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  • Drama: A Jewel in the Palace
  • Revised romanization: Dae Jang Geum
  • Hangul: 대장금
  • Director: Lee Byung-Hoon
  • Writer: Kim Young-Hyun
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 54
  • Release Date: September 15, 2003 - March 23, 2004
  • Runtime: 60 min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


About 500 years ago during the time of Chosun Dynasty, Korea boasted a rigidly hierarchical and male dominated social structure. Set in this period, "Jewel in the Palace" is based on a true story about a legendary girl named Jang-Geum who became the first woman to be the supreme royal physician of her times.

Despite her poor condition as a low class girl in the male dominated society, Jang-Geum overcame a series of social discrimination and landed herself as a royal cook, later becoming the royal physician, then ultimately the physician in charge of the king.

She was even given by the king the title "The Great Jang-Geum".


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    1. A Jewel in the Palace | Dae Jang Geum (MBC / 2003-2004)
    2. A Jewel in the Palace 2 | Daejanggeum 2 (MBC / 2014)


A Jewel in the Palace- Lee Yeong ae.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Ji Jin Hee.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Hong Ri Na.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Lim Ho.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Yang Mi Kyeong.jpg
Lee Young-Ae Ji Jin-Hee Hong Ri-Na Lim Ho Yang Mi-Kyeong
Seo Jang-Geum Min Jeong-Ho Choi Keum-Young King Jungjong Attendant Han
A Jewel in the Palace-Kyeon Mi Ri.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Lim Hyeon Shik.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Park Chan Hwan.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Lee Hee Do.jpg A Jewel in the Palace-Kim Hye Seon.jpg
Kyeon Mi-Ri Lim Hyeon-Shik Park Chan-Hwan Lee Hee-Do Kim Hye-Sun
Court Lady Choi Kang Deok-Gu Seo Cheon-Soo Choi Pan-Sul Park Myeong-Hee

Additional Cast Members:


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william Well since everyone knows how splendid this drama is then i dont think that i need to say anything else, but just "a masterpiece" , and for you who share the same interest with this kind of drama series, i suggest you to try "Moon embracing the Sun" a historical fiction story that happened in joseon dynasty too. Give it a try, thx me later :)

jjjosie This is my 1st Korean Sageuk drama, Great story and great casts, I love their cookings and everything... I watched this drama for the 8 times, great shows... love both JJ Hee and Lee Young- Ae, The child actor who acted Jang Geum when she was young Jo Jung Eun was so cute and a born natural child actor... love to watch more of her show...

Gwen Wow i just love this korea episode so much i have watched it several times but i still enjoy it every single time i watch it.All ghanians do i hope to jave the ungiving up spirit of jang guem

progress loved every minute look forward to every episode greatest movie for me

agnes A lovely, heartwarming movie at all times! Congratulations to all the casts of Jewel in the Palace! It was indeed a "wholesome" movie, so touching! It may be a century old historical,educational drama but it "itch" CLASSIC to my heart! A million thanks!...keep on...

Movie Buff Wonderful movie, only wish Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin, or Micky Yuchun they work very well together, and would be casted in this #2. Talk about money maker more that 500 million dollars. Hope the writers and staff would make it less melodrama and more exciting and your audience will surely be interested in action, comedy and romance type. Fighting

Andrea Very educational . Korean history and costumes well portrayed.

fatemeh I love this drama. it was the firs kdrama that i saw and it forced me to watch kdrama's. I LOVE KDRAMA

farise my first historical drama, it was pure love can't wait for the new series

sadhna tripathi (sandy) Hi! I loved this drama so much... in fact all my friends and I'm sure the whole India loved it. It made me an innovative cook... I want to watch more episodes, just miss it so badly..

Otabek Uzbek Hallo, This drama was best watched in Uzbekistan, whole country loved it Greatly. Best watched in Uzbekistan, i say

Melly Even after 4 years l still I love this drama it teaches a lot about life, great drama i stll want more after 54 episodes

halimah I luv dis movie very much. My advice to Lee Young Ae is to keep it up

Merina Toromon kind of movie that inspires my life and give me lessons to learn as i watch thoughout!! Great perfomance by everyone.

kana Great drama, nice character for jang geum, beautiful and smart. character of dae jang geum I think can be a motivator for some people esspecially for me. . really like it !!!

annisa this drama is great and make me cried a lot. i felt in love with this drama. even though i've watched this drama around 3 years ago, i still remembered it and always in my heart~ the actor and actress also very talented. keep it up! saya suka saya suka. im malaysian :)

Cudhi I like the " jewel in th place " drama yg menyimpan arti

Fathia i love Jang Geum! she is beautifuuuuuuul ^_^ and Keum Young you beautiful but you evil! :( and Court lady choi you eeeeeeeeviiiiiiiil in the movie jewel in the palace see you next timeeeeeee

samir so good i hope if i have CD ???????/

Valerie kalenga This drama triggered all the love i have for korean drama. I love korean drama and i have watched a couple of about 25+ dramas, boys over flowers, i am sam., city hunter, nice guy, stairway to heaven, save the last dance for me, 49 days,love story in harvard, we are dating now,faith. To mention but a few. Thanks guys keep on working hard, fighting!

supriya I like jewel in the palace very much.. i love lee young ae park eun hye

superstar I love it for ever

Eileen Calipusan It's the Best Korean Drama that i watch!! i already watch it twice and i still wanna watch it more.. ^_^

Uyanga I first watched it when I was a little girl, that was around when it came out, I still remember the OST word by word, I sing along all the time, watched it more than 100 times, never gets boring

Donhusty charlie booiss i really loved this drama series, i would encourage each and every one to watch this movie. it is really very amazing

Vicky Best drama ever! Very meaningful! But it made me cried almost at every episode! I find that the ep that Madame Han dies and then all her flashbacks are soo sad :(

Erisadesu it is planned to be broadcasted in Thessaloniki's municipality TV next winter !! in TV 100

HARIOM KUSHWAHA That was a fantastic , brillant,excellent,urite drama.I xnever missed any episode.I also downloaded it.mindblowing show.That was my favov

tsillah chukwu Jewel In the palace is a very intriguing and wonderful Story. I LOVE IT!it is so encouraging. lee yeong-Ae is a great actress she played the role of jang-Geum perfectly well. i enjoyed every episode.all the actors and actresses acted perfectly well and I'v always loved korea movies.Love you lee yeong-Ae your fan from NIGERIA.

Pramudi Mekala Sujatha diyani (Jewel in the palace) is the best tele drama i had ever seen... love u lee yeong ae sooo much... Please come to sri lanka.. :) <3

hauwa its so interesting that i always like to watch it all the time and i followed it to the end

Jean When i first watched Lee San (Wind of the palace) it was so intresting that i dont mind watchin it over n over again. Then i watched jewel in the palace, Woow it was something else. I never missed any episode. I remember suspending whatever am doing in other not to mis any episode. Come to think its a true life story makes me begin to wonder how she was able to overcome all her difficulties. Dis drama has encouraged me alot. Thanks for putting dis beautiful pieace of work together. God bless you all.

wally Jewel in the Palace, is the best drama program I have ever seen..the story was so amazing , this drama series encourages me to strive harder in life even though there are many difficulties we might encounter.. such an inspiring movie..I hope Lee young ae visits the Philippines..together with the other cast. To the creators of jewel in the palace I salute you..a job well done..God bless

Xin This was my first K-Drama! I grew up watching it and still continue to rewatch it now even thought it's almost been 10 years... XD I actually didn't even know it was a K-Drama until I older because I watched the Mandarin dub version and they did an absolutely AMAZING job dubbing! The voices were right on! I seriously didn't know... One of the best dubs I have EVER seen and probably will will ever see. They don't make dubs like the used to.

bbaboloki batlhalefi This was indeed the best korean drama ever seen. Big up to JAng GEum

helena i love this movie so so much

Davia So I was enjoying watching Jang Geum and the lovely Lady Han and was in awe of the incredible knowledge that Koreans have with regard to food combination and the medicinal values of foods, and looking forward to the ensuing romance, till Jeong Ho started callously mishandling Jang Geums' father when he discovered him with the sauce pots. Then when he finds out it's the father of the girl he is starting to fancy he suddenly becomes 'nice'. That really put a spanner in the works for me with regard to wanting to watch more for awhile. I mean how can one want our lovely Jang Geum to be matched to someone who is so mean that he can't even take a few minutes to find out what's really going on and not seriously mistreat someone whom he obviously thought was a commoner. After that every time he smiles I just think he is a fake. Very disappointing.

No one even apologized to the poor father when they arrested and mistreated him after the prince was paralyzed. Really Jang Geum should not have continued working somewhere where they treated her adoptive father so abhorrently.

I have enjoyed this drama up until now mainly due to the ambience of the drama, the cooking and the two ladies above but so far it could be really titled "Much Ado About Nothing". I mean the court ladies are constantly making mountains out of molehills.

Anyway if I can get past my disgust of the leading man I hope to continue watching this otherwise beautiful drama and am looking forward to seeing more of Jang Geums' journey as she grows in her skills.

lorenzo very nicely done...a truly inspirational drama indeed...she overcame many hardships..but became very successful in the end...

guwani i love jwell in the palace drama my lovely actress is lee yeong ae best wishes lee yeon ae

Missaka This a interesting story. From all the other korean drama series i have watched i vote this as the best. Great story.

LAPM I cannot possibly express enough accolades about this series. Having stumbled upon it late one night, the series had me hooked from Ep 1 through the very last. The script is brisk, flows beautifully from her transitions between houses (from culinary to medicine), and the direction is on dot. I raved about it to MBC. As a relative newcomer to the KDrama scene, (I have done more on the foreign film venue than television), the absolute pleasure of stumbling across a script so intelligent and vibrant was manna from heaven. This following Road No. 1, another treasure from MBC, was the best antidote to my viewer withdrawals.

Kudos to the director, the writer, and the cast to this masterpiece. It does watch like a fantabulous novel. Again, the whole series is smart and brilliant and REMAINS that way to the end. The only downside is that these two series is the rule to which I measure others. Totally understand that most KDramas are tailored to th domestic market, but Jang Deum and RN1 are so universal that they're such invaluable finds, beyond borders. This is such a worthwhile watch, to even the most discriminating of viewers.

The cast is beautiful as well. With the leads, I don't know if one can outdo, outgun, or outcast the combination of Lee Yeong-Ae and Jin Ji-Hee. Whoever the casting director was for the series should have gotten the equivalent of an Emmy for having such a sharp eye and one that clearly had an encompassing perspective on the whole project from leads to extras.

Thank you again to MBC for this series. I own a copy now! :-)) Best always to all involved from top to bottom. A+++

awanka thawa thawath "lee yeong-ae"ge katha srilankan wala pennanna.Good luck jewel in the palace.

Tereen Harshana This is best tv series i'v ever seen..

Nawoda it's a fantastic series which i like very much.

KKhan I believe this info is wrong:- Park Jeong-Su - Queen Munjeong

This is probably correct:- Park Jeong-Su - Head Lady Park Yong Shin and, Park Jeong-Sook - Queen Munjeong (Birthdate: 1970-Feb-04)

SHENALI AMARATHUNGA i love jwell in the palace drama. its my favourite drama. my favourite actress is lee young ae

comfort Dis korean drama is so intrestn,I lv it so much kudos 2 who actd dis drama,it cool muah

Patience Today im very happy to comment abt my very best jewel in the Korean palace.my top number one.it feels i have bond with series.chang geuma was a very strong brave women.when she entered the palace she saved the prince.her mom did e same.its very cultural brought me close to Korean culture.luv the way they respected the king.i cried wen lady choi & her relatives did bad things to them(lady han).i remember the diabitic Chinese who hated herbs but the love how the food was prepared he changed.i started to luv cooking.wen she was a doctor i luvd it.MY JEWEL IN THE KOREAN PALACE

Andreea I think the historical drama A Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum is one of the best korean drama.The story,the acting,the filming locations,the music are absolutely amazing. (^ . ^)

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