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  • Name Jun Matsumoto
  • Japanese: 松本潤 (まつもと じゅん)
  • Birthdate: August 30, 1983
  • Birthplace: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 173cm
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Member of boy band "Arashi".


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Ana B Great actor, good singer, and a funny host I give you 100% :-) I especially love his acting in Hana Yori Dango series. Domyouji! lol

Trang I hope that near future Matsumoto Jun and Mao will come to Viet nam. I love you and I want to see both of you so much.

aila grace manansan I want to see you your my idol ever since

golden rod mary chan ...konichiwa matsumoto-san, watashi wa golden...i really like you're songs and you're group(Arashi), and the movies and drama series you are in...hopefully i can meet all of you and can work in Japan..ne... ;)

eimra lov u love you... i really really do.when can i see you personally

eimra when can see you personally.... (Y) <3 love u much

rubyleen t. fuentes I would like to request that hopely someday my favorite actor matsumoto jun will visit philippines and will make a movie. arigato gusaimas.

d Love this guy's acting and charisma. I esp love his dramas Hana Yori Dango and Lucky Seven. Cannot wait for his new drama!

VanessaKimmie I want Jun Matsumoto to do another romance drama series with Mou Inoue!

TedyLen Your smile is stuck on my mind. I fell in love with all your facial expressions. Your voice is what I wanted to hear. MatsuJun is love!

Mariatsujun I will marry you Jun Matsumoto. Just wait.

Kaye Celine D. Leonardo i really love him..he is soo hansome.and i love his movie my sister my love

MsBrooklyn11232 I really wished that Jun Matsumoto and Moa Inoue went out together in real life. They make a cute couple.

Ada He is soo damn handsome and Amazing actor awwww I loove him sooo much as Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango and his band Arashi its also amazing

Aya-chan Matsumoto jun I wish to see you and ilove your songs and your drama <3 :) ;) <3 <3

Japanese girl I really like your voice and your drama it's very nice , I wish I set you Matsumoto jun

xian jun matsumoto for me is the greatest actor i have ever known or at least watched in japan. he is so gorgeous. and he is very talented and really acts amazingly. every drama series he is starred in always turned out a masterpiece. and for each project/drama series he is given with, always outdone the previous ones. meaning, he is becoming greater than ever. and because of him, i have been introduced to japanese dramas and movies, and started being fascinated to japan cultures. i have other favorite japanese drama actors like oguri shun, tatsuya fujiwara and takero sato. damn, there are really so many gorgeous actors and actresses in japan...

Tomi I still remember when i first saw him when i watched Hana Yori Dango. :) Cant wait for the new movie! :D I love you MatsuJun <3

Umi He is one of my favourite japanese actor and singer..im attracted to him at the first time in gokusen 1 and hana yori dango,and im waiting for his new film,the girl in the sun because he will acting with my favourite actress,juri ueno(nodame-chan)..really love you...he is sugoi with kazuya kamenashi but they didnt acting together yet right??please do some work with kazuya

elizabeth hello im elzabeth from philippines. im no.1 addicted fan to matsumoto jun , he is totally handsome and quiet interesting. more than that he have a beautiful eyes that makes my heart beat ohmy god ilove him . i dunno how but since im 14 years old i like matsumoto jun. he is totally addiction of mine . hope he have a real account like fb twitter or cy world

fairygirl i love you matsujun.. kakoii desu.. I hope to see you in person one day.. ;)

gail one day i will love you ;)

jun so Jun, when do you plan on marrying Mao? :)

eunice Honestly I'm so tired of this... Saying Jun is so handsome, so talented, so gorgeous and blah blah blah~ Instead I'm much concerned for those negative comments about him, that makes me LOVE him MORE! I dunno why. BUT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! It will take a week explaining why should I love this. Seriously.

lala JUN, WE <3 YOU *-* :****

cheng mao and jun are the best love team ever :D

cheng i really like you matsumoto jun <3 specially in your role in hana yori dango :)) hope you visit the Philippines ... keep up the good work :) God bless !!!

Saori11 Hana Yori Dango and Kimi wa Petto.


sabbie I started loving this guy in Gokusen. I really want him and Yankumi (Yukie) to hit it off like that in the manga but sadly, he never had any appearance in any Gokusen series after that, not even in the movie. Ah... I ship Shin-Kumi to the nth power!!!

shin_kat i really love jun matsumoto!! i like the way he delivers his characters and the way he acts.. i was impressed when i watched one of his movies which is the hana yori dango! i liked his character in that movie.. also the gokusen! he's very handsome.. i want inoue mao for him.. :)

Tem LOVE You 松潤 松潤

Tem Who said that matsujun not handsome ??????????? Dammn it ! I think he's really handsome . I think he has very special looking for Japanese guys. . He's got big and beautiful eyes .... And his eyes blow is so special. His skin is so radiance . I like everything about him . He's very very perfect . I've never feel that someone will look better than him . When he was young he was so cute too. I saw his pics and corrected them from 1998 from many Japanese magazine like myo Jo Duet Etc...... Matsujun is the best !,,,,,,,,,,, Love and honest to you matsujunnnnnnnnnn. 大好き大好きな大好き. 松潤 ohhhh and I love his new hair style ..... Really cool and super handsome !,,,,,,'!

keathea Why haven't i seen this when it was airing?lolz...ahm glad to have watched it now.... Jun Matsumoto you're my addiction now!^_^♥ i hope you release a new drama/movie soon Momo^_^♥

XieXie Matsumoto Jun<3

Yasyl Merca I'm a fan of Shin Sawada of Gokusen and Domyouji Tsukasa of Hana yori dango...Your are so handsome...Wish I can see you on person....Love your movies also....Your so good at acting!!!!!

Castel He's in love with an older woman again, this will be his 4th i guess....Jun is with maki horikita and shun (again?) in wagashi...yey!

blackitty matsumoto jun is an amazing actor, but i don't think he is handsome.

aniera if i'm not mistaken, his height is 176cm~~

n of course, love him so much!! cant even wait for Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku!!!

the director is from Hero and Pride!! we're going to have a really good drama here!!

aniera if i'm not mistaken, his height is 176cm~~

n of course, love him so much!! cant even wait for Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku!!!

MsGuccibabie I LOVE JUN!!!!!! Hana Yori Dango is one of my Fav shows of all time!!!...... I want to see him act with my most fav actress of all time.................Horikita Maki!!! Oh.My.Gosh I would love to see Maki as Jun love interest..... that would be freakin awesome!!!

Anzu Sounds like a challenging role, but that's exactly what he needs. But of course he'll make it seem like a piece of cake, even though it's the complete opposite. He's done many different roles, all of them unlike the other and he's played them absolutely flawlessly. It's going to be interesting to see him in this drama. Can't wait!

Mila he gonna be start a drama in july call Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, he gonna be in love with a older woman, is gonna be awesome!!

Ljuba (Russia) I think Jun Matsumoto is great actor. Every his role don't like past. He don't afraid looks around bad size. He take very interesting and sometimes difficult roles. I respect this person as actor.

Anya He's a GREAT actor, I don't know very much about the singing, but the dancing and acting are just WONDERFUL!!! He's definately one of the best actors in Japan...if not the best. He can do different roles flawlessly, like he's another person

Lilim he's ok but not tall enough...

Ashley Matsumoto Jun is so handsome!!! I loved in him in Hana Yori Dango... and I love Arashi!

haleeda love matsumoto....... handsome nyer... mule suker kat dier maser tgk citer gokusen.... love u.......

Eliana I don't know what you guys are taking about, but I think Matsumoto Jun is really gorgeous!!! He has a very unique face that you don't see very often. And yes, my eyes are open like this O.O! Keeping my eyes like this O.O doesn't make me realize that he is NOT handsome. It's just our brains way of perceiving things. Everyone has different tastes, one person may be handsome to someone and not the other....life goes on. Just saying, he is a good actor and singer. Especially love Arashi.

Trish Anon, Just wondering....since you say Matsumoto Jun is not handsome, and you apparently know what handsome looks like...what guys do you think are handsome? I just want to know...cause I think it would be interesting. Just want to hear your opinion. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I think it is really sad, how people just judge others by appearances and don't judge what is underneath.

Martins Anon and you know beauty is not everything but charisma, originality (Matsujun has an unique look) and talent.

Martins Anon Yes Matsumoto may not be "handsome" but at least you admit he is not a bad actor. I guess you are a fan of BOF.

anon I don't know what's so great about this guy. He may be a neutral actor, but he isn't a great actor. And I'm sorry but he's just not that good-looking. I don't know what's wrong with you fan-girls eyes. Open them! Like this: O.O I'm just kidding. But seriously, he doesn't have the "looks" to swoosh me and probably some other girl out there. I know what is handsome and what's not. Trust me, I just know. Surely he looks a lot like Mizushima Hiro, but Hiro has more manly features and looks more handsome. I'm a fan of neither though.

Don't worry, I'm just stating my opinion. =P

Docalion MatsuJun rules!! HE's the greatest Japanese Idol ever!!!


christelle i love you MATSU-JUN ....

Yazumin His smile is heaven.. Why is he all the way in Japan =[

Bambi, come visit me in Holland when you're here XD muhahaha

InvisibleWings Hello everyone!

Does anyone know were I can see his movie "Only Love"....plzzzzzzzz?

Nashla Does anybody knows were i can buy or see his movie "Only Love" ???? I have looked and looked with no luck so far.

Kenzie Matsumoto-san, much love to you.

Talented as always, you never fail to amaze me. Your smile is the most amazing smile that's both sweet and adorable. Hopefully you'll come someday to Canada or to the USA (sure it'll be a drive but whatever). Best luck to ya, man!  :D

yani sukses....deh, makin cakep deh

Raimi Much, much love to this guy. He has the sweetest smile in the world.

Tai Matsumoto-san is a wonderful and very talented actor, his characters are always the best! The most adorable thing in the world is his smile..

Tara Dear Jun-sama,

You are amazing.


ShaGGi Dis movie is freakin' amazin'.. he luks totally HOTTTTT

I lop him ;)

Glisa I really want to see this movie I'm going crazy. Someone please tell me it will be out in the u.s. or atleast on the internet.

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