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  • Drama: Lee San, Wind of the Palace
  • Revised romanization: Yi San / Isan
  • Hangul: 이산
  • Director: Lee Byung-Hoon, Keun-hong Kim
  • Writer: Kim Yi-Young
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 76
  • Release Date: September 17, 2007 - June 16, 2008
  • Runtime: Mon-Tues 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Lee Byoung-hoon, the director of the hit TV series The Jewel in the Palace, will direct this new period drama.

In the late 18th century, Lee San became the 22nd kind of the Joseon Dynasty! It was the most tumultuous times ever seen in the 500-year-old Joseon monarchy! He was an open-minded, wise king who championed democratic values. The stories of his glorious triumphs, ordeals, regrets, and historical achievements are shown in this TV drama.

A story about Lee San’s life

The politics of Lee San (King Jung-jo) He was a natural leader who ended vicious partisan politics and revived the economy with his extensive knowledge of the market. He created a strong paradigm in the 18th century and ruled with the kingdom wisely! This biopic drama covers his dramatic life and shows the achievements of the Silhak scholars and outstanding officials who rebuilt the kingdom’s power.

The high point of the arts in the late Joseon Dynasty. Hwaseong Fortress was a remarkable architectural achievement during this period and western knowledge began to seep into the kingdom. Brilliant individuals such as Park Ji-won, Lee Ick, Jung Yak-yong, Kim Hong-do, Shin Yoon-bok, and others are introduced in this TV drama as well. For the first time, the art workshop of the palace will be shown along with the Aekjung office and Seja Ikwiesa. There were 10 failed assassination attempts made during this period alone in the 500-year history of the Joseon Kingdom and they will be depicted as well.

Economic turning point in the 18th century As family industries began to be replaced with a trading economy, the 18th century was a turning point for the economy-! The commercial trade of the times will be depicted realistically and the trading organization that Song-yeon leads is where the latter Joseon Dynasty’s economy originated from. The special Joseon Dynasty products that were made under the guidance of Song-yeon were exported to the China’s Ching Dynasty. In addition, the 30-year romance between the leading female character Song-yeon (Eubin Sung) and King Jung-jo will also be a main theme in the drama.

The reinforcement of the army and military research In the late 18th century, western technology began to seep into the kingdom and many political factions that opposed the king tried to fan the flames by starting anti-government movements. This led King Jung-jo to take a strong interest in national security and a military buildup. This is when the king reformed the army and began to beef up military research. One accomplishment in this era was the publication of the Muyedobotongji, Joseon dynasty’s first martial arts textbook to ever exist. --MBC


Lee San-Lee Seo-Jin.jpg Lee San-Han Ji-Min.jpg Lee San-Lee Sun-Jae.jpg Lee San-Jo Yeon-Woo.jpg Lee San-Lee Jong-Su.jpg Lee San-Seong Hyeon-A.jpg
Lee Seo-Jin Han Ji-Min Lee Soon-Jae Jo Yeon-Woo Lee Jong-Soo Sung Hyun-Ah
King Jeong Jo Sung Song-Yeon King Yeongjo Jung Hu-kyeom Park Dae-su Princess Ha-won
Lee San-Park Eun-Hye.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Kyeon Mi-Ri 1.jpg Lee San-Kim Yeo-Jin.jpg Lee San-Han Sang-Jin.jpg Lee San-Jo Kyeong-Hwan.jpg Lee San-Han In-Su.jpg
Park Eun-Hye Kyeon Mi-Ri Kim Yeo-Jin Han Sang-Jin Jo Kyeong-Hwan Han In-Su
Queen Hyo-Eui Lady Hye-kyeong Queen Jung-sun Hong Kuk-young Choi Suk-ju Chae Je-jong
Lee San-Song Chang-Ui.jpg Lee San-Jeong Myeong-Hwan.jpg Lee San-Na Seong-Kyun.jpg Lee San-Shin Chung-Sik.jpg Lee San-Lee Jae-Yong.jpg Lee San-Jeong Hyo-Keun.jpg
Song Chang-Eui Jeong Myeong-Hwan Na Seong-Kyun Shin Chung-Sik Lee Jae-Yong Jeong Hyo-Keun
Jung Yak-yong Kim Kwi-ju Hong In-han Hong Bong-han Jang Tae-woo Min Ju-sik
Lee San-Jeong Jae-Kon.jpg Lee San-Shin Kuk.jpg Lee San-Lee Ip-Sae.jpg Lee San-Lee Seung-Ah.jpg Lee San-Kim Yoo-Jin.jpg Lee San-Ji Sang-Ryeol.jpg
Jeong Jae-Kon Shin Kuk Lee Ip-Sae Lee Seung-Ah Kim Yoo-Jin Ji Sang-Ryeol
Park Je-ga Park Young-moon Cho-bi Mi-soo Si-bi Lee-chun
Lee San-Yu Min-Hyeok.jpg Lee San-Lim Hyeon-Shik.jpg Lee San-Maeng Sang-Hun.jpg Lee San-Lee Hee-Do.jpg Lee San-Kim So-Yi.jpg Lee San-Lee Suk.jpg
Yu Min-Hyeok Lim Hyeon-Shik Maeng Sang-Hun Lee Hee-Do Kim So-Yi Lee Sook
Tak Ji-su famous artist Nam Sa-cho Park Dal-ho Court Lady Kim Court Lady Kang
Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Seo Beom-Sik.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Jang Hee-Woong.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Yoo Yeon-Ji (1983).jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Ji Sung-Won.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Ahn Yeo-Jin.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Lee Chang-Hun.jpg
Seo Beom-Sik Jang Hee-Woong Yoo Yeon-Ji Hwang Geum-Hee Ahn Yeo-Jin Lee Chang-Hun
Seo Jang-Bo Kang Suk-Ki concubine Yoon concubine Hong Kwak Mi-Geum Crown Prince Sado
Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Park Ji-Bin.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Lee Han-Na.jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Kwon Oh-Min (1996).jpg Lee San, Wind of the Palace-Lee In-Sung.jpg
Park Ji-Bin Lee Han-Na Kwon Oh-Min Lee In-Sung
King Jeong Jo Sung Song-Yeon Park Dae-su Jung Hu-kyeom
(young) (young) (young) (young)

Additional Cast Members:


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Madhawa Good drama, I like it♡♡♡

shelly i like this drama.i like prince yi san & seong yoen's acting

Wasana silva Such a loving story. Fan from Sri Lanka

val Vry vry interesting movie

umumnnakwe ijeoma A film that should be watching daily, very constructive, very emotional, watching my dearest SOUGYEONG death, oh my God!!!!! I really cried but why must she die???

ajith This is a very beautiful teledrama

Jo Can't believe what I watched yesterday in episode 74 , royal consort eui died?oh songyeong, I was very angry at the producer , cried my eyes to red!

nency hmmmm.....very touching..., laughing and crying. but cried more when the king lost what he treasure most "SONG YEONG" . i found myself crying out loud. though its a movie, but i wasn't myself. keep it up.

yomi peter Love this movie. Any day anytime

Jo Loving this movie anyday , anytime

Harshani maheshika Yi san is a one of my favourite dramas.casts were very talanted.i love this drama.

Grace Ansah My husband and I have watched this interesting history for the second time. We just love it. We wish we can get our own copies for our collection.

shelly teller i relly luv tis movie its so well i cant explain it .............for me this movie teach me to be patient and love the people around you .and also wait for ur future husband..........im from fiji island and this movie is famous in fiji.........love it... love korean drama.........

vere tris I really enjoy watching this korean drama. It certainly teaches us great lessons about ones upbringing, from a high class life to a lowly type of life, but time comes when we will be equal no matter,how rich you are or very poorer, I want to emphasis on a particular part of this movie , about how strong the friendship are, congrtulations to all my beloved actor and actress, Even my mom is almost 70yrs, but she cannot miss this movie,when it comes to air on our tv stations, in suva fiji islands, thank you you are number one.

delancy this historical drama is very beautiful and i love it.i like han ji min best. her performance in thi drama is best

Larry Ugorji Jnr. I enjoy the whole suspense attached to this movie. An inspiring shot and among the fiction I have took my time off to view. San's thrill all through the episode portray an image of a destined ruler who despite all circumstance succeeded his grand father and became "KING" he depicts the type democratic governance that is not often seen for so many year. That's why King Arthur Martin Luther said thus " kings are born.

Dr. Ernest Eteng Its a very wonderful drama/film, My family like it so much. They suspend every thing there are doing to watch it each time it is shown in the Tv. Myself I'll never be tiered to watch it. I'll even like to have all the 76 episodes to myself so I can be playing in either in my PC or the TV set. Please tell me where I can purchase the CDs. Thanks.

lela kotosaya i love this drama......its so exciting and real and it has great passion and a lovely story which also teaches good morals to viewers like us............... i love all the the characters on the play especially the main ones.....

you guys rock!!!!....:)

Adi Qereitoga This is an exceptionaly written drama. it depics an ancient, culturally rich history of Korea. Love watching it daily even the replays... the endings of each episode.is.also so climatic...so full of suspence, romance n life. My husband and i never miss an episode. All the from Fiji islands.

jacqueline anne wow !! I just love this Korean drama..i can't wait to finish it and I wish I get to meet the main actors in person

Aaron my favourite Korean drama . any time it is being showed my heart rejoices

Adelowo Abimbola I love dis film like something else,I want to meet seon yeon and dae su,dey really tried their best.pls am confused as what happen to seon yeon at last,d pregancy is it d boy dat rules after d king?

dyanjoyce I'm an avid fan of korean dramas. This drama is really one of the best. I must say thank you for making such a wonderful series. Kamsahamnida yo.. ^_^

Oshin ayomide emmanuel Please i dont understand the last episode of yi san. Can you please explain it?????

ANASTESIA This movie is making me go crazy. Each time i'm unhappy, i used 2 watch this drama and immediately i start watching this drama i'll be happy again. I love yisan, sung yeong and de sua. They're very wounderful.

Song I did not sleep for many days just to be able to finish this drama. One of the best there is despite what the person below is saying. I love Lee Seo Jin and Han Ji Min so much :) In fact, everyone has touched my heart. If I go to Korea, I will surely visit their graves. I wish I will be able to see LSJ and HJM in person. ^_^

alee I just don't get it ... the raves and high ratings. I am on Epis. 31 (?32) and getting bored. How much I enjoy a drama is very dependent on how often I use the Fast Forward button, and I am using that more and more as the show progresses. Han Ji-min can't act worth a darn; same facial expressions as in Padam, Padam. Yes, she has big eyes (surgeries?), but her wide-eyed expression = enough already! Her acting alone, rather lack of, is enough to make me want to quit watching this drama ... the sloooow, draaaaagggy pace is not helping to keep my interest, either. Some reviewers here mentioned "A Jewel in the Palace." I watched that about 3-1/2 years ago and it was the drama that got me hooked on K-dramas ... it has superb acting, pacing and cinematography. Since then, I have watched over 75 dramas and have enjoyed most of them, including "Dong Yi." Again, if I find myself fast forwarding a lot during the show, I quit watching. So, maybe I should quit this drama before I wear out the Fast Forward button on the remote  ;-) FYI, I have never done a "marathon" with any of the dramas I've watched ... good things can wait.

seshadri krishnaswamy well.... i just cant compare this drama with anything i have seen so far..... the best i could say... wish i was born there to support the king like park dae su till the end...

ingrid will somebody help me to know whose the parents of the prince that i'd seen in yesterday episode(Jan.24), is he the adopted son of the "punong kalihim"?


nolimaria Lee San wind of the palace... I love this drama very much that i have to wait no matter how late.I don't sleep until i done watching it's episode.... I never missed any episode of this drama.

Lee jan-shi 27 This is one heck of a super k-drama!!! I feel all kinds of emotions whenever i watch it... And i realized, that from a long time ago also existed corrupt and abusive authorities and politicians...this drama does n0t only entertains, but it d0es portrays that n0t only in the Philippines existed these kinds of people, but from all over the world. May these be a guide and may this drama be a lesson to those greedy, that someday you will have some place where you will pay the price of your cruelty and glutiny of power and treasure!!

Kyeame Ghansah this is one of the most educative, trilling, fascinating movie along side jewel in the palace. i love the movie and never wish to skip a scence. kudos to koreans. You are great

kirahonoo sad to say it was not Lady Sung Song-yeon who gave to King Jeong-jo a hier to his throne, akala ko pa naman mauulit yong history nina King Suk-jong and Dong-yi kina Song-yeon and Lee San.., bakit kaya hindi binanggit yon name ng concubine na nagbigay kay Lee San ng tagapagmana sa throne nya.. siguro hindi ganon ka-interesado ang buhay nya.. but still this korean drama is really GOOD...! para sa mga taong may mataas na pwesto sa gobyerno dapat panoorin nila to..! ha ha!!! ^_^

Betterman Yung hari anak ni dong-yi? Yung binigay na treasure (2 rings porcelain) ng hari kay Sung Song-Yeon un pala ung binigay ni king sukjong kay dong-yi...WOW.. la lang :D

Tessy This movie thrillz me alot dat i fall sick wenever i miss a scene.............thumbzup koreanz.................

Acid McKey I really love to watch every episode of the story, educational and shows resemblance of most governments around the world. Sad to say that bad politics is always there, but so good to remember that sometimes good deeds prevails. God bless to our next next generation

Jimmy N. Ancheta My work is until 9:00 PM in the evening. Everyday I travel more than 1 hour to my home. This DRAMA excites me always and made me awoke until 1:00 AM just to avoid skip watching this very Educated and informative history of Korean Empire. I admired Lee Seo-Jin, Han Ji-MIn and Lee Jong-Su. Their childhood friendship gave tremendous impact in this story. Every situation of this DRAMA made me nervous that Lee Seo-Jin will fall and be defeated by the cruelty of the members of the council that always act against him. I felt anger to those ministers, to Kim Yeo-Jin and to Jo Yeon-Woo. They symbolized the very bad image of the Government Officials in the Philippines.

I can't explain my feeling every time I am watching this drama. Mix emotions. Very clearly, that this DRAMA is the mirror of our Government here in the Philippines. I want to be Lee Seo-Jin, Han Ji-Min and Lee Jong-Su to conquer all evil officials of the Philippine Goverment.

It is my dream to meet Lee Seo-Jin, Han Ji-Min and Lee Jong-Su.

God bless you all......

It's me,

Jimmy N. Ancheta Filipino Citizen / But not always in my heart

Trinidad Yesterday Nov. 16, 2012, I missed the episode coz my cable provider did their repair ( good timing if I may say so} so please tell me how do I watch that episode? Again

Trinidad I Love History and when I watch Korean Novels I Feel that I am learning so many things about Korea even though I haven't bee anywhere around that country this is the way I travel and it is fine with me. Lee San Wind of the Palace is one of them GreAT

Abdul-Rahman Bayong i never miss Lee San on multitv. Nice culture, superb characters ....... keeps you glued to the screen and when the episode is over, you long to see the next asap.

Seun L Lee San! Awesome production. Watching this as an African in West Africa on MultiTV and I'm completely taken in with Korean culture and the royal court's in particular! I thought it was fiction but seeing from the synopsis that it's based on a true story takes it to another level; time to hit the history books and read up on King Jeong Jo, Sung Song-Yeon, et al... Great story, great dramatisation!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan DID YOU KNOW?? King Yeong Jo the grandfather of Yi San is the son of Dong Yi and King Sukjong, he was crowned as king after the death of King Gyeongjong son of Jang Hui Bin. The show is said to be a sequel to DongYi or rather DongYi was a prequel to Yi San.

Linda .O I love this show… great casts, very touching story line…. 2nd times watching the show and yet when both the King Yi San, Song Yeong and Dae Su cried so do I :) …. so sad, will be great if Song Yeong 2nd baby lives and King Yi San lives to ripe age along with Dae Su… since the grandmother and queen were such nice people…. thumbs up for Lee Byoung-hoon, the director & the casts!!!! good work done.

Linda .O What a story! even due it brought memories that hurt, I enjoy everything about the movie.

shedeino I really love this drama, any time I miss it I get sick, dat is the best so far, how can I get the complete seasons?

Winnie Super dooper like!! I cried a river on this drama,now that i finished watching the entire episodes,all i can say is...EXCELLENT tothe point where it left me a lot of lessons to learn in terms of love, truthfulness,perserverance & honesty.Such a pity that ,that type of leadership as of this moment is hard to find & maybe will not exist anymore.A history of Korea that will forever remain in korean people cherished.Isn't good to be remembered through the good deeds u have done.I believe that we may not be here physically in the future,if u've done such great job to people,u will always remembered bcoz of it.Such a very good example.Worth watching,i love it,i love it,i love it..Thank u for letting us watch this historical government of Korea.

Winnie I watched Dong Yi at first.shown in one of the tv station in my country(Philippines).It was a very good drama made by Koreans.Actually,they are very good in performing dramas.I love it.Now I am watching Lee San Wind of the Palace.Again,i started to watched in one of the series shown in the Philippines now.I can't wait for the next episode every now and then.It makes me crave like a food.(hehe:) ).So,i searched in the internet.And now,i can't stop watching.I started to watched episode 15 4 days ago and now i am on the episode 53 (lol)..I just love it..I love watching this type of drama(historical)Hope to find more after watching the whole story :)..

emmanuella Wow!!!!!!what an interesting story

gina I really love this drama or history i can only watch this via pinoy ako.info i am now in japan but i am excited about every next episode more power i hope i can watch the movie.

kristi im happy bec it's currently airing!^ but the bad news is lee san time slot is 1 am!

Nana Addo I've watched jewel in the palace and still watching LeeSan.this koreans are realy talented.i wish i'm a korean.the director and the acters has shown a great sign of maturity when it comes to drama.

habeeby A drama full of intrigues, suspense, sorrow & joy... It's obviously the best korean drama history & has uplifted korea & korean to a higher level.

fei min young pede po ba name ng leading lady ni lee san ang mging name fei if okey lang sa mgre2lease. ng show sa gma7 sana po ma grant ang wish co thx po

fei min young pede po ba name ng leading lady ni lee san ang mging name fei if okey lang sa mare2lease. ng show sa gma7 sana po ma grant ang wish co thx po

victor bassey This is a captivating drama. It is the most interesting and suspense filled drama I have ever seen. It keeps me spell bound until the end of every episode. It is really a wonderful piece. A definite award winner

Andreea I definitely think the historical drama Yi San Wind of the Palace is one of the best korean drama.The story,the acting,the filming locations,the music are absolutely remarkable. (^ . ^)

jeidafei The song is called "Yak Sok" (The promise) by Jang Yoon Jung

Coincidentally, I'm listening to it right now. Hahahaha!

It's really sweet, one of the sweetest and saddest song I've ever known!

Muyi Pls pals.....who sang d song in Yisan...i cnt downlaod it on my fone,,,pls tel me d person who sang d song

Kingsley I just came across this nice piece but i don't know which episode it is. I'm at when the two kids board a boat running away from those assasins.

Mick Psyphon Discovered this series via Boxee Box... continued watching it on Crunchyroll. I'm German-Canadian and I love it! Makes me want to read up on Lee San... and the events surrounding this wonderful story.

Definitely going to keep viewing more of these shows.

Btw, the only critique I have is that the English subtitles can be a little crude... but aside from that, it's definitely better viewing that most of the tripe coming from Hollywood.

liezellee i super like this.. i luv jang hee woong ... i hope asianwiki will finally make a page for jang hee woong...

Faye Finished the 76 episodes! Great movie.. I love Lee Seo-Jin! -- Faye from Philippines

Tahmineh I belive among historical korean drama I have seen yet, Yi San was the best of them. The story line, asting and musics were the best and had great harmony with each other.it is very fantastic and amazing. I have watched it several times and always enjoyed it.

peony88 I love this show... great casts, very touching story line.... 2nd times watching the show and yet when both the King Yi San, Song Yeong and Dae Su cried me too :).... so sad, will be great if Song Yeong 2nd baby lives and King Yi San lives to ripe age along with Dae Su... since the grandmother and queen were such nice people.... thumbs up for Lee Byoung-hoon, the director & the casts!!!! This is my 3rd historical Korean Drama, 1st one was Dae Geum, followed by Dong Yi and now Yi San.... all three are great and my favorites, so very sad all the Kings majority of them died quite early except Yi San's grandfather in his 80s, son of both King Sukjong and Dong Yi ... I love and looking forward to watch more of these historical drama.. !!!! Damo is also a great one with Lee Seo-Jin cast

Gasenadi Why is the ONLY handsome, dark-skinned Noron Minister not listed in the credits either as character nor as actor?

Gasenadi Right. Her drawing depicts "When the red lotus flower blossoms, the cotton coat is left with a golden fragrance". LOL!!! What do you draw for a withered rose and a damp woolen mitten left with a moldy stench? Help! I can't stop laughing hysterically. Great drama, tho. Remember, "Wet birds never fly at night." Now, draw!

Karo To tell the truth, i wat4ed this drama just because of Han jimin. She is very cute and good actress. Han jimin, i love u forever! LOL...!!!^.^

del this is a master piece good wrk , l just love it

Nobody THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

linda truly loved yi san it was a hit in kenya.how can we get dvd copies here?watched in GBS ended like 3weeks ago

Annie I really don't get hooked to programs but this one surely got me hooked....no addicted is the word, I never thought I would enjoy such a program but this has blown my mind. the plot is so amazing, the creativity, the suspense what a show. I have to say that the plot does capture peoples inner emotions it makes me cry, laugh and at times i get so angry like at the fact that Song-Yeon dies, why oh why? it made me cry that was just the perfect love story. anyway where can i get the DVD from?

emillie WOW DOUBLE WOWS. this is one of my all time favorite Korean drama. I liked Jewel in the palace the sad love story and the painter of the wind but YI SAN/ LEE SAN just took gold for me. Koreans have gained my respect and admiration the way they can actually give intrigue, suspense and at the same time not lose their plot. The fact that that it was not predictable is what adds spice to it especially when the king turned senile i believe the actors could hear me literally scream. Things were just going all so swell for the crown prince immediately he decided to take the crown princess and the ministers away from the palace BOOM the king becomes senile and guess who he turns to? THE EVIL EMPRESS WHO WAS BANISHED FROM THE PALACE!!!! need i say more on the awesome plot of the DRAMA. the fact that Korean programmes are moral that just does it for me because I am born again and I dont like watching things that are not mind blowing. Indeed I enjoyed myself immensely to the point of dreaming the drama because i could not wait to see it. I am a fun of epic dramas this was the best korean drama for me if there are more please inform me. If i could give awards the award for best actor will go to Lee Seo-Jin and the best actress will go to Han Ji-Min and Park Eun-Hye gosh everybody did an excellent job the rating for the show i give it 110%

Martins This drama is one of the best I have seen in recent times. how do I purchase the complete series?

rapthur I watch this series because of kyeon mi- ri, wrong pics, kindly update.

p It's amazing

MuzicaLive ... chiar daca e un pic off topic la multi ani pentru toti alecsi, alexandrii, alexandrele ...

vv mom nice drama, best actor n actres.. love lee seo jin.. ganbatte!!!

jennifer This is the greatest story ever.the director is really good.i am so much in love with song yeon and san

diuto Am in love with the drama but missed some episodes. please where can i download

Justin I notice that Kyeon Mi-Ri has the wrong picture for her....great series!

spectator Pacat ca ultimele episoade au fost trase de par. Au aparut brusc personaje si evenimente care au coborat calitatea serialului. Un print mostenitor aparut de nu se stie unde, o capitala construita peste noapte si alte chestii. Au supravietuit doar batrana imparateasa si Dae-seo, adica o mare maestra a geniului rau si un supus devotat fara prea mari calitati intelectuale. Cei inteligenti si talentati au pierit. Morala?

cistinutza i like this drama but i dont like the sad ending song-yeon dies her sun hyang and last episode yi san dies......:((:((:(( nu-mi place ca mor toti pana la sfarsitul dramei ...e cam rau ca nu are happy ending dar asta e....astept sa vad cum va fi secrete la palat...sunt super dramele coreene...eu urmaresc online drame coreene si japoneze pe siteul www.mysoju.com :D sunt o multime

AlicE It`s a really great movie...with a verry complicated story(that`s cool!!). I didn`t knew that coreean movies can be this great!! chiar e super tare. pacat ca sunt doar 76 de episoade. cine imi spune si mie: moare Song-yeon sau nu?!:))

akmm Fantastic movie! Great story. it is the best what I seen in 20 years.

AXOMME ah never mind i've found it, her name is Lee Ip Sae. She's so beautiful. <3

AXOMME can anybody tell me the name of the actress that plays as a assistant at the arts and friends with song-yeon, i think her name in the movie is cho-bi. the girl that was in love with dae-soo. email me please :D Cel mai tare serial ca si cel dinainte cu Janggenum.

Edinam Please can you make the DVD available in Ghana for fans like me to buy

Diana Well,that's really amazing.and @Horatiu you right.it's amazing. and the one in from of that.what name had?

Horatiu is a fantastic movie!

we watch it in Romania on TVR1 national television

i like historical movies, but this drama is the best, i like costumes, traditions and tumultous live in the palace

ludovic Every day we close our home, we close the telephone`s, send our friends away, and watch and enjoy this fantastic film.

ronnin i like this mouvie.

HI hey anyone noes who acted as with Dae-su as Yi San's 3 bodyguards?

hazel anyone got the song of this movie?

Sya_I_Ra Hye guyz have u all watch this drama?Well f u haven't i suggest u should! Watch it on RTB2 then every 8pm...I love this drama. Its very interesting and pleasure to watch..Good actors and actress also!

jasz this drama play on brunei RTB2 already..so nice.and now its still playing...everynight 8pm.i love this drama i will buy the DVD the original one for my collections.

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Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
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Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
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Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
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Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama
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Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
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Planck Constant
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Hwajung *teaser3
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The Chronicles of Evil
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Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
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The Treacherous *teaser
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Love Clinic
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Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1