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  • Drama: The Musical
  • Revised romanization: Deo Myujikeol
  • Hangul: 더 뮤지컬
  • Director: Kim Kyung-Yong
  • Writer: Kim Hee-Jae
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 15
  • Release Date: September 2, 2011 -- December 23, 2011
  • Runtime: Fri. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ko Eun-Bi (Ku Hye-Sun) is a medical student, but she dreams of becoming a musical actress. She thinks about musicals all day and even dreams about musicals at night.

Hong Jae-Hee (Daniel Choi) comes back to South Korea. He used to compose songs for musicals, but now writes pop songs. His friend says that Jae-Hee changed because of his break-up with Bae Kang-Hee (Ok Joo-Hyun) 6 years ago.

One day, Eun-Bi practices a song while out in a park and Hong Jae-Hee, who fell asleep in the park after drinking too much alcohol, is awaken by her singing. Jae-Hee tells Eun-Bi that he wrote the song "Maria Maria" that she is singing. Eun-Bi doesn't believe him. Jae-Hee advises her that without talent she shouldn't think of becoming a musical actress.

Eun-Bi, ignoring Jae-Hee's opinion, decides to take time off from medical school to take part in numerous auditions. She fails all of them. With only 2 weeks left before she has to return to medical school Eun-Bi becomes desperate. She spots an audition advertisement looking for a male musical actor. Eun-Bi decides to take part in the audition dressing up as a man. Her ruse is discovered though by Yoo-Jin (Park Ki-Woong), an investor for musicals, and she is kicked out from the audition.

In the bathroom of the audition, Eun-Bi meets a woman named Sa Bok-Ja (Park Kyeong-Rim). Bok-Ha insists she is a musical instructor and gives lessons to Eun-Bi. Bok-Ja even moves into Eun-Bi's apartment. Eun-Bi then decides to take a year off from school, believing that with lessons from Bok-Ja she cam make her dreams come true.

A creative musical contest is then held by an investment company led by Yoo-Jin. Meanwhile, a friend of Jae-Hee asks him to write two songs for the contest, but Jae-Hee refuses. Later, Jae-Hee drinks with a bunch of people including Bok-Ja. Bok-Ja has become drunken and grabs Jae-Hee without letting him go. Jae-Hee takes Bok-Ja back to his place and uses her cellphone to call someone. The person that answers is Eun-Bi. A short while later, Eun-Bi arrives at Jae-Hee's place. Jae-Hee learns that Eun-Bi wants to become a musical actress and asks her to sing to a melody while he plays something on the piano. Eun-Bi improvises lyrics about how she met her musical teacher and also a drunken man who insisted he wrote the song Maria Maria. Jae-Hee now remembers her from the park. Eun-Bi also now realizes that the man in the park was really Jae-Hee ...


  1. "The Musical" is thought to become Korea's first musical drama.
  2. Filming will take place on location in New York City's Broadway area starting in July.


The Musical (Korean Drama)-Ku Hye-Sun.jpg The Musical (Korean Drama)-Daniel Choi.jpg The Musical (Korean Drama)-Park Gi-Woong.jpg The Musical (Korean Drama)-Ok Joo-Hyun.jpg The Musical (Korean Drama)-Ki Eun-Se.jpg
Ku Hye-Sun Daniel Choi Park Ki-Woong Ok Joo-Hyun Ki Eun-Se
Ko Eun-Bi Hong Jae-Yi Yoo Jin Bae Kang-Hee Seo Ra-Kyung

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-09-02 1 8.3 (15th) 10.9 (7th)
2011-09-09 2 NR NR
2011-09-16 3 NR NR
2011-09-23 4 NR NR
2011-09-30 5 NR NR
2011-10-07 6 NR NR
2011-10-14 7 NR NR
2011-10-21 8 NR NR
2011-10-28 9 NR NR
2011-11-04 10 NR NR
2011-11-18 11 NR NR
2011-12-02 12 NR NR
2011-12-09 13 NR NR
2011-12-16 14 NR NR
2011-12-23 15 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.

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hamid1029 I love veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much daniel.just this

rose i love THE MUSICAL, i love daniel choi. He has what so called killer smile..

Bitter Lemon I love Yu Jin's character... He's so stern yet kind and really handsome too... :)

But I hoped this drama focuses more on "musicals" though... :\

Jho It was so amazing korean drama ,i really like it than the others

ken Can I know the soundtrack names?

shin18 so happy to see this drama :) all actors have endearing smiles .. 8-D

SuperGirlInLove I become so ADDICTED

floridaus girl I love this drama so much Goo hye sun is my favorite actress in Korea she's defferent compare to other actresses I love hue sun the way she is. Humble and simple but beautiful. This drama the musical is really nice to me is defferent history's and actor Choi Daniel his very good too.all in all this drama I rate this in 100%. Hope hue sun and Chou Daniel can make another drama in the future. Or part two on the musical..,... I love hye sun and Chou Daniel.

mysin actually I kind of like the story, Ku hye sun is good in acting but there're some substantial things she needs to impove,

one, she has to get rid of everything abt her character in BOF,

two, she need to have costume designer that provided by the drama project so she could have a different appearance in every drama she's in to, if the director doesn't provide it, ask one! she's a famous actress after all,

third, she need to stop hastiling her hair everytime she has a stress scene, not good, cos all the drama I watched with her in it she always do the same typical act everytime she has a stress scene,

last, she need to remove all her tomboyish on screen including in style, she can have that outside the screen but when it's on screen and she has to be girl or woman for it than she need to suit up with everything that support the character of the role... except if the role ask her to,

KHS-ssi has to stop being selfish! I know she can act, in fact she's pretty good at it, but she needs to prove herself that in every different drama she could show each of different character and style!!! my advice, start watching cate blanchett movies and start opening any magazine abt style, sorry to say but KHS-ssi, you are very lack in costume choices, maybe you need to have stylish, in and outside of screen a.s.a.p!!! Good Luck of you... KHS-ssi, I like the drama anyway...

Wohoo I know Goo Hye Sun from the BOF drama.. It such a wonderful drama and i was really admired her because she is such a good actor.. After the BOF drama2009 ( yeah actually i watched it in 2011), i bought the BOF and the musical cd. Both CDs costs $66. I didnt read the synopsis of the musical drama bcause i believe the drama is wonderful just like the BOF.

At the first episode, it was really interesting :D and its become really boring story. ( it's okay at first and its became boring )

I watch it ( i even didn't know how many episodes its have) in a week. and i didn't know that i've watched the last episode. I thought that the Episode 15 is not the last. ( yeah, because, I really wanna to watch Eun Bi perform on the stage, marry , have kids or what LOL ).. After i watched the Ep.15, i was excited to watch the next episode as i thought there's an episode like i've thought. And... Its end just like that !!makes me so disappointed:'( !!

Why Eun Bi acted like this when Jae Yi is about to kiss her? ( kinda like refuse it LOL) I think Choi Daniel was stressed because Hye sun kept cover in the kissing scene - one of the reason we were disappointed with the drama

I wanna know who Yuu Jin with. I wanna know how the performance is. And so many things! The drama is un-completed!

Seriously, i'm sooo disappointed! Goo Hye Sun can be a good actor. I hope she'll improves her acting skill. She keep with her derp face when acting, laughing and so on..

This is the first k-drama that made me disappointed.

  • sorry for the rip english. I really mad so bad haha LOL

lodi This is a brilliant drama! It's extraordinarily well written and well-acted. The plot is subtle and the characters are very complex, so you need to watch it carefully.

Thomas Dunn This story SUCKS! I blame two people:the untalented scriptwriter who is probably an older woman and the main actress who has forgotten that this is not Boys Over Flowers but another drama.She keeps playing that character... Badly! She dresses like a boy and keeps riffing her hair. Her laugh is annoying and she has no chemistry with any of the leading actors. Why should they like her anyway. She is selfish and ungrateful: being typically Korean! She is very annoying singing,... Sorry, screaming the songs at the top of her lungs... What a waste!!!

Theresa Wynn This drama is kind of boring. I thought that a musical has singing but this drama dwells more with Eun Bi yapping about herself all the time than anything else. Talk about selfish. She does not care that the songwriter went all out hot her or the investor likes her. She is obsessed with musicals. How boring! Doesn't she realize that all musicals are is for stats to get adulation from the audience which creates egocentric monsters just like the current musical diva. So I am waddling the unit liking what's her name Go Hye Sun, the over acting, cackling actress that is so annoying!!!

sanskriti is ther another season or is that it?

laura hye sun played very well, and really is chemistry between her and Daniel, but I think the story was not written well, the script could have done better! however I love the drama and daniel and hyesun look good together!

Lauren Clearly this drama was cut by the network... good thing, too. Because it SUCKED!  :/ Daniel Choi is cute as ever, but there was NOTHING going on between him and Go Hye Sun and the story had no direction. I will be surprised if they put any money to finish the drama... let alone send crews to NYC to shoot anything.

PS - that freaking song is the only one they wrote... so annoyed with it!!

Belinda I rather see Daniel Choi in Baby Faced Beauty. At first I wasn't impressed but he is good and funny at that

Thanh Mai Hello all,

I m a little bit surprised when finished watching this drama. Is there any sequel ??

Daniel Choi is a very good actor, but no chemistry between him and Ku Hye Sun. Maybe the story is boring or maybe Hye Sun, she s not really into the character of Ko eun Bi. She laughed alot when acting. Why??

Cheer up to Daniel Choi. Hoping to see you soon in another Dramas. You are always into the character when acting. Keep going.

And do not play the dramas which is no story or boring story like this one.

a fan of Daniel Choi

kimchi anyone know the song title at last part in ep 9?i want download it but don't know the title..=(

Hzz Eun Bi umm,, in 15th episode, why Chung Dam Dong Gumiho doesnt show its performance?? :/

gofaone mokgethwa nice at first but as it goes on it becomes boring. i mean not keeping the person watching glued to the screen....we neeed a happy ending

jenny Yaaaah, i don't understand why this drama ended like this....actually we can't call it an end......

    • Spoiler***

Why Eun Bi acted like this when Jae Yi is about to kiss her?? So weird.......!!!!

I can't say i didn't like this drama because i watched it until the end, but what i liked the most was Yu Jin's character! Cold and sweet and the same time ♥♥ His character was interesting and his past too, I think it's him i like the most...

Goo Hye Sun is really cute, Choi daniel too but together it's so so. Can't feel the chemestry (Eun Bi didn't help with that anyway....u_u)

YV I really enjoyed watching this drama up until it ended suddenly. It's a real shame that they didn't fill out the ending a bit more after spending so much time developing the characters.

aya WOW.....sigh............... i'm sorry but because of this drama i'm afraid to watch anymore of Ku Hye-Sun dramas. she was OK in BOF but damn she makes it very awkward with her leading man and i never feel the chemistry.. i will try another drama of hers but i willl wait until she matures A LOT, and get out of her weird box she's in..

bunbunami Yeah in the beginning i like the story. I also like both Hong Jae-Yi and go eun-bi scene together. More over in every scene that Jae-Yi really aggressive to show his love. i love the musical scene very much also the song. But after episode 9, I see the character Go Eun-bi is just a little bit so selfish having fun with Yu-Jin while she already know that he is already in realtionship with Ra-Kyung. till episode 11, the story line is so annoying. I try to understand Eun-bi character but it just makes me hate her for being so innocent and hurtting the other. Seems the story a really hard to be realistic. I hope there will be better story line in episode 12 till the end.

W.I.E Eun bi and Hong jae (really hope it)

Charity This is awesome :0

Anna Boring story line now I get why there are no ratings for this show,at first it was ok then boring~~~ but some parts are fun. After watching it until now I find Yoo Jin very handsome!! I don't know why I don't like Hong Jae-Yi he's a bit well I don't know how to say it lets just say he can't control himself, I think Yoo Jin and Ko Eun-Bi should be together, Jae-Yi should be with Bae Kang-Hee, Ra-Kyung should be with the trainer she deserves to be with a nice guy who makes her smile and laugh.While Yoo Jin deserves to be with someone who makes him be himself and able to express some of his feelings to in which when he's with Ko Eun-Bi he is able to do so. Everytime Yoo Jin and Jae Yi together Eun Bi seems uncomfortable when she's with Yoo Jin she's more open.But yeahhh..this will never happen.Hopefully the rest of ep12 and the rest more interesting and more musical than talking :)

zee The drama started good towards the middle its kinds dull its all taking and talking it should be "The Talking" not the musical!!,I was actually doze off with all the talking another thing thats making it dull is first she wants to be in musical no matter what then she got the opportunity then Bae Kang-Hee say this and then she rejects the part,the story line is a bit childish and typical.Yeah I know its drama but since ep1 till ep 11 still the same but there's nothing productive its as if they want to put the lame drama into it to make it a 1 hour show.I love musical(the real thing)I thought lead actress on stage sings more than one song but Ko Eun-Bi only sings one song and still 1 song its already ep11,the only singing that we get to watch performance is those guys at the restaurant doing acapella.Hopefully they will change the story line on ep 12 and the rest of the ep.I like Ku Hye-Sun but why do they pick her there's a lot more actresses to play this part,I don't like the way she stress out and messed up with her hair,it looks like emo but I find her character are not emo

mia What was the title of the song she sang here (“Fox of Cheongdam-dong”)?

choco after watched this drama until ep 10...i think it was very great musical drama ever!...especially go hye sun..she's cute..i just loved to see her smile....i was wondering who will be with go eun bi in the last??..

aqchixtina I love this drama. I like Ku Hye-Sun. Her leading man Daniel Choi is really cute especially when he smile. They have chemistry.I can't wait to watch episode 11.ü

Kfan the acting skills of female lead need to be improved, rather superficial. She pretends hard to be cute. The story line is not clear esp the romance story of the 2 leads. It started off well but midway, the romance somehow drops off. I can't feel any chemistry between the 2 now. Not sure how the story will develop. Rather boring.

jazz_10 @yangchen... Ep 11 was not broadcast last friday coz it was replaced with other show... They will air ep 11 this coming friday... We can't wait for THEMU ep 11 coz the story is awesome  !!! :)

yangchen i could find episode 11 ,.,any idea ,.any one? please

june Ko Hye Sun is miscast in this drama. Just too bad, bcs her role is pivotal. So it brings down the whole show for me. She doesn't have a credible singing voice, for one, and more importantly she just does not bring a sense of authenticity and depth to the character of Go Eun Bi. It would have been great to see Moon Geun Young in the role.

faith she has many skills except acting. KOO hye sun why sont you just stop acting you can do anything but acting. really you dont have anything elles a except your cute face in front of the cameras. and you know its fake too. just let the others act who can

Kay I like this drama very much,

LYLopez fr SFO I can't wait of episode 9,so trilled of the upcoming episode, as I can sense the rivalry of hong jae and yu-Jin to a star studed eun-bi. As a medical student and yu-jin's mom's illnesses will more connect them both emotionally most esp. Eunbi's grandmother is a friend of his parents. Very nice story for us to watch,even though I'm miles away n Korea and a filipina but honestly I'm addicted watching the Korean drama series. I've watched almost all of it online,,..well to the staff of musicals hope u expedite those episode left! Good luck....Chao!

darrissa06 When will episode 8 be subtitled.???!!!

michelle Kang Hee is so selfish, a backstaber. She always makes things go her way....And why is Eun Bi so afraid to love or show her love ?

mashmellow i love if yu jin get together with eun bi later (i hope she focuses on her dream on musical first) because their family's story relates each other. eun bi's grandmother and yu jin's parents are actually knew each other. i can't wait to see the day when eun bi meets yu jin's parents and know as well about his mother's sickness (this may be happen when eun bi and yu jin r/ship gets even more close). eun bi also seems like she can make yu jin happier. yu jin smiles a lot when he was with eun bi. yu jin seems started to like eun bi in ep7. maybe. although i think yu jin suited ra kyung at first, but i think ra kyung suits the manager more, the person whom helps her when her hand was almost burnt. heheheh. and jae yi is best with kang hee although her current husband is very kind. Hope his husband will understand =p jae yi's story is more about love and i kind of like yu jin's life story with his family more (his grandfather stubbornness, the person who wants to bring down yu jin, the reason why his parents have to leave him when he was young) i want to see more of this. these are my opinions for this moment after watching those episodes. =) happy watching everyone!

Hnin Inzail I like this drama very much , but i can't realize who will be the leader actor between Daniel Choi & Park Gi Woong

nessa I like this drama :) like go eun bi voice, very very like it. so pure and uniqe. + acting. you are the great one goo hye sun. but why NR there? This drama was daebak :))

HelloMusical Great drama so far! Can't wait to the next episodes!!! :)

Rossy Kusuma can't wait till the next ep.. >..< kkk go hurry hurry.. KooHS sooo multi talented actor.. :D

secret Ash I can't wait for the next episode... I heart The Musical... :)

Madam Kwan After viewing Episode 3 we get a better idea as to the direction this drama is heading. Very interesting dynamics with the inter-personal relationships thrown in. It appears that Yu-Jin sees more of himself in Ko Eun-Bi, i.e. personal struggles and alike, as well as the desire to succeed. Even though Eun-Bi has had her spirit crushed by the jealous Bae Kang-Hee, her energy and talent can't be denied... this is something both Hong Jae and Yu-Jin has recognized and acknowledged. It will be interesting to see how these three people connect emotionally.

nutrisia great original story drama

Madam Kwan Great intro to a new genre of episodic drama. Wonderful cast and interesting storyline. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

dee Where r the ratings?

jj Atlast! will see this drama on Sept 02, 2011 every Friday night... wishing you all the best and luck! Hwaiting!

Ladybug Grandma I can't wait to see Go Hye Sun again in a new movie or drama. I am excited to find out if she will have good chemistry with Daniel Choi like she had with Lee Min Ho.

I wish there will be more information and pictures about the musical soon. Goodluck to everyone involed in theis production!!

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