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  • Name: Park Kwang-Hyun
  • Hangul: 박광현
  • Birthdate: October 11, 1977
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Kwan-Dong University
  • Height: 177cm.
  • Blood Type: AB


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Angel in Vegas Now ladies, PKH is a big boy, I mean big-boned that is and that's what makes him more attractive to watch. I just love when he walks and move around because you can really see his compacted body ready to explode in your face. Isn't that right girls. He's real sexy to watch. I mean, he filled his pants just right, not skinny, just's the real reason I watch this show is PKH's sexiness. He may not smile a lot because he's always serious especially when the fake Ruby is around, but when he smiles at the real Ruby, wow,, he's all that....just wanted to say, you ladies, leave him alone, I just hope he puts some jell on that rusty hair, fluff it up and bingo.....he's all that again....over and over he's soooooooooooo CUTE........

anonymous he's so cute in ruby ring!

Athena Thiyam He's so cute n handsome!

Mabiaki Fanai Just watched Pink've stolen my heart.....really love you and the movie.

lou I love this actor. cutie, handsome, acts well...I watched pink lipstick recently...he captured my korean lipstick

Bidam I just watched him on Mamma Mia Episode 36. I thought actors and actresses don't talk a lot on variety shows so I assumed he'd just sit and nod, the most would be clapping and showing reactions. But no, he cracked funny jokes and surprised me multiple times. He acted just like the host and I even think he got more air time than Yeong Ja. This profile picture was the time when he's chubby. I swear if he lose a few more pounds, he'd definitely be one of the nation's flower boys.

Gunn This guy is hot and really cute and those eyes are gorgeous

Serene Dear Mr Park, am so glad to see your latest drama "Ruby's Ring", keep going dear, will love you ever.

Burin Dear Park Kwang Hyun, After seeing you in drama Pink Lipstick, I can't forget your face. Every day I miss you very much.You are so lovely whenever you smile or you are sad.I wish I could meet a man so lovely like you. I like you very much. Hope to see you in Viet Nam I am your crazy fan

Hatrang Dear Mr Park: I like you because of Pin Lipstick, very good, You acted so good. Thank you , Good luck , Yeah

Van I like you act on Pin Lipstick. Everyday I leave office early after 5PM to watch Pin Lipstick on VTV TV but somes I must work late. I can watch on Youtube but I don't like, The dubbing of the version of Pin Lipstick on Youtube, caused the sweet voice and even gentle manner of you (Han Chae Bum hihih) and You Ga Eun disappeared. I hated this dubbing. I hope you have many so many good films with sucessful role, leading role for everyone can see your smile, see you act.

Van I know you because of Pin Lipstick. I like to watch version of this film on VTV TV. You know everyday I must leave my office early after 5PM to watch Pin Lipstick on TV but sometimes I must work late; I worried at the moment. I can watch the version of this film on Youtube but I don't like. They mute origional voice, and they didn't know they made many people compared with origional version of film in Korean language, that dubbing caused the sweet voice and even the gentle manner of you (Han Chae Boem) and Yoo Ga Eun. I like the way you smile, you show your love to Yoo Ga Eun; I hope you always smile and have many so many good films. Hihi Yeah

missmoochan certain angle he look like so jisub huhuhu

kathy612 Hi Mr. Park Kwang Hyun, my name is kathy. I'm one of your avid fan. I like your role in pink lipstick. Looking forward to seeing you soon here in the philippines! sarranghe!!

Kathy Park kwang hyun...i'm so in love with you!! Hope to meet in person someday.. I admire you so much and one of your die hard fans! I love you! Hope to find a man in like you in real life. I fell in love with in pink lipstick!!! More power to you!!!

kris hi Mr. Kwang-Hyeon Park.. i just wanna say that you're such a great actor.. i really loved ur performance in pink lipstick.. God speed!

Yaas Dear Park Kwang-hyun, I`m in love with you and your dramas. I know you and fell in love with you when i watch your drama Glowing she sunshine girl. Even though you`re not the main role, i still watched the drama because you are in it. Saranghaeyo ! i would love to see you in the US. (:

Sheila Hi! You really did an amazing job in pink lipstick...I admire you a lot

jani Dear Mr. Park kwang hyun.. really, i want to say Love u much much more.. i luv full ;) just the way you are :) Omg, really u make ma crazy when i looked u everyday just on tv :(, what a pitty ... when u will come to indonesia?? T.T Well, finally, Love is YOU ...

adina ELF hello

park kwang hyun oppa.

i'm your big fans.

you are so cool, your action in pink lipstik so good, and so touching.

I hope you can come to my country INDONESIA.

thank you.


chacha Hy Mr Park Kwang Hyun

The first. Time i saw your action in Pink Lipstik it's rely,,rely good,, action I like your smile,,it so cute,, Please tell me your facebook n your email,,

Hopely can see you in indonesia,, : D Big Hug n kissssss from me

Kikii hy park kwang hyun.. your a nice man, i like your act in Pink Lipstick and My mother really like you. your smile have a character . I hope you can act in other film .

good bless you ..

from Indonesia ;)

nca Love jae bum in pink lipstick. Park Kwang Hyun..keep success and happy :), ur character n appearance in pink lipstick are it!!

Natalia never i see lovely smile like you Park Kwang Hyun, Iam from indonesia and I realy Love your Act and Your SMile

ryu loke I like you .. Really.. You're so kind :))

wita Dear Mr Park Kwang Hyun..I like your acting in Pink Lipstik, hemm so sweet..I hope one day I found a man like you..aamiin..

ratna I do not know what to say, only one word for you is you...

ratna Hy,I'm ratna from indonesia,I want Ask twitter address kwang hyun park,pleasee

Taylor dearkwanghuyn i saw you in pinklipstick . jaebum was very kind boy. i hope see you in horrors film. you are not very beautiful but your act is very good and nice and i like you . thanks goodluck byebye

p He's good-looking when he wearing glasses & also when he's sad or angry. I liked him in pink lipstick but after Ga-eun engaged with his uncle :p

Jenny Wong Hi Mr Park Kwang Hyun, I love your act as He Zai Fan in Pink Lipstick drama, so touching, so cool and hope to see more show from you, and also your song, forever and bi so. Well done!

allen In Drama Pink Lipstick , Only Mr.Park Kwang Hyun ist the best Actor in Asia. We Love Park Kwang Hyun. Park Kwang Hyun Ist for ever. We Love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Pepole Asia America and Europa.

Shadi Hi, Dear Mr.Kwang-Hyeon Park

We wachted Pink Lipstick drama and we thought you were a Perfect Actor. you are very attractiv and lovley.

we are looking for ward to seeing more of your future acting in TV Show and Movies.

Good luck on everyting. People around the World

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