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  • Movie: Rough Play (English title) / Actor is an Actor (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Baewooneun Baewooda
  • Hangul: 배우는 배우다
  • Director: Shin Youn-Shick
  • Writer: Kim Ki-Duk, Shin Youn-Shick
  • Producer: Kim Ki-Duk, Kim Ji-Young
  • Cinematographer: Choi Yong-Jin
  • World Premiere: October 4, 2013 (Busan International Film Festival)
  • Release Date: October 24, 2013
  • Genre: Drama / Filmmaking
  • Production Company: Kim Ki-Duk Film
  • Distributor: Next Entertainment World
  • Runtime: 98 min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Movie describes life of an actor as he suddenly becomes popular, but also becomes arrogant with his new found fame. As he mixes with new groups of people, including gangsters, he finds his career spiraling back down and his life in danger.

Oh Young (Lee Joon) is an intense young actor, full of vigor for his chosen field. He currently performs regularly for a small theater company as well as playing minor roles in movies. A manager named Kim Jang-Ho (Seo Bum-Suk) then spots Oh Young on the filming set of a movie. He sees potential in Oh Young and offers to make him a top actor. After signing his contract, Oh Young's role in the movie is rewritten into a major supporting character. Once the movie is released, Oh Young receives praise for his performance and also becomes a burgeoning celebrity. As his popularity rises, Oh Young's life quickly spirals out of control.


  1. Filming began November 23, 2012 and finished January 19, 2013.


Rough Play-Lee Joon.jpg Rough Play-Seo Yeong-Hee.jpg Rough Play-Kang Shin-Hyo.jpg Rough Play-Seo Bum-Suk.jpg Rough Play-Yang Dong-Geun.jpg
Lee Joon Seo Young-Hee Kang Shin-Hyo Seo Bum-Suk Yang Dong-Geun
Oh Young Oh Yeon-Hee Woo-Geun Kim Jang-Ho Kang Bin
Rough Play-Ma Dong-Seok.jpg Rough Play-Oh Gwang-Rok.jpg Rough Play-Kim Hyung-Jun.jpg Rough Play-Lee Hwa-Shi.jpg
Ma Dong-Seok Oh Gwang-Rok Kim Hyung-Jun Lee Hwa-Shi
gang boss Jo Gang-Ho Kong Myung rich madam

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Tasker Does anyone know the song that was playing in the beginning of the movie?

Aray_Ledaa This movie was just a complete waste of time, i literally only completed watching till the end *with a lot of skipping* because lee joon was cast as the main role however i was not pleased in the least. To be honest i did not rlly get the movie, all i saw was : he was a small actor in this theater than he was scouted by this man, something happened and somehow he became a big hit, became like a copy of that arrogant actor that movie, succumbed to being a low life once again and then he starts over. Now for the things the really irritated me, what the f*** is up with all that sex scenes!!!! Dude!! calm the hell down -,-" and that mannequin ...?? yup i did not get that scene what so ever ... sigh

Aray_Leda truthfully i have more than thing to comment about. first,

Wasteoftime I liked rain and that's how I noticed lee joon. I am not really a fan as I don't know him and I'm an adult. So no bias involved.

This movie had a horrible storyline and was unnecessarily trashy. You don't need to show porn to prove you are a good actor, or intensify acting... Sorry. It was a complete waste of time.

I think that even in America this would be one of those R movies that ends up crashing and burning because it seems centered on the lowlife part of actor has sex, an actor is psychotic cliche. (I guess it only needed the actor does drugs part).

This is a great way to ruin any good actors career. If you see the most famous all time actors, most don't even touch this kind of crap scripts. It sets a precedent into the genre u will get in the future, and porn movies don't go far at all in the open public mainstream.

Perfect way to ruin any actor's career. Unless he wants to be a back closet porn star and action actor in the future.

jagiya It's a good movie tho.. it shows how big you are in the industry you're nothing but a puppet.. and I don't know why some people are so sad over the bed scene.. girlsssss he's a man not just 16 years old boy.. he prolly wayyy older than you.. chill ~

jina Lee joon disappointed me ... and he makes many fans of himself to hate him ( sorry if i had mistakes in my English ) I like him before but when i watch that ...................

faranak love lee joons acting skills,he is such a great actor talented with full of passion beside that he is a great singer too and i love his dance and singing in mblaq,,,,hey people its an mature movie so it required some high level acting acts so dont say hes not good or...i personally think with his real shy kind personality these bed scenes were difficult for him too ..though he did a great job,,if you wanna see his acting skills other than this film its enough too watch gapdongi!!!just look how great powerfull acting skills he have and showing him....idol actor dancer ,,,he IS a STAR :)))

parkminhee I think it's not about bed scenes_ they're everywhere in korean movies_ the story is very weak and there were many scenes with exaggerate acting.

ghielyn whatever you say, the movie is great, i love it! all of it! even those bed scenes, i knew lee joon is so flawless but never thought it's beyond of what i know, he is so damn sexy! anyway, as to his acting, he did really great, those who say that he is boring and all, whatever you say, he still won a best actor award because of this! now, im anticipating for gapdongi! :) i love lee joon and his acting, this movie made me even love him more.

MrsNoName It's called acting, everything dealing with the acting world can be mature or immature, it's a 18+ movie so if you are underage and disgusted by seeing his nude butt then may be you should watch some Pg shows? Now as a fan I thought that others would love to see that body! Haha I'm joking... but seriously, people who are disappointed seeing all that needs to mature up and search what acting is all about. In the acting work you start from the bottom and go to the mature roles, anyone who can play a mature role to me is amazing!

MrsNoName It's called acting, everything dealing with the acting world can be mature or immature, it's a 18+ movie so if you are underage and disgusted by seeing his nude butt then may be you should watch some kiddy shows? Now as a fan I thought that others would love to see that body! Haha I'm joking... but seriously, people who are disappointed seeing all that needs to mature up and search what acting is all about. I'm the acting work you start from the bottom and go to the mature roles, anyone who can play a mature role to me is amazing!

baboo I actually wanted to see this type of movie. Previously, in one of Taiwan drama, I was shocked to see Aaron Yan with bed scenes….Because it was a drama …. and I felt like they rocked the boat, but with this type of movie, since the theme is dark, I expected this kind of scenes! So I'm not against it at all! Joon seems very worried and nervous as well during interview about the bed scenes! I felt like he has to explain too much for just an act that he wants to performed well as an actor (if you do a youtube search, most actors have gone through this scenes, if not, those Kpop dance are as exposed and suggestive…)! With that being said, I was a little more shocking than I expected, because they show overexpose the actress's body at the first bed scenes (after that, everything else were fine though)! I'm still in love with Joon and his cute, shy personality… but come on, I'm an adult and so is he, this gonna become normal once you at his age…so watch it if you desire to see Joon as an actor, and avoid it if you just want to hold on to his image in variety show!

derp .... I don't understand why people are criticizing or even disappointing at Lee Joon. You have to understand movies are artistic and imagined perceptions of the world. Imagined mean unreal therefore these roles shouldn't be used to represent anyone one actor or actress when they partake in the movies. It's not like these particular acts are real, in sense where you should be disappointed. In fact as fans who believe the overall movie is great yet criticize the sole reason for watching a great movie was an idol who you're not disappointed at for taking on the role makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Eleanor You know, when I saw all those adult scenes, I felt sorta disgusted cuz honestly i am not 18 yet but then as the movie progressed on, I understood why they had to put those scenes so come on guys, lets not be so immature and treat this as a form of art. I mean Lee joon always said he wanted to act and since its his aspiration, no one has the right to judge and if he wanted to do this movie, claps for him cuz he mustered up the courage. Honestly, I am truly impressed with the director and the cast because it can make me so easily swayed by their emotions-- e.g. I was disgusted w Lee joon forcing himself on girls but in the end I pitied him. And i am guilty of judging the movie before it even ended and I am sorry cuz of that and honestly, those who say that Lee Joon ruined his image cuz of that, please just think about it again. you guys are just judging superficially.

KirinChan1998 I actually enjoyed this movie. The plot was well made and it really made me think. I thought of how hard the life of a celebrity is. Joon's acting was great, he really pulled off the bi-polar-lunatic character. The actresses were beautiful and the co-stars did great as well. I'm seeing a lot of hate from numerous fangirls about Joon's acting. The movie was rated 19+ for a reason... The movie was made for a mature audience. Fans are hating on the female actresses and blaming Joon for choosing this scene. I don't understand. They saw the 19+ label on the movie. Did they expect them to stop at kissing? Anyways, the movie was great. This must have been a great experience for Joon to learn more as an actor. Loved it!

MelisaFilm Kim Ki Duk "Rough Play" slams Mullholand Drive in terms of perspective, expression and sensibility. A naive but dramatic nuance. In his documentary (Arirang) about the same isuue Kim Ki Duk tells himself in his heart as a film maker, and confess his feelings. The transformation of the artists declaring "I just want to make a movie which I admire", "I just want to act in my style" when they get involved into the system/sector. The pressure on their soul; losing their dreams, ideals, prides and themselves during their fame euphoria. Kim Ki Duk confess everything without mincing words, and never hides his words behind a lunatic illusions to prevent the anger of the masters of movie industry.

Anna I can't really see why people were honestly disappointed by this film. I went in knowing what to expect as a +19 rated Korean film. If anyone has seen Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Frozen Flower etc. then you know what to expect with rated Korean film in terms of content. With regard to the plot-line, script and cinematography I was impressed I think that the choice of set, soundtrack build up and overall coloring of the film was very clever in how it built up the concept of a man spiraling out of control. But, I think the thing that I found the most surprising and unexpected was how fantastic I found Lee Joon's acting. I was prepared for a fairly two dimensional presentation of an interesting character from Joon, as he is first and foremost an idol and not an actor. But, I have to say I was completely blown away. Joon makes us detest and at the same time sympathize greatly with his character, which is not an easy task. For everyone who has said he's destroyed his image with this, I don't agree I just see that he has shown another of his talents and I can see that he wants to branch out away from just the "idol" status and do something more challenging. But, in the end, it his choice and as fans it is important to support if he wants to do something different. Plus, when has Joon ever fit into the normal "idol" box the is always making inappropriate statements on talk shows, variety shows, radio programs, etc. He isn't a baby and he really can do what he likes. So, well done Joon, I liked it.

Emily There are seriously people disappointed that Lee Joon is 'ruining his image' and such with the sex scenes in this movie? I don't know if anyone else has noticed this before, but he's never really been one for his image... look at those things he did for that Black Swan SNL skit. Besides, the scenes in the movie were mostly necessary. Most of them were forceful acts, part of the overall image they were trying to portray of him spiraling out of control and thinking that he's all that. It was necessary for the movie. Besides, this movie was specifically rated as for a mature audience, and the teasers should have told you as much. Hell, they had a 19+ trailer for it. If you're the kind of person thinking less of him and his persona because of those scenes in the movie, you're probably not mature or old enough to be watching the movie in the first place.

elyn @Guest16 I agree with u..i'm an A+ (a huge fan of mblaq) i like them so so much and very very much but i dont know why it is just so affected me when i watched his unesscessary scene in this movie..i felf so disapointed n shocked n even i felt like crying after that scene past..i never imagine that kind of scene will appear in this movie..n of course i never thought that he would accept to play this kind of role..although this is just a movie but i just cant accept is too harsh..i thought he would understand his A+'s.

KSohyun Who cares about being an idol, actors are more respected anyway.

Guest16 I was really looking forward to watch this movie since just the trailer was uploaded. Because I'm such a huge fan of Lee Joon and he is nt only an awesome singer ,a great actor but also his personality is so nice. But after I watched this movie,I was very dissapointed with him. The storyline of this movie that the directer was trying to show is good but I really didn't know why did Lee joon want to play in that kind of movie! I know it's a kind of adults' movie but if he really thought about carefully his image of an idol and his future career, he wouldn't have chosen that kind of role! I watched his interview about this movie and he said that he wanted to show his totally other side through this movie,coz people think that he's just childish and so on. But I really wanna to say,his fans really didn't want tosee his this kind of side. After this movie, I felt somehow so weird and my mind of Lee joon has changed and I hesitated that i will support him in the future or not..I think some fans of him who watched this movie have same opinion as me.

angie:* Hey guys :D,

just wanted to say, first thing I tought before i watched that movie was: cool a new korean movie (with Lee Joon?), for sure it's like other dramas or something like this and i can't wait to watch it. But I have to say that I'm dissapointed, it was horrible really. I have nothing against Lee Joon( I didn't watch it because of him) but his acting was horrible too :/. And I didn't watch it 'till the end because I was bored, that story line isn't bad really ;) .I like that story line, but it was really played boring by the actors -.-. I don't really know who Lee Joon is, sorry Martinha, but this wasn't a role wich he did great. Maybe in other dramas or movies but not in this one.It could be more interesting, if it would be more like other korean movies or dramas, with such a good looking actor *nosebleed*. I don't know if you guys know what I mean and if you think the same like me ;).

Martinha Stupid girls calling him names: this movie is NOT for your age and your ******* maturity. He's so talented, too much to have stupid girls calling him names just because of a role. And a role he did great! Just end up watching it now and I loved it, Lee Joon is my bias and I respect his work, he showed how talented he is and he deserves to make more movies. And I understood the movie and got me deeply into it. The perks and the sorrows of being famous, it must be though to deal with, unless you have a good maturity to deal with many persons and situations. He made his choice, he regreted it, but then got his head down again, was humble again when had other oportunity and took the 2nd chance to be a better actor as well as a better man.

Viewer Just finished watching the movie on Dailymotion. I was so excited for this movie but honestly for me personally it didn't deliver. Mind you the acting was great, Lee Joon was awesome but the story line itself was just so weird and confusing. This movie was pretty intense and I could see how some could get bored by it. I believe the ending was abrupt as well. Waiting for another Lee Joon movie

way0leto i watched the movie.. and i kinda don't understand the story... i guest i have to watch it again to understand. no doubt, joon is a great actor.. as i've seen him in ninja asassins, iris 2, i need a fairy and even mblaq dramatic drama... and for this movie, i watch it because of joonie.. heh heh heh.. (perverted mind :p) joon ah, fighting!

Anuna lee joon oppa  :D you are the best :* love you :* hwiting :*

Elisabeth I am deeply disappointed by Lee Joon ... ! no more ... no comment ... !

Etivise Sikei @ Yoni..go and dig a hole where you can put yourself into and please, take that comment of yours with you as well..waste my time reading that stupid azz comment off yours. Get A Life -_-

  1. PEACE :) Lee Joon..Fighting !!

Kiki love Lee Joon ,He have amazing acting skills.

randomnameiguess I'm assuming that all of you people who saw the movie actually live in Korea, right?

Beng i was thinking the movie synopsis is quite near to the movie Rough Cut, then i saw that scriptwriter is the same. Lee Joon is a decent enough actor with great personality. I love idols who can make a fool of themselves, laugh at themselves and doesn't mind being laughed at. He is quite honest and straightforward. I think he's the only one who can put down Rain/Bi (their manager), and get away with it. I also love the camaraderie of MBLAQ members.

Elvedina you know there is also a 19+ rated trailer

Celi I want to watch this movie soooo badly :O Does someone know, where I can watch it? Or do I have to buy it? But I have no credit card :(( I would also watch it without subtitles :D But I just HAVE to watch Lee Joon in this movie! And the plot also sounds so interesting *-* Thanks for everyone who can help mee <3

blaq @Yoni you are as STUPID as your comment!!!

blaq @Paru YOU ARE as TALENTLESS as your "TALENTLESS, IDIOTIC, and IGNORANT" comment!!!

Ki Must say I came away really impressed with the film and main actor Lee Joon. There's probably a lot of curiosity on how Lee Joon pulls off his first starring role and he just nails it. This is coming from someone who has heard he is in a Kpop band, but otherwise knows nothing else about him. Lee Joon was really impressive. The film as a whole might seem to follow a typical "a star is born" kind of path, which it does, but it feels fresh and authentic. The mafia influence likely has a lot to do with it and also his ascent and descent isn't as extreme as one might guess for this kind of film. There's also two or three graphic sex scenes which makes it stand out even more from your more typical commercial films. I would say its one of the better films I have watched this year and would happily check it out again.

How does it compare to "Rough Cut"? - "Rough Cut" has more action and generally more exciting. "Rough Play," although there is action, is more cerebral and intense compared to the other film.

mblaqforever It says he got completely naked and covered himself with a towel when he posted these things but I doubt he actually had sex

KK In this movie, do the actors really have sex?

mel mehehe im it for lee joon and ze bed scene/s muwahah and since its kim ki duk its gonna be controversial and perverted muwaahahah MUWAHAHHA

nicebod I'm expecting sex scenes, just like in every Kim Ki-duk film.

Jo Okay i just saw a comment about joons eyeliner....And do you know what its meant to look like that because thats the whole concept of the film he's supposed to look evil and mischievous its not meant to make him look pretty watch the ******* trailer and stop complaining JOONS A ADULT NOT A CHILD AND HE CAN DO WHAT EVER HE WANTS WITH HIS CAREER SO PLEASE GIRLS CALM DOWN I KNOW YOUR UPSET BUT IF YOUR A FAN OF HIM SUPPORT HIM

cookies 19+ trailer was sexual/sensual. Oh yeahhhhhhhh. Can't wait >:D

nufasa yeah...he so~~~~ untalented and stupid idol actor since he the FIRST idol to debut in hollywood...get your mind right...never judge him just because of he is an idol...he debut as actor and model first before he become an idol...i'm his fan but u should not judge him like that...there is something that the director see and we cannot see...just wait and judge after this movie been released dude

Hannah OMFG! did u see the figgin teaser for this movie rated 19 and over. OMFG! :O

Caiwen Looking forwards to this movie. It will be a new great turn for Lee Chang Sun @ Lee Joon's artist life. He is going to swift himself from an idol into an actor. No need to argue nonsense with those who criticize him. You will see it yourselves when the movie is released. You will know the greatness of his acting. HE IS NOT AN IDIOT OR STUPID! HE IS ALWAYS OUR MOTIVATION TO PROVE THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

xxx Joonie is a vy good actor and he is very talented fyi even kim ki duk praises his acting skills. How dare you say his untalented?!Are you a kpop idol? a star? He has a great voice excuse you!

yoni stupid idol actor, ugh, why do they have to ruin good films and dramas!!!!

OddNos The point of the poster is certainly not to make him look pretty.

illover there must be something that kim ki duk see in him that make him want to have lee joon as the lead~i can't wait to see lee joon and the story of this movie because i just watched Rough Cut..and its awesome and mind blowing...its impossible for someone like kim ki duk just took someone that talentless idol to appear in his movie..lee joon must have something that we havent seen yet..can't wait!!!

XXX I don't like the teaser poster, it makes lee joon uglier. He shouldn't wear eyeliner

bonsaigirl05 @ dare you for saying Lee Joon is a talentless idol..i bet you didn't search him first when you made your comment..i want to SLAP your face right now(joking) but really ha...

Tsering Pema @paru.. seriously u just cant judge someone talent by ur mere knowledge of him being an idol..he is first above all a very talented actor, the rest comes next... u cant judge the book by its cover.. i m sure he did a wonderful job n he deserves all this because this is what he is.. an ACTOR..

Joonahlisa89 I can't wait to watch this movie!!!! Lee Joon fighting!!! saranghae <3


k2joon Joon oppa hwaiting.... Your fans will always be here to support you.... Can't wait to watch you... Hwaiting ↑_^

Paru I still can't understand why did an artist such as Kim Ki-Duk, who usually dislikes everything mainstream, pick some talentless idol actor to star in his film. It's just weird, I don't think this will work.

CetlyHale Joon oppa, hwaiting!!!

shita Jjunie oppa Fighting SS501's Baby Fightiing

lidea can't wait and hope it does well!!!

Guppy Hope it will be a great hit. :) Fighting!

staywithjoon Can't wait.joonie fighting!!!

kim Power of Strong Heart, haha

Jenny Joon, fighting! ♥

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