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Current user rating: 89/100 (656 votes)

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  • Drama: A Word From Warm Heart (English title) / One Warm Word (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Ddaddeukhan Mal Hanmadi
  • Hangul: 따뜻한 말 한마디
  • Director: Choi Hyeong-Hun
  • Writer: Ha Myung-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: December 2, 2013 - February 24, 2014
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Song Mi-Kyung (Kim Ji-Su) is a housewife. Her husband runs a business and her neighbors are envious of her. One day, she learns that her husband is having an affair. She approaches them carefully.


  1. "One Warm Word" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Suspicious Housekeeper" and will be replaced by "God's Gift - 14 Days" on February 17, 2014.
  2. # Ep. 9 & 10 of "A Word From Warm Heart" originally scheduled to air December 30th and 31st did not air due to award shows and special programming. Ep. 9 & 10 will air during the first week of January, 2014.
  3. Ep. 19 & 20, originally scheduled to air February 10 and February 11, will air a week later due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Kind Words-Han Hye-Jin.jpg Kind Words-Ji Jin-Hee.jpg Kind Words-Kim Ji-Su.jpg Lee Sang-Woo
Han Hye-Jin Ji Jin-Hee Kim Ji-Su Lee Sang-Woo
Na Eun-Jin Yoo Jae-Hak Song Mi-Kyung Kim Sung-Soo

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-12-02 1 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-03 2 7.38.4% (19th) 9.1% (16th) 8.4% (19th) 8.8% (17th)
2013-12-09 3 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-10 4 NR 8.2% (18th) 8.3% (18th) 9.5% (15th)
2013-12-16 5 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-17 6 NR 8.5% (20th) 8.5% (18th) 9.3% (18th)
2013-12-23 7 NR NR NR 9.7% (16th)
2013-12-24 8 NR NR 9.1% (16th) 10.0% (12th)
2014-01-06 9 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-07 10 NR NR 10.5% (12th) 11.8% (7th)
2014-01-13 11 NR NR 9.9% (16th) 11.4% (11th)
2014-01-14 12 NR 9.8% (18th) 10.2% (16th) 10.9% (11th)
2014-01-20 13 NR NR 10.8% (12th) 12.3% (7th)
2014-01-21 14 NR 9.6% (15th) 11.3% (12th) 12.2% (7th)
2014-01-27 15 NR NR 9.7% (16th) 10.0% (13th)
2014-01-28 16 7.9% (20th) NR 10.5% (13th) 10.4% (9th)
2014-02-03 17 NR NR 9.9% (20th) 10.1% (17th)
2014-02-04 18 9.3% (17th) 10.4% (13th) 10.9% (11th) 11.4% (9th)
2014-02-17 19 NR NR 11.2% (14th) 12.7% (9th)
2014-02-24 20 NR NR NR 9.7% (18th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Sydney what types or names of the phones they were using on this show? Does anyone know?

Karen Very good but found Han Hye-Jin very annoying. Don't know if it is the acting or the directing but how sorry can one person feel for themselves. An It's-all-about-me character. Have seen her in other work with the same sort of where-am-I expression. Otherwise really good cast. Loved the father. What a great face and so lovable. This film really demonstrates the misery and destruction caused by those who choose to cheat. Found Ji Jin-Hee's character a little too stiff and not passionate at all. Loved both Lee and Min Soo. It did drag in some areas but overall enjoyable.

SangWoo-HyeJinLove GOOD QUALITY drama, excellent actors. Everything beautiful. Why low rating?

tan i love lee sang woo oppa.. love this story,

herbmom Very interesting drama. Acting was excellent. My favorite characters were the parents, who realistically demonstrated the turmoil a parent feels when crises come in their children's lives. You never stop being a mom or dad. Great themes here....forgiveness, fidelity, sacrifice, perseverance, all of which are needed to sustain a marriage for a lifetime. Good job!

SOUMA RIDICULE, what a silly story, I have an affair, but I didn't sleep with him, is like I see other men but didn't sleep with them is more convenient, but those ajumah, want to make it more dramatic what a shame an affair in my dictionary mean screwing

wisa Started off great, I was pretty much hooked. However somewhere along the middle to end I found myself getting really bored. The actors should be all praise for their hard work because I enjoyed each of their portrayal of the characters. I was emotionally invested in some parts of the drama. Favorite part of the storyline was the younger sister, everything that she had to face, I enjoyed that being added. When started watching this drama I wanted yoo jae hyuk (ji jin hee) and na eun jin (han hye jin) to end up together. It ended with a good ending. The ratings are well deserved. Meaning its not high rated drama. Top 40 list for me.

colleen I LOVE THIS DRAMA! ....Ji Jin Hee is gorgeous & an excellent actor....wish he was making American films....but I am thrilled to see him in this.

Am rooting forJi and Han to end up together....but am prepared to be disappointed as the writers will probably try to take the less controversial ending.

Viet Nguyen Very dull script. Generous rating is 29/100. No progress made. That was why the rating is so low. Script writer was sleeping while writing it.

miodec I agree with madison and ann... love this drama

Frank I am sorry, I am following this drama and cannot see Adultery here. I saw a married woman upset over her Husband affair find a Man to spend good laughing time with if I am wrong is because the writer did not add holding hand,hugs,kisses,sex to the screen. May be in Korea there is no platonic words.

Madison This drama is well worth the watch. The subject matter is heavy, and it deals a lot with the emotional aftermath of infidelity and the widespead affects in can have on one's family and life. I find the writing and the way each situation is handled to be very true to life. Some people are complaining that there is no progress in this show, but I think they are missing the tiny details of character development that as each character comes to grip with the situation and their feelings. I agree that this show is aimed at a mature/experienced audience who can appreciate the fine storytelling.

ann A must see drama especially for married people. A drama that penetrates the sensitive reality that every family must pass when facing unexpected event in their lives. I love the actors. The emotions that come out in every scene is very convincing. Trust, betrayal, jealousy, anger,struggle, survival, sympathy, hope and love rolled into one. A drama that lets you examine your inner self and will remind you of good and the devastating effect of every decision that you will make in your life. Waiting on how this will end. :)

Phyllis West By accident I turned on channel 18 and am so thrilled with the acting, the story line and the sub titles that I find myself eagerly looking forward to Monday and Tuesday. I also discovered Madly in Love on channel 18 The subtitles are easier to read on that show than on Word from Warm Heart, which tend have words zoom by using too long sentences that are cut off before one can read clearly, or white print against white background is tough to follow. Thank you so much for these wonderful shows. Even though I am not Asian, I enjoy viewing the various countries' electronic inventions, business attitudes, family support and stunning fashions. (Especially since I am a retired fashion designer and illustrator). THANK YOU!

Phyllis West

Nyx. This drama seems to be dragging a lot... Mistakes repeat and repeat and never seems to be resolved... The actors and actresses also seems to be lagging in something towards each other... The only thing I like about this drama is Eun Jin's parents...

loesje Wonderful drama well worth watching.It is about all the emotions that come out after a spouse commits adultery. It affects everyone around you.It has far strechting consequences. This makes it even more interesting due to the Oriental dynamics.Mistresses are not uncommon for Asian men. Yes,everyone can make a "mistake",but it is what you do with that mistake that makes the difference in people's lives. Comitting adultery is not noise over "nothing'! Be honest when you are over and done with a relationship and go your own way.Don't drag third parties into your bedroom,unless you BOTH agree to that.

stephanie I really hope all the couples can really work out their problems and stay together. So, they made mistakes, that's what makes them human.

izabel So disappointig this drama. I can't even watch anymore. So much noise for nothing. Thank God it's almost over.

Vera_yen I love this drama.. I really wish Eun Jin to be with Jae Hak,though it's not supposed to, but I can really feel their love towards each other. Jae Hak never loves his wife, Eun Jin has lost her love towards her husband, but they can't be together bcoz each of them is trying to protect their families. I believe in reality, this thing really happens. Somehow, I still hope Eun Jin can be together with Jae Hak.

SCHA i want so bad eun jin end up with sung soo..this storyline really make me heartaching in a whole day...its really affect me a lot and i dont want to feel this depression anymore.please end this drama quickly~~

Rebekah Huang Na Eun jin character makes me sick! Always dragging around like someone did her wrong. So pathetic! She's the one who put the ball in motion that's tearing at the fabric of all the family members involved but, you're suppose to have sympathy for her just bcos her husband cheated? Please.

yenny Love this drama.i like ost of the drama..

Samanta Eun Young and Min Soo are so cute. Whatever happens in the future these two really have great chemistry atm <3

Fatuma Omg i hope the cheaters dont end up together song mi worked her butt off for that marriage its sad how men can be so cold hearted i hate home wreckers btw im also 24 n sorta like it just want the woman who knew how it felt when her husband cheated to have a miserable life lol i hate her lol

Gina This drama deals with very deep and complex emotions and relationship and because of these it is a story that can be understood more by a mature audience. It is a great drama with very good actors, I look forward to every episode!

anna I cannot believe why people don't like this drama. It's even funny to read some comments about this drama being targeted to old people. To me, this drama is really great... it is very intriguing. And by the way, I am only 24.

kathy I'm really sad that this movie is not doing well. I am not middle aged, I am 24 and I love this drama. I will admit that I've skipped through some scenes but I still very much enjoy watching it. I can't wait for the next episodes to come out.

ssss the song in the trailer- korean dramas need to stop using it! so unoriginal and just an ugly song!

renaya drama specialist of han ye jin... but I dont like anymore this type of drama.. too much the indentical relative of it. I'm too tired to watch this type of drama...I think this type drama is suitable for middle-age or fans of old drama type, which run on family affair.....

J Coccinelle Ji Jin Hee is a heart-throb!! :-)) I have watched all the 6 episodes that have been broadcast so far. It is not a very light-hearted drama, and I think one also has to be old enough to be able to relate to the issues tackled. Someone who is middle-aged can really appreciate it, I think! I really like the rich stock of characters in the drama, and the different resopnses they give to the marital problems they face. And I feel grateful because it has also helped me to get a better understanding of Korean men :-))

Hanny Tandy Like the strory, especially to see Ji Jin hee and Lee Sang Woo.. keep waiting for next episode

ian i love the actors and i really hope this does well in rating because i am afraid it wont because of being pitted against hajwon's series.. anyway ill try to watch both

debrat Ji Jin-hee, Lee Sang-Woo ........nuff said! This is drama for grown folks.......only the kiddies are complaining of low expectations.

Ctoo Really interesting drama. So far so good. Actors, actresses, director and script writer are really doing the great job. Hopefully they can keep this momentum till the end.

JJ Love these intense drama. Something a bit different. Definitely we will see great acting. Sick of those popular dramas with really bad acting.

klutz Pictures please of Lee Sang Woo

5555 unpleasant i Ignore

mmmm yikes.. looks really bad..

sarah Yeah !! All my favourite actor and actress !! Hope that this drama's storyline is interesting !! :D

jan first episode was great.. can't wait till how the story will go.. ji jin hee is indeed amazing..  :)

PZA Lee sang woo..cheers!

izabel Looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for this drama. Maybe this can be as good as Secret. Or better. Who knows?

Juwita Goh Lee sang woo,up coming new drama...figthing.

TRT I love lee sang woo, to bad he'll not in the main cast... Fighting oppa!

sara Ji Jin hee is present in this drama ????

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