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  • Drama: Cheongdamdong Alice
  • Revised romanization: Cheongdamdong Aeliseu
  • Hangul: 청담동 앨리스
  • Director: Jo Soo-Won
  • Writer: Kim Ji-Woon, Kim Jin-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: December 1, 2012 - January 27, 2013
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Han Se-Gyung (Moon Geun-Young) is a young woman with a very positive character. Her motto is "effort will take me as far as I want to go". She wins many designing contests and finally joins a clothing company. But, at work, Han Se-Gyung does errands and chores rather than design. Meanwhile, the wife of an upper management employment at the clothing company humiliates Han Se-Gyung. The wife is actually a former high school classmate of Han Se-Gyung who didn't do better than her in school. This makes Han Se-Gyung look back on her life.


  1. "Cheongdamdong Alice" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Five Fingers" and followed by "Incarnation of Money" on February 2, 2013.
  2. Title "Cheongdamdong" refers to the Cheongdam neighborhood in Gangnam, Seoul. The area is known for its high end fashion shops and is sometimes referred to as the "Fashion and Art Street".


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Moon Geun-Young Park Si-Hoo So E-Hyun Kim Ji-Suk
Han Se-Gyung Cha Seung-Jo Seo Yoon-Joo Tommy Hong

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-12-01 1 8.7% (17th) 10.0% (10th) 8.6% (17th) 9.3% (14th)
2012-12-02 2 8.3% (19th) 10.3% (15th) 8.6% (15th) 9.4% (11th)
2012-12-08 3 11.0% (12th) 13.3% (5th) 10.6% (9th) 10.9% (9th)
2012-12-09 4 9.7% (15th) 12.0% (13th) 9.1% (17th) 10.1% (12th)
2012-12-15 5 13.1% (6th) 14.5% (5th) 12.5% (7th) 13.4% (5th)
2012-12-16 6 10.9% (12th) 13.1% (7th) 10.2% (12th) 11.4% (8th)
2012-12-22 7 11.0% (14th) 13.1% (6th) 10.6% (12th) 11.9% (7th)
2012-12-23 8 10.6% (14th) 12.8% (8th) 10.9% (13th) 12.1% (10th)
2013-01-05 9 17.6% (3rd) 19.8% (3rd) 15.2% (3rd) 16.6% (3rd)
2013-01-06 10 15.0% (8th) 17.1% (6th) 14.7% (6th) 16.2% (5th)
2013-01-12 11 15.2% (4th) 17.5% (3rd) 14.4% (5th) 15.6% (5th)
2013-01-13 12 13.9% (9th) 16.3% (5th) 13.5% (8th) 15.0% (6th)
2013-01-19 13 12.9% (6th) 13.9% (4th) 15.0% (4th) 16.2% (3rd)
2013-01-20 14 13.4% (8th) 15.3% (7th) 14.4% (7th) 16.6% (4th)
2013-01-26 15 14.9% (5th) 16.7% (4th) 15.6% (4th) 16.7% (4th)
2013-01-27 16 14.8% (6th) 17.1% (5th) 16.6% (4th) 18.6% (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Sumi I loved this drama a lot one of my favorites.Loved Han Se-Gyung and Cha Seung-Jo couple.. I wish they do another project together plz plz plz~~~ Make second part with moon geun young and park sihoo again heheehe

wawa nini can anyone tell me the instrumental music tittle in ep 12 when in hwa tell yoon joo she discover the truth about her? (when yoon joo in front of mirror in her room)

Jordon This was a nice show! On another note, can anyone tell me the name of the instrumental that played during the crisis/heated moments? I can't find it for the life of me, but it sounded great...

Mimiya Btw, can a native Korean speaker tell me about Park Si-Hoo's accent? In this show he is supposed to sometimes slip and talk in a country-accent from Buyeo? In reality, Park Si-Hoo is from that town does he normally speak w/ an accent or is there a mainstream accent that all actors speak (not just a Seoul accent)... (I can tell a Busan accent most of the time, but not others)

mimiya I watched it a second time and enjoyed it much more than the first time.....The second time I noticed a more intelligent drama, and understood the complexity of the characters more and i became "emotionally drawn" to Park Si-Hoo's character in particular.... Park Si-Hoo is always great at showing pain and angst, but I also enjoyed the humor he showed here. I especially loved the interactions w/ his father, hilarious....Also enjoyed the "jerk/bad-guy" Tommy Hong, another appealing character....The story flows at a good pace, but the best part is the desperate love that Cha Seung-Jo (PSH) showed.

Grace the drama was alright. i finished it only due to curiosity not because i was "emotionally drawn to the characters" LOL although i have to say, park si hoo's acting was superb. i stayed for him. hahahaa and i was especially rooting for yoon-joo. maybe some redemption for her, and, well, .... :) you'll see. Just watch the drama.

dadz .. . . . . . . . . .park si ho is epic here. but what i hate about this drama was that moon geun young was the female lead role. honestly, i hate her. her big eyes and big face . . .. .she acts excessively that makes me hate her when watching . .. grrrrrrrrrrr . . . .

Knight I LOVE YOU!!!! I love you (meaning this drama!!~ so much happens and its so AAAAARGHHH!!!~ but you know what I Loved it so much awesome everything might not go the way you want to see it go but at least it'll end well!~

Ozmo Park Si Hoo just looks better and better! He portrayed his character perfectly! Loved his excitement and dancing :) The story was... so-so... not riveting. Silly premise trying to justify poor girl in rich boy town. Moon Geun-Young simply looked miserable all through.

isola This is the first Korean drama that I can't even finished watching even with force. The story line is uninteresting and boring. There is no push factor to motivate me to keep watching and nothing to anticipate in the following episodes. I've stopped at ep 6 and just couldn't watch it anymore.

I watched this because of MGY and PSH pairing but sad to say, there is no chemistry between them in the drama at all.

Dee-Nah Horrid, boring drama... Meun Geun-young is so disgusting.... They keep putting her up as the cute girl...c'mmon already..nothing cute about her and her fake acting..

gunn this drama was daebak! so good . i have no complains at all. i thought the ending was great too. i mean what more could you want and i liked how realistic the story is. honestly who can just fall irrevocably in love with a rich guy and not also like his money. yeah people can fall in love but without an income or money how does that love last? all you will do is fight and break up cause that's the way life is. we all want more and a comfortable life. hats off to Moon Geun-Young and park si hoo . great acting and of course the writers, what a lovely story this is and one thing i loved was, you could never guess what Moon Geun-Young would say next, she was so smart and calculative. My mouth was left hanging open all the time and the suspense, oh this drama makes you so nervous that you wanna duck under the sheets.

Mac What is the name is tommy hongs secretary or assistant... Just curious

vanessa @OT5 Yeah, it had tons of cliches but it used them in different ways. It was unique and different, the MC was relatable and the guy was hilarious and sweet and human. I did get a little bored at one point, and it was hard to watch because of the suffering, which all dramas have...but once you get past that its full speed ahead. In love. <3

TrangYoonHee I love the movie. The ending is too short. I wish they shoot a few more minutes at the end about the happy couple. The crazy Cha Seung-Jo make me laugh but love. He is cute. Can't stop thinking about his funny character.

anon So many hate for this drama -.- I love it and even my mom which usually dislikes Korean related stuff like it! Well I do agree the ending is too cliche but it's not that bad, actually. For those who said MGY is ugly, yes she's not the best actress in this earth or the prettiest. But at least she has better looks than YOU!! I do agree with sassygirl989

IDA Very nice movie.. With subtitle i can watch that movie better.. And i also loved that movie so much.. Hope to see the movie like that in malaysia.. Hopefully you all can always make other movie with gendre like that.. Love and love.. Good job guys..

Crappy I am here to watch this kdrama because of KJS. That's all..

OT5 One of the most boring kdrama I've ever watched. It's like a compilation of Kdramas cliche. Rich guy fell in love with poor, helpless girl. Rich guy's family and family's friends oppose the marriage, the pitiful heroine scolded and humiliated and the list goes on and on. Park Si Hoo's 'crazy' acting was freaking awkward to watch but he was good during the normal parts. Moon Geun Young was good too but I couldn't really see the chemistry between them. If I were to rate this drama I'll give it 2.5/5

sassygirl989 to those stupid Moon Geun Young haters who are commenting that MGY has no talent and is not fitted to the role, JUST SHUT IT. just to tell you she's the youngest recipient of the Daesang (GRAND PRIZE) award in history... IT'S AN AWARD GIVEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO EXCEL IN THE INDUSTRY AND TAKE NOTE SHE GOT IT WHEN SHE WAS JUST 20 Y/O WHILE OTHERS GET IT WHEN THEY WERE ALREADY OLD. now tell me how is it that MGY cant act? if u cant tell JUST SHUT UP YOU STUPID HATERS. MGY is the best! and to those who are saying that MGY is ugly, why not take a look at your face in the mirror first?

HanSeKyung I can't get over with the ending. It is very sudden! It's a pity an episode can't be extended for even 10 minutes... I just need the ending which shows what has become of each there in the story... I know it ended happily with Seung Jo & Se Kyung being married ~~ LOL, I wanted it to end with Shin In Hwa going to persuade Cha Seung Jo again to reconsider but instead, she would be met by Royal Group's daughter-in-law, Se Kyung! ^^ I should have been a part of the writing crew for the last episode, tsk >_<

ChaSeungJo First, I'll say I'm one of the few who think Park SiHoo and Moon GeunYoung has a chemistry in this. I just love looking at them soooo much that I feel too sad they won't end up married in real life. How I'd like to control their real lives (of course I know about PSH's case but that I will forever bury in the past like a real fangirl).

This story is Wonderful. Very funny parts occur frequently until Episode 8 (IMO) and they happen less in the later parts because those are when the story got more serious. But that's not something to be bored about ;)

I love how it portrays reality for the poor ones who work hard but still don't get a step ahead. But that's too complicated to discuss here. With regards to love, from this I learned that "Only if we are able to accept the negative sides of each other is one thing that tells we really love one another". Well, love always needs sacrifices done willingly ^^,)

Please, Park SiHoo oppa and Moon GeunYoung, get married!!!

Tepi I'm so in love with this drama! I love Park Si Hoo!! Love u oppa and MGY is the cutest as ever <3

vvivao shihoo is very handsome! come back soon oppa...

LJH does everyone here felt in love on how hansome Tommy Hong is. RRRRRRawrrrr

annekaren Since I'm a solid fan of Lee Minho(1987), I didn't know anything about Park Si Hoo until my classmate convinced me to watch some of his dramas. At first, I watched Prosecutor Princess and it was soo fantastic. PSH was so cool. I mean he's so hot to be a lawyer ;) and so later on I decided to watch Cheongdamdong Alice, and again it didn't failed to entertain me. It was magical and made me realize that fairy tales do happen in the real world. Then, I watched his epic drama, The Princess' Man, and it was a blast. I was moved by their acting. They were so great. And when I google his name I found out about the issue of rape case.At first, I was a bit disappointed but then I realized that those things were just normal if your'e in Showbiz world. So, even though there are issues about him still I believe on him. Oppa, please come back. We miss you a lot. Fighting!!

-forever LeeMinHo/Park Si-Hoo fan <333Since I'm a solid fan of Lee Minho(1987), I didn't know anything about Park Si Hoo until my classmate convinced me to watch some of his dramas. At first, I watched Prosecutor Princess and it was soo fantastic. PSH was so cool. I mean he's so hot to be a lawyer ;) and so later on I decided to watch Cheongdamdong Alice, and again it didn't failed to entertain me. It was magical and made me realize that fairy tales do happen in the real world. Then, I watched his epic drama, The Princess' Man, and it was a blast. I was moved by their acting. They were so great. And when I google his name I found out about the issue of rape case.At first, I was a bit disappointed but then I realized that those things were just normal if your'e in Showbiz world. So, even though there are issues about him still I believe on him. Oppa, please come back. We miss you a lot. Fighting!!

-forever LeeMinHo/Park Si-Hoo fan <333

jujuandsylver Park shi hoo made an excellent work on his character? Mouais, we are going to say everybody made an excellent work, they worked hard for this drama and because of him the drama was not sold abroad! I feel sick for all these people who worked hard during winter , He would have been able to wait or to be discreet of his private life, instead of that he has any scarf in the air to pull an one-night stand, it is a disaster.At the moment I have no more the same image of him as in it dramas sigh...

sara God I cant't believe it. Park shi hoo did a great job to perform such difficult and complex role. But I dislike the story line and other characters. espcially excuses that every one made to do such horrible things and humiliateing the average and poors . I hope park shi hoo do the job much better every day.

lili12 I agree that Moon Geun Young does not correspond to Park Shi Hoo. MGY seems another child in quoted by him, psh is far too old, we see his wrinkles closely lol, I I liked well the drama in spite of some slowness.

kakoune Still fans of PSH who criticize Moon Geun Young's game, instead of coming to say anything and always the same thing, you would better make go to pray for your actor who was accused of rape because at the moment he needs it and to let our Moon make his path OK? Wouaaaaa it is the first time I see fans madwomen in more they are old socks!Better actor? Just now since the princess' man otherwise there is even better actor in corée:) and his game it is the same typeof face that I saw in tpm! Then go to pray for him! In the passage even if he is acquitted we are not ready to see again(to revise) him(it), then you will have his photos and movies to feel you good!

Fujia How the Alice in Wonderland, I can’t find the way that led me home. This Drama is a puzzle, that had so much to say, but in the end don’t say anything. The plot was very stimulating, but got somehow lost. I don’t like the main actress, she doesn’t fit the part at all, and she had only an expression. Some can say that this was the only way to portray this character, why she have a rouge life; but I would replies to this people I have had a very hard life, but at time I smiled, laughed, got crazy, mad, sad, passionate, furious, eccentrics and enjoying all of this set of sentiment; why human being are like this: you don’t have a-only-one expression your entire life. But, sadly, she had, and let me cold; she know only how let you cry; if she must portrayed Han Se-Gyung in this solely way, I believe that a robot would have been better! May some Moon Geun Young fan would hate me, but I won’t be sorry, why to say the truth is always the better way. I liked, loved, the Jean Thierry Cha that Park Si Hoo portrayed, with all of his expressions, with so many emotions; this was very enjoyable and real. He was complete and fit the role perfectly. I think that was better If Seo Yoon Joo would bee the main actress. She was really great and let my blood boil with hatred, till I understand how she was in reality.

daisy I like the plot of this drama. BUT omo I think they picked the wrong leading lady!!! Moon Geun Young. Her face is so baby-liked!!! I hate it the most. It does not suit her role! I got annoyed as how she portrays her role, she's weak at her acting. I was at episode1 but I just got annoyed and annoyed at her face, so I ended up not watching it, I didn't even bother to finish the whole episode. It made me think how could this girl be a partner of Park Shi Hoo, she'll just appear like a baby sister to him. I can't imagine her having sweet moments or romance with Park Shi Hoo or any other korean actor, maybe she'll just look oa at that. (I know she's already 25) Well, I am not her fan and I will never ever watch any dramas when she's the lead female.

However Park Shi Hoo is still one of my best korean actor <3 I just hoped he's partnered with another female lead at this drama.

KC I'm addictive to this drama because I want to know how it's going to end. But.... I don't like the story from the middle to the end. Sometimes, the dialogue is too complicated and I don't understand why it matters so much!

I want a better ending for Tommy Hong and Seo Yoon-Joo.

luvia This story so exciting.. MGY so cute... I hope she got best actress award....she so powerful in her character...

HJE First and foremost, somebody here said that MGY is not pretty so that is why he/she does not find her believable. I find that sad and immature. MGY is pretty in her own way and SHE CAN ACT! How else do you portray a person who is tired of the world's meterialistic ideas and who has to fight her own dilemma? You need her to smile and act happy as PSH, then she is not portraying the character..

Having said that, I find the drama entertaining and for once in years I keep waiting for it on Saturday nights. I miss that! Bravo to all the actors!

keira till episode 3 i watched, why i felt so boringggg to this drama. may queen is more better. tq!

slee I'm clearer who the main actors were trying to portray, from the characters in Alice in Wonderland (the 2010 Movie version)!

  • Han Se-Gyung/Moon Geun-Young = Alice (of course!)
  • Cha Seung-Jo/Park Si-Hoo = the Mad Hatter
  • Seo Yoon-Joo/So E-Hyun = the White Queen
  • Tommy Hong/Kim Ji-Suk = the Chesire Cat

CICI Park Si Hoo was the star of this drama. Funny, kookoo, dashing, intense, brilliant.. he was it all. I loved each scene he was in and deeply felt every emotion he had. I thought Han Jin-Hee as the father was great and he can be really funny. I also thought So E-Hyun and Kim Ji-Suk kept things interesting. Although I have liked a couple of dramas of Moon Geun-Young's in the past, I think she wasn't right for this role. After a couple of episodes, I felt she was draining and had mostly dead-pan expressions. Sorry. The rest of the actors made up for it and PSH simply stole the show from beginning to end. The looney "dancing" was the Best!

slee The story had so much potential...but not fully explored...characters had so much potential too but were not developed well. Kinda messy.

Good male & female leads but found they lacked chemistry as a couple, although I do like them individually, especially Park Si-Hoo who was brilliant in Princess' Man. And I could somehow see Jang Nara being a better female lead in this drama.

Having said that, something about the drama kept me watching...hmmmm...strange. In a nutshell, a watcheable drama (just don't try to think too hard while watching it).

archana Music was awesome, Story was kind of boring....Its get bored towards the end.

Adrian AJ I enjoy watch this drama, but... Moon Geun Young is too bad to be a 'candy', she can't smile sincerely, she's not a cheerfull lady, the only one she know is to make face like this → (⌣́_ ⌣̀ ) And the last, sorry to say, her face is under average, with the other words, she's not pretty. Park Shi Hoo save it all. I'd like to say to give Shi Hoo better couple like Han Hyo Joo or Moon Chae Won in the past.

Esperance Too bad it's over, I really liked the story, the characters, the music, everything, all good work, I look again and again, I am especially addicted torque (PSH and MGY) very fine coupling, the age difference is not seen and I became a fan ^ ^

cheryl Very good drama (addictive) very good actors and beautiful OST, I love the chemistry between the two main actors, I recommend it!

J Having read a couple of negative comments about this drama, I almost decided to skip past it but luckily I gave it a '3 episodes chance' to judge for myself. As someone who has watched *hundreds* of KDramas, I will honestly say that so far I am enjoying this one a lot! It's the first time seeing Park Si Hoo having a comedic character and wow~.. hes funny as hell! Interesting story plot too, a Cinderella story but a unique one compared to the rest.

nsc723 What a boring drama. MGY's always crying and acting weak and pathetic. No chemistry between her and PSH. She really bothers me with her character and poor acting. I love PSH but I think he picked the wrong drama and the wrong female lead this time.

anna nice drama, good ending with the nice conclusion....bravo....

loveK One of the best drama I have ever seen. Park Shi Hoo must be one of the most soulful actor that I have ever seen. His acting is so passionate and seems to be almost real. I hope him to win some awards. The big ones. I have expected this drama just to see him and I wasn' t disappointed. But it has come to an end. I hardly wait to see a new. Not to forget, congratulations for the entire team, supporting actors director, writers and so on..

blossom Seriously, at first I don't watch this drama as soon as this drama aired, cuz I just know MGY, SEH and KJS. I don't know PSH before, cuz his previous drama didn't get my attention because he played with MCW in meloromance drama that they're sacrificed and had lots of blood. Also princess prosecutor not too cuz I only watch 1st ep (just like TPM) and then I feel not too interested to watch again. But then when I watch this drama, somehow I feel this drama gonna be good and keep me guessing and wondering what will happen next?and then after I watch ep1-4 marathon, then I can't stand not to watch it as soon as it air!even without eng sub I'm going to watch it!and now I feel so sad that this drama end n they're not extending the eps just like I read in some news :(

I hope I can see next project between PSH and MGY :) I like their chemistry so much.

Davia I also just want to really praise the writers. They took a daring step and developed an unusual slant to the regular Cinderella story. The dialogue and character development had much more depth and honesty than one normally sees.

They were able to redeem the 'anti-heroine' by letting her develop courage and forthrightness in a way that I have not seen before. Which created some very exciting and powerful scenes.

I am really grateful to them because often it seems that writers just write whatever suits them without any consideration to accountability.

Davia The last episode ended up coming together exceedingly well and not rushed as I had anticipated.

There is a lot of material here still for make a great sequel to this drama.

I also really like the father too and Shin In Hwa's male assistant.

Park Shi Hoo must be one of the most soulful actor that I have ever seen. The character that he created was so delightful and yet deep. I hope he wins best actor for this and that So E-Hyun and Kim Ji-Suk win best supporting actress and actor. They were both absolutely amazing.

Davia For once intelligent and complex dialogue and character development. What a difference that makes. It doesn't feel right though that it will end by the next episode. There is quite a bit to be resolved still and to fit that all into the next episode would not do this justice.

Park Shi Hoo is as always absolutely amazing. He is such a sincere actor and brings so much heart into his acting. I just love all his work. I was very impressed also with Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong. He acted that part with great subtly and was very cool. I think that So E Hyun is one of the best 'bad girls' I have seen so far in K drama. I love the way she brought so much humanity to her part.

vaness For the writers, you all jjang! The story was great. I think its complex to write story like this. Every episode is so unpredictable and it was awesome. And for instrument soundtrack, I was touched. Those instrument and the situasion all appropiate. :)

fritziegammad I am a fan of this show can't wait for the next episode

korean drama freak first id like to say that i have watched nearly all the Korean drama so i can know a great drama from a bad one cheongdamdong alice is a great work though till ep 8 maybe half of you wanted to stop watching it but have some patient and continue it i swear that you wont regret it the drama would have been better if it was 20 or 16 ep not 18 cause the ending will be in rush so the ending would be disappointing

Sincerely (the craziest korean drama freak)~^.^

imhel I just don't understand why Moon Geun Young chose this drama to be her comeback after a year of hiatus due to her studies. She should have chosen a better drama to establish her come back. She should have gotten one that was written by more experienced writers....The drama itself shows the inexperience of the 2 rookie writers.

nessa Episode 14 daebaaaak! It was really great climax. fighting for the CDDA :D

Amy I love this had a great casts. MGY and PSH are both great in their roles. I think they are so sweet together and they look like theyre having so much fun In the BTS cuts. Fighting CCDA!!!

Yusiana Basuki A Cinderella fairy tale turned out to be Alice is lost in Wonderland as the female main role is not compatible in acting to male main role in 'Cheongdamdom Alice.' While SH Park acts brilliantly as a CEO and an only heir of a conglomerate owner who has mental illness of nervous breakdown and post traumatic stress disorder. He acts funny and weird naturally like most people with those symptoms, sometimes lunatic. The story itself is inspiring a poor girl finds a 'prince charming' but I am disappointed with the female main role acting. It's still more episodes to come and the only reason I watch this drama because of the story is captivating and SH Park; he is very handsome and stylish in this drama,

mgybiggestfan The best Kdrama vote for Best Actress, Best Plot (if there is any), Best Director, Best OST and Best Romantic scene ( almost kiss..- if there is

Moni Honestly, I thought this will be a good drama to watch, but I was left disappointed. I stopped watching on episode 8 because I was getting more and more angry with the the female lead. I don't know what the writer is thinking by making her a gold digger. At this point, I feel so bad for the male lead. I hope this plot will lead somewhere good, or a moral lesson is learned or something.

I will wait until it finished airing because so far, I'm not into it. :/

Alamak I love Park Si Ho but not when he is acting crazy. Too weird. The Moonie girl. She is cross eyed although she is a good actress.

georgiana irst of all ...I love this drama .. really is one of the best dramas I've seen ... and believe me I've seen enough drama ... and secondly ... what is wrong with the acrtita ....?! I really think it plays well ... ok, I know nothing about drama and how actors should play ... but I think it is ok ... this drama is about Alis in Wonderland fairytale ... it's normal for her to play so .... is like a scared little girl who does not know what to do the next step ... the world revolves around her, a world she does not know, full of mystery and evil, illogical things happening around ... they really are good reactions and I love this drama as it is, I think she is the perfect actress to play in this drama. .. that's my opinion.ok..:* ps: and for people who do not like this story, please look at this fairytale: Alis in Wonderland ,and then you will understand and you will not seem this drama boring anymore..:*

ixtyjjang I'm afraid to say this, honestly I'm not that interested in watching this drama anymore but I think I need to hold on a little bit more (as far as I can). TBH, its hard to watch 1 hour every episode to this drama, which originally I'm a Kdramaholic.

I love them individually for sure, I love Moon Geun Young way back 2008 (I think?) as soon as I saw her movie Innocent Steps, and then watched Love Me Not, since then I love her already. Park Shi Hoo too, he's just one of the best! Why does he look super good, hot, cute, handsome at the same time with such an age (I mean, usually you fall for the guys younger or same age, right?) but this guy is just way too gorgeous to handle. I love every single thing of him.

About the DRAMA, sorry to say but I (take note: "I") find it kinda boring. Just, I can't see and sense the chemistry (take note: "I"), sorry to those fans of this drama I don't intend to offend you. About the CHARACTER, I love PSH's wacky character, he's supper funny and I'm loving it. Charisma overload. And for MGY, I don't hate her (as I've said I love her) but I hate her character her, she's way too fragile.

Anyway, I still hope for this drama to succedd since PSH and MGY is in it ^___^ I have no grudge against the two. Just the story-line failed to impress me. But their acting is a supper b especially PSH's wacky character. I'll still stick to this drama as far as I could though, wish me luck~ FIGHTING ! ^_______^ *please don't hate me.

  • same comment will be posted on my blog.

nabi This drama is soooooo boring!!! I don't like Moon Geun Young and the story line puts me to sleep. I only watch it to see Park Shi Hoo since his character is funny.

Jen USA CA Wow! Amazing n what a great pair! So funny and great acting. love, love! thank you and greatful for the wonderful work.__Jen(viet)

valeshe Park shi hoo and moon geun young is perfect couple !! i love the drama so much.. nice story and nice soundtrack too..i cant wait till next episode !! i hope the ending will not disappointing like the other drama.. so far each episode makes me curious :D

bella as i watch ep 7 and's not that good and i found myself bored...sorry..but this is how i feel..:(

McJay Where's episode 9 and 10? isn't it supposed to be released 2 days ago?!

Jaleh I think Cha Seung-Jo has read the hand-writing text in 10 numbers( which Han Se-Gyung wrote at room of university ).He know everything and from now he play,too.But he want to lead her ...

MoiBelles Cheongdamdong Alice eps 9 and 10 will be on January 5th due to SBS awards on the weekend

PSH lovers This drama doesnt make a chemistry between MGY and PSH because han se kyung's character was bad, yet still I love this combination acting between MGY and PSH ba sha!

Marie I'm so dying to watch episode 9. ^.^

Mai I just love this drama. And to those hating on Han Se Kyung's character, to her credit, she battles with her conflicting emotions. She knows she shouldn't be jaded but she also knows she has to after being traumatized by her previous relationship, her work troubles and her family issues. It's reality and they touched the desperation most women feel in this generation when faced with such debacles. But I believe, at the end of the day, Se Kyung's true personality, the one she is desperately trying to bury is going to prevail.

Sheryl The acting is SO good, everyone is doing a great job. But this is the first time I've taken note of who the writers are and have decided to watch all their works, because this story line is moving along so well and I like the balance of touching and funny. If Park Si-Hoo doesn't get an award for his performance I don't know who could. His wide range of expressive ability makes me think he must be a very special person. He really makes me laugh. So far, Moon Geun-Young has been perfect. I wonder if she can pull off being cold and heartless as it seems this is the direction she is headed. We were touched by So E-Hyun's character in Assorted Gems, so it is good to see her again.

Analize Simmons I do not like Geun Moon Zyoung's role. She must be stupid or just desperste as she plays the ambitious girl who will prostitute herself even, on order to get ahead. I do not like the way she plays with PHH's feelings, even after she finds out that he's the president. That's pretty low. You get not to like that character and hope it goes wrong for her

kiara I'm afraid, but I hate Han Se Gyung. she is not only financially poor but she is intellectually is poor and wretch. she says just slogan,while she does not believe them.from beginning she was hateful, cowardly and greedy.It is not that she has changed in few days.Human nature don't change overnight.H hope she can't stay on his side, so he deserves a kind honest person. By the way,any film I saw of Moon Geun Young , she has played a complex dangling guy. she is very disappointing.conversely Park shi hoo is full of energy. I love him.

Fanie This drama is one of the most-excited drama to watch. I Believe, even in a huge-age difference between Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo, they can bring this drama to the next level... I Love the OST (especially "Love Like This") Fighting for all cast and Can't wait for next episode in next year !!!

Tina I Believe this Drama's Rating will raise up..... All the Cast...fighting !! Especially for PSH and MGY :)

Peejay Can't understand why Korean ratings for Cheongdamdong Alice is not so high. I think it is one of the more exciting korean drama airing these days. As soon as the episodes are finished, I can't wait for the next one. I find Park Shi so charming and such a great actor, turning from serious to funny in a sec. Even Moon Geun-Young is great in this drama. First saw her in My Little Bride. And even her drama like Cindrella's Stepsister and Mary Stayed Out All Night were great. She got awards from those drama too!. Home Koreans appreciate this drama like we international watcher do! Fighting!

san Funny, refreshing, great writing, excellent casting and acting. It's surprising that it's not rating as well as it should. Unlike the excessive melodramas I've seen quite a lot lately. I like that this is fast-paced and quirky. Kudos to the writer. Can't wait for the next episodes.

nani the best drama i ever see. My favorite for this year...

Angel Gabot this kdrama is AWESOME!!!!!!! can't wait for the next eps. comedy, romance,great actor/actress you name it.. it's all in this drama!! i really love it!! <3

liliino I love this drama!! Park Si Hoo and Geun moon young are rearlly good ! Can't wait for the next episodes

gristiana the best couple park si hoo and moon geun young ...... i love them... keep up....good job...can't wait what's next

SuperGirlInLove Seung Jo..... He so Funny..... He is crazy..... I couldn't stop laughing every time I see him in this Drama ... So Cute :D ^_^

sashimi this is the best drama! can you please play episodes everyday. the lead actor is superb and funny. the actress is great. perfect!

jj It's obvious that they copied the poster from Horrible Bosses -.-

Singya *^* Another 'Prince and Commoner' 's love story but totally love the Wacky Park Si Hoo! Go, Go Cheongdun Alice!!!!

iljimae this is just awesome, I can't wait for ep5, please saturday come soon:( I loooooooooooove park shi hoo, he always makes me speechless, and he keep surprising me every time in every drama he act in I love you oppa fighting

faz love love love it . i didn't think i would say this but the best just in 4 ep im in love . Park Si-Hoo hilarious. Moon Geun-Young totally new and awesome. can wait to see what happens next

tüte finaaaally there is a new drama, which is not depressing... I couldn't take those melodramas anymore... finally there is something, which is funny and really fresh

nada park si hoo is super awesome <3 i hope this drama gets the first place in ratings ^^

bayan i love love this drama ,it is successful .my best actress ^^ sat please come faster ""

omo I just randomly watched this drama since it's not a heavy or a melodrama.i watched the two episodes and i started to love it!i'm curious what will han se gyung do next.will her seduce that Artemis's chairman??i hope not :p saturday pls comes faster

Davia Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young are such amazing and charismatic actors. Moon Geun Young has a cute but at the same time emotionally realistic style so that one isn't grossed out by the fake cuteness that some actors display.

I really like all the actors in this drama. The leads best friend has a lot of character and is great. So E Hyun's slightly off beat nemesis character, Seo Yoon-Joo, is original and refreshing.

Park Shi Hoo as usual rocks. He is so funny in this. I am so looking forward to watching this drama and can see that it is going to be on my 'first watch' list.

azurymint I love both of lead actor & actress but i'll won't hope too much that this drama will be a big hit and not boring just like marry me marru

Sky Moon Geun Young + Park Shi Hoo <3 MY TWO FAVORITES TOGETHER IN A DRAMA ;A; TOO PERFECT~ I'm going to watch this till the end for sure!

clee95 OMG....yessssss been waiting for your drama park si hoo<3 and paired with one of my favorite actresses...cannot wait...

im so excited right now..

luvia I can't wait...counting time...:)

Yslands MGY^ Sorry^^^^

Yslands my lovely MGH! I love you!

anin i like u park si hoo, i wait your acting agaIN...POKOEK E I LOVE U.......

leenayoung PSH oppa. i miss you so much....Comeback.. Finting. i love you forever...

sassygirl989 OMG. finally she's back, my lovely MGH! I love you! :***

Ruah i'm excited to watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moon finally comeback...

Bookhead I'm really happy to see Moon Geun Young make a comeback she is my favourite Korean actress ever. Fighting!!

Meme Park Si Ho OPPA is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !!!!!!!!!! YES FINALLY ah I'm so HAPPY... Oppa I missed you since The Princess Man I really really miss you thank you for coming back pls make this drama so ROMANTIC like you always do (>_<)

Saranghae Oppa <3 <3

nana cant wait for it to come out. One of my best actress and actor together awesome.

missi seems like its been a long time waiting for park shi hoo coming back!!!but actually not!!!! i cant wait for it!!! i htope thiiis drama become very special because park shi hoo!!!!!fighting oopa!!!! i really excited:)

dini waaaaah!! geun young w/ si hoo!!!! can't wait to watch this drama :D

grace OMO!! MGY come bacckkkk.. I fell very happy, i can't wait for this drama

jean I can't wait to watch her this girl!

Moon I know it will surely successul if you involve in that drama!! LOVE YOU and Miss You!!!!

MJ And pray and pray, O Best Actress

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