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  • Name: Joo Won
  • Hangul: 주원
  • Birth Name: Moon Joon-Won (문준원)
  • Born: September 30, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • Blood Type: O
  • Twitter: @Moonjunwon


  1. Cast as Prince Yangmyung in the MBC drama series "The Moon Embracing The Sun," but dropped out due to KBS2 drama series "Ojakgyo Family" being extended by 8 episodes.


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aymar I really love you Joo Won <3

Sooyun He really is a very good actor.He's one of those actors who act with so much passion for you to think that what you are watching is real..A lot of thumbs up for him. 화이팅이예요...:lots of love.♥

rj You ooze with acting talent. Bravo Joo Won!! You did an excellent job with "Good Doctor" and you deserve an award.

pati I Love oppa you are Best :)

Laras I have seen you in first time playing in bread,love and dreams. Then bridal mask,good doctors, my girl friend is agent, naeli's cantabile. My opinion changed I think you are the potential actor who can act well in all the designated character in that dramas. I look forward your new performances in current or next year.

joey Watched his drama Good Doctor and it was amazing so I also watched Bridal Mask, which was even better! Joo Won is a phenomenal actor and should not be judged just by his looks. Although I'm sure Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk have a greater popularity in Asia, Moon Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook are my two favorite Korean actors under age 30 right now. These two men are so talented and have so much potential; I look forward to more of their work.

heartskyn JooWon is talented actor I appreciate his tv drama Bridal Mask he is good in acting. I like also the team-up of JooWon and Jinseyeon in BM the #joosey couple Leekangto and MokDan hope they have a chance to reunite also because they have chemistry I saw the BTS of their endorsement EDWIN they both cute smile btw... they both connected to Moon Chae Won because they working to each other, nice in this generation joowon seyeon and chaewon are the new great actor and actresses I want they reunite in a great drama.

lulu Joo Won super actor,very handsome <3 :D

ipek joo won oppa i love you soo much you are my everything!!!! Please come to Turkey :))

joo oppa I am big fan Joo Won <3

dieunane you really a god actor thats make me sad and happy all the time so i want to say thank you for thats and i want to be a doctor just like you play in the good doctor i know its acting but i want to be like that one day in a a doctor and have the heart that you have,thankkkkk youuuu so much

kommon imagine him pairing with Park Shin Hye or Suzy that would be really awesome!

kikim its amazing that there is an actor like this , who can act any character and make it his own. when he portrays a character , he doesn't act it but instead feels it .... he is just too good :)

tuti Joo Won you are perfect

JW oppa I Loveee you Oppaaa <3

lol Joo Won is a great actor.He amazing :D

Joo Won big fan His acting is so amazing.So handsome.I love you oppa <3 <3

Joo Won Love I love Joo Won. He great actor, Joo Won very handsome <3 <3 <3

heny Saw him the first time on Naeil's Cantabile and now I'm crazy over him. Almost done watching all of his dramas and movies. He's such a great actor. I'll be waiting for his next project :D

Chae Yeon First time seeing him on Level 7 CS I couldn't stand his character! Then I saw him on Good Doctor... moved my soul!!! He was PERFECT!!! NAILED IT! It reminded me of my little brother. After every episode I'd hug him. XD

Shomi I wish I couid see you in my real life :) I'm from Bangladesh & I wish I could see you :'( & your acting is so realistic !! I really appreaciate your acting.. All the very best for your upcoming future :) With lots of Love <3 <3 :D

Azz I just knew you only this year...when my friend recommended me to watch Good Doctor. Wow...such a great acting in Good natural and believable. I am a fan now. Love u in Cantabile Tomorrow...really great acting..Really love the scene between you and Naeil...really fun to watch...keep me rewinding those scenes..Will keep my eyes on your future works...Hwaiting..!!

nicky I'm currently watching HOTEL KING, but my mind is wondering why they didn't cast JOOWON to play the male lead actor, it should've been much better if he do so, just can't sense any deep emotions from it, not just like JooWon had done with all of his dramas, you'll always follows what he's doing in each scenes that's he doing- when he laughs you will laugh, when he's mad you'll also gets upset, and when he cries you'll cry as much as he'll feel the pain, anger, and happiness...and that's what an actor needs to make to the viewers in able to make himself a goof actor. . :)

Ranshi Whoa... @Rachel, i am also from Indonesia. By the way, i agree with you, Joo Won is a great actor. His acting is so amazing. I like him so much.

Savvytt Joo Won is one of the actors who deserves my respect. As a fan, I chiefly pay attention to his acting and relentless effort. I acknowledge he truly is way beyond mediocre actor. He is simple, humble, consistent and well-mannered. I adore the way he upholds his beliefs and portrays the genuine side of him.

melisachen I'm agree with @loe coment We can like many actors, but respect only a few. I think Joo woon is diffrent.

Loe Whoever @Caiteline is makes me so happy thanks to your comment. Thank you!!! You say exactly how I feel about Joo Won. I think he is good looking, but whenever I see a drama he is in, I forget about his look and only pay attention to how he acts. I wouldn't say that his acting is phenomenal, but I love how he continues to challenge himself, takes acting seriously, and steadily improves through each drama. No matter what kind of role he has, viewers can see how much he has poured into acting. Even a role like Cha Yoo Jin in Tomorrow Cantabile, I am sure that he has to spend a lot of time learning how to conduct. It is his attitude that makes me not only like, but also respect him a lot. We can like many actors, but respect only a few.

Caiteline I am a Joo Won fan from America. I have seen a lot of Korean Dramas and the actors or singers now a days or of this generation mainly got their fame from looks. For example, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho got most of their awards and endorsements because of their cutesy looks and not mainly from Acting. They can act but in my opinion their acting is just average and their looks spike their average acting up to a B, which would attract me to watch the drama once and move on. It’s the talent and skills of a person that really stays. I haven’t had an idol for quite a while, or haven’t seen any actors that is worthy of my praise. Joo Won is an extraordinary actor who I can really say that he is indeed an “actor”. I started with “Good Doctor” and the way that he portrays an autistic savant was phenomenal. I cried through the whole movie and repeated many of my favorite scenes. Joo Won attracts me from his acting and not his looks. At first, I saw him as an average looking actor but after watching most of his movies, especially in Bridal Mask where he is mean at the beginning but because of the way how he brought out the character that I would side with him even if he was mean and would follow him around like a drooling puppy. He hasn’t been around long but with all the dramas that he has been in, he has given life to each of the different characters he portrayed was a great accomplishment. I find Joo Won to be naturally handsome through his skills and professionalism and a great actor for this generation. I am waiting patiently for his future dramas what whatever his endeavors may be 

sari Really in love with joo won especially after watching naeil cantabile :D

Anna Good doctor makes me cry. Joo Won you are perfect.

queen One of the best actors of his generation!!!!

아일랜드 Hello i really do love him and I am watching his new K-Drama right now and I just think he fits his character, and I also like his attutitude in it as well. I JUST LOVE HIM !!!!

Adela Joo Won is a a great actor, a sensitive singer, a beautiful mind, an inteligent person, and a atractive men...i simply love him, and i hardly whait his new film.

L Ok Here it is.

One thing that distinguishes Joowon from other actors/ actress of the same generation is that: He constantly challenges himself and does his best to produce works with quality. I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I am very happy to see what he does. In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake. In Bridal Mask, he must learn how to do martial arts and dance and be cool ("Bingo" with wink!) In Good Doctor, he must learn how an autistic person acts. In Tomorrow Cantabile, he must learn how to play instruments and conduct (Seriously, it sounds so difficult Joowon!!!) The ratings for Tomorrow Cantabile has been low. Yet, that fact affirms his determination to take on challenging roles (not popular roles). I get the sense that he is very very serious about acting and leaving something worthwhile. We have so many good-looking artists in the Korean Entertainment Industry; we audience need hard-working and talented artists too. Joo Won seems to be on his way to be both, if he is not one yet already. I hope that he will improve and improve himself more. Hope that one day, he can become more successful and famous. Hope that he will get his face out of countries in Asia and achieve success on a global scale. Best of luck to you, Joo Won

Mh I was watching his drama and thinking that he is a decent actor with a great appearance. Very cute too. But searching through the Internet and the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter I just realize that he is not as popular as Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun. For example, on Instagram, when I search #Joowon, only about 17k photos were found, but when I search #leeminho, there were like 100k photos found. I am not comparing these two actors in any ways. I am not a huge fan of both. But I just make an observation and I am guessing that Lee Min Ho was more popular thanks to his look and advertisement, promotions and his very enjoyable characters on television. I only watch Lee Min Ho's Heir, BOF and Personal Taste and see very similar characters that he is taking. I am sorry for bringing Lee Min Ho in here and comparing, but I just can't stop myself from drawing some conclusions about the Korean entertainment industry. Of course, Joowon also receives many praises too so his talent doesn't go unappreciated. Blessed with good look, Joowon is a very versatile actor and he gives me the feeling that he is taking acting as a constant challenge. He is an antagonist in a drama then he is a complex character in the next. Yet, overall, I hope that more people will know about him, watch his dramas and judge actors/ actresses according to their talents, not their looks so we will have more fine works from the Korean Industry. That being said, I hope that not just Joowon, other good talented people will be recognized too. Please don't just swoon over their appearances, young audience! ^_^

Badette I'm on his last drama to watch and still can't get over it...joo won is one of a kind from his looks to his acting ....everything is just excellent and special.anyway you want it he can just give justice to everything he does.i hope he'll have more dramas or movies that I can watch in the future.he is just one excellent actor

HATER turnt FAN I APPLAUD YOU joo won you are a Top NOTCH A- Class Actor your Talent is Superb Oscar Worthy in your future s many young korean male actors depend on their looks and charm and cutesy hot sexy acting BUT YOU are a One of a Kind Talent with a diverse range of dramas and movies I HATED you as a Bad guy in BKKTG who would have known I would Grow To LOVE U absolutely adore your acting and Now totally RESPECT you and your talent WOW is heaven sent

ley I reached the point where I asked myself “Is there something which he cannot do?” Where his more famous peers were growing in popularity, this man was growing in his acting range and skills. Instead of being contented to play a certain type of role or acting the same in every role, he continuously challenged himself in tackling diversity and broadening his range. ♡♡♡

RY Your acting in Good Doctor was award worthy. And on top of being an amazing actor, you also have a beautiful voice. Wow!

Syrh Joo won born to be an actor cant wait ur next movie& drama , honestly,i'm really curious ur musical ghost it must be daebak right

JaeYong The next Chiaki - Senpai!!!! AAAHHH!!!!! Can't wait ;)))

Hanny I love all his drama from Kim Tak Gu to Good Doctor ... but I am a bit worried for Joo Won ... I know that he is the king of ratings ... but with all the prior KBS2 drama in the same time slot (Mon & Tue 21:55) sucks with really low ratings ... I wonder if viewers who is halfway watching other channel's drama will abandon it and tune to Cantabile once it is on air ... BUT if this drama can manage to get high ratings ... it will be proven that Joo Won ... you will be truly the King of Ratings for Korean TV Drama ....

JanGem Joo Won is a great actor and singer. I love him!

abwala charles please hi like your movies,bridle mask, tow weeks, and the city hunter thanks

hannis I love the mixture of babyface and masculinity of joo won's face. Most korean actor is too girl girl for me, his face is just perfectly balance! But then again, his acting talent is still the best part of him!!! All the best joo won shii. :)

crazy vampire Out of all the actors i have seen so far , you were the only one that made me cry (while watching Good doctor).You have a Great natural acting ability. I hope you will always do well . All the best <3 Fighting ^^

mona i loveeee him, he's cute and his drama bridal mask was excellent make something similar pleaseee it was really good

suraci JW is great actor in Bridal Mask!!! The aura was so natural!

h Does anyone know y he appear in kbs much??

musay oppa u too much........... still waiting for ur new drama

caughtby조워 He's so good that no words can describe him.. keep up the good work and more good dramas to go!! So damn good!!

So ji sub's girl Phenomenal acting in Good Doctor

Double99 One of few Best Actor of this generation! <3

JW One of few Best Actor of this generation! <3

Brittany I'm watching good doctor right now and he has park shi on down to a T. I very much appreciate the work he did. One of the better dramas I've seen.

lucky88 He's awesome actor. He can play any kind of roles. Joo won oppa fighting :)

huwain i love you so much oppa take care always! good luck to your future projects keep safe

Mai Joo Won is the most talented actor performing anywhere. He can handle any role. Amazing.

Lexie Yang Myung's character was portrayed by Jung Il Woo...not Joo Won...anyways, I both love them! =)

Nana I can't wait Joo Won will play as a musical genius in Nodame Cantabile. It's a very hard role. But, since I already watched his great acting in Bridal Mask and Good Doctor, I'm sure he can do it.

lorenza valencia oppa sarannghae...mimpi ku adalah menjadi aktor seperti oppa ><

fvhjegdhser I Will Always Love You Oppa!

Myra Congratulations on winning Best Actor at the 26th Korea Coalition PD Awards! Can't wait to see you suited up on April 17th :)

Rose83 Charismatic awsome actor... I love all female lead he's worked with , hope one day he will be pair with UEE again (a very sweet couple)

gd18 @shanen : No, he's not~ he never act on reply'97

yy Don't fall sick!!! Will always be rooting for u!! Hwaiting!!!! =)

Shanen Is he Seo In Guk's older brother in Reply 1997?

menchu i hope you pair up soon with Kim Ah Joong you guys look the best together __ among all your leading lady she suits you best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Min wahh.. It would have been great if Joo Won was really playing Prince Yangmyung... with Kim Soo Hyun I bet it will be a record breaking drama (no offense to The Moon Embracing The Sun I still loved watching it though)! With two versatile actors, whoa daebak! It would be awesome having them as rivals!!! But I hope they can be casted together in another drama in the future, I will truly root for it!

Neeta still waiting for your new drama. I miss your drama <3

Myra Missing him so much T T Wish I can see his movie or drama soon!!!

mits Seen Good Doctor! He's great actor! I would say he's the best Korean actor I've seen!

sharonlee94 I'v finished all his drama and movie. Bingo! U steal my heart ! Come to indonesia oppa jebal T.T

vmarlany he is so handsome

Joowon's wife Oppa, saranghae <3 <3 <3

Noe Saranghae Oppa<3<3. um yo number 1 fan. yu are amaizing. i loved yo acting in Civil servant. u so cute. hop to c mor of yo movies Luv yu Oppa<3<3

HaneeIsMyName From your Debut until now all of your drama's are high rating... JJang Oppa fighting :D

maSennA Saranghae oppa! <3

Leap Congratulations!

oppa's girl I like Joo Won oppa so much. I've watched all of his drama series. I wish him to continue new more dramas. I can't wait to see.

comment Joo Won is an amazing actor. From a musical theater actor to an onscreen wonder.

sharonlee94 I must have been living under rock for not knowing such guy as him exist in this world. Totally number 1 in my heart .i might sound biased but i think he is the most handsome guy in SK!!! Hoping for more movie/drama in the future. >_< joo won aopa i've fallen so deep with u!!!!

jameee003 I Love You Joo Won Oppa! please take care of your health :)) love from ITALY

batista Awesome actor! :D

Shanneene Symons Omg, I can't get over how hot this man is. :)

Titanita Huaaaa... i know you're great actor. I love you <3

awesome1987 Hmm still upset that u didn't won that daesang for good doctor :O

fgsgs Daebak Joo Won!

Titanita You get much award now... i'm proud of you Joowon ssi, i think now you get daesang but it's soo difficult. next year i hope you get daesang award. Love you <3 <3 <3

bayaraa I love joo won

cho yun hee I'm proud of you joo won :)

clickme Congrats oppa for winning an award in MBC ;))

Titanita Oppa, chukkae. I think tomorrow you get best actor award or daesang :) love you...

jury joowon was nominated for best musical actor in golden ticket award,but i think it will hard for him to win because it's based on voting and my prediction jyj's junsu or shinhwa's kim dongwan will win. joowon was nominated for best actor in kbs award, i hope he'll win in people choice too but it'll hard because there's jang geunsuk who has more larger fanbase :(

Titanita Oppa, keep your health please. Don't take much project. You still performance 'Ghost' and promotion 'Catch me' and now you get other film. Please keep your health. I'm worry about you. Me and Joowonies love you very much <3 <3 <3

Lisa Amazing actor, loved him in good doctor. He did a fantastic job playing the lead character! :)

maryss Hi @Cayenne I used to be a minoz too, I liked LMH a lot and I thought he was one of the best actors in Korea also the most handsome,however, when I saw Joo Won for the very first time I was really amazed and moved by his portrayal of Gu Majun not to mention how handsome he is, since then I felt in love, the more you know about him, the more you fell for him, if that's posible :D and personally I find him way more handsome, cute, sexy and of course more talented, this boy has got mad skills, and yet he is so down to earth and sincere, truly a gem in showbiz! He didn't get any cosmetic surgery unlike maaaany actors, singers and so on, he's naturally handsome, I have nothing against surgery and people who have one or two or more, but you know it's always a delight to know someone is naturally good looking

sdl8 Sha, JooWon's real name is Moon Joon Won, people sometimes call him Moon Joo Won but it's just one of name his fans call him but his birth name is Moon Joon Won.  :)

Wolfgirl I have a question so what's the difference between excellent actor and best actor?

hwaitingJW Saranghae OPPA looking forward to see you in a drama next year! :)

sha wow3..just found out his real name is moon joo won..& act with moon chae won in good doctor..what a perfect name match.hehehe..btw i support you since ojakgyo family..hope to see you act with chae won again or park bo young..not enough your moment with bo young in don't click..a very cute couple..

Leap You are the best! You continue to amaze us with your honesty through your interviews! you are such a role model.

Dubai Girl I had 2 big crushes in the past when I first discovered K-drama which were Lee Min Ho then Lee Seung gi but my BIGGEST crush of all time is Joo Won! I'm so in love with his acting abilities and how sexy his roles are ><

mahtab joo won i believe that u r the best actor in korea.u act your role in good doctor. all the best.

Cayenne He also played in Special Investigation Unit... My favourite actor of all times!! Excellent acting in Good Doctor and in Gaksital (bridal mask)! I used to be the biggest Lee Min Ho fan but I realised that although Joo Won isn't as good looking as Minoz, he is by far a better actor (personnal opinion ofcourse) Safe to say I fell in Love with Joo Won <3

sindy Such a good actor, its not easy to act autistic, yet he acts it with such conviction.

enjoying the drama so much!

this guy really puts his heart and soul into acting. BRAVO

ipek saygılı I love you joo won <3 you are the best!!!

Trio Novalia Really good acting in Good Doctor, Park Shi On..gaze through x-ray into 3 dimensional thing..nice story

Karlita de Mexico love him, is one of my fav actors, I´ve been following his career since Bread Love and Dreams. For me is one of the best.

Ozmo More awards for Good Doctor I reckon!! He's brilliant in everything he does <3

sgkag @Sanmex obviously but why compare them? i love them both.

Ana Hi tA i love u joo won <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

ayusohehh i hope you will wins best couple with moon chae won..really love this couple very touching and warm....

Sanmex Who agrees? He is better than Lee min ho

Anonymous @Miro: We could chat more..... A couple of us International Fans meet up at the Joo Won thread on soompi forum. Lots of infos are exchanged. There are some who are based in North America. Do come over :) I go by the ID simplydramafied.

miro @Anonymous...whoa! whoa!! thanks for the info! I wish to see him in a live performance since i enjoyed watching stage plays... I vowed to myself that I'd be flying to Korea by all means if he's doing the part as The "Phantom" in the Phantom of the Opera play..I'd be spending half of my hard earned salary just to see him..sounds crazy??? nahhhh! Just wanted to see him even once! ^_^ Is it possible that korean stage plays will be available online for viewing or in dvd's? I've watched ballet performances before so language barrier is not a problem, I'll just pretend it's another ballet performance if there's no english sub.. *wink* *wink* Hoping that he'd go as far as North and South America as well not just Asia, there's also inhabitants here..ahahaha! Please visit us too! ^_^. Anyway, I did appreciate all the infos that you've given me, thanks again! Fighting!

Anonymous @Miro: Ohhhh! You live that far....Well his overseas fanmeets will be scheduled in Asia. And if you can make it over there, then you should be able to see him. His musical dates for 2014 has not been put up either. So that is another possibility for you to see him perform live. You have gotta hear him sing live at least once. On Facebook there is a page called Faith & D entertainment (something like that) that organises fanmeets for Hallyu stars in Singapore. It is not yet confirmed, if he is gonna come there, but most likely. So if he does confirms, that is an awesome opportunity, since everything will be explained in English. So take your pick :)

miro @Anonymous..yay!! His finished filming and it's coming this December? sigh...sigh...sigh... My only wish is that Korean films are also available here (Canada). Haven't heard k-films being shown anywhere in cinemas here before. With that said, I think I'm going to go crazy again checking different sites where his film will be available with english sub. Hope that movie will be online after a month's time upon the actual release.. crossing my fingers!!! Fan meets in 2014 you say???? Joo Won PLEASE visit us here in Winnipeg!!!

jury For anyone who just and only watched joowon in good doctor, I would recommend the drama/movie to be watched in sequence. you can see joowon's acting is improve.

(1) Bread, Love and Dreams (2) Don't Click, although Don't click is released after SIU but actually Joowon shot Don't Click first before he jumped for new role in SIU (3) SIU (4) Ojakgyo Family (5) Bridal Mask (6) 7th Grade Civil Servant

Anonymous @Miro: Joo Won was done with the shooting of Catch Me simultaneously when he was acting in Good Doctor. The shooting of the movie was done by the end of August. He will start promoting it by November. There are rumours the movie is looking for a release by December 19th. Hopefully he should be having overseas fan meets by the start of 2014. So who knows maybe, he might come to your country, and the ardent wait should get over ? :)

miro I heard Joo Won is currently filming his latest movie, Catch Me, I bet he can make this another detective role interesting. But, It would be really interesting to see him in a very different role like some sort of a dark side thingy.. vampire, fallen angel, grim reaper, gumiho or some sort of death note style. ^_^ He tried almost all possible role to date. Hopefully, we'd be seeing him choose another role: 1. that would make us stay up late again 2. that we'd watch the drama even without english subs yet 3. that would be the reason of us, being late to work..^_^ 4. that we'd set aside an hour or two before studying for the exams, doing projects/home works for the marathon 5. that we must have a box of kleenex is beside our bed 6. and most of all the one that can make us cringe, hate, have goose bumps because of brilliant acting and fall in love again and again with our bias (JW). Anyway, with his very hectic schedule nowadays (musical play, movie shoots and etc) hope he'd still manage to do another kdrama for his ardent fans (like me).. Fighting!

Ayusohehh You so sweet an cute in Good Doctor and your chemistry with moon chae won so beutiful ,i like it. I hove you act new drama with Han hyo jo...goodluck mylovely joowon

thrillerbtobfan Bridal mask! Good doctor! 7th level civil servant! That baking drama! <3 I love youuu!!

biggestfan i looooveee u opppa. hes the best actor in the world. hes acting issooo amazing it makes me cry every second during "good doctor" drama. hes soooooo adorable <3333 there cannot be betteracting than his acting, JOO WON ftw loveeee u <3333

Jungle fish Woah, his act is really amazing, I still remember when he was in bread, love and dream, jinja I hated him so much ><... but now when my friend suggested me for watching good doctor, I was impressed by him, even maybe if I were dr. cha in drama I will love him too.. because he can convey the feeling through his act... From nowon I'll be waiting for your upcoming drama joo won oppa... ^^

cho eun hee heol!!!!! daebak!!!! joo won!!!! more drama!!!!

precious joo won is the best actor for me!!! When the 1st time i saw him in 7th Grade civil servant he's sooo cool and funny that's why i started to like him and i continuously watching all his drama,ive seen his page and i found out that he only have a few drama's but as a new actor i think he have done a great job! he's acting was excellent and amazing!!! especially in bridal mask and good doctor he's so cute as autism :D very inspiring drama. i wish him all the best and more movies and drama series to come!!! GOOD LUCK JOO WON!!! God Bless You !!!

jury Honestly I doubt joowon will get kbs daesang award this year because when I saw korea drama award and korea cultural entertainment award (KCEA), joowon is not nominated in same category with Kim Hye Su  (Queen of Workplace), meanwhile kim hye su got nominated in category daesang award. Maybe it’s because joowon onl y had 3 years in entertainment industry so he doesn’t deserve daesang award (yet). But in my opinion he’s best actor in korea because he never fail impress me with his superb acting and his role more difficult than kim hyesu’s role in QOW

lamlokxd OMG I love him! He is such an amazing actor. His acting in Good Doctor is phenomenal!

marzi oppa joo won you are very good actor.

I wish  , you act in new drama with park shin hye .

sdl8 that' interesting... JooWon was in Musical Grease in 2008!  :) hope JooWon's musical Ghost is successful!!! shoot wish I could go to Seoul Korea to see it...  :'''(... just have to wait for the movie Catch Me (Only You)

jury Joowon reminds me of American actor John travolta & Patrick Swayze who debut as musical actor in Grease. And coincidentally Joowon will act in musical GHOST as Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze as Sam in GHOST movie)

Nofisat I love his acting in good doctor and 7th grade civil servant. love what he does and an hoping to see more of he's movies. am a Nigerian but love everything abt Korean

miro @ Leap, I second that. He's been the most underrated actor to date. Imagine the awards that he should've won from way back his debut time. I guess there's also politics when it comes to the award giving committees. And it saddens me that Joo Won only have a few awards considering his acting prowess as compared to actors with only looks to boast and minimal acting capacity. The scripts that he chooses crossed all the possible boundaries. From villain (Baker King), to the script that some hallyu actor refuses (Gaksital), and the latest is a Savant pediatric doctor. Hands down, Joo Won can run them down if they were to act the same role side by side. Imagine an actor who can shed tears in less than a minute, someone who can make you bawl without even trying hard. As what I've been saying, I'd be damned if he wont win BIG this time around. I, too, am disappointed in Gaksital, he could've tied with Song Joongki (I love Song Joongki too) as TOP EXCELLENCE actor that time. I don't only go for looks in an actor when I watched kdramas, he needs to have substance and particular depth, since it is their craft. If I just want good looks then I'd be just be flippin' fashion male magazines and that's it. With that said, my vote goes to this guy.

jury Joowon, I really admire you after watching you in Bridal Mask. You don't like another hallyu stars who worries their popularity in Japan. And I more admire you after heard you entered Konkuk University-Journalism Major after graduate from Sungkyungkwan University this year, I heard your dream as a teacher like shin hyun joon, I hope you will get your dream and your acting more recognize not only in Korea but also all over the world. I'll wait your fanmeeting in Indonesia next year.

Leap I agree with Morgane, jury, miro, anniehuntingtonbeach and the others out there who thinks Joowon deserves an award other than the ones given out by KBS. Not that i am looking down on KBS awards but i feel that they give out awards to all of their shows. Joowon deserves an award llike baeksang, seoul drama etc... I expected him to be recognized for his Bridal mask role last year but I have been disappointed. I just hope that his Good Doctor role gets him a recognition. It is not my intention to under rate other actors but his roles are so varied and has so much depth that it should not be overlooked.

Morgane He definitely is my favorite korean actor! I think that he's the best korean actor. Not sayin' this because he's handsome but because he honestly really is a good actor. He change his personnality in each drama he does. He reminds me of Johnny Depp who kind of does the same thing.

jury I think joowon deserve daesang for kbs award 2013. Despite his brilliant performance for his difficult role as autistic savant which getting praise from expert, netizen, and media, Good Doctor win competition which same timeslot with (1) Goddess of Fire which moon geun young as lead actress has won daesang few years ago for her role in painter of wind, (2) Golden of Empire which son hyunjoo as lead actor has won daesang for his role in the chaser and they have team up again with same writer and director, and (3) suspicious houskeeper which remake from popular jdrama mita houskeeper which has won many awards and choi jiwoo as lead actress which popular from her role winter sonata.

L He is an ACTOR, definetely. Last work as park shi on was a great great great acting. He's genius & brilliant actor. I like him so much.

nicci I've watched all the dramas Joo Won starred in and was absolutely amazed with his acting!! Looking forward to more of his work in the future!! Oh BTW love love love his 7th Grade Civil Servant and Good Doctor.

Miro Hi anniehuntingtonbeach, yeah I've read your comment and thanks for sharing the same opinion. Joo Won's acting is brilliant, he's the first actor that I've seen who acts so well even on his debut, Baker King. And seeing him in Gaksital is totally in a different level, compared to other actors at his age, hands down he can run them down. Then came Good Doctor, a guy with savant syndrome... need I say more? ^_^ he's one actor who chooses his scripts well. And don't get me started with his looks...lolz. And that said, I'm really looking forward to his upcoming awards ( hopefully, this time he gets what he truly deserves). Fighting Joo Won!!!!!

anniehuntingtonbeach Hi Miro (I just left a comment about yours in "The Heirs" regarding Joo Won and it wouldn't be fair if i do not leave my praise in his own site), totally agree with you. I have been a big fan of other Korean actors but now I am adding Joo Won to my list and his ranking is way to the top. His acting in those dramas (especially Bridal Mask and Good Doctor) is superb at the level that I have not seen in other actors at all, not even mention his look (tall and handsome). Please keep up all the good work, hope lots of awards will be rewarded to him in the future.

Miro I'd be damned if JOO WON wouldn't win tons of award this time around! He's been overlooked so many times in his kdramas. From Baker King to Bridal Mask, he could've won hands down TOP EXCELLENCE award way before..smh. As compared to other actors out there, he's not afraid to defy his comfort zone. I've been a fan of several kdrama actors before, but seeing Joo Won act, now it's confirmed...Joo Won is my BIAS!

Leap Just realized how under-rated he many praises for his acting but his awards are just a handful...i really wonder how awards are given out. Cant help but be disappointed as a fan...the roles he is taking on are not the usual is not just your typical sweet boy image roles...i am still so diappointed that his Bridal Mask role was never recognized for its worth.....i just hope that his park Shi on role gets the much deserved recogntiion for this actor!!!!!!!!!!!!

jj I'm so sad you'll leave 1night 2 days soon.I'm having feeling you will enlisting mandatory service next year,but I hope it's not true. hopefully you will filming new drama again next year. I'm enjoying all of your drama,you really great actor,joowon oppa saranghae ^_^

irellor Just heard the song love medicine you're a good singer, nice one c:,)

Leap Happy birthday!

ipek saygılı hi oppa:) happy birthday <3 I love you so much <3 you are great actor. I'll love you forever .. you are perfect man and sweet and handsome I hope I meet you one day oppa fighting <3 <3 <3

mehmet fethi karsli dear joo won,

your sincerely from TURKEY

mehmet fethi karsli dear joo won,

i am 62 years old retired officer.

i like to watch and fun and think your drama in good doctor. 

congratulating you and wish in the future all time to remember you by all the world counties people.

your sincerely

Shokouh Happy birthday With the best wishes for you Good luck , good doctor ^_^

zasho1 you are the best in good doctor

Hami You are so amazing! I'm really stuck on you, wish I could meet you.

Viccky Great acting,good looks, height. OMG! hes got it all.

Enrisa He's ultimate actor! Great personality watching him in 1N2D I just go crazy about him.

Plsherratt And to think I wasn't even gonna watch this! Then I thought....I'll just give it one episode....hooked!! So, so good. This is one show I can't wait for each episode. Way better than other dramas right now! Joo Won....I have seen you in three shows now. And can I! You are one amazing actor! Your choices of shows is superb!

Rigelram Joo Won - you're exceptional!! <3 <3 <3 Good Doctor is drama of the year!

Jenny JOO WON you are so amazing!! i really love your current drama The Good Doctor coz it is so great! cant wait for the 11th episode coz im so excited to see you and Moon Chaewon. I am so surprised to know that your real name is actually Moon Joonwon :DD Moon Joonwon x Moon Chaewon omg what a cute couple! you even have similar names <3

Joo Won fighting!! i hope that you receive many awards for your current drama! you deserve them so much coz you really are a GREAT ACTOR! keep up the good work! ^__^

Lina Joo Won you're such a great actor, I love all your movies and dramas. Hard work always pays off, dont be worried that your acting on the new drama Good Doctor isn't enough, they couldn't have picked anyone better. I know you can do it. You deserve so much more, and you will get there.

dounia zed a mazing acteur i like him special in the click movies

diana wowwww,,, again U R here with amazing acting the first epd.was awesome lovely joowoon my dougther is willing to see your drama she's 6 and i have to translate everything to her keep up the good work our dear fantastic doctor

Moni What an AMAZING actor! Can't wait to see him in more dramas and movies in the future. He truly deserves all the success he can get :)

sdee this picture was taken during the photo shoot of ASK (clothing company) when he was a model for them in 2010 or 2011 I believe.

he's such a multi-talented actor who always gives his best in everything he does with humility. not only a great actor but also a great person. i've never been so active in following and cheering for an actor before but JW is one person who i think is worthy of people's support and love... wish I can see him in his musical performance live...I heard he's better looking in person...<3 Loving him in Good Doctor now ^^

camille He's very handsome.... <3

And a very good actor...

Di Omo!! He's very good. I cried a lot when I'm watched him in good doctor. I'm amazing with his talent. He can be spoiled brad like in bread love dream and then you can be park shi-on. Oh my god, you are really something!

Qamar such an awesome actor! no word can describe how awesome he is! i've watched all of his works (dramas and movies) except for baker king and OMG he's perfectly great! he can play any role perfectly :D and his hardest role for sure is his role in Good Doctor :D wish all the best for him ^^

0708julia_jj I like ur acting in Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers, SIU, Bridal Mask, 7 Level civil servant, and Good doctor. You are very versatile, you can play antagonist role, hothead cop, michievous gilro, autistic savant & innocent person like park shi-on. I like your personality & your acting as aegyo maknae in 1n2d. I hope your drama "good doctor" can be success & big hit like baker king & bridal mask.and I wish you will stay in 1n2d for long time until you have love call from mandatory service

lillia This wonderful man needs to get the best actor award of the year for his drama Good Doctor! He acts so realistically portraying his character fully. I'd be very, very disappointed if he doesn't win the award because he literally is a gem. I wish him all the best in the future! I hope he continues to be the honest and innocent person he is by being recognized by many. :) Good Luck!!

Joo Wonnie I love u Joo Won! Your acting skills are sensational! You were great in filming 7th grade civil servants. It was an amazing story. I hope that you will always be happy in life and

have success in your dramas.

Love u JOO WON ^_^

tralala tralili wow, joowon oppa, you're such a VERSATILE. from the jerk Gu Majun, lovely Hwang Taehee, heroic Lee Kangto, funny Han Gilro and man-with-10-years-old-boy-mind Park Shion. can't wait for your upcoming project. not only a versatile actor, but also a good singer and also cute king of aegyo and pyong in Two days and one night!!!

susunyein i like joo won from 7th grade servant

Sarena Wow you're great actor i love your acting so much and you're also very handsome nd cute :) You were awesome in bridal mask ♡ ♡ Wish to see you in many many many many dramas Nd wish you all the best too

Leap Yehey! Everyone if you have time check the Seoul International Drama Awards website...Bridal Mask has 83million hearts or likes or votes!!!! I hope that this time this show is recognized for its quality!!!! Can anyone explain how the winners there are picked? The baeksang awards was such a disappointment! bridal mask was not even a nominee...joo won was nominated for popularity award?!? What was that? Am sure what he wanted was recognition of his skill! Go Joo Won! Waiting for Good Doctor here in Manila. :)

Persian fan Congratulation for your great singing at the end of "Bridal Mask"

Robert Yes Lee. Bravo for your role in Bridal Mask. But I blame you to kill your brother Kang San. Hahaha. it was a joke

Nita Waiting for green scalpel. Dr.Joo Won :)

gionino28 The first time I saw you in the drama baker king tak gu I really hate you because your acting .. but after watching drama bridal mask I started to like you joo won oppa ..! and my favorite drama is 7grade civil servant because there is you and my bias is Chansung 2pm .. I was surprised because this drama presents two of my favorite actors ..! I hope you continue to work and I will look forward to the project your drama andd movie..! joo won oppa hwaiting ..!!

Crystal Joo won!!!!!!!!!! You so handsome boy!!!!

saranghe He is my very favorite for now...i love him for that.....the best

Leap I am so disappointed with the Baeksang Nominees for 2013. Why were you not nominated for Bridal Mask? Even the show was not recognized???? It had good ratings actually even if it did not the story and the acting was so good!!!! Was Park Kiwoong nominated? Graehhhh! When you didnt with the top acting award in KBS 2012, I was already disappointed. Song Jongki was good but the story was not that great as compared to Bridal Mask story that required a deeper acting skills!!!!!! So I was really expecting you will be nominated for Baeksang Awards. uhm Tae woong gave a wonderful performance but for them not to recognize you is really beyond my imagination!!!!!!!

jophine DayX2....everything you said is totally right...joo won oppa we'll be waiting for another kdramas...

jophine hi oppa...:))) i love your acting...ive watch u in bridal mask and in 7th grade and i cant help to admire you because in every drama you make,you never fail to make me feel the character your made me cry and fall in love with u in bridal made me love cry and feel the pain of gil dong in 7th grade...and still you made me fall in love with the wanting to your wanting you to be one you love...that how effective of an actor you looking forward for another kdramas and moving...stay healthy and happy...

Krysa Cat eyes.. :-)

joowon's suddenly crush when i see you in 7th grade civil servant. i'm just sooooooo into you oppa <3 ultimate bias!

LEE OPPPA can"t wait for your new drama 7TH GRADE SERVANT

zahra22 jo woon oppa is so handsome and he also is a wonderful actor^^

Chee Joo won oppa. Ur so handsome. Ur acting is great and your behavior off screen is also so adorable. I'm from the U.S. and am looking forward to your new drama^^ so are my friends. We all can't wait!! I hope you and UEE pair up more. Together, you guys are the perfect couple. Unfortunately, you guys are not dating, so I tell myself that you guys are dating secretly^^!! ~CheeVueFollowsYou^^

Jenny OMG, Joo won is sooo cute! ♥

But I hope he can act in more shows... :) Fighting!

lili this guy is just too good and too hot. can't wait to see him in more dramas.

snowwyne fighting joo won!

Eldana Hi...joowon i realy love you so much what can I just do about you I'll just say keep it up with every thing.

lssa i hope to see more of you in tv and also in big screen you're a great actor... and also wishing to see you with one of my favorite actress moon geun young... hehe just hoping!!!

Sarah I didn't like your role in Baker King & Ojagkyo family But in Bridal Mask you were pretty amazing i want more dramas please & you are so cute in 1 night and 2 days...good luck (^_^)

jenny One more fan from indonesia, i like how you expressed your character in your drama. And have a cute face >o<. Hope to see more drama from you Joo Won

nani ya you have fun in other countries i live in Ethiopia you are the best

lily hi joo won fighting

tsegaab hey jooo,u know u r de best of all.i respect n love habesha from Ethoipia .hope u remember.

Haleh Hi joo woon: Do u know, u have fan in other countries. I live in Iran, but I watch kbsworld chanel. I love 1night & 2 days & Bridalmask, U r perfect... kiss .....

rowen i like joo won i think you very good and god help you

ppqpham I love the way u act in Bridal Mask. This drama should be the best drama in 2012. Fighting ^^

diana hi cute joo woon me and my 5years old doughter really love you keep up the good work in your career we are your fan from iran

DayX2 I've watched each and every drama/Movie Joo Won appeared on and I have to say that he is the most talented actor in the industry! In Baker King he took on the role of a Cold man and pulled it off so well! Then having to switch to a warm Hearted detective in Ojagkyo brothers, he pulled it off really well! His movie SIU really proved to me he could take on whatever role given!

THEN, Watching 1Night2Days (Since I watch it all the time, since S1) I found out that he has a personality filled with Cuteness and innocence, Full of Aegyo and playful all the time. His older Hyungs spoil him and treat him like a kid, so it was so cute watching him!

Now watching Gaksital (Bridal Mask) I keep wondering, where did the Joo Won I watched on 1N2D disappear to?! He is an AMAZING actor, and if you watch his dramas, it'll prove to you that he isn't just a pretty face!

lot vitales I like you better when you're a bad dude. The character suited you well. But I really admire your acting. Did you do all your stunts in the Bridal Mask series? I was really impressed. I just wished they had put more consideration into the period. Your director never bothered to make the costumes more authentic.

kenny kusumagiri Hi Joo woon, i love your acting in Bridal mask, it's a great drama, it make me feel excited. And i like your appearance in 2 days one night, admire your ability to be focus and concentrate when episodes go to dionosaurus village, when "bird" director told that you have to be succed crying in one minute, and you did it, in less then 1 minute!!!, inspite of kim jong min act silly when he trying hard to cry. keep up a good work. fighting! (kenny-from indonesia)

honey i like to wach bridal... by zway its great sato tricks

Muyamoh Hi Ju Won, I'm from Malaysia. You act so good in Bridal Mask. I believe you will get an award this year again. Keep it up good work Ju Won. We Malaysia fan are clapping for you.

xanmie im one of your fans..keep up the good acting..i keep watching bridal mask since aired up to the present.. you are the best korean actor for me..please visit phils.hahaha i like the way u smile hahaha you look more cute... may the god give you good health always so that u may continue your best acting..all the best..

niki i love lee gang to more than bridal mask because in suit you are more sexy

Jenn OMG OPPA SARANGHAEYO~ <3 Lol i wonder if i got that right because i don't know how to speak korean but i love youu you're so cute, and you're a really good actor as well as a really good singer Oppa fighting! :)

cecile he's the top level actors now......keep going good in acting improvement......i've always waiting some remaining episodes of Gaksital hoping has a good happy ending of the joseon hero...........

honey hi am from Ethiopia am fan of KBS you are one of my favorite actor. i really admire you.

meldyn For me you're a great versatile actor! I loved to watch you acting even if you're the bad guy because portraying a different roles means you truly are a great actor.I hope to see you in many more dramas & films in the future. JOO WON FIGHTING!!!

Ronato Jeni I like the way you portray every character! I think your acting gets better with every drama you got. I can see how you have improved as time went by. Love the singing, too! I wish I could see you and ask for an autograph in person. Kkk.. Not only that, I have been a fan of 1박 2일 even before. However, you made me want to watch every episode because you're also there. I was so happy when I saw the first episode and found you're one of the new members! You must be working hard, but don't forget have enough sleep and rest. Take care! ^_^

MC I like Joo Won. I like your performance in "Bridal Mask".Continue fighting.

Denise You are a god when it comes to acting, Ju Won. Come to the US & show the people here just how good you are!!! Bridal Mask has me weeping at every gut wrenching scene that you are in. You must be exhausted after a day of filming. Keep up the good work!

Missi I'm going really crazy about you!!!! You are fabulous in bridal mask !!!! Good job oopa!!!!!!!

Nicola He has the same birthday as me xD

Jessica AHHH i love joo won <3 <3 <3 i first saw him on Bread Love and Dreams, then on Ojjakkyo, and now on Gaksital <3 Joo won fighting :)

missmoochan i really love the drama u a very amazing. ur acting improved a lot. a since ojakgyo family u impressed me a lot. now u one of the best actor in korean. hope u go more further.. i'm always at ur side

L-V joo won oppa...hwaiting for Gaksital...I love that drama... Keep humble oppa... because that makes me love you more...pyong...^^

moon Such a handsome specimen!! his face= Kang dong won, T.O.P, Changsung from 2pm..all the hot men of Korea in one face OMG plus so tall!! beside looking good his acting is really good although relatively a newbie, he can act for sure!! I am you new fan from England and I can't wait for Gaksital to air next week!! I hope and wish you a bright future!! Fighting!!

Spir First impression: TOP?

Lol the pic above of looks almost like Top from BigBang

Lileth I liked your acting in Ojackyo Brothers and the Baker's King. These two pictures some times scared me because you always yell.. but you are so cute..when you are mad..I noticed that you always have bangs in your hair. You looked so girly with this..and sometimes it covers your eyes..It does'nt look good in you..More pictures and more power and more awards.. from LA,Calif.. a

sammi Handsome man alive in Korea!! I loved your acting in Ojakgyo Brothers and I can't wait for May to watch your new drama Gaksital!! Your avid fan all the way from England!! Thank you for being an actor!!! I am also enjoying 1N2D!!

jd I'm from Ethiopia I like watching Kbs world but joo won & Kim Hung joon z main reasons

jd Hi I enjoyed ur performance but pls don't be 2 shy specially when u r hosting

ELF korea I love yu joo won as goo ma joon in bread,love and dream

       Thank you so muchhhh........

Mieraf Workneh Loved your act on Ojakgyo, looking great

L-V really love his personality...^^ hope will not never change although he had became famous now...

Mec tesfaye Hi,u r so cute and handsome.i luv ur move objakio family.Luv u!

NewKDramaAddict He played a great tortured soul in Bread, Love, and Dreams! I look forward to this and hopefully seeing him in Ojakgyo Brothers.

Em Be on the lookout for this guy, because he's making his way up to the top! I was blown away by his performance in King of Baking, and became an instant fan. His current role on Ojakgyo Brothers also showcases his talent of acting as well. This boy doesn't just act phenomenally; he has a gorgeous singing voice. Everyone should go look that up! Not to mention he's incredibly handsome, tall, and when he SMILES... those dimples... <3 I'm so excited that the dramas he has been in have broken past the 30% viewership rating in Korea. He chooses good roles :)

Bandit Do you thing a mix- Korean from Cambridge University tall, pretty,long hair, fair and 22 yr old can have a say in T.V or in meeting you? Love your voice when you sing. Hope you do not loss the sweet air you have or change the way you naturally look. Do you like a picture of me? I really like one of you.

Hyo Min Hi oppa!!! u're so cute!!! i like ur character in ojakgyo family!!! <3

bea anuddin Hi!! oppa Im back!! oppa you role in the drama about family (OJAGKYO FAMILY) i love it so much and i remember when you've got drunk and sleeps at the tent of Baek Jaeun.... it was really funny!!!! i wish your role being the lead star will continue in other dramas you make!!!! i don't like you if your villain or evil... oppa we have the same zodiac sign "LIBRA"

best wishes!!!!

by your fan: bea v. anuddin

ojagkyo family hii, iam a big fan of yours

you are a good actor and soo handsome^^
always give your best ,ok

ja eun so so so socute

karlita love Joon won since the King of Baking (bread, love and dreams) he looks son hansome and manly, think i´m im love =^_^=

charielle08 hi ju woon im ur avid fan ur so handsome and nice i like how u act .... i hope someday i can see u in personal!!!!!!!!!!! saranghei.. <3

tsion hello.....ju won...what z up..I am a big fun of u in bread love and dreams and I love u so much....sarange majun...and so u kno i am so proud of u...!!!!!!

love u maguna........

Wenny Rein continue on your dreams oppa..^_^ i don't have any other words to say.. you are a good actor. i've so much fun watching you and the whole cast of Baker King, Kim Tak Gu.. That's why i love Korean.. Thank you.

Maureen I really like Joo Won.. I think I'm falling for him :))) hahaha.. hope I'll find someone who looks like him :)


shin eun kyo i watching you in this drama... ^^ are so cute although i don't like your character in the story of bread, love and dreams, but i like ending this drama... hmm.. your very handsome, , i will wait you in indonesia and i hope you will come to indonesia ^.^ you know ??? we will wait for you...

ima i want to see you soon...personally....

merryl joo won you are so cool! you're height is very ideal. In the story of bread, love and dreams, your character is some kind of strange that makes you perfectly cool! joh a he! hwaiting~  :)

dewi ayu septiani Hello.........................joo woon how are you? saya fans beratmu.......kapan filmmu tayang di indonesia lagi.. sekali-kali datang keindonesia donk pengen lihat asli yaa.

meachgga hello ......................................................joo woon, how are you ?

i say " you are handsome" do you know about it, ??

Song eun cha Hi Joo won, actually I'm watching your role in the drama bread, love and dream. you have such great acting skill. I just love the way you see someone, so sharp.hha. Ah! if i'm not mistaken you are the model for S.M The Ballad-Miss you MV, right? I didn't realize that it's you.L.O.L

aiko hi there. Im your newest fan.I've just seen you in the korean drama the baker king. it was good. and you portrayed your role very well. So far it is the best korean drama i've ever seen. It inspires me a lot to reach for my dreams. It is a certified hit in the Philipines. more power. I'm looking forward to your next role on TV.

diah hi....ju won,how are you? I'm from Indonesia,i watch you in bread,love and dreams in indonesia are so cute,love to see you in this drama.

furce You make me go insane! I have a huge crush on You !!! Hyyay!!

tika hy, Joo Won oppa! ^^ I admire ur acting in this film, I like ur act. Your sharp eyes to see people, your cool body language & of course ur mysterios personality. I don't know how to say, but ur act makes me impress

joowonsujufahrenheit luver i really like you joo won ahahhaha hope you'll have many drama

Geum Ga eul Hi boy!! how are you,,, do you know?? you are so HANDSOME,, n i'm so BEAUTIFUL,, i think we are accessible,, is'nt it????

jinan same birthday as me

mEi I like u not only because of u r good looking but I like d way u act in ths drama. U r such a cool guy, not to talk too much but smart. That's d type of d boy that I looking for. Good acting, good behavior and handsome that's all ur strange

kim di ta annyeonghaseyo Ju Won oppa Jae irumeun Kim Di Ta imnida Jae naineun 12 salieyo Narang sagwillaeyo ??

Saranghaeyo oppa ^^

asmita oppa will u mary me? im asmita from india. i like u so much.saranayo oppa.

lovemajun JU WON oppa i luv you so much are so sexy and handsome here.....eventhough you are a bad guy....still i luv u.....muakz

Lovella Ju Won, love to see you in this drama series although you are bad person….

Lovella Ju Won, love to see you in this drama series although you are bad person....

bea anuddin you are so cute!!!!!! I'd like you but i don't like u if u are an enemy in the story of bread, love and dreams. you are so tall!!! i wish i am tall too because my height is 5.3 i am only a high school student second year im only 13 years old i think of you in the true life you are so kind and friendly.


by your fan: bea vargas anuddin

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The Shameless *character trailer
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Perfect Proposal *teaser
Smiles in the Mirror
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The Producer *KBS2 drama
Attack on Titan
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
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Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
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Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
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Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
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Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid