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  • Movie: Confession of Murder (English title) / I'm A Killer (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Naega Salinbeomida
  • Hangul: 내가 살인범이다
  • Director: Jung Byoung-Gil
  • Writer: Jung Byoung-Gil, Lee Young-Jong
  • Producer: Lee Yong-Hee
  • Cinematographer: Jung Yong-Kyeon
  • Release Date: November 8, 2012
  • Runtime: 119 min.
  • Genre: Thriller / Award Winning
  • Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


After the expiration of the statute of limitations, serial killer Lee Doo-Suk (Park Si-Hoo) publishes his book "I'm A Killer" which becomes a best seller. The book depicts crimes he committed in the past. Meanwhile, Det. Choi Hyung-Goo (Jung Jae-Young) attempts to capture the serial killer he missed 15 years ago


  1. Filming began October 7, 2011 & finished January 29, 2012.
  2. About 100 Park Si-Hoo fans took part as extras in filming a scene in January (1st image in image gallery). The shooting took place at a book store in Jong-ro, Seoul. The roughly 100 fans were divided into supporters for character Lee Doo-Suk and opposition of Lee Do-Suk.


Confession of Murder-Jung Jae-Young.jpg Confession of Murder-Park Si-Hoo.jpg Confession of Murder-Kim Young-Ae.jpg Confession of Murder-Jang Gwang.jpg Confession of Murder-Jo Eun-Ji.jpg
Jung Jae-Young Park Si-Hoo Kim Young-Ae Jang Gwang Jo Eun-Ji
Det. Choi Hyung-Goo Lee Doo-Suk Han Ji-Soo director Choi Kang-Sook

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Asashii what third world a$$ country has a statuate of limitations for murder!!!!!!!!!!

RosyIvory Great gripping movie! I highly recommend it. One of my favorite scene is the ambulance chase scene.. Very impressive and interesting.

Olympus Very great movie...

KARLITA MEXICO great movie, highly recommended, Park Sihoo looks really hansome as always. love him.

Liza I just watched this movie with the director in the same room!!!!!! OMG!!!! Best korean movie I've watched so far!!!! <3 LOVED IT! Every single part was just amazing! The suspense, thriller, action and even comedy! and that killer smile from Park Si-Hoo! DAEBAK! <3

vvivao i <3 this movie!

maria good movie!!PSH is an amazing actor!!i hope to see him in more movies!!

as The number of spoilers on this website is appalling. Note to all: when you say 'I won' t spoil the ending, or twist', that's already too much.

CHER YUNA Amazing movie , the twist of the story is mind blowing , Si Hoo shows his one in a million actor who can portray any kind of roles ,i have seen all his films and as it goes by , he becomes better and better. I am wishing that he can create more movie where everyone enjoy and loves it all over the globe ... FOR SI HOO , keep it up.... NEVER GIVE UP !!, as you deserved to be in the top ....

kimberly This movie is so freaking awesome! the plot is so unexpected! without doubts, it can be a reference for Hollywood director. Just wanna add on, Park Si Hoo is really a grade A/list A actor - he managed to bring the character to reality. Korean directors/producers, please give PSH more opportunities as he really has the potential to excel. Please don't associate his personal life with his career. Whatever happened has happened. This guy has yet to unleash the potential in him. Trust us (the viewers), his future dramas/films will receive the highest viewership/rating in History - The drama "The princess man" rating was just the beginning for him. PSH, FIGHTING!

Patricia Hayen Great movie.....the twist knocked me down to the ground...about halfway through the movie I had to go to the bathroom...although I could have paused the movie I didn't....Seriously this movie was that good...PSH was a little too young for the part but his arrogance worked so well he was very convincing as the bad guy....I won't spoil this jewel by saying more.

kapoop A totally unexpected movie, just as you think that you finally understand what's going on, some shit happens and you're just like WTF??! But overall I personally really enjoyed it and recommend it. PSH is a fantastic actor and I just love him!!!

dora A statute of limitations for murder? I don't even...d

hazel i love you park si hoo..

tish omg..PSH is awesome in this movie! The character is so new for him and his smile,due to his character seems so sadistic in this movie.Confession of a Murder is the change he needed to boost his ratings for more roles. Aja Aja hwaiting!

freemovie The movie is good, the actor is more good, nice

PSHfan No doubt this movie the most exciting action thriller movie!!!

SABINAKWON The hot trailer says it all : this movie is going to be a big hit!! Let's go to Hollywood!!

Fatemeh I like Park Si Hoo but his character in this movie is DAEBAK!

clifty I'm v. glad for this first film for PSH! I hope to be a great success! Psh is a v. good and charismatic actor. Fighting!

Angel Love you so much, Oppa...Hope I get to meet you soon ><

VALERIE Hope to see your new film. Hope it comes to Hawaii. Congrats on your great work until now. You are a truly gifted actor. Aloha... Park Si Hoo.

nene Thailand I waiting to see your movie again and hope it so great for you . love shi hoo.

Tari Hope the best for you...PSH

nessa Park Si Hoo oppa fighting!! We love you! I hope, you will come in Turkey!!

SisterB PSH as a serial killer!?? Can't wait to see this!!

Girls&Boys OH,MG PSH We love you so much We are waiting for this Film. You are a best & Topstar and Popular in Asia We hope to see you soon, Million,s Young

Pohlin Mr Park Shi Hoo is a great actor with charisma and aroma. He has a great smile that melts human hearts! I love u sooo much!!

Hanisha We hope to see PSH every day. We waiting

thailand I hope to see PSH again. just waiting,!!love si hoo.

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