during watch the films,for Dong Yi, and the Jewel in the Palace,yesterday was the last episod for Dong Yi,and last year the other one,both of films are was very good,this films are our favourites, (me and my daughter).This films helped to know better the history of Korea.Agnes from Hungary.

andreas This TV/Drama like moore others Korean movies beat-up all the other oponents in romania at raiting`s.Korea like Romania have a beatiful History but the diference is we dont know how to make them.Sooo keep it like this bcz, i dont gonna lose any movie. Yuilhage joh-eun

elena these korean tv drama's introduced us a fascinating culture.you've gained a lot of fans.come visit us.best regards from romania

Lina Malaysia he is best potrayed as a King Sakjung..well done JJH

Liannie After having watch "Jewel in the Palace" I felt that Jin Hee's character was not shown his full potential. I am glad "Dong Yi" gives him a chance to do so. The difference in emotion thru the stages of the story. Happy,sad,caring , loving, longing - every single one of it. Very impressive . His performance with Dong Yi makes me share the same emotion....Just simply love him and hope to see him more in this kind of historic drama again..

Lila Dong Yi, a series that I follow with great pleasure. King Sukjong interpreted amazing! Thanks Ji Jin Hee. Congratulations !!!! It is a true delight. Topic, costumes, actors, vintage atmosphere, landscapes, interiors, music, I don't know what to admire first. Best regards from Romania!

Li I like to see him in more period dramas.

Li Yessiree, he's a great actor, I love to watch him in period drama, and he looks so handsome as King Sukjong! Keep up your great performance Jin Hee!

anyya Wonderful performance in "Jewel in the Palace". I saw the movie in 2009 and this year, 2010, too. (On TVR1, Romanian national television) Congratulations Jin-Hee! Best regards from Romania!

Anyya nalriv@yahoo.fr

tong I Like You.You are IDOL!!! OF ME^^

Mei Lin Hi Jin-Hee, you're an excellent actor. I love all your show. If you visit Vancouver Canada in the future. Please let us know, I want to meet you.

Mei Lin

Alicia Goh great actor...vry experienced

cheche ...i really like him! he's so cute..

Angela omgsh i LOVE this guy, he's such a good actor

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