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  • Name: Park Si-Hoo / Park Si-Hu
  • Hangul: 박시후
  • Birth Name: Park Pyeong-Ho (박평호)
  • Birthdate: April 3, 1976
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 182cm.
  • Blood Type:


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Paige Love all his works and look forward to more & more. Support him as always, unconditionally. Extremely upset with those who claim he doesn't show remorse to what's happened on the legal matter. Please remember - "You're innocent until proven guilty." In his letter to fans, PHS has expressed his utmost appreciation, sincere and true understanding and learning from the lesson, and positive & eager attitude toward improving his image by working hard for all walks of people. Please show your sympathy and let's welcome him back to the industry with open arms!!!

Benz Thailand I also can't wait PSH in Korean drama. He is very good at acting &I love your smile. I do support you always.

sheli I like your dramas especially The Princess' Man. please come back now this year.

DianaP I miss you oppa.. I love your acting and I believe in you :) Comeback to dramaland !

Priscilla Robb Mr. Park is a good actor. All his movies were really good. Hoping to see his new movie soon. The best movies that he got was Cheongdamdong Alice and Family's Honor. Love his smiles.

joan He is an excellent actor...cannot wait to see him back on the screen.

sheli i believe you that you don't do that. and i think its frame up. i miss you so much. please come back in korean drama this year 2015. im waiting for your kdrama. oppa fighting!!

Davia So happy that we will be getting our beloved Park Shi Hoo back again!!!

sylion Oppa u are a one in a million actor.......saranghee

rainruma Can't wait until May 2015!!!.. The release of his new movie "After Love" w/ actress Yoon Eun-Hye ! Welcome Back Park Si-Hoo!....You have been missed!

soo i miss park si hoo i hope he will be in a drama soon his charm is special actually chongdamdong alice was great cuz of him also confession of murderer was awesome our park si hoo i love you a lot fightiiinnnngggg <3 <3 note: never look back our smiling angel

Weng Hello! I hope that KBS will make another korean drama for Park Shi Hoo and Kim Nam Joo.I really love their chemistry in Queen of Reversal.Please KBS make another one for them.for sure it will be a big hit! :)

Kdaram247 Under Movies, there is also Scent. Wonderful actor! Most handsome! Have been so happy about his new projects, and wish the haters in SK would leave him alone. He was a victim, not a criminal.

Elizabeth Bellido Excellent actor!! The life is short, enjoy every moment and a new sky... Blessings and hugs! :-)

artsytwee PSH Please come back to our screens stronger than before and more often! Watching you perform such moving dramas is really addicting and inspiring! Hope to hear you sing more lovely songs too :) We're all so charmed by you :)

rainruma WELCOME BACK !!!! .... You have been missed !!! .....

dadz . . .confession of murder is really good. I enjoyed watching it!

dadz @gigi

. . .I'm 18 years old . .and my mother was born in 1977 . that means PSH is one year older than my mother . heheheeheheh

gigi @dadz -

PSH is only 36. How old are you?????

dadz . . .ommo! . .he's older than my mother but he's damn young-looking! .i've seen all of his drama because i consider myself an avid fan as of 2013

Reem The days which passed were hard ... I'm so happy and sooooo existing to see you gain ... fighting ... be strong ... hopefully and I wish you could read all these supported messages ... AgA!

kristine Go go go... Sir.. You will bounce higher!!! You are very good actor!!! Your shows and movie makes me happy and relax.. Looking forward to your upcoming blessings... I also feel bless when I feel happy watching you in all roles.. Such a versatile actor! One of my favorite... love all the leading ladies as well.... K-dramas really the best!!! May the good Lord bless you more!!!! ---+big fan:)

Bn cream OMG!! Please help me! I miss him so much.

TheValeria71 Welcome back and best wishess.

Jenn Fighting Oppa, Believe in Yourself and Do not let other hurt you. You deserve to be happy. Wish you well always!

K-drama lovers I can't wait for you to be back as an actor.. HWAITING!! :) Hope you SUCCESS in whatever you do :)

Missed ur acting..

gigi Hope your comeback is a great success!!

Bonnie Katzell James 4:10-12 Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you. 11Do not speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. 12There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor?

I cannot judge you those who speak ill of PSH but I do want to know who made you Judge and Jury?

Park Si-Hoo if you are reading this know that your true fans will walk side by side with you as Jesus will walk side by side with you. my whole drama group roots for you with a return of great success...

mafiae Dont worry hon you will start over. Its going to be bumpy but you will come out. Love you....

misha you are such great actor,dont lose yourself.cheer up in every bodyًٌs life there are bitter&difficult should be strong to face them. whether it was mistake or accusation,has been need fresh start with new sight and move forward.please attention to new roles and come back.we support you

cecilia delcoro Go! Go! Go! and fight! fight! fight!. i miss you much Park Si Hoo.. come back in dramas!!! you are the best actor i ever seen!!

gift Welcome back! You are a talented, great actor! I wait for your movies and dramas. God bless you!

Neete welcome back! Love your acting and hope to see you in many dramas very soon

KSH Hey1 you guys from korea's entertainement world you better bring back our boy Park si hoo!!!!! i'm so pissed off By ridiculous accusations about him by evil,jealous, digusting people! Bring him back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love From Canada my sweetheart PSH...i miss you somuch!

Ruwi He he he god bless park si hoo. May the god save you from EVIL & VICIOUS people in this world.

fiona Watched "Family Honor," "Queen of Reversals," "How to be a Perfect Neighbor" and now watching "Princess' Man." Loving all your dramas, Park Si Hoo ssi. You are a talented and beautiful man. God bless you and protect you against vicious people and their evil tongues and minds. Hope to see you make a BIG comeback soon. Love you, Oppa. Fighting!!!!

Seriyon Rajapaksha. Park Shi Hoo, you are so handsome in The Princess Man drama. You are the most favourite actor in my mind. I like to see you soon.

manjusha actully we dont no what park si hoo character is so please dont hate him because of a controversy we dont no it is true or not how can we judge him based on it

busizhimi Park si hoo is such a talented actor, I am hooked on Korean soap opera because of him. His ability to show his vulnerability makes me feel so touched. And he has a baby face yet a manly six pack, the contrast is amazing .

Honestly, he is not the most good looking guy, but he has charisma, which makes him a superstar.

sammy Just finished watching The Princess Man, it was amazing. PSH is such a talented actor and I meant it since I've watched almost every single kdrama available. To Park Shi Hoo if you ever read this, pls move on and forget the past, don't let yourself down just because new projects got canceled. Slowly get yourself back through good image. Your good looking and talents are what we miss dearly. Can wait to see you again in new projects, hope it will happen soon. Until then, gook luck and take care. From USA.

Ruwi Oh! Yes Fiona u can hv park si hoo all to ur self cuz I totally hate him. Also I hv no intention to mean the opposite of what I comment. Btw u may lyk people for their good looks bt I lyk people for their good qualities. So unlike u, I totally hate people like park si hoo with such poor characters.

fiona Aww Ruwi, I know JUST how you feel... I also love beautiful Park Si Hoo Sii so much that sometimes I almost hate him. He is sooo gorgeous and talented that I just want him ALL to myself too. But hey let's not be greedy - we can all share. Let's spread the wealth, huh???

fiona Ruwi, I hate lots of actors but I've never once wasted my time going to their sites. You must be a psycho who really is in love with beautiful Park Si Hoo. You should learn to express your feelings correctly. Go see a doctor!

mimi OMG!! I can not believe that he is 36!!! he seems so much younger!! Anyway, I saw "The princess's man". You did a great job Park Si Hoo oppa! awesome!! miss u! please come back soon.Fighting!

Ruwi I hate park shi hoo I hate him hate him hate him

hong Your talent is greatly missed on the screen. Let the past be the past and come back asap.

anna sd+ P,I hi... Park si hoo.. you are very beautiful ''THE princess man'' and you are very handsome.. i love you

kitt Loved him in Prosecutor Princess- have watched ALL his series - and love him. Bring him back.

fiona I believe in Park Si Hoo ssi too! He has such innocence and purity about him, in his dramas and interviews. Love you oppa and hope you are doing well. Fighting!!!

Jeanette Mr. Park will be coming out in a chinese movie Aug 15. It is called "scent". There is much anticipation with his work. I'm glad and relieved to hear about him working again. It shows courage and bravery to face suc a cruel world. Hold on, you can win it yet!

sara Naomi, I agree with you in all that you said. I miss so much the actor Park Si Hoo. He is a talented, charismatic and great actor. So sad that he is not allowed to act. He's a great Ambassador for Korea and they treat him so bad. Koreans are unforgiving people, without compassion and kindness. It's so sad. I hope they never to be treated how they treated him - with malice and cruelty, with judgment and condemnation, without giving him presumption of innocence, without mercy, without love and forgiveness. (as if they would be without mistake, saints). They haven't thought that maybe it is all a lie. Anyway, everyone is entitled to a second chance. Wait for return of Park Si Hoo!

Naomi Where is one of my favorite actors, Park Si Hoo? What has happened to him? Why is it so hard for Koreans to FORGIVE other people? Why do Koreans persecute and punish some of their most well known celebrities as Si Hoo? Why is it so easy to scandalize and gang up on a person based on rumors that causes him or her to lose their lively hood and possibly fall into bankruptcy? Shouldn't Koreans learn the principles of Love and Mercy for their fellow countrymen? Why must the Korean country act in the manner as Americans by ganging up on one person which the USA did to Michael Jackson just before he was killed? Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Compassion will eliminate a large amount of guilt, depression and suicides that is plaguing Korea. I am so tired of reading and hearing about some of my favorite Korean celebrities falling into depression and/or killing themselves! Why must Park Si Hoo continue suffering the humiliation of a past rumor and lose ALL his credibility as an actor because of a woman who got sloppy drunk with him and then accused him of rape? Had she not gone into his apartment, she never would had anything to accuse him of! I'm MAD AS HELL because I can no longer watch another one of my favorite Korean actors! Why not remove the claws out and limitations off him and give him another chance? He deserves to be Forgiven and pardoned for whatever offense he committed. Even the woman dropped her charges against him. Shouldn't the rest of Korea follow her lead? Looking forward to seeing Si Hoo again ASAP.

Bonnie Katzell How many people really believe in Park Si-Hoo? I do and please please keep this updated. My group Kdrama Kpop Junkies on facebook adore him and are always here looking things up and waiting for updates on him.... FIGHTING!

Bonnie Katzell I hope you plan on adding his new stuff it may be Chinese but he deserves the credit, sorry for those who don't believe in him but I actually want him back doing Korean dramas but what ever he does I will see.. I have seen everything of his so far and I will continue to watch him... FIGHTING! Park Si Hoo

Shilah Baumann I loved The Princess' Man...Park Si Hoon was AWESOME...I am definitely a HUGE fan now...I think I'm gonna watch another one of his next...I'm sure I won't be disapointed...Keep up the GREAT work and keep showing that BEAUTIFUL SMILE of yours...:)

July Ann Boleng Perez This movie was so great...i really love this princess man movie...park shi hoo is really agreat actor

July Ann Boleng Perez I really love the really touches my heart...

Quixote This drama is excellent. I watched it about six months ago, but I've returned to view it again. It's such an awesomely beautiful drama with its scenery, and beautiful actors. Park Si-Hoo is an actor I could watch over an over again. In this drama he seems not only portray maturity and intensity when he needs to be, but he is also able to convey his character's love for his "Juliet" with such believable honesty.

Deewari Dissanayake I wonder about you and your acting performence. Now I feel that, I'm fortunate enough to see, the couple who fall in love honestly. In this complex word, it's very difficult to seek true love and romantic couple like in the princess's man. Oh... now I feel, I'm living in love. Park si and moon won my heart. Park si hoo is my favourite and princess of dream. I saw, you have done your duty well, I mean, you have performed very well. I hope you will get top place of the world. Wish you all the best and success! Buddha bless you my dearest artist! ;

dhunhys The first time I watched PSH kdrama (Princess' Man) I was caught with his smile. I could say that this is his greatest asset which absolutely complimented his good look. I had also came upon the news that struck his career. However that does not affect my perception that he is a good actor. Besides every person has its own storm, the weight depends on person's capability to weather it. Afterall what happened on his career, I will absolutely one of PSH fans. Keep FIGHTING PARK SHI HOO. There are still many people who still believe and support you no matter what.

savageangel The first time I watched PSH kdrama (Princess' Man) I was caught with his smile. I could say that this is his greatest asset which absolutely complimented his good look. I had also came upon the news that struck his career. However that does not affect my perception that he is a good actor. Besides every person has its own storm, the weight depends on person's capability to weather it. Afterall what happened on his career, I will absolutely one of PSH fans. Keep FIGHTING PARK SHI HOO. There are still many people who still believe and support you no matter what.

some_one. he is a very great actor..but why he is not too famous?? he is handsome and talented..but..why??

Jenn There are many actors exist,But Park Si Hoo is the Only One. Hes the great actor who can act better than our imagination. He one of a kind, a very unique and versatile actor. Aside from the fact the he is really an inborn Gods of Looks. Maybe that was the reason why there were many people want to make him down. But i wish someday PSH will be back in Good faith.

Remember Oppa,were always here for you.Maybe miles away from you but we definitely Love you. Support all the way.

From Your Philippine's Fans.

Banar I love see park shi hoo with moon chae woon please came back for another drama together

Rachel I would love to see him with Moon Chae Woon. They are a perfect couple. I wish someday they make another drama. I really love his acting skills. He has some kind of charisma that captured the heart of every viewers. Park Si Hoo, we know you're a great actor and a good person. Keep fighting and don't forget to pray. Lord is always with you. We are always here to support you. Saranghaeyo! Fighting!!!

qhuelly I hope they give a chance to do a drama this year. KBS, MBC & TVN please give him a second chance. He is a good actor and i'm sure he is a good person too. People around the globe are begging to see him one more time. Every person made a mistake and i'm sure he already learned from it..Netezens please forgive and support him. Thank you. Park Si Hoo fighting!!!

Stefany I miss you Park Shi Hoo.. please create a facebook twitter and instagram.. it's hard for me to get your latest update because weibo is not available in indonesia. i fpossible, can you make line? thanks.. i love you..

sara I can't believe that all those stupid people didn't let you to play in "Golden Cross" I'm sure many people missed your beautiful prformance. I hope you will come bake with glory and better acting skill as ever ! fighting!

annie Waaaah. SO HANDSOME oppa makes a lot of drama I will assure you I will watch them all. You look a like Kang Ji Hwan =) SARANGHAEYO <3 FIGHTING !!!

cess i hope to see him again doing kdramas...i really miss him... TPM & CDDA,the best!... saranghaeyo, Park Shi Hoo Ssi.... fighting!!

angel Hi park si hoo...i have been watching your series recently and you're really a good actor...i'm almost done watching your series and continuously hoping that you're gonna do more series...hopefully soon as I can't wait to watch them already...i really admired you and all the roles you have portrayed...hope to see you soon on screens and dramas...;)

rainruma you r correct @black hawk! Park Si-Hoo is Irreplaceable! Who else can play a "tortured soul" or "angst"? no one but Park Si-Hoo!.....

I have been paying attention to other drama actors trying to show that emotion, and I have not found anyone that can do it better than PSH....Really miss him in drama-land!

black hawk Park Si Hoo is an amazing actor! He has unbelievable magnetism and charisma once he is on screen. He is Irreplaceable! Really miss his Talent, his great acting!

hanadi iam sure its hard for u to come back.people can be really cruel when it comes to scandals.but there is people waiting for u all around the world not just Asia but North Africa.with every thing happening around here i didnt loose hope and i hope you wont it will be a shame if u from Tunis i tell u keep fighting and like i always say it doesnt matter how much the winter is cold there is always spring after it ok champ.BTW iam girl most people think my name is a boy's name

anna like to see you again! when?

bia when will we see you again? good luck ;)

bia when will we see you again? good luck ;)

soed Always praying for you, beautiful smile!! We need real and great actors like u!! Keep "Fighting""...u r just a unique and rare gem!! Dios the bendiga !!

Janit on of my favorite drama is the Princess Man.. I watched 7 times... i like because Park shi hoo is a good actor... we miss him so much PSH.. from Philippines

shihoo Please back Park Shi HOO. We really miss you. I want to see you again please. Don't think of any words that your haters say. you fans BELIEVE IN YOU.

shihoo please i want to see him again. Park Shi Hoo you must come back for you fans please. Don't think of any words that you haters say. WE BELIEVE IN YOU.

havy Please give him back, i want to see movies PARK SHI HOO has played.

havy Please give him back, i want to see movies he has played.

Eny saranghae park si hoo, comeback soon and fighting...!!!! love your smile...

Eny I love your smile, love your drama.. please comeback soon, we'll waiting for you..fhighting!!! saranghae park si hoo... from Indonesia

lie KEMA.. let Park Shi Hoo back..................please..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

manny I love Park Si Hoo so much:)) please allow his comeback:))))))))) <3

Lolita I miss Park shi hoo.He is one of my favorite korean actor! bring him back! pleaz!

ling I hv watched more than 100 korean dramas but never loved any actor/actress.. until I watched princess man, PSH has became my favorite.. Then i am looking for all PSH's dramas and movie and watched all of them. ...I also love him in Family Honor, Cheongdamdong alice, Prosecutor princess, Queen OR, perfect neighbor. But i can not find Let Marry with PSH as second lead. May anybody help me ??? where can I download this drama???? give me the link pleaseeee!!!!!!! sorry for my poor english........

anna Please bring park si hoo back, he such a great loss to korean industry, he is also one of the best and versatile actor. I believe his that his innocent!!!!!!! Park Si Hoo Ganbatte! Be strong:))))

patricia I miss Park Si Hoo bring him back:(( He is such a great actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

marisca I miss you day by day...please comeback soon Shi Hoo ssi..

May Please comeback soon, Park Shi Ho...from Indonesia with love

marisca I miss you day by day...shi ho ssi...please comeback soon

Dana I have kept my emotions to myself but it is time to talk about the scandal that was put in motion to remove PSH from the Korean spotlight. I am from NY and it was him who got me interest ed in Korean Drama's. his mere presence on the screen shook me to where I stopped watching American TV. I am constantly looking for his presence on the TV and its like he was erased from Korean memories. I think about he has had to endure for a bad choice that he made. And if you look he is extremely handsome and has no need to rape anyone. she had motive and agenda and I am sorry his talent has been sidetracked to China .Park Shi you've been. Betrayed by ur own ppl. I love you n want to see you back I. Dramas or a movie. I miss you..

ling Maybe there is power behind the scene who want him dissappear from entertaint industry??????????????

NATO We miss PSH's drama. So we just repeat and repeat his old drama.... we are waiting for psh new drama. please............let him back now.....

yulie He is one of few outstanding actor in korea. Some korean actors only handsome but can not act. Without PSH....the drama is so boring////////// we love u....please come back.....from Indonesia fan

sisi He is an outstanding korean actor. but seem like korean people don't about him.....

Jade Ko PSH We miss you. Please come back!!! We Love you.

Jhailynne Park Si-Hoo you are a great actor. I love all your drama series and your movie. You are amazing!!!!

rainruma Please come back to acting...Please, please, please.... Park Si-Hoo is a great actor, lots of charisma, and very handsome in a manly way...

anna Park SiHoo loves his country even after the ordeal, his human right being trampled, unjust humiliation, cruel and negative articles. I respect Mr. Park Si Hoo as a person and as actor.I am touched by him who is a good man with a forgiving heart. Mr. Park Si Hoo is a great ambassador of Korea, he is the treasure in Korea. I'm so sad, because he is hurt by the evil people, even now, and he cannot come back in Kdramas and Kmovies now. I miss him so much as actor. He is great and talented actor. Shame KEMA and K-entertainment mafia! Shame K-media and ANTIs!

NATO It is PSH's great acting skill which make him populer in show business.

I hope people will understand that actor like him is also human being who have career that should be separated from personal life. The main reason of actor /actress existence is because of their good acting skills which entertaining us and NOT because of their personal life. As long as they are doing good their job that should be enough to keep & cheer them up in show business. Dont let personal life ruin their career. 

PSH keep working hard, dont give up!!!!

natalia Park shi hoo's best dramas are NOT ONLY Prosecutor princess, The princess man and Cheongdamdong alice.

but Family's honor (glory of the family) and how to meet a perfect neighbour are also great. I have watched family honor for more than 10 times. it is funny, romantic ect...

I hope korean people demontration to KEMA. because this association doesnt let PSH back...fighting....park shi hoo

felix I love watching your dramas, All dramas with Park shi hoo in it are great. He has ability to display of deep emotion.

KEMA .....LET PARK SHI HOO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

hope Park Si Hoo, you are a very talented actor, a great actor. I hope to see new movies and dramas with you. It's unfortunate to lose such a talent. I am waiting for you! With love from Romania!

viviantjai I hope korean people and korean entertaint companys don't block Park Shi Hoo's future. Don't ruin his live because of an unprovable scandal. Please give him a chance to come back.

He is a great actor with all his dramas and movies being hit. Please bring him back..... soon........

Sorry for my poor English but i need to support Park Shi Hoo Fighting, Don't give up. We are all waiting for ur new drama..

mimiya PSH did an amazing job in "The Princess' Man"...He relayed the character's thoughts and complicated emotions so well... Some of the best acting I have seen... Park Si-Hoo, I hope you come back to acting soon, we miss your charisma and talent.

nana You really get me crazy. how could a man has all that cuteness and charming. i'm addicted to all of your works. i do believe you and hope that you will return to us soon and please don't give up because we really do miss you :( fighting oppa

Joua I haven't been watching korean drama in ages until I started googling up Park Si hoo name and found out he's been in trouble and stress sad... Anyways he is my favorite actor!!! Love him to death lol! I don't care if he's old lol I'll get with him anyway in my dreams lol. I give him a 100. Wish Park shi Hoo was mine..

Ljuba I give him 11out of 10. Great Actor and I hope he is great man in real life. I like him so much! Fighting! :)

hx he's a good actor & i enjoy his dramas. but too bad he will not be on any korean broadcasting station anytime soon due to his scandal

vivi Please come back and make new dramas, dont give up, im your die hard fan!! I'll be waiting !!

royalm Amazing actor.Had a crush on him in prince's man, and then I fell in love with him in cheongdamdong alice. I hope you come back and make more dramas alot of fans are wating for you. Fighting ^^

Ozmo Cheongdamdong Alice... your character is so funny at times, great acting. You look trimmed and fit too! The sexiest you've looked?... hmm... with long hair and black robes in The Princess Man. Totally irresistible! Thanks for all your performances xx

lorlenie I just cant resist falling in love with drama "The Princess Man".. The best actor award is will deserved for Park Si Hoo. So loving him now <3

nik daebak.......i like your drama prosecutor princess but princess dr4ma is totally owesome.every night i will see this all family like it..park si hoo and se-ryung..cuaiyo..i hope drama like this will always appear in television...i like like like drama kbs...sarange all of actors in drama princess man...

Cassie AWESOME Actor!!!! :) You should come back and make more drama! I love your acting and you are so handsome with a cute smile :) We miss you, please come back!!!!! I watched The Princess' Man and Cheongdamdong Alice, I super and seriously love it! You act so great! So far in korean drama I have watched, The Princess' Man is my #1 favorite. I seriously loveeeee it so much! I love the story line especially Park Si-Hoo and Lee Se-Ryung are the best that make me love the drama!!! <3 :D I hope to watch more drama of you! Park Si-Hoo you are one of my top favorite actor!! PLEASE MAKE MORE DRAMA!

Ozmo Park Si-Hoo, it's about time you got busy and start acting again, it's what great actors should do. Get back on the screen and give us what we want ! We miss you so much :) You give great angst, makes my insides flip...

Irwindri Maria Good actor..make me fall in love with him... good luck si hoo...and always succes to you....loves.. :D

micha he is simply handsome...great actor...

Nkolika,Nigeria Talented actor. I am impressed, just watching Princess Man

shiw Dear are the one who deeply touched my heart..u are really amazing and talented..past is past and hope u have get recovered and waiting for see u on screen (K-series) soon..The day I will able to see you in my naked waiting...with love from Sri Lanka....

Seini Cakau I adore him so much ^_^

Emillia I wish that your new series will be with moon chae won I really like you guys together ! ^_^

gunn he looks so young i can't believe he is 37

susan PSH, you are the best actor. The 1 and only 1 actor that I follow and love. Cheering for your comeback. May God Bless & Guide You In Your New Projects In 2014! Wishing you happiness, good health and success in the coming year!

dhe Waiting for your up coming series soonoppa...;)

dhe Waiting for your up coming series soon oppa...;)

dhe Waiting for your up coming series oppa...;)

sansan Keep fighting.we love you.Park shi hoo.and you are the best

dor Great and talented actor! Park Si Hoo your acting convey emotions and touching hearts! Your roles are memorable! Thank you for your work! I will always waiting for you to come back. With love, from Romania!

jeana Wonderful actor! Wish you success and happiness...You're one of the best Korean actors!

A malaysian Park Shi hoo, please come back. Past is past. Keep moving forward. We love your work. Ignore what people will say. We will always waiting for you to come back.

  • with love from malaysia*

kyoko_chan Park Shi Hoo I really love you and your acting is phenomenal please come back quickly I really miss seeing you acting , you are my favourite actor please come back >< !!!!!!!!

amal Park Si Hoo You are a great actor please never give up we are love you and waiting for your comeback . your fan from ksa

Lizzy Park si hoo, u are fantastic actor! Waiting for your up coming series soon! Love your 深情的眼神!

veenavi like him very much

Orit Shi Hu-shi, come back soon! We love you and are waiting for you! I will never believe that someone's vile lie can prevent you please all of us yours new roles. I'd like to call my most favorite of your roles, but it's hard, you're really great at each of them. So talented and so beautiful, just painful for you. But know that there are many people who love you and trust you, and really waiting for your return. With love from Israel

nana oppaaaaa, bogushipu *am i right? haaaaha, park shi hooo, i miss youuu, come back to the entertain world pleaseee, we love you, i like ur acting in prosecutor princess an chomdangdong alice, ur smile makes me smile tooooo, omo omo omoooo, oppaaa we will still be your fans,

Riya Really can't wait to see any upcoming drama tht in the furure he may be in. He is soo talented and he should totally be back. Seriously Park Shi Hoo..... I miss you and your acting!!!! When will we be able to see your beautiful smile!!

violet we miss you already too telented, chrarming please come back and sow everyone how strong you really are. you can overcome this hard time and rise again stronger and greater, believe in your self we believe in you. "fighting". wish u all the best and hope to see you soon.we love you- all your fans from Israel.

Paul we gonna miss u again now KBS2 airing "The Princess' Man" again! ='( 1 of the best actors i have ever seen..also so good looking. u know we all love u and support u no matter what lies they make about u so be strong. FIGHTING!!!

sinta he is one of the great actors i've seen in my life! hope to see him soon in a new drama.. DEAR GOD, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN.. Park Si-Hoo ssi.. comeback please, we're waiting.. I miss him so much :'( Park Si-Hoo ssi, be strong!! hwaiting....!!! *much love from Indonesia*

Ozmo Killer smile... killer acting. Good fortune always :)

sandra hi! im sandra from philippines im your bigest fans.

Giselle Dancer "Truly one learns only by sorrow; it is a terrible education that the soul gets and it requires a terrible grief that shakes the very foundation of one's being to bring the soul into its own ..." Park Shi Ho ... you now are so much more than you were ... Focus on good and shine brighter than you ever have and as you do so, you help each one of us in our own sorrows. I know who you really are ... a vibrant magnificent soul, you are meant to triumph for yourself and for us all. Only love is real ... Florida US

Jessica Cho Mr. Park Si Hoo, you're the best actor in the world! I'm thirteen and I've loved you since "The Princess' Man." I believe that the recent scandal is nothing, just a rumor twisted with a bunch of lies.You are a good man and an awesome actor. You have many great fans like myself in many different countries, young and old, awaiting your return. Always remember that your many major fans are cheering for you. Just ignore the bad people talking bad rumors about you and be happy. You're my favorite actor forever. Be strong like Kim Seung-Yoo and FIGHTING!!!

Carola He showed everybody what he is capable of in " The Princess' Man" - such a great, talented actor! l also enjoyed him in Il ji-mae !

The so called "scandal" turns out to be nothing but a big, fat lie ! Shame on them....

I hope to see you in many, many more shows ! Keep up the good work. Thank you so much !

lotus Park shi hoo keep fighting^_^ you are one of Korean charismatic actor. hopefully you can be one of a big actor who have both of good talent and good personality. I'm one of your new fans from Indonesia ^_^…There are so many handsome and cute actors,but you are the charmest one for me^_^

maryam park shin hoo is my best actor ever <3 good luck always

Mmzy Park Si hoo , we miss you in air , you are the best actress i have ever seen , keep fighting :( and Please bring Park Si Hoo back :^:

tey hey park its been a long time that you wont appear in any news.just remember that many people belived and support you

juwini i like him since queens of reversal. i donot care of the rape scandal, i think it is just a lie,after cheongdamdong alice,i am still waiting for park si hoo's new korean drama, so just let park si hoo come back to entertaiment world. fans from indonesia

Paul he is a great far watched 2 of his dramas "The Princess' Man and Queen of Reversals" and i liked both ... please bring him back!

lilibeth Ti amo amore mio park si hoo, fighting ( from your big fan lilibeth of milan italy) remember to smile always ♡♡♡

lilibeth I really really like you...infact I want to go in korea just to see you..embrace you and kiss you, I know all the accusation to you are all lie' what I write in my fb account if the rapist is you, I am willing to be a rape victim please cheer up, and for the girl accused you, god is watching and stop ruining the life of my park si hoo... understand? Ti amo amore mio park si hoo ( your big fan from milan italy)

JediMaster To all Korean Broadcasting Stations: Please bring Park Si Hoo back. There are people around the world waiting for him to be on air. Do the right thing for all his fans. From your biggest fan in Honolulu, Hawaii!

KoreanLovers I love Park Si Hoo... :)

Ronaldo Even though I came to know first korean actors like Kang Ji-Wan and Jhung Jun-Ho, I can say that Park Si-Hoo is really outstanding in romantic-comedy and melodrama like in Prosecutor Princess, Cheongdamdong Alice and Queen of Reversals. I hope that we will have more shows with the same genre as well as receiving more awards for his outstanding performance:-)

baqurta Great, great news!!! Park Si Hoo is nominated for Best New Actor award at Grand Bell (Daejong) Film Festival, for his first movie COM. Congratulations to Park Si Hoo! His fans know he is the best and he deserves to win this award.

merdamert saranghae agi:)

bluestar Park Si Hoo is a great actor. He is capable of making SO many different expressions. He is the Best romantic leading man in Korea of this time. Any Park Si Hoo's drama is worth watching. He has something that makes you addicted to the story and to him of course.There's just something irresistible about him! he's so awesome.. no one can resist his charms! I hope that very soon he will be back on track to enjoy us with his great performances. We need his acting; he enrich every kdrama with his presence and talent. Park Si Hoo you are so beloved and supported worldwide actor! God bless you!

Kel Ocampo Park Si Hoo I will always love and support you. Fighting oppa. I am one of your fan's in UAE.

Ei Ei Khin Although I had known you just a few months ago, I am really impressed your talent.Never give up!Life's full of struggles.U can cope with all.Fighting!

Mary Kate Park Si-Hoo, You're a great actor and seem like such a great person. Don't give up, and don't let the past hold you back by any means. Continue to follow your dreams, and no matter what happens, just keep moving on. Sometimes people misunderstand, and sometimes people make mistakes, but we are only human, and we all find ourselves at that breaking point. Just remember, you have so much potential and you have worked hard to get where you are today, so please don't give up. :) <3

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I want my man back I am having a PSH marathon because I miss him so much, please come back to film we miss you so much..... I am watching every show you have done for the 3rd time now...

sky Park Si Hoo, you are a very talented and charismatic actor. You are a great actor. You are born to be an actor! Please, return in movies and dramas. You give us many pleasant moments, enjoyable moments, wonderful time with your roles for which we thank you v.much. We, viewers, need you. Please, don't give up, you are loved! God bless you!

J@nnieV People loves you Park Si Hoo. Don't ever gives up because the world never gives up on you. Keep on fighting and whatever happen don't lose that beautiful smile of yours because it brighten the days of some people. Just remember in the business that you enter if you are known some people will get jealous and that's how life goes so all you have to do is keep on fighting and be sincere in what you are doing and everything will always come in place. I believe in your talent so don't hide it away for too long. I will always pray for your guidance and be strong always.<3<3<3 I hope i can see you in person in the future. Take care always:-)

sara I can't belive it. You performed in Alice beautifully. I never Imagined you have such talent to play such role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back soon with better action skills and .. If..Just if you are not Guilty there is no need to be worry about other people opinion. Sometimes we need to be in trouble to learn about life..So FIGHTING!

Tori Park Si-Hoo you are the most beautiful! You have a magic smile!

Maria A very talented actor! Very beautiful! Very sexy! Very beautiful eyes, deep!

vera Hi oppa...don't give up...I'll pray for you... Remember that God did'nt give up on you too... Oppa...Fighting...

vera Hi oppa....I'm vera.... I just wanna say to you... "Do not give up from any problem and from everything that happens in your life, just remember God hands always hold, in every step that you made in your life...." Oppa...~fighting~ See you in jakarta...If you visit indonesia.... O..p..p..a F..i..g..h..t..I..n..g

corb Park Si Hoo, your fans all over the world are thinking of you and praying for you under the same beautiful moon. May you and your family be happy and healthy all the time! Si Hoo ssi you are a very special person to inspire so much love from people all over the world.You are a great actor and we miss your brilliant acting! May you appear before us again soon — smiling!

Erica PSH is one of the great actors of his time.i loved him in all his tv dramas. I know you are having a tough time, but please do not give up. Know that you are loved. Pops fighting

fy Im from brunei darussalam!!pls pls come bck for us here..we cnt wait any longer to see u again..pls pls pls u r really good actor,soo sexy and the best!!love u

Kristine Just recently became a fan of PSH great acting and on-screen sexiness; seen his works in Prosecutor Princess and Cheongdamdong Alice. He's so damn sexy and hot in there. A really good & innovative actor, he portrays very well the characters he plays from man of vengeance to crazy/wacko, eccentric and seriously funny man! Where does he get all the inspiration to act that good?!! Despite his so-called scandal, would still Love to see more of Park Si Hoo. It would be a big waste of talent if he would just easily give-up. I think, he's the Best romantic leading man in Korea of this time. Can't wait for his future projects.

Tlt Sihoo, I miss you so much. What should I do? Really miss my dear sihoo :(

Mariana Băluță YOU ARE LOVED

we aren't going away and we wait with open arms and loving hearts to see your beautiful smile and brilliant talent being shared with us once again. God bless you and your family.

I like your mother

Pé Pợm I miss you. Hope oppa's coming back soon.

CICI Dear Park Si Hoo, I read your recent letter to us, your fans. If there is one thing you must never forget, it is.. YOU ARE LOVED more than you will ever know. There are so many of us that love you, we could join hands and circle this world to hold you up during this time if you need it. As you continue to heal, please remember that we are here, we aren't going away and we wait with open arms and loving hearts to see your beautiful smile and brilliant talent being shared with us once again. God bless you and your family.

Ronaldo Fun to watch him in Princess Prosecutor from where he look like Kang Ji-Hwan...

Missing Hope he's coming back soon, I'll wait for your new drama

morteza Fighting shi hoo. very good acting on Cheongdamdong Alice. '' i love you ''

vvivao i was cried when i saw your enishi vol 4 video. and that your fake smile..... dear shi hoo we miss you plz comeback soon .we are supporting you wherever and forever ayda-from iran

Tin Be happy..... Be healthy.....

Tlt Sihoo ssi, comeback to us soon. We miss you. We miss your smile. Comeback to us stronger, wiser, better. We love you and never leave you. We wait patiently until you are ready. No one can destroy you. And I will continue to pray for you. You're the best. With love frm Indonesia

Tin be happy....

Zang Vang I miss you and waiting for you to come back.... I am glad I live USA.... If I knew that you were in California I would come visit you already.... We always be your side no matter what you do and always support you.... When I heard about your case it make me cry a lot I can't stop... I believe you that you didn't do it.... Stay healthy and strong and always smile to us your big fan in Wisconsin, USA...

hermie I love this guy .... I love his acting hoping his comeback drama...

marieruu I hope to see you soon again! I miss seeing your face in the dramas! :(

vvivao when you comeback? i miss you oppa where are you

vvivao oppa please come back soon i miss you much. . .

vondora i think his awesome

rhen I really love PSH. .i hope to see him again with moon geung young in another drama.. . Fighting. .!!

Cateva He is really great in romantic roles. Cannot wait for his comeback! I love all his dramas. For those narrow minded people, ever heard of justice system called "innocent until proven guilty"? He was not even charged yet people already jumped to conclusion. So glad I am living in USA. PSH would not have to live through this much if he was in Hollywood.

cuki bubu I will never stop watching your dramas and movies... I will never stop believing in you....please come back soon as possible. Hope you will be strong. Your fans from ROMANIA !

Revenge Dramas? Have you guys noticed how Park Shi Hoo is always doing revenge dramas? First, Il-Jimae even though he wasn' the lead there, then Prosecutor Princess, Cheondamdong Alice and maybe not revenge but still has a dark theme in it (Confessions of Murder). Oh yay! He said he wanted to do a totally evil character one time in an interview so hey, he got what he wanted. Happy for you Shi Hoo ssi :)

Reality Check! You silly little girls really irritate me. Yes, he may still have raped this woman -were you there? Is there any way that you can be sure that your 'oppa' didn't do such a heinous act? No!

What really makes me embarrassed to be a member of the female sex, is when I see comments like 'Whether guilty or innocent, we will always love and support you' What kind of idiot writes something like this? No wonder men like him look down at girls that throw themselves at him. I enjoy Korean movies and dramas -but I do not know them as people and therefore do not give them 'god and goddess' status. One thing I do not like about Korea, which is the obsession with cosmetic surgery -or beauty; which looks plastic. I prefer watching the people on the street of Seoul and particularly in S Korea's country side -there you see the true diversity of Korea, which is the true beauty of Korea -not the superficial worship that is found on places like this. Why can't people enjoy and critique performances based on actions rather than on how they look. It is too easy to do that, but to really unravel the nuances of a performance by analysing how the actor brings the performance alive is the only way to really have a true appreciation on what they can do -and still that does not make the actor and character the same thing.

annekaren Since I'm a solid fan of Lee Minho(1987), I didn't know anything about Park Si Hoo until my classmate convinced me to watch some of his dramas. At first, I watched Prosecutor Princess and it was soo fantastic. PSH was so cool. I mean he's so hot to be a lawyer ;) and so later on I decided to watch Cheongdamdong Alice, and again it didn't failed to entertain me. It was magical and made me realize that fairy tales do happen in the real world. Then, I watched his epic drama, The Princess' Man, and it was a blast. I was moved by their acting. They were so great. And when I google his name I found out about the issue of rape case. At first, honestly I was a bit disappointed but then I realized that those things are in fact inevitable especially when your'e in Showbiz. So, even though there are issues about him still I believe on him. Oppa, please come back. We miss you a lot. Fighting!!

-forever LeeMinHo/Park Si-Hoo fan <333

laras octavia oppa i miss you so much:( keep fighting okay!! i alays pray for u every night:* I LOVE U❤

Diah,Bali matter what they say,no matter what they wrote,you just ordinary people too...I still adore you,I'll wait for your acting...I love your act on "Cheongdamdong Alice",I've watch the film many times and can't forget your cute smile,secretary you,and be strong!

Lyn what kind of woman she is staying in man's apartment in wee hour she is... ... huh! "BORIKATi"... aspiring singer? duh! how can we believe it, that she was rape... ... obviously she up of something ... ... claiming to be a rape victim? bring her to realm of fame. tsseee.... USER!... ....

DON'T GIVE UP! FIGHT! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!! God will never live you! justice will be serve.... ... truth will be reveal... ....

green Park Si Hoo, I miss you so much. I miss your acting. You are a great artist and your roles are memorable and you are a good and special person. Your international fans love you, have respect for you always and forever! You’ll always have our full support. We wait for your return in film and dramas. Be healthy, be happy, be strong! God bless you!

ziba When the I feel Somewhere on this earth you breathe And I Of the breath of you I breathe

  I'm Relaxed

you just stay you air Smell you For me to live is enough

ziba When the I feel Somewhere on this earth you breathe And I Of the breath of you I breathe

  I'm Relaxed

you just stay

Air you

Smell you For me to live is enough

Eric 안녕하세요 ^^ 저는 에릭입니다. 이댓글을 볼 수 있는지 모르겠습니다만 쓰고 싶습니다. 저는 외국인인데. ... 저 형의 연기를 좋아합니다. 요새는 청담동앨리스 다 봤습니다... 예전에 형의 드라마 많이 봤는데 이번 드라마 더 좋아합니다. 저는 외국인인데 혹시 잘못쓰는지. ...죄송합니다^^

요즘은 형 힘든일이 생기고 있었는데. ... 힘내시길 바랍니다. 이문제는 빨리 지나가기 바랍니다. 우리는 형을 믿습니다 ^^

아무일이 생겨도 힘내세요 ^^ 형의 연기 다음 다라마에서 보고 시습니다 :)

가사합니다 ^^ 화이핑 ^○^

Talita Miss you so much. Stay strong sihoo Oppa. Pls come back to us soon.

sakura fighting shi hoo.....hope you will be strong....Next pliss don't drinking too much shi hoo yaaa...can't wait you're next drama...

Olive - Jakarta Cool PSH.. success for u always... ;)

Nana Wish u the best oppa, hope u get up soon from this nightmare that has finally come to an end. Looking forward to ur next drama sending u Hugs and Kisses from Los Angeles, California.

Haru Oppa I will always love you not matter what <3 so please come back soon :c I really miss you

Patricia Hayden I will never stop loving you....I will never stop watching your dramas and movies...I will never stop supporting you and I will never stop believing in you....

Ana Oppa we believe you and will always support you. Plz come back as soon as possible. We miss you so much. Saranghae oppa.

Ryo love Park Shi-Hoo I Love U Oppaaa... I like ur smile..

hana i honestly think the girl story doesn't seems right somehow ,didn't she walked in his apartment by her own will !!!!!! even though she was drunk still you can make a decision weather to stay at a single man apartment at 2 am . i really don't know the whats the truth but i know she is ruining him and i believe she is making a mistake by doing this . don't get me wrong i don't support sexual abuses but for this case i will support park si hoo even if he did it , but still hope that he comes out clean . DON'T GIVE UP ,WE WILL SUPPORT YOU PARK SI HOO.

Alina We expect your return, Shi Hoo! We love you. You are amazing actor and man. We pray for you.

ecsl I hope you can come back to act more drama for us viewer..

PSH super fans PSH, i miss you so much dear. You are our inspiration. Your dedication to your work, your never ending spirit, your good personality. Eventhought, you are from a wealthy family but you are willing to live in poverty to reach your dream. You has failure for thousand times ( for ten years) but still can laugh easily, that's really prove your personality ( very patience, no hurt feeling, never give up, positive mind set, stead fast, a good self control, you have faith and hope ) oh, my God, that's way, a lot of people want to hurt you because every year you become better and better, not only your acting but also your number of fans. Never once I doubt about you. You have prove it, not for one or two years but for more than ten years. Someone personality Will not change only a one night. You are in my prayer never give up sihoo, stay strong. You are in my heart every day every second. You are my inspiration, you are more than an actor. We love you and you are deserved to get our love.

asyty Mr. Park Si Hoo congratulations on your double win! (TPM winning at NYTV Festival and COM at BIFFF). You are a world class actor. You are loved all over the world. We are all here to see you through to the end of your problems and to rejoice in your triumphs. Forever fans! You’ll never walk alone !

Hope3 Park Si Hoo-ssi, Congratulations for Confession of Murder’s win at the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival!!! Your movie and “The Princess Man” have both recently won international awards. This is really great! We are waiting to see you on the big screen again. You are very precious to us. Take care of yourself!

ana I wish with all my heart, all the best in your life and your career. I hope that everything will end well for you and you will return as an actor because you are a great actor and you miss us.You are loved worldwide. You're an actor what do you belong to the whole world. May God bless you! With love from Romania!

tara Park Si Hoo ssi, I miss you and hope to see you again in a drama/movie. Hopefully you can perform again in Korean Entertainment Industry. All your fans around the world can not wait to see your appearance. FIGHTING Park Si Hoo ssi !!!

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Oh wow! Confessions of a murder was so good, you had me fooled that was a shock.. I just love your acting..... You are phenomenal and I can't wait for your next project.. I am praying that all turns out well for you and that you can get back on track and start a new... I am thankful to you for such great performances and giving the feeling I am right there with you....My heart is breaking knowing that someone is out their to hurt you in such a bad way....Good Luck and best wishes.. Hugs and smiles.. Bonnie.. My facebook page will be dedicated to you until the day they say your not guilty...

bless I never had an favorite actor until I saw PARK SI HOO in Prosecutor Princess. His charisma , his acting, the ability to display deep emotions, his smile, his cry, the ability to give life of the character..... I was amazed. I wanted to see all his drama and I saw all - Cheongdamdong Alice, The Princess' Man, Queen of Reversals, Family's Honor,Il Ji-Mae, Perfect Neighbor. I was overwhelmed. This actor is unique. All his characters are play diverse and you can fell deep emotions of the character. Please, you must see all his drama. to worth it. you will not regret. And I admire human quality of him. He brings to me much joy and many beautiful, positive things. Now when he goes through heavy testing, in this ordeal I'm with him and I pray for him and his family. May God help him and bless him!

Fujia Park Si Hoo, I thought you made a wrong decision to let deleted your name from the list of nominees for Choice Award for the Paeksang Arts Awards. I know your situation, but this could leave a scars in our heart. To see you again is my biggest dream. How all of your fans, I’ve engraved your name in my hearts, but to see you again will be for me, for all of us Fans a blessing. We all know that you’re innocent without doubt, this way you should let us see your face again. We are all worry about your phisical and emotional state, and this way let you see one time to assure us that you doing good. You, my know that you’re not alone why people from 176 country pray for you. Please do the right thing and let you see in public. We will pray for you every day and every moment. God will help you, to let forever the bad thing behind you. We love you! 프란체스카 누나.

Irene Dear Si-Hoo ssi, though your name was deleted from the list of nominees for Choice Award for the Paeksang Arts Awards, your name will not be deleted in our hearts! Remember that your fans from all over the world are with you and you're never alone. We believe in you and are praying for God's vindication for you. We love you!

Davia Happy Birthday Park Shi Hoo. May the sweetness of love within your soul be your sustenance, may the grace of your being be your strength, and may you forever feel blessed. We love you and are there for you in spirit.

Hastak 생일을 축하합니다 Fighting ...!!!! It will be over soon ...

Kiara happy birthday dear shi hoo.l hope you have a life full of health and success and happiness. thank God for a star like you.l pray to God as you play good with great effort bring happy moments in this hard world ,God creat Peace and safety. I want him his mercy includs you and hardships will end soon. Be strong & hopful.

Jennifer Ive watched different movies and drama all over the world,im a fan of horror movies since i kinda got bored watching drama or lovestory i want something scary something that can make my heart beat fast. Until i discover some koreandrama i love their concept and tradition at the same time the story. But i never have the so called favorite actor and actress until i saw PARK SI HOO, Watching at Princess man i got hooked by the charm of a leading man his skills in acting,the way he smile,cry,and etc i begin to be a Fan he is one of a kind actor among others that i saw,i love this guy and now that he is facing hardship i am affected too, thinking how he is able to survive all of this. I wish it will end as soon as possible.fighting oppa!

PSH Fan Si Hoo Shi

Will always love and support you. Fighting!

blue Park Si Hoo, you are a very charismatic and great actor; awesome actor. I respect you as an actor - your effort, your perseverance, your ability, emotion in acting (so touching) and I respect even more as a person - your humiliation, your shy, naturalness, courtesy, your grace, your dignity even in this ordeal. I pray for you and your family. May GOD help you and bless you!

ARLENE I Believed in you.. Park Si-Hoo.. FIGHTING!! I really like your killer Smile..

Irene I strongly believe that Park Si Hoo is innocent. He has a fighting spirit and God will vindicate him.

Sweetpea I really hope PSH is innocent, I like his acting a lot, but I don't like that he was drinking with someone so much younger than him, he should have escorted her home safely, maybe built a real relationship if he was so interested.

Kahina Soledad I've never seen PSH before even though i watched more than 50 korean series and after reading your good and cute commets here i m gonna watch princess man to know about his acting skills and performances .I'm fond of Kpop too so God bless for all your hard work .FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (Kahina Soledad from Algeria)

angel triniti i'm crazy for Park Si-Hoo .he is wonderful ... ♥♥♥

CH4Ssy Hope Si Hoo able to read all what we have wrote down here... See all of your fans around the world very believe in you. We are very sure that the strom will pass together with the time. We are still very enthusiast to wait you newest Drama in 2013. So.. Fighting Si Hoo GBU

SK people believe in you... you can do it-don't lose hope..... all the way from india.

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I saw Him In, "The Princess Man", and now watching, Cheongdomdong Alice, I so am loving his acting...In, "The Pricess Man I loved his bravery and good character. In, Cheongdomdong Alice He is funny and scary and gosh I don't know what else because I am only on episode 3.. I plan on watching more of Park Si Hoo and I hope and pray he will get to continue to act regardless of the bad situation I hear in the news.. I believe he was set up and I pray for him everyday that he is set free and that his health and mental well being is restored and he marches onward to bigger and better things.. FIGHTING!

PaolaRNM Please, hold the faith! I believe in you! Please, feel the love around you and use it as a shield to protect you! I hope for you and many do the same thing...You hope too! All will be fine at the end. Keep living...not barely surviving, as much as you can. We are poor people like you but our love is stronger than anithing else, because love itself is the most powerful thing in this crazy world. Please, feel loved...this way, I hope that you would feel blessed too, despite all odds. Not because you are an amazing actor...not because you are this or that....but because you are a person who has shown pieces of his soul and heart to us. Be proud to have reached and moved so many hearts...Take back our love to protect you. God bless you!

ParkDD is park shi hoo have an email? or did he give his adress for letters fans (home adress) [im french, sorry for my english]

iloveparksihoo I'm effing fall in love with you, Park Si hoo. You are just too adorable and cute... I have never seen such an amazing actor as you. U are really great

rikaaja Park Shi Hoo, please keep fighting and praying.. I'll always support and love you, here from Indonesia.. Hope this case solves soon.. Never give up..

Khin I just love PSH!!!! He's a talented actor and I believe he's innocent!! So please!stay strong and healthy <3 <3. PSH Fighting!

CICI @sally....just because someone doesn't remember what they did the night before, while they were drunk (or "saying" they don't remember) doesn't always mean they "passed out". Were YOU there??? A person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. I support PSH. And I just have two words left to say "aspiring" "actress."

Davia You are the most heartfelt actor I have ever watched. I have cried at the depth of love you have shown on screen.

I hope you have a lot of support and that everything gets sorted out.

I am looking forward to seeing you acting soon again I hope!!!

Fan Park Si Hoo, hopefully you can listen to this song but if you can't ,at least this lyric's song is for you.

I'll be there for you Park Si Hoo.

When you wake up each morning, and you feel like calling. I'll be there for you. When the road seems uncertain and you can't stop the hurtin'. I'll be there for you.

When there's no one beside you I'll be there guide you catch you each time you fall. When the stars won't shine anymore I'll be there.

When the world is unkind and your dreams, they need more time. I'll be there for you. If the rules they keep breaking and the future is fading. I'll be there for you.

The rainbow will end in the palm of your hand don't ever let it go. When the stars won't shine anymore I'll be there.

Who knows where we'll go what will tomorrow bring. But we have each other, just hold on tight. We can take to the skies and fly....

I'll be there for you... I'll be there for you...

PSH'diehard fans Park Si Hoo. Hope you can listen to us. We your international fans, never leave you no matter what. We will and always support you, no matter what. We love you yesterday,today, tomorrow and forever. No one can destroy our love for you. Media, international and Korean can not destroy our love for you, haters can not destroy our love for you. Scandal cannot destroy our love for you. All the negative comment can not destroy our love for you. Now is the hardest time in your life and we feel that we love you more and more, we want to comfort you if we can. Park Si Hoo, please stay strong!! Everything will be alright in the future. We pray for you. We pray for you everyday, every night, every morning, We mentioned your name in our prayers. We ask God to help you.we ask God's mercy to help you. No one can destroy a good man like you!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND NEVER LEAVE YOU PARK SI HOO...

sally sorry all, i don't feel he is innocent at all as the kakaotext showed the girl apparently was surprised how she end up at PSH bed naked the next day means the sex commited when she was pass out and it is rape

kiara Hopefully sooner these problems will be solved. Whether guilty or innocent, we will always love and support you.(For artists, especially popular artists there are such rumors and conspiracies in all over the world.) We are waiting for your new movies and serials. In my country are said:There are much hope in despair. So be hopeful and optimistic.

Cecelia PSH your smile alone is enough to make someone happy we your fans in U S A. Love you please keep on fighting because we need you back , your smile is so pure I love you in family honor

vondora i think his a fantastic actor great acting skills,,,i love him in CA,,i hope to see him rise even higher as a actor,,,,,and keeping his head up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ORTAL Park Si-Hoo All your fans in Israel believe you are 100% innocent. We send you a big hug stay strong we believe in you and love you and hope to see you soon on the screen. With all the love in the world fans from Israel

lei we hope as soon as these things get over... you can start a new drama series... please ... we hope that it would be this year. we miss you on tv. take care of your self our dear psh...

k-drama fanatics omo!, either the accusation is true or not, I still Love park shi hoo, lets just PRAY and support him, sighhh.. how come, korean media isn't doing well, the both side must reveal there names (not only the name of PSH), agrrrrhh.. maybe this year he can't do any drama projects. :( but still.. STAY POSITIVE PSH .

CICI Si Hoo, Right now, stay close to those you trust and love you. Let them care for you. Eat well and know that God is carrying you gently in His hands through this ordeal. You will be OK. You are loved so very, very much by so many people. Looking forward to seeing you receive many awards for "Cheondamdong Alice" with a standing ovation.

CICI @ Karen Tan, That was beautiful. I agree.

Karen Tan In life, there are always challenges and adversity. Take this crisis to be an opportunity for new beginnings. This is the time to turn to God for prayers and blessing. I will pray that you will come out of this tough time a better man. "Adversity is the springboard for success!" Keep your chin up! God Bless

irene dumayago i believe you are innocent...GOD is park i'm your avid fan whatever still here to support you no matter what.....just fight....don't give up...and pray.....

irene dumayago i believe that you are innocent...God is whatever happen i'm still your avid fan....for me your park the best korean actor....

izabela Life is unfair. Dont give up. Fighting! There are no words to describe what youre going trough now. Do not make any rash act! Millions of fans are with you. I can only say unbelievable. Take care of you.

chaewon-anne whatever what happen,park shi hoo im ur still fan here in philippines,i know ur problems now..

sonia seung yong (character name in princess man), i think i finally found someone and that is you,,mahal na kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chinny Hi Park Shi Hoo! I'm a big fan of yours from the Philippines, I really love your show w/ Moon Chae Won. At first I didn't like some of Korean novellas but when I have watch The Princess's Man I just loved it! Hope you visit in our country :))

Lhen Barredo PSH.. You really great!. I've already watch your drama "Cheongdam Dong Alice, and i can't resist to watch it over and over again. I like the story and your character. You really amazing!. I'd like you to know that no matter what will be, I'm still here to support you!.:-)

Lhen Barredo PSH.. I just want to let you know, I'm still here to support and love you! I'm one of your greatest fan!. :-)

Lhen Barredo PSH.. I started to like you much since i've watched princess's man here in phil. You really hook me because this is the first time that i adore a korean actor! From now on i will become of your million fans! :-)

didi PSH, I can't wait to watch your movie "Confession of murder"... I really think it would be a great movie, because I know you're a good actor... you're my favourite ^_^ Stay healthy and make our life more beautiful in the future. Many roumanians are waiting for "Confession of murder". Aja! Aja! FIGHTING!

CICI good girl , (which you are not), I think it's time Park Si Hoo sues you and if you're too young, he goes after your irresponsible family. You have constantly committed SLANDER against a "precious" actor who has done you no harm. Go find yourself a good THERAPIST. It's time you were denied access to this site.

Launelle OMG!!! Lol, I'm 16 and I love PSH. I mean yeah Lee Min Ho is attractive and good at acing but there is just something so special about Park Shi Hoo. Gosh he is so delicious. It's his smile. It's so quirky and cheeky and so adorable yet sexy. He's great at acting. I fell in love with him when I was like 10 or 11 . Ever since watching him as a second lead in "What Star Did You Come From?". His acting in "The Princess Man" is exceptional. He portrays the character well, which isn't easy. He has to insinuate the feelings of revenge while struggling with love. Definitely my favorite actor.

ellija good girl, i think you don't even know who Park Shi Hoo is. He is a very talented actor.... Did you see "Princess' man"? I assume you have like 15-18 years, so, of course you like Lee Min Hoo.

didi Park Shi Hoo is the best and the most handsome korean actor... love his acting in Cheongdam dong Alice, Princess' Man and also in Prosecutor Princess :) His smile makes my heart to melt down :D

good girl: Lee Min Ho is for teenagers... =)) and he doesn't have Park Shi Hoo's experience in acting. why do you think PSH gets the best drama series? Dăăăă... he's the best. Don't send him in hell for this reason !

Mich well, park shi hoo is the best!!! I love him, the way he smile and so HOT! it kinda stole my heart! Can't wait for his next series.. Your the man! Mich ♥♥♥

cescp This cool uncle really get my heart

CICI Dear Si Hoo, Your acting in "Cheondamdong Alice" is amazing. There are very few actors I have seen that can do every kind of acting role "equally" well but you really can. You have made me laugh and cry in "Alice" and also when you smile, you make me smile too. Thank you for being who you are. I'm forever your fan.

marie moon chae won and park si hoo got a perfect chemistry, i cried a lot and touch by 'the princess man' i hope they do another drama, perfect couple

bluebird Hope there would be another TV series for PARK SHI HOO and MOON CHAE WON! They have incredibly perfect chemistry!

good girl Comment deleted by administrator. **troll**

CiCi HAPPY NEW YEAR, Park Si Hoo. May 2013 bring you constant good health, prosperity, your dreams fulfilled, and MANY awards because you definitely deserve it. Thank you for sharing your sweet, kind, wonderful self with all of us. And, thank you for bringing CLASS back to the film industry.

angie i love park si hoo...he's very handsome!!! this drama is nice!the interior pretty and make me wanna have all them..:*

yume The title of this drama Cheongdam Dong Alice at first it did not strike my attention in watching who knows when i started watching Episode 1 to 3 , i realised that it is a nice drama will continue to watch.......

Park Si Hoo is handsome ,Moon Geun Young is pretty, a nice pair up in this drama . The scene of Korea is nice , the song for Cheongdam Dong Alice Ost is also nice......

Hope this drama is very nice and romantic and bring us a joyful pleasant watching feeling...........

Jey Oppa i'm your biggest fan.. i love u so much:*:*

Davia Park Shi Hu, once I saw you in Princesses Man and saw what an amazing actor you are I started watching your other dramas. I love the total commitment and honesty you bring to the parts you play. You are so adorable and funny in Cheongdamdong Alice. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment that you bring to us. I wish you much happiness in your life.

Fati i like him very much start form drama which star are you from? hope can meet him one day park si hooo veryyy good luck and be first korean actor . Faithinggggg

blossom Oppa!!LoL, your character in cheongdamdong Alice really" makes me crazy. How come you can play so many character there??it's like you have so many personality there. I hope your character won't get hurt there. Eventho MGY's character so obsesses to get in cheongdamdong society, the truth that she already loving you before she know that you're Artemis CEO :)

I'm really looking forward to next eps of CA. I hope the script writers won't makes the drama into sad or open ending. :)

rose ann formalejo i really like you park shi hoo if you dont mind can i call you yobo

cherry I like your role in the Princess' Man...Keep up!!!Good Luck How I wish to know the writer of Princess Man the story was amazing and reflect in my heart.............

Melanie i put you on my phone for wall paper,i wish to see you every time and everywhere , so i did. My Dream Man,.i hope to see you for new project,God Bless.I will take exam for Korea so i can work there and i want to see you even from a distance. Seeing you on my wall screen makes me scream, sayin' i love you oppa, saranghaeyo and gumawoyo for being there.I am with you everyday....

Sonia Paul This man's acting skills is superb! Yes! he's very handsome and has a very attractive smile, however, i paid attention to his skills and wondered why he's not acting in more dramas. His skills is better than Park Ming Ho and a host of others....Wow! Keep up the good work and i look forward to more dramas. AMAZING!... from Atlanta, GA (United States)

jessa i've watched his dramas The Perfect Neighbor, Iljimae, Prosecutor Princess, and The Princess' Man. I'm impressed to see the development on his acting. On his drama The Perfect Neighbor, i noticed that he is quite stiff and he has a difficulty in shedding tears. But then, on Prosecutor Princess and The Princess' Man, he can cry a lot. He can do fighting scenes as well. He has the charisma, and his smile kills me. He might have a smaller fanbase compared to actors like Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, etc, yet his fans are solid and very loyal to him. I like it that he always spend time with his fans and watch the last episode of his dramas together with them. If only i can go to Korea, i will definitely attend his fan meeting and watch his drama with him. I wish he can get good dramas in the future and be paired up with my favorite actresses. Also, i hope he will do more movies. I'm excited to watch his first movie, Confession of Murder.

tito Okay, he's gorgeous, so what! His acting career is not really great if we count the number of movies/dramas he's in. The worst of all, he has old and ugly couples in two dramas: Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess. I wonder why he can't get more jobs as main cast with beautiful young couple like in The Princess Man?! Why the boring actor like LMH and JGS are more popular than PSH? Maybe because he can't sing, he's less famous than the ugly actor singer like EM. It really sucks.

irene i like your openness @ embracing the fans and people in your life. they are lucky to have you. keep up with the good works. look forward to all you do.  :)

n132 Oppa I just watching you drama, the princess' man I'm falling in love with that drama You play the role with so great You look so good with Moon Chae Won

Hope you will be more success in the future Oppa Fighting...

chiling It's easy to leave a comment without any thought. i believe many PSH fans are attracted to him because his acting skills and good look. If you have seen his recent drama, you definitely won't say his acting skill is so-so. I have seen many popular actors in kdramas, but truly, even the most popular actors cannot act as good. Just look at the reviews on The Princesss Man and you'll know. If you really want to attack someone, choose a better victim. PSH is really a hard working actor who gives his fans 100% of his effort and there are numerious awards to prove that.

tncdel So-so acting ability. A bit stiff and unnatural sometimes. Goofy looking smile that makes him look a tad moronic.

PSH fans Love U Sarange Yoo Aku Cinta Kamu..

I like your drama: Prosecutor Princess and The Princess Man. I'll wait your next drama


Erik Di Maio I really love Park Si-Hoo. He has a beautiful physique and exquisite lips. I have never been attracted to a man before, but this is the first time I have ever felt something towards a male. I would love to see him in more dramas and I hope that one day I can hold him in my arms and kiss his soft lips. Park Si-Hoo, please stay healthy and wait for the day when you and I meet and embrace each other in our arms. ily! Fighting!

Jw I love his acting in Prosecutor Princess , He and Kim So Yeon is really the best couple made . Prosecutor Princess is the best drama i've ever watched . I really love it , and both the main actor and actress . I really hope there's season two , it's a really great show .

pashin love the way how he act it so adorable

Cici Hey Marial. You are annoying! Your comments about Park Si Hoo show that you know absolutely nothing about acting and I really doubt you watched The Princess' Man. He played his part perfectly and received awards for his acting. He is not only an excellent actor but humble and a great person. I became a fan of his the first time I watched him act but when I saw how he treats his fans with the utmost kindness and respect, I was an even bigger fan. Stop being so rude, idiotic and bitchy and leave this really cool guy alone!

mehrnaz I've watched all your drama and I loved all the roles.

always formed with the front you're the best couple 

You're very exotic and attractive. I love your smile & look.

I'm  your fan and I love you
I hope you good luck and health.

Please play more drama.

marial a very annoying actor, his just there. Quiet and dumb specially the movie the princess man. Does not play any challenging parts. Appears to be dense.

elly nurjaman dear park si hoo...iam elly.from indonesia, you are my favorite aktor ... and you are very handsome and you have beutiful eyes i loveyouuuuuuu

Hania Dear PSH,

We hope to see you in Drama The Princess,s Man. We love you so much every day more and more..... Million,s viewers

nainin via annyong... i am one of the biggest fans of Park Si Ho in Indonesia. After watches your drama Princess Prosecutor, i become fall in love to you cuz your good acting and handsome face. Then in The Princess Man, your acting become more and more good. I think beside your skill, Mon Chae Won make your acting become more good. And I hope i can see your next drama. can't wait ;-). heard that you got earthquake experience in Bali, hope you not feel sorry and will come again to Indonesia. I hope you will make fan meeting in JAKARTA, Indonesia. We are waiting for you... pleasee come to Indonesia :-)

goldZ hi Si-Hoo! ! ! !happy new year.....

you're really a great actor, so cool and also HOT....

keep up the good work!  ! ! and i hope to see more of you this 2012.....God Bless! ! ! !

Love you soooooooooooo muchhhhh....

KangDang I like you in Family Honor. You and Yoon Jung Hee is the number one couple.

crescent i hope to see you in paradise PSH <3 <3 ... i seriously fell in love with you and your dazzling smile! :)

A.Eu.Us Dear, PSH Congratulations! Happy New Year You are a best ,great artist and very attractive man. Yes PSH & MCW are abest ,forever Perfect Couplet. We love you so much every day more and more ....... Thanks of KBS2 and all

Tia We love PSH & MCW Couple <3<3<3 From Indonesia <3

Cici Happy, happy New Year, Park Si Hoo! May this year bring you the very best of everything. Thank you for sharing your inspiring talent and beautiful smile with us. God bless you always.

Tania Dear,PSH

We love you every day. You are a best actor in Korean. Thanks for all your dramas

Marie Thank you Park Shi Hoo. For portraying Kim Seung Yu so brilliantly! You are one of my favorite actors. Good luck on whatever you will do and I hope I can see you again in a future good drama!

Hottie In my next life, I want to marry Kim Seung Yoo of The Princess Man because of Park Shi Hoo.

PSH is so good at his craft that it makes me feel every emotion Kim Seung Yoo felt. I could cry just by looking at PSH's eyes and faint listening to his deep manly voice.

And when he takes off his top in two scenes in The Princess Man , I need CPR to be resuscitated to life. That man is unbelievably talented, handsome and HOT!

dhechan i really love his acting.. i knew him for the first time in tpm.. i really like him..

chichi I am surprised to see people from all over the world love to watch your dramas. Fans from China, Indonesia, US and even Europe. Just letting you know I am your fan from Australia and watched QoR in January this year. Since then I got addicted and watch all your dramas. You are truly amazing and your acting skill improving dramatically. I've watched the work from other Korean actors, no one act as good as you. I really look forward to your movie. Fighting!

Love ya always.

Park Hyun he is really handsome his smile make me crazy

braveheart park shi hoo you are realy realy realy realy......realy a great actor loooooooooooooooooooooooove you

Sharon wang Park, I never seen you before the princess man, and never before did i wish i were a princess who lived to be your love. Admire your handsome face, so Korean and so stylish; enjoy your sweet smile, base voice and cute sexiness. There hasn't been such a presence on tv for long time, since Clark gable in gone with the wind, or Gregory peck in Rome really are one of a kind. Have to say your pairing with moon only added to your appeal. Are you coming to the bay area of northern California some day? Hope I can see you in person.

Alex hi, Mr PARK SHI HOO!

The Princess Man is such a success because of you. Yes,Really You are a best actor in Asia. We are proud of you. Europa,Asia and America

loveSK Perfect match between PSH and MCW. They both performed great. Actualy I cried as a fool watching this movie. Many thanks to TPM team. Also many thanks to SBS2 that gave us the chance to live such great moments. This drama was really good with pure, strong and deep love that can make people to think about it and to reflect to their lives. I have never seen PSH before this movie but starting with this I become a big fan of him. After that I was eager to see more and more other movies with him. The number of the girls who love him is growing. I hope he likes it. He is so charming... I was also very impressed when I saw MCW in Painter of the wind and now in TPM. It was a pleasure to see her again. So beatiful and talented. I am from Romania (Europe) and I can say that the korean dramas became a really fenomen here, so faraway. Koreean movies enjoy a great succes in my country.

Hottie Hi Mr PARK SHI HOO!

The Princess Man is such a success because of you.

Your looks and excellent acting skills made all the difference.

You deserve the Best Actor Award for KBS dramas for 2011.

Hottie I have never seen Park Shi Hoo acted before until I watched The Princess' Man .His acting blew my mind. He has a charm and charisma about him that makes us fall in love with him.

For a guy with fine facial features, he has an amazing manly voice and a good singing voice when he sang one of the OST in the drama. And his body is HOT!

I want to watch all his old dramas and waiting eagerly for his future shows. PSH is definitely a star sho deserves much more recognition than he is getting now.

He and Moon Chae Won have such great chemistry on screen, it is understandable why fans wish they were dating. Haha!

People Dear PSH, We love you so much,waiting for youi,r new drama of beautiful love story. This is a the demands. Please,Please and Please Million,s Viewers

Hanisha We LOVE you & MCW very much. LOVE more more and more ......

Passionling Park Si Hoo deserves an award this year for his great acting skills in The Princess Man! I am one of your fans from Singapore! Hope there is a chance to meet you one day! You are awesome!


Tina He is One of the Best and HandsomeKorean Drama Actor

I Can't Wait for His Next Project (His Next Drama) For His Latest Drama, Wishfully for the Best !!!

kim After watching The Princess' Man, i was extremely amazed by Park si hoo acting skills. The way he reacted when he was almost dying in the jail (last ep)really touched me. The tears was so real that i could somehow feel it and understand his pain. The pain of being separated from someone who you really love. I was glad that the show ended well, though kind of unhappy that Park si hoo went blind. Nonetheless, knowing that he could be with Se Ryong after going through so many obstacles, i am more or less pleased to conclude that i will give this drama a 9 out of 10 stars.

Shayana THIS DRAMA TPM was very exciting, different,amazing,sad love and beautiful. We tanks of PSH so much .He is the Top star in Asia.The best actor. HE IS REALLY POPULAR. We love PSH MORE MORE AND MORE.......... We hope the next drama,s PSH should be one good and nice love story. We waiting this drama of PSH. Please PSH with beautiful acterss acting. Thanks Tv. KBS2 so much Thanks of all and director

lengskee park si hoo the best korean drama actor!

As.Eu.Us Million,s People waiting of Ep 24—> TPM Today night it’s the last episode today! hope it will be a happy ending..on the other hand, sad that it’s going to end soon.. THANKS of PSH and MCW with much love MORE MORE MORE We will see you soon in won prize drama 2011 at the festival Asia,Europa,Amrica

ME i really really love this drama. the best drama ever!!!!!!!!

Yashiona Especially Thnaks of PSH & MCW in the best drama 2011 The Princess,Man. We really love them with much more. We hopeThese two are in more drama,s acted together. PSH & MCW are ability to all role and acting Perfect. The Tone of Voice Two (PSH & MCW) are very nice. Really they have best Voice. The all drama of PSH is very beautiful THANK YOU KBS2 such a amazing drama. We miss KD.TPM

Lisa We love PSH every day more ,more and MORE He is a best actor and Popular in Asia.

zhilla park shi hoo, u really stuck on my head, crazy cos of you aaaah!!!!! u're so handsome, cute, come in to indonesia pleasseeeeee

Flo Hi PSH Oppa ...

You know what, your acting in Princess Prosecutor has succeeded melt my heart. I love a man who has such a pure love like Seo In Woo has. And I think that you have some of Seo In Woo's personality inside of you, am I right? Hhehe ... Well, hope I can meet you someday.

Hwaiting! ^__^

Meylinda Hai park shi hoo or seo in wo in princess presecutor. i'm meylinda from indonesiaa, do you know indonesia?? i hope sometimes you will come in my country. ehmm,... i'm very like with your acting because i think you're good talent and also handsome. so many girl in indonesia very like with you. ocey, that enough for my comment, i hope you read it :-)

thank u

Kameli The Million Spectator look forward and waiting for This drama beautiful, exciting,Professional "The Princess,Man". Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won are very nice together acted. We love PSH & MCW so much!Perfect actor,Lovely actor and ability to all rol. Always( PSH & MCW) are Popular. Thanks Special of this actors , Director and TV.KBS2

Anastazia Best K Drama in 2011 is >>> TPM We look forward to next Ep 16 drama *TPM* Love / revenge / bleeding Which will win?!! God help to our heart! best wish in life for all actors (PSH & MCW & LMW & HSH) in this drama. Million,s Spectator

gracia sitta hai oppa. how are you? I'm from Indonesia your drama the prosecutor Princess, is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. Really is the best (1). i lake it.... you very handsome, nice, perfect actor and interesting.. really i like your smile and you have baby face....good luck and God bless you.....

gracia sitta hi park si are such a good actor.keep it up!i hope someday i can go to korea just to see you or maybe you can visit here again in japan...ur oozing with sex appeal and for that i cant take my eyes off u...and you know what ur like a drug to me because now im addicted to you:Di love you!!stay humble pls...keepsafe!wishing you more blessings because i know you do have a good heart... God Bless You

World hi,I like This drama so much. I Love Park Si hoo and Moon Chae Won so much. Because They are our Popular and Top star. I remember seeing This drama just to see The Park Si Hoo. Apart from anything else it would not be. We Love Park Si Hoo so so so much and miss for him. We want more see PSH and MCW. Thank you

Jonies OH MY GOD! Park Si hoo act in drama is very nice and he very attractive man and Hot. We love PSH so much! more, more

Europ Hello, This drama is really very Professional ,beautiful,exciting,amazing Please, -> Mr.Writer --> Author,s story Made you look: But have too time sad scenes love and too negative chance and really PSH &MCW have no time for love.( is very unfortunate). The actors very very nice,Perfect,amazing acted but too less have time for romantic love. ( Really is very unfortunate ) We thanks of all and too much PSH & MCW We love PSH and MCW so much. Million,s Spectator

yeugo WoW!! Sob Sob !! anyway We really love this drama, The best ,diffrent , Super sad beautiful love story. We want to see they both live together until the end. We love you too much. Viewers( Olds and youngs )

Girls & boys Dear, Seung Yoo ( PSH )! Se Ryung ( MCW) in Ep 14 Her eyes say: I will give my life for you. Any day... I give for you all the best love. All in my life ,i can do!!! Se Ryung--> PERFECT actd and too nice ,fantastic and never found Seung Yoo ( PSH) To be as he is in EP 14. Come fast for all right love. Thanks for this drama. Worlds girls and boys

Bamjo OH God! THIS DRAMA IS VERY NICE.( Revenge & Relief ) Of Episode 8 to 15 we have to Cry........sad beautiful love story. This very Top love. Thanks all and PSH / MCW super acted together. It is memories your work in our heart. Thank you too much.

Cidor dear,PArk Si Hoo ! We love you toomuch more more of all day.

Aaron Hi, DRAMA TPM is NR.1 in 2011 abest exciting,diffrent,amazing and beautiful love. PSH is forever Popular every day more all love him. I really great love and right love is in series Korean Ep 14 The Princess,Man. Thanks too much PSH and MCW for a best acted in This series. You are a best play for example Top Love. Thanks TV.KBS 2

Ruby WOO! all People Watching part 14 The Princess,Man. Very very very Exciting and Beautiful Love story!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>WONDERFUL<<< Thanks Dear PSH and MCW all People love you Worlds People

Hilal In my Favorite PC is forever *The Princess,Man* OH,Yes! is best drama ´very Interesting,awesome,……. PSH acted is very wonderful and with MCW too lovely very very nice. The all his drama(PSH) is wonderful. the all actors and actresses are very good team. I like Lee soon Jae, Jeong Dong Hwan,Lee Min Woo,Lee Ju seak. The Kid:Kim Yu-Bin is beautiful and sweet!

Loren Dear, PSH !you are a perfect model of an actor and you're very very! HANDSOME & Attractive man. no doubt about it. Dear, MCW! you are a beautiful and your tone of your voieci is very nice. Please, next your drama play together. >> grant life and death to each other that affection is. Love is the flower of affection <<<

Rina he is such a good acter, i love him he is super hot <3

Lora D: TPM is great Korean drama. Exciting,Professional and beautiful. Thanks of All Actors ,Dir:Kim Jeong-Min,Wri: Jo Jung-Joo and Network: KBS 2. OH, dear PSH, You are a our Popular in Asia,Europa and America. Please good take care of yourself. We love you very much.

Sandra Park Si Hoo is a best Character Popular in Asia. We love him very much.

Syan Oh.God Drama The Princess,Man is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. Really is the best (1). I watching this drama. It is very for me popular. There are in the drama superstar PSH & ........ PSH is Handsome,Hot,Ability to all roll,popular and his smile is very beautiful. MCW is really beautiful,smart,cheerful and popular. We like Kim joungseo and his family very much. thank you of team work.

Helen The best drama is Princess,Man.Because is really Perfect ,perfessional, so very: exciting,amazing,beautiful and gerat drama. This drama have million,s viewers in World. Our summer with the best Korean drama TPM is very Cool. PSH i love you too much. Ta´hanks of all.

Alex oh my god,really this drama is very too much Hot,exciting,amazing and beautiful. I watching this drama TPM. I like very PSH & MCW. They are perfect match acting together. Really this drama is super Nr.1 I hope that they visit USA. Thanks of all ( Tema)

Tirisha Hello,dear Park Shi Hoo, We( I & all Family & my friends) love too much Park Shi hoo and Moon Chae Won together in this drama TPM !!! they are so cute together, and we think they have chemisty! would love to see end drama pleaseee!!!), We want to know what happen next after that last scene...!!! please give us a next dramas Park shi Hoo with .....Played one love story, Romance but no sad. (our love for the PSH and MCW song:Today I love more yesterday was what made we love this drama. We must said:This drama is a best forever in World. We thank you very much.

Wili Hi,Dear Park Shi Hoo

Welove The princess,man

Actually I’ve watch so many times This movie makes me feel that I’m in a world of real where a princess (Ryung) love Too much Seung-yoo her teacher in right love.(Romeo & Juliet) They were the best such a great couple. The movie is very very nice and exciting. We love PSH very much. Everytime I watch "TPM" I feel my day was so complete. The whole movie is perfect and Professional. Thanks of director & writer & actors Oh,PSH & MCW are the best. We hope this Korean drama a bests in 2011. God bless to all the cast TPM .We proud to all actors in best drama 2011.

Karin Hi Dear PSH, The drama TPM is very very exciting and beautiful. Oh,we got heart pain,but this D, TPM is very nice. Park shi hoo is a lot of glory. We love you very much.

Girls & boys Dear Park Shi-Hoo, We love you very very much. You are Actor in Asia. We will have you a lot of time a play drama or movie. Your fan kiss with MCW in drama "TPM" is very very nice. Good luck

World girls & boys

Gabie Hello dear PSH, you are a perfect actor in Korean. We want To see you a lot of time a TV show or drama-movie. Our best wish for your life and your Family. World people

Daniela hello Park Shi Hoo is a best superstar in Asia. We love him very much. We hope to see him more in series or movies and we are proud to him. Tanks you so much for your website World Peoples

Asian We love you only Park Si Hoo,because his very very attractive man,handsome,very ability to all rol, and the best star actor in Korean. Park Si-Hoo we hope to see you in a next drama love story with beautiful girl. Thank you the best luck for you. Asia Pepole

Rosha We love Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Wom so much more of yesterday. always, we love only PSH with played with of them pleyer. Dear PSH, all Pepole love you.

Hyeri Love Park Si Hoo & Kim So Yeon forever ......Perfect couple!!!!

Ruby Mr Park shi hoo,

We watching all drama of you.Let,s marry- What star did you-a Perfeckt Neighbor- How to Meet- Family,s Honor-Prosecutor Princess-Queen of Reversais- Iljimae and now Princess Man. Relly you are a best Artic and Professinoal. Now the series Princess Man has millions spectator and you are very very lovely and Perfeckt. We will always remember you ana Proud of you. Asia, Europa,america People

Vanilla I've seen you in so many Korean dramas but recently, I watched an older drama, Princess Prosecutor and have grown to love your style, acting, character portrayal! You just get better and better with time!! I like you a lot now and am a huge fan of your fashion style! Im from Singapore and just so you know, or if you ever see this, you have fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! Even my friends in the US are crazy about you!

Lai Lai Hi, Park Si Ho It is nice to know you in Princess Prosecutor (HK J2 ), your preformace is good, I like to see you smile. Keep fighting ! ( HK- add oil )

Ruby Hi, Mr Park Si Hu,

You are relly a best actor in Korean Nr.1 Attractive and so Hot and very clever. We,re Proud of you. All people like you Best wishes to you Good luck Ruby

ylpsandy Hi Park Si-hoo, really appreciate your performance. Wish you all success over the world. And hope you have chance to meet your fans in Hong Kong. Currently, your drama "Princess Prosecutor" is launched and playing under J2 of TVB. I believe you will attract more fans. Keep fighting!!!!

sheena hi to you PARK SI HOO..i am watching always your drama series, your sucg a good actor..i love the way you act so natural.. meet you is my dream,PARK SI HOO(^。^)stay safe!

ella ibe hi park si are such a good actor.keep it up!i hope someday i can go to korea just to see you or maybe you can visit here again in japan...ur oozing with sex appeal and for that i cant take my eyes off u...and you know what ur like a drug to me because now im addicted to you:Di love you!!stay humble pls...keepsafe!wishing you more blessings because i know you do have a good heart...

santi does Park Shi Hoo have a twitter account.?? i hope soooo!

SiYeon Really like Park Si Hoo, especially when paired with Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess, very cute. Si Hoo & So Yeon is the most favorite Korean couple. Always wait for their appearance together in new drama (in real life .... LOL)!

AWEE He is SOOO hot and the kiss scene with Kim So yeon in Prosecutor Princess was to DIE FOR...... I'm still melting thinking about it :) Hotness!

windxchime i like PSH's cheeky look in both Family Honor and Princess Prosecutor...

saranghe, shi-hoo oppa...

rio His facial expressions are so pure. :) He's not that good looking but the way he acts and dresses up makes him SO CHARMING! :) and HOT. I love his fashion style. :)

jackie.XD Park Shi hu!!!

AMAZING ACTOR!! LOVE U!!! u got the sweetest smile ever!!! and DAMN WHEN U WEAR UR SHADES! ur smoking H.O.T!!!!

he is juz toooo CUTE!!!! XD

Kim Kim HE IS AMAZING!!! He's hot, cute, AND a really good actor. I felt so bad for him in Prosecutor Princess cause the girl liked someone else, not that the other guy is bad, but it was really sad to watch. TOTALLY in for you, Park Shi Hu fighting!!!

ji seon "Joob" I like he smile and he is perfact man ha ha....he is the actor very HOt !!!!! he has the ability I love you so much...Park shi hu fighting...

evilive he is handsome. and he looks like Tei

K-drama fan He is an amazing actor and he is sooo HOT!!LOVE HIM!

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