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Nana Ruan I knew him when watching Full House Take 2 and Secretly Greatly Ki Woong is so awesome and adorable, I can't stop fall for him <3 <3 <3 I've seen him in any villain role, wonder how does Won kang hwi aka Na Nim look like in villains character, lol He is now in military, hope to see him soon~ Btw, what is the name of PKW's fanclub ? From Vietnam with love~~~

neth hai park ki-woong >.....!!!!!!<3

ParkChohwa Park Ki-Woong!!! I watched him in Night After Night with Kim Sun A 김선아 and Lee DongGun and he was good. But here in A Man's Story he's just too adorable to be true.. oppa fighting!!!

michaela-amy the first thing i saw park ki woong in was full house take 2, i really enjoyed his fun loving character and lighthearted personality, so then seeing him in bridal mask in such a stark contrast of character was astonishing. Not to mention his skill within the action scenes. it was amazing to see. park ki woong ~ shi aja !! i cannot wait to see how your career progresses. you're extremely talented! thank you for all your hard work!

B2 I first saw you in Bridal Mask and I enjoyed watching you. It was just so great! The sensitivity which you played Shunji will always be in my mind. You are a really good actor. and I wish you all the best in your new movies and dramas. Can't waiting to Watch a new drama in which you will be playing the main role (and no more the second role please). (A fan from Belgium)

Gyinaa U have the talent i real like u from Chuno to Gaksital u acted cool.I real loved the role u acted in Full house take 2. U're fan from Tanzania U have the talent i real like u from Chuno to Gaksital u acted cool.I real loved the role u acted in Full house take 2. U're fan from Tanzania

Ynaaa U have the talent i real like u from Chuno to Gaksital u acted cool.I real loved the role u acted in Full house take 2. U're fan from Tanzania

Ynaaa U have the talent i real like u from Chuno to Gaksital u acted cool.I real loved the role u acted in Full house take 2

samanta hi park ki woong i love you se much series bridal mask and chuno wanderful series your best actor for me and actor korean

Quan Hello Mr. Park, your character in Chuno made me think "Just another wannabe actor taking advantage of his good looks" because appearing as a villain like that shouldn't be such a difficult job, and I especially detested how that character betrayed my favorite Eop Bok. But then I saw you as among the good guys in Secretly Greatly, in a subtle-multiple-layer character that you did very easily despite your pretty face, and so I thought I judged your face rather harshly. I am very sorry, Mr. Park.  :-) Peace. I'm looking forward to appreciating your work again in Gaksital and I'm now preparing my heart and my mind before watching it, knowing that I will get involved in the story and I will not escape its effects on me :-) Mr. Park, please remain the sweet guy that I have found out you to be. Kamsahamnida :-)

asiat i have two words to say.......saranghae oppa

aniadion park ki woong oppa~saranghae~i like all your drama~weeee..fighting!!i wish u healthy and wealthy always~~ <3~~~~~^^

Salah Islah Made me gasp in secretly greatly. . Well fine actor

Nora He rocked in A Man's Story & Bridal Mask. I never felt bad or empathetic with the bad guy in the story before this oppa playing Shunji. Loooooveee his acting and I guess I even love him too XD And he so freakn earned the best supporting actor award KBS gave him. May his acting career never fades!

Nora He rocked in A Man's Story & Bridal Mask. I never felt bad or empathetic with the bad guy in the story before this oppa playing Shunji. Loooooveee his acting and I guess I even love him too XD

byabang jirkum he's so cute at full house take 2

Deasy Wow he looks so different in his new drama The Musical, He looks so handsome there... I never thought that he played at My Tutor Friends 2

hanana so adorable, love you PKW ~ Ive enjoyed EVERY one of his performances yet, and im rly enjoying his performance in The Musical too.

mscheeksup junk-man! I love ur dork expressions and awkward dance moves hahahha killer smile and looks, indeed. where have you been?? please cast in more sweet funny dramas.. Like tutor friend 2! Ur real act in it.. is number one!;)

with love, from Indonesia

Carol1646 Man, you're so sweet and cute yet so handsome at the same time.. The first time I saw u in tutor friend 2, i still remember how I keep repeating the same sentence to my mom, "mom, he's so handsome, oh my! The middle one, mom, yes thats the one!"

i wish to see morw of you in future, you're a great and a handsome actor!^^


    1. For Comment #15 aoom

I just find out the name of that drama It's called "Castella" and he used to played gas station boy in this project too.


janna gi woong..i love u so much..i just cant take my eyes off you at my tutor are so handsome and cute...i love you...

khim saranghaeyo.......keep up the good work...^_^

kitten I've never liked any korean actor. but I fall for you in Tutor2. I think you're super cute Many years passed I didn't see you in other film I'm searching then I found my little Kyeong-Tae <3 NO DOUBT you're the best cute & Talent of korea (remind me to matsuken or johnny depp) don't care anymore you're famous or not. I just really love your nature cute keep going kiwoong ..I will be your side forever!

you're my favorite I've edit this profile page just for you! of course 100% vote for you too.

S@lly Oppa, saranghayo! OPPA HWAITING!~

evilive he looks cute. i'm watching someone behind you now. he catched my eyes

aoom I want to know. Gi woong used to played a short movie of KBS. His caractor is a train man not a driver but who is push people into a train. Anybody know it,please tell me. Thanks

mia oops!!!! i mean he's not looks like other korean actors!

mia i think he's not like other Korean actors .....and he's look kike other k actors...that's why i like him ....... he's so hot! kkk

taburetto you're very interesting actor and i'm your great fan)) hope to see you on screen soon)

kathleen annyong hashimniga!!

chonun kathleen rahgo hamnida.

wow...junk-man,'re super cool and you have a nice smile,dude!!

can't wait to see your next movie... saranghaeo....("_)

aulia ..woow!! gi woong,, your face so cutee...

saya yeahh!!!! PARK GI WOONG you are damn good in 'sequence' your head all around degree!!!! cool!!!rock!!! n unbelievable!!!! chayook!!chayook!!chayook!!

♥Kyoung-Min♥(경숙 - 분) god i felt so bad for the charater he played in the drama because even though he loves the girl and she owns it to. she still tell him to move on with his life. i felt so bad for him... because his charater was so nice and only broke up w/ her because he though she was gonna break up w/ him...

alya hello, gi woong park.. I like too watch your movie tittled my tutor friend 2.. you look so..... sweet with junko.. hihi.. and most important.. I like your smile so smile always!!

Maddy mann yor super cute...i especially love yor smile, it's superrrrr adorably cuteee...hehe :)

bella woong ur biggest from indonesia!!!!cant wait too see ur next movie!!

shifa hai woong park, i like your movie titled my tutor friend 2.. and i'll be waiting for your other movie next.. all the best for you woong park, fighting! :)

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