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Lee Joon @ 2013 BIFF
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name: 이준 / Lee Joon
  • Birth Name: Lee Chang-Sun (이창선)
  • Birthdate: February 7, 1988
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 180cm


  • Former member of Kpop group "MBLAQ".


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Zoe Him leaving MBLAQ to pursue an acting career kind of broke my heart a little, but I'm watching Heard it Through The Grapevine at the moment and I kind of feel at ease after seeing the amount of acting talent he has. The last thing I'd watched in act in was Ninja Assassin years ago so his growth and complete talent took me by total surprise, so even though him leaving MBLAQ makes me sad, I fully support his acting career! Lee Joon Fighting!

Amymienott I am an A+..and i miss you much~^_^ your acting career is growing real fast! i'll keep supporting you,오빠.. 사랑해요..

*** Lee joon ! You're awesome !

Masal lee joon sarang he oppaa

faranak Lee joon did a great and solid job in gap dongi,nad seriously the only good part of mr baek was him(rest of the series was trash) i hated lead actress in gap dongi she was so lack of talent,but lee joon and lead actor were great and done a solid acting,best wishes for my oppa lee joon

vondora his too awesome

Abigail Lee Joon oppa I can't believe you left MBLAQ but you have talent so I'm proud that you can take that leap to be on your own.

Dera lee joon oppa you were the only good thing in mr baek it really show how talanted you are but you role in gap dong & how you blow my mind in it wil always be the shining star in all you work for me

virus I will always be your fan lee joon

Jijae @AJ Lee Joon isn't dating. His agency and he himself confirmed it. He said that he wants to concentrate on his acting first and that he thinks that dating isn't something to hide (so if he dates someone in the next years he would tell it himself)

AJ I'm so glad that Joon-ssi is dating... I'm really happy that he found his path :D for those who are sad because he's dating don't be sad be happy for him, because this will show all of the support from all of us and it will make him stronger. All the best for you and your girlfriend "hwaiting".

4ina gap dongi was one of the most best crime drama that ive ever watched! i really like psychopath drama and when i saw lee joon playing the roll i was so excited and happy. u guys should really really watched gap dong, i also satisfied with the ending of the drama. although ikr lee joon hve a gf (sad) i still loved lee joon. u and park hae jin (psychopath in drama bad guys) will always be my favourite

Dera Oppa you really awosome. Amazing unbeliveable & your acting is the best .you were such a pshyco in gapdong. I could explain my feeling I loved you & hate you in the same time. I love you so much. I'll start mr back for you. & I will keep cheering for you from now on .fighting <3 <3

Lizzy shinwang Not only you are a talented dancer but an amazing actor. I wish you all the best in your life and your career. May God bless you and give you success. Keep up with your splendid pieces of work. It is always a pleasure to watch your acts.

StaystrongMBLAQ Guys... I'm so scared!!I was so shocked just bow after seeing the image put up by asianwiki.. guys I mean the Seoul station... go click the Seoul station there..the image show there is so scary

Zzz I don't get the fuss over this guy. I mean, come on, he doesn't even look good. Just because he's a member of a kpop group, doesn't mean he acts well. Too overrated IMHO.

Willow Leto Lee Joon's definitely one of the best korean actors out there. Hope he can reach the stars and do something in Hollywood sometime 'cause he really could do it with the shitload of talented he posesses. Although Mr.Back might a little too comedic for me, my favourite role is Choi Dae-Han. Keep p the good work fella! ;)

daebak wow, I didn't know that you are great in acting!!!... I watched you in Mr. Baek and you really suit the role of Choi Dae-Han, you looked so mature and having second thoughts of the Lee Joon who is really really funny and a great sport in Running Man...anyways, go fighting!!

fans lee joon I love you from the first see you in Running Man with Idol team in 2012 and 2013 when you came to the running man again ??? I wish you could be a guest star on Running Man with Kim Ji Won , you're a great couple !!! The Korean drama Gapdong you are very cool ! and I now again follow the drama you Mr.Back you are very handsome !!!!! please come to Indonesia soon :) I'm your fans from Indonesia :) ) ) Lee Joon oppa fighting !!!!

bsk best idol turned actor ever!!!

Mimi Ryu Tae Oh.... let me be your Sonya;)

Sofia ❤ Ugly and lovely Oppa, you ara the best Fighting ✌✌✌ Can't wait u see in drama awards ✌

Sofi You are awesome in rough play and gapdong. you are absolutely looking like pshyco and i wanna see you like that projects. you have incredible energy and with this energy you can do everything but please choose pshyco role in priority

esra oppaa fighting saranghae i love you <3 you're so lovely cute

thank you

angel The most handsome actor in Gap Dong☺☺

Jasmine Lee Joon ssi~ I love you so much! I really hope I can see you in reality.

Shahzoda Lee Joon- u swear that after watching Gap Dong you became one of my favorite actors. It is not because that you are handsome, but you are so talented. U played the role of maniac and killer in a such... I don't know how to describe but i almost believed that you are real maniac. For instance, the way you talk, look and laugh like a maniac makes me truly believe in a story. It is not easy to play an antagonist, but you did it perfectly. God bless you and I hope one day you will win prizes and awards like Oscar. Good like and Fighting(as Korean people say) Sincerely, Shahzoda-your new fan from US and Uzbekistan

faranak such a great skillful actor singer dancer he is! love him,,,so talented in singing and acting,,,rough play ,,,,and GAPDONGI!!!! awesome great drama with his great acting so good ,,love him ,,,im a reall fan :)

ruby jane hey Lee joon.you done so well in Gapdong i hope u will have a lead role in ROMCOM.. keep it up Dude! im a fan..

janit hi lee joon best best best actor

samanta hi lee joon i love you se much shes amazing actor and singer series gap dong wanderful best best best actor korean

daisy lee joon oppa loving ur act in gap dong ur truly awesome <3 love u and ur act so much !! REally handsome and amazing actor !! hope u will get main lead roles like in romcom drama !! I really want to see u main lead roles in romcom drama <3 <3 oppa fighting <3<3

Ara I love Gap dong you are one amazing actor ♥

samanta hi lee joon your best actor korean and amizing series gap dong wanderful series i love you se much best best best actor korean

faith u are awesome in gap dong !! love ur acting and ur really handsome :)

myriam myr I can't believe the ability of joon in acting sooo awesome I feel affraid when I watch him in gap dong as a psychopath guy fighting lee joon oppa u are great in acting

samira Lee Joon is one of my favarote actor&singers ever.He really is my idealtype.I hope that he would be the best forever.Fighting

Kaitie24 MBLAQ is the first kpop group i ever got to see live! Lee Joon, you are amazing.

Kera very wonderful singing. :) haven't seen the acting yet.. but i look forward to it.

LoveBerrish07 Lee Joon,Happy Birthday!!! Stay Healthy and More projects together with MBLAQ comeback.

L.W. Lee joon are good looking guy and he can acting, definetely. Good luck for your new drama :)

deshz finally, another drama for lee joon!! can't wait to see his acting once again!! oppa fighting!! MBLAQ comeback and this drama in the same time, should be perfect :) he need to act in more drama, so more people will acknowledge his acting skill..

Yakin hope to see u in other drama ur great actor/idol :) :D

Charlisa Aigoo! I just watched him in an actor is an actor and he did so well playing the roles!! Aigoo don't get me started on the love scenes...

baek jae young I really love him ... he's the best .... i hope to meet him 1 day

punk_princess_anj I am so excited to watch his Rough Play movie. I can see his hotness here. giggles@@@@

leo this man already show his acting skill, good move on his dance, and bring a lot of laughter whenever he appeared on variety shows and so far he got positive review from netizen. wish he could keep his great job

Ashléigh Lee Joon is so stuck up and vain. He loves himself too much and cared more about looks than anything else. Mir is so much better than him.

neko neko yaaa leee jooooonn!!! nomu nomu chua hae yo!!! >< native speaking..... Lee Joon, I love your natural character!! i hope to see you soon in another mind blasting drama!!owwh!!please be casted with aragali yuiin a japanese drama.. i remember reading an article saying that you would like to act in j-drama~ ganbatte ne!!! <3

lily leejoon si lovely ^^ leejoon si wonderful. I began love him after i see him in wgm and after that i watch so many realty show about him and i fall in love more and more and more deep ^^ I love Leejoon si lovely

SLgirl Seriously i'm really into Lee Joon.I got to know him recently after watching Ninja Assassin.And found him to be too perfect.No wander he's a trainee under Rain.Hope he would come out with more facinating and realistic acting. Love you loads and dreams to date a guy like you! XD XD

CICI Although IRIS 2 was disappointing, Lee Joon was not. He did an awesome job playing an enemy agent. He had such charisma and so professional....lots of talent AND great looking, I think he is going to go far as a successful actor. I will definitely watch other dramas he's in..I am now another fan to add to his list.

Scha And also love his acting in Ninja Assasin, good job and fighting, for you, Joonie oppa!!! "

Scha I love Lee Joon oppa coz he is so cool and handsome. MBLAQ fighting!!! Saranghae, Joonie oppa! "

Alfira I love lee joon because he is cool and cute . . Saranghae

Kimi A I love him because he's crazy man ^^ <3

MBLAQlove My Bias forever! sexy dancing machine, great vocal, sexy honey abs, amazing actor, kind funny personality ! I love Joon soo soo much!

LeejoonMBLAQforever I love u!!!! Leejoon The best! Mblaq the BEST!!! A+ forever ... Joon Oppa Fighting!!!

Luciana I love you LEE JOON <3 .....

Aidana I wish I had a brother like you:)) you're the BEST! You'll always be BEST 4 me.

Jun-Yeon Saranghaeyo~~!! I love him soooooooooooooo much! He's so perfect! He's too perfect! There's nothing wrong with him at ALL and he has never ever ever taken a bad picture! How can someone be so perfect~? ^______________________________________________________________________________________^

mina i love him so much. he is so cute and handsome. i love him on oh my school . he has the most sweet smile ever . he is the ace. naneun U leul salang


sarah I love him so much. I watched "The Star Golden Bell Challenge" He is so funny. He is beautiful, lovely, cute, funny & kind. He's also handsome. I really like him. He is my favorite actor.

Amy he is very funny , dace well , sing good and he is acting very good..........he has a lot to learn from rain

Amy he is very funny dace well sing good and he is acting very good..........he has a lot to learn from rain

kk I love Lee Joon so much. I always watch him in "The Star Golden Bell Challenge". he is cute, funny & kind. But I don't like this picture. He isn't as cute as ever in this picture.

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