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  • Name: Jo Hyun-Jae
  • Hangul: 조현재
  • Birthdate: May 8, 1980
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type:


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manna Congratulations Sir! It is a real pleasure to watch you playing

mayo After watching the king's daughter I feel like watching more dramas in which seo hyun jin & jo hyun jae are 2geda in dem all the time.I love them both...*kisses*

Maya Where are youuuuu can't wait for you new drama, please do another saguek please please please big hugs

Getrude u rock...on point...thousand impressed

Aye Thandar Aung I wish you're always happy and have a beautiful life. I'm always happy to know about you. I'm from Myanmar. If you have a time,please visit our country and I hope you to come our Myanmar. I like your drama and song. Thanks ;)

Bella We love you JHJ.. We love your tandem with Han chan Young sooooo muchhhh more blessings to come and God Bess You Always!

Hellen Really handsome JHJ Super.. I'm From Philippines,i Like your tandem with Han Chan-Young... I Wish You More Blessing To come And God Bless You Always!

Liezle Hi jo hyun jae,i really like you so much,specially your drama,3 dad and 1mom,i super like that drama,because you are the one i looking for..i like the shape of your lips.hoping that you have more,drama to come,,specially team up with song hye kyo,you to are fabulous.looking forward to see you!sarangheyo!!fighting.!!

joanna your sooooooooooooooo cool as an yah!

mfae youre so good looking and you act so well. im a big fan of yours.

faem You're so good-looking. And you act so well. I'm a big fan of yours.

Armie I become addicted to Korean series when I start watching Kings Daughter, JHJ makes me freeze..:)

Abi I looooove the series 49 days! just watched it. I really hope a guy like you exists in real life. love you :)

roja marvellous acting in 49days,really superb........

Maria I was impressed with Korean series the first time I watched as it was so beautiful, very clean, and family oriented. Second, was the 49 Days, how I admired you, how you handle yourself, very natural. By the way, I do not understand your language, thank goodness for the subtitle. I really enjoyed watching you on this series. I search for you and found you on Three daddies, one mom, did not recognize you at the beginning..... wow... you were soooo great! You have it all as an actor and good handsome personality, keep up your good natural acting! I will continue searching for your Korean series as you got me hooked! God Bless...

mayet hullo jo hyun-jae i like the way you act on tv screen, wish you all the best and success in all your drama series done....GOOD LUCK TO YOUR CAREER AND PERSONAL LIFE.....fighting

helen take care, God bless you always.take rest, enjoy your vacation.I'll be waiting for your next drama.hope you can visit philippines again, your my favorite actor and loveletter is my favorite koreandrama it really touches my heart, and the theme song do you believe in love and farewell to heaven which sung by tribe, I really love this two song, in which i already had memorize the lyrics in korean language.hope your always happy our dear jo hyun jae.

Angie Sue Remarkable!!! Love you ^_^

ruth my ideal MAN<3 ^_^

Movie Buff Jo Hyun Jae, you are so wonderful in all your dramas that I have seen of you. Love you in 49 days and many more that you portray. Very manly man. You are why I started to watch this drama, and love it. Thank you all of the staff for working hard and hopefully we will be continue to enjoy it until the end. Hope to see you in more dramas and I know a lot of fans love you very much. They love to watch you. Your dramas fit you perfectly. Keep on FIGHTING. Looking forward for more.

prisca Am so so much in love with this guy. Keep it up dear

Fabby Watching Soo Baek Hyang and your performance is remarkable. Your smile with pair of nice teeth catches a second look of admiration. Keep on the remarkable performance. God bless you

Greenluvs Love his acting! I am especially enjoying his performance in "Su Baek Hyang."

Zin Me Ko I'm your fan.I'm from "Myanmar".I'll always be on your side.

Dianne After sobbing through the last 3 or 4 episodes of "Love Letter", I want to commend Jo Hyun-Jae for a superb performance. At 22 years old when this drama was released, his performance was on par with a more seasoned actor with hundreds of dramas under his belt. As with the other dramas I've seen him star in, he has the talent to draw the audience into the character through his charm and smile. Immediately I forget that he's acting -- the characters he portrays are so believable. I can't understand why his talent hasn't been noticed as much as some others who aren't nearly as good as he is... Hopefully, changing talent agencies will help him in the future. GOD be with you in your career to lead and guide you on the path you should travel... Thanks, again, for the memories you've given me...

Dianne Great performance in "49 Days" -- just watched it and loved it. Though the ending was so sad, I enjoyed the journey through the 49 days. Presently watching "King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyung", and I wish it was hour-long episodes as I really like this drama also. Jo Hyun-Jae has become one of my favorite actors. So glad he joined Song Seung Heon's actor's agency. Since I love Song Seung Heon as my most favorite actor, I believe these two make a good fit!! Thanks so much for sharing your acting abilities and love for acting with your loyal fans. Thanks for the memories from your newest fan in Alabama, USA ...

Ronaldo Such a great actor! I just recently came to know him after watching his drama series " three fathers, one mother" along with eugene and jae-hee. Even though his face is look older than his age, I can say that he is worth and fun to watch. I do hope that he will have more romance-comedy drama series and movies......

IK You are are so cute and you have a strange attracting look, I wish in real life you have the same character you have in love letter.I fell deeply in love with that.

Sandra Han Yi-Joon, I love your drama "ONLY YOU", been watching endlessly. I hope that, I can watch again you and Cha Eun-Jae together in a family drama. The two of you really have best chemistry. Wish that luck be with me, Maybe accidently met and have photo with you...Good luck!

bernadette To all JHJ fans out there, we have now reason to be happy. JHJ is now cast as the male lead in MBCs newest historical drama "King's Daughter". Let us all support him...

janice Wow, so handsome as acting the movie. I love watch the movie.

bernadette Goodluck to you Jo Hyun-Jae for your new series. Hopefully, it will be shown here in the Philippines. Korean drama is better watched Filipino-dubbed. It's harder to watch at the same reading English translations. I really can't understand Korean. How I wish I could learn some. Anybody willing to teach me, please? Or did anyone know if there's English-dubbed Korean dramas? May I know the website? Thanks.

Liah i really love his acting

ever Super handsome!!! i like him very much..

bernadette i loved 49 days very much. in the Philippines, it is titled Pure Love. the acting was awesome... they're very good. one of the greatest, if not the best korean drama ever! i loved the storyline, the acting & everything. so sad that Ji Hyun died although there was a reason why that has happened. i congratulate Jo Hyun-Jae for a very job well done. he is such a better actor. i loved him in Only You also. he has the most beautiful & most kissable pair of lips...

Cha i really like this actor,he and nam gyu ri in 49 days are in good pair..

Wendy I love the way you acted in the drama '49 days'!I cried a lot when Ji Hyun died!I hope you to act in another similar movie like this one:)

L This oppa so calm & cute. I like him :)

JoongWoo i love the way you act, your hairstyle, your fashion style i love it all especially for your eyes :D teehee Fighting for Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek drama!

Diana You are the perfect combination of cute and hot, your acting is brilliant.

Bear289 nilarmoon, please stop hating gifted actors, especially based on superficial dimensions. His acting in 49 Days was absolutely wonderful, essential in lifting the drama to whole new level. Whilst he may not jaw-droppingly handsome, it is his talents and gifted ability as an actor to portray a wide array of characters that has pulled him through the entertainment industry.

Pat Waits Just finished watching 49 Days. Thank you. I laughed and cried more than with any other series. I look forward to seeing you in future works.

Even subtitles did not distract from my enjoyment of you/your character on screen.

I will attempt to find prior works to see also.

shahnaz you are very handsome i like the song of the drama prince jo hyun jae you are say hello you like a very handsome prince to me

shahnaz you are very handsome i like the song of the drama prince jo hyun jae you are say hello you like a very handsome prince to me

Jennifer You're amazing handsome! Awesome job in 49days.

Bibette Sia I used to like Jo Hyun Jae, I watched all his dramas, but I was magnetized by Kim Hyun Joong and was captured by the Alien Prince. He's not selfish, Hyun Joong has a wide range of fan network that I can easily access info about him. How I wish Jo Hyun Jae could do the same. It can help his popularity. He should have a blog account exclusively for his fans. I'll still watch his drama in case he has. Does any of his fans knows his whereabouts and his activities so you can follow through his career activities?

Lia Georgia the story remind us about the value of life and people who we loved. So,i like it serial drama korean "49 Days"


Fla Oppa :D I've seen ur drama 49 days, and u r the only actor i love in that drama :D U got an great acting and handsome with cool appearance :))) Luv ur smile so damn much :* Saranghae <3

lovelyn I really love you jo hyeon jae!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to your next movie and drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

leiya 49 days korean drama is d best drama of all tym !!!!♥♥♥

army hyeon jae jo... hello !! I Hope you can visit our country (Indonesia)

Ph Diaz Seeing him on screen again makes my worries lesser. Keep it up and take care.

MA 49 days was an incredible drama and he was perfect in his role of Kang Han. wait to see more dramas from him.

rima joon hallo hyeon.,i was like of your film in song of the prince.,very nice and handsome.,n i like you with prince sounhwa.,hehe ^_^

hitokirihoshi Jr. i'm currently, rewatching "Only You." Hyeon Jae Jo was very cool and effective in this drama.

naytunaung2 i like your style and actors.your tv drama is famous hear in myanmar.hope you visit to myanmar soon for ,wellcome....................

moesat hi hyeon jae jo . may be u r busy in military service and may be u have no time to watch this comments . if u always read this comments , it is great pleasure for us . i haven't never wrote comments bec i feel shame .how r u in service. when will u out that service and continue ur acting. i watched one mum three fathers firstly n i reconise u in that film . then i watched others films that u acted . but i think u r best in that film . i feel funny whenever u feel disappoint if they asked for money . r u like that in ur life . ? if so , so pitty .have a happy time and peaceful life cuttie boy

jennifer Watch end part-song of the prince, keep searching the net for a chance to view the earlier part of it but in vain.I like to see you as you have very very unique and special features.Never bored to see you acting, crazy running after the story,Mind you i dont enjoy the ending as its too abrupt yr queen did not live long enough,acted very well and am sure you have attrated many fans worlwide

cookie58 Have watched all your drama shows from 2003 Love Letter to the latest 3 dads and one mom. Hope to see you in more new shows.

Sophie Kyaw Win Hello, hyeon-jae

When I first saw your film ( loveletter), I wasn't that interested in you coz your charactor there was like a cold secret man. But, after watching "one mother three fathers", I deeply appreciate you and your performance. Well, in my opinion, amusing but gentle charactors suits u definitely. You truely are a cute handsome man. Wish u have the most successful and peaceful life.

cHrIsTLe we love your tv series "LOVE LETTER", you and SOO AE, are very nice partners...

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