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  • Name: Lee Seo-Jin
  • Hangul: 이서진
  • Birthdate: January 30, 1973
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Blood Type: A


Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Freeze | Peurijeu (CGV / 2006) - Joong-Won


  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Acting Award for Yi San
  • 2006 SBS Acting Award: Popularity Award
  • 2006 SBS Acting Award: Top 10 Popularity Award
  • 2004 MBC Drama Award: Best Couple with Lee Eun Joo in Phoenix
  • 2003 MBC Drama Award: Outstanding Performance
  • 2003 MBC Drama Award: Best Couple with Ha Ji Won in Damo
  • 2001 MBC Drama Award: New Face Actor


  • Education: New York University (Business Management major)
  • Languages: Korean and English


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reindeer song Isn't it time for Lee Seo Jin to be married with children? I doubt it, him being a mummy's boy his mummy will not accept anyone for her son but herself. He is 43, he will live to be an old man with his mummy. Granted he is talented and financially smart but when is enough, to cut the apton strings.I guess since his last relationship he has cold feet, can't upset mummy.

Carmi Wonderful days is really wonderful! LSJ is so amazing from gangster in lovers to prosecutor in new drama series...... His a damn good looking actor with cutie dimples:-) PHILIPPINES

Carmi Wonderful days is really wonderful!!! LSJ is sooo amazing.:-)

ratna Just watched wonderful days and found lee seo jin is awesome. I asked myself, i watched k-dramas for years, why i just found this awesome actor recently? # finally watching another LSJ's perfomances in another drama/movies. Loves your act! ♡ ratna ♡ indonesia

jo oris your acting is awesome, you deliver your dialogue naturally. Such great actor specially in Yi San, Damo, Lovers ( other dramas in queue looking forward to watch). Great job oppa!!!

Yvonne Great actor - first saw him in "Lovers" and enjoyed the drama. Acting was superb. Glad to see him again in "Wonderful Years". Have watched 2 episodes and I've enjoyed it so much!

TaeDee OMG! I just adore that actor

Paulina S I am a huge fan born in the U.S Italian father Chilean Mother Mr Lee Seo Jin is an extraordinary actor ,and yes very handsome and classy,I wish him the best and hope he finds his soulmate soon .look forward to his continued success.

Gloria Stern Happy Brrthday and a fabulous year of the horse. Start the new year right with a drama series.

Yeo Jin Void Wow for the first time in his career.....he has a drama project with KBS Channel and it is also his comeback after 3 years HYUNG!! IDOL!!

gyebaek you are the best actor in the world . historical drama please like(gyebaek)

LAYO LADEL Lsj is a good and likable person. Please continue to be a good actor and find love with han jimin.

Kim G this is one sexy man! does anyone know if he's steraight? married? in a committed relationship? desperately looking for an older woman from a completely different background? we could have so much to talk about! call me Seo-Jin. Oh, and he's a seriously great actor. I loved his Gye Baek, Yi san and also in Dame. Is he still actively involved in the industary in addition to his "serious" day job?

koko Hi! I am from Romania (Europe) and a fan of Korean dramas. LSJ is one of my favorite but I feel very disappointed that he has made no movie/drama lately! I would like to know whether he has any plans of shooting a drama/movie in the near future ( meaning 2013). It is a pity that his talent as an actor is getting wasted in favor of being a businessman!

lyndije Seojin I love your dimples when you smile. Keep up the good work. Currently watching Lee San. I feel great watching it and seeing the power of love

lilibeth Im one of your fans lee..ive seen d lee san from start to d end in korean language just to watch you.and i keep on watching in tagalog version..hope to see u personally.

Chi If all men were to be like u then the world will be a better place for we ladies. Keep the good work. Talent is neva enough, i know dat its bcos of ur passion for acting dat makes ur fans out here creep to watch films u feature. In Yi San,YOU AND SUNG SONG YEON IS JUST THE PERFECT COUPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN....u can try it out if u are still single and of course if she is also single.

dana Dear KOKO....you have right....i wait the same thing like you...the most handsome actor, so cute and natural,amaizing man.... I hope....we don't lose him, because he is a director executive in a great company,...... business or finance....I want that guy to be an actor another 10-15 years......

koko It is quite a long time since I have no news about Seo Jin activity as an actor! Has he given up making dramas/movies? Is he focused on business/finance only? Me, like other fans. are still waiting for a new movie and a great success.

Tanya p. You're such an amazing actor. Not only you've got the look that fits as a good person but in many ways it tells us that you've got talents too. Keep up being an excellent actor so that we can enjoy your movies. Best wishes!

nudeenaka love you seojin fanclub thailand

mary you are the best actor and one of handsome men in the world. you have incredible smile. I love you so much. god bless you always

Gasenadi Botox never! Your facial expressions are what makes you a memorable actor. Saw you first in Damo and was so impressed, I searched for other movies and dramas. Am in that process now. Blessings to you and yours. Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

menchie seojin wish you good luck be happy w/ your family we wish to see you here in phillippines, sooner we saw you at yisan or lee san at GMA7 we are very excited.may blessing shower to you... more drama and movies ilove yi san and gye baek...love you muaah muaah tsup tsup!!

SisterB In Possessed/Soul, actors I would never expected to play villains were excellent ones!! So reminds me of Stir of Echoes movies with Kevin Bacon; the premise of an avenging ghost! Loved Lovers and now a fan Will be going through and watching all of Lee Seo Jin's other dramas. He is one of my favorites now!

Yadana i wish you to be happy whole your life.

leo you are my inspiration. love LSJ.

Gi Good acting

Gi Wonderful acting, facial expression and eye contact... especially, put the heart into the acting, that's why it could move the heart. Thanks.

from a chicken to another chicken hi! in the name of mother super junior ,my name is abu hassan<3:) i dont know why but somethimes i want to take bensin and then start a big big fire !:) i will make chicken of you:) thank you my dear chicken

Faith Am glad to have been introduced to korean drama through a new tv station called gbs that started airing in my country (kenya) last year.you've become one of my favourite actors, keep up the good work!

Sal Love when he smiles,da dimples to die 4.mwaaaah

Lisa M This is one of the best looking men I've ever seen. In Yi San when he said "I'm not asking as king but as a man to a woman to be with me", I totally melted! I will watch anything Lee Seo Jin appears.

橙子 Wish you happy every day

Nudeeka Happy b day 30 Jan 2011 I'll be there for you

non sibi I am watching Phoenix (2004), I hope it is a happy ending drama.

catherine Men u will definitely go places , hope 2011 brings good tidings for you....

Andreea (Romania) Lee Seo Jin is such a talented actor. Hope that 2011 comes with many acting opportunities for him.

lacramioaranarcisa I forgot I perezint: from Romania and I'm glad that I found here and other Romanians. I salute you all and hug!

lacramioaranarcisa I salute you all! I'm glad I came across this forum and hope that it will be read even by the manager Mr Lee Seo Jin or why not even by him. LSJ What you know, the more work now?? It is a talented actor, which puts more soul into what she does and deserves all our respect. I look forward to more work to find lately.

joy you make me feel alive and enlighten if I watching " lovers" everyday. You portrayed as a natural and a good actor. I am hoping that someday ( illusion) I want to see you personally but its impossible to happen. I really like you sooo much and i miss your face in a tv shows...even in a big screen. I want to buy some dvd's that you portrayed but i cant find here in our place. Goodluck lee and God bless to you always.....take care.

Gracey Nixons I rili love tha way lee potrays his character he is so natural on my top ten list with the likes of Johhny Depp an i love his strong features.

Lin I love seo jin.. he is the best actor I have seen amongst all the korean actors. He is very natural and he has a good heart doing charity work. Hope to see more of his drama. Take Care and hope you find a good wife and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Tyra I luv de way u act,ur firmness...no wonder u r de best.keep it up

karen you're the Best actor for me, cute and Handsome as well.... I loved your dimples.... hope you can make more new movies.. coz i already watched all your movies and you're so great!!!!

eugene He's so good. I love him since watching his drama "Damo" with Ha Ji Won

Thanh B. The way Lee Seo Jin acting is so natural. He knew the camera angle and used it well. I have a son at the same age , date of birth and day. Which is January 30 ,1973. When seing him it remind me of the age of my own son. Lee is so talented and have great performances. I just watched some two of his Drama's Yasan and Damo. I really like that he is so devoted to the environment and care for others. May God bless you in the carreer path you chose and hope you fing a great wife that help you shaping your political carreer.


diana such a charismatic actor... all the best from Romania!

flyfish I love oppa's drama too! and hoping to see more dramas of you as soon as possible! but don't be rush, enjon your life! Take care! ANNA

Ai-yamapii Happy 37 th Birthday !! So nice and the best movie your :D

Emine I like ur Dramas & Movies.I love your drama Lovers..Seo-jin Lee is a very good actor...Hoping to see more dramas=)

LoVeDeaR All the best to you.

From LoVeDeaR of Brunei Darussalam

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